A Panhard Sagaie AFV of the Nigerian Army deployed for combat operations in Borno.

March 14, 2014

The military on Friday said it foiled an attempt by some terrorists in Maiduguri to free some of their detained colleagues. This is contained in a statement issued by Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, the Director, Defence Information, in Abuja.

“The attack has been successfully
repelled with heavy human casualty on
the terrorists. “Pockets of terrorists, apparently in a move to boost their depleted stock of fighters this morning, attacked a military location in Maiduguri. “This is with a view to freeing their colleagues who are being held in detention,” Olukolade said.

He said that many of the terrorists and
their weapons had been captured, adding that four soldiers were wounded and were being treated. Olukolade added that the terrorists were being pursued,as land and air operations were ongoing alongside cordoning and
search of the surrounding localities.

According to him, no institution has been reported attacked, although the effect of firing from the encounter could be noticed in surrounding facilities in
Maiduguri. “It is believed that this terrorists attempt is in response to the intensity of attacks on their strongholds in camps at Talala, Monguzum, Sambisa forests, Gwoza, Mandara mountains in Borno, as well as the general area of Lake Chad.

“The camps have been destroyed and
many insurgents killed,” he said.

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  1. beegeagle says:

    ABUJA, March 14 (Xinhua)

    Police authorities on Friday confirmed an ongoing attack in Maiduguri, capital of Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, where gunshots and multiple explosions were earlier reported. However, state commissioner of police Lawal Tanko, kept mum on the casualties figure while speaking to a Xinhua reporter.

    He also denied speculations that some students of the University of Maiduguri were trapped in a gun fighting between security operatives and rebels who wielded sophisticated weapons. “The story indicating that the university had been attack is not true. What happened was that the insurgents passed through a river channel behind the university to launch the attack on the barracks,” said Tanko.

    The attack, which has lasted more than
    six hours now, might record heavy
    casualties, according to security sources and residents who spoke to Xinhua earlier. The attackers made a futile attempt to attack Giwa Army Barracks, a major military base in the capital city, causing an exchange of gunfire between the security agents and the insurgents, added the top cop.

    A spokesperson of the university
    identified as Ahmed Mohammed also
    debunked the rumor, saying the attackers passed through a narrow riverside near the campus to carry out their nefarious activities. “Many people assumed that the university was affected because the hostilities took place near the campus,” Mohammed said.

    The attack is suspected to be a perpetration of Boko Haram, a deadly sect operating in the northern part of Nigeria, which suffered a monumental loss of its members following a number of military raids in the last few days.

    A resident identified as Aliyu Gambo told Xinhua that the ongoing attack, launched near a military cantonment, might be a reprisal of the current clampdown on the sect by military operatives who raided the Sambisa Forest and other hideouts of the insurgents.

    Sounds of gunshots and at least three
    explosions rented the air on Friday
    morning as residents prepared to go
    about their various businesses.Number of casualties was yet to be ascertained as of the time of filing this report.

    The attack started from a village on the
    outskirts of Maiduguri, not far from the
    local Giwa Army Barracks, the State
    Government House and a polo field in the state capital of Borno, Gambo said. An army of youths, which volunteered to repel the attack, had first exchanged
    gunfire with the gunmen, added another resident identified as Malam Ibrahim.

    Soldiers in the area joined in the gun
    fighting more than an hour later,thereby giving residents cause to heave a sigh of relief. Military men and mobile police officers have been deployed to strategic places, to cordon the areas and foil further attacks. No deaths, injuries or destruction have
    been confirmed by the authorities, but a senior army officer told Xinhua that the military was on top of the situation.

    Soldiers were dispatched in a large truck to the place of the attack and military jet fighters were seen hovering the area in search of the suspected Boko Haram militants.

    Borno State, where the sect’s
    headquarters is located, is currently under an emergency rule with Adamawa and Yobe, its two sister northeastern states which have also suffered deadly attacks by the Boko Haram.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Beegeagle
      welcome back the most ironical thing is you had a thread called is this the end or the beginning.This as very hesitant as i might add might be the beginning of the end. Maybe they should be drawn into the ” open and encouraged to have another daytime attack” ” “kanduru wa ka shege” .

  2. peccavi says:

    Situation normal, all fucked up

  3. Henry says:

    At least 207 insurgents confirmed killed. It was a bold attack………… But a bold attack, viciously terminated. Many reports are praising the exploits of the airforce. They quickly neutralised the threat.

    • Are James says:

      I would rather praise the Civilian JTF.
      Looking at pictures and reviewing comments, they seem completely unafraid of Boko Haram and they also probably blocked some choke points and provided real time info.
      Now this civilian JTF in the hands of a creative military intelligence outfit presents a gold mine of opportunity to be exploited.

      • Are James says:

        The NAF has some highly skilled pilots…. using Alpha Jets. for ground attack we probably lead the world in that but from the operations standpoint we need to be anticipating these attacks and doing 24 hour air borne patrolling to look at large convoys of BH on the ground.

      • doziex says:

        thank you sir !

    • igbi says:

      some news papers say more than 350 terrorists were killed.

  4. ocelot2006 says:

    As much as i commend the Army and Police for repelling the attack, and the Airforce for a good job, I’m afraid this was a clusterf%@k intelligence – wise. DMI, DIA, and SSS especially dropped the ball on this one, else they would have nipped BH operation at the bud and prevented the murder of innocent Nigerians. Our intelligence have a lot of work to do, but I’m confident we will get it right.

  5. peccavi says:

    I’m actually going to go back on myself on this one.
    although it was a fuck up that BH managed to attack Maiduguri in force again, by all accounts the Army and Airforce totally smashed them.

    The CJTF again did their duty and captured alot of the escaped prisoners (killed quite a few-lawfully with hope)
    And DHQ has actually released photos from the scene, a new record in timeliness and topicality.
    Slightly more cheerful

    • asorockweb says:

      Carnage in a major Nigerian city.

      DSS, where were you?

      I believe DMI has been defanged. Six years ago, I would have said “DMI, where were you?”

      Was the attack smashed because this particular Boko Haram column was largely on foot?

  6. igbi says:

    A section of the media is now saying that general Olukolade said the terrorists freed some prisoners. I just saw this on the rfi. It seems the propaganda for boko haram is taking a new level. First they don’t report the killing of boko haram in sambisa, the seizing of 700 boko haram vehicles, they don’t even report that the army claimed those actions and now they are putting words on General Olukolade’s mouth. this time they going the extra mile, instead of their fake “anonymous” soldier, they are saying General Olukolade. Hmmmm !
    I recall: general Olukolade said the terrorists never entered the base.

  7. igbi says:

    Nigerian troops killed many Boko Haram members after they attacked a military location in northeast city of Maiduguri with a view to freeing their detained fighters, an official said on Friday.

    Spokesperson of the Nigerian military headquarters Chris Olukolade said in a statement that troops in the northeast region of Nigeria foiled the attack with heavy human casualty on the insurgents.

    The attack is suspected to be a perpetration of the sect which suffered a monumental loss of its members following a number of military raids in the last few days, the defense spokesperson added.

