A 90mm gun-armed Panhard Sagaie AFV near Marte, northern Borno.

31 March, 2014

No fewer than an estimated 2,000
insurgents were killed in a combined
operation by Special Forces and the men of the Air Force on Friday and Saturday in the volatile Sambisa Forest of Borno State, which has become a prominent hideout of the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

What would have been a great victory
for the Special Forces was, however,
marred by an operational
misunderstanding between the ground troops and the officers in the Air Force Alpha Jet. Investigations revealed that 20 soldiers are still missing as a result of the operational misunderstanding.

It was learnt that mid-way into the
operation, the Air Force Alpha Jet radioed the ground forces who had advanced in three companies, that they should withdraw because it was running out of bombs. It was learnt that while the second and
the third companies withdrew, the first company of soldiers did not get the critical operational order. The situation was said to have put them
at a numerical disadvantage in the
encounter with the insurgents.

It was gathered that the soldiers fought their way through in desperation until they got to Bama Barracks. Investigation revealed that a headcount among the soldiers revealed that 20 of them were missing. The military would not declare a soldier dead unless the corpse is recovered.

It was further learnt that the soldiers
became bitter because they felt they
were not given the operational
information that could have prevented the ugly occurrence. Investigations further revealed that the angry soldiers became unruly and refused to take further orders from their superiors.

It was gathered that the soldiers, who came from 103 Battalion, Awkunanaw under 82 Div Enugu, only take instructions from their commanding officer. It was learnt that the commanders are still in the process of resolving the issue as of the time of filing this story.

However, the Director of Defence
Information, Maj. Gen Chris Olukolade,
said the officers only went to their
commanders to narrate their operational experience. He said the issues had been resolved. He confirmed that the Special Forces
bombed the main operational
headquarters of the insurgents where
many of them were killed in droves.

Olukolade said, “There were operational issues; the issues have been resolved for the operation to commence. The spokesman added that some of the soldiers that were said to be missing had returned to base. “The troops only came to narrate their operational experience to the commanders for them to be resolved and they have been resolved; and the operation is already continuing,” he said


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  1. drag_on says:

    Whoever called in the air-strike should have known the capability,loiter time, return time and number of the alpha-jet at his disposal. Normally, It should be the army that calls in the strike and a minimum of 3 jets at their disposal;2 on the runway waiting for a call (one strikes while the other loiters).The third called in for emergency if the jet in the area of operation is not enough. It seems as though there has been poor interoperability of the army and air-force in this particular campaign.
    More troubling,If we launched this offensive then, where were our hinds? Have we cycled through them so much that none was operationally available for the mission?.What other platform would have been able to engage in a hot extraction if not the hind?The loitering power of the hind cannot be matched by the alpha. Armed with rockets and cannons, it would have devastated any threat to that company.

  2. drag_on says:

    After a bit more consideration the only conclusion i can come upon is that no one knew the situation the first company was in. The radio must have gone down and the company fought their way back to base (Bama barracks) before a concern about their disappearance could be raised.
    That’s the most considerate explanation i can come up for the NA.

  3. beegeagle says:

    This is where the ALX Super Tucano with its imperious loiter time and formidable close support capabilities come into play. Won’t be long now.

    Our plucky options are increasing with the ALX Super Tucano and Mi-35M possessing day-night fighting capabilities, the BH goons shall be in for a pummeling from the air soon enough.

    A-Jet too fast. Good for devastating vast complexes and camps but not ideal for sticking with ground forces, accelerating and decelerating with the ebb and tide of battle. That is where the ALX Super Tucano is key, not to mention its combat radius.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

  4. xnur44 says:

    There are exponential battlefield gains when improved conventional munitions are deployed on existing weapon platforms rather than high explosives, from rockets to bombs.
    Casualty figures released is a bit on the frivolous scale.
    My question to NAF is; where are the CBUs, and why are they still in storage? Get phosphorous and flame based sub-munitions employed on A-jets which are more effective in foliage environments than HE munitions that crack up on tree branches.

  5. doziex says:

    There is so much wrong with these military operations as described, that is just beneath the NA, and nigeria as a nation.
    Hinds are being used successfully all over this continent.
    An mi-17 based air mobile group, that could have facilitated the hot extraction of the stranded company , is very affordable and within reach if our authorities so desire.

