March 28, 2014

Defence Headquarters has disclosed that 11 terrorists were killed between Monday and Wednesday at Gumti in Adamawa State near the Cameroon border with Nigeria in the ongoing operation against terrorists in the north east.

Director of Defence Information, Major General A.C. Olukolade said yesterday that during one of the operations, a Burkina-Faso national who also holds the nationality of the Republic of Chad was arrested in full military outfit and complete fighting gear.

The suspect who is a mercenary was arrested with different caliber of heavy arms and ammunition along the Chad border with Nigeria serving as a Boko Haram fighter. He has been moved to Maiduguri and is currently helping in ongoing investigation by the Special Forces.

Olukolade, who doubles as the Coordinator, Joint Information Directors on the Anti-Terrorism Operation said a group of terrorists attempted to escape into Cameroon through Taraba and Gumti in Adamawa State but were tracked down and shot by troops on patrol after they put up resistance.

He disclosed that during the encounter with the terrorists, who were trapped in the forest as a result of ongoing offensive, seven of them were killed and a large number of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and automatic rifles were recovered by troops. Olukolade said that in a similar encounter in Gombi, four other terrorists were killed along the borders after they were compelled by hunger ravaging their makeshift camps, to attempt to cross over to Cameroun.

More than seventy motorcycles were also recovered and several terrorists were equally arrested when some of the captured Boko Haram members led troops to hideouts where fierce fighting ensued between them and the Special Forces.

Director of Defence Information said sustained patrols and searches by the Multi-National Joint Task Force have led to the arrest of unspecified number of terrorists including mercenaries along the Nigerian-Chad border.

He said that patrols are still ongoing around the Lake Chad region including Kwatan, Kanwa, Kwatan Yobe villages and other isolated Islands in the area.




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  1. jimmy says:

    I am aware that quite a few very high ranking officials inthe mod read my comments and are determined to find a way to bring this to an of the most important things that has to be cemented is the rule of law.
    Here is a merc who may have committed some of the most henious acts only the evidence of what he is arrested with can tell.he should be put on trial and if. Found guilty in what is essentially a war zone he should be sentenced to death.

    • Solorex says:

      Its a bit complicated here, War as not been declared and every civil captive must be tried in civil courts. Civil courts are already overwhelmed in Nigeria(naturally before the advent of terrorism) and Military courts cannot try Boko haram member. The Legal system has not been re-jigged to reflect the realities of the moments and that is an hidden problem brewing underground at the moment. What will you do to thousands of murderous insurgents captured? trying them in civil styled courts will take forever!, releasing them will lead to strife, very complicated situation.

      However, If you declare a war, them you become bound by the international rules of war ( which might give some form of legitimacy to activities of Boko haram) . A lot of politics has been played with people/troops life ( by not enacting laws to support field activities of the military)- Some group of influential people threatened to seek for arrest warrant and extradition to ICC of former COAS and there was no strong response from the government-that is a morale killer for serving top official ! . Lack of Synergy amongst the military, political class(legislature) and Judiciary is a small issue that is proving to have larger consequences.

  2. rka says:

    Well done Nigerian Army SF, SBS etc, keep up the good work and keep hunting them down. It will only be a matter of time before they and their sponsors are brought to book.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Impressive stuff. Shows that the AOR has been thickly permeated by SF commandos.

    Just to put things in perspective, starting from the northward limits of the transnational highland belt on the Nigeria-Cameroon frontier around the Gwoza-Kerawa axis in the south of Borno, the Gashaka-Gumti National Park (one of the Top 25 biodiversity hotspots on earth) straddling Adamawa and Taraba states and embedded in the Mambilla Mts, lies no less than 500 kilometres to the south of the Mandara range.

    Such omnipresence the SF is needed to ensure that every backwater location is contested and not laid open to brigands.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      Is this a tale of two armies?
      Army 1: The NA on their planned offensives are brilliant.
      Army 2: The NA defending their own bases are overconfident

      Your thoughts are needed.

      • beegeagle says:

        Oga Asorock, how now? I have only just seen this. Anyway, here goes.

        TRUE – the planned offensives by the NA are usually brilliant and produce an instant effect. However, it does seem as if the NA are fixated on winning particular battles and all too often, take their foot off the gas pedal when they should be pressing their advantage after haven won specific battles. This appears to have changed lately with the latest attack on the Giwa Barracks of 21 Arma Bde. The NA have been in pursuit and mop-up operations, heading into northern Borno and pressing the aggressors onto the anvil of the MNJTF deployed much further to the north of Borno.

