Nigerian soldiers deployed on counterinsurgency operations in Maiduguri pictured in a Panhard VBL M11 armoured vehicle.

A Nigerian soldier on foot patrol in a frontline neighbourhood.

A Vickers Mk.3 Eagle tank on the streets of Maiduguri.

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  1. to4shizzle says:

    Good Morning Oga Beegs,

    Another Sad Story…..Boko Haram Bomblast in Abuja . Nyanya Bus Garage dis Morning over 100 people reported dead.
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    • igbi says:

      It seems you got the body count wrong, it is 35, not 100.

      • Deway says:

        Kindly review your comment again and make necessary corrections.

      • igbi says:

        I am not on the field, so I can not review the number, I took it from a report which came with pictures of the scene. The fact that there were pictures of the scene proved that the news paper sent people to the scene and therefor that they have first hand knowledge, this is opposed to news papers which are always too afraid to go near the scene and just sit down thousands of kilometers away while producing speculative numbers.

    • igbi says:

      Nyanya is not in Abuja, it is near Abuja.

  2. ocelot2006 says:

    About that bomb blast, am I the only one that saw one of the DSS agents in balaclavas armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5 SSG?

  3. ozed says:

    Reports seem to have settled at over 70 dead and at least 120 seriously injured. This is really bad. I believe we need to identify a list of near and distant boko haram related targets for retaliatory strikes each time they do something like this (similar to the approach Isreal adopts).

    That way they know that each time they do something like this, they can prepare to feel a comparable pain. This should include targets in Cameroon, Niger and other currently ‘safe areas’.

    Very sad.

  4. peccavi says:

    The body count will increase. Its been on the cards for weeks and there will be more.
    The game has changed again but still within the ‘rules’ as it were
    I believe before the end of the year the rulebook will change and there will be an attack in the south, then its not just the game that will change

    • asorockweb says:

      Any attacks in the south will be isolated.

      Attacks in major north cities are isolated – aside from Damaturu and Maiduguri.

      Many countries have lived with isolated bombings in their major cities for decades.

      An attack in the south will not have the far reaching consequences you seem to be predicting.

      The FG should realize that they have within their means, the power to end Boko Haram as a major threat to Nigeria – all that is needed is political will.

      Citizens are sacrificing their lives, all that we are asking of our politicians is willpower – make the fight against Boko Haram the most important task in Nigeria for 6 months and see the difference.

  5. igbi says:

    I think it is good to remind ourselves that encouraging panic and spreading terror is not a part of military analysis. I think what X should have said is that the military and the police should take further measures to effectively prevent terrorists any chance to operate in the south.
    I don’t believe using coded words like “game change” is a good analytical term, I think it gives the impression that X is calling the attack of poor innocent people in the easiest of targets a victory for boko haram and is using this as an argument to claim boko haram is “strong”. For the removal of any doubt, boko haram will have no hiding place in the south and it will not be able to run to cameroon in the south… in essence the situation in the south is not favourable for the actions of the terrorists. But still I urge the men in uniform to continue improving their methods and strategies on preventing such attacks in the south (because nothing is impossible), and I call on the goverment to equip the military and security services to western standards, this is a fight for our survival.

  6. igbi says:

    And also, let us not forget that boko haram is being annihilated as we speak.

  7. OriginalPato says:

    What’s this I’m reading online about the White Widow being linked to today’s blast.

    • peccavi says:

      I would suggest its fairly ridiculous speculation.
      No one actually knows where she is and if a white woman can succesfully hide in Northern Nigeria and commit acts of terrorism I’ll be very impressed.
      Al Shabaab is East Africa focussed. Boko Haram has been struggling for weeks to pull off this attack and Al Shabaab will just waltz in and take revenge on Nigeria for something Kenya did in just 2 weeks?
      Lazy journalism in extremis

    • asorockweb says:

      If Al Shabaab had the capacity to pull off the Nyanya bombings, then Nairobi would be burning by now.

      Someone is trying to sell newspapers; “White widow bombs Abuja” makes for a great headline.

    • Are James says:

      This suggestion is stretching things a little too far.
      Let’s not be distracted looking for some misguided British woman. The NPF and SSS has millions of dollars in forensics equipment bought in 2012/2013, officers have also been trained. Let us put all these to good use now and do some security intelligence work for a change; lock, down the park, do sample collection from site, do chemical analysis of bomb residue, match against existing databases, I presume we have a database, do biological analysis of remains, do eye witness interviews, do GSM traffic downloads from the area prior to and after the blast…. and where is Abuja CCTV?.
      This is not road block mounting, civilian harassment or bribe collection time.

