Cameroonian military forces


YAOUNDE (Reuters)
20 March, 2014

Cameroon will send 700 soldiers to its northeastern border as part of a regional force to tackle armed groups in an area where Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram operates, Defence Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o said on Thursday.

At a two-day meeting in Cameroon’s
capital Yaounde, defence ministers from the six-nation Lake Chad Basin
Commission (LCBC) agreed to establish the multinational force to improve security in the lawless zone.

The infiltration of Boko Haram militants into Cameroon’s Far-North region, which they use as a launch pad for attacks in Nigeria, has led to mounting insecurity there. Rebels are believed to be hiding among an influx of refugees from Nigeria.

Ngo’o said details of the multinational force would be established at a summit in Niger’s capital Niamey this year. “Cameroon has decided to provide a contingent of 700 soldiers for this unit of the LCBC,” Ngo’o said. “But we believe
each country should keep its troops
within its own borders.”

Sanusi Imran Abdullahi, LCBC executive secretary, had requested that member countries quickly put in place a multinational force to reimpose order in the region.

A Cameroon soldier was killed by
suspected Boko Haram militants in
Fotokol in the Far-North region, close to the border with Nigeria, last month. As well as the threat from Boko Haram, the area has become a crossroads for weapons trafficking to Nigeria, Sudan and Central African Republic. Cameroon’s military detained a man attempting to transport 655 guns to Nigeria in January.

The LCBC was created in 1964 by the four countries bordering Lake Chad –
Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria – and was later joined by Central African Republic and Libya, according to its website.


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  1. jimmy says:

    “But we believe each country should keep its troops within its own borders.”
    It is too late for that denying that your house is full of COACROACHES even the pest exterminator is at your door IS LAUGHABLE. This would be a funny joke but for the fact that A Cameroonian is reputedly one of the top men in boko haram arrested last week Thursday in the thick of things WHO HAS NOW LED SPECIAL FORCES to a complex layer of heavy weapons caches it is hard to keep saying these are aberrations when the type ,calibre and quantity of weapons recovered is truly Troubling.
    This has to be a test case for the Nigerian security and legal forces he has to be tried and if convicted and if any of the weapons have proven especially to be used on the attack of the children massacred at the F.G. unity school then special circumstances leading up to the death penalty should follow .
    Nigeria legally has to wake up and confront not just the mere foot soldier but people like the Cameroonian who come and are merchants of death and destruction.

  2. beegeagle says:

    The same old insular mindset continues to bedevil our embattled neighbours.

    In the existing MNJTF, Nigerian, Nigerien and Chadian troops have deployed jointly and attacked together in each other’s countries.

    Only Cameroon…tis a marvel that they even acceded to membership of this expanded MNJTF. Nuh be dem eye..dem don see 99 for BH hand 🙂

  3. startrek says:

    Gen beeg Cameroon is not to be trusted even with a ten mile radius inside Cameroon. it is obvious old fox biya suspects imminent incursion by Nigeria forces with the french bless. so capitulates pretentiously to join task force. of what Good will 700 men do in the face of wrathed BH… abeg make elder no de goat come dey chop yam for house ooo

  4. AreJames says:

    It is not looking good o.
    Cameroun cannot financially sustain a battalion of men in that region doing the aggressive patrolling and ground surveillance required to keep insurgents away day in day out for 365 days a year. Eventually they drop the ball completely or change their minds and decide to operate fully under a multilateral umbrella. The Nigerian Army is the best at multi national operations in Africa so let us just wait it out. Meanwhile we should unchain our airforce as far as deep surveillance into Cameroun is concerned.

  5. Tope says:

    Hahahaaha…….So dey have woken up from dia “sleep” Well we greet them Good Morning, I have no pity wen the Terrorism spreads to dia Country….dey had sweet opportunities to. Crush dem yet allowed it to manifest, now wen The tune of the War has changed dey nw offer to do “mop up” abeg let dem go n sit down… I’m 100% Sure NIA and Special Forces Teams r in Cameroon only tin dey need is a Directive and u will see dem spring to Action…..remember it was alluded by a Top military source. That 12 Bases were. Spotted in Cameroon and some had fled dose Bases since Sambisa Forest n da Mandara Mts were attacked.

  6. Yagazie says:

    ‘But we believe that each country should keep troops within its own borders’ – Sorry Mr. Egdard Ngo’o – but its too late for that. We passed that signpost when BH insurgents slaughtered and burnt innocent children in their sleep and then crossed back over the border into your country. We passed that signpost when a top BH armourer who was arrested and led our security forces to a huge weapons cache hidden in a burnt out church (how sick is that?) was found to be of CAMEROUNIAN NATIONALITY. Since you can’t or won’t put your house in order- we might have to do it for you. AGAINST our better judgment – we complied with the ICJ ruling and the subsequent UN brokered ‘Green Tree’ agreement and returned Bakkassi Penninsular to you and yet you still drag your feet on an important security issue that affects both countries? How are your measely 700 troops going to effectively police your side of the Cameroun/Nigeria border which consists of the Mandara mountain range and stretches from Borno down to Adamawa (i.e. the North Eastern parts of our country? Our troops MUST have THE RIGHT to engage in hot pursuit over the border if necessary and if the camerounian troops are stupid enough to try and get in our way – then ‘lights -out’ for them. Our Airforce MUST HAVE THE RIGHT to bomb any BH insurgent camp found to be in Cameroun since you refuse to close them down. Take your ‘each country should keep troops within its own borders’ statement and choke on it!!

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