LAGOS, March 25 (Xinhua)

Police in Nigeria’s northeast Borno State confirmed on Tuesday that eight people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at Dalori area of the state.

The suspected insurgents in a Golf salon car loaded with improvised explosive device (IED) threw the IED at a police patrol van, killing all the five policemen. The Golf car also caught fire, killing the three occupants, state police spokesperson Gideon Jubrin told reporters
in Maiduguri, the state capital.

“Two Golf saloon cars loaded with
Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
headed for Maiduguri from an unknown destination and one of the vehicles exploded around a government farm on Bama-Maiduguri highway,” he said.

“The second vehicle met a police patrol van and the occupants threw the IED at the van, unfortunately the IED exploded killing all the five policemen on patrol while the Golf car also caught fire killing the three occupants,” Jubrin said.

He described the incident as unfortunate. The police spokesman added that five persons were also killed on Monday night in a Boko Haram attack at Zaragajiri in Mafa area of the state. The suspected Boko Haram militants around midnight attacked the village and set about 75 houses ablaze before escaping.

Borno State has been a flashpoint of
attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram since 2009, when the sect launched its insurgency targeting churches, security facilities, schools and villages.

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  1. Augustine says:

    We need to ask our security forces to watch out for a resurgence of suicide attacks which had abated to near zero level since we started the emergency rule COIN war.

    Boko is losing the war, the way Algerian Insurgents lost. Boko is facing serious attrition losing more men than it recruits and is desperate to restore its capacity to strike in kamikaze style as a means of staying relevant and creating more fear among the civil populace. It may also be a warning that suicide attacks on metropolis and big cities may re-surge because it works more fear in peoples hearts than remote border village attacks.

    For God’s sake NAF, send pilots to Brazil and train on Super Tucano COIN planes, then lease 6 aircraft for now and patrol all borders with cannon armed Tucanos which have ferry range of almost 5,000km ( http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/super_tucano/ ) and cost only $500 per hour to fly. Armed with cannon rounds and no drop tanks for full ferry range, a Super Tucano will fly almost 2,000 km or near 7 Hours non stop, Bakassi to Lake Chad direct ! no shaking !

    $500 million and Brazil will do what they did for USA, to Nigeria…20 Super Tucanos to be built/assembled locally in a factory established in the customers territory and employing local labour, plus full maintenance technology transfer, and Nigeria can ask for full engineering technology transfer, then we have capability to develop our own AFIT FARAWA light turbo aircraft to a Super Tucano level in the near future, then we can build 100 units of FARAWA for home use on land borders, coastline anti-piracy, and cheaper exports to African countries who dont have $12 million to buy one Super Tucano that costs more than a second-hand SU-27 Jet !

    Lets seize opportunites to locally build heavy weapons that we need and stop being a dumping ground like Angola, Algeria, and others whom we envy. See South Africa working hard and spending millions of dollars developing an 80km range Umkhonto SAM as BVR missile for its area air defense units. Wake up Naija !

    Deal with the border incursions at the same time with this new re-surging threats of city suicide attacks by Boko. Tell our top brass not to be diverted, Boko is NOT changing strategy, it is actually adding back the old strategy to the new one.

    We have to fight on two fronts now, city/town/metropolis and village/border/remote areas. Each front will see a different method of strikes to be used by the Bokos.

    Nigerian army should be sending senior officers to Algeria and Sri Lanka now for fresh COIN tactics, Sri Lanka speaks English, Algeria needs a French interpreter. Lets go outside and grab knowledge of tested and proven COIN tactics, this is not conventional warfare, no single country knows it all, COIN is a tricky game of wits, the best men die on the field of operations, tricky business, damn tricky.

    Sri Lanka and Algeria have more COIN experience than Nigeria because they have been through the beginning, the middle phase, and the end phase. Naija is still in the middle and we are winning but at a high cost of human lives and national embarrassment, plus the fear that drives away foreign investors.

    Churches, schools, government and military buildings/valuable infrastructure/bases/ should be back to red alert levels.

    Military bases without perimeter fences should be fenced or sandbagged immediately, or we have forgotten basic field tactics ? Sandbag all military formations if we don’t have money to buy blocks and cement !

    Also for overt attacks, I have recommended during OBJ regime that NAF and NN should each have one full brigade of infantry men for hand to hand combat in case their bases get attacked in war and also to act as check and balance of the army which believes they are the only ones good to fight on land, which was the reason they planned coups at random in the bygone years.

    Rifle men with infantry training and skills for all NAF and NN bases, or in war we want to be overrun? Maiduguri air base was a big embarrassment, illiterate Bokos blowing up MiGs and Hind on ground ? I felt ashamed for one whole week.

    My beloved armed forces, Sandbag please, if you have no money for blocks and cement.

