Nigerian troops prepare to swing into action against Boko Haram terrorists in Borno


March 18, 2014
Moki Edwin Kindzeka

The countries around Lake Chad in
central Africa say they will create a joint task force to combat arms trafficking, terrorism and cross-border attacks as tensions escalate in the region.

The conflict in the Central African
Republic and the insurgency in northern Nigeria are having a regional impact, pushing refugees, weapons, and violence into neighboring countries.

In response, defense and military chiefs from the six-member Lake Chad Basin Commission met in Cameroon Tuesday and gave a green light to a multinational military task force empowered to act against militant threats.

Cameroon Defense Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o said this meeting was sort of a “shock therapy” for Lake Chad Basin member states to address how best to tackle growing threats and the growing security challenges. Cameroon has been hit particularly hard by the chaos in the C.A.R. and the Boko Haram attacks in northern Nigeria.

Refugees from both countries have
streamed into Cameroon, while officials have denied allegations that militants are using Cameroonian territory as a refuge or a base for operations.

Nigerian-born Sanusi Imran Abdullah is the executive secretary for the Lake Chad Basin Commission. He said the new task force would be headquartered in the town of Baga in Nigeria’s Borno state – the home state of Boko Haram.

“Baga is the institution or the place that is fully prepared to accommodate the headquarters. As you know there are buildings there, there are infrastructures there and there is no need to build a new place,” he said.

Borno is one of three Nigerian states
where the government declared a state of emergency last May and has deployed thousands of troops in an effort to crush the Boko Haram insurgency. Despite the operations, large-scale attacks on towns and cities continue.

Chad, Cameroon, Libya, Niger, Nigeria
and the C.A.R agreed that the initial
mandate of the new task force will be to patrol the Lake Chad region,conduct military operations against arms dealers and suspected terrorists and to facilitate free movement.Operations are to begin soon but no firm date has been announced.


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  1. to4shizzle says:


    Good move from the States finally everyone is waking up to their Responsibilities, But who will Retain Command for Its initial operations? Good Move also Stationing the HQ in Baga, This Will ensure da Patrol will Heavily Patrol Desert and Mountain Areas coupled wit Nigeria’s planned Air Border Patrol we will see a More Tightened Net drawn against this Group, also we must sustain the Offensive, I recently heard Nigerian Army Ambushed Terrorist in Yobe let’s Take da Fight to dem.
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  2. beegeagle says:

    🙂 E be like Cameroon don com finally taya.

    Well, here we go. So 20 years after the MJTF kickstarted operations in the Lake Chad region…an effort which insular Cameroon shied away from, they now have the stomach for the idea of collaborative security efforts. That is what happens when ‘wahala comes to town’. Back then, MJTF was about stemming the outflow of arms from the Chadian Civil War and stopping straying guerrillas from preying on the innocent peoples of the remote border regions of Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria. Chad have been caught up in the throes of insurgency and civil war since 1978.

    This new venture is essentially MJTF Expanded. Maybe we can have six mixed battalions drafted for this – three battalions manning the volatile Niger-Nigeria-Chad-Cameroon intersect; two in the CAR variously facing the borders with Chad and Cameroon and one in southern Libya to square off against the traffickers of that cascade of illicit weaponry.

    A great idea whose time was already overdue as of 2010.

  3. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber generals,BH terrorist are using charm to fight,when a large number them were ambushed by our security forces recently,only 8 were killed,the rest varnished! Black magic,this is what the boys said,not newspaper report,their morale is as strong as steel now,and it is growing every second,minute,hour,and days …
    May God bless and protect our service men and women,so that they would keep us safe.

