Nigerian Army Vickers Mk.3 Eagle tanks

Nigerian Army Vickers Mk.3 Eagle tanks

24 March, 2014

22 Amoured Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Ilorin has got a new commander. He is Brigadier-General James O. Akomolafe.

Prior to his appointment the army general was a Chief of Staff at 3 Armoured Division of the Nigerian Army, Jos, Plateau state.

In a statement, the 22 Brigade’s Assistant Director Army Public Relations, Captain Augustine Bello,the new commander promised to improve on the already existing harmonious relationship between the army and the public.

He also vowed to facilitate cordial and peaceful co-existence with other sister agencies in the state.


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  1. Oje says:

    Any info on the Nigerian army’s main battle Tanks?

  2. jimmy says:

    Those tanks in the background are Vicker Tanks ( British made for EXPORT).

  3. jimmy says:

    Congrats to Brigadier-General James O. Akomolafe.
    Any more information on him.

  4. rka says:

    Excuse going off topic but I think this video of F91 reveals a bit more of the capabilities of the OPVs.

    • asorockweb says:

      Nice video.

      It looks like the ship is armed like a large Corvette, yet the OPV term is used.

      It has the offensive capabilities for ship-to-ship engagements, but probably lacks the static defensive capabilities – i.e., double or armored hull, fire and flooding control compartments, redundant systems, etc.

      Overall, the Navy has shown that they know how to trade-off between requirements, capabilities and cost.

  5. beegeagle says:

    WIKIPEDIA and MOST other commentators continue to posit that the NA have two armoured brigades. That is blatantly wrong. The NA field three armoured brigades

    21 Armoured Brigade
    22 Armoured Brigade
    23 Armoured Brigade

    DEFENCEW** and ARMY RECO*NI*ON, take note.

    • asorockweb says:

      The publications you mention don’t really care – it’s just an African story – getting it right doesn’t matter to them.

  6. lordfej says:

    i have watched that video so many times, it automatically play before i even click it

  7. Augustine says:

    @rka I am confused by the video, is it our NN F91 OPV firing missiles ? Or they started the video with F91 OPV and later in the video showed us a Chinese navy Type 056 Light Frigate firing missiles ?

    Can anyone please confirm ? NN won’t talk anything now o ! My country keeps me in the dark. Chinese man tries to show me the light and then confuses me at the end,

    • doziex says:

      Chief, the 2 missile systems fired are not anti ship missiles.

      The first is a rocket system used by the Chinese to support amphibious landings.

      The second seemed to be an anti aircraft missile.

    • rka says:

      Oga Augustine. I was a little confused myself, but what Oga Doxiex said is correct. It may also just be showing what the ship is capable of if fitted with the missile system.

  8. Augustine says:

    I noticed too that the first ‘missiles’ were small, moved unguided, rapid fire in large numbers, and surged forward in parabolic surface to surface mode, more likea mini MRLS, we used to have Swedish Bofors 375 mm mortar launchers on NNS Erinomi and NNS Enyimiri which has been removed,

    North Korea has several large partrol boats now fitted with MRLS for sea to land bombardment.

    Also noticed the bigger missiles were vertical launches, like SAM. The tube casings/ containers/housings broke off as usual unlike the smaller rockets which flew without dropping any debris of tubes/cases.

    Why test missiles on them if they wont carry any ? Just proving the modular multi-role capacity promised us in a blood relation of Type 056 I guess.

    If Aradu Otomats AShM are to be retired soon, we better arm F91 and F92 with missiles so that advanced level pirates dont use Hellfire hand held missiles to sink our beautiful stealth babies o !

    Let’s wait and see, but the more you look the less you see….that’s my Naija !

  9. Augustine says:

    *Upgraded* already or to be done later ? CNS said its in 2014 plan. If Aradu has been upgraded, it will be big news I think, and people say she is still sitting ‘On guard’ at Wilmot Point.

    Hope they test fire Otomats and Aspide BVR SAMs, the launchers still look good, and well maintained missiles last 45 years, shelf life extension beyond universal average of 25 to 30 years is done by changing degraded electrical components especially the fuses, Hope rats have not been eating Aradu’s wires and cables.

    One big thing Aradu lacks is stealth design for this modern era. Needs new engines, radars, ECM, rapid fire 155mm main gun, guided torpedoes, CIWS guns, sonar is better changed to array types to detect ‘silent’ submarines.

    Fix those, repaint her with stealthy paint, do some nice two shade dark and light grey camo paint job….sail her to Australia 2014 and show the world a huge frigate with an all black African crew cruising around the globe without a white captain.

    Australia will begin to offer our sailors immigrant visa 1

    Otherwise, Aradu is still a deadly old lady….don’t mess around with her if you want to live long, Italian made missiles have super long range o !

    • doziex says:

      Hehe he Omo, you funny o!

      Oga Augustine said it’s my Naija THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE LESS YOU SEE. LOL

      You Couldn’t have said it any better.

      Extremely frustrating though.

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