Reports reaching Beegeagle’s Blog indicate that Major General Emmanuel Atewe has formally assumed command of the Joint Task Force (Operation Pulo Shield) in the Niger Delta.

These details were contained in a press release signed by the Media Coordinator of the JTF, Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu, and made available to Beegeagle’s Blog. The statement read:

“A new Commander has been appointed to head the Joint Task Force (JTF) Operation PULO SHIELD. He is Major General Emmanuel Atewe. He takes over from Major General Illiyasu Abbah who has been redeployed to the Headquarters, Nigerian Army as Military Secretary. Until his appointment as Commander JTF, Major General Atewe was the Commander of the Brigade of Guards, Nigerian Army.

A highly seasoned Infantry Officer, General Atewe was admitted into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in 1981 and commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant on completion of his cadet training. He also holds two Post Graduate degrees – a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy and another in Strategic Studies from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira and University of Ibadan respectively.

In recognition of his courage, commitment to duty and exceptional display of gallantry as a Company Commander during the maritime boundary dispute over the Bakassi Peninsula, he was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Commendation Award. He was also conferred with a National Honour as Member of the Order of Federal Republic (MFR) by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He is a Fellow of the prestigious National Defence College.

Fielding questions from journalists during the handing and taking over ceremony at the Opolo Headquarters of the JTF, General Atewe charged the officers and men of the JTF to desist from any act capable of tarnishing the image of the Task Force, adding that, no act of indiscipline will be condoned. The new Commander further averred that he will professionally pursue the mandate handed down to the Joint Task Force.

“I will professionally pursue the mandate of the JTF in the fight against illegal oil bunkering in the region and I expect all hands to be on deck.”

In his farewell speech, the outgoing Commander, Major General Illiyasu Abbah commended officers and men of the JTF for their dedication and diligence in carrying out the mandate of the Task Force and urged them to extend same to the new Commander whom he described as a seasoned Infantry Officer. The traditional presentation of paraphernalia of office by the outgoing commander to the new commander climaxed the handing and taking over ceremony.”


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  1. asorockweb says:

    Major General Emmanuel Atewe seems to be a perfect fit for Operation Pulo Shield.
    Dear Sir, I hope you continue to serve with honor, even in the face of great adversity.

  2. freeegulf says:

    amphibious bias to the core!!
    gallant infantry!!!

  3. tim says:

    Oga beeg, check your email, news from N.E

  4. cryptologist says:

    Square peg in a square hole it is. To Gen. Atewe’s credit is the setting up of a new special forces battalion for the guards brigade, championing new barracks, proper co-ordination of men and materials for the security Ops around the FCT and environs at the wake of Bokoharam bombing of U.N building, Force HQ thereby bringing sanity back. Good to know he is an amphibious biased infantry soldier. He’s gonna fit in well. I hope he starts with the massive corruption among JTF pulo shield men & officers.

    • Are James says:

      Impressive. The guards brigade around Abuja is reputedly an agile, highly mobile and well run force. The experience will help a whole lot in the Niger Delta.

  5. Spirit says:

    The Beeg One, kindly update us on the most recent development in the NE.

  6. lordfej says:

    i heard Gusua has submitted resignation letter. Please how true is it?

    • Are James says:

      He must have but GEJ will not allow it to happen, expect a rash of emergency meetings in the next few days.
      I think the generals are getting really passed off.
      Their body language at their confirmation hearings and reported reaction to Shettima and Labaran Maku’s ill advised diatribes against the military does not bode well.
      The CIC must do some immediate abracadabra.

    • giles says:

      positive he jst steped down,due to service chiefs refusing to corprate wit him

    • giles says:

      am sori for my early confirmation,d def minister jst denied d report made by safarareporters

  7. Are James says:

    Sorry but it seems my keyboard is also ‘pissed off’

  8. doziex says:

    I have long expressed the opinion, that it’s time the military become more assertive in the scheme of things in nigeria.
    The military has been overly submissive and apologetic because of the institution being tainted with a legacy of coups and corruption.
    Every democracy and even the nigerian constitution provides a space for an assertive voice of the military.
    When they give recommendations, and our politicians ignore them and act irresponsibly to the detriment of security, the military has the right to clarify it’s position, or be blamed alongside the irresponsible civilian authorities.

    Thus far the military has wrongly taken crap and saluted, keeping mum the whole time.

