Nigerian troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force undertake confidence building foot patrols in the Far Northeast district of Baga.

8 March, 2014


(…)The military Friday said it
recovered some weapons while repelling an attack from the terrorists along the country’s border with Chad.

A statement by the Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, said the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) confronted the terrorists as they tried to overrun markets in communities on the outskirts of Monguno and NNPC at New Marte in Borno State.

Olukolade said over 50 assorted grenades and 11 AK 47 rifles were recovered from the fleeing terrorists. He said more assaults and encounters were in progress as intelligence sources confirmed the routes being used by the fleeing terrorists, noting that soldiers had been directed to sustain aggressive patrols in certain areas where terrorists’ actions were anticipated.

The Defence spokesman stated that cordon and search operations were ongoing and patrols had been increased to forestall further attacks. He added: “Interrogation of captured terrorists from various locations has been yielding useful information as to their mode of operations.

“Among those in custody is a lead specialist in butchering human beings, who insisted he did not use firearms, but daggers and cutlasses for his assignment.”


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  1. Henry says:

    The profile image above is simply stunning!!!!!

    Photos of this report are available here

  2. Oje says:

    I agree with you, the photo is iconic. Its pretty Evident Boko Haram is near its demise, with Cameroon no longer being a viable option and incuring un

    • doziex says:

      Who says Cameroon is not an option ?

      Nah you got stop dem ?

      Rather than us trying to wish BH away, let’s anayzes what is in their favor, and then prepare for the worst case possible.

      Pool of recruits: poverty and the rise of almajiri in the north.
      Thousands off well equipped fighters from chad.

      Weapons : Nigeria is full of financers and sympathizers.

      So with this potential pipeline of fighters and weapons, if nigeria does not seriously up the ante, I can guarantee you defeat.

  3. Spirit says:

    My ogas,
    I am sceptical. How many times have we been told that “the current tempo will be sustained”, “we will keep on pressing” “we will maintain the surge” etc only to hear that BH has bounced back?

    I will not rejoice yet because BH has proved over and over again that whatever victory NA gains are only temporal .

    Imagine BH giving a written notice of ONE WEEK to a community before striking. The village head informed the military, and BH not only STRUCK, BUT THEY DID ON THE VERY DAY WRITTEN IN THE LETTER, AND OUR NIKITARY COULDN’T DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT IT!

    • doziex says:

      Oga spirit, you are right on the money.

      The tempo cannot be sustained without the right logistics.

      Logistics needed for vertical and horizontal domination of the battle space.

      Even the thin skinned hiluxes we are supposed to have in abundance, have been diverted by corrupt individuals.
      A large influx of helicopters, mraps, gun trucks and men, would be the only indicator that NA is serious about acquiring the ability to sustain any tempo.

  4. doziex says:

    Aggressive patrols of the battle space, to confront the enemy is the right strategy, so kudos to NA.

    But when spotted, NA has to cut off escape routes then neutralize them one discovered unit at a time.
    So it is the expanse of the environment in question, that necessitates the acquisition of the equipment.

  5. lordfej says: new defence minister talking about synergising efforts.

    • Are James says:

      The man may be too big for the getting your hands dirty kind of day to day management of the war in the NE. I however expect a commendable focus on rebuilding “architecture’ and organizational structures in the defsec arena.
      He is hero worshipped in some political circles so he should be able to get a lot of funds for defence by sheer GRAVITAS alone.
      He can also lead bilateral talks with most Western governments to get much needed defence matetial due to his sometimes questionable cooperation with NATO countries’ security institutions going on decades now.
      Thirdly he is probably also familiar with the aging President Biya in Cameroun and the younger leaders of Chad and Niger and these will be useful in establishing a buffer zone against AQIM.
      Generally he will bring overall gravitas (that word again) to the hapless Jonathan administration who most times give the impression of being overwhelmed by the sheer dimensions of problems they have to grapple with and the intellectual resources to tackle them.

  6. Tope says:

    Very Good photos, I like the one especially where I saw a soldier with Video Camera, Show the people the proof, let this Supporters shut up! Its also good that a lot of people on dat Facebook group where in TOTAL support of the Army, we have the upper hand so far dis Week let’s keep it that way.

    @Lordfej nna! U be Youtube King oo lool…..nice one by the way, if the Defence minister can do that I will doff my hat to him, the Service Chiefs have begun synergising its nw left for DHQ, Ministry of Defence, NSA to Synergise also and den Intelligence, Paramilitary Organisations also need a Command Structure too, if they all answer to the NSA then it will be Easier for the Ministry of defence to synergise with them.

