A NAF Alpha Jet prepares for AFISMA air recce/border patrol in Niamey, Niger

A NAF Alpha Jet pilot prepares for an air recce/border patrol sortie

8 April, 2014

The Federal Government has granted approval to the Nigerian Air Force to acquire more fighter jets and helicopters in the ongoing campaign against terrorism and insurgency in the country.

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, disclosed this during a press briefing on the forthcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Nigerian Air Force in Abuja on Tuesday.

Amosu said the Federal Government had also made provision to the authorities of the Air Force to upgrade existing platforms in order to put the service in a better position to carry out its statutory security responsibilities.

He said a major challenge of the Nigerian Air Force was obsolete equipment some of which, according to him, were acquired at inception. He said the leadership of the Air Force had adopted innovative approach to ensure effective upgrade of the old
equipment as Nigeria was not the only country whose Air force had to contend with the problem of aging equipment.

He said the Air Force under his leadership would soon showcase the
new aircraft being acquired for the service by the Federal Government.

He said, “Over the years, the Nigerian Air Force has grown from a small service with few platforms to one with over seventeen aircraft types and still growing. “Indeed, recently, the Federal Government approved the acquisition of new fighter aircraft and helicopters for the Nigerian Air Force as well as the upgrade of some of our existing platforms to enable the service perform its role…

“The challenge the Nigerian Air Force is facing today as we clock 50 today is obvious.We have been on for 50 years;some of the platforms that we have are as old as the Nigerian Air Force. “That is why we decided to, kind of say;‘let us introduce innovative approaches to fixing these old platforms.’ We are achieving a lot.

“We are not the only nation that is saddled with old platforms. What you do is you upgrade regularly, upgrade the system, we are already doing a lot in that regard. “The Machines, the Federal Government is giving us what is required to get them going. But again, we need to thank the Federal Government.

“Arrangement is in place to raise for us new platforms. Very soon we will be showcasing the new platforms that have been acquired for us.”

Major dailies had earlier reported that the ongoing campaign against
insurgency was being hampered by obsolete military hardware in use. It was reported that the Armoured Personnel Carriers, the Alpha Fighter Jets, the MIG Fighter Jets and the helicopter gunships that were being used in the ongoing fight against the insurgents were acquired between 1979 and 1982 by the Alhaji Shehu Shagari regime.

Amosu who also spoke on the challenges facing the Air Force in the ongoing campaign against the insurgency in the North East identified the unwillingness of the citizenry of the affected areas to
volunteer necessary information on the activities of the insurgents. He said if adequate information was made available to security operatives, the task of stabilising the North East would have been concluded.

However, he said the citizens had started showing some concern with some changes taking place which were indicative of the restoration of the confidence of the people.

Speaking also on the call by some northern leaders against the extension of the Emergency rule in Borno,Yobe and Adamawa states, which is expected to expire by April 19, 2014, the CAS said there were variables that could prevent the security forces from achieving their targets in the fight against terrorism.

He said the security agencies were putting in their best and would require the cooperation of the citizenry to ensure speedy conclusion of the campaign against the insurgents.

“The main challenge is that of the citizens not giving information, we need the cooperation of the citizens; this is a war that all Nigerians are encouraged to participate; we need information,with information, perhaps we would have concluded the whole activities of stabilizing the North East.

“But I believe that the citizens are equally concerned, we are already
seeing some signs. Once we get those information as we ought to have, you will see the changes that would take place. For now, I want to really thank Nigerians, we are really getting information, the confidence is gradually coming back,” he said.

The CAS also said the Air Force had some hints before the attack of its base in Maiduguri and took steps to execute a defence plan for the formation, which prevented people from being killed. He said the Air Force couldn’t carry out air strikes because of the need to avoid killing the very people that they were deployed to protect in Maiduguri.



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  1. Henry says:

    I know our journalists know the A-29 Super tucano is not a fighter jet. They’d refer to a turboprop as a jet and an APC a tank.

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah, Oga Henry.

      That is why the CAS has already pre-empted them with his emphasis on “fighter aircraft” and not “fighter jets”

      We have just further deepened our already formidable level of credibility. Glory to God.

      • Henry says:

        This is the only credible source on the nigerian military anywhere in the world. A big thanks to Oga gbash10 our esteem friend. He spotted the planes and alerted us.

        The only down side is the fact that the air expo has been postponed.

      • Are James says:

        Typically the average Nigerian defence correspondent working for a major newspaper has 5 WASC credits obtained at three sittings and the defence desk assignment is actually punishment for someone who would rather be on the beat chasing after politicians (for brown envelopes) or interviewing Nollywood starlets (N10k for four paragraphs plus another 5k per picture).

      • menatti says:

        This is off subject. Just want to post a link for NAF918
        NAF918 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Nigerian Air Force

      • jimmy says:

        Oga menatti Long time.no hear from you thanks for the info .Naf918 we have not heard a lot from since it was flown to england. Do you have any more on if naf 918 has departed for lagos T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • mayorrules says:

      A-29 is just a piston engine propler plane not really a turboprop but like you said our journalist are just not it

      • Augustine says:

        Super Tucano has this engine : Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-68C turboprop.
        How do we define turboprop sir? I am not an engineer, I confess.

      • Are James says:

        A turbo prop engine uses the gas turbine principle to generate power to turn a propeller which screws up air and throws it powerfully to the back of the aircraft providing a lot of thrust for the aircraft that moves it forwards. In a jet engine the air is compressed till it is very hot, fuel is injected and the mixture burns violently the exhausting gas is made to pass through a nozzle which imparts it with extremely high speed and power to move the aircraft forwards the same kind of effect is what you get when you release the air in a balloon and it flies away from you. No propeller in a jet engine.
        Jet engines are generally faster and noisier than turboprops of the same size.

      • Are James says:

        Very small ‘propeller driven’ aircraft use piston engines (same layout in most motor cars) but more recently the Wankel type rotary internal combustion engines (same engine layout in a portable lawn mower).
        These should not be confused with turbo props, turbo props have a small gas turbine taking care of business and driving the propeller instead of piston engines (motor car type).
        Most UAVs including Nigeria’s Gulma use Wankel engine because they are cheap, light, easy to control, compatible with the mechanics of flight etc..

    • big benjy says:

      GEN BEEGEAGLE HAILINGS…….Pls to all here i admire the intelligence being put on this blog,i will like to know why guys here are interested in NA NN AF having weapons without moral in the military,Now is any military personal on this blog know what kind of warfare is being waged by BH?Nigerians are sitting down and watching an Islamic emirate is being created,let give a hint here any recon with good geographical map reading should be able to c that KANO,kaduna is being surrounded and there is a lot camps waiting for order to proceed,this is just small and if anyone is doubting me,CAR all the fulani’s were relocated to north Cameroon and their men armed BEEGS how can i reach u

  2. beegeagle says:

    There goes another reason why Beegeagle’s Blog remains your anchor point for authoritative content..no hit or miss maneouvres.

    Last week, we brought you a world exclusive report about unreported deliveries of new aircraft to the NAF. The FGN has not once during the course of 2013 or 2014 mentioned the procurement of new fighter aircraft…only assault and attack helicopters.


    The emphasis of the CAS on “FIGHTER AIRCRAFT” and not fighter jets almost certainly affirms the delivery of the ALX Tucano to the NAF. He did mention in an oblique manner, their suitability for COIN operations.

    More..it is clear that rather than this being related to a recently signed contract, phased deliveries of new aircraft are underway as we speak and that explains the sighting of two ALX Super Tucano at Makurdi.


    ” He said the Air Force under his
    leadership would soon showcase the
    new aircraft being acquired for the
    service by the Federal Government. ”


    “being acquired” in the Nigerian context would mean “being delivered” and that means a phased delivery of airframes. That was why two units were spotted ab initio and more are surely in the loop.

    BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG….precision+integrity

    • Augustine says:

      I hope we got the kind of deal America got with Brazil for 20 units (With open order options of 15 more units) Super Tucano all to be assembled in a factory newly built for that purpose in the USA, total deal $400 million.

      We could get them all CKD and open an assembly plant for NAF-AFIT to run with DICON maybe. We get the technology transfer, it’s a simple aircraft to ‘copy and paste’ on the NAF-AFIT similar aircraft currently and secretly under development the FARAWA turbo-prop light plane.

      That is how China rose by eating under Russia, until they became big competitor now and even Russia is losing arms market to China in some areas.

      I guess for urgent need, we can lease 6 Tucanos from Brazil, unless they have produced brand new for us in a short time and we are seeing them at TAC MKD.

      We also need Tucano in the ISR role, Intel-Survey-Recce, for land borders and anti-piracy in our entire EEZ as a airborne rapid response to any serious piracy attack as it is four times faster than our fastest Shaldag IPV.

      Tucano is difficult to shoot down in air to air combat with Infra-red homing AAM or SAM, due to its prop engine instead of jet power plant. Radar missiles or cannon dog fight are it’s only worry. Could avoid 5 km range AAA with guided munitions.

      I think we need to ‘Napalm’ that Sambisa forest. 5 NA SF guys including an officer were killed in ambush yesterday. I hope the fifth column did not betray us again.

      Meanwhile let attacks step up, raining season is coming, insurgents love bad weather, conventional forces hate it. Let’s see Tucano in action ASAP.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Augustine you wrote:

        “I hope the fifth column did not betray us again”

        When did the “fifth column” betray us before?
        Anything we missed?

        Anything factual on fifth columns will be very helpful.

      • Are James says:

        Super Tucano assembly in Nigeria? very difficult. You need to talk to Americans first and they won’t back a competitor.They own maybe 35% of the plane anyway, engines, some avionics, maybe ejection seat. All the glide bombs and guided missiles we want to be able to guide to target / fire are at insurgents? They are American.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, attacks in Sambisa forest against Bokos by ‘low intensity carpet bombing tactics’ based on ground recce reports is old fashioned combat. SF guys should just designate by laser, and you get laser bombs on target, reduces friendly fire on our own soldiers, reduces reaction time for insurgents to flee the camp during air raids.

        American and Israeli drones fire guided missiles on insurgents during surgical strikes.

        High value Boko targets deserve guided munitions if they are not located in the open where Alpha cannon can pick off fleeing insurgents. Option is to use cluster bombs, but those tiny spreading bomblets don’t know who is their master again once they detonate, they just blow up anything they touch.

        Tucano can launch laser bombs. Let Nigeria begin to learn how to fight war in a modern way, who knows whom we will fight tomorrow at conventional level.

        If Tucanos want to fly sorties into Cameroon, but be careful with unguided weapons, so we don’t hurt innocent Cameroonian civilians and give them a reason to stop granting us access to their airspace.

        Tucano has many American parts, but still a Brazilian product. USA don’t need to be informed we want to copy and paste their technology. Maybe all depends on how we use petro dollars to twist Brazil and let Brazil go twist USA their big brother.

        We need tech for NAF developed AFIT FARAWA prop aircraft, 12 Tucanos won’t solve our problem, we need maybe 100 COIN type of propeller aircraft even if it is 3rd generation tech, for border patrol and sea anti-piracy patrol, as well as basic training.

