Cameroon and Nigeria: inexorably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

Cameroon and Nigeria: inextricably linked NEXTDOOR neighbours

14 March, 2014

Cameroon vowed it would “never allow”
militants to use its territory to destabilise neighbour Nigeria, which is facing an Islamist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives, according to an official statement released on Friday.

Emmanuel Sadi Rene,minister of interior
and special envoy of Cameroonian
President Paul Biya, gave the pledge
when he delivered a message from his
leader to President Goodluck Jonathan in
the Nigerian capital of Abuja, it said. “He (Rene) also assured President Jonathan that the Cameroonian Government will never allow its territory to become a safe haven for terrorists or a base for the destabilisation of Nigeria,” said the statement from Jonathan’s office. Rene also conveyed Biya’s assurance that
Cameroon was committed to cooperating fully with Nigeria “to combat all forms of terrorism and cross-border criminality”.

Speaking during the meeting, Jonathan called for greater cooperation between
Nigeria and neighbouring countries in the fight against terrorism. He said that Islamist Boko Haram and other groups that operate in border regions must be seen as a common threat to Nigeria and its neighbours. Countries should take urgent action to harmonise strategies and combine efforts to tackle the menace of Boko Haram and other groups which operate between their borders.

“The issue of Boko Haram remains
worrisome. If it is not properly handled, it could affect the security of neighbouring countries. “We therefore expect maximum cooperation from all countries within our region to rout the sect,” said Jonathan.

Nigeria has borders with Benin, Chad,
Niger and Cameroon and it is suspected
that insurgents have bases in some of
these countries. Earlier this month, Cameroonian soldiers tracked down a group of Boko Haram fighters who had crossed the border from Nigeria. Six insurgents and one soldier were killed.At the time of the incident, the Nigerian
Information Minister Labaran Maku said: “They (insurgents) strike. When we
pursue them, they retreat into Cameroon.”

Speaking at a news conference earlier on Friday, the UN rights chief, Navi Pillay,
said she has told Nigerian authorities to seek the cooperation of neighbours and
the international community. Pillay, on the last of the her three-day official visit to Nigeria, said after meeting a group of ministers, parliamentarians and rights groups that “the actions of Boko Haram have grown increasingly monstrous”.

“I suggested to the National Security Adviser that a regional approach to combat terrorism, resolve the conflict and alleviate the hardship of all civilians that are caught up may be an option worth exploring with neighbouring countries and the broader international community,” said Pillay.


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  1. jimmy says:

    nah now him sabi cooperation hmmm.
    make em know visit border town sf fit mistake for something else o lol!

  2. startrek says:

    again old man biya tries to play smart… unfortunately the Nigeria military has entered war mode at this point and not even the CinC can afford to reverse his gogo order at the moment

    • igbi says:

      Some news papers say we killed more than 350 boko haram terrorists.

      • igbi says:

        this might be why biya is rethinking, coupled with the fact his citizens in northern cameroon are dying of hunger since we closed adamawa border.

  3. Deway says:

    Most likely France (Hollande) talked to Biya.

    • igbi says:

      Biya is not someone we can trust, to me his words are meaningless. It is obvious that he was complicit with boko haram. After consistantly denying that the terrorists were using his country as rear base, he finally comes out. Just my thought.

    • igbi says:

      Given that that the french government media is still doing propaganda for boko haram, I doubt that. France is playing a double game in all this.

  4. G8T Nigeria says:

    Nice piece peccavi, for Biya he is a man speaking from both ends, he probably have learnt he his the only one foot dragging on the BH issue. If we still don’t hear of Cameroun forces raiding BH hideouts for now then his message is of no value. ACTION is what we need. Kudos to our boys.

    • peccavi says:

      The Camerounians have been wincing into action since last year, their eyes opened when BH attacked Amchidie and started threatening them big style.
      Don’t blame Biya, the man is old, his main effort is staying in power beyond death and keeping up with his wifes hair do’s.
      I think this year will see a Camerounian BH, much like an Afghan Taliban and Pakistani Taliban, it all depends on what tactics the Camerounian forces use, if they go scorched earth they will get a home grown element, if they go softly softly they will have safe havens, so its a balance between the 2, but come what may we will see major attacks in Cameroun, I think

  5. drag_on says:

    Keep the borders(Economic sanctions) closed until the people on the other side(Cameroon) push out boko-haram. Let them choose between free petrol,strong economic activity/trade, and BH.

  6. giles says:

    is it true dat borno is under seige agian?

  7. igbi says:

    A question for al jazeera and al-arabiya and AFP and sahara reporters and new york times:
    If the terrorists managed to free their camerades then why did they come back ?