    A situation were fast alpha jets are all that’s available for combat air support is extremely dangerous and betrays the level of operational recklessness that exists in the MoD.

    The US brought A-10 warthogs and apaches to the dance in Afghanistan.

    And when they utilized fast jets, they were accompanied with smart munitions.

    At the rate NAF is going, it’s just a matter of time before irreplaceable NA troops are killed in a friendly fire incident.

    Oga CIC, provide NAF, with tucanos, more hinds, more mi-17s and su-25s. Let’s get on with winning this war.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Gbagaun!! Bitter truth. What jangles commonsense is the fact that we have the stupefying resources to acquire hundreds of these platforms. Incredulous. The reassuring thing is, things will never be the same again in the realm of defsec in Nigeria; this BH crisis has shown that the manual must be radically reworked: from simple things as base protection, to the more indepth sophisticated operational stuffs. Behaviours and approaches will necessarily have to change, for the sake of our collective survival.

    • WachanGuy says:

      Plain vanilla flavour truth here! NAF and MoD readers please take note and do the needful!

  6. Deway says:

    I’m dumbfounded. It just beats my imagination. Please, this is not just about acquiring more platforms. 9 alpha jets were reactivated and upgraded recently, we have close to 8 or 9 or more Mi24/35s, we’ve got the SA 330 pumas that can be fitted with machine guns and can be used for insertion and removal if the Mi17s are not presently air worthy, even the L-39 albatross can be fitted with the drop bombs that the alpha jets are using. How can only one alpha jet be used for such an operation, considering they had enough time to plan and coordinate this operation? I just tire! I consider bh a riff raff uncoordinated terrorist group compared to the Syrian rebels and Al Nusra. If we were fighting these guys, what would have happened? Whoever planned this operation must be called to answer questions. Make una no vex, just venting my emotions.

    • AreJames says:

      My broad,
      Before we start seeing changes in leadership behaviours in our military. Tins go don spoil, many men go don die, mutiny go don nearly happen. Then top officers we start asking themselves honest questions about the current culture.
      Just look at the combat asset profile of the airforce and their availability and you go cry.

  7. ozed says:

    No Guys!!! My own fears are entirely different.

    Just imagine if the boko haram who were KIA were even a quarter of the estimates i.e. 500, yet there were still enough of them left that totally swamped a company of troops enough to attack them and drive them back all the way to Bama.

    That gives you a picture of the numbers and levels of equipment these guys have amassed in the Sambisa forest area.

    This matter don pass be careful oooo!
    Meanwhile it is now emerging that the so called ‘Fulani herdsmen’ roaming the middle-belt today are actually insurgents in disguise (quoting Shinkafi).

    • Deway says:

      Honestly, Oga Ozed, big kudos to those soldiers, that company though outnumbered, fought bravely out of the BH enclave in otokar cobras and hilux vehicles. My heart goes out to them, Much respect. This is what NA is known for, battle hardened and battle tested troops. Again, whoever planned this operation should be made to answer questions. I am annoyed that needlessly, 20 troops are missing (probably KIA). We are asking them to get more platforms but no one is asking how exactly they have utilized the existing ones they have. Communication should have gone out from the pilot to command base (if this is what its called) to scramble at least 2 more fully loaded alpha jets in the air (since this is what they love using). I am not a military man, this is common sense. So the troops had to fight their way back to Bama without air support???

  8. asorockweb says:

    The chances that the gist of this story is true is high – The author mentioned a specific battalion and the companies of that battalion.

    However, we shouldn’t swallow it hook, line and sinker.

    It seems a company lost radio contact with HQ and because of that, didn’t realize that CAS is no longer available. Said company now got into heavy contact with the enemy and then returned to base.

    That is the “Truth” that I will be taking away front this story.

    Little has been hear about our gunships in recent times, are they being used exclusive in the engagements in the mountainous regions of the North-East, or maybe in the Lake chad region.

    • AreJames says:

      Maybe protecting VIPs in Abuja.
      I don’t mind if this comment attracts criticism but the value system of people in authority in Nigeria is warped enough that this might be the truth.

      • WachanGuy says:

        If not true, how come they were able to apparently respond to the Yellow House situation so quickly?