        Don’t forget we got American made RV-6 Air Beetle prop trainer aircraft assembled in Nigeria, ordered from America in 1987 and slowly 60 units delivered by 1997. It’s worth trying again to get license to assemble CKD Tucanos only for Nigerian use and not in export or sale competition with the over-smart Americans.

        Nigeria can do what Argentina did with Pucara COIN aircraft, this Tucano might just help us achieve capability.

  3. beegeagle says:

    As for the MiG fighters, those were rested in the 1990s and play no part in the war effort.

    Concerning the gunships, that was also a howler. Nigeria acquired her first-ever haul of six Mi-35P attack helicopters in 2000AD when General Danjuma was Defence Minister.

    Nigerian journalists, get familiar with your subject-matter and stop scribbling nonsense on the big stage.

    • gbash10 says:

      @ Gen Beeg,point of correction Sir, Abacha actually ordered the Mi-35P assault helicopters for the NAF,they only delivered during Obj’s regime.It was rumoured the Russians supplied second-hand choppers instead of brand-new birds.It is also believed that could be one of the reason why the NAF refuse to upgrade her MiG-21 with the Russians and the Chinese came in and offered the modified MiG-21 in the form of the F-7NI Airguard fighter jets.

      • Are James says:

        Blame Nigerian corruption for that.
        Always going through strange sounding defence trade agencies when dealing with Russia Why not a President visits Vladimir Putin and drops a shopping list, that way you get top of the line stuff and very fast too. And the Russians were sold the Aluminum factory in Akwa Ibom for almost nothing and we’ve not leveraged on that to get top of the line stuff.

        Good example of what we are getting right in procurement are the Toucans. On the basis of our oil reserves and the highest level bi lateral relations (at President to President level) we probably haven’t even started paying for the aircraft yet and we can get up to two squadrons within one year. Contrast that with Russian gear, when was the last time any Nigerian leader visited Moscow?

      • beegeagle says:

        You may be right about the Abacha regime haven actually placed orders for the Mi-35P attack helics. What is very certain is that they were delivered in the year 2000. In-country training commenced same year with high visibility sorties along the NAF Station-Rumukoroshe flight path in PHC.

        So any journalist talking about gunships acquired under Shagari during the 1979-82 era either wilfully distorted facts or does not know what he is talking about.

  4. Augustine says:

    If it’s the same Super Tucano and Mi-35M Hind the CAS is referring to, then nothing new there o!

    My hope is that guided bombs come with our Tucanos, so that SF can stealthily place laser designators on targeted Boko Haram camps, pull out of area without fire-firefights, and let Tucano send in laser guided bombs, HE,smoke, then incendiary. Abeg make we roast thse Bokos, or we can even gas them? Import from Syria.

    Hope also that Mi-35M comes with ATGM , Nigeria does not have any. Hey, what happened the HOT ATGM that was shown to us on NAF days in the 80’s ? I could swear I saw them myself, I was very young, but I could read and write. I saw MBB 105 fitted with…..I counted 8 or 10 HOT ATGM on one side, and twin barrel 12.7mm guns on the other….looked awesome and all the armaments specifications were boldly written on displays for the public to read.

    Those were the days Nigeria had an air force that could show it’s face anywhere in Africa, South America, and parts of Asia without being asked to ‘go sit down’ with 110 combat aircraft in service as at 1985.

    Last year President GEJ at a public forum promised to make Nigerian armed forces on of the best in the world in terms of equipment….mmmmm !!!! I am waiting o !

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah, Oga AG. We had attack variants of the Bo-105s. Here is the spread as it was

      VARIANTS OF NAF MBB Bo 105 helicopters
      * Bo-105D attack variant – 15 units

      * Bo-105D Search and Rescue – 4 units

      * Bo-105CD transport variant – 4 units

    • doziex says:

      Yeah, Oga Augustine,

      The Oga at the very top, has been promising to do signs and wonders for the military for some years now.

  5. G8T Nigeria says:

    good news. I only hope we didn’t buy in small numbers. The very question is what is scheduled for upgradation? I must confess, I see a government working in all fronts trying to restructure a system badly damaged. Nigeria is hosting the world Economic Forum in Abuja, Nigeria now chairs the AU, Nigeria now chairs the UN lower council, Nigeria becomes largest economy in Africa, Nigeria records highest foreign direct investment in Africa, Nigeria restructure its agencies ( saves 800bn) Nigeria acquiring fighter aircrafts and combat helicopters, Nigeria this, Nigeria that…..This is just too much for haters. U haven’t seen anything yet. GOOD PEOPLE G8T NATION

  6. peccavi says:

    Make the guy talk the koko of the matter. What and how much?

  7. beegeagle says:

    Remember the Russian article posted by Oga Are James here a few months ago which listed ten Mi-17 and Mi-171Sh Terminator transport and assault helicopters? So I expect to see Mi-17V5 and Terminator helicopters as well.

    Unless there was anticipatory approval given for the six Mi-35M to be acquired, I doubt that they shall be delivered so soon. Their acquisition was expressly set forth in the FY 2014 defence budget.

  8. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Henry. Supposing the postponement has to do with awaiting the arrival of new fighter jets (JF17 and/or Su-30) since it is the Golden Jubilee edition of AIR EXPO? Even during Q4 2014, it would not be late.

    Or are they leaving it all until October 1st since the Nigeria Centenary celebrations will attain a crescendo then?

    Just saying..

  9. jimmy says:

    Things just got very interesting.The beegeagle’s blog is the gold standard bar none. oga beegs, oga gbash many kudos to your insights, it also proves to show you that sometimes they do listen do you guys remember the first picture/ story of the Tuscano that was first posted? think way back to the original Mali crisis with Mauritania when we subtly reminded Nigeria that this aircraft needs to be brought to Nigeria……. hmmm SOMEONE CHECKING UP ON US.
    It gladdens my heart to no end when things get done because we are not a nation of QUITTERS WE ARE A NATION OF DOERS .May god always bless Nigeria! AMEN!

  10. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, I do hope so man. Here is the thing, for the JF-17 thunder, I don’t think at the moment, the pakistani’s have the capacity to fulfil multiple aircraft orders in a short period.

    However, there is no doubt that nigeria would acquire the JF-17. No doubt at all. The military relationship we share with the pakistani’s makes it inevitable that at some point, we would acquire the planes. The pakistani foreign minister was infact in nigeria 2 days ago.

    It at this point leaves us with the possibility of SU-30 procurements, if indeed we are actually acquiring fighter jets. If not, we pick our bags, clean it up and start all over again.

    19 military helicopters isn’t a bad start by any means.

  11. Oje says:

    This is Africa’s Richest country and the largest armed forces in Sub Saharan Africa, it saddens me we are celebrating the aquisition of a “propeller” driven aircraft when we have the means of aquiring 4th Gen air assets, jeeeez, ill take the Chengdu F-7 Supersonic Fighter over the Tucanos any day.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Knowing the ‘everything secret secret’ nature of our military, the NAF may just have surprises for us. Remember, one of our fellow Ogas here saw a “big bird” in his dream some time back. Just perhaps, just maybe, it is the Su-30? You never know with our military. Nevertheless, I will celebrate the Super Tucanos, they will serve the purpose of the war at hand. But to those at the levers of authority: please resource the NAF with the Su-30 and the JF-17 to make her truly the sharp end of the dagger.

      • Augustine says:

        Nigerian military can kill somebody with secrecy, anxiety, anticipation, and high blood pressure. Lol.

        See bros, I see that France does not have a very powerful air force, and their foreign power projection is not too great. French military might is over-rated except for their nuclear weapons.

        If like you say NAF mixes good jets, say 12 units Su-30 KN fully upgraded and 36 units JF-17 Thunder block II and block III loaded with PL-12 BVR AAM and C-803 AShM, Nigeria will fear France less and we will stop getting ‘pushed around’ by Cameroon in a silent and tactical way.

        A ‘weaker’ man that takes your land with all your family living on top of the land is pushing you around now, abi ? Why don’t NATO push Russia out of Ukraine-Crimea and come see 500 Su-27/30/35 Flanker Jets testing might with Rafale and Typhoon !

        Air power, is real power.

        Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan please keep your promise made in that speech, posterity will remember you…

      • Akin Oges says:

        My Oga Augustine, you done talk am Oooo… I hope and pray that those whose job it is to ‘flick the switch’ will see the strength in all these well articulated prompts, and make it happen for the NAF. We leave in an unpredictable world and the dynamics within our environment has changed profoundly; it is not wise/safe to wear the title of toothless bulldog. Hmmmn…

    • Henry says:

      Oga Oje, I thought you said we are going to receive 10 tornado jets from italy?

      • Augustine says:

        If NAF buys Tornado jets, I will weep for NAF same way I weep for Jaguar jets calamity. USA was playing that kind of game with Pakistani F-16 jets and reason why the Pakis smarted up to build JF-17 Thunder.

        Once bitten, twice shy.

    • gbash10 says:

      @Oje,your choice of taking the Chendu F-7 over the A-29 Tucano simply show and confirm the fact that you do not know the type contigency to employ these platforms.For your information,the F-7 design is for an effective high altitude dogfight,within visual range,WVR,early 1950s Soviet aircombat doctrine,design and doctrine was not meant for the ground attack role. For the Super Tucano,the design and doctrine is meant for low intensity conflicts,effective in the ground attack role,its air-to-air missile is for self- defence against fast-movers(fighter jets).

      • Are James says:

        F7NI is actually useless to Nigeria from the standpoint of anticipated threats and platforms to tackle those threats. They will be useful only in the events of combatbdogfights against Cameroon or Niger or air strikes against ground forces outside our borders both of which are not likely.
        The options for making the F7NI useful now are the following:
        – improve its already good surveillance capabilities with more powerful cameras and data links
        – new air warfare center to specify a precision ground attack weaponry mix that can be used effectively on the aircraft mitigating the effect of its high speed.
        – air warfare center to investigate compatibility of anti ship missile (C802 or equivalent?) and qualification procedures for the missiles on the aircraft so that we can use the platform as an effective deterrent within the gulf of guinea.

      • igbi says:

        oga Are James, the word “unlikely” has caused the death of way too many generals so when we talk about warfare we need to be prepared for the unkown. We need fighter jets for the same reasons any other country on earth needs them. And please could we all agree that it is not impossible that we end up in a war with a country not sharing borders with us ? Nigeria could be fighting saudi arabia, france or iran or algeria tomorrow, everything is possible. Just keep an open mind. And don’t use the word “unlikely”, that is how germany defeated france in just 3 weeks of battle. I side with Oga Oje on this one.

      • Are James says:

        @Igbi may be right about what is likely and not unlikely.
        I just watched an al jazeera program on France and its ex colonies. Based on that, I don’t think I can use the word ‘unlikely’ anymore. The program was insightful; all the newly independent French colonies in Africa were being controlled and are still being directly from a small office in the French presidents’ office headed by an un elected official with ties to but not controlled by the French intelligence agency. So the people who will call the shots are not just the puppets in office like the old man next door.

    • triggah says:

      oga oje, u dont understand. We need the tucano more than any other airplane right now! Our troops needs aircover and deep recon.

