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6 March, 2014 – the end..or is it the beginning?


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  1. russellinfinity says:

    Are these new hangers for new airframes yet to be inducted in the Nigerian air force? Beeg why the tag “the beginning or the end”

  2. triggah says:

    Wow that’s a really hugh hanger. It can house multiple aircraft at the same time. Maybe the NAF is planning to acquire new aircraft. Just maybe

  3. beegeagle says:

    Russell the Great 🙂 !! How now? Just horsing around as usual…you, Ocelot and Freeegulf have known me in cyberspace for five years already.

    Anyway, the END of construction work and the beginning of…induction of new airframes perhaps. Remember that even 30 years ago, we had a few Jags at this same base. We already had major NE airbases at YOL and MDGR even at that time.

    Well, I do not understand the rash of construction of hangars lately. It could only portend the delivery of new airframes. Way back 2012, the NAF were already putting in place new hangars at old airbases in Sokoto and Minna (revived 2011), Makurdi and Maiduguri…a city which was a staging post during the border conflict with Chad in April 1983. Back then, the freshly promoted AVM Ibrahim Alfa who attained that rank at the same time as IBB and Vatsa made the rank of Major General (aka ‘scissors’ or ‘1.4’ in today’s barracks lingo)in March 1983, was the AOC Tactical Air Command while Wing Commander Ben Ekele of blessed memory was Commander of the Air Defence Wing (MiG 21 fighters) under him.

    Moving on, the NAF have not only been constructing the openly chronicled hangars mentioned above but have also been putting in place a G222 hangar at the new Ilorin air station, a hangar at Kainji which has had an airbase since the 1970s, another hangar for ‘unknown aircraft’ at Benin which has had an airbase since the 1960s. Now, this one at yet another decades-old airbase. So what do you reckon, gentlemen?

    The other day, Triggah mentioned the training of ‘big combat jet’ pilots at a small republic. If correct, that would only mean that the NAF want to relieve some small country in the CIS orbit of their overload of the majestic Su-27. That country, given its known size, the ties that bind them to the NAF, previous training programmes there when ACM Petinrin was the CAS and even procurement of attack helicopters, can only be BELARUS.

    Remember that the President of BVST no less, the Belarussian state arms exporter, visited here for high-level discussions during Q4 2011 during which, among other things, they discussed the establishment of a MiL helicopter facility in Nigeria.

    Don’t sound so surprised. It is still the ‘secretive’ Naija we know and Mighty Yagz has been warning of ‘big military surprises’ on the horizon.

    We are open to surprises. Interesting times lie ahead.

  4. Colonel says:

    Yea really intresting times ahead. I just found out that a group of hackers called Nigerian cyber army has hacked the recruitment site of the NA( telling it to step up its fight against boko haram stating that they believe it can do it. Is that one of the reasons the mother site of NA is still not functional?

  5. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz- to quote you – “NAF want to relieve some small country in the CIS orbit of their overload of the majestic SU-27.” You go on to state that you believe the CIS country in question to be BELARUS. Well incidentally, Belarus has just announced that they intend to ‘re-activate ‘ and ‘upgrade’ TWELVE units of SU-27Ps and TWO units of Su-27UBM1s that were decomissioned in 2011. Fun and games…and give our airforce’s penchant for unecessary secrecy regarding platform acquisition, lets enjoy the fun and games.

    • rka says:

      Oga Yagazie, it did cross my mind when I was reading the article as well. I even wondered why they were all of a sudden re-activating and upgrading them having put them in storage recently. Mmm, interesting times.

  6. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz, incidentally do we have any proper airforce base complete with underground hangers, concrete runways, hardened aircraft hangers/revertments etc?

    • AreJames says:

      I was just about to post this same sentiments. If we are going to face more powerful foes in the future ( not Boko Haram child. molesters) we are going to need hardened hangers and well disguised runways.

  7. Tope says:

    Hahahaah u know why I love dis Blog? The way we Analyse and Call out things that seem so far stretched……..We have had COUNTLESS rumours of Delivery of 4th. Generation Jets, I can bet my last kobo dey. Have signed Deals to get them and maybe by the Nigerian Armed Forces Day or the Airshow we would see dis Things in tow, the Strong Confidence our Service Chiefs keep saying only points to the Behind the Scenes.

    Its been like what 6 or 7 New Hangars constructed since Belarus BVST visit? Not to talk of da 19 In-coming Mil Aircraft so dia needs to be Room for more “aircraft” we might just be here and one morning we go hear Jolly news.

    Many things go on Daily of which our newspapers fail to report that we know of, just shows u that truly our Defence Industry needs to kind of Re-orientate its Stance in Defense News. If Belarus Announces its upgrading its SU-27 jets da World hasn’t come to an End right? So why can’t the Airforce just say we have Acquired X or Y amount of So-So Aircraft, It won’t End the World. We do ourselves more harm than Good trying to play Cloak and Dagger in 21st Century all it takes is one Tweet or one Picture and ur Air of Secrecy is Gone. Yes I understand the need to protect Air Bases and Assets, we are more interested in knowing what Assets are coming Jet Wise than where they will be stationed.

    We now Know that 19 Mil Helicopters are on da Way and we would soon see Mil Producing Factory maybe through a Joint Partnership wit DICON or so.

    What we want to know is which of the Jets are we getting or Training our Fighter Pilots for in “dat Small Country”

    1. JF-17 Block 1 or 2

    2. Tornado IDS

    3. Super Tucano

    4. L-15 Falcon

    5. Yak-130

    6. All Mighty Sukhoi 27, 30, 35 and their Variants

    7. F-16 ( yes there has been a rumour somewhere before)

    Pls which of these is coming Nigeria’s way. I’m sure da People of SIPRI and IHS Jane will love to HIRE Beegeagle to help dem update Nigeria’s Weaponry Section, dem don tire!!

    But I love this Country none the Same, The Glory of the NAF will keep On Burning, Fly High Boys!!!

  8. Number one says:

    TAC features an underground base.

  9. Henry says:

    Like Oga RKA alluded to a few days back, our friend, a regular beegeagle’s blogger, but a non-commenter on this blog, did mention in november of 2013 that a few of his course-mates at NDA are currently undergoing trainings abroad in the SU-27 platform.

    However, like we have seen multiple times, we’ve been here before. I propose we don’t get over-excited, but stay indifferent, until there is concrete proof on the ground.

  10. jimmy says:

    i cant tell from the floor slab how deep the foundation is , however i can tell that based on the span between the steel columns whatever it is being constructed is going to be huge.
    I have been disappointed many a time before so for this instance as to what kind of AIRCRAFT only the NAF knows.

  11. cutievik says:

    Oga Tope,Jimmy, Mehn NAF no go give me BP I swear!,Things of this Nature should be of National Pride and Dignity but sadly this is what we get(secrecy),But no doubt we getting something new and reports reaching me gives pointers to the fact that the senate committee on Defense are really demanding more from the Finance Minister in terms of budgetary allocations for defense in simply terms “Better days ahead” This I can tell you.

  12. Yagazie says:

    @Number one- I know he airforce base at Makurdi has an underground amunition dump- but whether it has underground hangers for aircraft is a different matter. Oga Beegz can you confirm?

  13. Solorex says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have a slightly different opinion, based on our pattern of procurement; I am convinced that Belarusian SU27 is not in line. What we can be sure of are

    1. Mil transport and Attack Helix- This are long overdue and we have been ramping up purchases from Russia and Belarus. This has become our main stay of Special Forces transport and militant hide out raids. I am indeed happy that we have begun the slow process of standardizing certain platforms. The final step would be the establishment of a local Mil upgrade and maintenance facility.

    2. A29 Super Tucano for COIN operation- vice president has already signed MOU with Embraer and Embraer is targeting a much larger contract with FG for the supply of several passenger jets under the proposed FG Aviation Intervention Fund. The Brazilian president was once in town chiefly because of this. This aircraft seems to have been chosen ahead of Elbit Pimped Su25 that has been repeatedly offered for NAF-possibly due to the fact that the frames will be new, ease of maintenance, ruggedness, ease of pilot training and US politics. Selection of Super Tucanos will also mean that our Machis(MB339s) and Albatross will most likely not be converted for COIN and will remain trainers. Since A29s cannot also serve as 4th Gen trainers, it means we will also procure a new line of 3/4th Gen supersonic trainers. If the worst results, the Machis can be adequately pimped to serve as a 4th Gen basic traineer.