    Many of the insurgents and their weapons have been captured, said Olukolade, noting that some of the victims of the terrorists’ fire in their efforts to break into the detention facility, included those they came to rescue.

    According to him, the insurgents’ attempt is in response to the intensity of attacks on their strongholds at Talala, Monguzum, Sambisa forests, Gwoza, Mandara mountains as well as the general area of Lake Chad.

    He said security forces have destroyed several camps operated by the insurgents.

    “Four soldiers were wounded and are being treated. Hot pursuits by land and air operations are ongoing along with cordon and search of surrounding localities,” he said.

    “No institution has been reported attacked, although the effect of firing from the encounter could be noticed in surrounding facilities in Maiduguri,” the spokesperson added.

    Sounds of gunshots and at least three explosions rented the air on Friday morning as residents prepared to go about their various businesses, according to witnesses.

  8. doziex says:

    Who said I was an “Alarmist” and a “fear monger ” when I predicted exactly what is going on ?

    Are Y’all ready for Col. Eeben now ? or do you want to argue for a few more weeks.

    The wheel has already been invented, why is NA trying to reinvent the wheel ?

    People say money shouldn’t be thrown at this problem, well you are wrong.

    Money, and lot’s of it is what is needed now.

    Money to pay stipends to the civilian JTF boys ala the money that is now paid to Tompolo’s boys to protect pipelines.

    The CJTF as many have said have to be organized and instructed by embedded intelligence and spec ops personell.

    This is the “Sons of Iraq” or Kamajor strategy, I have been advocating for 2 years now.

    Find a natural enemy of BH, and then empower them. Also, counterinsurgency 101.

    Bh is civvies where sneaking about thru a city with a major NA base.

    It shows NA as I said never learnt the lesson of freetown 98/99 or Monrovia 91 or port Harcourt during the ND insurgency.

    Aerial recon, street and hinterland patrols, this involves vertical and horizontal dominance of the battle space.

    And the tools for the job are pucara or tucano turbo props, attack & troop carrying helicopters, DRONES makes round the clock security possible.

    Further tools are MRAPs, Technicals or guntrucks. Yes NA needs it’s own anti aircraft guns mounted on trucks these out range our otokars and even 50 kcal mounted VBLs.

    it’s great that fresh units are joining the battle.

    NAF pilots are flying their asses off, please buy them better platforms. More MI-35s and SU-25s to be specific.

    • igbi says:

      Why would we need col Eben niw that we are wiping boko haram out ?

      • doziex says:

        Are you willing to bet your life or your family’s life on it ?

        Yes they a supposedly being crushed in their forest hide outs, but why are they mounting determined attacks on maidugri if they are supposed to be under duress ?

        How can a significant assault force just show up at the gates of Giwa barracks at six am ?

        With the BOSS in town ?

        If the right number of soldiers are now in the battle space, and crates of the right equipment is getting flown in, and the rebels are still penetrating this far ?

        The only remaining problem is one of tactics. or some say strategy.

        Here, a seasoned tactician is needed to right this ship.

        What kinds of assets are needed, and in what priority ?

        Jungle warfare , urban warfare.

        How to stalk the stalker. How to turn the hunter into the hunted

        Base security 101, FOB security 101, check points, purposeful patrols that can suppress ambushes.


        The best coaches, bring a combination of sound training/indoctrination as a player/soldier,
        and in depth experiences where those concepts were proven again and again.

        Right now, NA seems just to be playing musical chairs with generals.

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry Oga doziex, but I totally disagree with you. The fact that this attack was possible is due to:
        1) the geography of the area
        2) the armed forces actually incourage the terrorists to do such attacks, because it saves a lot of time and energy, indeed if the ennemy is out instead of hiding then the work is much easier.
        3) The terrorists have bases outside Nigeria and they have countries sponsoring them, the latest attack today was led by arabs (if i were a gambler I would say qatari soldiers).

        Moreover why should we change a winning team ?
        I encourage the terrorists do do more attacks like this one. As I stated months ago, the streets would be littered with dead terrorists.

      • igbi says:


    • igbi says:

      The word trap comes to mind.
      What happened was the annihilation of an enemy who refuses to recognize it has been defeated, which is why it ran into a very obvious trap.

      • doziex says:

        This time , I really hope you are right and I am wrong.

      • igbi says:

        Oga doziex, our ideas differ but I know all you want is to save our country, which is also what I want. Many times you have said things with a very great insight. You have predicted many things like the use of “technicals” and the need of air power to combat such terrorist formations. I was in my revisions (maths and a little bit of computer science) when this news of attack came to my ears. Then I took almost 2 days to read countless webnews and to analyze them because I wanted to know the truth and try to block anti-Nigerian propaganda from doing their usual work (although I have very little means: this blog and nairaland and comments on several articles written by crooked journalists or incompetent ones or lazy ones. I tried to correct mistakes I spotted on comments, but I am tired now and I still have the exams to prepare.

  9. cutievik says:

    Good morning to u all Generals,I couldn’t stop SMH and laughing at the same time when one Nigeria’s leading newspapers said that 10 jets took part in the onslaught,lolz
    These shows us just how lazy journalism in Nigeria is today,copy and paste journalism is what this Guys do and worst of all is AJazeera whose sole aim I still find funny, seriously those guys are undermining our National security creating false pretence while propagating a wide terrorists propaganda,I can now clearly see why Egypt still has 3 of there journalist detained and undergoing trials in Court under terrorism Charges,
    Now generals,I really seize this opportunity to commend all our Brave Men and Women who stood their grounds and Brought this scourge to it’s kneels yesterday,Nigerians all over the Globe are proud of you all! God Bless you all.

  10. cutievik says:

    @Generals,we all knw what attack Helicopters could have brought to d floor if adequately deployed,it would always be a game changer I can remember sometime ago a Beegs blogger reported seeing about 6helicopters departing portharcourt for d NE or there about,I wonder why no report on helicopters being used yesterday,all my messages and pagers I got tru out d attack pointer only to Jets!,plz can anyone confirm if helicopters were deployed yesterday during the attack??

  11. mayorrules says:

    Saw pictures of burnt bodies of BH fighters it clearly show it not RPG attack, must be an helicopter not a fighter jet

  12. peccavi says:

    That is because of the high level of military illiteracy amongst so called defence journalists in Nigeria. Attack helicopters were used to break up yesterdays attack.
    The BH column was as usual a mix of foot soldiers, motorcyclists and dismounts. It appears they were fixed by infantry weapons before being destroyed by airpower. Apparently the ZSU 23-4 set up for base defence malfunctioned (I’m guessing someone will be on extra duties for that one!!).
    So what does this tell us?
    All the signs and wonders are not necessary, by the time we get the new air platforms into the fight it will be 6 or so months, yet so far over 5 fresh battalions have been sent to NE in the past few weeks. Either the boys are being reinforced or replaced either which way, fresh troops, new skills new aggression. One of the ogas reported seeing the boys being transported in buses, by all accounts they were in good cheer singing war songs ready for the fight, shebi una don see.
    Understand what its like as a soldier to see your country’s enemies running roughshod and not being able to do anything. Now they are in the fight.
    Don’t get me wrong sha, this is not some awesome storming of the beaches on D Day, we are talking about the boys beating off an attack that should never have happened, but at the end of the day, this might be an important point in the BH Harmattan offensive. We need to watch the dynamics and see how things change, bearing in mind the weather, agricultural seasons, politics/ famine/ crime in Chad, Sudan, Niger, CAR and Cameroun etc.

