Men of the Police Counter Terrorist Unit and a soldier in desert camouflage prepare for joint operations

Men of the Nigeria Police Counter Terrorist Unit on counterinsurgency operations in N.E Nigeria

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  1. doziex says:

    For Nigeria to maximize the efficacy of all it’s counterinsurgency personnel, these units be they Mopol, police commandos, army or even regular police, have to be equipped to NA standard.

    Meaning, they should be deployed with aks, PKMs and RPGs( with proximity fuses ).

    I don’t care how good a marks man our soldiers are, any body equipped with only AK-47s would be over powered by BH cadres time and time again.

    Since our troops are already not equipped with MRAPs, and sufficient APCs, their ability to attack and neutralize the enemy is effectively their best form of defence.

    Also, hiluxes armed with ZSU-23-2 AA guns, 40mm recoiless rifles, and 107 mm MBRLs would allow them to stand their ground and fight BH where ever encountered.

    Nigerian forces are being defeated on Nigerian soil, because the responsible officials are not seeing to it that they are the most thoroughly equipped on the battle field.

    Later for this british or western minimal force BS.

    If your vehicles are being blown up, your check points being over run, your bases and prisons being ransacked, and worst of all, civillians under your protection being slaughtered.

    One would think it’s time for the kid gloves to come off.

    Don’t kid yourselves, BH is NOT the IRA, and Maidugri is NOT Northern Ireland.

    IN this war, all our troops, must be armed and equipped to the teeth.

  2. Augustine says:

    Seems Boko Haram has perfected the art of spying as civilians on Nigerian military and police positions, they pick the softer targets with less armed men, barracks, or stations where the main defensive weapons are rifles and GPMG.

    Why has Boko not run head to head with the Sagaie Tank destroyers and Vickers MBT ? Boko enjoys the advantage of surveying targets in civilian clothes, then come back and attack with 4×4 Trucks loaded with 14,5mm AAA guns, 12.7mm MG, and RPGs.

    COIN warfare problems, the enemy that transforms from civilian to militant at random is at a better advantage doing his recce unknown to everyone who sees him.

    IRA has disadvantage of UK being an island nation, no Cameroon, Chad, Niger to run go hide and come back later.

    My worry is that NAF Hind helicopter gunships have not done rapid response counter attacks on Bokos with distress calls from the security forces. Don’t know how we have a full squadron of combat helicopters and Boko will be fighting our army for hours and no rapid response from NAF helos. Alpha jets calling off operations in Sambisa forest and elsewhere because of shortage of bombs, what are 12 Hinds/Terminators doing with rocket pods and incendiary?

    Nigerian things always confuse someone.

  3. asorockweb says:

    Pic 2:
    Who are the men in blue camouflage?
    The security personnel at the extreme right of the pic is also wearing a blue baret as well.

  4. peccavi says:

    Oga Augustine: The IRA had the Republic of Ireland to run to, however they abandoned guerilla warfare fairly early on and focussed on terrorism.
    I think the men in blue are NAF, that picture is from the NAF Maiduguri attacks methinks

    Oga Doziex: there is no such thing a minimal force, it is proportionate force, i.e it is inadvisable to shell a village rather than going in there and clearing it house to house. Its not Western or British BS, its best practice based on years of CON experience. Of course your Soviet or Nazi scorched earth tactics were very succesful in Afghanistan or Yugoslavia weren’t they?
    The belief in firepower, firepower, firepower is great for people who believe everything they watch in movies but I believe I have given example after example after example of where it doesn’t work.

    The troops are shockingly and criminally in my mind under equipped, under strength, poorly positioned, postured, paid, looked after and led.
    The video of the attack on Giwa Barracks is a case in point. That Shilka would have shred the technicals and the dismounts before they could finish their first ‘Allahu Akbar’ but where was it? In a car park, away from any potential axis of attack and under a tree.
    Why? Does the enemy have an airforce that it needs to be disguised. It should have been either on a ramp able to fire into the open area or else driven out to the street and taken on the technicals.
    So was the problem lack of equipment or the lack of leadership to use the equipment properly. The argument I am continuously making is that the issues are more nuanced and complex than simply buying kit and thinking the problems will go away.
    If we don’t use the stuff properly then there is no use getting it.

  5. beegeagle says:

    The photo showing the bombed out Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle was left in the wake of a botched Q4 2013 attack at DAMATURU

    The Blue Berets are indeed men of the Police VIP Protection Unit.

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