  12. Oje says:

    There are 5 Nigerian Sats in Space, we need 4th Gen fighters and sattelite guided smart bombs. We are high tech in the wrong area’s and low tech in the wrong areas.

    • igbi says:

      I think you should apply caution, technological advancement is never a waste of time or money, don’t try to make it look like we have to chose between space technology and good military equipment. Technological advancement is a preparation for the future, we are building a nation you know. Moreover the military applications of satelite are far reaching.

  13. Yagazie says:

    Oga Augustine- your reference to the NAF days back in the 80’s brought back some fond memories. Then Lagos was our capital and the independence day celebration millitary parades were done at the Tafawa Balewa Square (aka ‘TBS’).

    As a school boy whose school was not too far from TBS, I remember seeing Jaguar and Alpha jets flying low over TBS in preparation for the Independence day fly-past celebrations. Those were indeed the glory days of the NAF- and hopefully they will bounce back from the ‘enforced emasculation’ of the Babangida regime done in the name of ‘regime survival’.

    I can also vividly remember going to TBS during the Nigerian Army open days and viewing NA equipment- I can recall seeing field artillery pieces (the exact type escapes me), the Rowland surface -to-air missile system, field kitchens, MOWAG hospital trucks/command vehicles, etc- hopefully these open days will be revived to enable the public see some of the equipment that our army has in its arsenal.

    Back then visiting foreign naval vessels on trips to the country would a anchor along the Marina and on their open day, after school, I would rush off to join the visitors queue early, so as to be one of those lucky enough to embark on a guided tour of the various sections of the ship open to the public.

    Well with the serious recapitalization of our millitary – which the current government is doing- those glory days will definitely come back as we cannot have the largest economy in Africa and not have a millitary commensurate with our economic and diplomatic clout.

  14. Yagazie says:

    Nigrian Journalists who act as defence correspondence should get together to form an association of defence correspondents. Then our Defence Headquaters should organise seminars/lectures for them on a regular basis to ensure that they can correctly identify various peices of millitary hardware. The defense correspondents should also be pro-active in educating themselves on millitary matters (this is their beat afterall) and get their various news organisations to subscribe to military journals/websites so as to update their knowledge. The current standard of defence reporting by our journalists is truly apalling and sometimes downright irritating.

  15. chucks says:

    To God be the glory. Some of predictions and opportuned insight into the workings of our DEFSEC agencies are today manifesting. In my two previous posts, I made mention of these acquisitions well before they where made public. As regards our comments here being read… Well some people dey use am drink tea for office everyday. Finally…guys get ready for the NA assault airwing, its underway. I rest my case. Beegeagle bloggers una too much.

    • Are James says:

      A little more elaboration will be appreciated, before we die of curiosity..abeg.

    • Solorex says:

      Army Aviation resuscitation is long overdue, With better army aviation, mission planning (integration of ground and air assault-Command, control and comms) would be quicker and better and lead to much better results. issues of running out of bombs(in the middle of the mission) ,not bombing proper places at the right times or not been able to provide appropriate cover for required period for ground troops would most likely not occur-Since both Air and ground operation are from the same source; more versatility and flexibility will also naturally find their way in COIN missions. My Worry is the fact that we have not standardized our platforms like most countries; With the recent procurement of Mi35/Mi17s we believe we may be nearing standardization of platform as regards to army aviation. We should give bulk of the Mi35s to Army aviation and large scale troop transportation should also be done in-house by the Army. The Army should have the capacity to plan and execute operations with medium scale air recon and CAS within a very short time independently without the need for the usual red tapism associated with inviting the Airforce.

    • beegeagle says:


      Elsewhere, CHUCKS wrote

      February 23, 2014 at 7:38 am

      (…) Sirs, I was shocked and excited to
      know that a ‘VIP’ that makes things work in this country visits this blog
      almost on ‘daily’ basis and every comment posted is forwarded to our
      DEFSEC agencies.

      From my interaction with someone that knows someone up there, a lot is being packaged for our country and for the military. Some of the hardware proposed here are seriously being discussed on the highest political and military level. Guys I bet u, in one year BH activities will be reduced to the lowest level. I have never on this blog commented so strategically, but believe me this is on point.

      This blog is a ‘Bible’ to our security and INT agencies and I tell you every comment and advised military acquisition is carefully analysed as I type this. Guys,I am not a soldier but a patriotic Nigerian that wants the best for our dear nation but to the Glory of the Almighty, I have an insight to certain
      things being done to reposition our
      DEFSEC agencies. Be a little patient cos most all these issues will be a thing of
      the past.

      As regards you Oga Beeg, I don’t know
      what or how you did it for the powers
      that be to go thru this blog all the time, whatever it is you did, pls don’t give up as your blog and personality is being ‘seriously’ mentioned and I bet you, in no distant time your positive attention will be needed, mark my words!

      The truth is, this blog and its quality is
      a threat to certain people that want to
      maintain the status quo, but believe
      me @ the highest level this blog is
      being defended and appreciated.

      Dear bloggers, my final advice.. refrain
      from implosive and controversial
      statements as they are not helpful.
      God bless you all. SHALOM!



  16. Tope says:

    Oga beeg use ur contact and get da NSA to as a matter of urgency get all Journalist running Defence Matters to have a 2 Week. INTENSIVE TRAINING on Defence News Reporting, Co-ordinated by NJC, DDI and Well You! Honestly they need to learn how to identify Weapons, Tanks, Fighter Aircrafts,Jets, Helicopters of all kinds and variants, APCs, Defence Strategy and Hardware so dey don’t decieve and wickedly mislead da public.

    I saw on one useless Newspaper “5 Soldiers Killed by Fulani Herdsmen” yet in dat same newspaper 50 Fulani Militant members were killed wit Ak-47, dey “forgot” to add that part…..very malicious and dangerous game our Newspapers are playing. I urge da SSS to investigate all printing press both national and international immediately and educate them on neutrality of news.

  17. Henry says:

    Oga chucks, with the much awaited taking off, of the army’s airwing, are all rotary assets of the NAF going to be transferred to the NA?

    In my opinion, seeing that FG has so far approved the purchase of 19 different assault/transport helicopters, we would not be seeing any helicopter purchases for the Nigerian army.

    What are your sources saying?

    • Augustine says:

      My personal suggestion ; all NAF second hand Hind and Terminator helicopters should be seconded to the army and we purchase ATGM for them, may be useful for precision attack on fleeing Boko vehicles. That APC video I posted, I don’t know how recent it was filmed, if it’s true Boko acquired such armoured a big vehicle as shown in that video.

      Nigeria has NO air launched ATGM in our 150 year old army. Means Nigeria has NO single precision guided air to ground munitions unless just acquired, and we see the value of guided air to ground weapons surgical strikes by Israelis and Americans on terrorists around the middle east and Afghanistan.

      NAF and NA should get a few precision munitions, I know they have a major weakness not found in unguided armaments, but they do a special job when you need them.

      • freeegulf says:

        NAF gunships of the 80s carried HOT ATGM. in fact, those BO-105s where specifically inducted to counter apartheid SA then. the gunships had rockets, 12.7mm HMGs and HOT missile.

        the tucano can carry smart bombs, and NAF we definitely get glide bombs and cruise missiles with the acquisition of the JF-17s

  18. Augustine says:

    Chief asorockweb I am beginning to wonder whose side you are on, this side or the other ? :
    You wrote :

    “When did the “fifth column” betray us before?
    Anything we missed?
    Anything factual on fifth columns will be very helpful.”

    I reply now :

    No fifth column operates in a manner that makes it easy for you to confirm beyond doubt that they are fifth columnists. Go read war history from world war I.

    Where were you when NAF base Maiduguri was attacked and military sources suspected the fifth column had a hand in it.

    Failed Shilka AAA guns jammed at army base, NA investigated to find out is fifth column was at work or just equipment failure.

    18 soldiers including an officer went on court martial, some, not all of them on trial for aiding Boko Haram http://www.punchng.com/news/18-soldiers-on-trial-for-aiding-boko-haram/

    The above court martial by Nigerian army is not factual according to you, right?

    I just wonder whose side you are on because I watch your reaction to some sensitive comments posted here, and if I were to look for someone with doubtful patriotism, I might be finding one soon. I have an above average sense of smell.

    Long live the federal republic of Nigeria !!!

    I return to the FG jet acquisition topic of this thread, no tangent of course for me. Thanks.

    • asorockweb says:


      I guess the rambling is your way of saying – “I have no new information.”

      If you have “an above average sense of smell”, and you are always smelling something fishy, take a closer look, it may be something you carry with you – just saying.

      • Augustine says:

        @asorockweb, I have I proved you wrong with source, there is fifth column supporting Boko Haram from inside the military.

        Shocking to read you, a Nigerian saying it is speculation and needs proof. See, my guy, when you are wrong and proved wrong, takes maturity to accept it and correct previous errors. I am not here to lecture anybody, feel free to be yourself, but if you post anything unpatriotic and I read it, I will shout.

        Nigerian’s should learn to put personal ego aside and give priority to national success.
        If I smelled anything fishy that needs to be ‘observed’….it is you sir.

      • asorockweb says:

        In the initial comment I wrote 5 lines – none of which seems related to any of your subsequent reactionary comments.

        If you can read, and yet still can’t comprehend the meaning of the few words that I put together, there isn’t much I can do for you.

        Reading and comprehension, I believe that’s primary or secondary education.

  19. Tope says:

    My only disappointment is dat da Air Expo has been postponed, I was about to take a break from work to go to Zaria :(. But on a Good Note the All mighty CAS Aircraft Tucano’s are finally landing. Once pakistani’s presido and Vp of china come for our Economic summit expect to hear da JF-17 deal I mean its been on the snippet for years so I expect sometin concrete.

  20. Oje says:

    Those who justify this ”ridiculous acquisition’ should take a time to re examine the long term effects. Do you think Boko Haram is Nigeria’s only external threat? Nigeria is a rising giant, the hope of the black race and i tell you that rise will not be a peaceful one, for one its against French interest if Nigeria rises. What happens if in the not too distant future military confrontation between France and Cameroon on one hand and Nigeria on the other becomes innevitable? Do we then go to the weapons market and start shopping for 4th gen fighters to tackle this new threat?

    There are over 24 Alpha Jets refurbished and in good conditions with unguided bombs and rockets for localised tactical enviroment, there are 12 F-7 Supersonic Jets for air interdiction and support, there are over 10 Russian Helicopter Gunships of the MI Series. This is more than enough to take care of Boko Haram as no matter what we have the war against Boko Haram will be won the ground, these guys have no airforce or assets. What the fuck are we doing buying propeller driven aircrafts and lauding this as an accomplishment? i mean wtf… first we reduce defense spending this year, now we are buying turbo prop planes. I beg to differ on your assertion this is a good move, this is ridiculous.

    • Are James says:

      I think the CAS has indicated obliquely that targeting and precision strike was going to be one of the capability areas they are enhancing during the upgrades for Alpha jets, MB 339 and L39 ZA
      On deep strike and 4th gen aircraft, Nigeria is not just acquiring Tucanos which is a 4th generation capable subsonic turboprop that is fit for purpose, we may also have acquired some fairly used SU 30k (not confirmed) and ultimately may be doing strategic acquisition of JF17 i.e aircraft plus participation in the program (also not confirmed).
      What more would you have the government doing?