    I also find it alarming that the escapee girl from Boko camp says Boko gets a tip off on any impending Nigerian military attack, we have the fifth column in our army/air force and it pains my heart.

    Senate should pass a bill of death sentence for any military man who leaks out information to or simply sympathizes with Boko Haram.

    If Boko gets a tip off on say 90% of our planned COIN ops, then we need to pray hard, or at least we also try to get 90% tip off on Bokos planned terror strikes.

    The Shilka AAA that failed to fire when Boko was at the gate of Nigerian Army barracks ! Guns jammed face to face with the enemy ! Haaa ! Oga mi, is it true ? I dont want to jump to conclusions about the Punch news story since Punch is 90% anti-GEJ government.

    If it is true, what if Shilka AAA jammed when an enemy gunship helo was about to rocket and gun a Nigerian army infantry battalion in a war zone ? Will we lose a whole battalion of men and women? What if our battalion was refuelling their vehicles at that time and a petrol tanker was there? Reminds me of Biafra war Abagana, where they say one bullet (I was not there o !) wiped out a Nigerian army division/brigade because the enemy fired a bullet into a petrol tanker and we had the division marching in a column…straight line long march, and we got roasted in broad day light….by one miracle bullet….so I heard.

    Who deployed a Shilka without test firing ? Its an old weapon and should be tested 24 hours before deployment, Shilka is a damn good anti-personnel, anti-light armour, and anti-pass ambush (pass is a road sandwiched between high hills on both sides, like a road at the bottom of a valley, where ambushment from the top and sides of the hill is very difficult to defend against, the Shilka four-barrelled gun elevation is an excellent weapon of defence for the ambushed forces in the valley bottom or in the pass).

    I hope the failed Shilka story is not true, please confirm.

    I think I will like to post next month on the combat capabilities of Nigerian military, all armed forces, vis-a-vis the local and foreign potential and real threats. We should self-audit now and show our fears to our government. We need to get all hardware working now or in easy to re-activate long term storage.

    I hope we dont have issues with Cameroon and France like in 1980s. Biya is afraid of hurting Boko Haram because they will turn the heat on Cameroon, and Biya thinks if Nigerian skin is sweating water fighting Boko, then Cameroon will sweat out blood.

    Oga beegeagle, I have a COIN intel strategy to suggest to you backstage, where to I message to ? Your usual blog domain email ?

    God save Nigeria, no retreat, no surrender !

    • doziex says:

      Oga Augustine, Nice one .

      Anyway, I wanted to expand on one issue you raised, that of Force Protection.

      As you said, all military formations, needs a chain linked fence, topped with Concentina razor wire, and sand bagged positions.

      A meticulously designed and set up defensive position, has to do with discipline. You know, that officer that is a stickler for details, that officer that sweats the small stuff.

      A commander that enforces a certain uniformed appearance from his troops, is the same one that would ensure that no detail involving the base security is over looked.

      Unfortunately, evidence of this sort of discipline within our armed forces is in short supply.

      In ECOMOG, frontline NA combatants, usually made fun of Ghananian troops for their tendency to avoid combat for more rear guard duties, where they meticulously shined their boots, and tended to their well constructed check points.

      But see, the professional soldier needs to be a warrior in combat, as well as a disciplined operator in his non combat duties.

      The issue discipline when under fire or not is a crucial one that NA has to do some soul searching on.

      Other issues that could lead to the poorly secured bases seen thru out NA and NPF formations, is the lack of the materials, say chain linked fences, and the labor intensive nature of filling sand bags.

      SOLUTION : HESCO barrier materials. It is portable and can be rapidly and easily deployed from a truck.
      A caterpillar can then easily fill in the HESCO structure with compacted earth, and you have an almost impregnable defensive structure.
      NATO in Afghanistan, the coalition in Iraq and even Amisom in Somalia have all put Hesco barriers to great use.

      It is what the doctor has ordered for NA, NPF and our many poorly defended formations.

      • peccavi says:

        Hesco is the way forward, chain link can be cut or rammed

      • Are James says:

        HESCO works and not much labour to install and also semi permanent.
        Very creative and disguisable positioning of Security cameras and Remote Controlled Weapons Stations RCWS can also be arranged within the installation improving the productivity of all posted sentries.

  2. Yagazie says:

    Once again we have received a stark reminded of the high price our security services personnel pay to keep us all safe in the battle against this insurgency. We shall overcome.

    May GOD give the families of these brave deceased police officers, the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss- and I sincerely hope that the relevant police authorities will ensure that whatever benefits are due to their families/next-of-kin are paid promptly without delay.

  3. jimmy says:

    The special forces and the ARMY has to be very careful when it comes to SUICIDE BOMBINGS, The police has to pay attention to cars like the Golf which seems to be the signature car of boko haram May the souls of those who fought the good fight rest in peace AMEN.

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