  4. startrek says:

    I remember my father use to tell us about similar experience back then and the simple remedy is that of God’s principle in creation, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes no charm that can withstand Gun powder or even tear gas. my personal experience. again this is where the service chaplain is important.
    may the Almighty give the boyz and men the courage to fight and defeat evil …Amen

    • Are James says:

      This whole talk about BH using charms on the battlefield is pedestrian to me. We were supposed to know the enemy better by now and our never ending advocacy for the use of air strikes and modern technology is partly premised on this reality.
      There are two major types of fighter the BH is using now to prosecute its war.
      I. The Zealot:
      This fighter truly believes that he is fighting a Jihad against the ‘forces of infidels’ and has 100% motivation. He is hoping to die at every encounter and is the most dangerous kind of fighter to meet on any terrain because his motivation is out of the ordinary. The Nigerian governor who talked about motivation was describing this kind of fighter. The zealot will display extra ordinary courage and abilities beyond the natural, he will engage in heroic acts the stuff of which best selling movies are made but will probably die far before his fighting mate.
      The Zealot probably constitutes only 20% of the current population of BH,
      The NA has encountered Zealots during the Maitsatsine riots and in encounters in the Niger Delta.

      II. The African Mercenary
      Constituting about 80% of BH, these are largely migrant fighters from Nigeria, Niger, Chad, CAR, Mali and most recently Libya. Most of them were displaced victims of wars during their childhood and have been molded by those circumstances or in the case of Nigerians, indigent uneducated young men lured into militancy by local politicians. These class of fighters don’t have the fervour of the Zealots but can be actually more destructive due to the wide spectrum of inhuman acts they can be made to perform; kidnapping for ransom, urban homicides, killing of children, rape etc.e…and yes the African Mercenary will use charms and lots of them.
      The NA encountered African Mercenary types in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

      Use of surveillance technology that will permit standoff engagement, remote weapon stations, stand off wespons that take out groups of the enemy and improved air surveillance and strikes are some of the most effective ways to counter the methods these two types of fighter will use against you in the field ….. the Zealot will attempt to suicide bomb you or run shooting into a hail of your machine gun fire to awe you and the mercenary would actually be impervious to bullets when conditions permit.
      As suggested here as well, prayers from a regiment Chaplin havevalso been proved to work in individual cases where the soldiers in question are Christians.

      • jimmy says:

        I have yet to see a zealot survive a burst from an 80mm mortar shell.Drugs so called charms and adrenalin can and did propel many a zealot forward in the gulf war 2 but a burst from a .30 cal gun puts a quick end to that is interesting to know that some of the pictures shown of the dead depicted limbs blown of at awkward angles.This is probabley from high calibre bullets or mortar blasts .Apparently the charms did not work on those shells. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  5. jimmy says:

    i am going to TALK ABOUT THE ELEPHANT in the room .Recently the army redeployed officers and the Senior military officer deployed to head the MJTF is Brig Enitan Kuti the son of the late Dr Beko Kuti( r.i.p). This Newly begun Brotherly love from Cameroon should be treated with caution. Cameroon needs to be presented with @ THE HIGHEST MILITARY AND POLITICAL evidence of 1) Photographic Evidence from declassified pictures showing boko haram members operating freely IN CAMEROON not all pictures should because no be all the mat wey man dey take sleep nah him e go put for sun make sun dry am.
    2) Physical evidence of captured boko haram terrorists together with captured weapons and ied who can actually name what part of Northern Cameroon they are from must be presented to them.
    The implicit response to this tricky response is if a confirmed attack is launched from Cameroon pursuit may go into Cameroonian territory with plausible deniability

  6. peccavi says:

    Oga Are James,
    Your breakdown is correct although you neglect a 3rd category: Forced conscripts.
    It is important to understand the distinction between the 3 so as to better target your psy ops.
    The Zealot will be difficult (not impossible) to dissuade so what you want to do is confuse and distract him and plant seeds of distrust. The mercenary will leave if there is no money or loot or the cost is too high, the forced conscript will escape if he knows he has chance and will be able to get good treatment and return to his family and be protected from repercussions.

    All the charms in the world will not stop bullets or artillery. A good psy ops team would convince the enemy that their charms make them invincible, all the better to kill them.

    I think Cameroun understands the threat clearly.
    I believe what needs to happen is to forma joint command, A corps commanded by a Nigerian so that actions on both sides of the border are coordinated

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