  8. tim says:

    I think it is still yesterdys news

  9. igbi says:

    I have decided to visit the headquarters of AFP and radio france international to ask them why they are doing propaganda for boko haram. I intend to sue.

  10. igbi says:

    for Nigerians in the UK, I urge you to also ask the bbc why they are doing propaganda for boko haram and sue them to court if necessary. Even if we don’t win the law suit, at least the truth will be revealed to the public.

  11. igbi says:

    “Those who were killed during the attack on Saturday are some Arabians. They would not succeed, and I believe their end has come”, he added.

  12. AreJames says:

    Please don’t blame the foreign press ooooo.
    Until our MOD finds a better way of handling the anti BH war information dissemination, releasing credible photos and videos of the action or permitting the embedment of journalists, then what we get is what we deserve, foreign new agencies who have been banned from the theatre are quite at liberty to base their news on rumours, conjecture and downright speculation.
    We are square in the information age and nobody is going to make special provisions for Nigeria.
    I think our directorate of Defence information is one of the most boring and uninspiring on the African continent. Recall Kenya’s handling of information and reportage on the anti Al Shabab offensive in Somalia recently and contrast with the drab and unclinical way the DDI is managing ours. I also do not understand the whole hulla ballu information clamp down and news blanket stuff that foes not confer strategic value. They have not engaged the electronic and print media in ways useful to the war like ; deliberate disinformation, psy-ops support, public sensitization and so on.
    Let me just reel out some facts to the DDI:
    1.Thirty minutes into the latest BH attack, Channels TV was already getting live news from the perspective of a parent who had gone to pick his daughter in school and was on air phoning in what he was observing.
    2.The Nairaland blog was already being inundated by minute to minute reports of happenings and the best pictures we have so far are from young Nigerians who are members of the blog.
    3. 90% of the negative stories about front line troops knitting and allowances are actually coming from the enlisted soldiers themselves and we have to face these facts.

    Conclusion and recommendations:
    -Information and psy ops are part of the weapons of war. (information missiles)
    -Stop the hocus pocus information management style, war is not an occult endeavour
    -Partner the press and electronic media creatively to derive advantage, the new Minister of Defence is an expert at this.
    -Permit the release of pictures and videos of action, ………THE BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS HAVE MORE STUFF ON YOU TUBE THAN THE NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES.
    -Ensure that front line soldiers get more than what they need. COIN is also a war for hearts and minds, so do a lot of community development, school rebuilding and ballistic protection, health care and other civil military relationship stuff (this are emotional missiles against BH)
    – Finally bag all the 70s style orientation to this war, weaponry and tactics should be updated.

  13. drag_on says:

    We said it will happen.

    Moki Edwin Kindzeka
    March 14, 2014
    YAOUNDE — Cameroon says the Nigerian Islamic sect Boko Haram is suspected in an attack on one of its markets near Kousseri – with at least one soldier killed. A similar attack occurred March 9 in the same area. The latest incident also provoked panic in a convoy of guarded Chadian refugees who had fled sectarian violence in the Central African Republic.

    Residents say the attackers entered Cameroon through the porous borders and shot at soldiers Thursday in a market near Kousseri, a town close to Cameroon’s borders with Nigeria and Chad.
    “Two Boko Haram people came to the market on a motorcycle in broad day light,” eyewitness Mahamat Djibril, a businessman, told VOA. He said he thinks they shot and killed several soldiers.

    The governor of the Far North Region, Awah Fonka Augustin, also said he thought Boko Haram was involved.

    “There was a confrontation between Boko Haram and soldiers that were present,” he said. The governor says the town has returned to normal and he called on the population to be calm, saying the military is there to protect their safety.

    Minister of Communications Issa Tchiroma Bakari said the attack was the work of foreign insurgents from a bordering country that is experiencing what he called a “religious crisis.” But he did not specifically name Boko Haram.

    He called on nearby countries to respect Cameroon’s peaceful position.

  14. Tope says:

    Kudos to the Nigerian Army, Best Land Force in Africa no one Can Doubt that!

    We on this blog will keep supporting our Able Bodied Special forces men as dey cut down this Organisation.

    Boko Haram has metamorphosed from a Home Grown Politically and Religiously Influenced and mismanaged group into a Real Breathing International Terrorist Organisation.

    According to a Tweet I saw, Boko Haram operate using Al-Qeada Cell Formation meaning a Suicide Bomber won’t know who da Armourer is of da Cell as information is Only passed along the Commanders or so. If this is anytin to go buy it means a Senior or Very High Level Commander was Captured last week leading to dis Daredevil , All or Nothing Fight Against da Army wich Backfired woefully.