    • Are James says:

      The pictures are good and speak volumes about terrain, troop motivation, weaponry and the corruption in weapon procurement.
      I am seeing the ubiquitous Otokar Cobra and Hilux vehicles and I am asking where are the MRAPs we paid for?. The Otokar Cobra is a semi amphibious lightly armoured vehicle we bought for the Niger delta.
      I also don’t see anything higher in calibre than a HMG in these pictures. The Special Forces need grenade launchers, Carl Gustav Bazookas and man portable mortars to even the score when they run into a BH convoy.

      • doziex says:

        Thank you sir.

      • Deway says:

        Lets leave the MRAPS for now. We have the LAV Piranha, and the EE-9 Cascavel, according to records. Are they not fit for this terrain, not sure why they are not being deployed?

      • doziex says:

        Oga deway,
        MRAPs are mine resistant armored personell carriers.
        The Otokar is mine resistant but can transport few soldiers.
        The pirahna is an apc, but not mine resistant. So is the Sagaie.
        MRAPs basically function as trucks, that offer some protection.

        MRAP vulnerability to the RPG, can be mitigated with slat or cage armor additions, and troop tactics.

      • doziex says:

        Also, they are old and worn out by ecomog deployments.

  7. igbi says:

    Boko Haram: Troops Kill Over 200 Insurgents In Borno

    Kareem Haruna
    — March 9, 2014

    At least 210 Boko Haram terrorists have so far been killed as a combined force of Nigerian soldiers on a special operation began raid of Sambisa forest, which is the insurgents’ camp in Borno State, top security sources said.

    Following the successful raid of Alagarno and Ajiri satellite camps in the eastern part of the state, the military, according to a top security officer who spoke to LEADERSHIP Sunday in confidence, have mobilised a formidable force that have commenced a tactical offensive on Sambisa.

    “We cannot say uhuru for now, but we are gradually penetrating Sambisa forest and so far over 210 armed Boko Haram terrorists have died as a result of a heated gun battle between our troops and the terrorists at the peripheral part of the Sambisa,” said the source.

    The troops, who were given marching orders by the presidency and the Defence Headquarters to end the Boko Haram conflict before the end of April, would not want to make mistakes this time round, he said.

    LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that villagers in some parts of Damboa local government area that shares borders with Sambisa forest have turned the area of the attack into some tourist centre as they went there to see the corpses.

    The source said the attack on Sambisa was from all fronts because of the vast nature of the area which connects Borno, Yobe and Adamwa states. The ongoing operation in Sambisa forest has since forced some of the terrorists to flee into the city of Maiduguri to seek refuge. But most of them were arrested by the ever-vigilant members of the Civilian-JTF.

    A top official of the Civilian-JTF in Maiduguri, Abubakar Malum, said they have so far arrested over 50 suspected Boko Haram members since last Saturday’s twin-bomb blasts.

    “Most of the arrested Boko Haram suspects were caught trying to invade the town with dangerous weapons like guns and improvised explosive devices.
    “We have arrested one old man near the Air Force Base with a bomb and handed him over to the military. Most of them were arrested inside town while fleeing from the bush camps because the soldiers are now raiding their hideout,” said Malum.

    The renewed vigour in taking the attack to the Boko Haram camps came after the military had come under serious criticism by residents, especially the Civilian-JTF, who said the recent attacks on villagers soared because the military had been foot-dragging in raiding already identified camps of the terrorists.

    Meanwhile, in Maiduguri, residents no longer enjoy the normal serenity of the night as everyone was being forced by the Civilian-JTF members in various neighbourhoods to keep vigil should some of the terrorists come attacking at night.

    The military has not issued official statements to journalists in Maiduguri for some time now, a situation that has made it difficult for newsmen to confirm or deny reports.

  8. asorockweb says:

    “We cannot say uhuru for now, but we are gradually penetrating Sambisa forest …”
    Sounds like last year’s news.

    • doziex says:

      Oga asorock, the tactic remains the same.

      Cordon and search, search and destroy, hammer and anvil.

      Until recently, even last year when the offensive commenced, NA was attacking, but the enemy wasn’t being cut off.
      I mean, NA rarely had any bodies to show post op.
      So, I could easily tell from press and NA accounts, that the vast majority of bh, were escaping.