      The alternatives to all these is to buy the Grippen- expensive and not immediately available, F16 – who dash?, later model SU 30s – expensive to maintain, J 20 – better than JF17 but also very expensive.

      One should also add that the money for the new acquisitions is going to come from a multiplicity of sources so lets not even talk about the piece of paper called the reduced 2014 defence budget.

  21. Oje says:

    I agree with Augustine. The Nigerian Army needs an air arm, this cuts a lot of logistical time and bureaucratic scribbling that comes with the army radioing the AFB in Maiduguri for air support,. sometimes a few minutes is the difference between life and death, Our gallant front line soldiers deserve the best support.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Stop worrying about whether or not they are reading. They arrived here before you did. If we had to name some of the people who browse through these pages, you just might fall of your seat. Just write and stop sounding repetitive. That is a long-rested matter.

    For emphasis, two of the Top 6 Citizens of Nigeria visit this blog, haven being introduced to same by some really well-networked Beegeagle’s Bloggers. As for the the DEFSECINTEL community, is that any less apparent?


    Elsewhere, STARTREK wrote

    Gentleman pls again I repeat am not a uniformed soldier therefore not an authority in war strategy. However my chosen profession has found me working behind the scene of a major branch of this nation. My bosses, colleagues and their families are Beegeagle followers …B/t ages 8 & 56,

    …Infact we have a big screen display of this blog in our monitoring room for official purposes. pls let’s moderate ourselves… as has been stated before this forum is more than just a blog, thank you all

    March 16, 2014


  23. beegeagle says:

    Okay, gentlemen. It looks like the C130 Hercules plane which flew into England for refurbishment and upgrades amidst some drama in August 2011, might be getting set to re-enter NAF service.Our heavy life options are about to be expanded.

    Remember that last September, a C130 and nine A-Jet similarly re-entered service.

    Thanks to the insightful Oga Menatti for spotting this photo of NAF 918, shot a week ago in England. You can see the NAF roundel even from here.

    NAF918 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Nigerian Air Force

    • Henry says:

      Some fantastic news for us this week. Oga beeg, by my count, we have 5 C-130’s operational. This one looks like the “H” variant.

      2 C-130’s were used in mali
      1 stayed back home to assist in our operations( damaged and fixed by arik air)
      1 inducted with 9 alpha jets
      1, This one (918) which is about to enter service.

      5 in total.

      • beegeagle says:

        If my memory serves me well, Oga Henry, the initial contract for six H-variant C130s was signed by General Gowon in 1974. Deliveries commenced after his ouster in 1975 and continued through to 1976. These were NAF 910-915.

        Then Shagari the Great placed orders for three C130H-30 stretch variants in the early 1980s (alongside G222s). These were also delivered after his ouster..in the mid-1980s and their serials commenced were NAF 916-918(somehow the Boeing 737-500 is also NAF 916, remember? Browse through the blog archives).

        So NAF 918 is certainly one of the stretch C130-H30 variants acquired in the 1980s.

  24. chucks says:

    @ oga henry, if I got my source right, some of NAF’s existing airframes might be transferred to the new NA airwing strictly for COIN and amphibious ops. Notwithstanding,its NAF’s groove time

  25. Henry says:

    Yeah, OGA chucks, I thought as much. I don’t think president GEJ would be inclined to approve additional funds for the army’s own separate air wing.

    MI-35’s for the army, done.

    My biggest disappointment is the cancellation of the air expo. I was really looking forward to that event.

    “Russia says 6 ex-indian SU-30’s currently undergoing up-grades in belarus would be delivered to an unnamed country”.

    So guys, are we really going to see the SU-30’s in nigeria? Would @OGA Gbash10’s unusual visions and dreams of dual engine fighters, finally come to pass?

    Here is the thing, I watched the news by 12:00pm today. “The CAS said, “president GEJ has “approved” the purchase of “fighter jets”, although he did go on to say the fighters would soon be showcased to the public”.

    It is a confusing statement to be honest. “Which is it exactly?”. Was he referring to a different purchase or the exact same bird (A-29’s).

    We’ll have to watch this space………

  26. Augustine says:

    L-15 Falcon jets never showed up in Nigeria, Zambia got them. The Russian language of undisclosed African customer could be anybody. Ethiopia was interested in those 6 units Su-30 KN Flankers of Belarus but dropped it, maybe lack of funds and they already have some Su-27 Flankers upgraded and modernized.

    We don’t know who else is trying to grab $35 million jets for $ 15 million apiece give away price, Gbanjo ! Flanker jets for sale o ! Who wan buy ? Nigeria do something !

  27. beegeagle says:

    The following excerpts from a more lucid account by WORLDSTAGE refers:

    8 April, 2014

    “The Nigerian Air Force has been active and in the forefront of the fight against insurgency. The Nigerian Air Force air assets and personnel are currently fully deployed in the Northeast to counter the terrorist insurgency.

    “Similarly, a percentage of the Nigerian Air Force assets are involved with the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta to stem illegal maritime activities as well as in the North central parts of Nigeria.

    “In addition, the Nigerian Air Force C-130s and G-222s are also heavily committed in troops deployment to operational areas as well as in medial supply operations for the Nigerian Army.”

    According to him, as part of the counter- insurgency measures, his officers and men are also involved in aerial border patrol, in collaboration with the relevant government agencies.

    The Air Chief admitted that a number of aircraft belonging to the Nigerian Air Force got damaged in the course of the counter insurgency operations, but he declined to give the specific number of aircraft so affected. He was silent on the number of casualties so far recorded by the troops in the exercise. He however acknowledged the responsiveness of the Federal Government to the increasing operational needs of the Air Force.

    He said: “Indeed, recently, the Federal Government approved the acquisition of new fighter aircraft and helicopters for the Nigerian Air Force as well as the upgrade of some of our existing platforms to enable the Service perform its roles”.

    Air Marshal Amosu said owing to the prevailing security situation and the mood of the nation, the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Air Force would be low-keyed. For this reason, a scheduled Air Expo, which usually involves ceremonial air display of jets and other aircraft, had been postponed till further notice.

    “It was considered expedient to postpone the Air Expo to a later part of the year in order to tackle head long the insurgency challenges and stabilise the Northeast without reducing our efforts.

    “We sincerely regret any inconveniences this might cause our friends and partners. A new date will be announced in due course. The sovereignty and security of our nation is paramount. “The collaboration and synergy among the security agencies is at unprecedented level. No doubt, the security agencies and indeed the nation will emerge from these experiences stronger.”


    Note that the AIR EXPO, like one opined, has actually been shifted to a later part of the year. Hmnn…the plot thickens.


    “”It was considered expedient to postpone the Air Expo to a later part of the year in order to tackle head long the insurgency challenges and stabilise the Northeast without reducing our efforts.”


    • asorockweb says:

      I guess holding the AIR EXPO would have meant pulling air assets out of the combat zones and other operational deployments.

      Considering how heavily involved the Air Force is in the North East and North Central, it’s only prudent to call it off.

      One hasn’t heard from our CDS recently, we are approaching the middle of April – I recall he set a deadline.

      • Are James says:

        I am the greatest critic of the CDS but to be fair to him this time I don’t think he ever promised April.
        He merely acknowledged the target date of April based on legalo-constitutional interpretation of the state of emergency duration and its imperatives for the Nigerian military. He was setting a target for his men but Nigerian journalists, (all 5 WASC credits at 3 sittings) simplified everything for him in that perverse Nigerian way and this is now where we all are. April, 2014 something must happen.

  28. Yagazie says:

    Reference to the proposed Army Air wing, I don’t think either the Mi-28 or Mi-35 helos will be transferred to the army as these are pure NAF assets. My guess is that the 23 units of our MB BO-105 helos (CD and D variants) will be re-activated and transferred to the Army Airwing. These are recon/lattack light helos more suited to the needs of our army aviation wing- and is line with what obtains in other countries e.g- Australian Army Aviation use the Tiger light attackhelicopter whilst the British Army use the Apache longbow helo.

    • asorockweb says:

      The reactivation and transfer of the BO-105s to the army is an excellent idea.

      If we can execute this plan, then the army’s capabilities will be greatly enhanced at manageable costs.

      I wonder if the German government is willing to help – Merkel said sometime last year that Germany is willing to assist the FG in it’s fight against BH. But the problem is all these stories, mostly false, about human rights violations.

      A western politician dread’s the day when the weapons they approved the sales of, makes the news in connection with “human rights violations.”

      Trying to curtail the killings carried out by BH is good local politics for a western politician, being involved in a negative “rights” violation story is bad politics – it’s a balancing act.

      • beegeagle says:

        Germany appear not be so fickle.

        First they sold 39 ex-East German ships to Indonesia under General Suharto whose regime was always in the news over allegations of rights abuses. That was in the 1990s

        Last year, the Dutch backed out of a deal to sell used Leopard 2A4 tanks to Indonesia because the traditional nuisance posed by activists got in the way. They claimed that Indonesia would use the tanks to commit rights abuses. Well, a less mushy Germany stepped in and sold the needed tanks to the Indonesians anyway

      • peccavi says:

        The Germans built Saddams Chemical and Biological warfare facilities and sold him BO-105s.
        Unless they have become born again in the interim they would do business with the devil himself as long as he had a good line of credit

      • asorockweb says:

        Well, that being the case, resetting the BO-105s and transferring two to each Div HQ and the rest to Army Air Corps HQ would be an awesome capabilities jump for the army. Don’t you think?

    • Augustine says:

      Gentlemen, my fears about the aged NAF MBB Bo 105 :

      Though beats the Hind on maneuverability as a world respected aerobatics helicopter, weak armour for hostile enemy ground fire, Boko has 14.5mm AAA truck mounted and mobile.

      The photos of those helos as at 2012/2013 showed them to be in very horrible conditions, poor storage.

      I hope those birds will fly and not make new widows in NAOWA.

      If they cannot be guaranteed safe to fly (When last did their engine roar or their rotors roll ?) then maybe all second hand Hinds and Terminators should go to NA, and all current and ordered new ones to NAF.

      Please guys what about arming up 6 Augusta helos for NA, and another 3 for transport ?

      I just fear the technical condition of long abandoned and poorly storaged MBB Bo 105.

      How much is helicopter sef, wey we dey stingy with our own safety in Naija?

      Sudan has almost 100 helicopter gunships including 20 MBB 105 and about 20 more Hinds on order.

      Algeria has about 100 Mi-8/Mi171 Terminator transports class and almost 40 Hind attack helicopter gunships.

      So wetin do me and you to become giant of Africa only by GDP and population? I think they say giants have bigger muscles than other people, NAF/NA/NN show your power !

      FGN i beg you to please have mercy on us and spend money to make this giant proud, too many African countries are now stronger military powers than Nigeria in terms of heavy equipment, especially BVR missile armed 4th generation jet fighters, missile armed stealth warships, and submarines.

      South Africa

      These countries are just respecting us for being a big brother Africa to all black nations, if push comes to shove, them go defeat or nearly defeat Nigeria in war.