        Let us go back to the beginning. You remember the September 2004 encounter with the Taliban (which later morphed into BH) in the Mandara Mts? Many who fled into Cameroon using the footpaths lived to fight another day, eventhough it has to be said that full cooperation from a traditionally hesitant and insular Cameroon was a prerequisite for the strategic phase of the faceoff with the Taliban to be pushed to a conclusion.

        Again in April 2007, dregs of the Taliban struck at Panshekara in the hinterland of metropolitan Kano. After two days of battle, troops of 3 Bde put down the revolt. But they did not press the advantage clinically and it can rightly be deduced that the Kano cell of BH had its roots in the scattered but not disbanded group at Panshekara. Infact, post-2010 when the real insurgency commenced, there have been armed skirmishes between govt forces and BH goons at Panshekara.

        In July 2009 when BH as presently constituted revolted in MDGR, it was a ding-dong affair until 1,000 troops and 6 Panhard VBLs+mortar crews were flown in from Jos and Calabar. Commanded by Colonel Ben Ahanotu, the troops put up a fantastic display, retaking the streets and storming the Railway Compound stronghold of BH, fighting against embedded goons. Eventually, the vast neighbourhood was seized and mortared to the ground. To cap a fine outing, they seized the BH leader himself. Unfortunately, he was extrajudicially murdered by cops to whom he was handed over by the NA.

        Still, the NA did not bother with hot pursuit operations even as BH goons were shaving off their defiant long beards to evade detection and slipping across the border into Cameroon and Chad. Remember that the late bro in law of the BH leader, who himself got slain after he received ex-President Obasanjo to MDGR, stated that 40% of their members took refuge in Cameroon and Chad after the 2009 revolt was quashed?

        One would not know if it stems from the real fact of over-confidence of a battle-hardened NA which has been fighting NON-STOP since 1990 from Liberia to Somalia, Sierra Leone to the Bakassi, Niger Delta to the Northeast. It could be a case of looking on the adversary with contempt or very critically, one which has to do with a dearth of appropriate hardware – Mi-17s to quickly move SF commandos into place for search and destroy missions and armed scout helos for observation and interdiction of fleeing militants.

        Certainly, both are interwoven. The NA seemed restrained when in March and May 2013, militants attacked the battalions at Monguno and Bama. Perhaps they even seemed to be lethargic in their response.

        It is the small matter of the scant regard for the capabilities of the insurgents, which has led to the attacks on military bases. It could be that the troops feel that the terrorists would not dare or they imagine that the episode in 2009 during which about 200 BH militants got killed whilst trying to storm the same Giwa Barracks, serves as a strong enough deterrent.

        But not is strong enough to serve as deterrent to a suicide bomber who feels strongly enough about a particular belief as to willingly take his own life pursuant to the advancement of that belief

        Surprisingly, no sooner had the SoE been proclaimed over Borno, Adamawa and Yobe in mid-May 2013 than the NA put on another show, rolling the terrorists out of urban strongholds and sending them into flight. That was what transformed the tide of the fighting from urban warfare characterised by suicide attacks, VBIED blasts and ambushes into a rural insurgency characterised by predatory and cowardly attacks on border communities and remote settlements situated near BH rear bases across the border.

        Do planned NA offensives work? Well, there is one going on as we speak. View the blog archives and see how many terrorists have been killed or captured, bases destroyed and weapons caches seized. At this point in time, BH are under pressure and that is why they have seemingly eased up on their signature – genocidal action – against defenceless persons. Not that they have had a change of heart…the heat has been turned on them and they are more concerned about self-preservation than hugging the headlines on account of atrocities perpetrated.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Beegs,

        Thanks for the insightful write up.

        Western commentators love to say that “the once peaceful Boko Haram turned violent after their leader was illegally killed by Nigerian Security forces.”

        Your short piece here lays out a history of Taliban-like groups and activities going back more than a decade.

    • Joe says:

      I know this is offtopic and all, but as a ‘response’ to boko haram video, a video has surfaced of the Nigerian army retaking the giwa barracks, reember the army truck the boko boys used, well the army recovered it back.

      • Joe says:

        Also, the video is very graphic, just an advice to the faint hearted. To be honest, this video restores my faith a little in the Nigerian Military.