    3. A fourth gen trainer-Most likely Chinese and Non generic, possibly Honglu L15 (I can’t really find information on this from veritable Chinese Sources). We know that a frontline 3/4th Gen fighter is near(1 to 3 years) and we don’t have any Supersonic trainer, We will most likely buy a supersonic trainer and Yak 130/L15 appears to be the front runner but L15 is more like it. I can’t find a record of subsisting NAF training in China though, which makes it a lot confusing.

    4. 3/4th gen fighter- SU27 form Belarus is most unlikely, Belarusian Mig29s were deemed more serviceable/upgradable and of value than the SU27P/UBM which has been withdrawn from service (not stored for possible future reactivation). This is usually done when Airframe is no longer worth the maintenance headache or new frames of better cost efficiency have been inducted. I really don’t think they would do that if these birds are in top good shape, bearing in mind that Belarus has a deep insight into Russian aviation technology just like Ukraine and Georgia. We all know that we have been training in Belarus for a while (Helix and A big bird possibly) but definitely it is not for some refurbished second hand SU27. A lot of people who buy from Russia and Ukraine train in Belarus for Logistic and cost reasons. If it’s a flanker then its Russian, taken possibly from dozens of sparsely flown or never fully assembled stock available, with newer engines and western type avionics, customized for NAF-most likely an hybrid of Su-27SKM
    And SU30MKM-M standing for Malaysian customizations

    • rka says:

      @spirit, much respect for your comments. It has been announced by Belarus that they are re-activating their SU-27s be they for Nigeria or not. I agree though that if we are getting the Su-27, the most likely source will be Russia or Ukraine.

  14. Spirit says:

    It seems there is a light at the end of the very dark tunnel the NAF currently is. A real heavy warbird is coming our way.

    I strongly doubt that F 16 Falcons can come this way, especially now that Uncle Sam dey vex say GEJ banned homosexuality in Nigeria. Whatever bird might be coming will most likely fly out of the rising sun from the East; probably Mig29 or Su27/30.

    Everything still depends on ‘greased palms’ ‘ and kickbacks. I am not popping any champagne yet. Na today?

    Wet hardened hangers, I heard from some fly boys that there are underground hangers at TAC Makurdi. Can any of my ogas confirm this?

  15. Spirit says:

    It will also be wise to build, surface and maintain the highways near these bases to be able to serve as emergency runways in case of attack on the bases / runways with cratering bombs like the BLU 107 Durandal , JP 233 etc.
    This should be the standard.

  16. Are James says:

    My guess is that we getting the L 159 ALCA aircraft from Belarus.
    1. L 39ZAs reactivation has not been getting any progress.
    2. L 159 ALCA are ready for the taking and pilot conversion from L 39ZA is easier
    3. L 159 ALCA is buried treasure, very capable aircraft that most countries overlook.
    4. Not too threatening on paper, Nigeria’s defsec tradition is not to rattle the sabre.
    5. Long term negotiations have been going on since Obj regime.
    6. The American engine in the aircraft will easily pass US gov’t. restrictions now because of the NE campaigns.

    • Are James says:

      From Czechoslovakia *correction*

    • Deway says:

      Oga Are James, about the L 159, don’t you think these play the same role as the Alpha jets we have currently? My thinking is instead of acquiring another platform that plays a similar role, we could just easily ramp up the number of alpha jets and avoid logistic issues.

  17. gbash10 says:

    @oga Yags, you should have asked Gen Beeg that question backstage, some amebo and longer throat de with us here o!

    • doziex says:

      Hehehe ….I dey laugh o.

      Saddam husseins airforce had bunkered hangers in every base.
      What good did it do ?
      And NAF has along way to go to even get near to the pre 91 iraqi air force.

      So our secrecy worries on this blog is overblown.

      We gat no planes, a hand full of SAMs, bunker or no bunker, we are toast in any conflict.

      The most damage we can do on this blog is embarrass NAF, not endanger a non existent airforce.

      • russellinfinity says:


        While the NAF or the Nigerian armed forces in general might appear docile, it is foolhardy to under estimate her skill or capabilities. One fact is a lot of what is available to the public is skewed and in most cases highly inaccurate. We don’t know much my friend. Forget about those so called experts or think tanks.

        I’m not saying that we are hundred percent proficient, no…far from it. The armed forces have been getting bad press most of the time. It is so frequent that it has become the defacto status of not only the armed forces but of any other institution in Nigeria – the nothing good ever comes from Nigeria mentality.

        With the little knowledge I have of the armed forces today, I can confidently say that the airforce or the armed forces will not be routed and can hold it own if push comes to shove with any of our west African neigbours, African or even “almighty” France. It takes a lot more that efficient platforms and shiny toys to come out on top in any conflict…and in the case of say conquering Nigeria, it will take a lot more. What you should fear and loath is corruption, greed and any divisive influence. It will tear the armed forces apart faster than four fully armed sukhoi 30MK2 jets, b52 bombers or even an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic close to our shores and this is what the enemy will employ against us. Our weekness is being overplayed.

        PS: I’m not being jingoistic.

      • doziex says:

        Oga russel,
        There is a difference between the public, and the discerning public. Most Nigerians don’t know or care about what we discuss here. Unfortunately, it’s not that important to them.

        Those can be fooled or impressed by vagueness and an assumed status. We on this blog however understand what air power entails. There are no half measures.

        In other words, you can’t fake the funk.
        We know that air combat is unforgiving. The stakes are too high, for the fighter pilot, and the troops or assets he is providing air cover for.

        If one realizes how utterly useless a competent air force like that of france can render the Nigerian armed forces in a very short period, one would not mention the 2 nations in the same sentence.

        My intent is not to malign Nigeria, but to makes us confront our truth about our circumstances. Of course we can defeat our neighbors but the NAF would barely be a factor. What good are well trained pilots with no planes to fly ?

        The sooner we embrace the very ugly fact about our non existent capabilities, the better chance we have about getting serious about it. No need for sugar coating things. Our pilots should be more upset than I am.

      • triggah says:

        What do you mean by ‘not being docile’ and can hold its own against ‘mighty France’? Nigerian armed force is not up to standard period. We might have a slightly capable land force but we all here knows how that can be easily neutralised… During the Iraqi war CIA agents bribed, coerced and manipulated the top Generals of the IA to not fight, abandon war fronts or not mobilise at all. Do you know the range of a modern enhanced strategic storm shadow (SCALP EG) and MdCN land attack cruise missile? Its 500Km and 1000Km respectively with their land attack capable surface ships and aircraft they can decimate our airbase, naval base, command and control, barracks even troops on the ground before even landing their super capable marines. The nigerian armed force is a 19th century force, Slightly structured like the soviet style battle formation. If the french battle group (1 aircraft carrier, 3 amphibious assault ships, 1 amphibious transport dock, 4 air defence
        frigates, 7 anti-submarine frigates, and 11 light frigates. The submarine force consists of 6 fleet
        submarines and 4 ballistic missile submarines) should assemble just slightly out of our shores what do we have to put up as resistance? Where is our modern anti ship capability? Where’s our surface battle force? Is it the two thunders? Half baked cookies that will stand between us their wrath? Is it our otomats, is it the 72mm otobreda naval gun? What I ask you? Is it our 250kg and 500kg iron bombs? Is it the shaldag or the modant patrol boats? Is it d new untested OPV’s? Is it the F7 airguard (with no anti ship capability whatsoever)? When their BVR capable Rafael, Mirage 2000 and super etenderd descend on our cities who will stop their might? Is it the outdated and obsolete Roland ADS? Is it the Zsu 23-4 ark ark gun without proper optical sighting gadget, modern target acquisition and fire control system? Is the venerable alpha jets? What I ask my brother? What? When ther submarine lurk in our brown waters and decimate our ships and harbour!!! When their NH90 helicopter lands battalions and battalions of their 1800 marines on our beaches!! When their special forces pass undetected through our over-porous borders and target our radar and comms station with the latest laser targeting device!!! When they manage to land their AMX 56 leclerc tanks on our shores who will defend our city? Is it the antiquated T55/T72 tanks with half charge propellant, no ERA armour, no laser rangefinder and thermal imaging! No 360 degree camera or proper optics,no provision for firing ATGM or armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds and the high explosive anti-tank (HEAT)? When their tigers helicopters destroys our tank brigades with their HOT and milan Anti tank guided missiles. When they already have Nigeria surrounded and contained (Current France deployments; Central African Republic 250, Chad 1,200,Cote D’ Ivorie 800, Djibouti 1,500, Gabon 700,
        Senegal 850), they already have a kind of QRF on standby around us. Not the mention the father of all weapon ‘the nuclear bomb in their passesion’. My friend I’ll think twice before giving Nigeria a chance in a battle with any SUPERPOWER. Nigeria is not just upto it, maybe they should stick to bullying weak neighbours… that seems to suit them very very well.

