Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Kenneth Minimah (middle) and Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu commiserate with an injured soldier at the Maimalari Cantonment Military Hospital, Maiduguri. 20 March, 2014.



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  1. triggah says:

    Soldiers camaraderie! Good for moral!

  2. freeegulf says:

    morale booster. we need more of these. DARP should release more of these, both to the benefit of the army and for the general public.
    Long Live the FRN

  3. igbi says:

    It seems boko haram is now in the film making business. They have just produced a fiction movie which they wish to pass as reality. Can anyone who knows Giwa Barracks confirm that the place we see on boko haram’s latest video is not Giwa Baracks ? It doesn’t even look like a Nigerian army Barracks. The video really looks like a fiction and certainly not reality. Could anyone show a picture of Giwa Barracks to debunk boko haram’s latest propaganda film ?

    • Are James says:

      Any link to the video?

    • Oga Igbi don’t dispute it please. This is real and I am very sad. The other day I watched a video of BH slaughtering some mobile police men before leaving the office.. The video left me sober for so many day. Now this is another one. BH is doing all this because the politicians have decided to play politics with the life of Nigerians.

      • Are James says:

        I believe this video.
        From the standpoint of military tactics it was a mediocre attempt and that is just looking at the video.. but they have made no attempt to embellish it which speaks honesty.
        Chaotic mob action just like Maiduguri airbase attack, poor movement under fire speaks volumes about quality of training. Amateurish attempts to provide cover for the ‘technicals’ under high brush and trees from choppers and jets which as usual all came late and permitted at least 45mins filming time.
        Civilians milling with BH fighters have been cleverly made to look like escaped prisoners who couldn’t have been more than 30 men from the video.
        What looks like a disabled ZSU-23-4 is slightly visible just after the middle of the film.
        It is no surprise a good number of them (BH) did not make it back.
        If the Nigerian armed forces stick to the current regime of blanket news restriction interspersed by bland news conferences, unrecoverable harm may be done to the overall war effort, the support of Nigerians and morale of the troops.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Yeah, saw same video. Both cops were from 19 Squadron, Port Harcourt, on rotation to the restive NE. Left family behind to be slaughtered like goats.

        I have a number of friends from the Squadron in Uyo now on rotation. I could see the fear in their eyes even though they tried hard to hide it. I hope they all make it back home alive.

    • Oga Are I also notice whatever successes BH have had would be simply because of a few good fighters, boldness and that they try to overwhelm NA with numbers. From the video you can clearly see hw unorganized they were

  4. peccavi says:

    Good PR move, we need to see more of this

  5. buchi says:

    oga igbi no be their fault.ask their P R O wetin e do

  6. Are James says:

    So here is civilian leadership promising to break the bank so that the NAF procures all their requirements. If we see mediocre platforms and early generation aircraft again after this we will know those to blame for restricted vision and lack of ambition.

  7. Eugene4eveR says:

    Nice attempt for a propaganda movie, miles ahead of our armed forces who delight in showing aso-ebi wearing madams at the top. Was totally shocked when I saw the ZSU-23-4 next to the burning cars (17 mins into the clip)

  8. freeegulf says:

    from a global perspective, there’s nothing ground breaking about BH vids. its all part of PR that other non state actors have used successfully.
    the tamil tigers where probably the first to use this sought of stunts in action. others have since followed, with the latest being the syria civil war and their ‘action film’.

    however, from the local nigerian perspective, this is quite noveu and radical, with its expected propaganda value. having terrs filming their own raid, and even releasing the vid from a raid that looked like a tactical failure, tells a lot about these vermin elaborate short to medium term goals.

    it is now an emerging challenge to DARP. how they decide to utilize this current trend will go a long way in directly affecting the campaign. creativity and innovation are hardly by-words that can be attached to NA info wing, but reality now should really wake them up. if not, they will lose the morale and even public will that re all very needed for this SOE

  9. Yagazie says:

    KUDOS to the CAS and the COAS for this morale boosting visit. More photos of stuff like this please.

    Oga Jimmy- reading between the lines of the comments of the CDS in the puch newspaper report would seem to give credence to the fact that in the past, inter-service rivalry between the former COAS and the former CAS (who is now the current CDS) might have been responsible for the apparant ‘successes’ previously recorded by the BH insurgents- in particular the attack on the airforce base in Maiduguri. This is quite unfortunate. No branch of our armed services can win this ‘war’ on its own – all the various arms of our security services have to co-operate to achieve the desired outcome.