    • igbi says:

      and who exactly said that a weapon didn’t work ?
      just remember that the first casualty of war is the truth.
      One newspaper spread that rumor and as usual many others copied and past, and as usual you quote that as a biblical truth. Just one question, at this very busy tile and given the fact that the mobile network was cut off, how on earth would any “anonymous soldier” get the opportunity to give an interview about the events to news papers ?
      You are not thinking, given your position it is alarming!

  13. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, Methinks that the HINDs were nowhere in sight.

    Otherwise we would have heard news of the unmistaken buzzing sound. The noise the hind makes, is said to be particularly scary and unnerving.

    But moreso, the damage the hind can inflict on a city or jungle assault is immense.

    The battle wouldn’t have lasted that long, and NAF alphajets would not have had to come to rescue the base.

    The hinds would have quickly engaged BH in the streets, and made short work of them.

    I think dive bombing alpha jet pilots saved the day.

    But it begs the question, WTF is the rest of the hinds ? Too much wear and tear on too few airframes ?

    The belarussian firm that maintains the hinds can’t perform wonders any more ?

    That’s what happens when folk are ignorant enough or arrogant enough to fight such a difficult counter insurgency campaign on a shoe string budget.

    Cause we all know is just a matter of time before wear and tear, or Manpads gets introduced to the NAF.

    And since our penny pinchers in Abuja wouldn’t act fast on the acquisition front, Imagine how many Nigerian towns and cities will fall with no air cover ?

  14. Eeben says:

    Well done men!

    • igbi says:

      I am sure the Nigerian armed forces appreciate your support, these words coming from you mean a lot to our soldiers and civilians. So I thank you sir.

  15. cutievik says:

    You can say that again @General Eben

  16. igbi says:

    It seems many people including those who call themselves specialists in military affairs don’t understand the strategy of trapping the enemy. And given all the data it is obvious boko haram ran into a trap. So @peccavi, the aim of the army was to allow the terrorists march into the killing field, and its semms to me that it worked: more than 350 terrorists killed yesterday and 123 killed today. How many civilian casualties: less than 3. the soldiers where in fortified positions and only 4 were wounded. Now the arab backers have again resorted to using their oil money to spread propaganda. Nobody mentions the videos and pictures, they are even saying General Olukolade said things he obviously didn’t say. And ofcourse the quoting of an “anonymous soldier”, and some vague “eye witness”, who was mysteriously in position to see “all” the prisoners escaping.

  17. Oje says:

    I haven’t seen no Helicopter gunship doing routine recon/training flights in PH for over a week now, no doubt they’ve been deployed. The Hinds are excellent tactical battle field warfare against enemy infantry and me feels the Alpha’s were not needed for this, they are too fast and collateral damage would have been more severe if that were the case. In any case the airforce saved the day. Where the hell are the Drones.

    • Are James says:

      Typical engagement procedure should be using the MI series choppers (Hinds) for close quarters destruction of groups of insurgents within the City Limits and the Alpha jets for pursuit of eggressing elements running for the border and Sabisa.
      Alpha jets also provide perfect ambush opportunities for themselves and ground troops suitably dispersed ovwr an area.

      One big area of concern is over flogging the Alpha jet. The fact that ground attacks are usually more effective in the dive mode (hope this procedure has since been improved upon) is a lot of stress on engine and airframe. Urgent replacement is required otherwise if we lose a plane to mechanical failure the PR coup for our detractors will be hard to beat.

  18. asorockweb says:

    Regarding our helicopters gunships …

    Is it not curious that this BH offensive starter with the on-ground destruction of the two helicopters gunships in Dec 2013?

    In an urban, inter-mingled engagement, a gunship is better than a fast-mover, yet no report of gunship sightings.

    Or maybe they are simply in a different part of the north-east, helicopters don’t fly that fast

  19. cutievik says:

    The Hinds weren’t used,Two jets were deployed from yola,dive bombing technicals and heavy machinery saved the day,fleeing insurgents blown to sheards..NAF PILOTs are top-gunners……..

  20. igbi says:

    I encourage you guys to always use your thinking abilities before quoting news papers, the guys backing boko haram have a lot of money and big media houses at their disposal, so we have to double our efforts to avoid falling into their propaganda trap. I think perhaps someone on this forum should dedicate himself to calling the army for information and then sharing that info on this blog. perhaps we could also get the phone number of a confirmed family member of a serving officer and ask him for relevant information when the time arises.
    I have to go now, keep the flag flying.

    • AreJames says:

      You are very very wrong here sir.
      Nigerians backing the Federal government are 170 million people, the resources available to the government to prosecute the war is in multitudes of any adversary. It is the people rendering service to the Nigerian state who have to know bow to counter al thel propaganda traps. More importantly they should use the same methods in very cruel and diabolically effective ways against our enemies.
      I am tired of all the pseudo nationalistic pampering we are giving to our MOD on this war effort yet they continue to let is down repeatedly while the instruments of power is with them.

      • AreJames says:

        Confound, confuse the enemy in every way. Do not fight fair with terrorists. Prosecute the war on your own terms. Deny refuge, starve and interdict the enemy’s support structure s. Round up the sponsors, torture, provoke betrayal and undermine.
        Seek my support as a Nigerian, tell me what to do to help but do not seek my sympathy because I am also grim, determined and the times are not for that.

      • doziex says:

        Thank you sir.

  21. cutievik says:

    General plz see this,Good news indeed!!

  22. jimmy says:

    it appears there was indeed another attack on the barracks today again it appears it was beaten back any more news?

  23. peccavi says:

    What kind of army sets a trap to allow armed fighters into a built up area inhabited by civilians, in order to destroy them with fast jet and airpower?

    Are you seriously a total fucking idiot?

    • igbi says:

      I try to talk to you with respect but it seems you mr superior will never return that favor.
      So listen: 1) the barracks are certainly not in a built up area.
      2) what better place to set a trap than near a fortified base
      3) if killing 473 (=350+123) terrorists is not the result of a trap then I can say that it shows even greater ability from the troops although it would also mean intelligence work was not well done.
      4) Using air power when the terrorists are gathered en masse and are using “technicals” is a part of our military procedures, we are not playing a ball game, the more we use fire power the less soldiers we lose.

      i protest against your use of the words “fucking idiot”. But I know that small minds like yours need to resort to insults when they are being showed their complete lack of intellectual capabilities.

    • igbi says:

      I would like to meet you face to face and see if apart from being brainless you are also a coward. because i doubt you would be talking like this to my face.

      • peccavi says:


        You constantly interject with multiple comments questioning peoples intellect, patriotism, morals, courage etc, yet get emotional when challenged in the same coin

        You will never meet me face to face because I’m unlikely to come into your mothers kitchen or wherever you are posting from.