    • doziex says:

      Oga triggah, I beg I have to nominate you for nobel price for literature for that piece.

      You missed your calling as a novelist.

      Nobody here would mention nigeria and france in the same sentence after reading that piece.

  18. gbash10 says:

    That is not true however,Gen Beeg,please do something …

  19. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg it seems the GOC of 7th Div, Maj.Gen Bindawa has been replaced by the coas. The new GOC is Maj.Gen A. Mohammed alias “bandit”. He was nicknamed bandit because of his courage and ruggedness during is days as a junior combat officer. Seems there were a few changes as well within the division.

  20. doziex says:

    Yeah Colonel, we have been asking for the ascendancy of some “red neck” commanders in this war.
    Where are the captains, majors and lieutenant colonels that fought in sierra Leone.

    Brig general Tanko and Jalingo to name a few. We need leaders already proven in combat.

    • jimmy says:

      Love the brutal honest facts. I want to touch on something that we have been talking about. This I will label the “red neck commanders”.
      This coming very early into the tenure of the COAS maybe some of the most important decisions of this very unorthodox war
      1. His decision to relocate to the heart of the battle and stay beyond the customary one day and liaison with his airforce counterpart may have finally quashed this mind numbing rivalry that existed between both services.
      2. Though unconfirmed his decision to relocate army commanders all the way up to A TWO star MAJ GEN for specific aggressive red neck ( read infantry combat officers) will be telling in the coming weeks.
      3. I am hoping against hope that a more aggressive posture will follow remember the more important bh members that captured alive that render pertinent information the faster up the food chain one can move to eventually capture/ kill shekau
      4. I want to relate a story about a common thief who became legend in the underworld and terrorized the mid west region of the state during the IBB years such that the then HOS turned to his I.G. and asked who ANINI was. The officer in charge of capturing him ( ANINI) did something that the army should emulate: Upon capturing Anini allegedly he tried to make a run for it, The senior officer in charge shot him in the leg I believe both ankles, when the press took pictures of him he looked like a common thief bandaged with both legs all the myths about him vanished. The pictures that were released by Lord fej of the butcher showed a common thief now while i do not advocate shooting people in the ankles it is important that when such people are captured to demystify them i.e after all interrogation has gleaned from them and acted on.

  21. jimmy says:
    OGA BEEGEAGLE I plead with you can open a thread on this time allowing?.

  22. drag_on says:

    @Oga russell,
    Wars today are decided by Smart bombs/Missiles(SAMs,AAMs) and Fighter Jets.You dominate the air,you dominate the battle space.
    I would not wan’t to take on a Euro-fighter,Rafael or F16 or F22 in an F-7, abeg o.
    Our air -superiority should be the best SU 27 variant we can buy,even up to the indo/russian PAK FA.
    ***second-line (and more in number)should be the JF-17.
    ***Third-line (in the largest number) The peoples fighter F-7.
    I wont mind us having the F-7 in large numbers if we built it here,and had the aforementioned 1st and 2nd line Air-defence fighters.
    The F-7 is decent in large numbers(at Mach 2 its no slouch)but its achilles heel is its mechanical unreliability, this negates against large scale production.Its also not a BVR fighter,as a result it can’t be the tip of an assault, but rather(in appropriate numbers) and interceptor guided by ground radar and/or AWACS.Just my 2kobo.

  23. Spirit. says:

    My ogas,

    Somebody should please wake me up when we eventually have an Air force whose assets need to be kept secret and who France need to degrade in case of war.

    For now, we have nothing of such, Nigeria airspace is free for anybody (even our African Sukhoi flyers who feels like) to violate. We shouldn’t even talk of a first class Air force like the French’s. Our SAMs are so short-ranged and few in number that anybody can SAD (Suppression of Air Defences) them in hours, not days. All they need do is to pepper our air bases with stand-off missiles that will degrade our runways and deny personels from doing repair works. This can be done hundreds of miles in the Atlantic or thousands of feet in the sky.

    Of course I respect our flyboys. Just like a US F15 pilot said on the second day of the Gulf War. He said and I quote “I respect the skills of the Iraqi pilots, but America technology is way ahead, and we have deployed it against the Iraqis in very large numbers which they can not match”.

    I am saying this not to ridicule the country of my birth, but to let whoever is reading this amongst our civilian leaders (especially the senator that asked what we need new fighters for when we still have Mig 21 jets in Makurdi!) and the military that is not telling the whole truth for fear of loosing their jobs.

    Please wake up. I am sure the flyboys are not asking for S400, Standard or Patriots missiles for air defense. Neither are they asking for Berkut, Backfire, Eurofighter, Nighthawk or the B2 Spirit.

    If indeed you care about this nation, a squadron of Su 27, 2 squadrons of JF 17 and a few batteries of the latest Roland to protect our bases and economical/politically strategic assets will do for now.

    May God bless the boys that are willing, able and ready to die for this country.

  24. G8T Nigeria says:

    My friend spirit I disagree on the issue of our airspace. As much as we know our Air force is operating at a minimal level, it doesn’t mean our air space is free for everyone. Nigeria, Algeria and South Africa are the only three countries in the continent with a Doppler Radar System. It is primarily used for civil aviation, tracking and monitoring aircrafts and also very useful for military applications. The Doppler radar systems complements phase 1 of TRACON project so far completed. Nigeria’s airspace is far highly secured than many African countries. Painfully, I must admit we must as a matter of now, acquire capable combat airframes. I really wonder why countries with less security problems acquire 18 SU 30MK1 whereas we are still pondering on what to acquire for the past 5 yrs in the midst of insecurity.

    • Are James says:

      Just to counter that Nigeria is not fully covered by the pulse Doppler radar system that you alluded to and the availability of the system on ground now is also questionable.
      To achieve full Doppler radar coverage as an ongoing capability involves the same sort of discipline you need to acquire and run the capable combat airframes you also mentioned which is to curb waste and corruption so that money becomes available for acquiring , operating and maintaining the systems which requires the incorruptible political leadership.

      The game has changed on us, we either accept the imperatives of being a modern regional power or we dissolve into a failed banana republic where people are slaughtered on the streets and young students are dragged off into the forests at night.
      I would take the path of grim discipline but would the people we have voted into power do the same?

      • doziex says:

        Tellem wah gwan rude boy.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Are James,

        If our salvation is “incorruptible political leadership”, then I say pack your bags, we are hopelessly lost.

        It is easy to blame the leaders, but everything comes from society. Before they were, we were.

        Take a stock of your friends – how many of them do you truly believe will be “incorruptible” if they get into a position of power and influence?

        Our situation is simple – we are way behind the western world today for one reason – and that reason is : we were way behind them 100 years ago, and way behind them 200 years ago.

        Corruption is not a cause, it’s a symptom.
        Corruption propagates itself in environments were there is scarcity, poor communications, lack of intellectual capacity, absence of appropriate methods and processes.

