Nigerian Navy personnel board a US Marine Corps HH-46E for a search and rescue flight demonstration during a visit to MCAS Cherry Point on 4 February.

Source: NAVAIR

17 March, 2014
Gareth Jennings, London

A delegation from the Nigerian Navy recently visited the United States to discuss the procurement of surplus Boeing-Vertol HH-46 Sea Knight and Kaman H-2 Seasprite helicopters from the US Marine Corps (USMC), the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
announced on 17 March.

The delegation arrived at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point in North Carolina on 4 February for a visit to NAVAIR’s Specialized and Proven Aircraft Program Office (PMA-226) that included a search and rescue flight demonstration aboard HH-46E helicopter.

While NAVAIR said that the Nigerian Navy is interested in procuring surplus HH-46E and H-2 platforms, the command did not reveal possible numbers or delivery timelines. With the HH-46E in the process of being replaced by the Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor, and the H-2 now long-retired from US Navy service, there are numerous examples of both types at ‘the boneyard’ at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.

As Excess Defense Articles (EDA), the helicopters would only cost Nigeria the expense of retrieving them from the boneyard and re-equipping them for flight operations. The airframes and engines would be gifted, free of charge.

The Nigerian Navy currently operates an air arm made up of three Fokker F27 transport aircraft, four AgustaWestland AW109 Power and two AW139 utility helicopters, two Westland Lynx Mk89 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters, and two Bell 206B JetRanger training helicopters.

It is not clear if the HH-46Es or H-2s to be procured would augment or replace any of the types already in service,but with the operational status of the Lynx platforms in doubt it is probable that these would be replaced by the H-2 in the ASW role.

Most of the Nigerian Navy’s aviation assets are land-based,with only the NNS Aradu MEKO Type 360 frigate capable of embarking Lynx/H-2-class helicopters.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    SERIOUSLY, the CH-46 Sea Knight is okay and is comparatively contemporary. The NN have my full support in the hunt for those. That overrides my earlier knee-jerk reaction to this bit of news. It was actually the H2 Seasprite which I found to be very uneasy on the eye :-).

    Surely, we need new ASW helos but I am rather taken aback by the choice of the long-retired H2 Seasprite which was pulled out of service in 1993. Why not more upgraded Lynx types? If we are looking at the more modern Super Seaprite which was introduced in 1985 and is in service with the Egyptian Navy, that would be very okay?

    I am all for the Sea Knight. As for the H2, are we getting the outmoded Seasprite or the in-service Super Seasprite. Points to ponder.

    Moving on, this is a much better report than what we read earlier. You can see that he listed four A109s and two Jet Ranger helos, among others. Still, the NN NEVER operated ANY fixed wing aircraft since the Nigerian Navy Air Arm took to the skies nearly thirty years ago now. The F27-200MAR planes always belonged to the Air Maritime Group of the NIGERIAN AIR FORCE and were stationed in Benin.


    And no, it is not only the Aradu which is helicopter-friendly. NNS Thunder has been severally photographed with an Agusta A109e Power helo on her flight deck. I have four different photos of that posted on this blog. Count…

    • Are James says:

      When we remember that the most powerful helicopter in the world; ThenMarine One, the US President’s’ chopper comes from the same design DNA and is just as ugly as the Sea Sprite, maybe we were all too hasty in our condemnation.

  2. Henry says:

    With the possible procurement of the HH-46E, are we also going to be seeing any LPD purchases for the navy……………. Hopefully we might.

    Anyway, with the navy’s increasing role in security in nigeria from the gulf of guinea to lake chad, there is no doubt that not only the navy, but the airforce require heavy troop transport/lift helos. At least 6 HH-46’s won’t do nicely.

  3. doziex says:

    Phew !! after plenty of begging from this blog, our authorities have woken up to the world of US Excess Defence Articles.

    Hallelujah !!

  4. Tope says:

    @Doziex! Six Ke? Read da Article it says many are dropped in da Bone Yard……again its Free na we just dey go collect am…..if there are 200 of dis Aircrafts Collect dem all, Spread it between da 3 Armed Forces let each get at least 55.

    As for the Seasprite, Its da Outdated own we are gettting if not it would hv specified Superseasprite.