      Well, this is the ist time a journalist from the front has described the hammer and anvil type operation inside nigeria.

      I don’t know what is motivating the change.

      New helicopters ? New land mobility ?

      A troop surge ? As peccavi suggested ?

      Or just general Minimah cracking the whip.

  9. Spirit says:

    Oga Asorock, I tire o. They keep reciting the same sentences over and over again. It is normal to issue statements periodically, but this “cut and paste” stuff is too much. The Directorate of Military info should come up with new statements.

    • doziex says:

      Oga nooo.
      This time, they claim to have evidence.
      If so, it is the beginning of something great.

      They say villagers are trooping to the destroyed Bh bases to view the bodies.
      I guess pictures should soon follow.

      If bh escapes any attack on it’s bases, it is a failure even if the base is destroyed.

      NA however, must repeat this feat day and night, within or without the borders of nigeria.

      By any means necessary.

    • jimmy says:

      oga aso rock, oga spirit
      MUCH RESPECT FOR YOUR COMMENTS, THE NA appears to for now changing tactics, there is a difference in the tone of the reporting and the footage being shown.
      Someone high up has decided to change the tone of reporting we are maybe witnessing something different for the first time.
      We have said this times without question demystify the enemy they take a dump in the morning just like the rest of us. The reporters said people are now trooping to parts of the forests to witness the scence of the most recent carnage inflicted upon them , this is followed up by bh trying to flee and being captured.
      I sincerely hope the jumping Generals visit for close to a week IN THE HOT ZONE( unheard of since the civil war days and GEN Khobe) is beginning to pay dividend.
      Let me state three critical incidents.
      Incident#1 AIR VICE MARSHALL AMOSUN has been in MAIDUGURI for almost as long as the COAS he is also flew / went on a bombing run NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. This will be a morale booster to the flying pilots if the chief is putting his neck on the line and going with us into the valley of death who are we to hold back.
      Incident#2 OGA GBASH who is not given to rumors took time to stress that CRATES UPON CRATES OF new equipment have been arriving in the NE.
      Incident #3 Something that oga peccavi AND A LOT OF US HAVE ALLUDED TO HAPPENED rotation of troops has been completed and + additional troops have been deployed.

  10. Deway says:

    Understood Oga Doziex. I know what MRAPS are. My thinking was that the NA has been very successful in reducing or eliminating IED attacks. Its either funding for BH in this area has been cut or their IED technicians have been killed in battle. Sustained progress is needed to maintain this. As we know on this blog, BH has been reduced to attacking very soft targets; and their current position is now mainly to instill fear in the public and to gain international recognition. Nevertheless, I have always been one of “make the best use of whatever we have available” though I do value the absolute need for MRAPS. When the MOD finally gets its acts together and sees the need for MRAPS, I suggest one with added grenade launchers and an M2 Browning mounted.

  11. jimmy says:
    FIRST HARD Evidence of the Nigerians crossing into Cameroon.

    • igbi says:

      Biya should have thought of that before paying ransoms to boko haram and before letting boko haram to use his country as a safe heaven. Biya never showed any remorse while hundreds of Nigerians were being killed, now I hope his people will face him for what he has brought upon them.

      • jimmy says:

        CAMEROON rode the tiger for so long employing” the three monkey strategy” of see no evil hear. no evil ,speak no evil. If you want to get a man’s attention take away his money first.

  12. igbi says:

    Some “analysts” in south africa seem to keep inventing facts and try to tarnish the image of our army. Let me say for starters that a checkpoint is nothing more than an observation post, and you shouldn’t expect 15 soldiers manning a checkpoint to fight off 300 terrorists. So if confronted with those odds, the soldiers have no other alternative but to retreat and call for back up. So trying to say our soldiers are fleeing is a misrepresentation of facts. Moreover every army in this world, including south-african army operate this way. But what annoys me most is that the “analyst” is also inventing things to say: in Mafa it was widely reported by independent journalists that NA massacred the terrorists try to unleash mayhem on the community, but the south-african apparently doesn’t like that aspect of the truth and is reporting that our soldiers fled and the community was massacred, against all the facts. The south-africans are also saying that Nigeria has 20000 soldiers in the zone, which is false, and that we are requesting that france comes to help us which is also false. It seems those who hate Nigeria will stop at nothing to tarnish Nigeria’s image. By the way mr David Zounmenou, the only help Nigeria requested from france was that it called cameroon to order, indeed cameroon has been serving as a safe heaven for boko haram for quite a while.
    Here is the infamous article:
    I think south-africa is engaging us in a media war, and they are doing a very dirty job.
    Nigerian journalists, please wake up and defend your country.
    The Nigerian government should also warn south africa, because spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization might bring about the nationalization of their assets in Nigeria. It is for these reasons that Nigeria can never trust south-africa, they are opnely antagonist to Nigeria.

