A Nigerian Navy seaman mans a 20mm weapon

A Nigerian Navy seaman mans a 20mm weapon onboard a stealth Sea Eagle Mk.II Offshore Patrol Craft

WorldStage Newsonline
21 March 2014

The Nigerian Navy, Central Naval Command (CNC), has impounded a vessel loaded with 2,332,000 litres of stolen crude oil and arrested six suspected oil thieves.

The Flag Officer Commanding, CNC, Rear Admiral Peter Agba, on Thursday said the suspected stolen crude oil was in excess of N1 billion. Agba, in a statement read by the Command Operations Officer, Cdre Bamidupe Babagbale, said the ship, MT CERGEN was intercepted and seized along Fish Town waterways, Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, Bayelsa State.

He said original name of the ship which was arrested with six Nigerian crew members is MT. MARISA. It was gathered that 10 persons were onboard the ship, but four of them including the captain, escaped.

Agba said: “The captain of the ship was unable to tender relevant documents such as Nigerian Port Plc nomination bunkering permit and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s nomination for crude oil lifting. They deleted the original name MT MARISA and changed it to MT CERGEN.

“The Central Naval Command has commenced investigation into the source of the suspected crude oil on board the vessel.”

A leader of the group, who identified himself simply as Temitope, claimed that he was convinced to embark on the journey when the captain showed him papers authorising the ship to carry diesel.

Temitope, an indigene of Ekiti State, said, “At the beginning of the journey, the captain showed me the papers authorizing them to carry AGO (diesel) and I believed it was diesel that was inside the vessel. “But when we were arrested, it was discovered that instead of diesel, it was crude oil that was there.”

The FOC said the Naval Base Warri, NNS Delta, destroyed more than 150 illegal refineries last week. He said the Navy Forward Operating Base (FORMOSO) in Escravos destroyed such refineries at Ugbegudu, while the base in Yenagoa burnt many many others around Amassoma.

He said: “The foregoing arrest and destruction of illegal refineries underscore the determination of the Nigerian Navy and Central Naval Command in particular, to completely eradicate oil theft, illegal bunkering and other maritime illegalities in Nigerian waters.

“This further demonstrates the zero tolerance of the Chief of Naval Staff against oil theft. “Consequently, I hereby warn intending criminals to change their minds and do something worthwhile, viable and free from illegality as there is nowhere to hide in this command.”


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  1. Henry says:

    Are these PIPAVAV OPV’s really for nigeria?

    This year’s indian defence expo featured many defence equipments from across india and other foreign defence manufacturers. India’s PIPAVAV showed models of it’s OPV’s, including a particular type, which the company says has been ordered by both the Indian government, and “4” export versions to an unknown country. Yet again Nigeria pops up as the possible unknown country.

    Last year I shared a SIPRI arms transfer report which showed that nigeria could be the customer of 4 PIPAVAV OPV’s. Many of us (beegeagle’s bloggers) have on quite a significant instances dispelled this particular report as an un-substantiated rumour, but yet again we have been named as possible unknown customers this time at an indian defence expo.

    Question is, are we getting these OPV’s from india?

  2. Yagazie says:

    Nice work by the officers and men of the navy’s Central Naval Command. However – how did the Captain and four crew members escape?

  3. Kay says:

    All these series of oil thefts are becoming alarming. 2 million barrels? Abeg, all in the name of pacification, $130 million was handed out to Tompolo to collectively guard our waterways from such theft…yet it’s like the catch is becoming bigger year on year. How many oil thieves has he caught and all?

    Pray tell how much naval assets that $130 million would have bought?
    Good job by the Navy btw.

  4. Tope says:

    Hey Guys heads up, Nigerian Port Authoritty Donates 20 million dollars Worth of Patrol Craft to Nigerian Navy. I would like oga Beeg to check this out. I read it online forgotten da Link or I would hv pasted it but I guess we can check it out.

    As Regards Tompolo Contract wit NIMASA me I dnt know again ooo……how is his Company Deployed? Why is it da Navy has been Apprehending dis Oil thieves like Water n dis guys hv been “lazy” is dis “compensation” hmmmm its no longer funny, I guess its because no one has been sentenced to death yet. Maybe once we begin Killing Oil Thieves and dia Accomplices ,tins will change

    • drag_on says:

      The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has donated three patrol boats worth 20 million dollars to the Nigerian Navy (NN) in a bid to boost the force’s capability at sea, safeguard the nation’s maritime domain and check maritime illegalities……..
      …..The boats, a 32-metre OCEA and two 17-metre MANTA class boats, were built in South Africa and handed over to the navy at the Western Naval Command (WNC), headquarters, Apapa in Lagos……
      …….He said, “The OCEA was named NNS DORINA (P101), while the MANTA boats were named NNS TORIE (P258) and NNS EGEDE (P259). With their unique operational features and capacities, the boats will augment navy’s search and rescue fleet…….

  5. Tope says:

    Sir Henry,

    As much as I like to think its Nigeria I doubt it, Reason?

    1. The Nigerian Navy Budget would hv made Mention of it, 4 OPVs can’t just be hidden, No matter how Secretive we are.

    2. If the Fanfare of our 2 new OPVs from China is anytin to go buy then Same would hv been said for India instead our order for 4 OPVs according to SG-02 has been met by 2 OPvs from China and 2 OPVs from USA da Gallatin and MC Donnell.

    • Are James says:

      The Navy budget is just a piece of paper with printed matter on it.
      A number of organizations in Nigeria could actually be paying for these OPVS:
      NNPC, NIMASA, NPA, PICOMMS you name it.

  6. cutievik says:

    @Are james,that’s true tho,but all this speculation no go give man B.P abeg the person way talk say seeing is believing no lie..”Lolz

  7. Tope says:

    @Are lool our Nigerian Armed Forces sef…….Secretive Bunch…..A lot of dem will make good Foreign Spies. Cos we no dey talk pim! But if dose Pipavav deal goes through we are looking at. 8 OPVs and 8 Helicopter Gunships to Reflect it. Lending Credence to the Shopping Spree our navy wants to embark on.

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