    Kudos to the NN, Onward Together

  5. OriginalPato says:

    LoL!!! Naija!!! We too like awoof. Collecting equipment from the bone yard! If it is possible they should empty that bone yard.

    • drag_on says:

      Its cousin the Chinook,is $38 million brand new. That is approx =N=6 billion. 10 would be 60 billion Naira,just imagine what the everyday Nigerian will start complaining about.

  6. tim says:

    Better we go for chinooks, rather than ch 46

    • drag_on says:

      Its for the Navy. It is designed to deal with sea-salt,Navigation in a featureless ocean,taking off and landing on an unstable platform. e.t.c. The Chinook is based on army requirements AFAIK.

  7. OriginalPato says:

    On a side note, I wonder what became of the 1,200 naval ratings that passed out from infantry training. Does the NN intend to setup an Infantry regiment?

  8. Tope says:

    @Original Pato, Dis EDA should be a Move to Re-arm the Forces wit Semi-Mordern Aircrafts and Even Oda Hardware! Let’s go to da Bone Yard and get EVERYTHING there, If we see 1000 aircraft I say collect dem ALL! After all dem go Rust make we dey manage dem as na Wetin we Like for Nija.

    As for the Infantry Regiment I guess they may be Fitted to SBS or are a Build up of a Marine or Coast Guard Formation who knows I think that’s why da Navy has gone “shopping” loool.

    @Tim Well the Chinooks are also proven, but the Sea Knights have if not longer Operational Excellence Capability which will come in handy for the Navy. We can go for the Chinooks for the Airforce or Army but Sea Knights are Specific for the Navy.

  9. drag_on says:

    Make dem no forget to carry plenty,plenty spare parts o.

  10. Solorex says:

    My feelings are mixed on this issue, yes we are about to revitalize the Navy Air arm which is seriously in need of resuscitation- it has been neglected for too long, we need as many Naval air asset as we can get basically for anti piracy patrol, search and rescue and troops movement along our ever troublesome creeks and coast. However Boeing-Vertol HH-46 Sea Knight are very old platforms ( should would be easy to maintain but how many years are left on this platforms some over 25years old! it does also have a wonderful range of over 1000km) and only carry manual guns (.50 cal-man operated). Frankly these are not ASW platforms (costly conversion and in-depth pimping might improve certain capacity) I say we buy a few to help with Naval and Special forces transportation in the creek area ( for Rapid response) and a bit of Anti-Piracy. We need to break the bank and complement the new spirit with at least modern and moderately capable platforms- I am not happy with this get whatever is available attitude ( I guess it is born out of having so much need that whatever is available cannot be a waste).

    This our mentality of waiting for American Dash for the Navy is not at all encouraging, its good for filling intermediate needs but the future cannot be built on very old stuffs.

  11. Yagazie says:

    Oga Solorex, you make some valid points. However look at it from the perspective that ‘intelligence is the ability to sucessfully adapt to one’s environment’. We have a government that for reasons best known to them (a.k.a – ‘competing demands’ )is not prepared to provide funds for the millitary to buy brand new equipment. Thus our millitary have to ‘think outside the box’ – when it comes to defence equipment acquistions. Remember that they have a limited budget for capital expenditure. If we look at it from that perspective, then there is nothing wrong in getting EDA’s from the United States, provided such EDA’s suit our defense needs. Case in point, the former coast gaurd vessel USCGS Hamilton – now NNS Thunder is being used as an off-shore patrol vessel to police our EEZ. Our sailors have the opportunity to put into practice their sea-faring skills. Ditto the other vessels (balsam class cutters) previously transferred to our navy. They all play their part in enabling our navy to maintain some level of credible ‘continous -at -sea presence.’ Pending the refit of NNS Aradu, our naval rotary air -arm also has a platform on which to practice their helo take offs and landings out at sea. This vessel also enabled our navy to attend the International Fleet Review in Australia last year- the only african navy to do so and tested our sailors sea-faring/navigational skills to the limit. Yet this vessel is over 45 years old!! Since our Lynx MK-89 helos became innactive, our navy has lost its ASW capabilities. This capaibility has to be rebuilt if our navy is to be taken seriously. New ASW helos are quite expensive. So if we can get a sizeable number of H2 Seaprite ASW helo airframes from the US at a heavily discounted rate, then provided they can do the job, then I will not be too worried about how old they are. The important thing at this stage is for our navy and our naval aviators to regain their ASW capabilities. The CH-46 helos can be used to transport our SBS commandos from landbased naval stations to sea based platforms, and can be also be used as medium lift choppers. The important thing to note is that the platforms give the navy an operational capability currently lacking as well as provide our naval aviators a plaform on which to hone their flying skills. Furthermorem it also boosts the morale of our naval personnel knowing that they have the operational platforms in sufficient numbers in which to practice their craft. Lets not worry about the age of the equipment at this stage- question is can they do the job? So kudos to our naval high command for thinking outside the box and THANK YOU to the United States for agreeing to supply these platforms( ships and helos)- please lets remember that they are under no obligation to do so. Finally lets keep praying that one day our Govt will bite the bullet and purchase new equipment for our millitary- until then we will have to make do. As the saying goes ‘when the desirable is not available, then the available becomes desireable’. We shall overcome.

