Nigerian soldiers prepare to deploy for operations

5 April, 2014

THE military deployed to Nasarawa State, on Friday, allegedly crushed to death, no fewer than 10 insurgents while on patrol in Awe Local Council of the state.

The Guardian learnt that the soldiers ran into one of the insurgents’ hideouts in Baure and Tunga areas,
which are renowned settlements for
the attackers, who allegedly opened fire on sighting the presidential task
force, code-named ‘Operation Restore

It was reliably gathered that five AK 47 rifles were recovered from the felled insurgents while the operation continued to fish out more of the
criminal elements.

The state governor, Tanko Al-Makura,
who visited Keana Local Council, the
first port of call for the troops, since
their deployment, where they have
killed no fewer than 50 insurgents in
their operations, said, while addressing the people including the traditional head of Keana, Emmanuel Elayo,that there were no insurgents in his domain, insisting that they are in the forest and in the Benue valley.

A legal adviser to the prayer group,
Ombatse, Zamani Zakari Alumaga, at
the weekend, queried the governor’s
visit to Keana, which he alleged was
aimed at frustrating the military’s
efforts of to comb out insurgents.Alumaga said the Tivs, who have been
on the receiving end since the uprising began, have been cleared from the area and wondered why the Fulani still remained behind.

The former magistrate, who held the
governor responsible for the violence
bedeviling the state, said, “the case of
the killings of police officers and
operatives of the SSS has not been
resolved and Al-Makura is still fomenting trouble by shielding

While raising the need for the Tiv to
return to their ancestral homes to avoid famine, called on President Jonathan to act fast before Nasarawa becomes a breeding ground for terrorists.

Meanwhile, both indigenes and
residents of crisis-prone communities in Benue State are still living in fears of another possible attack by the Fulani mercenaries, as many are not sure of the much talked about return of peace to the devastated and deserted Tiv/Agatu communities.

Listing out statistics of local councils
worst hit by the Fulani herdsmen
invasion to The Guardian, the state’s
Executive Secretary of SEMA, Adikpo
Agbatse, said Guma Local Council has
nine wards deserted while Gwer-West has five.Other Local Governments are Makurdi with four, Logo three, Agatu four, Kwande one and Katsina-Ala one,just as Gwer-East Local Council also has its fair share of displacement.

Agbatse said in such an overwhelming
situation, government has found it
difficult to create official camps, more
particularly, when the security of such
facilities was very dicey. According to
him, SEMA’s stand on non creation of camps is also in tune with Governor
Gabriel Suswam’s earlier decision,
insisting that those fleeing from their
ancestral homes should be made to stay back to protect them.

However, during a recent peace
meeting and resolution of crises
between the Tiv/ Agatu and the Fulani
herdsmen at the Government House,
Makurdi, the aggrieved parties signed a peace accord to mark the beginning of the return of peace among the warring parties.

The peace accord had DIG Operations,
Michael Zuokumor and his delegation
signing on behalf of government,General John Atom Kpera and members of his delegation signed on
behalf of the Tiv people, while Miyetti Allah president, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi
Bodejo, signed on behalf of the Fulani,
while Agatu traditional ruler signed for his people.


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  1. Augustine says:

    Traditional rulers in the middile belt and whole north should be called into question as to why their people have turned Nigeria into a killing zone of world renown. Embarrassment.

  2. Augustine says:

    VP Sambo should leave his luxury mansion inside Aso Rock and travel round the middle belt and hottest flash points in the north to talk to traditional rulers on stopping our violence that seems to graduate from ordinary level to advanced level. G.E.Jonathan entered canoe on top creek go talk to militants in Niger Delta when he was VP.

  3. Oje says:

    Seconded Augustin, the North has held back Nigeria’s progress by over two decades. Just today officially Nigeria became Africa’s biggest economy with a GDP of over $550 billion all this despite the 4 year insurgency. Imagine Northern Nigeria being as productive and advanced as the South, we will be rubbing shoulders with the worlds top ten economies.

    • asorockweb says:

      The North doesn’t hold Nigeria back.

      There’s an ebb and flow to history.

      There was a time when northern industry, mines and agriculture was critical to Nigeria’s economy. And Northern agriculture is still critical to Nigeria’s economy.

      The world has changed so drastically in the last quarter century – information and knowledge is king now.

      It’s hard for people to separate what is good for themselves as individuals and what is better for society as a whole, but the Northern leadership groups should think long term and prioritize what they spend their political capital on.
      The northern governors, if left to their own devices, may be overcome by the natural human weaknesses of ambition, envy and greed.

      Security is a must – nothing will change without security.

      literacy is vital because knowledge and information is the key – not necessarily formal education.

      • Martin Luther says:

        Well all well said, in the long run it is a beauty to be Nigerian. I know the power the Nigeria we have today. It is a 1trillion Dollar per aum economy in the nxt 4yrs if we give peace a chance. If some people stop thinking they have God giving rights over other poeples lands and if some people start looking inwards to what they can get from their lands and just stop this oil greed nonsense where any person expects to have an equal share or sometimes the LION share of oil revenue from lands and waters they leave 1000km from

      • giles says:

        pls wen awolowo and akikiwe wer developin der reagion wer dey reling no d north?pls i will lik to knw wen asin year dat d north economy was critical to d nigeria economy

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