      • Joe says:

        Another video with eyewitness interviews, although i personally don’t agree with all the commentator’s views or ideas

      • Akin Oges says:

        Thank you Oga Joe for this effort. The point has been sounded several times on this forum: perception is a weapon of war; you can win on the battlefield and be roundly defeated in living rooms, if you fail to tell your story with facts, pictures and videos. The DDI crucially must bring in young, creative, media savvy and computer competent officers to help things along; Gen. Olukolade will always be important in managing the process with his gravitas and wealth of experience. Nevertheless, it must be said, at the moment this policy of secrecy is having a counterproductive effect; it is only working to assist the elementary yet telling propaganda of the enemy. I implore those in-charge of information , please proactively release non compromising or non sensitive details of the ongoing NA/NAF’s offensive against the enemy. Patriotic Nigerians are sacrificing sweat, blood and paying the ultimate price in this war (as I type these words, there are young Nigerians in God forsaking mountainous regions their uniforms have stayed on their backs for days if not weeks, making do with anything for food and coping with incredibly atrocious conditions just to ensure that we (Nigerians) are not butchered by a satanic gang of lunatics), let Nigerians hear and see these heroic sacrifices. Please.

      • igbi says:

        It seems boko haram camera man skipped this part, hummm, I wonder why !
        There is no difference between a dead terrorist and a dead insect.

      • asorockweb says:

        Many thanks to you Joe.

        I remember both the pickup truck and the flat-bed truck from the Boko Haram video.

        Well done to the NA – no wonder the Boko Haram video ended so abruptly.

        The battle had turned and the Boko Haram cameraman could no longer film.

        The NA should watch out for their own reputation and make sure that BH propaganda doesn’t carry the day.
        New threats are emerging and the reputation of the NA is worth 100,000 men additional men.

      • asorockweb says:

        A few things to note from the video:

        0:33 – The dead BH gunner besides his gun-truck. I remember the blackened-out gun-truck from the BH video. Also remembered the shirtless gunner.

        2:33 – The dead Boko Haram foreigner fighter. If you listen, you will hear the people call him “foreigner” and “Not nigerian”

        3:24 – The otokar cobra patrolling, and still looking for BH members

        The unity between the common person in Maiduguri and the NA

  4. gbash10 says:

    The NA 72 SF in Makurdi has been compromised,they have been aiding and abating the killing of innocent and unarmed civilians in collaboration with the marounding Fulani herdmen.Please the COAS should come to Benue State and visit the various refugee camps within Makurdi metropolis and then ask some questions about the role of the NA in maintaining peace in Benue State and hear what would be the response of the people!
    Please Sir,redeploy the entire NA 72 SF BN to Maiduguri and bring a different NA SF BN to Makurdi,because the 72 SF BN is an extension of a fulani army now!

    • cutievik says:

      @Gbash10,I must confess this is a serious statement you have just laid bare, do you have proves? Has it been ascertained? Please keep us posted in other to follow with appropriate actions..Thanks

      • Solorex says:

        We have seen soldiers commit atrocities( they are human beings like anyone else, prone to do evil) even on the streets but not on the scale of what is been perpetrated in Benue axis at the moment. At times the activities of soldiers are not defensible in any court of opinion or law and mischief makers easily cash in on this, Armed robber ( even in Lagos) dress in military fatigues);Boko haram dress in Military fatigues and so does several terrorists, including those of Fulani extraction. it is a well known fact that we require more discipline, accountability from our Armed forces ( even though things have gotten better) and at times small detachments of soldier often misbehave and engage in abuses, but the scale of what is happening in Benue is quite bigger than what a renegade band of soldier can do-my opinion

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Gbash,

      I believe your intentions are good, but in future, ensure that the way you express yourself does not blunt your message.

      Your statement maligns the Fulani.
      It’s not just you, I have noticed that a board section of the Nigerian press report incidents of herdsmen killing villagers as “Fulani this or Fulani that.”

      Most of the Fulani are ordinary citizens living ordinary lives. And we have Fulani soldiers, risking their lives for our country.

      As you have mentioned a particular Nigerian Army battalion, I will present to you, a couple of possibilities
      1) There may be something out-of-order with the leadership of the battalion
      2) The statements of the refugees should be treated with caution. Nigerians have certain expectations of their security forces and government, but those expectations are not usually met. If You go a refugee camp in Cameroun or Niger, you may probably hear similar statements against the Army.

  5. peccavi says:

    There are more than enough laws in Nigeria that cover terrorism, armed robbery, banditry, arms trafficking, murder, etc that can be used in this instance most of which are capital offences.
    Lets not get over excited, rule of law has primacy

    • gbash10 says:

      The NA in Makurdi are a disgrace to all Patroitic Nigerians because they are not the type of NA my Dad served with for 22 years before he retired in 1991.The COAS and CAS should come to Makurdi and verify things for himselves by flying around the villages that have been taken over by fulani and their cattle with the protection of the NA.