        I hope you can still remember NITEL?
        Before the introduction of private sector GSM Services, only the rich and powerful can get telephone lines. Ordinary people waited for years, and most on the waiting-list never got their phones hooked up. But if you knew the right people, or greased the right palms, you can get you phone line in short order.

        The NITEL case is an example of how scarcity fuels corruption.

        Hoping for outstanding leadership to move Nigeria forward is just a way to shift the blame – if we want our country to be 10% better next year, then we as individuals have to be 10% better in our daily lives today.

        Most leaders in the world are just average – once in awhile great leaders emerge – but they are very rare. So, what do you do while you wait?

  25. drag_on says:

    It seems we have started Air border patrols. Is it linked to the Hanger?

    • asorockweb says:

      A base that has 700 vehicles can be seen from space.

      • Are James says:

        Thank you for this insightful comment.
        Congrats to the forces but we are still very angry.
        There has to be an inquisition when this is over followed by a complete re arming of the air force and all surveillance instruments of the Nigerian state.
        I expect now that the April target date for destroying Boko Hiram may become achievable with the pace of progress we are seeing but we still have questions as to why it took so long to penetrate those forests and camps

    • gbash10 says:

      Fellow cyber generals,sometime last week, I alerted us that our boys in the frontline have received new weapons and their morale was high,it was actually a prelude to the heavy and successful offensive on Boko Haram Camp in Sambisa Forest in the NE.
      900 BH insurgents where killed in the coordinated air and ground attack without a single casualt on our gallant boys.
      This is not a newspaper report,guys i took a big bottle of Legend Stout beer!
      NA Special Forces,NN SBS and NAF Special Forces are happy and they shawer praises to the NAF fighter pilots that flew the jets today,3 gbosa for una walai!
      God bless Nigeria!

      • asorockweb says:

        Well done. No wonder BH has been quite for a few days.

        The location of this camp must have been known for weeks or even months.

        I guess the former commander of 7th Div may have been too cautious.

      • doziex says:

        Oga gbash 10,
        Do you know what was being delivered ?
        The new promised hinds ?
        Just more fire power ?
        More troops ?

        What is making such a dramatic difference ?

      • Deway says:

        Oga Gbash, much respect for you! Three gbosa for the boys on the ground and those in the air. Wonderful stuff. They should keep it coming! But Gbash, u suppose tell us wetin the new equipment be nah!

      • Are James says:

        We imagine from the speed of deployment that the newly delivered stuff consisted of improved Alpha jet and Helicopter munitions (maybe guided rockets and air to ground missiles instead of the dumb rockets they were using before) and maybe improved night targeting gear for both air and ground forces.

  26. Tope says:

    Good Move to Start Air patrol, we have screamed they have listened, I like the Combination of Vehicular Patrol, Air Patrol and Border Plaza to add to dat please Using Satellite and Mapping begin to Mine our Borders so people can only pass through designated Borders and Use Or Build Border Walls if Possible like Isreal does.

    Secondly in da oda Article, If the Army can Release Photos of 700 Vehicles Captured it. Would boost PR

  27. jimmy says:

    THE ARMY/ AIR FORCE within certain military censored parameters should release certain picture definitely not of dead bh fighters but of some of the lesser multitudes of those captures and of the amount of weapons and vehicles, technical and ieds seized. This will be a public boost to the country’s morale especially after so many innocent lives were lost last week.
    GOD BLESS Nigeria. Amen!

    • Deway says:

      Not only pics, short clips will be good to have as well. But I’m sure they’ll probably have a ton of pics and video clips at the defense HQ as classified and wont release to the public.

      • gbash10 says:

        The operations in the NE has been given total black-out now from the press.No press crew is allow to even go close to the area.What you saw online are the unauthorised clips sent out by excited boys,2 APCs recovered among the 700 vehicles,big surprise and regret to the boys because they could not rescue their captured colleagues as they were k….d a longtime ago before yesterday!

  28. gbash10 says:

    It has been observed that BH has a big training camp inside Northern Cameroun!

  29. Obix says:

    @Oga gbash 10, thanks for the update. 3 gbosas to you too. Please, don’t hesitate to give us the maximum possible non classified information !

  30. rka says:

    “This is coming just it was learnt that the Army Headquarters in Abuja has concluded plans to induct the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Special Reserve Battalion into the theatre of war in the north east.”

    • Are James says:

      “Special Reserve Battalion”: We want to arm 65 year olds and send them to the North East or what ?.

      • Deway says:

        The special reserve battalion is the 101 battalion. Not necessarily old men 🙂 However, this is what caught my interest in the article:
        “The military source also informed Daily Sun that another impetus and advantage the insurgents enjoy is the pecuniary interest of most northern oil dealers who smuggle their petroleum allocation across the Nigerian borders in Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Yobe and Borno. This oil supply, we gathered has remained a boost to the mobility of the insurgents, also lubricated their income and assisted them in other ways to continue to the assault on Nigeria”.

      • rka says:

        Yes, they are the 101 Battalion which has been in the process of being fully equipped in the last few months since it was announced it was being formed. It is originally meant to deal with contingencies that arise externally and not meant for internal operations.

        Maybe this is a hint for them being used on BH bases in Cameroon.

  31. Akin Oges says:

    Well, better late than never; I think our law makers may have now cotton on to the existential danger of BH and other terrorist gangs:

    “A lawmaker representing Ife constituency in the Federal House of Representative, Rotimi Makinde, has called on the military Joint Task Force and the media to design modalities on how news reports won’t aid the activities of the Boko Haram sect.

    In a statement on Thursday, Makinde urged the two parties to ensure more discreet ways in reporting the activities of the Boko Haram sect in the North-East, saying that would avoid creating fear in the public.

    While condemning the activities of the terrorists, the lawmaker said it was important for JTF to operate in secrecy if it must conquer Boko Haram.

    The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Human Rights, said, “There is need to review the media contents being churned out on the activities of the dreaded sect such that terrorists will not be using coverage both for publicity and recruitment tool; prevent leakages of mapped out strategies and diffuse heightened apprehension around the country.

    “There is no doubt that terrorism must be reported. However, the way the events are framed and the extent to which it is covered is also important. Achieving this may not only prevent terrorists from using media coverage as an important publicity and recruitment tool, but may also prevent the emergence of an atmosphere of fear at the public level.

    “It could also force government and security elite to make more rational decisions regarding countering terrorism and dealing with public outrage.”

    Commending the commitment of the media to the Nigerian project, he stated that the clarion call and fight against the sect required collective efforts.”

  32. Akin Oges says:

    And this from the Speaker of the house, Tambuwal:

    “The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, said on Thursday that he believed the funds allocated for the welfare of security personnel were not being judiciously utilised, for political reasons. He observed that the problem contributed to the “low morale”‎ of troops deployed to confront members of the Boko Haram sect killing and maiming innocent Nigerians in the North-East of the country. He disclosed that the House had received ‘bitter complaints’ from soldiers indicating that “their welfare is not being taken seriously.”
    Tambuwal noted that despite the ‎ huge funds appropriated for military operations by the National Assembly regularly, there was evidence that security personnel were not getting adequate welfare to prepare themselves for the task of confronting insurgents. He added, “Somebody is playing politics with the welfare of soldiers.“Or the money meant for the welfare of our soldiers is not being applied judiciously. “The House will not take this matter lying low and we are prepared to take on those involved.” Tambuwal barred his mind when he met with members of the Unity Schools Old Students Association at the National Assembly in Abuja. He disclosed that the House was set to investigate how the funds allocated to soldiers’ welfare was utilised. “When we resume plenary, we are going to take some motions from our members on the welfare of our troops.“This has become a serious issue because soldiers are complaining that‎ what is meant for them is not getting to them”, he said. The speaker declared that the National Assembly was always ready to assist the Executive in every way possible to bring an end to the insurgency. “Every effort of government must be supported by the National Assembly. “We are ready to do everything possible to end this insurgency. “We cannot commandeer troops, but we can appropriate funds. “What is meant for the welfare of our soldiers should be improved”, he stated. He applauded the foresight of Nigeria’s founding fathers for initiating the unity school system. According to him, the unity schools, more than the National Youth Service Corps, promote the unity of the country by bringing children from diverse backgrounds together early in life. The President-General of the association, Mr. Kabir Nuhu-Koko, had condemned the latest resort of insurgents to attacking secondary school children.
    He recalled the attack last month, on a Government College in Yobe state, which claimed the lives of 59 students and left many others maimed. “The killing of citizens anywhere is not acceptable. The massacre of the students was so terrible. “That was why we called on government to shut the unity schools in the state and transfer the students to other areas”, he added. He appealed for more resources to be channelled to unity schools, urging the Federal Government not to allow “lofty ideals” of the unity schools to fade away”.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah senators, tell us something we don’t know.

