Air Vice Marshal Michael Moyo, Commandant General of the Zimbabwe Defence College inspects a guard of honour mounted by men of the Nigerian Army, March 2014.



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  1. jimmy says:

    Uncle BOB should temper his CRITICISM of Nigeria. This is not 1980. Good STRONG military relations can only succeed if things are best said and left behind closed doors and not said in public for public amusement and derision.Love her leave hate her, Nigeria spent a ton of Money between the 70s and early 80s on the Southern part of Africa sometimes it truly does sting Friends can disagree but to disagree in public could sour relationships and right now , ZIMBABWE needs all the friends it can get.A word is enough for the wise even a 90 year old.

  2. jimmy says:

    Thank you my oga.

    • Are James says:

      Uncle Bob used to live in Naija.
      In the 70s as an anti apartheid freedom fighter and guest of Nigeria, he would wake up early at 6am and jog round the streets of Ikoyi, Lagos so as an aside that habit is probably why he has lived so long. On a more relevant note it is striking that his memories of Nigeria which is going on forty years would contain the same issues we are fighting against now; corruption, indiscipline, entitlement mentality.
      I think we have more to gain more from his criticism of our socio political life than the indulgent comments of our current president on the issue.

      • jimmy says:

        Are james you are spot on in your comments and uncle bobwho gained so much should be careful because you dot bite the hand that feeds.when he was fighting from ikoyi did he not know that nigeria was corrupt? This is the same problem that our brothers in south africa suffer from sometimes.it begs the question what did your parents and my parents gainfrom having a portion of their check donated to the cause.did any western nation do the same rather they did so much damage to keep the racist apartheid system in place. Up to 1980 nelson mandela was still regarded as a terrorists now the uk and the us are their best friends? Back to uncle bob yes we are a corrupt nation,but this same corrupt nation will not be giving you any money this time around if you visit make sure you change those worthless zimbabwean notes to….. Naira. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  3. startrek says:

    I ve met a Chinese who offered me $2000 to sign off on his contract papers so he gets Togo back to his home country 2months ahead of his contract period,
    I ve dealt with an American who offered me an easy visa access if I could just pass to him an official document instead of going through the official channel,
    IA south African treathens to setup my brother in law for deportation instead of supplying the full complement of items paid for.
    A german said to my face “I wish you were in this country 70yrs ago” because I dare to ask for specific details concerning an equipment for which I was sent there by my employers.
    That oldie is a case of kettle callin the pan black.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga startrek, thank for your comments.let me say this very plainly nigeria has major problems concerning corruption mos def.we has the greatest housing scandal that spanned two continents, a couple of people went to. Jails even these dealings were considered so risky that they downgraded to beyond junk status in securities trading.zimbabwe even by western is considered more corrupt than nigeria and we have a leader who begged for more and weapons is now criticizing us and at the same time wants raw hard cash from us mchew! T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Akin Oges says:

        I give it to Jonathan, he has learnt his lessons. Chaps like Jonah Jang, Wuyep et al flew numerous surreptitious flight on our old ladies (C130s) laden with cash ($), weapons and other assistance to many Southern African countries, particularly Zimbabwe – including Angola, in the 1970s through to the 1980s. And what do we get in return as at today? In those countries (from States/institutions/individuals) they put more value on a Black Mamba than a Nigerian. In fact, going by what is playing out today in South Africa, Nigerians are been actively hunted: when the imbecilic thug who killed Lucky Dube was pressed for details, he famously declared that he routinely killed the occupant of the car because he thought he was a Nigerian. Yeah… Truly shocking… But we are Nigerians; regardless of our short comings (we do have serious (!!) short comings) we are superbly wonderful folks, and profoundly large hearted. And I stand corrected, no other African compare to a nigerian on both counts. When a Nigerian invites you to visit or attend a ‘do’, s/he ensures that there are enough to eat and drink for 4 life times; unlike: “remember to bring your own bottle, please”.

  4. startrek says:

    my brother U & I know that Nigeria & Nigerians are guilty of standing up for their right than the so-called corruption label by the west.

  5. Tope says:

    Hey guys,

    Its High time Nigeria Re-strategizes on GeoPolitics Quickly We should ask this questions:

    1. Who are our Allies,and I mean True Allies

    2. Who do we stand to benefit from Partnering

    3. Who can make a Deal with us in a “scratch my back, I scratch urs” scenario?

    4. Who can Stand with us in Times of Need and Never Back down?

    5. Who is our Brothers’ Keeper

    6. Who are our Enemies Within and Without ( External and Internal)

    7. Which Countries Compete Aggressively with us and want to dominate us in All 7. Which Countries Compete Aggressively with us and want to dominate us in All 7. Which Countries Compete Aggressively with us and want to dominate us in All 7. Which Countries Compete Aggressively with us and want to dominate us in All areas?

    8. Who have Agendas against Nigeria?

    9.How do we shape Foreign Missions and Ambassadorial Positions?

    10. How do we Project Military Strength and Capability

    11. How aware are we of Current Geo-politic Strife between the West vs East vs Asia vs Arabs vs Europe vs Africa?

    12. Who will stand with US when the Water is hot? I ask this again.

    13. Who can Protect our Trade Interest and Strategic Economic 13. Who can Protect our Trade Interest and Strategic Economic 13. Who can Protect our Trade Interest and Strategic Economic 13. Who can Protect our Trade Interest and Strategic Economic Interest?

    The World has Africa as its Last Battle Field, Neo-colonialism and Imperialism is being practised in a New Way……the teachings are that of ” Mordern Slavery through Economics” We know the Players we know the Chess pieces……is Nigeria going to be a Player or a Chess piece?

    From Visa Agreements to Immigration Laws and Even how we Sign Trade Deals we must constantly ask ourselves who will Bail on us Once da Soup begins to Sour.

    While I know No Country truly has Friends but Common Interest, Sun Tzu the Wise General said ” Plan for Every Unforseen Eventuality and Keep your Enemies Closer than your friends, keep them in a False Sense of Camadarie and Lull and when dia Bellies are Full…….STRIKE! ”

    Now he. Also said ” A Good General Wins a War More Efficiently with a PEN more than a SWORD” meaning……..we must plan and have CounterStrategies and we would always come out Tops.

    If our African Brothers don’t Appreciate us, then we appreciate them…..and when they are in a False Sense of t

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