A NAF Alpha Jet prepares for AFISMA air recce/border patrol in Niamey, Niger

A NAF Alpha Jet pilot prepares for an air recce/border patrol sortie

20 March, 2014

An air force fighter jet launched an
attack on a group of terrorists holding a meeting at Kayamla village of Konduga Local Government Area on Thursday killing at least 17 of them while several others were injured, a resident told DailyPost.

It was gathered that the group were
sighted holding a meeting with the
intention of re-launching another attack on residents of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. The military have continued to engage the insurgents following attack on Giwa Barracks last Friday.

DailyPost also gathered that there was tension at Polo GRA on Wednesday, following a rumour that the insurgents were coming to attack the area. Over 200 members of the sect were reportedly killed in the area during last Friday’s attack in Maiduguri.

A source at the State Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri, told DailyPost that so many corpses of the insurgents were brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, parents and students in
Maiduguri have decried the decision of the Borno State government to close all public schools in the state for fear of attacks by the Boko Haram. Mallam Buji Mallum, a father of 10, said the decision would demoralize youths that are attending schools and also embolden the terrorists whose aim according to him is to force normal life to a standstill.

“No right thinking person will query the decision of the people in government because they know things better, but honestly, the Boko Haram miscreants will feel they are winning the war. “There should be a way of sustaining schools; schools should continue running”, he said.

Madam Hannatu James said she cried
when she heard the news of the abrupt closure. “Yes, it is sad that students and other people are being killed by the Boko Haram but once schools are closed, the terrorists would intensify attacks on other people oriented policies”, she said.

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  1. Akin Oges says:

    “…the Boko Haram miscreants will feel they are winning the war. “There should be a way of sustaining schools; schools should continue running”. Now, that is the Nigerian spirit that I know. These Borno folks are really impressing me at the moment, big time. Thumbs up to the NAF flyboys. I suspect SF saw and invited the bird to pay a visit. Nice thing. Very nice. God protect and give wisdom to our boys at the frontline.

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    Now that there is sustained efforts to wipe out insurgents, we could close down schools for the time being. I must confess, the real battle against BH just started. Painfully, the battle is for the fighters alone, as we speak, no big shot have bn apprehended, yet BH receives millions and helo supplies time after time.

  3. Colonel says:

    REVEALED: How Boko Haram And Their Weapons Get Into The Country

    Category: POLITICS
    21 Mar 2014
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    It has been revealed that bandits and insurgents operating in the northern part of the country are brought in by helicopters along with their weapons of destruction most likely from foreign country countries.

    This was revealed at a senate meeting in Abuja yesterday.

    A debate was held following a motion moved by Senator Barnabas Gemade from Benue State over the spate of deadly violence in parts of the North.

    During the debate, Senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina revealed that attackers of some of the affected places were not local people but were air-dropped from somewhere else along with their supplies, adding that the local people claim seeing helicopters landing in thick forests and dropping off supplies for the bandits.

    Reacting to this, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe from Abia said Nigeria has the right to go after the attackers to the countries they are coming from since they already know that helicopters were used to bring in the insurgents.

    Many of the senators called for a decentralised policing system so that communities can protect themselves, adding that the rate of killings by Boko Haram insurgents and by other elements has reached an alarming state, and that there may be some hidden hands sponsoring the violence for some ulterior motives.

    It was learnt that some of the people once held in the camp of Boko Haram corroborated the stories of helicopters landing and taking off at the camps, providing arms and ammunition to the insurgents.

    Though it is yet unknown where the helicopters are coming from, a senior security official hinted that a possible place could be Libya and the disarray in Libya could be responsible.

    When contacted, Director of Defence Information Major General Chris Olukolade said the relevant security and intelligence network in the country are already working on this information.
    Sources: news, Daily Trust

  4. jimmy says:

    OGA GT8 I AM MORE THAN CERTAIN some high value targets have been captured the one that we have confirmed with pictures is the butcher. There are others that the SECURITY officers for reason of turning then into double agents have refused to name , and there are others like the news we have just heard have now been sent to hell .
    Oh this is the ultimate form of intel when they are gathered at a meet not realizing till the moment that hell beckons.
    Congrats to the NAF
    This to me smells increasingly like what I would label PRECISION GUIDED MISSILES .
    This is begin to dawn on me that Nigeria is ramping up procurement on scale that is not being captured on sipri. They are buying stuff.

    • Are James says:

      I agree that it seems some of the new stuff acquired a few months back must have included precision targeting gear for the Alpha Jet.

  5. Tope says:


    Nigerian Army Captures Boko Haram Weapon Supplier, He is a Cameroonian National….he was captured in Kalabalge Area of Borno State

    Click on the Link to Read More

  6. jimmy says:

    oga TOPE
    How now can you please give us the link again the one you gave us we can not click on.

    • igbi says:

  7. Anas says:

    My ogas reports r filtering in that boko haram r usin. Helos to move supplies to theirs bases ni tried to share d link but its nt goin thru perhap can further elaborate on this tnx

    • jimmy says:

      Highly unlikely But you can declare your sources.