  9. peccavi says:

    Ogas, its fog of war, it happens in every war, to every army and in every situation. How many of our positions have been bombed, shelled and shot up by own forces? How many times will messages miss road. It happens. Its tragic but it happens. Radios are very fickle, even more so in wooded or forested areas.
    The positive thing is that the Company fought its way out in good order although it took almost 25% casualties.
    However the battalion commander is at fault, how did he withdraw his unit without accounting for a whole company?
    Why would they withdraw simply because the air support ran out of ammo? Was that the plan? If so why wasn’t it carried out properly?

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you oga peccavii
      As an Infantry man you are able to make sense and give a concise view of what really could happen. i was partially wrong when i said” blue on blue” I stand have explained it more precisely .
      It is worth noting these men fought themselves out of a hornets nets if we go by the reports , Let’s then them their just due. It is also hoped and desired incidents like this are learned from.

  10. rka says:

    It said in the report that some of the soldiers that were declared missing had returned, so it Is less than 20 MIA.

    • Deway says:

      Good news

      • G8T Nigeria says:

        Gentlemen, why we have raised so much eyebrows pls understand that in warfare there are operational defficiencies. There is a cut out rule called blue on blue if the need arises. The songs of war have no rthym, no patterns and most painfully, No total weapon assurances. In this particular case, the boys tried and quite happy the little laspes didnt result to own casulties. The growing relationship between the. Airforce and the army is a welcome development and i prray it is sustained no matter what. My only fears is that it seems we design our attack strategy in secrecy and thus in strategic centres. Painfully it becomes difficult to change assigned task due to war theatre demands. It is important to allow ground troops communicate more with the air and allow for comms integration with DHQ. Mind u, the president had just raised the scale of military operations and asuch increase the type of weapons and calibre of bombs to be used since we are dealing with our country men who have choosen something else. If the army is given a full scale capability then we all shall see what happens. It only takes our ELINT plane to drop HC bombs dat jets cant carry. Be sure that the windows in borno will be shattered and structural frames of buildings will be ultered. The cynergy is good. The calibre of weapons can be sustained. Acquire more and spend money on villagers to arrest shekau.

  11. igbi says:

    AI shows up every time boko haram dies in great numbers. That is just a statistical fact.

  12. igbi says:

    Is A.I officially boko haram international pressure group ?
    We never hear of them when churches are burnt (with worshipers inside) or when students are killed or when villages are razed. The only times they talk is when boko haram is being killed.

    • igbi says:


      • G8T Nigeria says:

        Igbi u re right, not just Amnesty intl, we have another version from some elders then probably the professional touch would be on Ajazerra soon. Amnestly Int’l can tell us more about Gwatanamo bay atrocities.

  13. Augustine says:

    Alpha jets, running out of bombs, operation cancelled….what a pity, same Nigerian air force that paraded almost 100 combat aircraft as at 1984, even Ethiopia was envying us back then. Now we are the ones with embarrassing shortages in the air, who killed our country? Who?

  14. Augustine says:

    I think NAF should go after this armoured vehicle, and I thought NA killed this guy..

    • AreJames says:

      I am secularly educated, love sports and good music.
      Let us meet one on one.
      Man to Man.
      Anywhere, anyplace.
      No weapons.

      • AreJames says:

        The NAF is expending great resources to bust their lines of supply, especially of fuel.
        If they are successful, that armoured vehicle is just good for scrap. Modern IFVs of the sort would have the guns password locked anyway so it’s only useful to them for ballistic protection of say eight men….and for making boastful videos.

      • doziex says:

        Hehe he, Oga Are James, I volunteer to referee this one on one fight to the finish.

        This animal has to be beaten to death by hand.

        After a few hundred water boarding sessions.

  15. Augustine says:

    I know of impostors and fakes, but this guy looks very much like Shekau. Not sure anyway.
    Well NAF should scout for that APC if truly its a new video showing newly acquired Boko Armour.
    I am not scared anyway, Boko cannot face us in an open warfare, except this hit and run thing.
    I hope F-7s will start air patrols because former CAS Air Vice Marshal Dagash said helicopters are air freighting weapons to Boko Haram. I also hope this video was not shot inside Nigerian territory.
    The next few months seem crucial for a decimation of Boko, we have to put all resources into it.

    • asorockweb says:

      I have seen the clip with the APC before, at least that portion of the video is not new.

      I don’t generally watch BH videos – unless there is something to analyze.

    • rka says:

      @Augustine, I am of the opinion as well that the video or that clip has been doing the rounds for a while. I never trust BH videos as they don’t have a time line and are heavily edited.

