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  1. doziex says:

    The trend continues, no PKMs, NO RPGs.

    While this random picture evidence, is anecdotal at best, I think it the sample size is large enough to make a generalization that is statistically significant.

    Our FN FAL GPMGs, are either too heavy, or too unavailable.

    So I believe the Czech PKM is lighter, and more portable.

    RPGs can be easily carried, with the appropriate webbing.

    The ratio should be one PKM and one RPG gunner per SQUAD.

    • They have PKM’s and RPG’s…check again

      • doziex says:

        I know they have them.

        The question is why do we rarely see pictures with NA troops webbed and kitted with these arms .

        In combat, a soldier does not have the luxury of keeping any of his personal weapons out of reach.

        Oga peccavi once made an observation, just from looking at the weapons and kitting of BH cadres in front of some APC.

        And that is a soldiers perspective. Much can be deducted from the observation of routine habits of soldiers with respect to uniform, kitting and equipment.

        Now juxtapose NA troops always seen with only AKs on their person, with the rampant news about troops being out gunned in exchanges with BH.

        I was making an analysis based on my observations.

  2. freeegulf says:

    on paper that is what it is. each section has one gpmg and one grenadier. but like you said, they need to increase the number of these direct support weapons.

    there should be two MGs, two RPGs, and at least, two AK-47s with UGL. every section should have ammo hovering around 4000 rounds. nothing beats aggressiveness and firepower!

    at the platoon level, there should always be 60mm mortar for indirect support.

  3. wocon45 says:

    I was chased out of Sudan when I raised the alarm about Boko Haram – Ambassador Bola Dada

    • freeegulf says:

      its not just the Islamic angle that the security agencies should be investigating.
      there’s a lot at stake for Nigeria’s future.
      High finance in Europe and america are even far bigger threats with their agenda for destabilization around Africa. they are the more serious danger than those knuckle heads in Sudan and Qatar
      our policy makers need to look at the big picture, a whole lot is at stake. africa is entering another phase of marked agendas.

  4. freeegulf says:

    over reliance on air power would weaken the core central piece of the orbat; infantry.

    with a little bit of portable field radios and other comms devices, good map appreciation, and some ground support weapons, this war can be won with minimal casualties without always waiting for the alpha jet to come turn the situations around.

    i m not really seeing recoilless guns in this ops. the recoilless SPG mounted on 4WDs will do a lot of damage to BH rabble mob both in direct fire mode and stand off actions.
    again, more HMGs on these their hilux trucks. 7.62,mm MGs just doesn’t cut it against dshk on technicals.

    i m a bit surprised that the army is not taking advantage of their mortars and artillery assets.
    the combination of UAVs and artillery will produce better results than always waiting for the over worked alphas. if they don’t have enough UAVs for the tasks, the SF should make deep reconnaissance their top priority. and they should get more UAVs

  5. doziex says:

    Speaking of air power, if NAF is going for the JF-17 or the FC-1, they might as well demand ex Chinese and Pakistani A-5 Q ground attack jets and the Al -Zarrar tank as deal sweetners.

    They are not better than the SU-25s, but if we are spending our money on the sinopac platform, we have to make some demands.

    I just wish NAF, NA and NN would expedite whatever acquisition they are making.

    I have a fore boding sense, that these institutions are about to be overwhelmed with internal crises.

    Some of which have external solutions.

  6. Are James says:

    If we are really going to have Nigerian army aviation then just a squadron each of the unpretentious A-5Q ground attack aircraft and the MI 35 helicopters may be sufficient to start with.

  7. tim says:

    If you think boko haram is just a rag tag force,with un-educated foot soldiers, fighting for a religious cause, you re wrong…….those people have a serious think tank directing them behind the scenes…… is beginning to smell more like a proxy war, against a country with good intelligence apparatus….. This not ulimo-k or J,lurd, m-23,INPFL,NPFL,RUF…….this is a bay of pigs type of operation, and we need to build our armed forces and intelligence community to fight it,because we would need to go to whatever country is doing this and kick ass.

  8. drag_on says:

    I hope our intelligence gathering unit know and are targeting BH’s command structure. This conflict will be less intense if we break it down. Their funding requires close contact between their leaders and sponsors. If we can cut off the principal commanders,and then target their logistics with surgical strikes we would severely weaken them.
    We need to find Shekau or his trussted men, if he is free to roam wherever he is,we are free to send SF. The APC he keeps displaying is the key.Spend some money in Cameroon and you will find the APC.(if it is in Cameroon). That APC will (hopefully)lead to the command structure.