    Fellow Cybergenerals- with regards to funding of the millitary, I have it on good authority from someone who is high up on the political ladder in the National Assembly that funding is not really the issue- it is a question of the miilitary being specific as to what they require in terms of equipment/funding to enhance their operations. I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the veracity of this legislator who has been known to me for years-going back to well before the advent of this current democratic dispensation in 1999. I can also categorically state that this legislator in question together with some of his colleagues on the various defence commitees in the house, read this blog – one of the many reasons why it is of utmost importance that we stay focused and ‘on point’ in our comments. Gentlemen, I really can’t over-stress this particular point enough.

    Well as Oga Are James has stated- since the civilian leadership is promising to break the bank so that the NAF procures all their requirements – lets wait and see what platforms will be purchased. All those aircraft hangers being built in various parts of the country are certainly not being built for the fun of it. Finally, this is where we on this blog can play a role- by highlighting to our defence planners, the various REALISTIC purchase options that are out there. Please lets all keep up the good work!

  10. cutievik says:

    @yagazie,your points are highly taken..Thanks

  11. G8T Nigeria says:

    I almost shed tears watching your video Joe. I think if we had started all along with the tempo sustained now, we would never have gotten to this stage. Well, I believe in the capability of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Nigeria we hail thee, our brotherhood we stand.

  12. doziex says:


    We ask our military for evidence of their Tales, and BH beats them to the punch.

    And now, some folks want to argue with their own eyes.


    WHY ? you ask. It is because we now have proof, that as in the ecomog wars, and the niger delta wars, NA would not level with people.
    With the truth no where in sight, no one knows when to run, or when to stay.

    My friends, that is how thousands of Freetown residents met their end, listening to NA and it’s propaganda.

    My prediction, is that the entire 7th division will soon be run out of maidugri.

    Also, we are about 4 to 6 months, before BH starts to march south.

    HAHAA!!!, yeah men, the video shows them in NA trucks, well constructed technicals, RPGs as far as the eyes can see.
    Soon, Vickers tanks and scorpion IFVs are going to be spear heading their march south.

    Guys, let me say it again, just in case you guys missed it all those other times,

    ” In this war, NA is at a loss”.

    By that, I mean the NA is completely clueless on how to wage this war.

    The evidence is every where for all to see, but like the ostrich we choose to bury our heads in the sand.
    As for this blog, what should be so obvious, is not because of misplaced patriotism and jingoistic fervor.

    Oga Yagazie, You said that some highly placed senator claims that funding is not the problem.
    The senator says the military wouldn’t say exactly what they want.

    1st off senator, where do you want them to start ? The list is so damn long, because of the willful neglect on the military, which you inherited and continued from the military regimes.

    Secondly, with all the billions at your disposal in Abuja, please get experts in counterinsurgency warfare, and all the other security threats facing Nigeria, let them come and put on a power point presentation in the senate, and tell you what weapons and platforms we badly need to successfully prosecute this war.
    In other words, reequip the military with or without the consent of the generals.

    Oga beegeagle, 2 years ago we were doing some extrapolation, as to what BH could possibly morph into.

    To some then it sounded far fetched, but alas it’s upon us.

    You have the ability that we don’t to republish these discussions where we talked about “Sahel type warfare” the advent of “Technicals”,
    The proximity of this expertise in chad, evidenced in their wars against Libya, and their proxy wars against sudan.

    This is not to blow anybody’s trumpet, but to serve as an indictment of our security establishment.

    BH has been a slow building threat, it was not sprang as a surprise on anybody, yet at every juncture, our security establishment is continually found wanting.

    • Are James says:

      A number of glaring things from the video:
      1. Not enough assets were in the air and when they came it was too late. This reinforces previous conclusions about the very dangerous state to our current military capability with the current size and orbat of the NAF. Whether they choose to believe it or not, there are not enough jets, choppers and pilots, the late reaction from the air force could have been from pilot work overload for instance which also has air safety impacts.
      2. The BH has a core group leading all attacks made up of some ‘zealots, and some very highly trained ‘african mercs’; the jokers we see moving in with the camera men were the second eleven types who make up the numbers, the real battle was happening inside the barracks out of range of the camera.
      3. To @doziex’s point, it is important to deliver a series of decisive blows now to BH otherwise we would be fighting a more capable enemy in six months. Already I am not even sure I believe the popular notion any longer that BH does not have some admirers among the local population. If they continue to achieve successes like this, they would start to look romantic to local folks and achieve the same kind of mystique that Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Mao Tse Tung all had after sustained successes. This would be very very disgraceful to our armed forces and must never be allowed to happen.