      It’s about time you guys in abuja take your job as overseers seriously.
      At this point, nothing the executive is doing, should be news to the Senate.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Exactly my Oga. They were all sleep-walking, weighed down by their humungous constituency funds/ stupendous allowances/ unjustifiable eyes watery salaries. Well, the penny has dropped. All that plundered commonwealth pans into nothing in an environment of blood letting chaos and crisis; nobody is safe. It is the story of a man who is rich in his pocket, but suffering social poverty. Just hoping the lessons have been learnt, hopefully. History is never kind to those recycling the same mistakes, and hoping for different outcomes.

  33. cutievik says:

    @Giles….Better question.

  34. gbash10 says:

    Cyber generals,the 900 BH insurgents killed were just the initial estimated body count,because it is said some bodies were still burning.Those guys where fried with napalm and high explosives by the jets.
    Also BH is believed to have evacuated the camp in cameroun after their Sambisa camp was attacked yesterday!
    Morale is more than high among the boys.

    • Deway says:

      Okay, means either we have spies operating inside Cameroon which we do; or our satellite(s) were able to locate the camp?? Whichever way, the terrorists would have run deep into Cameroon or crossed the border into Chad. We should find out where they went to. They will surely be regrouping later. lets continue keeping the borders sealed. Anyone hearing how Libyan SAMs are flooding central africa?

    • AreJames says:

      Napalm is illegal oil. Nigerian Army is
      For terrorists however it could be argued that international law does not apply.
      Even Uncle Sam destroyed all records of napalm use in Vietnam.
      Let’s keep it between ourselves on this blog….lol

  35. jimmy says:

    oga gbash
    thank you for the news these types of punitive wipe out are the beginning of wisdom. Reports reaching the punch talk of stacks of boko haram dead being deposited at the edge of sambisa forests, @ potskum and other border towns which indicates to me those who try to escape were hopefully caught in the killing fields.
    It is also not whether we will cross into Cameroon but how frequently.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless our boys.
    AMEN! AMEN!!

  36. igbi says:

    I want to see shekau begging and crying for mercy and then sentence him to the angolan treatment: make him hug a hungry and free crockodile (or aligator) in some lake. but before then, make him eat all his youtube videos.

    • Are James says:

      The way it should work now is that two squadrons of long legged 4th generation jets (which we should soon acquire) should patrol a buffer zone made up of NW Cameroon, Southern Niger Republic and Lake Chad. This would no doubt attract protests from the government concerned and maybe a report against Nigeria at the Security Council. We should now use that as a basis to negotiate a comprehensive multi lateral security arrangement for the region to destroy all current and future insurgent bases in an ongoing way.

  37. Ben Osagie says:

    Wia oga beeg abeg?with so-much going on and deafening silence form the oga kpatakpata himself.??Maybe you guys dont truly know how many people read this blog before reading their bibles in the morning.

  38. Tope says:

    Let me Start with this! GUNG Ho!!!!!

    Kudos and Excellent work by the Tri Service Armed Forces and the Airforce, if Napalms were used den Serious ISR were done once da Base was Surrounded the Airforce dropped da “Groundnut” and well its All history. But having over 900 men and 700 vehicles shows you this is a much larger organized body than we taught, I told Beeg that 12 Bases have been identified in Cameroon.

    101 Battalion, 23rd Battalion and 83 battalion all deployed? Omo I doff my hat to Lt Gen KTJ Minimah, Infantry double Barrel through and through, The Routing of dis Men is like a Deckered Card, all Forces in NE are on High Alert from MNJTF to Border Forces its a Strong Web drawn.

    The Senators and Reps are now Serious, Let’s see how da Investigations go, First dey should ask Madam Okonjo Iweala make she tell her own side why funds hvnt been released.

    But From the Battlelines Morale is High so wich soldiers r complaining? Is it Saboteurs at work again?

    @Gbash10 oga if I fit see u na 3 crates of Gulder u go take oo, Wen u gave us dat Report I told my friends come next week u will hear da Sleeping Dragon Breathe Fire…….now we are seeing it for ourselves.

    I think all da Intel have been gathered and a MAJOR Attack is ongoing as we speak, Read dat Cell Towers have been Shutdown again this would mean a major offensive is in tow.

    But right now the Army needs to Release pics a lot of Nigerians are still sceptical of da 700 vehicles report, shows you how poor our Citizens know or even care about our military, the Army needs to Sensitize Citizens Everyday.

    As for da Tankers whoever dey r Registered to they need to be all thrown to Jail. FG is Ready to go after sponsors? I see dats why da SSS has been so quiet I guess that’s wat dey hv been up to.

    But on a Side note we hv 3 major issues right now.

    1. Dese Roving Marauders who are Semi-terrorist who claim are Cattle Rearers attacking Benue and Plateau Especially.

    2. The Spreading North Crisis……NW seems to hv begun having pockets of trouble Recently with Katsina of 69 people dead wen da President came to Visit. Purely political.

    3. The Worst of All Biafran Zionist Movement… is where the JTF Opulo Sheild and Navy need to Show dia Strength, by Squashing these People who are Clearly not Nigerians before dey become a Boko Haram, Can u believe dey attacked Enugu State Governor and Declared Nigerians should leave Biafra by March 31st I don’t even know what dey mean by Biafra dis r mad bastards!!!!

    • Are James says:

      Your points 1,2 and 3 are all pointing to the same thing.
      When people are talking of ‘failed statehood’, the first root cause is usually a lack of adequate funding in the defsec space or a degradation of defence and security expenditure effectiveness due to corruption.
      Some misguided people have been negatively inspired by the Niger Delta struggle and are now of the belief that taking arms against the state comes with good rewards. However we all know that the ND struggle was at least partially justified in moral terms and the methods cannot be extended to all internal agitation
      I see the Nigeria state being forced to spend on defence and security so as to assert its power in house and externally in a major way in the next few years to the shock of all these centrifugal forces.

      When firepower is made to bear and is sustained against all these burgeoning political rascals, the message will be have been sent that trying to ‘awe’ the Nigerian state comes with major retribution.
      Then people will sit down and start doing some productive work for a change.

    • doziex says:


      Nigeria is a democracy, with a boatload of challenges.
      However, if you don’t like how you are governed, you could always go to the ballot box.
      So if any group decides to pick up the gun under any guise, NA should be ready to meet out ruthless punishment.
      I agree that the ND situation had issues of fairness and justice mixed up in it.

      But some red dress has now taken place.
      Any one who disagrees, should wait for the elections, not pick up guns.
      Which one is now biafran zionist ?
      Guys other african nations like Ghana are making billions from farming.
      In other words, cut the crap, and get productive.

  39. Rommel says:

    Can someone tell me why the NAF wont buy advanced top-line fighter ie su-20 or upgraded mig29? I know they have been operating mi-24 and mi-35 helicopters but why not the more advanced mi-28 or kamov ka-50? it just seems odd to me considering smaller African countries like Angola, Kenya and even Uganda have such aircraft in their arsenal

  40. lordfej says:

    please where is General Beegs he has been quiet. Sir i hope all is well?

  41. igbi says:

    A top secret investigation has been launched by military intelligence into the activities of Senator Ahmed Khalifa Zanna of Borno State.
    Zana is belived to be sympathetic to the Boko Haram sect, and possibly, be a sponsor of the group.