  6. gbash10 says:

    Please call anybody in Makurdi and ask to verify.Yesterday people saw NA short-service cadet traininng on the ridge that use to be the landing ground for the NA former 72 Paratrooper Bn,and they started runing for their lives until 2 NPF SARS Unit has to run toward the troops to verify their intent,actually if they had bad intent the 2 cops would have been dead.

    • asorockweb says:

      What does your statement mean?

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Aso Rock,it means the people in Benue State do not trust the NA again, on a particular day there was tension in Makurdi about a possible peaceful demonstration on the fulani herdmen kill people and the FG keeping mute,but the state CP NPF ban the event,some persons that ran to NA 72 SF and NASME Barracks to take refuge were turned back at the gates.

    • igbi says:

      is the fear of the people a proof of the guilt of soldiers ? the problem Nigeria has is that logics don’t apply in Nigeria. Your accusations need, proof not sentiments. As it has been explained to you criminals love to use kaki to commit crimes, so if your only proof is that the attackers were wearing kaki or that people were afraid of soldiers or don’t trust soldiers then you have got nothing.

  7. gbash10 says:

    Oga Asorockwe,in as much as there are Fulanis serving in the NA,their are also Tiv,Idoma and Jukum soldiers and officers that their people are been killed every day in the villages Kwande,Logo,Gwer-West,Guma,Agatu and even in Makurdi at Apir and Ikpayongu along Oturkpo road.
    If you are a military personnel or not,use google earth on a computer to check the flash points and the thrust of the attacks carried out,everything is converging towards Makurdi.

    • Are James says:

      The question being asked is what is at play here?. While would the army take sides with the Fulani against other tribes?. The accusation itself must-have some element of truth; multiple sources, journalists and some politicians.
      Is there an internal geo political explanation for what appears to be state supported genocide in some cases?.

      • igbi says:

        What does an uneducated villager see when men wearing kaki attack his village ? To him the army is attacking the village, and that is how he will report it. So believe me, no soldier is envolved.

  8. gbash10 says:

    That is one big question most people here are asking the same question too,the NAF have been flying air surveillance patrol using their AgustaWestland AW-109E helicopter from time to time.
    I just hope the Defence HQs and Army HQs will quickly do something about this ugly situation now.

  9. gbash10 says:

    Oga Igbi,do you think I am also a villager? I was born in the NA barrack some three decades ago,from Enugu to Port Harcourt,and then to Maiduguri.I have interacted with soldiers and their siblings in the then NA 72 Paratrooper Battalion,Liberian/SL Civil War as well the Atabong East(Bakassi Peninsula) liberators and veterants as well as those in NASME Barracks
    Last week i saw 2 Otoka Cobra live in Makurdi for the first time,i could identify them whereas other persons were calling them armoured tanks.
    I know what I have said,do not take my comments as a joke,people are dying every day in the villages,the NSA mentioned how villages where being over-run by fulani herdsmen in Benue State on NTA NetWork News yesterday.

    • igbi says:

      Oga gbash, you are not in makurdi (by the way I was also born in the barracks), what you hear comes from uneducated folks. I don’t see how the chain of command in the military would be planning genocide on its people, if you were talking about a few traitors then I might understand, but then they would have been executed by now. It just doesn’t make sense for the army to be protecting mercenaries/criminals killing civilians.

      • gbash10 says:

        Igbi,I now know that your claiming to know all tend to show the level stupidity in your person and character,the way you have been disapproving other person’s comments without knowing the reason why they post their respective coments.
        Check the Nigerian eye and read the about the use of chemical weapons by Fulani herdmens,Gen Beeg and every other cyber general on this blog,my apologies Sirs,for using insultive language,you may wish to bring the link for every patroitic and peace loving Nigerians to read.

      • igbi says:

        If you could explain to me where I claimed to know ?
        It seems many people on this blog don’t take criticism very well.
        Many seem to have a very huge ego.
        I explained something very simple to you: with accusations you need to bring proof forward, not sentiments. Should I explain the word “proof” to you ?
        It is also you who came here praising soldiers who for allegedly abandoning their post.
        I think I have a pretty good picture of your motifs, I just don’t say it loud because some people might call me conspiracy theorist. And moreover I don’t need to know your motifs to recognize a nonsensical statement.
        Many people out here are telling you the same thing and it is me you chose to insult.
        When logics fail people they turn to insults.
        I used to hold you in high regards.

      • igbi says:

        Oga beegeagle, are insults now authorized ? Or is it just me that people are allowed to insult ?