        I tend to ignore you but you seem to persist in answering questions no one asked you so here let me help you.

        So as you love attention so much do me the favour of answering the simple basic question as to whether or not you are a fucking idiot.

        The casualty figures are currently an estimate and there is no way of knowing how accurate it is, what are friendly casualties in wounded or dead, enemy casualties and civilians. Unless you have physically counted the casualties or have a quote from an objective source you are simply talking out your ass. Embrace your idiocy

        If you want to set an ambush you pick a good killing area. Of the places that you would not pick as a killing area, is a heavily built up populated friendly area, not only would you be killing innocent civilians, but a heavily populated built up area gives the enemy cover from view and cover from fire. It also means they can use the civilians as human shields. The enemy came from the South west over the Ngadda River. That was a perfect killing ground if this was a deliberate ambush. As the river would cause them to stop, concentrate and give perfect range and sight for air and ground weapons. So please before you try to educate on basic military principles based on the few hours you spent playing Call of Duty, embrace your idiocy.

        You understand that once a bomb or a missile leaves an aircraft it will kill or destroy anything it hits. Thus its a rather bad idea to use it deliberately in a friendly built up area. Airpower is fairly indiscriminate as as someone who has seen air power used, smart bombs aren’t always that smart. But again I guess you are a Joint Fires expert and know more about this than me. Or just a fucking idiot.

        Learn to shut up, learn how to interact ith people in a manner you would wish them to interact with you, understand there is something majorly stupid and hypocrtical about someone living in France and accusing everyone else of a lack of patriotism, or someone who didn’t make it past Day one of any form of military training sneering at other peoples military knowledge.
        When you learn these things, maybe, just possibly I’ll be nice to you,but if not I dey take God beg you, no bring your foolishness to my side, abeg. Because I will simply tell you in detail how stupid you are, and I wont even try and be noice about it.
        When you’ve reached Level 10 on Call of Duty, press pause and go and have a think about your life.

        Fellow Oga’s make una no vex abeg but this pikin don dey tire person

  24. igbi says:

    First of all I am yet to have insulted any body with words such as “fucking idiot”.
    second of all your lack of knowledge about basic military strategy is more than obvious.
    (just as your lack of courage). You are nothing but an uneducated fellow who can only try and fool people into believing he knows something about warfare. Your obviously don’t know the geography of the area near the base and you certainly don’t know how the military had planned the operation which saw at least 473 terrorists die. I doubt that you hold any significant university degree, because your thinking abilities wouldn’t allow you to succeed in anything intellectual.
    Now back to the topic, why did you insult me in such a cowardly fashion ?
    We all know your frequent lack of respect each and anyone on this blog. We have all seen you trying to make fools out of people and also claiming that you were above political correctness while singing praising songs to boko haram. But just answer. what was constructive about calling me ” fucking idiot”. Is it because I debunked some of your irrelevant and incredibly stupid claims ? Or is it just because I disagree with you ? I recall when your “analysis” looked like if you were commenting on a football match, i was the one who called you to order and reminded you the lapses on your write up. It seems your ego is much bigger than you and perhaps much bigger than planet earth. On the other hand your brain is not very efficient. You are nothing but a quack.

  25. igbi says:

    the following report looks well apart from the usual “anonymous soldier” part, which I find irritating and often leads me to doubt the veracity of reports, but for those who don’t mind, here it is:

    …12 killed as military halts regrouping Boko Haram

    Sporadic gunshots were heard in some parts of Maiduguri metropolis in Borno State yesterday barely a day after Boko Haram launched a failed attack on a military formation.

    Residents said the gunshots were fired by the military troops around the Giwa Barracks of the 21 Armoured Brigade of the Nigerian Army, which was attacked by the insurgents last Friday morning.

    A security source hinted that some insurgents who fled the scene of the Friday attack during heavy bombardment by the military, were suspected to be regrouping at Alau, a community on the outskirts of Maiduguri. The development, according to the source, prompted what he called quick action by the military to crush the hoodlums before they embark on any further attack. Twelve of the insurgents were reportedly killed.

    “That was why people heard gunshots again today (Saturday). We won’t give remnants of Boko Haram breathing space again,” he said, though the claim could not be confirmed from the military authority in the state at Press time.

    Most roads and streets in the city were deserted yesterday as many residents remained indoors for most part of the day. Residents lauded the military and the youth vigilance groups for rising to the occasion to repel the insurgents’ attack and ensuring Boko Haram recorded heavy casualties.

    Meanwhile, the state government has announced the review of the 24-hour curfew initially imposed on the state capital in the wake of the Friday attack. The curfew is now from 9pm to 6am.

    A statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Baba Ahmed Jidda said the governor approved the review after consideration of the security situation.

    The statement reads: “Gov Kashim Shettima has approved the review of ongoing dusk to dawn curfew imposed in Maiduguri on Friday 14th March, 2014 following insurgency attack.

    “The curfew now starts from 9pm to last till 6am. All citizens are kindly advised to continually cooperate with security agencies and abide by provisions of the curfew until further notice.

    “Gov Shettima regrets all inconveniences caused by the curfew and appeals to citizens to carry on with their commitment in the collective search for sustainable peace in Borno State.

    “The Shettima administration is very determined to continue working round the clock in a sustained effort to protect lives and property of citizens and to improve their living conditions through numerous policies, programmes and projects.”

    The statement said the governor commended all residents for their understanding even as urged them to sustain their prayers for the return of lasting peace to Borno and all parts of the country.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Igbi,
      To help me better orientate myself with current events in Maiduguri, can you tell me where Giwa barracks is in relation to the University of Maiduguri?

      • igbi says:

        I guess you read one of those reports saying the barracks is near the University.
        Obviously they are not as close as you think. But nice try.

      • asorockweb says:

        nice try at what?

      • asorockweb says:

        Thanks Igbi – for forcing me to answer my own question. It only took 10 seconds.
        Giwa barracks is west of the university. It is also west of the river and west of the A4 road.

  26. igbi says:

    I have just spotted this video:
    It is about our troops in sierra Leone, it is a little bit out of the topic, but since it is a rare video, I wanted to share it here.

    • Are James says:

      Nice video.
      But let us retract comments to the effect that BH ran into an ambush set up by the Nigerian Army inside their own barracks. We may be getting our beloved NA into trouble with that one.Setting up a ZSU-23-4 on horizontal mode for perimeter defence is bad enough and should be investigated.

      • peccavi says:

        A Shilka is an awesome area defence weapon. However without knowing the exact geography of the place, I would really hesitate to have something that high powered firing where it could land in built up areas. What surprises me is there seems to be little use of mortars and other indirect fire weapons. If they had mortars registered on the river crossing the story for don change

      • freeegulf says:

        are you criticizing the use of SHILKA in flat trajectory mode for defence of base? haba!! oga, using anti aircraft weapons for perimeter defence is no trouble. obviously they know their geography well and also know the consequences of employing high calibre weapons in such terrain.