  12. Tope says:

    Oga Yagazie has Said it All,

    For ASW Capability we pray that :

    1. We get the SeaSprite or SuperSeaSprite

    2. Our Lynx are Upgraded as it was Specified in the Budget

    3. We Get the harbin z-9 togeda wit da F-91 aka P18N OPV

    For Search and Rescue, Close Air Support, Air Interdiction, All Weather Medium Transport and Light Transport and Multi Role Tactical Support

    CH-46 Sea Knight
    Little Bird

    Most importantly let’s get this in Sizeable Amounts for the Marines to still use this CH-46 Platforms and have not indicated any Time to Retire it Soon it Shows its Operational, the Navy only Retired it to make room for the Osprey Tiltorotor not because it was Outdated.Also giving High Maintenance Culture America”s Outdated Weapon may be Brand New for us, Truth be Told.

  13. Yagazie says:

    Oga Tope- Agreed. i will even go further (at the risk of angering Oga Beegz) and advocate that our 2 retired Fokker-27MPA aircraft that were used by the NAF for maritime patrol (until they were replaced by the two Alenia 42 MPA aircraft) and which are currently languishing at our airforce base in Benin, be re-activated and transferred to the Nigerian Navy for use in a maritme patrol role. If this is done it would at a stroke (i) give our navy it’s first fixed- wing arial assets – at the moment our naval air arm only has rotary wing aircraft- i.e. helos. (ii) give our navy the ability to carry out sustained marime patrol surveillance of our territorial waters/EEZ (iii) give our naval avaitors the ability to operate fixed wing arial assest. These planes if re-activated could operate from the newly commissined naval air station in Warri and the naval air station at calabar (when it is built). They would also enable our naval aviators to gain proficiency on fixed wing assets pending the eventual purchase of new or ‘second new’ planes when our Govt eventually deems it fit to kit out our millitary with brand new ‘toys’.

    • beegeagle says:

      Point of correction, Mighty Yagz, one of the Alenia surveillance planes is better described as an ALENIA ATR 42-500 ELINT SURVEYOR. That is more advanced than the MPA variant.

  14. Number one says:

    Were f27’s transferred from the NAF to NN

  15. Yagazie says:

    Oga Number one- NO. the Fokker-27s HAVE NOT been transferred from the NAF to the NN. I was simply advocating that this should be the case as the NAF now have 2 brand new Maritime Patrol Aircraft in the form of the Aliena 42 MPAs. Thus in my humble opinion, the ‘retired’ NAF Fokker -27 MPAs should be transferred to our navy and re-activated so as to enable the NN to have the capacity to conduct sustained maritimel/reconnaisance patrols over our vast territorial waters/EEZ , thus complementing the maritime patrol efforts of our airforce.

    • Are James says:

      I am not sure of specs. but I imagine one of the ATR 42 can do the job of all the Fokker F27s put together, this requires some confirmation but I will bet my bottom dollar that this is so. So there are economies of scale benefits with the ATR; the distance the ATR 42 can cover, the scan area, the number of objects that can be tracked, data processing speed, data links with satellites and so on.
      So maybe the ATR remains with the Air force for maritime surveillance roles with the proviso that reliable and secure communications exist and are proven with the Navy command control centers which were commissioned not long ago.
      I would rather conversely suggest that we reactivate the Fokker F27s and DO 228s and dedicate them to border patrol duties in the north instead of buying new mystery Czech jets for these purposes.
      The ATR 42s can still remain our look-see into the entire gulf of guinea from standoff distances.