    900 and More died in Sambisa,350 died on Friday now over 150 dead on Saturday Tremendous Good News by da Army plus a major weapons depot has been caught off dis is 2 MAJOR Blows to dem in da past 2 weeks, Da All out Offensive of da Army is Staggering we won’t know official numbers as operations are happening EVERYWHERE in da SOE states , Good Strategy bringing pure Infantry Soldiers to da Frontline da Morale is Truly high for anyone. Who has doubted this is absolute proof, plus Oga Gbash10 has told us more joy to come.

    It seems Military Intelligence has planned dis offensive for a while dis Daily routing is sure to Increase dia Support, check online and social media 90% of Nigerians are Screaming SUPPORT for NIGERIAN ARMY, Oga DDI I humbly ask u increase dis Tempo, Release Videos this time around so that Seeing and Hearing is Believing even to da hardened of Doubting Thomas. BH is on da Run that is why Shekau and his Mad dogs have been quiet.

    But amongst all this those prisoners need to be Relocated, they are After someone in dat Detention Facility and It would be wise to Relocate dem to somewhere like Bayelsa for example where dey cannot be found or touched.

    As for da Shilka Issue its Clearly sayin Sabotage, Military Police needs to Arrest da Weapons Team and INTERROGATE Them, there is just no way sometin working perfectly spoils just before an Attack haba!!!!! Using Occam’s Razor Theory which states the most simple explanation is usually da right answer , D Answer is thus:

    1 There is a Deep Undercover Mole or moles in military formation that may give info on Troop Rotation and Movement and for that to happen its someone preety high up who can get information because how will dis men show up undetected? Its usually when soldiers are on rotation or patrol dtt dis happens so Military Police needs to figure dis out co-ordinate wit DMI, MIA, SSS on this.

    2. Investigate d Weapons Team for dat Shilka, It just won’t misfire even if its old, sometin workin perfectly dat morning misfires before attack omo dats Clear!

    3. There is a Very Top Boko Haram Commander captured and da Army may not know yet it mightt even b d Butcher because 2 Silmutaneous Attacks tells us dey r Truly Desperate to either free or kill dia comrades.

    • igbi says:

      I have different views from yours but what you are saying looks sound to me. If the attack came as a surprise to our military then I also believe there are big moles in place. If the shilka didn’t fire then you are totally right. The only question I ask my self is how such an information would so quickly get to the media, only soldiers could have had such an info, and they wouldn’t have had time to discourse it with journalists at that busy moment. But I 100% believe we have captured a high ranking member of the sect, perhaps the real leader of the sect.

      I have just noticed a video from tvc news which uses a lot of images from last year and pretends that it is filming maiduguri. It also apears to be interviewing alleged civilian JTF, but if that is the case then why does the video use images of last year in some parts of it. The journalist also claims boko haram succeeded in freeing detainees, but none of the people he interviewed told him that. the most disturbing is that tvc news is based in lagos, I think they have questions to answer:

      • Are James says:

        It is conceivable that RPG rounds struck the detention facility and many BH prisoners died from that and a lot of them also ran away into crossfire and lost their lives.
        What knowledgeable observers do not believe is that BH fought their way into the barracks prisons and freed the prisoners. That could not have happened.
        Nigerians are however basically military illiterates and idle charterers so a lot of exaggerations mist have come into the story….that only doubles the work for DDI.
        Boring press conferences are definitely not the way to go in showcasing the achievements of the Nigerian armed forces in this war which I still think is commendable. Recall that the Pakistani Taliban is still holding large tracts of territory in Pakistan in spite of their more developed military tradition, technology and $1bn US military assistance. So we are doing fine but the DDI needs to find more effective ways of blowing the trumpet for our boys.

        As for the ZSU-23-4, we should not waste time discussing why the defence of the facility was built around a lone, aging improvised ground to air gunnery system. Perhaps two or more Shilka units would have improved system effectiveness instead of one, which also begs the question whether the officers even considered the collateral damage on civillian structures in the surrounding area if the gun had worked.
        Shilkas in the horizontal mode are very, very destructive and looking at it now I believe it was God that disabled the Alternatives with a shorter range and similar rates of fire exist even in our inventory now, Nigeria bought remote weapon stations from Singapore Kinetics for some navy boats a few years back which would have come in handy for perimeter defence …..and yes they won’t have been killing civilians 4km away.
        The last thing is about the CJTF. It is important for the DMI to organize them into cells now, take a full inventory of names, age and other bio data of their members because I am seeing future trouble from some of these characters.

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