        @oga peccavi, we usually do not get the exact detail picture of operations up north. who knows, they probably used mortar rounds during the defence of this base. it will be a shame if the 7 Div havent pre registered strategic zones for fire in these three states. however, we all know the army we are talking of, details like these would hardly make it to the electronic print.

        deployment of high calibre weapons should be enforced in all critical installations. nothing helps better, just the sound of these lethal cannons spitting out shells, is enough to turn wave attack on tail spin.

      • doziex says:

        Ogas great stuff all around.

        But why do these MFs keep showing up at the gates of bases unchallenged ?

        With technicals and APCs in some cases.

  27. OriginalPato says:

    Oga Peecavi & Igbi, what’s with this name calling and personal insults? Na Beeg Eagle’s Blog una dey, not Naira Land.

  28. Henry says:

    Oga peccavi, I don’t believe insulting and calling Oga igbi such derogatory names is the right thing to do. If you don’t agree with his comments, why not ignore him totally. It’s unfortunate.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Henry, I agree and unfortunately I had pressed send on the original comment before I thought better of it, hence why I apologised to the rest of you but so saying I saw no reason not to follow through and explain in detail why I used those terms.

      If I’m wrong in my assessment of the incident in question abeg let someone tell me. But apparently some child hiding in his mothers kitchen wants to explain my job to me.

      It is highly irritating to try and have interesting discussions when someone runs from post to post replying to his own reply, insulting and accusing everyone of everything under the sun. I generally on principle ignore the fellow but to be honest sometimes you need to call people out for their foolishness.

      As much as I can be combative and contrarian, I would seriously challenge anyone to show me one of my posts where I attacked an individuals beliefs or motivations. I always focus simply on arguing the point and principle at hand. There are people here who have never been in uniform and people here who have more combat experience in their little fingers than I have in my entire career, yet we all manage to interact in a way that can be combative but interesting and respectful.

      Anyway my language was immature and intemperate, it won’t happen again and I apologise to Oga Beeg and my fellow Oga’s for lowering the tone of this board.

      If una wan fine me, no shaking but wait till month end till money clear for account

    • igbi says:

      Oga Henri, if you feel my contribution is counterproductive, then just tell me and I will do all i can to council my account. As far as I have this account and the love of my country I feel compelled to help with all I can. What i do best hear is analyzing the media. But please answer fast and say what you think without any spearing of feelings. If what I am doing is not helping then I need to stop further commenting, I put my trust on your judgement, and I respectfully ask Oga Beegeagle to delete my account or at least to let me know how to delete it if Oga Henry says I need to go..

  29. startrek says:

    gentleman pls again I repeat am not a uniform soldier therefore not an authority in war strategy however my chosen profession has found me working behind the scene of a major branch of this Nation. my Bosses, colleagues and their families are beegeagle followers …B/t ages 8 & 56, …infact we have a big screen display of this blog in our monitoring room for official purposes. pls let’s moderate ourselves… as ve been stated before this forum is more than just a blog, thank you all

    • AreJames says:

      Point taken.

    • igbi says:

      Sir, I tried to moderate myself, but the other fellow obviously thinks he is above any rules.

      • triggah says:

        Oga igbi. This is a blog not a chat room neither is it a battleground, I do read your post (sometimes) you seem to have some idea on what is Being discussed but most times your posts are just plain conspiracy theory. I’m not trying to be rude sir but you have to know we all here I believe are very patriotic because not everybody can take out time to contribute on discussions here for years and years. We need to respect each others contributions and not fall into the trap of cyber-bullying Because you never know who is watching. Oga Peccavi is well known on here and his analysis are mostly timely, accurate and well-needed. No need to claim the cock of the roost title here please we are all grown Up and matured. Or maybe not.

      • igbi says:

        Oga triggah, if there is something I don’t do, it is conspiracy theory. And most of what I was saying which you call conspiracy theory are now making headlines and coming out of the mouths of defence chiefs and ministers and real analysts. I emphasized the role of cameroon long before we started hearing about it in the media. I spotted (at least a day before defence spokesman talked about it to the press) the fake al jazeera pictures in which they were claiming our soldiers were killing civilians. I hinted about the need to have our soldiers in Cameroon and for that your protégé called me a mad man. of course I have also made mistakes. And I want to remind you that in this situation, you are blaming me for being insulted and glorifying the person who insulted me. I for one know that there is no justice on this world, but Oga triggah you are wrong. But let’s just get back to the topic.

  30. Bigbrovar says:

    Thanks for the video igbi.. although I strongly disagree with your assertions about how (somehow) the attack on Giwa Barrack was actually a bait by the Army to lure the insurgents out to the open so that they can be destroyed.. I honestly can not fathom in any way how you can even suggest this.. Yes the strategy of engaging the enemy in big battles through which heavy defeat are inflicted on them and their capacity to wage war and recruit is severely weaken (especially when dealing with “invincible” enemies skilled in guerrilla warfare) was also adapted by the US in Vietnam, Gen Westmoreland built his strategy of containing the Vietcong on finding and engaging them in big battles so that the US can use it’s superior fire power to decimate them. (It failed)

    Like Oga Peccavi noted, even if you want to adopt this strategy, you have to take the battle to the enemy, take to the heartland of their base where they have no option but to engage (which is what NA seem to be doing) taking the battle to the enemy base and command HQ forces them to fight because they can’t afford to lose such vita bases.. You definitely don’t allow the enemy creep up to your door front, in a built up area

    close to the biggest institution of learning, and claim to be setting a trap for them .. Not even Chris Olukolade in all his attempt at glossing over NA lapses could come up with such a daft rationale for this attack. The truth of the matter is the enemy stole on on our troops in an attempt to overall and free their members. Thankfully NA rose to the occasion and the mission was a massive failure. In future we need to work on improving our ability to intercept the insurgence and nip such attack in the bud

    • igbi says:

      bigbrover, I respect your opinion, but I know it is motivated by the fact that you are supporting peccavi. I do not think you actually thought this through. And it shows: you call me “igbi” and you call him “Oga Peccavi”. It is unfortunate you couldn’t hold a profession discussion. For the “daft” comment, I wouldn’t even sink so low to respond to that. It is obvious to everyone tha you were not being objective, and your google map doesn’t show anything. But nice try.

      • Are James says:

        From now on you are my Oga Igbi.

      • igbi says:

        Oga, I am far from being perfect. I have made many mistakes. But I am trying to improve myself. the latest row of insults came as a shock to me. And believe me, it is all of you on this blog who act with respect and bring good ideas who are my Ogas. You guys are doing a great job. I wish you all the best. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and God bless law abiding Nigerians. At this very moment I call every and each patriotic Nigerian a hero, no matter which insult that person may have said to me. But my biggest hero here is Oga Beegeagle, and I want him to know that his number of “followers” is growing. And very soon it would be impossible to ignore him. I really have to go and revise now. Esprit De Corps

  31. peccavi says:

    Oga freegulf: we can only hope, the ZSU is an awesome weapon but using it in a friendly built up area is a bit irresponsible, however we have no idea what angles it was firing at.
    I’m totally unfamiliar with the area but if its surrounded by open ground for a few kilometres then the Shilka would shred the BH technical before they got in range. I would have thought it an ideal platform for Bama, Gwoza type areas

  32. asorockweb says:

    Special Oga Igbi,
    If you fight everyone and win, then you lost.