  16. Kay says:

    The last price I saw (Feb 2014) for 2 sold used relative (CH 47) was about $2.8 million. I reckon the guide price for a CH 46 should be south of that price. Unless free, they shouldn’t cost more than that.
    I hope this would come with the full complements of spare parts too if true.

  17. jimmy says:

    Thank you for your article it is very rare that i like to personally say otherwise to your comments thanks for the clarification. Let me state something for the record the CH-46 Sea Knight is the workhorse of the US marines I AM PERSONALLY BEGGING any American pilot who has flown one of these birds to come on to these blog and detail its strengths and weaknesses.
    This BIRD is still being flown today as we speak not because it is old but because of its reliability, versatility and it’ s ruggedness , it is old , ugly, and loud however it will transport troops, weapons , and evacuate all in record time if you notice the picture shown was in NORTH CAROLINA which is a coastal state akin to what we can expect where this bird will be used.
    Oga Yagazie you hit the nail on the head since they want to dash us these birds we need to collect them as soon as possible. I would love for us to buy brand new helios but right now I “aint” see it yet.

  18. Yagazie says:

    Oga Jimmy, from the article- it seems that the airframe and engines are being given to us ‘awoof’ – all we have to do is pay for the costs of retrieving the airframes from the ‘bone yard’ plus the cost of making them airworthy. My guess is that if we ‘take’ a significant number (including airframes that can be used for spares) – we could get a further ‘discount’ on the total re-activation costs. Thus we should seize this opportunity with both hands and get as many good airframes of both types as possible. This opportunity may not present itself again.

  19. drag_on says:

    Check out this bone yard my oga’s. Warning: Lots of pictures. The stuff there is mind-blowing,you would want to weep.
    It also shows how good they are at taking care of obsolete tech.

    • Are James says:

      Impressive. Give it to Americans when it comes to preservation technology.
      They could actually ship any of these to your country, reassemble engines to airframes, avionics and systems, test and commission.

  20. ocelot2006 says:

    A few years ago, I had a funny dream. I was in a sea knight helo along with heavily armed soldiers about to carry out an air assault on an airfield in Northern Nigeria. ‘woke up as the ramp began to come down ( Maybe I had too much beer that day 🙂 ). Apparently, the dream’s about to come true.

    With its medium lift capability, the Sea Knight is ideal for operations down here in good Ole Naija, and I’m in TOTAL support. I still have issues with the conditions that follow the purchase of these helos though. You know the Americans.

    It will be a cool and strange sight though. Seeing a flight of NN Sea Knights escorted by heavily armed Mi-35 Hinds for CAS.

    Anyway, I hope the Nigerian military delegation gets pushed to other areas of the boneyard. You know, where the A-10 Warthogs, OV-10 Broncos, and F-16 are kept ;D

    • drag_on says:

      The A-10s’ are only being scrapped because of the cost of the F-35s’. I still can’t believe they would scrap it!! I would definitely pick of 15 of them,they are a gold mine..

  21. Deltaman says:

    A10 warthogs, C130s … what we could do with these! leave the F-16s first!

    • Are James says:

      A10s first. Alpha jets are too fast, choppers are vulnerable but A10s are just right for the kind of CTOIN we are burdened with.

      • doziex says:

        The SU-25 frogfoot was the soviet response to the Fairchild A-10 thunderbolt aka the warthog.
        Both jets are protected with a titanium bathtub.

      • Deltaman says:

        Kai … just imagine, an A10 warthog stalking fleeing insurgents in a motorised column in Borno … carnage

  22. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz- pont of correction (Alenia-ATR 42 upgrade) noted and gratefully received.

  23. drag_on says:

    Pakistan seeks greater military exports to Bahrain and Nigeria
    Jon Grevatt, Bangkok – IHS Jane’s Defence Industry
    19 March 2014

    Pakistan has highlighted further opportunities to export its military equipment to Bahrain and Nigeria.