    Military intelligence revealed yesterday that Senator Ahmed Khalifa Zanna who was alleged to have breached the State of Emergency Rule Act through unguarded utterances and acts aimed at causing disaffection among troops engaged in the anti-terror war with the aim of causing mutiny was already on the run.

    The legislator was said to have granted interviews to BBC Hausa Service, BBC English Service, Aljazeera and Saharareporters during which he made inciting statements “that betray his connections and contacts with the insurgents.”

    According to an intelligence source: “The senator, who is on the run now, has for several occasions flouted the State of Emergency Rule Act with unguarded utterances and inciting statements in sympathy for Boko Haram.

    “We noted that he has been consistently doing this on BBC Hausa Service, BBC Television, Aljazeera and Saharareporters; claiming that the military has failed against the terrorists. He also boasted that the Boko Haram the military claimed to have destroyed are still intact and waxing stronger, meaning he knows where the hideouts of the insurgents are”.

    The source said military authorities had reviewed some of the video clips where the senator was said to have granted an exclusive interview to Sahara Television, in which he betrayed his affinity to Boko Haram.

    “This senator needs to tell us what he knows about the Boko Haram insurgents that we don’t because it seems he knows more too much about them and he needs to explain to us his relationship with these people.

    “He is the one behind those funny stories in the media that our troops are running away from the insurgents. He said the military has done more harm than the Boko Haram insurgents.

    “This man’s most damning comment during the interview regarding the continuing fight against the Islamist group is that he believes the military has been very lenient with Boko Haram.”

    However, the senator disputed the allegations against him, saying the military is free to arrest him if there is need to do so.

    Zannah, saidin a telephone interview with one of our correspondents last night, that: “If they have anything against me, they are free to arrest me. Did I say anything wrong? While they (troops) where there, why were Boko Haram attacking people, including in my home town? I’ve nothing to fear.”

    Troops Hold Fort at Giwa Barracks

    In the wake of Friday morning, a fierce battle between soldiers and members of the Boko Haram sect has forced residents of Maiduguri to flee the city.

    The heavy shootout between soldiers and insurgents Newsday learnt, is as a result of insurgents attempting to overrun Giwa barrack in the midst of the town but were repelled by military forces who are bombarding both on land and in the air. The attack was reported to have started at about 7:20 AM this morning and presently still on as at 11: AM.

    Our Correspondents reports that people are presently scampering for their lives with parents picking students from schools as a result of the fight.

    It was also gathered that workers are returning home with streets being deserted.

    Many residents of the town have fled from the places under attack to safer places. Some have even fled to the government house for safety. Some have moved from the periphery of the town that are easily susceptible to attack to the centre of the town. Soldiers have barricaded everywhere to make it impossible for the insurgents to move easily.

    As Nigerian troops continue to repel the attacks of boko haram, Defence HQ in Abuja have declared that the bombardment of their camps and hideouts in the forests, hills and border areas of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states, to ensure total elimination of terrorists who have been killing and maiming innocent Nigerians will be sustained.

    The Defence headquarters’ made the declaration just as it warned prominent Nigerians who have continued to make inciting statements tailored towards bringing down the morale of troops or portraying Nigerian security forces as weaklings in the war, that ‘at the appointed time, anyone found to be undermining morale of the men will pay dearly for it but through constitutional procedures’.

    Speaking during a Joint Security Information Committee briefing on security developments in the country, Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade noted that there is no truth whatsoever that soldiers prosecuting the war are running from insurgents neither was there any issue of poor welfare package for troops.

    According to him, “during operation to rid the camps of terrorists, if the terrain is a difficult one and there is need for air bombardment, the pilot would of course advise troops to evacuate the location which is normal strategy. For someone or mischief makers to now say that troops are running from insurgents shows attempt at misleading the nation and demoralising the men”.

    Emphasizing that the allowances for troops in operation cannot be stolen as the structures put in place for payment of such allowances were fraud proof, General Olukolade said, “Right from the beginning of our training in Academy days and others, the issue of welfare of the men has remained paramount to leadership training. So we don’t need a spokesman of terrorists to tell us how to take care of the welfare of our men”.

    He explained that aside the allowances for troops, there were two levels of insurance schemes for the soldiers involved in the war on terror, one from the Army headquarters and another one from the Defence headquarters.

    His words, “The onslaught of terror is ongoing in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states. In the wake of relentless bombardments of their bases by the security forces, fleeing terrorists resorted to attacking soft targets including the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi and other areas with a view to maintaining a false sense of invincibility”.

    “There is no respite yet for the terrorists as the security forces have continued to launch air raids on their suspected bases while mop up operation by the ground forces are being intensified. Consequently, scores of terrorists have either being killed or apprehended and assorted weapons recovered”.

    “Useful information are also are also extracted from the confessions of those in the custody of the security forces while patrols are sustained”.

    Emphasizing on soldiers morale, Olukolade said, “This committee has noted with great concern the orchestrated attack on the morale of the Nigerian Security forces engaged in the fight against terrorism by a section of the political elite.

    “They make unfounded claims and allegations on welfare of soldiers under the pretext of being more caring for the welfare and condition of Nigerian soldiers but their intention is to encourage indiscipline and ultimately mutiny”

    “These sets of Nigerians have taken every available media platform to disparage efforts of the leadership of Nigerian Armed forces in the fight against terror. They have not only accused the military and security agencies of denying soldiers and other security personnel of their entitlements, they have been spreading the sick rumour that the gallant Nigerian soldiers are grumbling over inadequate resources and lack motivation to take on the insurgents”.

    “These unfounded allegations and outright rumour mongering are to say the least, callous, mischievous and inimical to the well being of our national security” Olukolade said.

    • igbi says:

      I knew some people were trying to encourage mutiny in the armed forces. I suggest we also investigate sahara reporters, since they are based in new york, we should consider asking the CIA if they could do us a favor.

  42. igbi says:

    LAGOS, March 14 (Xinhua) — Nigerian troops killed many Boko Haram members after they attacked a military location in northeast city of Maiduguri with a view to freeing their detained fighters, an official said on Friday.

    Spokesperson of the Nigerian military headquarters Chris Olukolade said in a statement that troops in the northeast region of Nigeria foiled the attack with heavy human casualty on the insurgents.

    The attack is suspected to be a perpetration of the sect which suffered a monumental loss of its members following a number of military raids in the last few days, the defense spokesperson added.

    Many of the insurgents and their weapons have been captured, said Olukolade, noting that some of the victims of the terrorists’ fire in their efforts to break into the detention facility, included those they came to rescue.

    According to him, the insurgents’ attempt is in response to the intensity of attacks on their strongholds at Talala, Monguzum, Sambisa forests, Gwoza, Mandara mountains as well as the general area of Lake Chad.

    He said security forces have destroyed several camps operated by the insurgents.

    “Four soldiers were wounded and are being treated. Hot pursuits by land and air operations are ongoing along with cordon and search of surrounding localities,” he said.

    “No institution has been reported attacked, although the effect of firing from the encounter could be noticed in surrounding facilities in Maiduguri,” the spokesperson added.

    Sounds of gunshots and at least three explosions rented the air on Friday morning as residents prepared to go about their various businesses, according to witnesses.

    • Akin Oges says:

      A robust and competent efforts by the NA. Go after those who got away. They must be caught to serve lessons that you dare at your own risk. God grant the NA wisdom and strength to see this through to the logical end.

      • Are James says:

        I think in this instance they were actually able to penetrate the barracks and destroy part of the armoury. The service chiefs are in Maiduguri so the town should be locked down really tight. Once again the Air force is providing quick, reaction and giving us the edge. Let there be no more dilly dallying in re equipping the air force with more units of helicopters and 4tthe generation subsonic and supersonic fighter jets. Once-attack-military-barrack

      • igbi says:

        They didn’t enter the compound, stop quoting sahara reporters.

      • doziex says:

        If these reports by the sahara reporters are false, NA should expose them to be so, by showing some footage or just shining an investigative lense on the situation.