      What to do: – re-equip the air force fast and adequately, get more surveillance assets into the air from NPF and Navy stocks in the interim, continue the campaigns of attacks on BH camps with SFs in the lead on proactive harassment raids, provide video feeds of actual battle engagements, engage in well publicized relief activities to the civilian population and schools.

      The armed forces in the last few weeks have devoted a lot of PR effort to brow beating Nigerians and political office holders over their negative comments about the war that affect the ‘morale of our boys’, the onus is now on the military leadership to engage in decisive action to boost the ‘morale of the Nigerian public’ so as to attract more support for the ongoing effort.

    • rka says:

      I think you are letting emotions get in the way. Nobody is going to run anybody out of Maiduguri.

      WEe know additional equipment was ordered and in use in the NE. This wasn’t odered yesrerday as it can take a few months for deliveries to happen even “hot” purchases.

      You seem to be suggestinfg that the current offensive hasn’t yeilded results. Ithink you propably don’t realise the extent to which BH has infiltrated the NE.

      I am not saying mistakes having been made, but this is the reaction a propagandist video to meant to generate.

      • rka says:

        Excuse the typing errors. I was in a rush.

      • doziex says:

        No emotions here son, I have been saying the same thing for 2 years.

        It is NOT the video, It is the FACT that they are hiding the truth.

        Military secrets is one thing, blatantly hiding the truth is another.

        And as has happened before, is a recipe for disaster.

        When you have zero transparency, all you are left with is guess work.

        So, I could accuse you being emotional too. Nigeria is our country, we all want NA to be great, we all want BH to be thoroughly thrashed.

        But wanting it ain’t gonna make it so.

        So no transparency equals guess work equals false emergencies AS WELL AS A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

        As a long time NA watcher, I have simply gotten used to reading the tea leaves.

        And the best policy with NA is to trust, but verify.

        And if no verification is forth coming, you better bet on the worst case scenario.

  13. buchi says:

    for christ sake who made dis video .not only does it highlight the perpertual weakness of the BH but it shows that their only goal is cheap publicity and reckless waste of life.cudos to our men in the NA especially KIA ‘S your memory will never be in vain.most importantly if it is true that dat the funds are going to flow for the NAF i passionately appeal to our flyboys to get the best platforms with its technology and maintenance capacity .all we have contributed on this blog shall never be in vain.

  14. Yagazie says:

    Oga doziex- As regards your comments, whilst you are of course entitled to your views about the security forces’ conduct of the counter-insurgency opeations, the only response I would want to make is this- please if you are going to quote me – then do so correctly. Carefully re-read my last posting- where in it did I make reference to some ‘highly placed senator?’

    • doziex says:

      Oga Yagazie my bad, you said your source was someone highly placed in the National assembly.

      I tend to use the National assembly and the senate interchangeably.

      I was kind of responding to several entries at once, but my point with your source is that the hands of our legislators are NOT tied by anybody.

      Nigeria’s system of government is a copy of that of united states.

      And in the US, both the senate and the house are formed into committees, that can investigate any relevant issue before them.
      I was merely saying, as co equal branches of government, our legislators are obligated to educate themselves as to the “specifics” thru domestic or foreign sources.

      Saying that we got the money, but the army doesn’t know what they want, is NOT acceptable from our law makers.

      Our law makers, should be dragging generals, and MOD officials before them and asking, “NAF needs SU-25 attack jets, why are you not asking for them “?

  15. ozed says:

    Have just looked at the video. Seems real enough but a few questions still jump out at you.
    1. From all the accounts we got from eye witnesses and the press, the attack started under cover of darkness in the early morning, and the attack pulled back/ was beaten back about 9am in the morning. This video was shot in broad daylight, meaning the fighting had been on for what? —2-3 hours?
    So — how come for the volume of fire we heard on video there was no evidence of spent ammo cases on the ground? No abandoned ammo boxes in the defense positions of the ‘defeated’ Nigerian army troops? No dead bodies military or civillian?