    Government statements said that Pakistan is pursuing opportunities for further defence trade and related industrial collaboration with both nations. The government also noted its ability to offer “good offset programmes” to its defence export customers, although did not elaborate.

    Following meetings between Pakistan and Nigerian defence officials on 17 March, a statement outlined opportunities to increase defence trade and joint production programmes.

    Nigeria is a known target customer for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex JF-17 Thunder aircraft, jointly developed by Pakistan and China. It has also previously expressed interest in acquiring Al-Zarrar main battle tanks produced by Heavy Industries Taxila, Kaan 33 fast attack craft constructed by Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works, and a range of firearms.

    Did anyone notice “Joint production programmes”. how i wish that had to do with JF-17, i can only dream. I didnt know about our interest in the Al-zarrar MBT.

    • Are James says:

      They want our money for technology and partcipation in all defence programs and they are ready to sell Block2 JF17s yesterday.
      Sometimes I wish I was running this country Nigeria.

      • Are James says:

        ….and they will sell anything to us on crefit. Na wa o. Can someone give me the Resident’s number?

    • drag_on says:

      Oga Are James,no be small thing o. If it is the JF_17 we should not slack at all on this one,the Pakistanis are desperate to sell the it and make it a success. We should join the club, no need to re-invent the wheel,we learn to build fighter jets without paying the steep price required.Later,we can branch out with our own adaptations. One good selling point to congress is that it brings jobs and saves a bit of foreign exchange.

      • Are James says:

        They spent just $500 million developing the JF17 Block 1, they probably need a partner to finance rapid ramp up of production for Block 2.
        The sums involved, some states in Nigeria will shell it out with only slight discomfort. In return we get access to technology, share of profits, top of the line military aircraft and other defence products.
        I really need the President’s phone number.

  24. drag_on says:

    Nigeria’s suspended Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido, accused by President Goodluck Jonathan of wasting public funds on unapproved projects, has provided details of how the president himself personally authorized some of those spending, one of them a multibillion naira purchase of helicopters for the police, and another, a N2.1 billion renovation of the cabinet meeting room in the presidential villa.
    Mr. Sanusi said the police project, which also involved buying other security equipment, cost N19.7 billion, and that it was carried out “upon the instruction” of President Jonathan.
    The president, he said, also requested that the CBN pay N3.2 billion for the construction of a new counter terrorism centre for the office of the National Security Adviser, alongside other projects.
    “Consistent with our policy of development, upon the instruction of His Excellency, the President, the CBN intervened by paying N19.7 Billion to the Ministry of Police Affairs for the purchase of armoured helicopters and other security equipment,” he said.
    more here:…

    Did the Suspended governor of the CBN not know we are fighting a war? Did he not know we have a state of emergency?. Does the U.S president have to ask congress on what he can spend during a war after it has been declared, and supported by congress? The suspended Governor should not be proud about complaining of government spendings to win the war against insurgents. On the issue of renovations of the villa, that’s a different case i can’t comment on,but if the armoured helios and COIN office for the NSA are meant to help end the deaths pls make the man shift abeg.

    • Are James says:

      Let us not hurry to judge. The former CBN governor heartily supported these security sector interventions and us only bringing it up to justify his own board’s intervention in education and other areas…all extra budgetary. My only problem with him was calling the security sector a “waste’ although this is arguably true from the operationalization perspective for the armoured police choppers.
      Since being procured, all six of them which could have been useful in the NE supporting military operations have probably not flown.
      These choppers would have been invaluable for day/night surveillance of the three NE states and would have freed more assets for the ground strike duties.
      Sometimes I wish I was the one running this country.

      • giles says:

        my broda runnin dis con3 is not easy o,pls don’t pray for dat instead try ur best to hlp it

  25. startrek says:

    oga are James the NE is only a fraction of Nigeria there is still the Niger Delta, the plateau/Benue, kano, Lagos,PH, warri and the capital city of Abuja I’ve seen those police choppers on niteDuty a couple of time.