  16. gbash10 says:

    2 soldiers killed out of the NA troops deployed to Benue State on sunday by Fulani herdmens/insurgents yesterday after Torkula Village,corps flown to Makurdi by NAF AW-109 Agusta helicopter.

  17. cutievik says:

    @gbash10,Believe it or yes this internal crisis we are facing is gradually forcing the Govt to wake up to it’s responsibility of protecting lives and property,the rate of insecurity is gradually getting to “be careful”,it’s so sad we are loosing brave men everyday in a situation where it could have be clearly avioded…this leaves me with one question..”Where d hell is our CT Police???” The army is now so involved with internal affairs to d detriment the NA being overstretched.

    • gbash10 says:

      Having opened fire on NA troops with 2 killed instantly,the boy returned fire and 40 Fulani herdsmen/insurgent drop dead,and then the push began!

      • Are James says:

        I think the body count is going to be high in this Fulani herdsman thing, these herdsmen are foolhardy to a very high degree,…. you would too if you had nothing in life but cattle.
        As for the mercs amongst them I expect them to withdraw and migrate outside our hordes when they meet superior firepower.
        Plenty work dey for Naija for people looking for def/sec sector work for the next few years.

    • Are James says:

      There is no more money to steal in government. They will soon learn that very painful lesson. The defence and internal security sectors are looking set to gulp N4trillion every year from now to the foreseeable future, there is no hiding from it.
      Infrastructure, Power and Education are also going to be big ticket items and they better be via labour intensive government interventions.There is also now no hiding the imperatives of State police and even LGA security services. This is going to lead to increased calls for Statutory allocations to states and LGAs.
      In order to make everything a little more effective and efficient, the new security architecture being built from the ground up will need enabling IT components – voice and data communications, databases, security information management systems, emergency response systems et.c.
      Escalatory systems from LG to State and Federal will be interesting to see but at least there won’t be a future Bolo Haram that we’ll not be able to track from seeding to formation to the stage where we take them out.

  18. rka says:

    It looks as if all the soldiers are accounted for;

    “But Olukolade denied that any soldiers had been lost.

    “We did not lose any soldier,” he said.

    “Those you said were missing from the operations have since returned to base and the operations continue.”

  19. cutievik says:

    @Rka…that wan na April fool!!!

  20. Adino says:

    Brigadier Gbash10,
    Those Fulani herdsmen are part of boko haram and boko haram are part of Fulani herdsmen. I still recall in 2011 or thereabout when a community in Jos was wiped out in the heat of Berom vs fulani crisis, the very next day boko haram claimed responsibility. It still amazes me till this moment why our useless state governors especially in the south and their more useless house of assemblies has not totally banned any form of nomadic cattle grazing in their states. These fulani jihardists do not pay for land, they do not pay tax, they desecrate the community and go ahead to kill their hosts in numbers.The governor of Nasarawa state knows much about this fulani mercenaries since he camps and uses them for his political buddings after he fell out with Ombatse.
    I blame GEJ for wasting time on the fulani issue, the same way he did with boko haram. That national grazing policy the FG is contemplating amounts to a proclamation of genocide, Nigerians are supposed to protest en-masse against that ill advised and utterly useless proposal. But, my people prefer protesting against irrelevant things like subsidy. Nigeria army should go all out, clean the jihardists out of the entire length and breath of North Central from Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Southern Kaduna and every other places they are found across the country.
    The S.F at Makurdi has always been known to be compromised I read on paper of a complaint laid against them some years back in the same Benue State.

  21. cutievik says:

    @gbash10 thumbs up to NA,plz do keep the info coming while we keep praying jutice prevails over evil..where d hell is the Nigeria police Anti terrorism squad????

  22. Adino says:

    @ Brig. Gbash10
    Please keep us posted, how far with the push. Myself and all well meaning Nigerians pray for our Gallant Soldier’s continuous successes as well as the souls of the dead to R.I.P. AMEN!
    There is a very serious situation in our hands now, which is the use of chemical weapons for the first time in Nigeria introduced by the fulani jihardists. This is something we should all take very very serious and see a proper investigation to a logical conclusion. Yet another instance of use of chemical weapons in Katsina/Borno State Terrorism: Strange corpses, guns litter Borno/Katsina forest:
    It appears the bandits/insurgents that killed over 100 in Katsina State last month has met their waterloo in the manhandling of their own chemical weapons.