    Orientation of the area around giwa barracks – based on satellite imagery:

    Giwa barracks is west of the university. It is also west of the river and west of the A4 road.
    Overall, it is in the southern part of Maiduguri.

    The north, east and west are largely built up. Directly south of giwa barracks is different.
    There are a just few houses close to the southern perimeter, immediately beyond that is open farmland.

    I suspect that the attack came from the south – it is the quickest way to get a large group of men from open country to the perimeter of the barracks.

    The recent fighting in Maiduguri makes it clear that we need more troops in the area – for example, the open farmland south of Giwa barracks should have been dominated by the NA – that is were the fight should have taken place.

    Having said that, the infantry skills shown by the base defenders was impressive.

    Sometime last year, the JTF allowed AJ to interview some Boko Haram members.
    The BH guys were sitting in a car, and standing behind them, a few feet away and facing away from the camera, an SBS special operator. In the days that BH dominated some parts of Maiduguri, the fight to take back those part of the city was spear headed by the SBS component of the JTF.
    I suspect that the SBS still used Giwa barracks as a base, hence the massive loss of life for BH when they attacked Giwa barracks.

    • jimmy says:

      One thing Ican confirm based on all the reports i have read is that yes there were/ and still are SPECIAL FORCES @ Giwa barracks. This is also reputed to be one of the oldest army barracks so there is a lot of pride in the place.
      To me the NA / SF/ NAF/NN must build on this experience.It does not stop there the Nigerian govt is now in talks with OLD MAN BIYA who needs to decide what he wants to be a mordern version of Mobutu or worse undo years of what he never thought would happen giving huge chunks of Northern Cameroon to Nigeria.
      These bh are a cancer that needs to be eliminated. Nigeria honestly has to decide not if they pursue them into Cameroon BUT HOW OFTEN. EVERY COUNTRY HAS A LEGAL MORAL INTERNATIONAL RIGHT to defend its citizens and its territory.
      Also just like we did in the Niger Delta, when this is all done the f.g. needs to establish A tri service”best of the best SF academy ” for the army , air force in the SAMBISA FOREST.

    • igbi says:

      Duly noted Oga Asorock, I thank you for the precious information and advice. God bless.

  33. Adino says:

    My Oga’s at the top it seems the boko haramites received a hell lot of bashing’s on that day. Check out some new pictures:

    • igbi says:

      Sir I just wanted to point out one thing: the journalists at some points confuses “fleeing attackers” with “fleeing prisoners”, but given that a prison is involved, such a confusion might not be deliberate. An other thing I noticed is the claim that eyewitnesses said the attackers were wearing military uniform, I am 100% sure that that was not true (or perhaps just not accurate, perhaps some of the terrorists wore Khaki, but as we all know only a few of boko haram terrorists wear khaki. I wish there were a way to communicate this to the journalist.

      • igbi says:

        and judging by the pictures, the attackers mostly wore civilian outfits, so I think those “eye witnesses” have questions to answer, that was done as a deliberate ploy to help the terrorists to be confused with civilians and therefor to easily get away.

    • peccavi says:

      Hmmm, sounds like journalistic speculation. How do you ‘take out’ jittery commanders? Shoot them? Arrest them?
      That would lead to a total break down of discipline. If commanders are not doing their jobs then its the responsibility of their commanders to deal with them, not ordinary soldiers

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Peccavi
        Though one has to be careful with newspaper report,I personally talked about this the last two weeks.The COAS in one of his first set of commands replaced the commanderof the 7th division and also handpicked another officer by the names of maj gen a mohammed and brig ogundele. First of all both of these guys are infantry with the two star having a reputation of being utterly fearless and being a hard charger. We know some other officers apart from these two
        were also
        deployed. I said last week that it appers something has
        definitley changed in the tone of the army an
        d airforce as to being more aggresive

  34. jimmy says:

    Sorry my ogas phone was acting up.
    The tone has changed even in the air force with the Chief himself leading a bombing raid himself. though criticized at the time it really seems to have borne fruit and produced/ boosted morale both amongst the personnel of the air force and the army. Reports reaching us from NEWSPAPERS tell of incessant bombings and multiple army raids and confrontations to such an extent that the enemy is trying to disperse with them now being caught in unfamiliar territory this is a guerrilla’s worst night mare .
    I want to finish this by going off topic I have been reading now for two straight days that some of the captured boko haram people who have been caught have been unable to speak Hausa, English or even broken ( pidgin English) i.e the everyday language of most common Nigerians or even Kanuri or Fulani and speculation is running rampant as to the nationalities of these people whether they are from Chad, Niger, Cameroon or Mali or even as far as Libya. If this is legally proved that they are from countries outside of Nigeria they should be tried, prosecuted as mercenaries and the death penalty MUST be applied.In the beginning of this insurgency most of these people were simply deported back to their respective countries, this process needs to be stopped and vetted if a foreigner has major heinous crimes on his hands is proven to be a commander, bomb maker or armorer they need to be prosecuted as mercenaries this attitude has to change.The mindless foot soldier after all information has been gleaned from him can be deported.

    • igbi says:

      My greatest headache has always been “why do they keep saying Nigeria’s boko haram ?”. I said on Nairaland that boko haram were mainly foreigners, but one cameroonian started calling me names. I have always hated the name “insurgency” for this situation, and I have always called them by their real name : “terrorists”. It was obvious from the beginning that they were foreigners.

    • AreJames says:

      Still on the topic of prisoners big problems loom.
      The inventory is getting quite large and attractive to fanatical terrorists (who want to kill or liberate them) and the number of places you can keep them aren’t that many.
      The !#=/+-) politicians have started talking again of ceasefire and amnesty which is going to get everybody angry and provoke needlessly extra judicial killings at the war front. Leave it to a Nigerian politician to royally screw everything up.
      Anyway, Military tribunals are required now to start processing cases and special detention centres need to be built as well. I think we are going to find like the US did that this terrorism war has dimensions we did not anticipate and need to build new structures for .
      To prevent ex Boko Haram members from profiting from terrorist actions, the military should preempt the issue immediately by starting to legally process these cases now so that we don’t wake up one day to ex Boko Haram terrorists and killers getting government allowances, fat contracts and cruising around in BMWs wearing designer shades and Gucci wristwatches.

      • igbi says:

        Sir, who is calling for amnesty ?

      • drag_on says:

        “…..ex Boko Haram terrorists and killers getting government allowances, fat contracts and cruising around in BMWs wearing designer shades and Gucci wristwatches.” On the blood of our children and fallen hero’s? abeg,may it not be so.