    2. Notice there were no significant bullet holes on the houses for the volume of fire used, including the dreaded DSHK machine guns on the technicals, no significant movement of the camera to signify bullets zooming past him (you see this all the time on CNN and Al Jazeera live clips from actual combat zones.

    At the end of the day, this video may be real, but it could also have been shot anywhere, with snippets of the actual raid etc. slapped on here and there.

    • rka says:

      That’s what terrorists thrive on, propaganda. Our military PR machine really have to get their fingers out and release clips, photos etc. to show progress made.

      It is the only way to debunk all this nonsense. Not in future, now please.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for your very good observations and deductive analysis.
      Some people on this blog would make good strategists and exceptional intelligence and security agents.
      The video we see here I believe was from one vantage point out of many possible ones during the attack. The camera man and his camera survived so we can surmise that he was not amongst the lead elements of the attack, so he probably even started shooting after the first few hours of the attack suggesting then that this was more of a 4 to 5 hour thing than 2 to 3 hours.
      Now the thrust of the negative reactions generated by this video towards the military is not about the mileage the BH has made out of their rather ‘mediocre’ effort but it is about the military that inadvertently handed out a little measure of success to such a pathetic attack.
      If you look at the video well and do some imagining, what must have happened was that the forces inside the barracks and around it actually over estimated the strength and competence of the mob and got themselves into a paralyzing situation about what was happening geographically until the air force (the underfunded and overworked) came into the picture to give some situational awareness to local commanders,

      I have resolved to stop commenting on the need to quadrupule the size and capability of the air force within the next 18 months. If the people who are supposed to know the way the world around us is changing and what it is going to mean for air defensive and offensive capabilities at the tactical and strategic levels for the NAF they are commanding have resolved to do nothing and don’t really care about it then ‘what is my own’.

      The second point is the lack of timely news and credible video feeds coming from the army about ongoing events on the battle field, this gives the unfortunately wrong impression of a force that is too desperately stretched in the campaign to worry about news reports and public perception. So is BH stretching the Nigerian armed forces to the extent that they cannot even provide real time news updates backed by carefully edited and security reviewed videos? I hope not but 15000 rag tag half trained young men seem to be doing this better than our 100 year old institutions.
      The only positives coming out this week are both the assurance of more FG financial support for the NAF and the ongoing highly technical surveillance of the entire NE to fish out Boko Haram’s fuel supply lines and networks.

  16. Tope says:

    Let’s focus on What Oga Yagazie has said,

    1. Sukhoi 30MK 2 Squadron of them they cost between 17-35 million dollars per piece with different strike packages and of course Spare Parts and Joint Venture also possibly included

    2. Super Tucanos great for our COIN, Close Air Support and Ground Attack Missions, also for ISR Missions


    4. JF-17 Block 2 Open Architecture, In Need of Funding to develop.

    This are Realistic Platforms that can be gotten in 2 Squadron Size Each, Let us Go after them.

    • Are James says:

      I like the order in which you arranged the requirements.

      More importantly:
      YAK-130 is preferred over Hongdu L15
      JF-17 acquisition may have been approved tacitly at the highest levels so it is just a waiting game.
      Entry into the Block 2 program however should be seen and managed within a larger context than national defence. We need the technology spin-offs, investment revenue, employment opportunities and entry onto the aerospace market with this program.

  17. asorockweb says:

    Analyzing The BH video
    The video seems to show the initial attack on Giwa Barracks.

    I say it is Giwa barracks for the following reasons
    1) The disabled Shilka SPAAG shown in the video
    2) The masses of escapee prisoners
    3) The green NA truck within the barracks that had NA insignia
    4) The perimeter defenses – a shallow trench and an earth berm

    But this video only showed the beginning of the story and from only one point of view.

    At 23:27 in the video, the first bomb may have been dropped, then seconds later the video showed the alpha jet. The video ended a few seconds later.

    THEN, we can continues the story on the basis of all the pictures of kill escapees and BH fighters we saw on the Nairaland website – pictures taken by ordinary citizens.

    Amongst those pictures were the masses of dead fighters/escapees brought out and dumped outside the front gate of the barracks.