  10. Tope says:

    This Fulani Issue with Benue needs to be Canned immediately, Anoda recruitment ground for BH is rapidly rising if not already happening.

    This Issue from Benue can Spread to Jos!. We have not finished crushing BH nw dis Ugly Tribal Inspired Monstrosity sets in, I’m now Seeing that Same Sponsors of BH may have a hand in this, although its a speculation but seeing as this is Coming immediately after BH have been dealt heavy blows recently by the Army leads me to suspect they are shifting strategy and infiltrating Violent groups to acheive their Aim. To Destroy the Nigerian State. We must not Let this happen.

    The Military must do a Total Purge of itself and this is where da DMI ,DHQ ,SSS and NSA need to collaborate Every Person must be Vetted and passed through Pyschological Analysis, EVERY Person from da Commander to the Foot Soldier, we must make sure we smoke out the Hidden Elements and spies who keep tipping off. BH, Supplying Military Fatigues to them, Getting mixed with Tribal Rivalries.

    Also a Rotation System must be in place such that Battalions and Brigades don’t stay more than one year. A Group of Core commanders may stay but Changes need to be involved to increase Situational Awareness. Again its High time the Police have Dedicated Military Capable Officers to Supplement the Military, We can’t have police offers running away when and if villages are attacked.

    • Are James says:

      The DMI, SSS and Police are of doubtful integrity when it comes to neutrality on any issue regarding tribe and religion. Everything eventually boils down to political leadership at the highest levels in this country. We need the office of the NSA to establish a flying squad of investigators to get to the root of all internal security problems and ethnic cleansing attacks. We also need the a body that will establish a mechanism to provide for equitable land use throughout the north and a security framework that protects Middle belt and S. Kaduna farmers whilst providing the nomadic tribes ‘government owned’ migratory grazing zones within the middle belt and south west.
      As to the conspiracy theories making the rounds regarding all our security problems, I believe what is being challenged is patriotism and love for Nigeria. It is clear that a lot of groups have been negatively inspired by the successful Niger delta struggle and are operating on the mistaken belief that violence gets you a seat at the negotiation table.
      However if most Nigerians say no to senseless killings and resist real or imaginary internal/external inspired destabilization plots aimed at dividing this great country, then no CIA, Middle East power, Islamic fundamentalist, Christian fundamentalist or any other force on earth can divide us.

  11. freeegulf says:

    haha, oga Are James, welcome to the politics of 2015. the heat has just been turned up a notch higher.
    expect more violence and brigandage. we are not only dealing with dissatisfied internal groups, but more dangerously, a formidable international group bent on executing their agenda for Nigeria.
    africa will feel a whole lot of destabilization this period and nigeria (have always been lucky to contain situations like these) will definitely not be spared these diabolical designs.

  12. Makanaky says:

    Lets look at the positive side, progress is been made by the Military on the insurgents they are been exterminated and kudos to them.

  13. Colonel says:

    I doubt if the men putting on camourflage are nigerian soldiers. The average civilian cabt tell the difference between real troops and those wearing khaki for destructive purposes. I wish Maj.Gen T.C UDE wasnt transferred to army headquarters from Nasme where he in charge. He was in charge of internal security as a one star general and was responsible for the recovery of a large cache of weapons and the relative calm in kaduna. The situation can still be salvaged. I think the army hasnt gotten the necessary orders to go all out and stop the carnage.

    • gbash10 says:

      Our Brazilian Embraer EMB314(ALX/A29) Super Tucanoes counterinsurgency aircrafts are in the country now, I saw 2 today flying into TAC from Abuja one after the other(sneaking runs).

      • Obix says:

        Oga gbash, 21 gbosas to you! O yeeeeeeeees! Thanks for the non coded straight up info 🙂 Now, let the “games” begin!

  14. beegeagle says:

    Thank God ooo, Oga Gbash10

    This is the first time you have come clean without setting off chaff-and-decoy mechanisms, Uncle Coding 🙂

    Knowing your familiarity with airframes and air warfare, the fact that the NAF are indeed in the hunt for ALX Super Tucano COIN planes, I would be comfortable with your categorical assertion. After all, they are bound to be seen at the Air Expo 2014 in a few weeks’ time.

    Good timing between quest and delivery. Perhaps they had anticipatory approval and were building the aircraft long before the November 2013 report which I posted on this blog.