      • Akin Oges says:

        I am wondering why ‘The Butcher’ and other high priced terrorists been detained at the Giwa barracks are not now been immediately evacuated to the island underground detention facility Obasanjo built in the 1970s? Going by the two attempts at Giwa barracks by the terrorists it is obvious certain high value satanic individuals are been held there. They must be spirited out this instant, lest we run the risk of what happened over the weekend. The efforts to destroy such unslaughts amounts to men/equipments/resources been diverted from NA’s renewed attacks on BH’s camps. On a different subject but related, from pictures and video footages from Borno State in the last few days the people have clearly had enough of the madness, and took great risk to assist the military to destroy the enemy’s evil plans. Again, I want to assume that the DSS/DMI/DIA have detailed handlers to manage the Civilian JTF with a view to maximise and take robust advantage of their local knowledge, and also moderate and channel their energy. They are real assets if we can organise and manage them properly, and will be critical to ending this war on terror. Finally, where are the Hind attack helicopters? It will be profound disservice to the chaps on the frontline for these hardware to come at the end of the year when the war has ended. The new Defence Minister should make it a priority item on his list to get these crucial equipments to the boys on the frontline; the next item on that list should be the sanitation of the MOD: it is a cesspit and a den of utter incompetence and failing our heros at the frontline terribly. Now is the time.

      • jimmy says:

        THE F.G. needs to take an entirely different tack with these type of prisoners the high value prisoners should be transferred to ABUJA..The ones who have repented of their dastardly deeds and provided specific information that has proved to save lives and preempt other attacks should be transferred down south a prison can and should be built on one of those uninhabited islands off the coast of Nigeria. This is where the repentininis as the italians will say should serve their sentences and proper rehabilitation. The die hard ones should be first held in ABUJA AT A HIGH SECURITY MILITARY JAIL and a new maximum security jail needs to be built guarded day and night by a special branch of the dss/ sss/police/ army / airforce not your regular prison guards. These guys should be told you are high value targets , there is no rehab, no cash coming your way, your only way out is to provide valuable will not be seeing your family anytime soon.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Oga Jimmy, gbam!!

  35. Martin Luther says:

    Dear jimmy, you are one of the 1st to address the above key issue; this insurgency is just starting. Whatever has been happening has just been like the wind b/4 the storm, more like clearing your throat b/4 the big cough. I think an Iraq style crisis is coming our way and it may take years, lives and recourses to break. I do not think that any person on this forum has taken time to anticipate the magnitude of this crisis yet.

    I once saw an interview where ordinary Iraq’s blamed Bush for making their country the battle ground and staging area for the war on terror, they expressed their pain as stating that Bush gave an open invitation for extremist to move into Iraq and fight (this was a challenge) there by making their country the battle ground for this war on terror and this was their anger.

    We all know that these guys (Islamic extremist) believe their fight is against crusaders and are motivated 70% or more by martyrdom which no modern army can motivate it’s men by (so the Borno Gov. was right in this sense that these guys are more motivated than our troops, so they are world over). I have always understood that the NA is fighting all of the Sahara, including extremists from Mali, Chad, Niger, Sudan and Somalia and to a lesser degree Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroun, CAR, the Middle East and Pakistan. How do you explain a buffalo truck (reported in one of the new websites) been in possession of militants, I next expect medium range crude rockets and poison gas.

    My point is a new front is opening up in Nigeria and the only way to contain these is a MASSIVE build up starting as early as yesterday, this enemy can not be deterred, he is well motivated; we must meet him in the battle field or better take the battle to the enemy in their hideout just like the Kenyans and Ethiopian did in Somalia. If we do not manage this situation now by what ever means possible (weather by crying out now for help (no shame in that) or acting preemptively, we would have no less than 20, 000 armed men ready to kill and die in god’s name on our North Eastern gates and no Nigerian leader can manage that kind of situation.

    Now is the time to decide weather we want to be one indivisible strong Nigeria or let the enemy for outside run us over, this would simply justify sections of the country building up their own militia groups for protection and preservation with whatever follows.

  36. peccavi says:

    Oga Jimmy, I hear you, there has been a mood change in the command element but the way it is worded insinuates an ordinary soldier can remove his commander if he feels he’s not being aggressive enough. A nice sentiment but a complete disaster in military terms, sabo politics did more damage to the Biafran forces than Federal airstrikes, same with political commissars in the Soviet Union who would try and tell a commander the ‘true Marxist way’ to conduct operations.
    But I think the gist behind it is as you see, a new aggression has been injected, the boys seem to be up for it as well.
    What you say about prisoners is hundred percent correct, without maligning a particular ethnic group the Fulani (who I would describe more as a nation than a tribe) are spread across, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroun, CAR, Ghana and so on. In fact when people say Fulani it is not really Fulani as we know them in Naija but a generic nomadic type people. We have seen an upsurge in attacks blamed on ‘Fulanis’ in the North East and Middle Belt.
    I will put a months salary that most of these people are not Nigerians, the situation in CAR is calming down, and the roving bands of bandits who made up Seleka have to go somewhere. They all went North and then thinned out. Then suddenly we have an upsurge in violence in the North East. when things start getting hot there we get an upsurge in the Middle Belt.
    Again this is chickens coming home to roost. For decades a blind eye was turned to smuggling and border security to the detriment of the nation in general and the north in particular, now those smuggling routes and the proceeds of smuggling are the source of our issues
    The BH Harmattan offensive is drawing to a close, hopefully if I have time we can review this period and see what we patterns can identify but as you know we are living in interesting times over here as well so things are a little busy

  37. Colonel says:

    The Nigerian army didnt set a trap. Just like oga pecavvi said, doing such in built up areas is highly irresponsible. I think the NA saw the attack coming and were able to fight back and repel the insurgents. The fact they were led by foreigners has reinforced the belief that majority of this infidels are not Nigerians. Intelligence gathering remains the key to winning this fight and we must strive to improve on every aspect of our battle planning.

  38. jimmy says:

    side topic
    This should make for an interesting read:

  39. peccavi says:

    Battle of Giwa Barracks:
    Insurgents mounted in vehicles and motorcycles and on foot attacked 21 Armoured Brigade, GIWA BARRACKS, MAIDUGURI with small arms, heavy support weapons, RPGs and IEDs, in an apparent attempt to free prisoners in an operation starting at around 6.30am. An element of the enemy forces formed up at DOLORI Housing estate arriving on motorcycles and then infiltrated from the South East on foot. A convoy of approximately 20 vehicles and motorcycles infiltrated from east/south east through FORI District bypassing NEW GRA, University of MAIDUGURI (UNIMAID), 202 and 303 Housing Estates over the NGADDA River. Enemy action was initiated by 2 IEDs reportedly detonated by NGADDA River killing several civilians and destroying property.
    Enemy forces succeeded in getting to the detention facility (allegedly due to a malfunctioning Shilka ZSU 23-4 Armoured AAA vehicle that was being used for base defence), burning it and the MRS medical facility down as well as freeing most of the prisoners. Friendly forces reacted quickly reportedly moving troops mounted in patrol vehicles to WADIYA, FORI and GALTIMARI Villages cutting off the enemy who were then fixed by the ground forces and neutralised by 2 Alphajets rapidly deployed from YOLA as they tried to withdraw back across the NGADDA River.
    53 insurgents were reportedly killed in the vicinity of GIWA BARRACKS. Friendly forces also captured several vehicles including a technical and truck from the insurgents.
    Enemy forces attempted to withdraw through NEW GRA, UNIMAID, FORI, 202 and 303 Housing Estates causing significant damage and civilian casualties, while being harassed from the air. The Civilian JTF (CJTF) Vigilantes reportedly killed 297 captured over 60 escaped prisoners and Boko Haram stragglers. In JIDARI POLO 9 suspected insurgents were detained and unfortunately died in custody, 4 were detained in FORI and handed over to the authorities, approximately 21 detained at 303 HOUSING ESTATE, 19 at MAIDUGURI Water Treatment Plant, 100 in BOLORI Ward and 19 at the NGADDA River. Detainees were reported to be foreigners who did not understand Hausa or English (or pretended not to). Captives have been alleged to include Malians, Chadians, Nigeriens and Libyans.
    Sustained fighting died down between 9.15 and 9.45am however isolated gunfire and explosions continued till about midday, significant civilian casualties were incurred in FORI, one female student was reportedly killed and 3 others wounded by stray bullets and RPGs in UNIMAID, 6 civilians in the barracks were killed but total friendly casualties are currently unknown although Defence HQ stated 4 soldiers were wounded. CJTF members reported killing and capturing insurgents in JIDARI POLO and SULIMANTI. In the afternoon further enemy forces were engaged while they were hiding in a plantation near GIWA BARRACK, casualty figures from this contact are unknown.
    Boko Harams reign of audacity hit a slight speed bump with this attack.
    The positives of this incident are obviously reflected in the reaction of both the ground and air forces in not only fighting off the attackers but pursuing them. The immediate reaction of Defence HQ, not only with press statements and photographs a welcome improvement, backed up by user provided footage. The unfortunate collateral damage to innocent peaceful civilians is regrettable and tragic.
    But of course the standout of this incident is the courage of the youths of the CJTF who with their sticks, stones and machetes rounded up escaping prisoners and stragglers, in the middle of a firefight.
    So what does this incident tell us?
    Capability: Boko Haram still has the men, arms, vehicles and equipment to fight. They are still in a position to throw them into a battle with high probability of losing them without being too worried about it. Either that or the operations in the Sambisa Forest have led to a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality. An interesting side note that the captured technical’s had the same ‘mud’ type camouflage seen in the latest Shekau video.
    Pressure: Boko Haram is under pressure, the villages on the rat runs from Sambisa and Gwoza report the increased presence of Boko Haram. One would have presumed these escape routes would have been blocked, just like squeezing a bag, guerrilla forces will find the path of least resistance, one should be on guard for increased Boko Haram activity in Cameroun and Niger.
    Tenacity: despite the defeat and significant casualties suffered in their previous attack, the enemy still attempted another attack the following day. Either Boko Haram has the most dedicated and disciplined fighters in West Africa who will not stop until they achieve their objective or maybe disorientated insurgents who couldn’t find their way out blundered into friendly forces and got into a fight. Or there is something very important to them in that barracks, which brings us to our next point.
    Foreigners: the presence of non Nigerians in Boko Haram has been evident for a while but not widely discussed. It would be impossible for Boko Haram to sustain their operations with just volunteers or forced conscripts with the losses they have endured, thus it is fair to say that many Boko Haram foot soldiers are non Nigerian mercenaries, which possibly informs the number who lacking the local guides or knowledge to escape in Maiduguri’s backtreets they got trapped by the CJTF.
    Command and control: this attack not planned overnight; someone had to recce the routes, formulate a plan and organise men and materiel for it. The enemy thus appears to retain a strong command and control system and is able to plan, organise and lead fairly complex attacks at will.
    The use of ground to approach the target showed good tactics, as did the use of IEDs as a distraction to possibly draw troops away from the barracks, the ability to coordinate and control disparate forces for such an attack is again a sign of strong command leadership. The most interesting thing is that BH has maintained its communications throughout the State of Emergency despite GSM blackouts, constant attacks and so on. Thus they have a communication network that is still yet to be uncovered it could be electronic ( radios and satphones etc) or it could be simple old fashioned runners and messengers.
    Reserves: I’m not sure Boko Haram has any willing volunteers lining up to join in Nigeria anymore. Forced conscripts can fill out ranks and fire a weapon and by being forced to take part in atrocities bound to the group but they are limited in their usefulness and will escape as soon as they can. As alluded to above Boko Haram seems to be buying expertise and manpower from other groups in the Sahelian underworld. I would guess these groups are being paid in a mixture of cash and loot. This is a positive indicator, for it gives one a powerful tool by which to separate Boko Haram from its foot soldiers. The downside is that these bandit groups are likely to move onto easier pickings as events in the middle Belt would indicate. Attacking the prison would not only have freed high value prisoners but skilled, trained and indoctrinated foot soldiers. Again there are not enough indicators to tell if this is brazenness or desperation.
    Finances: Mercenaries cost money as does food, fuel, medical supplies, arms and ammunition. Smugglers ply their trade all over Nigeria quite brazenly with uniformed personnel seen escorting trucks and barges of fuel and other goods. The lesser players use the bush paths again paying off local authorities, the lower level smugglers use isolated paths inaccessible to the authorities carrying smaller and smaller quantities. In as much as these smugglers pay tax in the form of bribes to authorities on both sides of the border they also pay protection to local insurgent groups. These groups either give safe passage or provide protection. The most powerful group in northern Nigeria/Northern Cameroun is Boko Haram. I will happily contend that a fairly ruthless anti smuggling operation (particularly fuel), would seriously deplete Boko Harams finances and ability to operate. The same applies to a lesser extent to narcotics smuggling, as this is mostly a transiting commodity the effects are more difficult to quantify.
    Conclusion: I’m not going to get Churchillian and state ‘this is the end of the beginning’. It patently is not, Boko Haram just had a bad day.
    What this incident shows is that the lessons learnt by the Nigerian forces, the infusion of fresh battalions into the fight and taking it to the enemy has had an effect on outcomes at the sub unit and tactical level. Operationally for the divisional Area of Operations at large, things are wincing into place. Unfortunately at the strategic level the joined up basic policing, administration, border security, military, diplomatic and social services needed to make this effort workable is yet to begin. In other words, the beginning is still beginning.

    • Eeben says:

      Thank you for this after action report, Peccavi.
      I think one must applaud all forces who stood their ground, acted in accordance with their doctrine and seized the initiative concluding it with relentless pursuit.
      I am sure that the lessons learnt from this BH infiltration and attack will be studied and applied to ensure the continued growth of professionalism within the NA forces.
      Well done men!

      • peccavi says:

        Thanks Oga Eeben and Oga Jimmy,
        It was a good fight by all accounts, although its a pity that so many civilians were killed. Hopefully they keep up the pressure on these creatures

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you oga peccavi for the well written report.The follow up on reports by the army has been commendable and the heroics of the civillian jtsf too. The f.g. in conjunction with the army has to come up with a legal policy of treating mercs with the death penalty,and the fact that it should be known to our neighbours.This is a policy that needs to be in place. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

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