22 March, 2014

The Nigerian Military Forces has regained the Mandara Mountains in Borno State, which has served as one of the major enclaves to the outlawed Islamist sect, Boko Haram. The soldiers have been able to reclaim the insurgents’ stronghold due to its intensified assault on the insurgents across the Northeast.

An unspecified number of insurgents
were killed in sustained raids in and
around the mountains while about 60
were arrested. The troops are still combing the mountains to fish out Boko Haram leaders and fighters believed to be hiding there.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, both of whom have temporarily relocated to Borno State, are personally leading land and air assaults against the sect in Borno.

In the midst of the gains, the Defence
Headquarters confirmed on Friday its
arrest of a suspected terrorist who claims to be a Cameroonian and an arms courier for Boko Haram. The arrest of the suspect has led to the
discovery of a large cache of arms and
ammunition hidden in the premises of a burnt church. Some of the recovered arms were anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled guns, General Purpose and other brands of machine guns.

A top military source,shedding light on the capture of Mandara Mountain
said :”As I talk to you, our troops have
captured Mandara Mountains and they are combing the caves in the place to smoke out the terrorists. “During the encounters, many insurgents were killed and an appreciable number of
them arrested.

“Since Tuesday, Chief of Army Staff, Lt.
Gen. Kenneth Minimah and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu have been directly in charge of the operations. While the Air Chief is guiding the air operation, the chief of army staff is leading the land campaign.

“So, you can see that these service chiefs are providing leadership for the troops in order to ensure that we win the war against the insurgents.”

Asked about a letter purportedly written by Boko Haram to the military threatening to attack Maimalari Barracks,the source said: “The military authorities
have not been informed of that but it won’t be strange if they do so because that is their pattern. “They are certainly frustrated because as
the operation is continuing their fighters are dying and many members of the Boko Haram have been arrested.

“So far, more than 60 insurgents have been arrested in the last five days. We are still on the trail of more of them.”

Also, the Defence Headquarters on Friday confirmed the arrest of a Cameroonian who is said to be central to the operation and management of Boko Haram

Spokesman for DHQ, Gen. Chris Olukolade, said: “The arrest of a terrorist who claims to be a Cameroonian and an arms courier
for the group has led to the discovery of a large cache of arms and ammunition hidden in the premises of a burnt church.

“The weapons, which have now been recovered by troops include anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled guns as well as the General Purpose and other brands of
machine guns , were found buried in the premises of one of the churches earlier burnt by terrorists in Kalabalge Local Government Area of Borno state.

“Also recovered from the location were thousands of ammunition and links. “The middle aged man who led troops on the cordon and search operation towards the recovery was one of the terrorists
captured in recent raids”.

Olukolade said that the weapons were stockpiled to be used in a pending attack on some communities around Nigeria-
Cameroon border. The weapons have all been evacuated while guard locations and patrols are
being maintained in the general area and the surrounding localities. The military claims could not be
independently verified.

On the operation in Borno State, the DHQ said: “ troops have continued with various operations assigned to the formations
involved in the counter terrorist
campaign. “The caves of a particular mountain captured overnight are undergoing a thorough search for terrorists who are believed to have fled there in the wake of the ongoing offensive on various terrorist enclaves. Arms are also the object of the cordon and search.

“The Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Kenneth Minimah has been checking on deployment and troops disposition in various locations of the theatre of the counter terrorist campaign in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

“The Army Chief who is in company of his Air Force counterpart, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, also visited troops who were wounded in the course of the operation so far, in the Military Hospital in

“The Chiefs were assured by the
commander of the Hospital, Brig-Gen Okeke that most of the wounded soldiers were in stable condition and that some who have recovered very well, expressed
their desire to rejoin their units and colleagues in the operation.

“The army chief however directed that the hospital should not hesitate to let him know the requirement for any case requiring referral or further treatment

“The service chiefs are also undertaking a comprehensive air surveillance of the entire mission area in addition to the direct inspection of some key locations
where operations are being conducted.”


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  1. drag_on says:

    Well-done.keep up the the pressure.

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    This is the game I have always crave for. Speak the war language, win the propaganda war and dominate the battle space. kudos

  3. cutievik says:

    Watching NTA network news yesterday I had seen this report wat really tripped me about it was when I saw the COAS and his counterpart CAS disembarking from our enhanced suvelliance plane,it was also reported that they took a tour of the three states under the SOE,isn’t that just beautiful?? That’s to tell u the military is capable of putting equipments into good use if they are provided with such to enhance their combact superiority..