    Defending the southern perimeter

    The Shilka SPAAG seems to have been positioned to defend the south perimeter of the barracks, and according to reports, it failed to fire.

    Military planners must have realized the defensive weakness of the southern perimeter of the barracks, thus the earth berm and the Shilka SPAAG.

    The earth berm worked, the technical did not drive into the barracks – although I sight what appeared to be a technical, deep inside the barracks.

    Against a disorganized attack by 50 men and 4 technicals, the southern defenses would have held, but what we saw in the video looked like a few companies, maybe even a small battalion of BH fighters.

    An SPAAG will defeat 4 technicals that are 1.2km away and are in line formation, driving towards it. But 4 technicals that are spaced abreast, armed with 12.7mm heavy MGs, and that are ONLY 350 meters away, will defeat an SPAAG. The Shilka SPAAG was designed to protect armoured columns on the move, logistical choke points in the rear, and SAM sites against low flying aircraft. It is not heavily armoured and a 12.7mm round will penetrate it is many areas.

    What we saw in the video was the technicals driving in close to the perimeter fence and sweeping the open area behind the earth berm, and I assume, the SPAAG with fire.
    If the SPAAG was functional, there would have been a brief battle, one or two technicals may have been destroyed, but eventually, because the technicals are so close, are spread out, and are firing heavy rounds, the SPAAG would be destroyed as well.

    In the open area within the barracks, there were no sandbagged positions. Whoever planned the defense must have thought it wasn’t necessary.

    The video showed that the BH foot-soldiers were held up for awhile – in fact I believe at some point the camera was switched off. This was probably because a handful of soldiers were shooting at the BH that had already breached the perimeter defences. I believe that exchange of fire was when the vehicles in the open area within the barracks caught fire.

  18. doziex says:

    Weapon systems that could have stopped this base attack cold.

    (1) BM-21 Multiple Barrel Rocket Launchers.

    (2) Strategically placed and dug in 60 or 80 mm mortars.

    (3) A 155mm artillery gun fired at ground level or zero elevation, saved the Senegalese contingent in guinea Bissau from repeated assaults by the rebel army in 1998.

    (4) ZSU-2-23 AAAs mounted on trucks, 107 mbrls mounted on trucks.

    (5) Mine fields

    (6) T-72 tanks with BMP-2s and a dedicated infantry company.

    (7) MI-24/35 from a well defended base.

    (8) A tucano turbo prop A29 attack plane.

    (9) The timely arrival of SU-25 frogfoot heavy attack jet.

    (10) AC-130 specter gunship. NAF MUST BUY 12 or more of these crafts from the US.

    It is 80 million usd brand new per aircraft, but their are plenty fairly used ones available.

    These are all cheap, and ready available systems. Our executive, our legislators and our armed forces are equally responsible for the acquisition of these weapons.


    If Nigeria fails, it should be very clear who failed it.

    • Are James says:

      You got too sophisticated with your analysis here but the intent is supported.
      All the weapons you mentioned are in the NA inventory excluding the aircraft.
      Mortars and machine gun emplacements alone would have dealt a big blow to this mob. Carefully positioned snipers from deep inside the barracks would have taken out RPG gunners and technicals drivers sequentially. Carl Gustav recoiless rifle is better and more accurate than the RPGs and we have them aplenty. MLRSs would have made it a 30 min. battle at most.

      In the old days in the Nigerian Army there would be an immediate review session of this incident and typically court martial and appropriate disciplinary actions follow because of the poor perimeter defences and needless waste of civilian lives but these days I guess we have to do all we can to ‘boost the morale of our boys’.
      Meanwhile something tells me BH will, try this kind of thing again soon with almost identical results.

      • Are James says:

        The US will not sell us the AC130 special forces gunship.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Are James,
        Well if the US wouldn’t sell us the spectre gunship, the Italians are building one based on the G-222 and similar aircraft.

        But I believe that if we pony up the cash, the Americans would sell US the plane.

        It can monitor our borders day and night, and destroy infiltrating BH columns.

        It can hit rebel trails, with sustained fire power.

        It can defend military bases under frontal rebel assaults.

  19. doziex says:

    Also, for those that are reflexively against the employment of PMCs, what would have been the damage, had NA employed a PMC to oversee base and FOB security in maidugri ?