    • cutievik says:

      Heard the reports too,I even heard some villagers around BH enclaves reported seeing some helicopters making deliveries to BH,if this is true it should be thoroughly investigated!,this trails should be followed decisively to pin point countries and sponsors of this dastardly group,Bt the question remains with the govt’s body language towards naming sponsors and supporters of this bastards that spill innocent blood “does this Govt really want this scourge to end” Give Nigerians three names of prominent sponsors and see what happens….

  8. buchi says:

    a well executed operation.i bet dat more recon flights would begin to yield targets and would leave a strong message for da BH boys dt u can run but u cnt hide from the sky.i am a strong lover of NAF and am preparing to apply just hope i can fulfil my dream of flying.i also want to harp on the need to enhance our existing platforms.the attack helicopter such as the hinds should coplement the efforts of the capable alfa jets.i hve always harped on the need to improve our RARC(rapid air reinforcement capability) using more of the helos to transport our troops to hot LZs so as to reduce the response time of our ground troops.this measure would provide pincer support for already existing troops or engagement for Bh elements awaiting the ground support units while engaging with aerial cover provided for the mean time by the helos.i read some where dat ibb purchsed abt two chinook choopers wayback.oga beeg wat is the status of these choopers as they are highly needed for this kind of measure.i guess they can carry two squads(abouts 15 to 20 guys) i stand corrected.a couple of msng blackbird choopers can also be purchased as they are outstanding in desert conditions.
    our interception capacity needs to be improved nw.the alpha jet is indeed proving its mettle alngside the l-39 but a 4g jet in su-grippen ,mig 29 or F-16 /18 falcon or hornet is needed to give us an aerial push on the continent.but existing platform should also be updated and maintained since we now have the capacity to service the alpha jets in nigeria modification and new varients should bought and maintained
    lng live NAF

    • giles says:

      my broda we don’t need d blackhawk birds, mi171/mi8 or mil 35 will do d job.western aircraft are jst too expensive and overrated

      • jimmy says:

        Point of correction with much respect.western aircraft that we currently use are the Alpha jets the G222 and the c130s.These are the current workhorses of the NAF. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • buchi says:

        u are indeed quite rite however,ur suggestion is also highly iportnt to i for fact know dat the mi helos has a lot of rep in the afghan invasion and other soviet mission.but my maim concern when we ask for new platforms is to develop maintainance capcity first be4 purchase.western purchse always coe with a condition u knw.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah Oga Buchi,
      the military maneuver is called vertical envelopment.

      Just as you described, simply closing in on enemy from the air. Helicopter mobile troops in this case.
      Vertical envelopment was first seen by the French in the Algerian war, but truly came of age in the Vietnam war.

      If NA trains a unit of skilled helicopter pilots, then with company sized, battalion sized and even brigade sized units, they become experts in this very dangerous, yet very effective maneuver, finding, fixing and destroying BH and those murderous Fulani herdsmen would only be a matter of a few months.

    • Are James says:

      You are right. At some point we would need to act like Israel and take out supply bases or helicopter launching posts in Northern Cameroon, Chad or even Niger Republic.
      The Alpha Jet does not have the range and the F7NI probably drops out of the sky on the way to the target. A squadron of 4/4.5 generation fighters is a prime requirement for fulfilling this kind of mission. These aircraft also have good standoff attack capabilities that will save hundreds of lives of our servicemen; the SU 30Mk for instance apart from long range attack capability with super precision missiles and rockets can also let go of accurate volleys of 27mm fire from 2 miles to target. The ROI of the latest generation aircraft is just too impressive that we are still wondering what our slow, dull, money grabbers in Abuja are doing.

  9. buchi says:

    oga james u are very correct but u seemed to have forgotten dat a jet fighter which is not on interception missions carrying strike c packges nd flying at 11000 to 12000 feet with extra fuel tanks can make bck to cameroun and out.put our alfa jets in dat position and they will run riot not talk of the fact dat we have air bases in border states.with those light aircrft in this specs we cn fly to at lest the fringes of CAR and only when there a situation calling for a dog fight dat the real problem begins but for air to surface attcks they cn go.leave the F-7s as airguard jets theys assements is highly correct oga Are james.

  10. buchi says:

    can somebody educte me pls on the status of the chinook helicopters and is it true dat we have placed a bid for the two retired german navy frigates

  11. chucks says:

    At times I wonder the wisdom behind the well known secrecy of our military. Yesterday, I had an informal meet with my ‘contact’ that is very close to this ‘VIP’ mentioned in one of my previous post, he told me in clear terms that some of the hardware have been secretly delivered and awaiting proper induction while some are being refitted and re-armed in a ‘small country somewhere’ and some being ‘discussed’ with relevant authorities on a govt to govt basis. But my concern was the secrecy associated with the procurement considering we are in the middle of a war and such information would act as a morale booster for our officers and men in the frontline. Guys guess the answer!..’Na their way o’. Gentlemen, does anyone have an idea on why this un neccessary and irritating secrecy? I tire ooo

  12. chucks says:

    Sorry the beeg one. I posted this info on the other thread. U can delete it

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