        Let’s remember, the US army won every battle during the 1968 Tet offensive, but that was the propaganda failure that made the Americans believe the war was lost.

        NA should name and shame fraudulent press reports.

        That is after they have been proven to be fraudulent.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Oga Are James, in the last few days I have carefully followed the reports of Sahara Reporters and the BBC. Both clearly have nasty agendas. They have willfully given BH amplified headlines; the satanic works of BH is presented like a soap opera; all to spite a regime they don’t like. I have just checked BBC Africa, they carried salacious news about BH attacks. However, it was conspicuously silent on the momentous gains of the military in the last 48 hours in the North East. How can such news be missed? Therefore, I will consider whatever they report with certain heavy dose of circumspection. They are too conflicted and slanted to be entirely trusted just now.

      • doziex says:

        When I joined this blog in 2012, I vented almost daily, on the BBC campaign of misinformation against the nigerian army in sierra leone.
        I followed them daily, and cross checked with real people on the ground. So dem conniving bastards can go to hell.
        Ditto sahara reporters, if we find you to be of similar motives.

  43. doziex says:

    For General Olukolade.

    Sir, the best way to expose those who are trying to undermine the morale of our troops, is to shine the light of truth on some of NA’s operations.

    Having a total information black out encourages rumor mongering.

    NA needs to embed some responsible journalists among our troops.

    Use pictures and video footage to increase the credibility of the news you put out.

    The sacred duty of all responsible journalists, is to trust but verify all sources of information, and that includes you sir.

    Engage the beegeagles blog.

    Any correspondence with beegeagle will be disseminated with vigor, patroitism and with pleasure.
    Our records speaks for itself.

    Our criticisms tend to arise from the total lack of information or sense of direction from the NA, or your civilian boses.

    Footage of the current forward progress being made by our troops is positive propaganda for the NA.
    It would also alleviate the hysteria caused by BH amongst the public.

  44. Are James says:

    Okay. I retract.

  45. doziex says:

    Oga Igbi, kudos for dem pics from nairaland.

    Thanks for your effort to expose some of these reports, before the likes of me starts to opine.

    I wish NA would lunch a similar attack on all fraudulent reports.

    • igbi says:

      I wish so too, I have looked at the arab news papers. al arabiya as usual was doing propaganda for the terrorists, al jazeera went as far as putting words on the mouth of Gen Olukolade, because the usual “annonymous” officer was not enough for their propaganda peace. As i mentioned a long time ago, most foreign journalists come with an agenda, and I think it is unwise to let the likes of al jazeera crew anywhere near Nigeria. aljazeera doesn’t just do propaganda for terrs, it also provides them a communication service and money and critical infos.
      Now I think we need to thread carefully especially with the arab emirs, boko haram and alqaida are their boys.

  46. jimmy says:

    We are winning this war slowly but surely this is beginning to have the markings of an end game scenario with desperation being thrown in by the bh INSURGENTS. We on this blog implore you/ beg you to release non sensitive material especially from the last couple of days let us report the news and let us not worry about irresponsible journalism from Sahara reporters and the BBC.
    When Maiduguri returns to calm embed responsible journalists who can give a truly objective picture of what is going on
    Last week the armed forces marked a major victory in this war , please share this with the public because it will boost the morale of the public and we know already the morale of the soldiers is sky high.
    Lastly please keep up the good work under very difficult circumstances
    Yours sincerely

    • Are James says:

      Immediate relocation if all BH prisoners from the zone is required. The NAF should be doing pre emptive patrols to proactively nip these desperate actions in the bud which calls for more patrol choppers. Someone in MOD should be harassing the MOF over released (extra budgetary) of funds for the fuel, allowances, arms and ammunition.
      GEJ should sit his assets in Aso Rock and lead a war cabinet taking daily decisions to direct and support the effort. He cannot delegate this power to Gusau.
      Good deployments in the last few weeks however and this should be applauded m

    • gbash10 says:

      Fellow cyber generals,BH daring attack within Maiduguri metropolis seems to me as their last stand before most of them will join their dead comrades that died some days ago.
      FG and Defence HQs are now seeing the dare need to modernise and re-equip the NAF with first-line high performance fighter jets,dedicated attack and transport helicopters as well as heavy transport planes.
      God bless our men and women in the frontlines in the NE!
      Eye withness on ground close to Unimaid said BH caused heavy damage in Maiduguri today morning that has never been seen before since the killing of their leader Mohammed Yusuf.
      The fight was so tense and fiarce in the morning that NAF jets had to be called from Yola today again to save the day.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA GBASH
        Thank you for your thoughts and some pictures are beginning to filter out on Nairaland if and i stress if these pictures are anywhere credible it appears that quite a few boko haram insurgents were captured. THESE ARE RESIDENTS OF MAIDUGURI they will know who does not exactly belong.Please keep us informed because right now you are it the voice for this blog.
        once again kudos to our gallant , brave men of the NA . I beg una make una no waste time for the un lady meek e go hug transformer eh en no be Guantanamo bay dey outside en window for new york mschew! make we talk better thing o jare

  47. gbash10 says:

    A good number of dedicated attack helicopters like the Mi-28NE Havoc would have done a good job for the close-quarter battle that took place today between our fighting men and women against BH fighters. The jets were too fast and not suitable for civilian built up area.

  48. Yagazie says:

    Any ‘highly placed nigerian’ – (so called enator Ahmed Khalifa Zanna included)- found to be giving succour to the BH-insurgents in whatsoever form, should be ‘liquidated’- period. Did the BH terrorists give their any of their victims – the benefit of being subjected to ‘constitutional means’ before killing them in such a beastial manner? And while we are at it, that silly woman in the form of the UN Human Rights Chief – Nina Pillay should be deported from our country. She comes here and has the effontry to accuse our security forces of gross human rights violations, but is silent on all the atrocities being perpetrated by the BH insurgents. Talk of hypocrisey and double -standards.

  49. drag_on says:

    Can anyone identify the jet on this page.
    It does not look like an Alpha jet to me. I cannot say if it’s a picture from today’s encounter though.

  50. igbi says:

    Pictures of todays dead terrorists:
    Contrary to what some clueless news papers were saying, the civilians didn’t desert the streets, they came out and fought against the terrorists as you can see in some of the pictures. That was a show of unity, civilians and military personnel defending our great nation together.

  51. asorockweb says:

    Fighting in Maiduguri, A-Jets in the air – This is the time for the COAS to walk the streets., hugging people and shaking hands.

    Let the pictures show the bond between the soldiers and the people.

    • doziex says:

      Oga not yet, I sniper or suicide bomber could do alot of damage.

      • igbi says:

        Indeed, let us not forget that for the terrorists the COAS is a 5 star target, they have probably already paid assassins to kill him at the first chance. They are waiting for any miscalculated move. It is for that kind of reason that british prince william was evacuated from the iraqi war zone. It would do a lot of good to boko haram propaganda if they could kill our COAS. So his safety should be considered top priority.

      • asorockweb says:

        Yep, risk reward

  52. AreJames says:

    When you look at this critically, the ingress and egress has been rather easy for Boko Haram considering that the Nigerian military had full control of Maiduguri. There is a gap somewhere and we must be honest to ourselves in admitting it.
    Also the main elements of the BH attacks were reportedly wearing military uniforms and must have melted away. The dead people we see could be the prisoners they tried to spring or miscreants coerced to join this desperate last gap attack. I still maintain that there should be 24 hour proactive air patrol of the Maiduguri axis by choppers and jet aircraft patrols of the entire state of Borno and the North East. This is going to cost money and woe beside any government official scrimping on funds at this time. The game has trully changed and government must be agile to change with it.Increasingly the mistake of the past of weakening the airforce is coming to the fore and we have a paid a high price for it. Let us now correct the mistake by doing the necessary procurement on RUSH basis.

    • igbi says:

      Once again, there was no escape. Most boko haram terrorists do not wear kaki, I hope you are not just learning that ! Even their videos show the big majority of them wearing civilian clothing. Only a handful wear kaki. So it comes as no surprise that we have a bunch of dead boko haram terrorists with civilian clothing. And the pictures do not show “all” of the dead terrorists. That is a picture of just one location.