    The US armed forces, the greatest military organization in the history of man, employed a PMC, which in turn employed both serving and retired UPDF soldiers for base security.

    They knew their own troops were too preoccupied, with the day to day prosecution of their counterinsurgency campaign.
    So they paid for PMC services.

    A while back, I mentioned this issue of PMCs, for base security. And got the usual response, “our troops can do the job”
    Well with glaring evidence to the contrary, What say you ???

    These are not frivolous arguments for me, I consider the Nigerian families on the ground, and imagine myself in their place.
    But for the grace of God, it could be my family or yours.
    That is why my tone is getting a bit personal.

    There is a lot wrong on the ground, if the top military base at the heart of the insurgency remains woefully under secured, even when NA and NAF bosses just came in town.

    NA secured Monrovia from rebel invasion for almost a decade. A great feat.

    I put it to you that the NA of today, is not that NA of Monrovia.

    There has been a silent decay that has been covered up, instead of fixed.

    NA has since faltered in Freetown, Koidu, makeni, in the flow stations of the niger delta and now in Giwa barracks.

    This long term decay in troop moral, discipline and combat ability can be reversed, but not overnight.

    So we need the help of PMCs to stem the tide in this conflict, so we can live to fight tomorrow.

    IF NA doesn’t take the PMC stop gap measure, I promise you guys, AFUA HIRSH would be writing this blog letters gloating that she told us so.

    That is if she hasn’t be doing that already behind the scenes.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Doziex, you have to come clean about your involvement with PMCs or potential PMC contracts or companies.

      It seems almost every problem, or potential problem is met with the PMC solution.

      • Are James says:


      • OriginalPato says:

        hehehe @asorockweb, like we say in naija e be like say him get interest

      • doziex says:

        Oga Asorockweb,

        I have no involvement whatsoever with any PMC.

        But today, I am 100% certain, that the solution to NA’s military woes, lies in the realm of a PMC relationship.

        I did not say we should look to PMC’s for every solution, however, the appropriate PMC relationship is the answer to an unprepared army, facing an existential threat.

        Nigerians have lied to ourselves for years about the capabilities of our military.

        The military also hid it’s own problems, and decaying pedigree.

        And upon the return to civilian rule, our elected officials, engulfed in their new found riches continued to ignore our decaying military strength, even as storm clouds gathered.

        Evidence of decline in NA’s military prowess.

        Even the skills exhibited by our fighting forces in Liberia, is non existent today.

        We followed the competent military maneuvers by the KDF and UPDF in Somalia.

        we were careful to remind our gloating Kenyan brothers, that NA has been there and done that.

        But what is going on in maidugri ?

        Remember I opined on this blog how the KAF and the French AF waged a similar counterinsurgency campaign against ansar dine and al shabbab respectively.

        In both cases, I pointed out the their respective air forces, used their recon assets to track every technical in the battle space, and destroyed them with accurate air strikes, before these deadly technicals could be brought to bare on friendly forces.

        I warned the NAF was not ready to do likewise, and today, we see technicals been brought to bare on military formations and civilian infrastructure.

    • igbi says:

      Oga Doziex, why ? why destroying the image of our military men ? why making everything to look much worse than what it actually is ? why putting your stamp of truthfulness on every propaganda peace produced by boko haram ? I guess the answer is P…..M……C.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Igbi, even the living conditions of those barracks should make you call for an impeachment or a court marshal.

        This evidence of unserious military planning and conduct by our civilian and military leadership is so glaring, but you guys seem content in only saving face for the NA.

        This is PHD holders, failing secondary school cert exams.

        Maybe you guys think that you must boost the moral of what is left of the once mighty NA to prevent further decline.

        I see it the other way, we must swallow the bitter pill NOW. to save NA and the nation.

        Years from now, with BH in the thrash bin of history ( Insha Allah ), NA could once again rise to glorious heights, on it’s own merits.

        The bridge from now to that future must involve PMCs.

      • asorockweb says:

        PMCs … both the Silver Bullet and the Golden Hammer.

  20. rka says:

    At the end of the day, they were repelled no matter what you say. I will not take a propagandist video without a time line that has been edited over what the army and civilians have said and recorded.