    Something similar happened in 2012 when OCEA FPB 72 Mk.II patrol craft underwent sea trials during the first week of March whereas the actual FY 2012 FG budget which approved their procurement, only got signed on March 15th, 2012. That means the construction of the FPB 72s probably commenced as early as 2011. That was the only reason why they were available for sea trials early in March 2012.

    NAF finally witnessing consequential growth…COMBAT assets, not those A109 taxis which bring little to a battle space as presently configured

    2013-2014 shopping list

    – four Mi-17s
    – six Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helics
    – three Mi-35P attack helos
    – six Mi-35M night attack helos
    – ALX Super Tucano COIN beasts

    Strong possibility
    – six Su-30K(MKN) air superiority jets
    – squadron(s) of JF17 Thunder multirole jets

    Life just got tougher for the BH goons.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Not a bad idea.

    Waiting for the usual suspects to put more flesh on the bones via backstage communication.

  16. Tope says:

    @Jimmy According to Mary Ogar, the SSS Officer who was going to feed the Detainee his Morning Breakfast was De-Armed (WHICH I STRONGLY DOUBT) thereafter Heavy Gunshots were heard, Military Helicopters hovering…..we are now hearing Govt officials say it was an Attempted Breakout dat was put down. 18 killed and 20 re-arrested.

    This begs the Question I don’t understand….is an officer feeding a detainee meant to have any weapon near him? Plus isn’t da SSS officer well trained in Defensive Martial Arts? This is a Serious Matter.

    • jimmy says:

      Nah wah o! T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • igbi says:

      boko haram propaganda team is going to use this. wait for the aljazeera/al arabiya/bnew york times/ wall street journal propaganda version. The SSS guy who was supposedly desarmed should be investigated and the smallest punishment he should get is being let go.

    • igbi says:

      Given the level of security in Abuja, even firecrackers would prompt a military deployment. the usual political opportunists and boko haram sympathizers will try to use this of course. An attempted jail break will become a “long raging battle”. Eventhough the guy speaking doesn’t seem to be under any threat..

      • Are James says:

        The official account says 20 re arrested, 18 killed. You dont have to be BH propaganda machine, there you have it. .right there. The group is in its dying phase and they wont go down without a fight. The Nigerian security apparatus has to re invent itself. There is nothing to be gained in our turning this forum into a Nigerian Security Forces Admiration Society here. The game is changing.

      • rka says:

        I sometimes really get tired of “sources said”. It sometimes makes one wonder about the calibre of people that are recruited if the sources are correct or what their motives are (I mean generally and not necessarily this story).

        Are they clamouring for better transparency or is it a cheap source of income (brown envelopes spring to mind).

        If push comes to shove and the sources are exposed, would they stand up to scrutiny?

        I would prefer a kind of whistle blower protection scheme were people can disclose information without fear of being disciplined, fired or worse.

        No matter what the story is, there always seems to be a ready supply of “sources”.

      • Are James says:

        These guys are looking to spring the big man that was arrested with the convoy of jeeps in the war zone a few weeks ago.
        I am very all happy all these are happening at the same time, our security agencies are going to be forced to morph from entitled, untrained, slack, unruly, corrupt to sharp, alert, agile, pensive, proactive.

      • xnur44 says:

        There was a serious security breach this morning at DSS HQ and ALL BH detainees who ran outside their cells were SHOT dead, those who remained inside their cells were not armed.

  17. xnur44 says:

    correction “…were not harmed.”
    That is correct Are James, There is the believe that what happened is unprecedented.

    • rka says:

      Maybe it is for the best. As @Are James has said, we must “morph” into a more professional state of mind and not take things for granted and think you can guard a location with boots off and feet in the air in a slovenly manner.

  18. AreJames says:

    Sahara Reporter
    ‘ …four other detainees were later shot at a Park outside the SSS headquarters in Abuja’.

  19. ozed says:

    Sad report on our understanding of security for high risk individuals. However, lets not be to hard on ourselves similar thing happened to the US, UK armies, CIA at Mazar -i- sharif afghanistan, when over 800 taliban POWs attempted to escape, and it took 3 days of non-stop fighting and over 30 air strikes to finally put them down.

    We still de learn. a student who starts attending school in the last moth before the exams cannot expect to be top of the class. We had ignored anti-terror and COIN tactics and doctrine for too long. It will be a long hard road with plenty sleepless nights, blood and toil to pass the ‘exams’.