  4. asorockweb says:

    The MANDARA MTS is along the northern part of the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

    This sketch from the 1800s shows the entire mountain range.
    The western side of the almost circular range is along the border.

  5. jimmy says:

    Music to my EARS the AIR FORCE CHIEF AND THE ARMY CHIEF lock step in tandem coming out of the same SURVEILLANCE aircraft ( What was that rule again about Two generals not being in the same AIRCRAFT oh it got thrown out the window)
    This is a war like no other war that Nigeria has fought even before independence. History will record this WAR AS AN UNORTHODOX one.
    Two weeks ago i mentioned that there has been a complete change in the way of thinking and the way of action. This is what i have prayed for and begged for take the FIGHT to the Enemy. There is a well known proverb that is being used here ” The child that does not allow his/ her parents to sleep, that Child also will not get any sleep.
    This past week we saw the special forces and regular troops completely take over Sambisa Forests now we hear the good news about MANDARA Mountains.Please keep up the good news and ESTABLISH a joint ARMY/ AIR FORCE base @ BAMA even a battalion size barracks if our next door neighbor does not like just rename it part of the mjtf ( BUT REALLY WHO CARES?).

  6. beegeagle says:

    Good one.

    It is clear that the extinct volcanic Mandara Mts which straddles the Nigeria-Cameroon frontier and with its many caves is a hideout for BH. They have always sought a foothold there and in the very similar Gwoza Hills to the north…which is where the Mobile Police Training Centre is based. The terrorists must be denied a foothold in the mountains.

    A decade ago, there was a standoff in these mountains.

  7. beegeagle says:



    • asorockweb says:

      Why Nigerian governors are meeting in Washington to discuss security and development is the real question here.

  8. asorockweb says:

    Better topographical map of Nigeria

  9. beegeagle says:

    Oga Asorock, we said sometime last year that our foreign friends are “over-engaging” with our politicos and civil society. They are not a parallel government. For the long term, it would be important not to be seen to be undermining the authority of the government of the day. We said this at a time when the EU community were rubbing minds with the ACF at Kaduna while the British Consul was meeting with the ACN at Tinubu’s house in Lagos.

    Nigerian states are not diplomatic entities. So encouraging governors to convene a meeting abroad under whatever well-meaning or surreptitious reason is no way to go. The diplomatic community need to maintain a dignified distance from Nigeria’s internal affairs lest they soon become a part of the problem. The BBC have already fallen neck-deep into that trap by becoming the unofficial mouthpiece of one half of the country, compromising their objectivity by being infinitely amenable to whatever suits the interest of that part of the country. It is so bad these days that the transcribed version of street-level vendetta has now become the news.

    It is the propensity of the Western media and diplomats towards “cultivating influence” in any way fathomable which leads to situations that suggest meddling in the host countries’ internal affairs. And Nigerians remain a fiercely independent lot. So antics such as these amount to overkill and would sooner become baggage.

    I do realise that this could be one of the manifestations of the workings of the security roundtable of the U.S-Nigeria BiNational Commission but it has conveniently become what appeared like abetting a gang-up. And because we are in Nigeria, this agglomeration from the same part of the country which tolerated BH until it became a national malaise, are sure to draw flak from the predominantly christian South and Middle Belt. That further polarises the country. So these externals need to lay off the beaten path to nowhere. Good intentions are not nearly enough to justify this.

    This is precisely why if the favoured APC presidential candidate, famous for his iron principles, single-mindedness and rigidity ever comes to power, the loss of influence by the West in Nigeria would be confounding. The man would just shut down and do his thing with Brazil, Russia and China.

    This effort, possibly well-intentioned, smacked of naivette. A LOT of Nigerians will be very angry about it all. Nigerians have always seen the West as a part of the problem in Nigeria, going back to the time when our looted national wealth was stashed away in Western financial institutions.

    This effort does not help matters since it looks like a mardigras of political malcontents opposed to the FG purportedly led by an ‘outsider’. America do not want to be seen to be the instigator here. That is a very likely interpretation given her real or imagined dalliance with or open support for ‘activists’ and anti-government elements everywhere from Tunisia to Syria, Libya to Zimbabwe, Turkey to Egypt, Qatar to Ukraine.

    In the process of trying too hard to be loved, America risk losing influence in those parts of Nigeria where she enjoys a soft landing on account of culture-related affinity. Read my lips.

  10. beegeagle says:


  11. lordfej says:

    the lunatic has started ranting again. Please permit me to post a transcript
    this is the full text of the latest message from the Boko Haram leader, ABUBAKAR SHEKAU. The transcribed message, which was delivered in Hausa and in Kanuri, reads as follows:

    “Of course there is no doubt about it; we carried out the attacks in Maiduguri and we were responsible for the other attacks being carried out all over. But the Giwa Barracks attack is something worth telling, because Allah has helped us to kill his enemies in Giwa Barracks. We launched the Maiduguri attacks and killed infidels in Giwa Barracks.