  26. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen= going off on a tangent, the current edition (May 2014) of Airforce Monthly magazine has a report that Angola has purchased 12 of the former 18 Indian Su-30K /Su-30MKs.. They are currently being upgraded with deliveries scheduled for 2015. Of more intrest are the remaining 6 platforms (recall that there were a total 18 units of this aircraft for sale). The spokesperson for the Russian company (Irkut:?) stated definitively that these 6 units were currently being upgraded for an ‘UNAMED CUSTOMERr’ who had expressed interest in same and that a contract for sale was due to be signed shortly. The upgrade work on these platforms is being done in …BELARUS. Hmmm…

  27. beegeagle says:

    Mighty YAGZ, you have been warning me about ‘pending surprises’ backstage for six months now and asking oblique questions about a Chinese LPD?

    You nuh go lef codified yarn, tok somtin, dis man 🙂 ??

  28. beegeagle says:

    Anyway, gentlemen, still on EDAs I think we need these for total maritime and terrestrial surveillance coverage. Add four of these to the Alenia ELINT and Alenia MPA and we are good to go for total air recce.

    (note the 3,350km range)

    The HU-25 Guardian is a medium-range
    surveillance fixed-wing aircraft. Also
    referred to as the Coast Guard’s “Falcon”,the aircraft is a military derivative of the Dassault Falcon 20 business jet, of which more than 500 were built for worldwide use.

    The HU-25 performs search and rescue, law enforcement such as migrant and drug interdiction, marine environmental protection, and military readiness. The first of 41 HU-25s was delivered in February 1982 and deliveries were complete by December 1983.

    The HU-25A and HU-25D are 56ft 3in in length(the HU-25C is 57ft 6in), with a wingspan of 53ft 6in and height of 17ft 7in. The service ceiling is 42,000ft, though current avionics restrict operations to 28,000ft and below. Maximum cruise speed at altitude is 420kts, with a maximum operating speed of .855 Mach. Sea-level maximum airspeed is 350kts.

    Key features of the Falcon include its dash speed and capable mission sensors. The three models of the HU-25 (-A, -C, and –D) are distinguished by their sensor complement.

    The HU-25A has an APS-127 surface search radar. The HU-25C has an APG-66 air-to-air/surface search radar,electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor,and tactical workstation. The HU-25D has
    an APS-143B multi-mode radar, EO/IR and tactical workstation. A sensor upgrade program in 2002-03 improved capabilities in HU-25Cs and reconfigured 6 HU-25As into HU-25Ds. An avionics upgrade in 2005-06 upgraded the navigation system with modern equipment common to the HH-65B.

    Most of the HU-25s have been
    decommissioned already, with complete
    phase-out by 2014. They will be replaced by the HC-144A Ocean Sentry.

    Maximum speed: 862 km/h (465 knots, 536 mph) (max cruise) at6,100 m (20,000 ft)

    Cruise speed: 750 km/h (405 knots, 466 mph) (econ cruise) at 12,200m (40,000 ft)

    Stall speed: 152 km/h (82 knots, 95 mph)
    Range: 3,350 km (1,808 naut mi, 2,080 mi)

    Service ceiling: 12,800 m (42,000 ft) (absolute)

    • Are James says:

      My problem is the twenty something pieces of Fokker F27 and Do 128 / 228 lying idle at various hangars. Perhaps looking for the few million dollars to revamp them for the terrestrial recce and border patrol roles might be the way to go.

  29. buchi says:

    am rily sori to say dis but boko har has brought a sort of reawakening to the security agencies the tie of pot bellied commanders with pepper soup appetite has disapeared everyone is ready and willing to do its job.even the NP does not play with intel dis days.i pray dat dis current revaitalization would be mintained now dat our next door neigbours are poking us in the ribs asking us what cn u terms of the sea knight is has rked up much flight time with the marines nd the delta force.we cannot begin to yarn abt age when the jamaican airforce stil uses an operational b-29 fotress.we need the we get them.they still have some push still left in them.the navy and the airforce ust realize dat the days of infantry tactics is da BH boys upgrade we should be upgraded.air is the key on or air it is superior.rite now we have other sectors to deal with so if the funds re nt ripe for new purchases we should use a lot of military sense and ingenuity.after all we have a culture of management and innovation with old things.i also wnt to harp on the need for the navy to make its presence felt in lake chad an fob there wont be baD at least it would give the army a radius of safety on a fowrd basis leaving them to patrol effectively.the AT-10 may be optium but it still belongs to the NAF so oga dozziex u are rite.fokkers reactivated.i believe dat all arms have special forces but from what i know the airforce has the most gadgetized and trained special forces we havent heard of any operations from the or thr NA or NN.for me any aircraft dat we can get alongside it spareparts is welcome at least it is better dan our f-7 debacle.