    • asorockweb says:

      Well said

    • AreJames says:

      LOL. You are going to make somebody laugh now when you remind of Mazar I Sharif. American stupidity at its most glaring. It started the same way, disarming of some CIA/SF and then everything went downhill thereafter.At a stage, the CIA and Special Forces called in air strikes, then the USAF as eager and gung ho as expected dropped ordinance on CIA, SF and pro American militia fighters…LOL.
      Finally the Talban holed up in the basement of a building and the account was funny how the reinforced pro American militia were trying to kill them all by shooting in through every available hole, throwing in grenades, tear gas and position Finally what worked was water. Flooding the massive basement forced out the Taliban in their dozens. At the end of the day less than a third of the Taliban was killed in spite of all the shooting, bombing, gassing, pissing..LOL. but at least this was early days into the war in Afghanistan, the CIA and SFs were new to job in a foreign country.
      In this particular instance we have a combination of laziness, slackness, poor recovery after a disaster, poor leadership, civil service mentality in a security outfit, improper internal security reviews of SSS employees which should ongoing, complacency from the highest levels and again maybe corruption.
      The most annoying thing is that this event will ‘inspire’ more like it unless very visible immediate fundamental steps are taken now but a knowledgeable observe know that everything will be dulled by typical Aso Rock sluggishness – investigative panel, oeview committees, memos, internal seminars, demand for supplementary budgeting for SSS and then nothing happens in six months. Meanwhile the enemy propels.

  20. rka says:

    What is positive about all this is the reaction time of the security agencies and getting on top of the situation relatively quickly before it turned into a saga, which would have had much more damaging consequences.

    It does appear that there are very high profile BH detainees there. I wonder whether the desperation is for fear of some high profile person being identified from interrogating the terrorists.

  21. Solorex says:

    There is an adage that says ” everything that appears dark and unclear is crystal clear before the Lord”! haba- one single handcuffed Boko Haram member disarmed an handler and in the resulting events 20 prisoners were killed ( who has already found their way outside their cells)in a sustained gun battle for 3 hours with explosions ( witnesses ranging from Ex ministers ( disgruntled or not) to pressmen- Soldier called in with Amoured personnel carriers and gun ship to make a statement about DSS readiness ! Haba! I can believe in flying elephants and Kungfu fighting goats but this ? Never! If you have ever passed in-front of a DSS state office-you will know these DSS guys are not the people you snatch one gun from and make a big mess like this.Most of them are very well trained. Whatever happened is well calculated and had some chance of success such that high ranking guys even panicked!

    Mazar-i-Sharif happened in an open compound where there were up to 500 prisoners(who surrendered a day earlier ) been guarded by about 100 troops, they were been tied one after the other when a rebellion broke out. Not some 18 handcuffed guys overpowering a agent serving breakfast!, its also not in Gitmo or CIA HQ!

    Now because these claims are so lame and unimpressive, several people/interests will come out with their own version, further distorting the truth and complicating civilian understanding of the events.This might actually go a long way in shaking the people’s faith in Security apparatus.

    Whatever happened has happened, but DSS PR’s department handling of event afterwards is not impressive; there are some things you cannot hide or at least you need to hide wisely, if you lie in full broad day light and get away with it, a day comes when you will tell the truth in full daylight and nobody will believe.

    • AreJames says:

      Very true.
      Nigerians are not 100% united in this war against BH and there are fifth columnists everywhere but we have had less popular governments who stole our mandate, stole our money, killed our heroes and yet they were perversely able to hold it together via discipline and painstaking management within very critical security apparatus of state.

      It is a tired cliche that the government it’s security services have been penetrated by BH sympathizers.So what?. Informed attitude to that should be that it is just another problem to be managed via the internal affairs department of the SSS doing what they should be doing – monthly, quarterly and annual security assessment of its own staff – check their bank accounts, check their phone records, do polygraph, check their travel intenerary, friends in school, lecturers in school, lovers, haters et.c. Full counter intelligence work and the SSS has had that department since they were Special Branch in the 60s.
      Many countries in Europe have up to majority Muslim populations now but are successfully securing their countries against extremist terrorist attacks from all front right wing militia, crime gang and also Al qaeda related elements. So no excuses.

  22. ozed says:


    I see, — so the fact that the Mazar i sharif fiasco happened in an open compound exonerates the US special forces and CIA? Nice !!
    What about the prison break at Kandahar prisons about 2011, where over 400 taliban prisoners disappeared into thin air through a tunnel. Under the noses of NATO and Afghan security forces???

    Long and short of it is anti insurgency and its associated security is not a walk in the park, and it is unrealistic for us given how short our experience in this area is to imagine that accidents and mistakes will not happen. We of course are right to feel frustrated about it. However, i think we must not go overboard!!! Let the uninformed on Nairaland do that, We cyber-generals who are hopefully a bit better informed should be a bit more considered in our comments and the positions we choose to take. —Methinks—-.