    Truth be told, Nigeria is at war, there is an invasion of Nigeria as we speak and it seems our intelligence is far behind. I can see the hands of Cameroun/Niger/France.

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Adino, abeg that thread on nairaland was a clear april fool’s day joke. Please, read the article carefully again and you’ll see the lies everywhere. What on earth will give France the idea of invading Nigeria that way? I laughed when i read that- quote, “The plan was that Cameroon forces would invade the Nigeria Obudu ranches and some parts in East Nigeria. France would give its military backing and lobby in the UN and EU to support this move Nigeria”- end of quote. Na wa ooo! As we stand today, Nigeria can only be messed up from within and that’s why GEJ has woken up and our armed forces are now on the offensive against BH and other armed marauders. Concerning the other article on vanguard newspaper, from where did the don get his info that i quote “France has already deployed about 60, 000 troops to Africa, preparatory to invade the whole of Africa”. “I want to use this platform to let Nigerians know that France is ready to come and invade Africa and Nigeria is the target. They are right now training Cameroon.” End of quote. It’s like the don missed his medication. Vanguard newspaper should be spanked for even publishing such crap!

  23. peccavi says:

    The Camera Never Lies: another week another Boko Haram propaganda video. Like others it is well presented, on message and timely. In terms of the PR battle Boko Haram is much more on the ball than the security forces.
    The video consists of around 23 minutes of action footage from the actual attack on Giwa Barracks then about 14 minutes of the standard haranguing by somebody who bears a resemblance to and claims to be Shekau but with voice, mannerisms and general demeanour that do not appear consistent with the Shekaus of previous. This video brings up several interesting lines.
    Shekau: what is the significance of the non kosher Shekau? Does it mean Shekau is dead or injured? Or on the run and out of contact with his networks. Away on business (arms dealing, alliance building, fund raising?), has there been a disagreement and he is being kept out of the limelight. It leads back to the question of how important Shekau genuinely is in the organisation, is he the leader? A leader or just a figurehead. More questions than answers but one must look at the last time we had a Shekau substitute and what came next.
    Enemy Forces: the video itself is interesting in that it shows the attack on the barracks, with enemy fighters moving up, to the actual break in and assault on the base. It gives us a good insight into the enemy. It gives us a useful mechanism to examine a Boko Haram attack using the following headings
    • Strength: There appeared to be up to 50+ fighters, during this phase supported by more than 5 technicals. Nobody seemed to be specifically giving orders except for a few occasions where people gesticulated forward and no communication equipment was visible. There was no discernible grouping or unit structure although riflemen seemed to stick or move together whilst machine gunners and RPG men seemed to be apart. This could mean they are kept as distinct fire support or else just move slower
    • Weapons: the enemy was mainly armed with AK variant assault rifles and a few G3’s, GPMG and RPG’s.
    • Dress and Equipment: the enemy was mainly dressed in civilian trousers and T shirts, some had head dress in the form of keffiyeh but most were bareheaded. Most fighters had chest webbing, while some had backpacks, the back packs did not appear to be bulging full but bounced as if containing heavy objects.
    The vehicle of choice appeared to be the 4 door Toyota Hilux with 12.7mm machine gun mounted on the back. These vehicles were camouflaged mud brown, with at least one gunner at the back; some vehicles had a second person who appeared to be assisting.
    • Morale: enemy morale appeared high, fighters appeared calm and relaxed, showing no sign of panic or indiscipline and pressed home their attack until the secured their objective.
    • Tactics: the video showed the approach and break in to Giwa Barracks, up to the point the prisoners were released. The enemy displayed reasonable basic field craft, using cover to advance, suppressing targets by fire and only moving under the cover of fire. Their method of attack appeared to be have the dismounts probe forward until they met resistance and then the technicals came forward to suppress it. When the enemy broke into the barracks itself assaulting fighters bunched up in cover behind buildings while machine gunners and RPGs were used to suppress own troops. An assault can be heard going in behind the buildings, one presumes this is the break in to the detention facility itself. The distinctive crescendo of fire as the assault goes in is heard, and then enemy fighters sheltering behind the building move in. Again no form of communications are seen so one assumes hand signals are used. As the civilians run past the enemy begins their withdrawal and an aircraft can be heard, the cameraman eventually pans round and catches the airplane in his viewfinder. Interestingly there are no crys of alarm or panic amongst the enemy.
    Friendly Forces: from the video one can deduce that the enemy appeared to have achieved surprise and local numerical and fire superiority however there is constant friendly return fire which can be seen landing around enemy troops and bullets heard flying overhead, however it was extremely light and generally inaccurate.
    However the defence of such an important base housing such an important facility was poor. It is perplexing that the perimeter did not have sangars or bunkers with interlocking arcs of fire or a mortar position set up. A few mortar bombs would have wreaked havoc where BH was massing for the break in and either destroyed the attack or significantly slowed it down. The ZSU which allegedly misfired came into view, with a small fire burning in it. If it was part of the defence it was poorly sited and not necessarily the best weapon system to use. It did not look serviceable and was possibly just a dummy position.
    Boko Haram have capable, disciplined fighters, the attack was well planned, well led and well executed. They did well getting to the Barracks, breaking in to it and actually getting to the detention centre. Their use of technical’s and dismounts is quite competent and fluid as were their basic skills and field craft.
    They are a credible fighting force.
    The Nigerian Army obviously fought back and pushed them out but basic things are lacking, the ordinary soldier obviously did his job as the constant resistance despite being outgunned and outnumbered showed. Much has been made of Bok Haram walking about but this was only when they were out of range or line of fire, every other time they were behind buildings or flat on the floor. I would hope those soldiers who fought (hopefully not to the death) are recognised in some way.
    This video was excellent propaganda and unfortunately has achieved its objective of shaping the narrative of ‘..Boko Haram fighters walking around freely shooting their weapons..’ this is very effective propaganda and interesting in the opportunity it presents non to view the enemy at work. The Nigerian soldier did his duty, one would hope his commanders will begin to implement the basic security and force protection measures necessary to prevent a reoccurrence and also to understand that the media terrain is a battlefield that can be shaped and used to support the main effort.
    It is not as hard as it seems, one simply starts where the Boko Haram video ends; where the Alphajet descends to begin its bombing run.