    • igbi says:

      The fact that some of the attackers wear kaki doesn’t mean all of them wear kaki. If there is any report that “all” the attackers were wearing kaki then it is a mischievous one made to help boko haram melt in the civil populace, or to deny their casualties. I repeat, only a few of them wear kaki, just check their latest video.

  53. doziex says:

    This attack on maidugri seems to be an infiltration .
    We know that even heavily defended towns can be infiltrated.
    So as opposed to a full frontal assault with uniformed bh cadres backed by technicals, plain clothes civilian looking cadres was what the infiltration strategy called for.

    Again, air and land reconnaissance is the antidote to this kind of infiltration.

    Drones, tucano turbo props, bo-105 and mi-24/35 attack helicopters. For the air.
    MRAPs as used by Amisom in mogadishu would be a huge confidence builder on land.

  54. jimmy says:
    This is the latest report I am beginning to come to some conclusions .
    This was a suicide mission that initially started out to free SOME HIGH VALE BOKO HARAM SUSPECT, It went horribly wrong pretty fast some suspects may have managed to escape but they were apprehended and not being from that part of MAIDUGURI AND NOT HAVING MOBILE TECHNICALS TO MAKE A HASTY ESCAPE based on the pictures and if this true I doubt whether anyone of these crossed back over the river that they came.
    Based on the reports of the residential neighborhood it appears to corroborate oga gbash’s account the alpha jets came pretty quickly to Yola( It is a stone throw away) and based on the the sounds it appears the jets were low flying and expending ammunition ( bullets over and over again) in the direction of theses insurgents.
    I am very hesitant to say this but to me honestly this is beginning to seem just……seem like the last days of boko haram….. this was a diversionary tactic with nothing to gain from a broad daylight attack where the jets are less than 10mins away and then they were now walking into what is really hostile territory from the civilian jtsf .
    These numbskulls had to of had A HEATED DISCUSSION AS TO HOW REALLY DANGEROUS THIS MISSION would of been anyone can toss a few ieds but that is just the beginning of the battle the COAS just based on his reputation probably is still in Maiduguri , the GOC MAJ GEN MOHAMMED is definitley there as well as BRIG OGUNDELE , this was a good one for the army and the airforce it shows what simple communication CAN DO

    • igbi says:

      Oga Jimmy, the news paper you quoted is quoting “credible sources”. It is too lazy to say the regular “anonymous soldier”. Let me repeat it again: No terrorist escaped, none of them.

    • igbi says:

      Sorry, what i mean is that none of the terrorists made it inside the perimeter.

    • Deway says:

      For me, this report speaks one thing in volume: the value of investing in your airforce!

      • drag_on says:

        You control the air over the battle-space you, control the out-come.

      • jimmy says:

        Any more soon as the attack started someone made that crucial phone,the airforce commander did not skip a beat before saying “let it rain” T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Solorex says:

        Talking of unfair advantage! that is needed to win a war! Reminds me of how General Fonseka’a army defeated the Tamil tigers comprehensively and destroyed all hope of regrouping or rearmament. At a time when the war had dragged on for 22 years, corruption and lassitude was killing the military, the new president with his COAS (Fonseka) rejigged the military and restarted the “morale engine” by doubling the militarily budget and getting tons of new platforms. At the heat of the battle there were over 5 divisions and 7 task forces, there was complete sea blockade,and consistent air raids. Defense budget was doubled and Airforce targeting capacity was improved greatly with Israeli Assistance. The Tamil were better armed and organized than Boko haram and had about 10,000-15,000 fighters.

        The Governments(Sri Lankan) strategy was to Over provide everything ( 5 Army Divisions,Several task forces, compulsory and consistent daily raids),Deny the enemy access to every thing ( Mobility-sea blockage,food. e.t.c) paint the enemy the “Devil” in international scenery ( securing 32 countries to designated LTTE as terror organization so nobody really cares how you kill them or what you do with them) and finally the Government became intolerant of Tamil tiger Sympathizers-getting rid of them by all means necessary and after 3 years the Government won totally- nothing left of a rebel organization of over 26 years old with over $200m yearly budget!

        Adapting these to our situation, i will say

        1. Deploy more troops than its fair- say 10,000 extra troops-Lets the military get $1.5-3b extra budgetary war fund per year
        2. Let there be a blockade of access to lively hood of militants- Evacuate some villages totally if necessary-insist of youth census in certain areas -all youth must register in a data base-close some markets-Ban the use of all four wheel drive vehicles except by the military in certain areas- insist that certain drugs be taken off all pharmaceutical shelves-yes there will be civilian discomfort and outcry.
        3. We need more COIN aircraft ( say half a dozen)-buy 2-3 dozens! Build concrete fence round all main military installations- install Satellite transmitted cameras trucks in several-insist the airforce must continue raids every day till there is no one to bomb
        4. We need about 50-60 APC’s to spear head confrontations- make APC the standard patrol issue and buy 500-600 pcs
        4. Yes we are wining but the enemy is not yet on the defensive fully- let us have and invasion of Sambisa Forest range-Let pound every known rebel position form long range with MLRS-Let boko haram be on the defensive.

        We cannot win a war by been fair and considerate- We can only win by been tactical and determined! We need to learn how to go the extra mile of the extra length !

      • jimmy says:

        You are buts ifs about it.god bless those pilots T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • doziex says:

        Well done sir . Oga solorex

  55. Are James says:

    All your suggestions are supported !!!

  56. Are James says:

    The BH boys on the whole were very lucky it seems….apparently a Shilka was waiting for them but providentially for them malfunctioned at the last minute.
    Let them try this again…..

  57. doziex says:

    Of all the available shilkas, ZSU-2s , ZSU-4s or Vulcans NA could buy cheaply from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, india, sudan, Libyan rebels, angola and list goes on, WE ARE GETTING JAMNED UP ON A LONE OLD SHILKA THAT HAS PROBABLY SEEN BETTER DAYS IN LBR AND SLR.

    Why weren’t there back ups ?

    Is it so hard to mount ZSU-2 anti aircraft guns on the back of 10 pick up trucks ?

    BH can do it, al shabab can do it but NA keeps making up excuses for being outgunned or nearly over run.

    NA is in an existential fight whether they believe it or not.

    You better bring your A game or we are all going down.


    It’s best to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    • cutievik says:

      @Just heard an unconfirmed report that Bornu is under seidge again,can any one in house confirm??

    • Solorex says:

      Shilkas are already deployed (primarily to protect barracks- i believe)to be used in flat trajectory to repel swarm attacks, Sagie AFV and Vickers Mk3(sighted yesterday) are already deployed to lead assault groups. What we need now mostly is massive suppression fire from the Air. 2 Alpha jets scrambled to dive bomb insurgents are inadequate. We need massive response (While insurgents are been battled in the city, Transport helicopters should be shipping special forces to mount an ambush on their retreat routes). Steady and accurate fire form Gunships would also make a great difference ( we need to learn how to scramble those too) .- I see a “draw out” tactics in play here, the Army draws them out of Sambisa and other numerous hideouts ( allow them to come into the city outskirts, then surrounds them and finish them off with little chance of escape- I am not sure that for the 3rd time, the Army did not see them coming, I think they knew they were coming and arranged a welcome party for them. However, If we are wrong and this is actually a surprise attack then a few people in intels and recce have become less useful than they are intended and fresh bloods might be necessary.

      MRLS and midrange howitzers are also good tool for neutralizing swarm attack from a distance, was wondering when these would be deployed. There as been no report of drone sighting at all-wondering if these are ever also deployed.

      • AreJames says:

        I presume MLRSs must have been used at Sambisa but then again we probably did not have enough ammo for a 10 rocket permin system

  58. Adino says:

    Great work General Beeg and other cyber generals.Kudos to our gallant troops, speedy recovery to the injured and hospitalised and R.I.P to the dead heroes. May God Bless and reward you all for protecting us all despite the fact that you do not even know our names.

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