Nigerian troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force undertake confidence building foot patrols in the Far Northeast district of Baga on the fringes of the Lake Chad.

March 15, 2014

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) on Saturday in Abuja said that troops,
operating in the North-East, have
captured a massive armoury with arms and ammunition belonging to insurgents. This information is contained in a statement signed by Maj-.Gen. Chris Olukolade, Director of Defence Information/Coordinator of the Joint Information Centre Counter Terrorism Campaign.

Olukolade said that a dump of the
terrorists was sighted in one of the
camps, around the Lake Chad area, that fell on Friday night in the ongoing counter terrorism operations. He said the large quantities of weapons recovered in the raid were still being evacuated from the scene of the night raid where several terrorists also were

“Similar operations took place in other camps, in coordination with the troops of the Multi-National Joint Task Force.“These camps are located on the outskirts of Duguri, Polkime, Malafatori and other locations around the fringes of Lake Chad. “Substantial money in different currencies and denominations were also recovered from the camps, ‘’ he said.

Olukolade said that seven terrorists were captured in the operation during which a soldier died while five were wounded. He also said that troops conducting ‘Cordon and Search’ for remnants of the terrorists, who attacked Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri on Friday, also had an encounter with some of the surviving terrorists.According to him, the encounter was in the general area of Kayamla and Alu Dam on the outskirts of Maiduguri.

“More of the terrorists have been killed and arrested in the ongoing encounters. “Those captured in the encounter are providing useful information towards the discovery of other hideouts of the daring terrorists. “ It has been revealed that the terrorists are now desperate to either free or kill the ones being detained with a view to averting or preventing further revelations about their operations and hideouts as this has been frustrating their plans lately,” he added.

The Coordinator said more bodies of
fleeing terrorists have also been
discovered along the routes of their
escape. He said troops’ morale and fighting spirit have been further boosted by the outcome of the operations so far. Olukolade said that the ‘Cordon and Search’ as well as ‘Patrol and Pursuit’ by air and land would continue in the entire mission area of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.


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  1. Spirit. says:

    This is it!
    Kudos to the Nigeria Army and Air Force.

  2. Are James says:

    Good work MNTF, Special Forces and able NAF pilots

  3. doziex says:

    Good work NA, more grease to your elbows.

    we need to withdraw all our UN troops serving abroad.

    we need our helicopters from Darfur.

    A lot of trucks, APCs and gun trucks are deployed their.

    NA has several MASH type hospital units that are now needed at home.

    Nigeria as the giant of Africa should be able to walk and chew gum.

    we should be able to deal with BH, and fulfill our international obligations.

    But unfortunately,our leaders don’t have the vision of a great Nigeria, in it’s rightful place.

    so now, we have to save ourselves first.

  4. peccavi says:

    I wonder what currencies were recovered and if the bank numbers can be traced.

  5. Makanaky says:

    What stratergic change is yielding this results ? Kudos to our gallant men in uniforms defending our dear country.

  6. ozed says:

    I suspect what simply happened was that the switch from the JTF to the 7th Division gave rise to the same type of ‘macho over-confidence’ which attended some of our other campaigns in Liberia, Sierra Leone —– Hell! even the Nigerian civil war. The Army top brass simply felt Boko Haram was finished, or at worst confined to the outer recesses of our borders with Cameroun.

    However, seems BH never read the script, and quietly rebuilt their bases in Bornu state and environs, leading to the horrid wave of attacks we have seen in 2014.

    I hope we never allow the return of such arrogant over confidence going forward.

  7. Blackrev says:

    it won’t help cos the money could have been stollen or gotten through other illegal means.

    • peccavi says:

      Yes and no.
      Some stolen, some from tax on smugglers, some on tax from legitimate traders, some from kidnap and ransom.
      Tracing the money helps build a more complete picture of BH’s finances. So for example if some of the cash is traced to a kidnapping in Zaria, we can presume Bh either has a cell in Zaria or else kidnaps on demand etc. Or if we find out the CFA Francs were from Niger and are traced to an area maybe around a certain town or refugee camp we can be aware that there is a BH influence.

      Follow the money in an insurgency (or any other deal or crime), it will tell you things you cannot even imagine

      • jimmy says:

        oga PECCAVI nah true you talk the next phase and hopefully the last phase would be to find the real sources of income , the money men arrests them, prosecute, also prosecution of the kidnappers when caught must be done.
        One of the biggest things about the chad operation is that it took a lot of guns ,rpgs,and ieds of the streets it is hoped that those who led these operations even though they were doing there job were rewarded job well done.

  8. Tope says:

    Big Blow to Boko Haram! Shows u our Military Intelligence is Working, all those interrogations paid off.

    Kudos Keep it Flying.

  9. doziex says:

    Hmmm, Sanusi and President GEJ are trading accusations back and forth.

    The truth will eventually come out. What I am interested in, is the “Armored Helicopters” sanusi was ordered by the president to release funds for.

    So did NPF get any extra budget armored helicopters that we don’t know about ?

    We Know of 19 or so MI-35s and MI-17s budgeted for NAF. Time of delivery, Unknown.

    19.2 billion naira would net plenty of capable helicopters, badly needed to save lives in maidugri and jos.

    This better not turnout to be stolen or Misappropriated.

    For the crime will not only be that of financial corruption, but criminal negligence and aiding and abetting the enemy.

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