Colonel(rtd)Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser

19 March, 2014

Turkish Airlines allegedly shipped
weapons to unknown groups in Nigeria, which has been ravaged by violence between the army and Boko Haram militants, a new incriminating phone call revealed on Tuesday.

The leaked conversation is the latest blow to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been hit by a corruption probe ensnaring his key allies and a widening phone-tapping scandal.

In a tape posted on YouTube, Mehmet
Karatas, an assistant executive of the
airline, allegedly tells Mustafa Varank, an advisor to Erdogan, that he feels guilty over national flag carrier’s arms shipment to Nigeria. “I do not know whether these (weapons) will kill Muslims or Christians. I feel sinful,” Karatas is allegedly heard saying.

The leaked call has the potential to harm the airline’s image — which is 49 percent state-owned and is in an aggressive push to become a global player. It is the latest in a series of recordings implicating Erdogan and his aides in corruption and other abuses of power ahead of crucial local polls on March 30.

The Turkish strongman has dismissed
most of the tapes as “vile” fakes put
together by rivals.


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  1. Are James says:

    Turkey and Qatar belong to the group of countries who maintain close relations with the West whilst pursuing a Jihadist inspired policy of destabilization of much of the third world with Muslim populations.It is like their own play at global domination and we should resist it within our region with great determination.

    Islam or no Islam, this people ultimately look down on black Africans.

    Erdogan’s agenda is clearly suspect. Having established credentials as the only Turkish leader to openly and robustly oppose Israeli policies against the Palestinians he continually overreaches himself trying to counter Shiite influence in Iraq and Israel at the same time. These wars are terrorism wars and are fought globally and Nigeria should not be a staging post.
    In this regard all attempts at ceasefire and rehabilitating ex Boko Haram members should be stopped immediately. We should resist all attempts to make Nigeria a staging post for terrorism or a country that has accepted to live with terrorism the way an HIV patient lives with the virus.

    Our outlook always should be of a Pan Africanist nature.

  2. igbi says:

    The tape in question,( record it fast bafore it gets taken down)

  3. asorockweb says:

    Let’s be carful about what we consider to be true.
    The west’s activist foot soldiers are on the march in the Ankara

  4. asorockweb says:


    • drag_on says:

      That’s why we have to investigate it thoroughly.Just we and turkey. We are not looking for a diplomatic spat with them, but we must find out if any shipment of weapons of any kind was made to our country illegally. We are close to an election year so it is plausible. We need to interview the Turkish Airline guy and(less likely) the P.Ms’ aide. We can’t let it pass without an explanation.

  5. Tope says:

    Is this a Malicious and Deliberate Attempt to Discredit Erdogan? Or Turkish Airlines? Or is dis True? We won’t know but we can clearly say is dat the SSS, NIA, DIA, DMI all need to Investigate Turkey and Turkish Airline to prove without Reasonable Doubt they did so? Such Movement leave behind forensic Trails dat can easily be followed…We must not let Crazy Geopolitics Affect us.

    This days USA, Russia, China, France, EU, Arabs are in Grabs for World Domination its High time we begin having Stiffer Foreign Policies, let’s bring on our Poker Face

  6. Solorex says:

    Question one- Who are the arms meant for?- Any Arm that is been shipped for by Turkish Airline is definitely not meant for militant and dissidents ( thinking logically), it will be too dangerous and stupid for an European country to support terrorist by shipping arms through our airport-that would have been the least sensible route.

    Question two- What does Turkey seek to gain? We know that we have had robust trades ( militarily and civil stuffs) with Turkey in the past decade ( bought 193 otokar Cobras during Objs tenure) and we also know that helping militants would surely damage future prospect

    I doubt the veracity of these claims strongly

    • igbi says:

      Sir i disagree with you and I would like to add that there are also airports in Nigeria’s neighbors, so a plane supplying boko haram doesn’t need to land in Nigeria.

    • drag_on says:

      That should not stop us from doing what is necessary, an investigation.

  7. Tope says:

    Hey Guys, the NSA Just Rolled out a Soft Approach Against Terrorism, Would paste the Link tell me what you think.