    • Are James says:

      I disagree with you.
      This is looking very bad for the Nigerian army whichever way you look at it.
      First of all the NA is too respected worldwide to be comfortable with the ‘consolation’ prize of successfully repelling a disorganized mob with such mediocre tactical skills.
      Secondly, the video clearly showed that they entered the barracks and were casually milling around after temporarily overwhelming the soldiers on guard, the NA did not use a third of the numerous available weapons and tactics to defeat the mob and the foreign press have already seized upon these facts.

      Thirdly and most annoyingly. it could actually be argued from available visual evidence that the BH fought their way in, stayed for as long as they wanted to and left when they wanted to and that the casualties they suffered were actually from later air stakes on retreating BH. The NA has to be brutally honest with itself considering the quality of its training, operational procedure and weaponry whether the quality of defence put up by the soldiers in the barracks during this incident reflected the best traditions of the Nigerian army or not. If the answer is in the negative something punitive has to be done about it.

      Many years back when I used to work in the Niger Delta, a crazed would be militant once temporarily dispossessed a MOPOL rating of his AK 47 rifle and ran into the creek. We were all astounded to see events that followed as the police rating jumped into the creek after the militant, fought him vigorously, dragged him sans AK 47 to shore and put him under arrest. When we later interviewed this MOPOL rating on why he took such extra ordinary measures to secure his sidearm, he gave us a very very scary picture of what might have happened to him back at the base if he had not taken the measure to recover the said rifle. It is this standard of discipline which was even more stringent in the NA that has toughened our soldiers over the years and makes the partial success of this barracks invasion unacceptable. On CNN about a year ago there was a feature about a US soldier who was honoured for leading his colleagues to hold out at their remote outpost for many hours against a large force of invading Taliban fighters, the story was replete with acts of courage instilled by good indoctrination and honed by sound tradition.

      • Are James says:

        This is the standard we expect of our army. The battle is upon us anyway, there is no escaping it. The BH are not rational operators at the tactical level, they are quite likely to attack that barracks and/or the Maiduguri airbase again tomorrow if it suits them if just for the display of bravado which is actually scoring them points.
        All the military formations in the NE should immediately be revamped as far as physical protection and access controls are concerned-it was disgraceful to see for instance that half of the civilians running away in the video were actually illegal squatters at the barracks and not BH prisoners. How could that level of slackness be permitted in a serious modern army?

      • doziex says:

        Oga Are James,
        Thank you very much sir.

        Keep speaking the truth as you know it, without fear nor favor.

  21. lordfej says:

    i think that video was an edited hoax and it just told the story from one point of view. I believe the army lost an opportunity to send a message to the extremists. I cant imagine the effrontery and temerity that the enemy got into your barracks not once but the enemy sees it as an achievable objective. NA please strike the fear of God into them and stop being a reactionary force whats so wrong in having allocated mortar targeted ranges.their saving grace was the Sand Barrier and Air force. May God Bless Nigeria and save us from enemies within and outside.

    • joe says:

      yeah i agree with you, the ‘fighters’ were paranoid bunch of idiots. they kept looking up at the sky, this suggests that previous airstrikes had inflicted seroius damages on them. After the jet appears on camera, then the video shuts off, i think this does suggest that boko haram faced serious/ heavy losses that day. This video is one sided, i didn’t even see a single Nigerian Army soldier in the video.

  22. Number one says:

    First of all,civilians should be evacuated from barracks in the Borno,Yobe and Adamawa.then we can fortify them and the areas around them.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you sir. I still can’t understand for the life of me why every NA barracks should have civilian squatters and even if we accept that we can’t eliminate all of them why should they be permitted within a frontline barracks in a war zone.
      The culture of slackness in the Nigerian Army continually exposes the leadership to unbelievable ridicule and accusations of corruption, nepotism and downright incompetence and it is hard to ignore all of these on the altar of wanting to ‘boost the morale of our boys’

  23. agee says:

    Can’t watch the video due to poor internet connectivity. I hv a few things to say though, first the guys running our military’s PR need to up their game like u all have been suggesting; I don’t understand why its not the army discrediting such videos, even if the videos are real or not. Image processing and video processing gives u the opportunity to do all these. We had to wait 4 a US based organization to explain how the shekau video som months back was fake. If people with such capabilities don’t exist within the establishment , its imperative they get them on board, science should be our friend.
    Secondly, I want to ask a question; does our military have a cyber command, something like dat run by Gen. Keith Alexander in the US?