  23. Solorex says:


    Yes, i agree, in every organization (CIA,BND,MI6 facilities),we can have mess ups-cell breaks, riots e.t.c;CIA and Allied troops cannot be exonerated in Mazar i sharif issue- the captors are always to blame or praised in this sort of situation depending on the odds. My grouse is more with what we are told, than whether a jail break really happened or not! This is quite different to other incidents!, Not because of the Jail break ( or whatever happened) but because the story told belongs to Hollywood!

    How can you tell us that soldiers are firing (to where?) for hours to show DSS readiness? How can one handcuffed guy make such a mess-18 dead guys? Beyond the fact that we are unhappy, we also feel belittled by this lame story. CIA would never tell this sort of story to Americans if this happened at CIA headquarters!

    • asorockweb says:

      … CIA headquarters will not be used as a lockup facility.
      Besides, CIA’s budget may be twice the size of the entire FG budget.

      As incidents happen, all kinds of stories are told, even from official sources.
      A much clearer picture usually emerges after a day or two.

    • igbi says:

      Just keep in mind that you don’t know what happened.

  24. Henry says:

    We keep going round and round on this issues. This is a bloody insurgency and not a hollywood movie. Jail breaks are bound to happen, even the most secure jails in the U.S have had detainees attempt/ successfully carry out jail breaks. It is nothing new.

    The crux of the matter is, the attempted jail break was successfully put down. The DSS acted the way another professional agency would act. They immediately called in the army, police and the airforce who brought in assets to secure the perimeter and cordoned off roads while the jail breakers were immediately dispatched to the great beyond.

    There (DSS) response was decisive and very professional.

    Last year, a military contractor broke into a secure naval base in the US capital, close to the american national assembly and gunned down over 11 military and civilian staffs. I didn’t see anybody accusing the americans of conspiracy.

    Fact is, nobody apart from the officers in the premises has full details of the actual events that took place this. Incompetence or insider help doesn’t come into play here as the Agents of the DSS are the most skilled and most equipped agents in africa who undergo continuous trainings and joint trainings with some of the world’s top intelligence / special forces units (mossad, GIGN, ISI, sayeret, shin bet, MI-5 etc etc).

  25. startrek says:

    my ogas we complain the military does not tell us anything so the DSS has come out with a statement and we say I don’t believe it? … beside haven,t U head about one man riot? fact is that in other countries the DSS is called secret police let’s give time, in due course all will be clearer , the whole truth rite now will further endanger certain aspect of national security.
    shi ke nan

  26. Are James says:

    Painfully steep learning curve combat air support/joint operations, commendable effort all the same:

    • jimmy says:

      Painfully this is known as a bitter blue on blue when friendlies fire on friendlies or operational actions cause or lead to the death of others.
      I will reapeat this for those who read what I write this war is like no other war Nigeria has fought. They are going to win this war when all three organs,namely the political,judicial and the miltary are intertwined.

      • AreJames says:

        We always knew the low weapons load on the Alpha jet was going to be an issue in battle but the expectation was that the operational commanders compensate for this by sending them in larger numbers during CAS missions. Even applies to the Tucano which carries roughly the same load of bombs and rockets as the Alpha Jet (though in the Tucano low bomb load is mitigated by two machine heavy calibre machine guns at the wings). The incident brings to the fore the necessity to have heavier ordinance deep strike aircraft like SU 25 and where low level attack is not a requirement the JF17 or SU30K.

      • rka says:

        This wasn’t a blue on blue, just a communication break down as the 1st company didn’t get the message to withdraw.

        Surely there should be comms between commanders, soldiers, platoon commanders etc and this shouldn’t have happened.

        It is noted, thankfully, in the report that some that were reported missing had turned up. We really don’t need the loss of experienced fighters unnecessarily.

  27. drag_on says:

    Whoever called in the air-strike should have known the capability,loiter time, return time and number of the alpha-jet at his disposal. Normally, It should be the army that calls in the strike and a minimum of 3 jets at their disposal;2 on the runway waiting for a call (one strikes while the other loiters).The third called in for emergency if the jet in the area of operation is not enough. It seems as though there has been poor interoperability of the army and air-force in this particular campaign.
    More troubling,If we launched this offensive then, where were our hinds? Have we cycled through them so much that none was operationally available for the mission?.What other platform would have been able to engage in a hot extraction if not the hind?The loitering power of the hind cannot be matched by the alpha. Armed with rockets and cannons, it would have devastated a threat to that company.

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