  9. Breaking News…Bomb blast in Abuja suburb!

  10. beegeagle says:

    You are right. The roof of the Sardauna’s house was ignited by a shot from a Carl Gustav 84mm anti-tank weapon. That was 1966 and the NA still retain those by the high dozens. They were used by NA infantrymen alongside Super Bazookas and Landrover-mounted M40 106mm RRs during the NCW for sure. They used 81mm/82mm mortars as well.

    In the 1980s, the NA also piled on the French 89mm LRAC as well.

  11. peccavi says:

    @ Doziex: Impact and airburst.
    and you are absolutely correct, it was literally a dream fire mission, enemy in the open, 5 minutes HE airburst and impact, Fire for effect.
    Make I see which kind Jackie Chan they wan do with that one

    • Are James says:

      Old model Carl Gustavs. Then the NA was just calling it generically ‘recoiless rifle’ .
      I think @Doziex was referring in his posts to the later models.

      • doziex says:

        Yessir !!!

        Like Oga Peccavi said, Impact and airbust.

        Yeah and I meant the latter model Swedish Bofor made man portable RCL Not the huge jeep mounted old version used by the isrealis in the raid on Entebbe movie.

  12. ozed says:

    I agree with the need for more fire support as close to the squad level as possible. In deed if the RPG 7 is seen as too expensive, they could go for a rifle grenade option, something similar to the US made M-79 using a 40mm grenade on a shot gun like weapon.

    These would go a long way to reducing the reliance on air power at a much lower cost.

  13. beegeagle says:

    The NA could actually have some Singapore Technologies Kinetics 40mm AGLs pintle-mounted on some Landcruiser gun-trucks.

  14. beegeagle says:

    Hopefully, the Mi-17s coming in with the Mi-171Sh Terminator helics possess this multimission capability.

    Well, here is what should be a Mi-17 transport helic steeled up to no end and in effect, transformed to an assault helic. 33 troops embarked and six rocket pods contained many, many dozens of rockets. What manner of stampede would this trigger off in the skies over an insurgents’ base?

    Ruggedness, versatility and extreme durability in all adverse conditions. That is the Mi-17. We need these as allied assets behind the Mi-171Sh Terminator helics.

    Indian Mi-17V5 multimission helicopter

  15. beegeagle says:


    Let us move forward, gentlemen.

    I am still expecting an invasion as a last-gasp act of desperation by the terrorists, with Malian, Nigerien and Chadian insurgents in tow. An invasion mounted by technicals.

    So why don’t we prepare some fast 4WDs to operate in swarms around Panhard VBLs and Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles.


    Type 78 82mm RCL

    Type 78 RCL

    ZPU-1 14.5mm AAMG

    ZPU-1 14.5mm AAMG

    CHECK OUT these Jordanian 4WD truck-mounted 107mm MRLs, guys. Chinese Type 63s? To fight a guerrilla, you have to think like a guerilla.

    Pakistan Army 107mm MRLS

    If Nigeria are going to Mali, we need these. It must not be like Freetown when we left thirty BM-21/APR-21 122mm MRLS in Nigeria and Abacha was chopping money without turning to China to acquire 107mm MRLs which would have been used to dislodge the combo of soldiers and guerrillas who were shelling the city from their highland strongholds.

  16. beegeagle says:

    How come we do not have these 107mm MRLs mounted on Landcruiser trucks to operate behind Sagaie AFVs and Shilka SPAAGs and for use in saturating that Sambisa hell-hole?

    The Brazilian-made SBAT-70 (70mm MRL) nko?

  17. peccavi says:

    Oga forget the Recoilless rifle, it best for armour piercing and what armour does BH have.
    The Singapore Technologies 40mm AGL on the other hand is just what the doctor ordered. Its like rapid fire 8omm mortar fire. against BH with their open topped soft skin vehicles, motorcycles and dismounts its essentially a polite way of saying ‘Fuck you and good night’
    Our dismounts should have the handheld version, the South Africans have a nice multi barrel one.
    If each section has one of those, 2 MGs, an RPG and a Dragunov or else FN FAL with advanced optics, BH would be converting to Buddhism en masse

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