  24. igbi says:

    it seems some people believe terrorists are truth tellers. That is my only explanation for why people would believe anything produced by boko haram without any critical thinking. Let me explain something here: that video shows no proof whatsoever of being truthful. And apart from that, it has nothing significant on it as well. But I guess some people have to believe something and terrorist propaganda is just too tempting, so …

    • doziex says:

      Let NA put out there own videos too.

      So we can be the Judge.

      A picture speaks a thousand words, a motion picture, may be a million words.

      Now, try and advocate to the eyes, that a million assaults on the visual and auditory senses where all staged.

  25. ocelot2006 says:

    This is wrong….This is JUST WRONG!! Gentlemen, we have a MAJOR SECURITY PROBLEM AT HAND! Imagine BH overrunning a major military base, driving around with “liberated” Army vehicles, and freeing up prisoners. AND DID YOU SEE THE TANK THEY TOOK OUT?!!! Oh, one more thing…………how come it A VERY LONG TIME for Combat Air Support to arrive!!!!

    Please, things must change oh!! We CANNOT continue like this! Oga Beeg, and all those close to the military heirachy at DHQ and co, ABEG talk to them. Provide our boys in uniform enough tools to do their damn jobs!!!! Get the Tucanos or Su-25 frog foots, more Mi-35 attack helos, LOTS OF armed Mi-17s, new multi role aircrafts, MRAPS, etc. Provide our intelligence agencies with all the necessary tools and training to gather both human, sign, and elint. JUST DO SOMETHING! !!

    • asorockweb says:

      It will help us all if we are more analytical and less emotional.
      That wasn’t a tank shown burning in the BH video, it was the Shilka SPAAG.
      It is lightly armored and three or four rounds from a heavy MG will destroy it.

      Meanwhile, suck on the video below.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        I have already seen that video. It still doesn’t change the fact the base’s perimeter was breached. The one saving grace was the trench/moat dug at that sector, else BH terrorists would’ve been able to storm in their technicals/Hiluxs mounted with 50 cal HMGS. That will have been very nasty. And there was the air raid that eventually turned the tide.

        That said, how come the Shilka SPAAG failed. It says a lot about the mtc culture up further. Don’t get me wrong, I know that machines do fail. But knowing that the SPAAG was the one system that could’ve kept those BH dogs at bay, the necessary tests and proper mtc ought to have been carried out.

  26. cryptologist says:

    The SPAAG Shilka was strategically position for horizontal engagement with B/H technicals and men. From sources, the Shilka failed to fire at the zero hour. It behoves the 7 Div GOC to institute an investigative panel to unravel the courses be it human error, mechanical problem or some sabotuers among his men. For these insurgents to have crossed the perimeters of a barrack holding H.V Prisoners is a total failure on the part of commanders. A court-martial should be sitting as of now fellas.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga cryptologist,

      The Shilka is a piece of machinery, it may fail.

      An old piece of machinery that is not often in use, is even more likely to fail.
      The NA should have planned for overkill – multiple layers of defense.

      But, as the video of the aftermath of the battle shows, the NA eventually carried the day.

      Awesome job by our troops!

  27. rka says:

    Oga joe’s video from the other thread shows the aftermath of the battle and dead BH;

  28. rka says:

    “It is not meant to delay you but the outcome of this forum has also helped us to establish better means of ensuring that we facilitate the passage and usage of information.

    “Before we give you any information, we want to ensure, at least, from our own end, that this information conforms to the needs for accuracy, for security, for propriety and the policies.

    “Be more forthcoming in giving us the room to explain ourselves and believe us because we really have no reason to deceive Nigerians,” he said.”

    I say we need more footage of on-going operations to dispel disinformation.

  29. Yagazie says:

    Our Millitary really have to move quickly to counter this BH propaganda video. A clip of it was aired on eNCA- South African 24 hour news channel.- making the BH insurgents look good. How long before other international 24 hour news channels start to carry the same video clip? It’s all well and good for the Defence Information Director to ask for the co-operation of the media in information sharing- but he also has to be pro-active. Put out clips /photos of captured BH bases/camps, equipment and personnel. Get accredited journalists (local and foreign) to be embedded with operational NA units operating in the NE theatre of operations. We cannot afford to lose the propaganda war by simply being re-actionary all the time.

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