    Again I think our Defence Laws need to be changed Especially Reporting Structure so that the NSA is Something like the Secretary of Homeland Security ( if we are to go by USA Structure) While da Minister of Defence is da Secretary of Defense who has the Defence HQ aka Pentagon Report to it, Not the Way it is now that only da President Commands or Gives Operational Instructions to da DHQ, In da USA a Combatantt Commander Reports only to the Defense Secretary, Eliminating Middle Channels giving Strong Synergy and Operational Control but if u try it here it will be seen as Ego, Politics or Tribalism….such myopic thinking must stop

    • Are James says:

      I have said it here before that the Boko Haram militants will soon be on a FG monthly allowance. They will ride around in BMWs and wear Gucci sunglasses.

      • Are James says:

        The core Boko Haram will not be placated. They do not even know how to negotiate in the western context of what that means, they do not need your money, they do not need your peace and will not accept anything other than a strict Islamic way of life for the whole of Nigeria, West Africa and the whole of Africa.
        I can appreciate the NSA going through the motions of trying to do something but we need something like a Russian (Chechnya) kind of disposition to this problem.

    • asorockweb says:

      Our NSA is approaching the issue of terrorism intelligently.
      but we have to execute our policies forcefully, and that includes the “soft approach”

  8. Tope says:

    Oga Solorex, ur Best Friend today could become ur Worst Enemy tommorrow…….When Geopolitics happens it Destroys any Economic Bond between two countries, Right now EU and Russia are Dragging Ukraine ! If it can happen there Why nt here in Nigeria, A Sitting “duck” filled wit many “spices” ( Natural Oil annd Gas, Land, Acquatic and Wild Life, Minerals for Mining and Solid Extraction, cheap Labour Force etc Let us Welcome Everyone but With Swords in our Hands….look at the UK and USA where People will sweat just to get Visa, Dubai and UAE do not Offer any form of Permanent Residency, Some Like EU it takes 5-36 months to process applications because they have a Robust and Dynamic Foreign Policy, Here in Nigeria as long as u have da Money. U can bounce into Nigeria or Better still cross Borno. We need to Get our Immigration Laws Right by having a Comprehensive Database of Citizens.

  9. igbi says:

    Nigeria needs to have an aggressive foreign policy or this situation will show itself again. tribalism and corruption should be considered as crimes. There should be rewards for patriotism and bigots should never be allowed to prosper. Foreigners have too much liberty in Nigeria and our borders are still too wide open.

  10. Anas says:

    The turkish ambassador must hav a veri gud explanation 4 this crap after distabilizing syria with their extremists they hv shifted base nigeria God pass them

  11. jimmy says:

    Turkey has very robust relations with Nigeria nonetheless the NSA OFFICE and Nigeria’s equivalent of the CIA MUST INVESTIGATE this issue thoroughly with no bias involved let us see where the chips will fall.

  12. jimmy says:

    The NIGERIAN NAVY is reporting that they do indeed import weapons from Turkey.This is indeed A surprise as we are led to believe only the ocktar COBRAS come from them.Sipri to the best of my knowledge has not divulged any naval transactions concerning Nigeria and Turkey.

  13. Obix says:

    More on Turkey: A small Turkish naval flotilla is setting out on a three-month, 28-country circumnavigation of Africa…….http://www.eurasianet.org/node/68151

  14. buchi says:

    eroodgan wants to pour hotwater on himself.he is joking with his largest african patner.i have alwys said dt we nid to put a daring face in our foreign policy with even our west african neighbours.what about the murder of godwin a nigerian student at cape coast university ghana has the ghanian ambassador being sumonned or has an ultimatim being given to ghana to find the killers of him and countless other nigerians in ghana,togo etc.just the other day a nigerian was brutalizes by SA police.if it was not caught on cctv nothing would have happened still our consulate has done nothing to presurize the government to deal decicively with untold stories.in india a nigerian ws killed and fellow nigerians were arrested for protesting his death .until we deal with our foreign policy thrust we would never be taken serouzly by even chad.we should reduce to a minimum the free gifts we give these ecowas contries until they begin to agree to our conditions in any form.our broder economic and military sanction scope should be reviewed and improved.when we gain the much needed fear and respect we deserve then not even the USA can bypass us when it comes to africa.the sss and other inteligence agancies should investigate turkish airlines and their ambassador should be summoned.on our borders it would not be bad if we borrow a leaf fro isreal/gaza situation if we can wrap up at least n1 billon we can construct a standard se through fence around the federation with the army and border police.and immigration having lookout post and small bunkers around area dat ay seem remote since they have now woken up with proper supply routes and comunication lines.in my assesment now none of the security agents in the north (except dat person is a double agent or is an iliterate) would think of going after bribes as it has landed them in dis situation.it may sound like a joke but dat is the truth for most of them
    lng live FRN

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