      Su-30 Flanker jets, F-16 jets, T-90 tanks, Valour frigates, FREMM destroyers, Kilo submarines, Type 290 Submarines, AWACS, S-300 SAMs, Pantsir-S1 SAMs, Apaches attack helicopters, Kornet ATGM, please let me stop here, the list is too long.

      Nigerian military today April 11, 2014 CANNOT face those other African countries without facing humiliating defeat or near defeat with very heavy casualties on our side.

      Sorry, a country whose oil and gas exports can be blockaded by several fellow African countries superior Naval power, is NOT a giant anymore except in the history books of 1914 amalgamation era.

      Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria !

  29. Max Montero says:

    I have a strong feeling that Nigeria is getting JF-17s from Pakistan.

    Just my opinion.

    Max (maxdefense.blogspot.com)

    • drag_on says:

      Hello max, i visit your blog every now and then,what is the state of the Hamilton class cutters? Will your government be arming them with harpoons?

      • Max Montero says:

        Hi drag_on, no word yet, but Harpoon was one of those floated. They are getting slow on the decision as they are awaiting the final fit-out of the 2 new frigates being tendered. It is possible that whatever AShM will be used on the 2 new frigates will be the same for the 2 Hamilton-class ships. The defense department plans to award the new frigates to one of the shipbuilders by end of May 2014, so probably we’ll be getting an answer after that time.


  30. drag_on says:

    If already armed, how many were you guys able to arm each hamilton class with?

  31. WachanGuy says:

    I totally 100% agree with the idea of NA receiving the BO105 s and reactivating them. However, the retired German stock should also be targeted along with more of the venerable Mi-24 for familiarity and cost effectiveness. All should be armed with the best weapon payloads to enable service as fire support and light attack choppers while creating and maintaining a credible cross-country deterrent to BH activity.
    In tandem with the above, MoD and DHQ should adopt the idea of building joint service facilities specifically for training while building camaraderie between the forces. These bases could also serve other purposes depending on the need while strengthening in-country military logistics and should focus on sharpening the impact of Nigerian Joint Service operations. Over to you, my Ogas

    • Are James says:

      May I respectfully ask what gap in our capabilities we think the venerable old Bolkows are going to fill at this time?. If the projected role is COIN in NE and N.Central where the adversary shoots long range machine guns and RPGs, then I say let’s not even go near BO 105. That platform has had its day killing armoured vehicles and light tanks before the advent of reactive armour and all that.
      What we need from COIN dedicated choppers are the following:
      1.armoured pilot cockpit and capsule
      2.speed at low altitudes
      3.armament mix that includes machine guns, cannons , dump rockets and guided rockets
      4 precision strike at all altitudes
      5.modern IR and other electro optical technologies for night fighting
      6.GPS based navigation + mission management stuff
      7.data linking that permits understanding of where everything is on the battlefield.

      The Bolkows don’t have 1,2,3 & 4 and would need major $$$$s before we can get them to have 5,6 and 7 So why bother when there are better alternatives

      • Are James says:

        *dumb rockets*

      • WachanGuy says:

        I agree my Oga, however the Bolkows are quickly available and would be more acceptable in terms of cost to NoI and co in the Finance Ministry. A lease, though potentially tricky, could be agreed with the Germans on a government to government basis to further reduce costs.
        Ref your point about COIN choppers, 5 and 6 I believe are already built into the German examples and could be added to already owned frames. My point is that they can serve as a short term solution until we are ready to splash out on a similar number of Mi171Sh/Mi35P as replacements

  32. Oje says:

    @ Max, how is the Philipino Navy gonna stand up to Chinese aggression?

    • Max Montero says:

      Oje, haha, tough question. Whoever fires first loses the moral ground. Both China, the Philippines, and other countries know that. We won’t be trying to match what China has, but the government has finally awaken in a way to give some importance to the country’s defense requirements. Let’s see what happens in the next few months, now that the Expanded Defense Agreement with the US is almost done, and Pres. Obama is visiting by the end of the month.


  33. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg i want to thank you once again for the work you are doing. I wabt to thank everyone on this blog who are knowledgeable about military weapons and tactics. Many of us are hear learning. I hope to join the NA as an officer. Made it to the selection board last year for SSC but wasnt picked because they had to pick just 5 from each state and 14 of us made it to the board. I will apply this year. I have learnt so much here and i cant wait to serve my fatherland. I believe that the army deserves an aviation wing with necessary assets to be able to plan its battles with air support. I recall that there were plans by the NA to train pilots for its aviation arm. The issue about our journalists making mistakes in interpreting defence terms and info can be solved by organising regular seminars for them. Like someone pointed out, imagine headlines screaming the number of our troops killed in battle while silent on the numer of casualties suffered by the insurgents. I think the government is trying though i hope to see them do more to modernise our armed forces. I can assure you that a lot of guys are willing to join our armed forces and serve with all our hearts. Being on this blog has deepened my patriotism and given me hope that this country can get to the top. Thanks pecavvi, are james, augustine, oje and others. It is well with all of us!

  34. Oje says:

    Thanks Colonel. With little resources and support Oga Beeg has single handedly created arguably the most reliable source for information of the Nigerian armed forces. I was surprised when Globalsecurity.org one of the most authoritative source of information on global defense news and posture made references to Beegeagle. This young patriotic man deserves a medal of honour and i hope someday soon his work will be appreciated and rewarded.

    • Max Montero says:

      Just a suggestion, why not start a Nigerian Defense forum as part of the Beegeagle Blog group? So discussions can be continuous even if General Beeg takes some rest?


  35. peccavi says:

    Oga asorockweb, I would form them into dedicated light strike/ recce Army Aviation Regiments.
    I would attach at least one Regiment to each division, with Squadrons attached to Brigades. I would keep one Regiment in reserve based in Abuja. They can be configured differently, for example for COIN/ light infantry support, rapid firing weapons like 12.7mm, unguided rockets, 14.5 cannons etc would be useful.
    The hinds can be kept as an offensive force for use in expeditionary operations or to reinforce.
    Oga Augustine:the ancient Gazelle was dealing with AQIM over Mali. Age is less importance than maintenance and training

  36. Colonel says:

    Thanks oje. His time will come. If i make it into the army. I will preach his blog to my colleagues and superiors. Anyone who is interested inlearning and being up to date with weapons systems and their deployment will be keen to read this blog in and out.

  37. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, Colonel…thank you Oga Oje.

    Colonel, so I should azwaya here in a forlorn hope for a better tomorrow which has not materialised after five years while you go on course, shay? Lol..mba nuu.

    For years, I have been told that help is just around the corner. That tomorrow has faithfully refused to materialise and there comes a time when nothing short of a 360-degree shift in paradigms would suffice and nothing seems able to rekindle interest in a chosen course of action. Have I reached that point? It seems so. Five years ain’t five months. I thank God regardless that one has done his duty.

    When I went AWOL 30 August-20 November 2013 on account of sheer exasperation, we also heard that ‘surprises are just around the corner’. If there really are, it has taken too long to materialise. At the time, we said we would be around until the end of December 2013. It is already April 2014.

    In a new forum which I am willing to actively promote and I hope you guys can create immediately so that I bow out finally, men such as Mighty Yagz, Jimmy, Henry, OptimusPrime, Obix, Akin Oges, Are James, Asorock, Doziex, Peccavi, RKA, Startrek, Drag_On, Tope, Igbi, Augustine, Number One, Deltaman, Russell, Ocelot, Freeegulf, OJE, YOURSELF etc etc possess the nous to replicate the standards which we have tried to set here. “Soja go, soja come…barracks still dey”.

    Is it not funny that we are again talking in terms of “his time will come”…always the future while we sacrifice to blog through today – paying for heavy bandwidth and staying up past 1am everyday just to get niche content ready for the next day? Haba…na career? That same hint of a better tomorrow which never materialises…how about getting help TODAY? After 5 YEARS?

    Our officials jump over themselves to send communique to PREMIUM TIMES and SR whereas we have been asking to be merely facilitated on exploratory trips to the Niger Delta, the Northeast, the Jos Plateau, Mali etc so as to gain some motivation and to break new ground yet nobody is listening, even with all the very powerful people following us? Should I continue reposting stories from newspapers which pass off “recce squadron” for “wrecking squadron?”. I want to feel and live some GROWTH.

    When I started out, Yar’Adua was President yet we are still projecting towards tomorrow? For how much longer shall the waiting game go on?Lol..na exit music man dey play so. Such is the level of demotivation which one was in yesterday and it lingers on today. It is only a matter of time now. The template has been set…you guys are more than equal to the task.

    That was why your messages helped to brighten up a dark day…thanks. God bless you.

    • giles says:

      oga beeg,u dey plan to retire?

    • igbi says:

      Oga Beegeagle, I would find it incredibly difficult to believe that news papers inside and outside Nigeria would not pay a fortune to have you work for them on matters concerning the Nigerian military. You already have a name, you are already a reference. You have to use this to your advantage. If you want us bloggers to help with phone calls to the numerous news papers, then i am sure we will all gladly help.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga beegs,

      Send me an email: mentor@asorock.com

      Let consider options.

    • Max Montero says:

      Sorry, just saw this post by General Beeg. It would be best if the great General over here continue to moderate the Forum that you plan to promote, with some of your most trusted / knowledgeable blog participants helping you out? You won’t need to be there everyday, as there would be more moderators that can share the load, and give each of the mods some time for personal and private time. No need to bow down completely, just lay low.


  38. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Old soldiers never die…they just fade away.

    • Obix says:

      Hehehehe! @Oga Beag, please no more disappearing acts. Otherwise i’m ready to land with Russian SPETSNAZ group to help find you and beg you to come back 🙂

      • Obix says:

        Sir Beag, like i always told you, this blog is way bigger than you now. It’s has even grown bigger than a blog. This is one of those sacrifices that a patriot makes for his country. So let’s keep the flag flying!

  39. rka says:

    Oga Beegs, thanks for your personal sacifice in keeping this blog alive and as we can see, it is bearing fruit albeit a little slowly.

    It is only a matter of time before the authorities that be recognise this blog fully and facilitate the dissemination of information through it as with other press outlets.

    Long live this blog, long live Nigeria.

  40. beegeagle says:

    Lol, Obix 🙂

    That is like a leader telling his people to tighten their belts for austerity measures while he slackens his own belt. Are sacrifices one-dimensional or the stuff of collective action?

    You might not realise the depth of rigour and sacrifice necessary to keep this place in this shape. If this were a career, not even half-a-million naira in monthly salaries will justify the depth of focus or exertion that goes into it.

    To respond to questions on the go, I carry about charged and loaded mobile devices permanently. See how many we are in here? Is there anyone who does not deserve a timely response to his question, regardless of what I am doing or where I am? The demands in terms of focus, prompt delivery and late hours..ever REALLY imagined that?

    Unlike Nigerian madhouses where they are cursing and tossing about tribalistic invective, do you ever wonder what manner of sound personality assessment lumped so many sane people together in this place?