    • Obix says:

      Oga peccavi, that was a masterpiece!. But please tell me, does it mean that at a time like this, barracks in the NE don’t have simple watchtowers from where guards could use at least binoculars to see what is happening beyond the walls? As per the attack on Giwa barrack which took place in the morning, a guard on such a watchtower would have noticed those BH pests way before they got close, that way having some time to raise alarm.

      • peccavi says:

        Thanks oh Oga, ,me I no dey ground so I cannot say, but although a storey building is visible I couldn’t detect any watchtowers. Its very strange to me, to be honest. Hopefully someone who has been there can shed some light

  24. AreJames says:

    Very professional analysis.
    Do you think the fact that most combatant troops and SF s were out of the barracks and were fighting at various forward operating positions at the material time of the attack paid a part in the partial success of the assault?

    • peccavi says:

      Thats what I think, the base was empty, but its still not an excuse. BH had very good intelligence and personally its not that hard to find out when units are in and out. They also knew where to target and how to get there. It was a professional attack.
      But so saying, a base with well sited defensive positions can still hold out even if they are manned by chefs and musicians

  25. jimmy says:

    The one thing I would like to recommend i am even willing to design it for free is a rudimentary WATCH TOWER for the NA please oga beegs let me know where i can send it to them . an experienced STEEL WELDER OR CARPENTER can do this for them. Just two look out watch towers manned by four rifle men can cut down on so much just my two kobos ” Olorun” ( God ) and just Berming @ 4:1 and compacting will cut down on any vehicle access.These are rudimentary defenses that can be highly effective and are cheap.

    • peccavi says:

      Bros no be lie you talk, but those 12.7 and 14.5 would make mincemeat of any watchtower that wasn’t reinforced concrete. This is why it has to be an interlocked system of bunkers, watch towers, obstacles, mortar/ artillery defensive fire zones and patrols

  26. Adino says:

    .Nigerian Army clears Three LGA in Benue of fulani jihardists
    The troops deployed as part of the operations to tackle insecurity in the north central zone of the country has restored normalcy in Guma, Gwer West and Agatu Local Governmet Areas of Benue state—-General Olukolade.

    .Nigeria Army kills 50 fulani terrorists in Nasarawa state

    The Army Push progresses. God Bless Nigeria Army.

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