  30. Yagazie says:

    Oga drag_on, nice link to the DM ‘boneyard’ photos. Saw a couple of planes/helos that could and should be of interest to our airforce/navy for possible purchase as EDAs – namely the Orion-P3 aircraft (for maritme surveillance/ASW for our navy), the CH-46 Sea Knight (for our navy- special forces insertion/medium airlift/ship -to-ship transfer of supplies/munitions etc) and the C-130s (tactical heavy airlift-for our airforce). Also saw some F-16s (I presume early production models) and F/A -18 legacy hornets- though I would steer clear of these fighters b/cos of possible problems with maintenace due to possibility of unecessary ‘sanctions/human-rights’ considerations. Once bitten twice shy.

  31. freeegulf says:

    Haha see my generals, ’em all they relish like kids in a candy store. Kai, naija, we too like awwoof.
    sha, shinning toys or not, we do need these machines. hopefully NAF brass will follow the same path as NN and go acquire the OH-6 cayuse, and the HU-25 Guardian. surveillance and recon assets are very much needed up north

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      The NN has recorded more air crashes of recent and alot has to be done to ensure smooth servicing and maintainance of incoming airframes. The airforce is highly professional and would suggest we include them in our tech team for H2 repairs. Moreso, the NN needs to partner with a renowned firm for repairs just as the airforce did and we reactivated some NAF airframes locally. As regards secrecy, pls note that Nigeria keeps acquiring weapons time after time and not to mention now that we have crisis in the north . Back then during the ND militancy, drones were being used to spot camps and all. We just need to develop our tech ability for precision purpose. Make maximum use of satellites and allow for integration with radar systems and all. We have achieved rocketry missile defence system to a range of 20km. Y not use drone or satellite identification System to get cordinates of BH camps, send ur missiles there sometimes instead of air assualt. Send troops for mop up. All these patterns complement Each other and thus, keeps the enemy running since he doesnt knw where, when what and who. As for pakistan pls study carefully and you will notice they have had alot of air crashes, from F7 to JF 17 thunder, military analyst attributed it to the type of airframes acquired mainly from china or made locally. Are we ready for that, i dont think so. I think we shd look elsewhere rather than using our few combat pilots for a test game. Angola recently signed a deal for Russia to develop its navy for a period of 20yrs. We all knw wat that means.

  32. Tope says:

    Oga Are James,

    Thanks so much for dat Link, from the Article it says 4700 aircrafts are presently parked in DM, Lord Jesus!!!! We shouldn’t think twice about this we must get as follows:

    200 Sea Knight and 100 for Spare Part and Training

    200 Seapsprite and 50 for Sparepart and training

    200 Orion P3 can also be Used for Surveillance and Command. And Control or ELINT

    100 HU-25 Guardian

    100 C-130s and 50 for Spare Parts

    200 A-10 and 50 for Training

    Giving a total of 1250 aircrafts lool, it might seemm outrageous but these things are just Rusting Away and some may be Refitted but its Free and u get it at Awoof price so why do we have to take dem in Trickles?

    With the A-10 we hv a COIN and Air Superiority Fighter in one Package omo I no fit shout!

    Let’s pray even if they get half of the numbers I’ve given we need this Airframes in LARGE Numbers.

    NN, NAF, NA pls take note.

  33. Yagazie says:

    @Tope, too much of a good thing is not good!! The A-10 aircraft was designed for ground attack (principally against enemy armoured formations) purposes only and cannot by any stretch of immagination be reconfirgured for use as an Air Superiority Fighter. Secondly if we purchase the various aircraft in the vast quantities you have suggested, we will have a SERIOUS storage problem coupled with the fact that a lot of the platforms will be surplus to requirements. What will we need 200 Orion-P3 aircraft for? Ditto 100 C-130 or 100 HU-25s? Do we even have that many pilots to fly these platforms if purchased in the numbers you have suggested, talk less of the ground crew to maintain them. In this instance, moderation in all things is called for.

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