    Yet we STILL cannot get a simple helping hand from anywhere after this number of years? What would it take to send all those communiques to beegeaglesblog@ovi.com at the same time as they are getting mailed to all the nation wreckers who try very hard to impugn the image of our country and her DEFSEC forces? They even send to foreigners while those who need them, have been calling for same and have shown that they can use it for nation-building are left emptyhanded? Are those who preside over such unfortunate practices themselves not patriots?

    Truth is, in the absence of motivation, we reached ‘burn out’ stage Q3 2013. We have merely limped our way to this day. Patriotism is fine but that is not what the telecomms networks want to hear when my bandwidth is used up. They are Nigerians too yet they want money. I have borne that burden for five years..readjusted my social life and drawn the ire of those around me who wonder why we put in so much time and effort on this when they cannot see any spinoffs coming in terms of support.

    Everyone on the list above individually or as a group can do this. I have done it the longest and understandably should be weary now. There are some of us who have been at it for only six months. They are fresh and brimming with ideas.

    In a new forum which will doubtlessly grow bigger than this, anything which we see here can be surpassed. I just don’t see how I can be a part of it all anymore. Patriots retire from national service, don’t they? It is the same patriotism which should spur those who are boundlessly able to broaden the playing field for us, into taking action.

    If, by inaction, it is implied that the future of this blog is unimportant,why should I cry more than the bereaved? I surely do not bear arms in the name of the State. What is going on right now is too bad, bro. Call a spade by its given name.

    AGREE that supporting this mission is also a patriotic duty or is it not? Patriotism and sacrifice do not mean that one person should get killed on account of the weight of the physical, mental and material burden? So how come nobody seemingly cares to help us make things happen? This is not a joke anymore. I have complained for so long..no change.So for obvious reasons, the passion has waned and that is what I am saying here.

    When I was forced into AWOL on account of exasperation, I was in contact with you, Henry, Freeegulf, Mighty Yagz and Egbon Jimmy…unknown to everyone else.

    Surely, I recall showing you a link to the website of one of the top managers of official information in this country. He had links to this blog on his website (so he visits here) but he has not once deemed it fit to send even a press release here – which he emails to foreign media houses unsolicited. How much does that kill the spirit? Ask me. It would be different if he did not know that we were here. So what gives and how do you explain that? Is that how I am supposed to stay motivated? Is he not also a patriot…one swimming in official milk and honey at that while we have laboured for love of country, empty-handed?

    • Augustine says:

      Chief Marshal, there must be someone with a good heart there at near the top of affairs in Nigeria who would be willing to give support financially, technically, and socially to this blog, just that we have not discovered him yet Oga Beegeagle. I know how you feel, but it’s going to be a big blow to the purpose, mission and vision you stood for by creating this military blog if you exit.

      The guy who runs military today website is facing the same funding issues as you, see his recent distress call http://www.military-today.com/personal_appeal.htm

      What if you stop digging just two feet away from striking gold?

    • igbi says:

      Oga Beegeagle, don’t go before knocking on the doors of the big news papers, I am sure they will do everything to have you work for them.

  41. makanaky says:

    Oga Beegy not now please!

  42. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg. We all do appreciate your personal sacrifice and dedication.

  43. Oga Beeg, whatever decision you take now haves my fullest support. No one can begrudge you, you have done well and represented this Nation even more than most of our Leaders/Politicians. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Gen Beeg has spoken. Its would be shameful if this blog is allowed to go down this way. With all the noise of being wholly Nigerian. I have always said that majority of Nigerians are noise makers (i have also experienced it first hand), always waiting for who would bell the cat. Anyways i dont talk too much. Beeg , i hail you and wish that someday we would meet in person. i go declare isi ewu(from an ebola free goat..lol) in abundance with undiluted tombo that day. Carry
    on fellow Akokite.

  44. beegeagle says:

    Ever since I began raising my concerns on this issue, this, OptimusPrime, has to have been the most considerate, dispassionate and selfless riposte I have read.

    For once, someone is seeing from my own vista instead of absolving the other side of all responsibility for years of inaction on a matter which they are abundantly able to make a difference in.

    NOBODY has asked what us what they can do to help make our work richer and more exciting yet I am supposed to faithfully deliver like an indentured labourer everyday? WHY? Even foreign partners ask our FG what they can do to help – maternal health, terrorism, HIV control? So why are our own people not asking us how they can support? Did they not fly local and foreign journalists in our G222 plane to Maiduguri? How enriching would that experience have been for yours truly as well? Would it not have boosted our authoritative edge further (remember the exclusive trip to the SBS Camp..the world converged here?) – and set us on the trajectory for GROWTH?

    HOW does that pan out? Sacrifice, sacrifice is all that one is asked to make. Our people should also try to put their money where there hearts are, IF they claim to love the work that we do. Or does anyone think a journalist can just hop into the frontlines without support and clearance by the military? So why are they not doing us that basic, professional favour?

    We understand that there are big chaps reading us for whom 10 million naira appears like 10,000 naira – even in their official capacities. Yet we cannot find someone to pick up the tabs so that I get into Mali and the Northeast and get some respite from the dreary routine? I should also fund that? Is that not unfortunate?

    How possible is it for people who can turn around things for us to return here everyday to read us yet do not for one minute consider how to either help deepen our content or support our efforts? Years come and go and the energy reserves expended on a forlorn hope that help shall soon come our way get exhausted. Those who have thus far shown indifference to our plight and constraints, are they are not patriots? So why are they acting in that strange manner?

    @Gbash10. Do not sound so disconsolate, my friend. I am not leaving tomorrow or the next. But I have just told us that my withdrawal from the scene is imminent (numbered in days perhaps)unless things change for the better now – not LATER…not another open-ended hope for a better tomorrow by 2015 yet again.

    It does not require that much of ceremonies, deliberation or appraisal. It has taken too long already. Those who want to lend a hand probably need to get started down that path as it is if they really mean to do something about this unfair situation. It was already overdue two years ago.

    @IGBI. That is not a bad idea. Perhaps when we also return as a Nigerian working for a foreign news organisation, we shall be ushered in with pomp onto a G222 bound for Borno. That is the way we are. We like to import what we have – the ‘been to’ mentality.

    @RKA. Thank you, bro. Thank you.

    @Augustine. Chief Agostinho..I salute.
    You asked a great question – what if I stop digging two feet before I strike gold? Words of wisdom. That has partially kept me pushing thus far…the hope for a better tomorrow. Sadly, the effect has almost now worn off completely in the face of protracted stalling and broken faith. Even if I was undergoing background checks (not like I am Robin Hood or John Gotti), does that require FIVE YEARS?

    This April, it will be five years since I took the Nigerian DEFSEC story into cyberspace, starting from CE Forum where some Beegeagle’s Bloggers like Freeegulf, Ocelot2006 and RussellInfinity joined me so early on (2009) and have kept the faith till date.

    At this rate, those who are able to raise the bar for us would still be scoping us for another six months while I continue wondering if I shall finally get lucky and see a new vista. This is the ORDEAL which I have endured for five years. It is not something ANYONE can bear any longer than it has gone on for.

    How do you copy?

    • rka says:

      Oga Beeg, I think we all read you loudly and clearly. To the PR Machinery in Nigeria, you know what to do. Get with the programme, please, otherwise this blog will be a big loss and there will be no genuine outlet for Nigerians to express themselves in military matters that are usually beyond the comprehension of your average journalist not to talk of the reach of the blog to the ogas at the top.

      Enough said.

  45. beegeagle says:

    Lool where we were a year ago and see where we still are? Hope springs eternal? Is that not why the ‘e go soon beta’ has a clear, hollow ring to it?


  46. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, your personal sacrifice and efforts has gone unrewarded but do not be bitter, as JFK once said : ”Ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country”. You deserve a heroes medal of honour because of your unrelenting efforts to show the world what Nigeria is all about. Western media houses are not balanced and objective in their potrayal of Nigeria and Africa in general, you on the other hand are showing the world another side to the story. Your statement was really not necessary, neither was your threat to end this blog.

    Once again on behalf of everyone we say thank you, but remember without our views and contributions as well this blog will not be what it is as well.All financial discussions and arrangements should be done outside this blog. I reiterate my earlier decision to contribute financially to keep this blog alive. I can be reached on 08066816842.

  47. beegeagle says:

    Oga Oje, it would be wrong to assume that there is any threat contained anywhere in the foregoing.

    HOW does a GENUINE cry to be lent a hand in support amount to a threat? “I cannot continue under the prevailing circumstances” is a threat?

    Did you read what the chap on “Military-Today” had to say? Was there a familiar ring to it? Did you feel exasperation in his SOS..the same feeling of everyone dropping in and hopping along whereas they can transform things for me? Okay, after a succession of letdowns, would it be strange that a loss of interest has set in here? You realise what five years of holding on to a forlorn hope that things are bound to improve could do to even the most hopeful of diehards?

    True, if you were not here, one would be talking to himself – a monologue. I have not in any way downplayed anyone’s contributions here and have also treated everyone as fairly as is possible, reason why I am still here. One recognises the worth of everyone in here and affirmed the intellectual firepower entailed. Do not forget that one personally vetted everyone’s membership prior to ascension to commenting status and as such, knows the worth of all members which is why they made the cut in the first place.

    So what I am saying in effect is that the zeal and interest levels are higher in some of us that it is in me. I know when you joined us five months ago. Would that not make you justifiably fresher and more filled with fire than some of us who have been at it for five years? I have shrunk to an unusual size, stepped back from egotism and affirmed that everyone else in here is better than myself. What more do you want me to say?

    That was why, in deference to the abilities of everyone else in here, I have advised a Plan B namely, that a forum be created and for everyone to migrate there. My experiences have left a very sour taste in the mouth and that is why even in that forum, I would not be a member and would not be missed.

    We showed ourselves ready to serve Nigeria at the highest level whereas the beneficiaries of our modest efforts have faithfully and with indifference to long suffering, kept us out in the cold…lonely.

    Were you following last year when Premium Times contrived a cascade of lies against the Nigerian Army in Mali – from tales of “no food” to those of demeaning deployment in rearguard action etc. We showed here that the NA were indeed deployed to the frontlines at Nara(through which terrorists infiltrate from Mauritania) and in Timbuktu. We have never been laggards in any war – not even in WW II-era Burma.

    The same nation wreckers claimed that our troops were begging for food in Mali whereas the Governor of Koulikoro and Mayor of Banamba who visited them said pointedly that they offered them an ox and rice as a gesture of solidarity – an African welcome.

    Well today, the PT antagonists are faithfully getting mailed communique by our officials while we who fought that image battle and used our global reach to explode the lies told against our nation are the villains who are kept at arm’s length. How does that sound to YOU?

    What seems best now is to be able to go quietly and read my daily local and global DEFSEC news as can be accessed by yours truly anywhere and follow my daily routine free of the pressures of keeping up on this front. The expectations are far in excess of the support available to me. Nigerian DEFSEC discussions cannot die just because one is not a party to it.

    Maybe by the time you look back to this day come 2018 (a long time, eh?), which is how long it would take before you start to feel the burn-out that one does now, you would know if I took a precipitate decision in throwing up my hands in surrender. This is an unworkable and unsustainable state of affairs. Make no mistake about that, my brother.