    They have to speak up.

    Or else, we risk an overreaction.

    • Are James says:

      GEJ will fix it.
      I am critical of his government in many ways but we must give him kudos for his proven ability to do secret stakeholder engagement to quell knotty issues. Things will become clearervin a few days.

  9. doziex says:

    Our civilian authorities have really “murdered sleep” , when it comes to the issue of critically needed military procurement.
    Let’s just examine sudan and the Omar Bashir government.
    Even With their dwindling share of oil revenue, they have remained steadfast to their acquisition needs.

    Their officials already have cash in hand, and are seeking and even pre paying for the best ex russian and Ukrainian excess hardware.
    Su-25/27 and 24s are on order.
    Russian retired 500 mi-24s, that are been refurbished for Sale.
    Sudanese officials are ready cash in hand, to buy as many as possible.

    Runways and bases are being built, hundreds of ground crews and contract pilots have been hired.
    They are also skewering libya for gaddafi s arsenal ready to buy any weapon system with cash in hand.
    Why nigerian authorities cannot replicate this strategy boggles the mind.
    With all our missing or not missing billions of dollars.

  10. giles says:

    am sori for my early confirmation,d def minister jst denied d report made by safarareporters

  11. jimmy says:

    I truly believe we are beginning to gather a very crucial audience members on the powerful NASS as in the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY we have been on the blog for more than three years never before has there been such an outcry by these members to fund the armed forces, i also must finally give credit to our JOURNALIST ESPECIALLY THE GUYS @ PUNCH who are reporting every issue when it comes to defence, It should gladden our hearts that none other than the speaker of the house is threatening brimstone and fire if the welfare of our troops continues to mishandled it is one thing for us to say it is another when very powerful politicians start to say it.
    i do not want to start something i do not know anything about but can anyone at least confirm discussing with oga beegeagle backstage? is he embedded what is going on?
    i can confirm from my school days potskum is one of the far out places in the old gongola state this is smack dab on the border.
    CYBER GENERALS these towns that are being mentioned means the special forces have launched a serious/ massive operation and it is what we have advocated for that is happening. this punitive, this demoralising and this killing at its most cold hearted efficiency , my prayer is that shekau IS AMONGST THE roasted DEAD.

  12. Tope says:

    Haba! And we say we shouldn’t Criticize madam Okonjo? Look dat Woman Should hands off anyting Defence Release All funds immediately to the DHQ, MOD and Tri Service Branches Abeg Enough is Enough, she never release funds for 2013 and We are in March 2014! Wat Rubbish is dis?.

    Good thing Jubrin Has Advocated for a Naval Trust Fund I hope da Navy Manages it and Well Meaning Nigerians can Donate into the Fund. If these People don’t Realize to protect ur EEZ and ur Oil Blocks needs CONSTANT at Sea Presence then let us just Sit down and Watch Cartoon Network big jokers, the last ounce of Respect for our leaders has begun to fade especially Okonjo Iweala. Its Either she begins to take Defence Spending Seriously or Resign. This must Stop.

    • AreJames says:

      What NOI keeps saying is that she releases funds especially now there is an emergency on ground in the NE. We should endeavour to look for the truth always no matter who’s horse is gored. The Mandarins in the MOD and our top generals should have a rethinking about the practice of ‘tripping’ funds through commercial banks in order to skim off the yield. It would be a disgrace if there is mutiny of junior ranks. As for defence procurement projects, that ball is in GEJ’s court but it seems he has decided to delegate that to the new Minister of Defence.

      • jimmy says:

        You can only skim funds if you are actually getting it, gej learnt this diabolical practice from obj who used it to devastating effect on lagos state.if the cas,coas,and cns and the nsa are all saying they Need more funds and thank god for Sen chris who constantly has helped the navy they can’t all be lying all at the same time. I beg now I no dey try win argument now. Truth dey bitter sometimes money no dey but we fit spend $20 mil on one aircraft. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  13. lordfej says:

    sorry to digress but all cyber generals need to check the nn website

    • doziex says:

      Yeah oga lord fej,
      Senator Anyanwu herself is complaining to NN brass about federal financial institutions being slow to release budgeted funds.

      • Akin Oges says:

        That Super Baby. Beauty with brains. She has earned my highest respect. Keep flying the flag for our boys at the frontline, able Senator Anyanwu. God Bless.

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