    • Are James says:

      Your post is very knowledgeable. I have also wondered why so much was hyped about soldiers tactically withdrawing from checkpoints in the face of superior advancing enemy forces. Tactical withdrawal is an acknowledged principle of war and has been used many times to good effect all over the world.
      However for soldiers on guard duty inside communities, we cannot accept the poor preparation, poor leadership and lack of concern for rank and file soldiers by officers that makes them run and leave civilians to be slaughtered by BH insurgents.
      Combat tested officers should have been placed in charge of equipping and supplying the soldiers with all requirements for holding off assaults for long enough a time for reinforcements and air support to come.

    • Eeben says:

      Igbi, I would not place too much store on what the “analysts” from South Africa say, especially when they come from the ISS. The ISS was one of the driving forces behind the disinformation on Executive Outcomes and it is a known fact that some of their journalists were at that time under control of our Military Intelligence. If you go back and read about matters at that time, you will also find that one of their contributors was an advisor to Dr Savimbi of UNITA whilst at the same time working for a large Diamond Mining corporation, Military Intelligence, Foreign Affairs – and still acted as an advisor to President Mbeki. I would also not have any sleepless nights on people who comment on a situation from thousands of kilometres away.
      There are many in the media – across the world – who build their reputations on cut-and-paste jobs. This sloppy type of journalism is often purposely done to confuse the recipients of news as well as to create a situation whereby the threat or enemy is seen as fighting a “just cause”.
      Don’t worry about these people – all you do is upset yourself and ultimately, give them some pleasure.
      It is a known fact that many of them do more damage than can be imagined and that they seek areas whereby they can – in their own minds – position themselves as “specialists”. If that is not both criminal and mercenary, then I don’t know what is.

  13. igbi says:

    The Defence Headquarters on Tuesday said soldiers of the Multi-National Joint Task Force have arrested unspecified number of Boko Haram attackers who had been wounded in the course of the renewed bombardments of their camps by the military.
    A statement on Tuesday by the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, said the “captured terrorists” had also made useful information concerning their involvements in the insurgency in the North-East of the country while equally pleading for forgiveness.
    The statement read in part, “Scores of wounded terrorists who escaped from various camps under the fire of security forces have been captured in the fringes of Lake Chad. The captured terrorists some of whom are fatally wounded are already making useful statements to interrogators of the Multi-National Joint Task Force. Others were captured by troops in locations around Dikwa, Cross Kauwa, Kukawa and Alargarmo.
    “In their confessions, it was revealed that some of the camps have been disbanded following the directive of their clerics who declared that the operation of the sect had come to an end as the mission could no longer be sustained. The terrorists who are giving useful information as to the locations of their remnant forces, are full of apologies and pleas for their lives to be spared promising to cooperate.”
    The statement added that the captured terrorists said starvation had made their violent campaigns difficult while the wounded members of the sect could no longer access medical attention.
    It said, “They confirmed that starvation was a major problem in addition to ceaseless bombardments on the camp locations even when they kept relocating. They also confirm that several members of the group have been wounded and no treatment was forth coming. Troops have continued their assault on other locations across the states covered by the state of emergency.”
    The Defence Headquarters warned members of the public, who had cultivated the habit of sight-seeing in the camps, where the insurgents had recently been dislodged, to desist from such act.
    “Members of the public, who have started visiting to engage in sight seeing in some dislodged camps and fringes of forests such as Sambisa and others have been warned to desist from doing so as the tendency will no more be condoned where operations are still ongoing,” it added.

  14. Tope says:

    @igbi lool did u see da Last Comment in dat Article from Punch da Writer Wrote ‘ Which Kind of Forgiveness? Let all of dem DIE no Mercy!” A Lot of Nigerians share our mindset, Get da Info from Dem and Kill dem……suffer not a Fool to live. They have Killed without mercy, no mercy should be Shown……. Its obvious da Changes Minimah has done have had Strong Effect. We would know more in da Coming Days.

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