    But specifically, I will devote half of my speech to the issue of Civilian JTF. Your name is not Civilian JTF but Civilian Trouble. My advice to you so-called Civilian-JTF is to flee, take up arms, get conscripted into the army or police, because I am telling you is that I have started a war against you. The war against you has just begun.

    In this world, there are two kinds of people; there are those who are with us or those who are against us, and the latter group are those I’ll kill once I spot them. From now on, my focus of attack is going to be the Civilian-JTF.

    Let the Civilian-JTF know that this is me, Shekau talking. You will now really understand the person called Shekau. You don’t know my madness, right? It is now that you will see the true face of my madness. I swear by Allah’s holy name that I will slaughter you. I will not be happy if I don’t personally put my knife on your necks and slit your throats. Yes! I’ll slaughter you! I’ll slaughter you! And I’ll slaughter you again and again.

    I call on all my followers and brethren wherever you are, to rise and take up arms and start killing the vagabond. Kill them, kill them and kill them. Now our religion and our way of worship is nothing but killings, killings and killings! Kill and slaughter but don’t eat them. You should spare the old, women, the lunatic, and the repentant.

    You only succeeded in arresting innocent civilians in the city, placing tyres on their necks and setting them alight. By Allah, I will kill you. Killing is my job. Let’s kill them all, we’d rather leave this world. Let the whole world perish! May Allah curse you!

    Oh! Allah, they are your servants but are they are assisting (Goodluck) Jonathan, they are your servants who pray but are humouring the Koran, they are your servants but are assisting Clinton and Obama.

    Allah gave us the courage to break into Giwa Barracks (where) we killed and we burnt. We rescued over 2,000 of our brethren, and most of them Commanders!…One of them even took up a gun and started fighting there. They all got away.

    Glory be to Allah. The world has changed! Work has started. And for your information, western education is forbidden. University is forbidden, you should vacate university! You should leave university, I hate university. You should quit university, I hate it, bastard.

    Western education is totally forbidden. Girls, you should return to your homes. In Islam, it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due course we will start taking women away and sell in the market.

    We carried out the Maiduguri attack. And those you killed included freed detainees who were not our members but ordinary people who on being freed headed to town, thinking they were safe. They were dressed in shorts and when you encountered them you mistook them for us and killed them. This was what really happened.

    We rescued all of our brethren, we gave them clothing, shelter, vehicles, food and all they needed….Our brethren are in good state, we thank God.
    “Nigerians, let me let you know that you are in serious disaster. Don’t think we are northerners, because you are misunderstanding the whole thing.

    Let me make it crystal clear to you save you from unnecessary distorted newspapers and the radio analysis on issues you don’t understand. We are not fighting the north, we are fighting the world. And you will see us fighting the world. This is our job.

    I promise that we will kill all your (Muslim) clerics. Just like I killed Albani and it was splashed all over the newspapers. I’ll kill them all. Who was Albani, he was nothing. I’ll kill all of them. I’ll spare none but who follow Allah and the Prophet. Whoever follows Jews and the west is my enemy.

    My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or the south-south, wherever you are, commence attacks. Even as an individual, take up your swords and slaughter anyone you come across in his sleep.

    My brethren, take up knives and start slaughtering people. Just pick up your knife and break into homes and kill. I heard some people asking Jonathan to relocate to the northeast to take charge of the fight against us, but let me tell you, Jonathan is too small, let even Obama, the President of America relocate to Nigeria and take charge, we will not be deterred”- ABUBAKAR SHEKAU, SUPREME COMMANDER OF BOKO HARAM, PREMIUM TIMES, 24th MARCH, 2014.

    • Are James says:

      Ok so this guy is feeling the heat and the CJTF has become very impactful against his operations.
      I think increased air borne surveillance of the ground will soon reveal his location. All suspected locations should be subjected to long periods of bombing, one of the reasons why a combat jet capable of a weapon load of 8000ibs
      Need for increased security for UNIMAID with units from outside the 7th division and JTF.
      Deployment of light attack choppers will provide quicker and more agile response to any attacks on soft targets our MI34s my have all been sold off so its maybe revived BO105s, AS550s and A109LUH

    • asorockweb says:

      It’s usually not good practice to post the FULL content of a terrorist message – that is just helping him to spread his message.