  48. beegeagle says:

    READ these…today, the talebearers are the heroes while those of us who tried to set the records straight and to block the attempt at dishonouring our fatherland, are somehow the villains to be kept incommunicado? Is that justifiable anywhere else on earth? Is that how nations are built – emasculate the honest and promote the scum within?

    It saddens that my attempt at pointing out the continuing impediments to our growth has become open to misinterpretation. As you can see, the growth which we seek is denied us while rabble rousers are being promoted by our own officials. Even doctors, teachers, lecturers all go on strike to draw attention to their grievances.

    So I shall keep quiet and trudge along until H-Hour comes for me when I shall go no further. When it is time for the egress, I shall leave quietly without raising a whimper. Perhaps that would be the better way to go about this, so that the reality is quickly absorbed and the migration finally proceeds. Regardless, one has tried to be courteous and fortright in stating my absolute disenchantment with what is going on at this time. There I rest my case, sure that we have given the signal.

    Good afternoon all.




    Photographs indeed do not lie. PREMIUM TIMES have apparently run out of lies as it becomes ever more apparent that they are a posse of liars misrepresenting the reality on ground in Mali.

    – they said our troops were begging for food to eat in Mali; the Governor of Koulikoro region and Mayor of Banamba said they gave them gifts of rice and an ox in African solidarity


    – they said our troops are languishing in Bamako, unfit for the frontlines; we have photos of our troops at Banamba and the A-List frontline and terror-afflicted border town of Nara.



    Nigerian troops in a Landcruiser gun-truck

    Troops and M2 HMG-armed Landcruiser gun-trucks of the Nigerian Army at Banamba

    PREMIUM TIMES remain a clueless platform for opposition hackwriters. They have been exposed for the charlattans that they are…so bad that they have posted photos of Malian soldiers where they meant to portray Nigerian troops. Quacks shall always be QUACKS



  49. Obix says:

    Oga Beag, during our backstage correspondence as the time you went AWOL, i told you that i understand your anger. You remember my story about how i was labelled a rebel by “embassy officials” for lending a helping hand to stranded Nigerians who were demonstrating against neglect. It was their job in the first place to help her citizens, but instead of getting a pat on the back what did i get?……But that never stopped me from impacting on the lives of fellow citizens because i believe Nigeria is bigger than any individual or group. I just had to change my strategy.
    I believe it’s time to move this forum higher. The job you are doing is priceless, maybe it’s time to repackage it. It’s like the people up there don’t see how they can get you involved as a blogger. Everywhere in the world bloggers are respected and even feared because of their large following. In most cases they don’t get the credits they deserve. Maybe it’s time to move on as an independent (military) reporter with his own official website and that is were we all shall play a part in! This way the problems of recognition and accreditation will not arise. If Ken Iwelumo as an independent photo correspondent could have access to Nigerian Armed forces events, why not Beag?
    Let’s dig further in this direction!

    • Augustine says:

      Chief Obix, your word “RE-PACKAGE” struck my mind because I was thinking same direction this morning as Chief Beeg is in dilema, but the website/blog called Nairaland forum is thriving, could we re-strategize this Beegeagle blog and make it self sustaining or using your words…RE-PACKAGE this blog in a way that will make government officials to invest in it.

      Honestly why wont a member of senate or house of reps committee on defence give a helping hand to this blog? They too will benefit from it and do better on their jobs.

      I think all bloggers should begin to generate new survival ideas and mail to Oga Beeg.

      For now, my only idea coming up yet is that :

      1. Blog should charge a small fee, they say Jane’s defense does it. Charge fee for opening full story on any topic, browsing just headlines should be free.

      2. Blog should allow adverts by all verified sellers of goods and services in Nigeria even though it sounds a bit crazy….but survival is crucial also.

      3. Blog should post open public campaign for funds/donations like military today website.

      4. Blog should be hobby for Oga Beegeagle part-time. He should be full-time on a different career. This blog may scale down to 50% capacity for that reason, but half a loaf of bread is better than nothing. We will still have our voices on the world wide web.

      This is my own little thought for now.

      • Obix says:

        Roger that, Beag!
        To prove my point further, Nigeria’s GDP data was rebased and that made her Africa’s biggest economy, so we should rebase this blog so that we can achieve our goals! 🙂 Have a great week, generals!

      • Obix says:

        @Oga Augustine, i support you idea. But i’m not in support of joining nairaland beacuse to me it’s like a jungle of confusion. We should look at other available options and if necessary we can add some innovations to stand out.

  50. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, General Obix on the Urals and Caucasus. We shall discuss later.

  51. beegeagle says:

    #4. Was something which came to mind at some point as well, Agostinho.

    This blogging effort was never a full-time occupation for me. Still is not…as you can see it is not a money spinner and WordPress are not advert-oriented as are Blogspot. The semblance of what you perceive stems from the fact that by choice, I try to reach readers anywhere and at any time that I can. In blogging, it is your choice to either make it intensive or passive; consistent or fitful. That is what you see here. You know the choices we made to have arrived at this juncture.

    Nothing has ever stopped one reaching you no more than two times a week….even as Nigeria never was a slow-news republic. To keep up with the fast-paced tempo, we had to be doubly up for the task. It was always a matter of choice to either create the time or make it low-key. I could as well have slept or sat out with friends during my spare time. To have arrived where we are…the startup and consolidation phase – it all had to be no holds barred and SACRIFICES aplenty…renewing data subscription as often as the situation demanded, responding to comments from everywhere – waiting rooms, in transit or at work, utilising mobile devices as much as possible – iPad, Blackberry, iPhone.

    If it is adjudged that we have fully established and it is now okay to scale back drastically, such as publishing once or twice weekly, that would scale down the stringency of time requirements needed to keep operating at this tempo and the operating costs as well. Suits me to a tee…that is for me. The issue is, how will bloggers readjust to that unfamiliar reality?

  52. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, give me your number.

  53. beegeagle says:

    Heard you Ogas Asorock and Oje. I shall do the needful in the hours ahead.

  54. Gen Beeg, i havent changed my statement. I dey await further directions from you. I also support the suggestions from Sir Obix and Augustine (i however do not support Beeg scaling down his work to 50%. What is worth doing, is worth doing it well). If it comes to financial support from Blog members i dey gididgba. If we can only as a TEAM put heads together to make this blog great. Beeg, speak the word and it shall be done.

    • Augustine says:

      Seconded, will be willing to chip in my widow’s mite, at a later date. We may need to know what it costs to run this blog annually and see if we can raise it. Fingers not equal though, but lets put our money where our mouth is. No reasonable amount is too small.

  55. doziex says:

    Well gentlemen, Oga beegeagle has done all that could be done for this blog.

    The Major Beneficiary, is the Nigerian armed forces and till date , they have not shown any real interest in supporting the mission of this blog.

    It is not like they or any others have been able to replicate a feat such as the beegeagles blog.

    This blog performs a service to Nigerians every where.

    But to save this blog, WE ARE IT.

    My suggestion is a Monthly OPINING FEE. or Bloggers fee.

    We need to turn this national treasure into a paying gig for Oga beegeagle, or risk losing this forum forever.

    It is not just an issue of a different forum or platform, this requires Beegeagle’s leadership in engaging with our military.


    If they are not willing to grant us that, our opining and guess work, doesn’t amount to much.

    But if Oga beegeagle is just tired, He has earned the right to do something else.

    This blog will be missed when it’s gone. It is only then, that beegeagle’s many sacrifices would be properly understood, and appreciated.

  56. frankly the absence of this blog…leaves a vacuum, which especially at this current saga in our nationhood, is quite worrying. These efforts must be sustained one way or another and Beeg, certainly deserves more.

  57. Akin Oges says:

    Some times you just want to shout not very nice things. Why is it soo difficult for the military/information handlers to appreciate the unique importance of the Beegeagle Blog? Every other news platforms are falling over themselves to denigrate the Nigerian military, the Police and Nigeria. In fact, on Facebook it appears there are threads set up with the sole objective to throw faeces at everything Nigerian. I stand to be corrected, Beegeagle Blog is the only patriotic (some say ultra-nationalistic) platform anywhere that puts all the jaundiced and twisted stereotypes about Nigeria right. If this Blog is allowed to die on account of the indifference, slackness and infantile ineptitude of those who should know better, then on their heads be the consequences. This business just riles you up for a Monday week. Sugar…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Number one says:

      Oga it is just frustrating,treating this blog as if it doesn’t matter.only the navy has been more promising.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Very so my brother. I think some individuals at the levers of authority are deluding themselves; ostensibly they believe that the present terrorist crisis will peter out or it-is-a-family-affair and will be settled amicably the “family way”. Well, the charred bodies of innocent Nigerians going about their daily routine of bread and butter this morning should remind anybody that the enemies are very clear and resolved about their aim of destroying Nigeria and Nigerians. And the international and local media are actively helping them to achieve that goal – read the headlines on this morning’s bomb attack. Few months ago The Economist published a news item that completely chewed up the NA and cast it worst than the Boys Scout; it was this forum through the quick intervention of contributors on this Blog who fought that nonsense to standstill. Information is a weapon of war, and the military/FG are terribly poor at it, and are losing the perception war big time; Beegeagle Blog is a veritable platform that can help the military/FG gain ground and win the information war. I better stop here, I might say something I might regret.

  58. gbash10 says:

    Cyber generals,is it true that an explosion occurred in Nyanya,Abuja,FCT today?

  59. Oje says:

    200 people killed in this mornings Abuja blast. The list of following people should be arrested and tried>

    1. Okonjo Iweala :

    This is the woman who despite the executive arms protest slashed Nigeria’s defence spending 2013/2014 and bragged about it to the IMF and World Bank about how she was able to cut defense expenditure. This is happening at a period when the Nigerian military has been fighting a 4 year long homegrown insurgency and its territorial sovereignty threatened in ways not seen since independence.

    2. Buhari

    For keeping his promise on not making Nigeria governable he is not elected president. Its a shock this man is still walking free and even vying for public office.

    3. President Jonathan himself :

    For his lukewarm attitude to the insurgency and not having a clue on what goes on in his own military even though he is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. For kotowing Okonjo Iweala’s insistent on defence cuts and for approving over $2.1 billion for Amnesty payments (More than this years defence budget) to ex Niger Delta militants, and lastly for not for once visiting in person the war torn states affected by the Boko Haram menace.

    Boko Haram Leader Shekau:

    For going against the very ethics of war, attacking innocent women, children and civilian rather than the very institution their doctrine is all about. Its the Nigerian people vs Boko Haram not the Nigerian government vs Boko Haram.

    May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace and may the belligerents listed above be tormented by the blood of the innocent spilled and never know peace for the rest of their lives.

