An Otokar Cobra APC on urban counterterrorism counterinsurgency patrols

An Otokar Cobra APC on urban counterterrorism counterinsurgency patrols

18 March, 2014

Troops on patrol in Gujba Local
Government of Yobe state has killed eight suspected terrorists and wounded several others.

A statement by the Director Defence
Information, Major-General Chris
Olukolade, says the terrorists were
ambushed on their way to attack Ganiri Community. It says arms were taken from the suspected terrorists, while a soldier was wounded in the encounter.

According to the Defense Headquarters,troops operating around Gamboru Ngala and Dikwa Local Government Areas towards the Nigerian borders with Chad and Cameroon have been discovering
weapons hidden by the suspected terrorists in farms and cemeteries.


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  1. doziex says:

    Bravo to our military for the aggressive patrols, which is the only way to disrupt the insurgents in their plotting phase, before an attack.

    We should start to equip mechanised and armored brigades backed by mobile artillery, MLRS and Air strikes for cross border assaults into Cameroun and chad.

    They must know, that they don’t have forever to disallow BH bases on their territorry.

  2. chucks says:

    The beeg one, forgive me for trying to derail this thread. Is the ‘AK’ rifles the standard issue for the tri service

    • AreJames says:

      Most self respecting Nigeian Infantry men would use the FN G3.
      The AK 47, AK 74 and AKM are relatively new introductions.

  3. chucks says:

    Its an open question please not for beeg alone

  4. beegeagle says:

    In the present time, Oga Chucks, the AK-47 dwarfs all other rifles in terms of deployment. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, the FN-FAL and G3 ruled the roost. That was what you invariably saw with our troops who fought in Liberia and Somalia at that time.

    These days, the G3 is practically off the rack – consigned to storage. You might recall that when the Armed Squad of the NSCDC was taking off in 2012, the outgone GOC 1 Mechanised Division in June of that year, General GA Wahab presented 5,000 G3 rifles hitherto used by 1 Div troops, to the NSCDC for use by their Armed Squad.

    Everywhere you go these days, well over 75% of NA troops visiibly wield AK47s. As a matter of fact, about three or four years ago, 73,000 AK47 rifles were imported from China and this is logged in SIPRI records.

    FN-FAL and G3 are getting consigned to the Nigerian military’s past. I doubt that the FN-FAL accounts for even 15% of rifle holdings these days. As for the G3, it is a fading totem from yore, consigned to the realm of memories.

    Do not forget that the Made-in-Nigeria OBJ-2006 is an AK derivative while Poly Technologies of China are also DICON partners whose intervention will not exclude AK rifles, GPMGs and RPGs.

    For now, it is the AK47 which rules our roost by a country mile. Nothing else nearly comes close in terms of numbers wielded. Even the Customs and Immigration are also stepping away from their mainstay FN and G3 rifles and moving towards the AK.

    Remember that the Customs imported two choppers and inducted 400 4WD vans and 5,000 AK rifles in 2012? They also have two 24 metre patrol craft coming from South Africa for their marine unit which reportedly had revived 55 of their 60 patrol boats as of 2012?

    • Are James says:

      That’s a massive haul for Customs but not too surprising when you remember that in some fiscal years they take about 5% of Nigeria’s IGR in commissions.

  5. Tope says:

    We understand the Geo Security Climes makes them choose the AK-47 simply cos its Rugged Rugged and in abundance wielded by both Insurgents and Security Forces but I think we need new mordern Rifles, we know the SSS and Special Forces wield Tavor 21s but I would expect the Planned Army Special Force Command to hv Different Weapon Cadre and Of Course Develop dia own Ammunition.

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