      • jimmy says:

        oga Aso rock
        Much respect for your comments ,Normally i would agree with you no questions no shaking they say empty barrel makes the loudest noise. They are now reduced to bombing market places full of WOMEN AND CHILDREN HOW SOFT A TARGET CAN YOU GET? BH is feeling the heat and are not accustomed to this type of relentless pressure. Death from the skies ,death form land , death at anytime. Shekau’s acknowledgement of the CTJF is a damming indictment that the secret support he had amongst some misdirected youth has gone poof? now like the proverbial enemy he has to fight on two fronts.
        Finally it is good you publish his whole message LORD FEJ threatening the President of Nigeria and the U.S. will really endear to those “do gooders” Back on a serious note his demonic messages must be produced so we can see what future they HAD planned for our sisters, daughters, aunts and mothers.
        God bless Nigeria

      • asorockweb says:

        When Boko Haram attacks a village, the villagers and the local people are terrorized.

        When we then spread the Boko Haram press release that follows, we give Boko Haram the opportunity to terrorize the rest of the population.

        The discerning analyst may read between the lines and gleam useful information from a Boko Haram press release, but the target audience for these messages are the common folk and the BH supporters.

        Boko Haram kills so that they can be tomorrow’s headline news, let be cautious about how we spread their words.

  12. jimmy says:

    I really , really wanted to avoid discussing anything with this issue of the 12 GOVERNORS GOING TO WASHINGTON. But i will discuss it us because I believe IF MYSELF AND OGA DOZIEX who follow intensely issues between the relationships” especially the ups and down humpty- dumpty-goodnow-frenemies- later- friends- now -bringing- personal- letter- from- the president- to -GEJ -relationship ” is what I would call the road to hell is paved through GOOD BUT NAIVE intentions.
    There are at least two WELL KNOWN presidential wannabes in this ENTOURAGE that went to this well known junket the most vocal being Gov Muritala Nyako which makes this highly suspect.
    America needs to stop playing these naive games ” please just conduct a free and fair ELECTION and import A MASSIVE MARSHALL PLAN BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE poor” it is very dangerous , paternalistic and condescending . This is not the be all one size fits all solution.
    Let me stress this there is a BI- National security commission between the US and Nigeria any question about the security / lapses/ victories / or whatever could / should be discussed there.
    This was a meaningless meeting where some frustrated minds got together on both sides of the Atlantic the naivety comes where it is held at the white house with the NSA of the US involved.
    The climax of the meeting according to sources came with the Ambassador shouting at the GOV NYAKO to please provide names, maybe he should of asked MRS RICE to do otherwise who knows ? sometimes a falling out between friends is good when they reconcile the bad blood between them has been washed away.
    Nigeria is going to win this war , Nigeria will conduct an election come 2015, BUHARI will not even be nominated to run for President, Maybe GEJ or Nyako or one of the other 12 will be President. Next time they want to hold a peace summit or whatever name they give it , : A word of gentle advice to MRS RICE pick up the phone and call your counterpart.

  13. jimmy says:
    OGA BEEGS I have an idea for the future can we have a thread on the SF I know we have done one in the past at least a year ago on the SBS OF THE NAVY but we have not done anything especially on the army and most recently the air force.

  14. ozed says:

    I guess this answers our questions about the whereabouts of our Hind Helicopters?
    Hope NAF is planning to replace them.

    • drag_on says:

      Those are ‘hermit’ helicopters, mi34, Our Hinds are mi24(russian) and mi35m(export version ordered for this year). A sad sight though.

    • Are James says:

      Robinson replaces for basic chopper training. However for training/certification to fly MI 24/35/171 I think that one would be done abroad until further notice.

  15. buchi says:

    oga beegeagel dont mind the us their little wahala with russia over crimea hasnt really showed the pepper as much as the us is an effective partner in our security challenges that ancient urge of sectionalism and what thomas jefferson would call cut out is still very much in their policy.i know that they would love nothing more than to treat us like iraq.cudos to my country for standing strong.stimes i ask my self is the US trying to use this incident to justify the fact that we refused to let them establish is africom base in nigeria(it is now based in djibouti)
    looking at the trends especially their funding and weapons obtainment of BH i may be tempted to say dat i smell the hands of the CIA in dis cos they are capable of for the NG governors.i hope they have all come to senses but they should respect out sovereignity and perfor their actions with dignity.and pls i would shrewdly call for the arrest of former borno state gov ali modu sherrif for christ sake the seed he sowed has now become a weed and he is still a free man wetin.he should be no 1 suspect cooling of like sen ali ndume in custody.i will say it again and again we should resist any move by foreigners to dictate our decisions or our developent

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