    • Are James says:

      I agree with (1) and (3), I don’t think these personalities are working for Nigeria, painful as this sounds to a lot of people. (1) especially, a Type A personality has been nurtured through many years of working in large institutions to manifest the agenda of western globalist financial institutions for Nigeria and she will do that. I have worked with people like her for years, all their targets are quantitative and do not include the welfare or security of other people. Yet her closest relatives have been victims of the current atmosphere of insecurity, but I tell you it would still know budging on zero budgeting for defence acquisition.
      The current defsec budget ratio is below international benchmarks but I am sure she would claim that as a positive achievement and manipulate the fact to boost her professional profile, meanwhile education/health that she could claim to be diverting the money to has been taken out in 1/3 of the country by BH and a full 25% of Nigeria’s oil output is out because of lack of air and marine capacity to secure the ND.
      (3) has no political ideology or passion whatsoever, no nationalistic or pan Africanist orientation, no sense of righteous indignation, national (tribal) pride or care for the judgement of history. A strangely vacuous personality. We have also seen their type before.
      (2) could arguably be removed from the list of past leaders who weakened our defence and security capability because of heroic actions of the past but when you remember that he partly inspired the current crisis through his bitter utterances after the last elections then he rightfully belongs to the list.

      Please add all the following:
      -All past Nigerian Heads of State except Gowon, Muhammad, Shagari and Obj.
      -Add all the CDSs, the entire Nigerian Senate and House of Reps.
      -Add at least 5 northern Nigerian state governors (though they were the indirect founders, one and financial backers of BH, I am still inclined to be very lenient with them because there is just one man who swore the oath to defend Nigeria. He has had the power to sort everybody and everything out decided not to act.

      Please Subtract the following:
      -Shekau. He is the enemy.
      Not qualified to be in the list because he does not claim to be Nigerian anymore.
      Merely a global Islamist doing what he was programmed by his delusions, his handlers (and the devil) to do.The people who were supposed to have taken him and his group out years ago should take the blame.

  60. buchi says:

    finlly some goodnewds.but let us nt forget we need new air defense systems and possibly new SAM sites.if they we cnt bite(which i doubt) then we can tear.time to build a capable military radar system.sad abt todays bombing in abuja i blame no one.

  61. Tope says:

    Not to sound like a repeated playlist, I support you oga beeg.

    Reach us Backstage on Agreements, monetary or odawise.

    I just can’t watch idle our General’s sweat go to waste! In dis Nigeria? Let’s group together we can do dis.

    If its a Division of Labour to Keep this Blog Running so be it.

    Oga Beeg pls reach me backstage on da Way forward.

  62. beegeagle says:

    I am grateful, gentlemen. There is a whiff of confidence in one’s performance to be gleaned from ripostes. But there is also an emerging trend whereby many, for reasons best known to them, ask no questions where they should be directed while Akin Oges, OptimusPrime and Doziex have hit on the crux of the matter.

    It never was so much about finding the funds to continue operations as it had to do with objectionable official attitudes whereby there are thousands in our DEFSEC establishment who are gleeful about what we do here but will not be moved to give us a nudge here. That is why I have had enough after five years of coasting solo.

    While I welcome your offers of financial support, even if I had US$50,000 with which to run this place, who will open doors and facilitate for us? I am not interested in paraphrasing any clueless journalist…I want to see and experience for myself. That is how I derive my own job satisfaction and in the absence of that, going forward, we are on the home run as I write this. Enough of the fronting.

    CONSIDER the following. This blog is arguably the best of its kind in all of West and Central Africa with A-List followership to boot. From time to time, global defence journalists who are now obviously less dismissive and shy of writing ridiculous stuff, crosscheck to see if they have goofed…crosscheck with me. We have succeeded in impacting attitudes and many forign commentators are less prejudiced in their writeups than they used to be. Thank God, the free shine is Nigeria’s to bask in.

    So what is happening is that for five years, I have been asking to be helped to tell Nigeria’s story for our own good and the custodians of our national interest faithfully turn their backs to me? It smacks of the most gut-wrenching kind of letdown. That is why the spirit is not so willing anymore.

    How, with all the misconceptions which we have spent time and money to correct

    – can an Air Expo take place, foreign and local journalists get invited and I cannot enjoy that favour?

    – we are preparing for another Obangame yet nobody thinks that we need to be there, all expenses paid, alongside local and foreign journalists?

    I can go on and on…five years is a long time. We shall be going into a 4-day holiday period wef GOOD FRIDAY. Everyone would expect to have a relaxing time here. Justifiably so. How upset would you be if I, a Christian, were to say “I am going off on holidays. See you after the break”. If you would feel bad about that,just a 4-day long absence, then imagine what I have felt about the treatment meted out to yours truly these past five years.

    Great…if we are all honest and honourable men, I guess the pain which I have been made to endure undeservedly for five years is starting to sink in. That is why I am leaving…here and everywhere else unless things change for the better, now.

    I mean, something as simple as press releases are difficult to send to me? After all these years? And all those who have dragged the image of our DEFSEC forces get them unsolicited? That is a low blow.

    The sad part is that helping me would even help our country promote her interest faster and better. Once upon a time, Radio France contacted me here asking to be guided on who to speak to after the JTF captured a militant camp of the Lapto Marine Force. By some good fortune, the outgone JTF Media Coordinator stood out in faithfully mailing his communiques to me. So I contacted him to say that RFI would love to speak to him. The Colonel sent me his digits and in an hour, he was telling a story of a successful outing by the Nigerian military on RFI…no hearsay entailed. How did that not promote our national interest?

    Another officer showed courage and identified with what we do here. That was how I came face to face with the SBS commandos. The vivid imagery which we came back with captured the imagination of DEFSEC buffs globally and was serially reproduced in the Nigerian corner of cyberspace and made the SBS commandos the hot favorites of Nigerians. How did that hurt the national interest?

    Gentlemen, do not begrudge my absolute disenchantment with the RAW DEAL fringing on an ordeal which I have had to endure for so long if those who are abundantly able to fan the embers of growth here were not so unwilling to be of ANY assistance.

    For me, it is the final lap. I pass on to you a glowing torch ignited by sweat and tears. I doubt that our country shall slip back to the doldrums under your watch. Hold firm and be of good courage. I have run my race…

    • Augustine says:

      I am speechless. Seems the problem is more than funding, includes acceptance from one’s own country/leaders. Thought we could save this blog by rallying bloggers togather.

      Now I am speechless….so so very sad things seem to ending…

    • drag_on says:

      What can i possibly say…..All i have is wishes.

  63. Oje says:

    WOW !!!!!

  64. Obix says:

    Oga Beag, some Russian blogs believe that the CAS was talking about the Chinese/Pakistani K-8 Karakorum. Unfortunately they don’t have any proof. This is the second time NAF is linked with the k-8. Strange though!

  65. Martin Luther says:

    Dear All,

    Can somebody, anybody convince me that the military is not losing

  66. You really want an answer to ur question? haba…..na wah ooh

    • Martin Luther says:

      What is wrong with an answer? All I need is an objective anaylsis, my thinking was this blog was apt at that. Or maybe I need a confidence and moral boost, some of us are still bloody civilians who are terrorizied. You cannot tell me that the bomb blast followed by the 200 school girls saga did not rattle you, except you are battle hardened.. If I read d dailies and was told that these little once are recovered and 500 terrorist killed, then I wud not beg for an answer. Wars are won by counsel, public support and confidience as well as fire power; not wishfull thinking and brut force

      • drag_on says:

        Let me put it this way,people die in war,horrible things happen.These things though do not determine the outcome of wars. The increase in activity you witness may be an attempt to embarrass the government ahead of WEF, or even desperation. Boko-haram may have decided that a frontal attack is not working.The kidnappers who hit the college took bags of food and the girls, it suggests that BH needed them to cook for them,which further suggests that their access to markets for resources are difficult.The fact they( the girls)were allowed to escape suggest that the had no evil intention for them but were desperate to feed their numbers. Vengeance attacks focused at Gwoza area is a sign of fear and desperation.The recent reports suggest they are targeting Gwoza residents because they feel they are the ones exposing them.This suggest that the Elint planes are doing their job and getting valuable information and intelligence as a whole is improving (Gwoza area desperately needs protection though). Ultimately, this is asymmetric warfare,where there is no clear front-line,the enemy is a coward that runs and hides,dressed in civilian clothing and killing civilians. The Goal is to make it so hard and costly to kill one person that BH calls it quits.They no-longer have the impunity they had in the N.E in the past,that’s progress.We need to tackle the hot-spots though.

      • drag_on says:

        Sometimes they dress in military camo to confuse civillians.

  67. Martin Luther says:

    Dear drag_on,

    This is the way to go, I would like to see basics like:

    1. Sniffer dogs at check points
    2. Helicopter patrols 24hrs around cities and towns
    3. And a 24hrs CAP on the hot spot areas not scrambling a jet during an attack

    • drag_on says:

      To be fair to the Nigerian Government, the size of area under a state of emergency is the size of many a European Nation.
      Borno is 27,374 sq miles.
      Yobe; 17,568 sq miles.
      Adamawa; 14,254 sq miles

      A grand total of 59,196 sq miles.

      Portugal is 35,516 sq miles.
      England 50,346 sq miles.
      Denmark 16,639 sq miles.
      Holland 16,033 sq miles.
      Belgium 11,787 sq miles.
      Austria 32,377 sq miles.
      Switzerland 15,940 sq miles.
      Hungary 35,919 sq miles.
      Croatia 21,851 sq miles.
      Slovenia 7,827 sq miles.
      Any of the above mentioned European Nation can fit into the north east. How do you patrol that with Helicopters and sniffer dogs alone?Not to mention the recurrent expenditure needed to patrol that size 24hrs/7days. We need to give the Government some slack.

      • Martin Luther says:

        I understand what you say pretty too well but the case is this warfare is becoming psychological more and more, what can be done to boost confidence. People are SCARED, VERY VERY SCARED. I appreciate all that is said on this blog, everyone here are true patriots but it is beyond me or you, it is ‘US’. A lot of thing do make any sense, they just don’t add up.
        1. The news reports of deaths are too much (hundreds almost daily), are they lies?
        2. Military success is too scanty in the news, are they not been reported?
        3. What deliberate actions are been taking to boost the peoples morals
        Without a people’s confidence no military can win a war, you need to see the way people celebrate major military successes. The people matter and their support can only be gained from their confidence no distortions on that.
        In the last attack on Giwa barracks, we were told the insurgents did not gain entrance to the barracks but soon a video surfaced that had hundreds if not a few thousand persons scampering into the arms of BH fighters. The same Giwa barracks showed videos of a BTR 80 APC, BTR!!!!!!!, rolling on the side of BH, where did that come from? Did it fall from the sky? In Giwa Barracks? BH fielding APCs?
        If these guys start firing Katyushas or medium range rockets in towns and cities, would you be surprised?
        Would anyone on this forum be surprised?
        Why not do the simple thing.
        1. Mobilize the people for war
        2. Let them know they are at war
        3. Mobilize for war
        4. Occupy Northern Cameron
        We are facing all of the Sahara, East and Central Africa and we are still saying we are not at war, it is just insurgents. Any radical who thought about Jihad few years back would have thought:
        1. Afghanistan
        2. Iraq
        3. Others
        But now they would think?
        1. Syria
        2. Nigeria
        3. Others
        And we are not at War? It is just insurgents? Stay calm?

  68. buchi says:

    please oga beez send me yor details and i will support no matter how small even if nah airtime for MB

  69. xnur44 says:

    Important Photo
    Detachment commander mi 35 helicopter, Air Cdre Remi Ekeh; commander, 75 strike group, Nigerian Air Force Yola.

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