  8. peccavi says:

    Igbi, Feel free to provide your own analysis based on your vast knowledge and experience.
    Abeg no find my trouble this evening

  9. igbi says:

    Science is not art: a well thought work, doesn’t need a prestigious signature; an illogical work with a prestigious signature will always be a bad work.
    Science is not art.

    • peccavi says:

      Produce your own illogical, logical scientific or artful there is no monopoly on analysis or insight

      • igbi says:

        For the sake of this forum and the reputation of many bloggers of good quality I chose not to go into any argument.
        So please do not address me, address my ideas, which is what I try to do with others and which is what I do with my students and which is also what is done by the professors correcting my work (in mathematics).

  10. doziex says:

    Finally, NA deploys Main Battle Tanks in this Battle space.

    I remember Some Ignoramus who knows himself, That was hurling insults at me 2 years ago for insisting that MBTs be made available.

    See at every point in the afghan and Iraq wars, the coalition or ISAF forces had MBTs available to them.

    And NA was preserving ours in their bases for what ?, the second coming ?



    What is the point of worrying about civilian casualties, under arming the NA, only for them to be over powered, and have BH massacre the same civilians ?


    At this point in the war, Anti RPG SLAT armor, and ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) would be necessary to protect the MBTs.

    • Are James says:

      Well I concede now that tanks will make a difference, just the confidence it inspires in infantrymen and the moving cover for advancing troops. I believe they also enhance situational awareness because of infra red detection, stand off observation and accuracy of the targeting systems deployed. I recall there was no single one at the Giwa barracks.
      Nigerian Army no go kill person with underestimation of the enemy.

      Anyway @doziex we bow to your superior opinions on this subject and like you rightfully asked, why just now?.

      Explosive armour inserts are for sale everywhere and are also easily manufactured at DICON.

    • OriginalPato says:

      Oga Doziex, so tanks are now the game changer instead of your PMCs?

      • doziex says:

        Both are necessary, my brother.

        The PMCs would add more brain, more experience to NA’s Brawn.

        As for the TANKs, we just cannot accept the status quo, where BH over powers NA units for any reason.

        That is why NA must come with all guns blazing, rather than get used to the idea of capitulating on Nigerian soil.

  11. peccavi says:

    Come Oga Doziex you and Igbi be twins? Which kind of cryptic ‘an ignoramus that knows himself’ is that? Abeg call my name properly, you should know better than that
    And for your information MBTs were not always available to ISAF.
    The Dutch eventually brought some Leopards to Helmand but they were of limited use.
    What they did bring was a vastly more complicated supply chain, for their ammo, spares, crew POL, repairs etc.
    Iraq was a different matter as tanks were used in teh invasion and stayed over after a fashion.
    Nice to have but in a mainly urban conflict massive overkill, Too heavy, tended to crush cars, houses and people, and didn’t do anything an IFV or APC couldn’t do.
    Also they were eventually targetted and taken out by IEDs so the whole psychological thing was a bit wasted.
    Tanks are awesome weapons for destroying tanks or mechanised infantry or expliting enemy lines of communication, In an insurgency they are a waste of resources, better to retrain the cre as infantry and put them out as extra patrols
    I am yet to see a situation in NE Nigeria that an MBT is going to aid or resolve.

    The enemy is ensconced in inaccessible areas Mountainous terrains, woods and forests, swampy ground.
    Do you know what they all have in common? Inaccessible to tanks except on graded or semi permanent roads.
    All well and goods except for 3 things
    There’s not many good roads meaning that friendly MBTs will be channelled and ambushed
    Rainy season is coming so even the semi permanent roads will be crap
    Tanks are very bad at climbing hills (ask the Syrians on the Golan)

    So it might be nice to have and good for photo ops but to take the fight to the enemy its a waste of time.
    AQIM, the Chadians, Boko Haram, Janjaweed etc all operate with light all terrain vehicles, its not just economics, its because they are the best tool for the job.

    ‘an ignoramus that knows himself’!..harsh but ultimately fair

    • doziex says:

      Nah men, Oga peccavi, you are an officer and a gentlemen, and have never heaped abuses on me.

      Your contrarian stances can be a bit irritating sometimes, but I was definitely not referring to you.

      Oga SUKOSAM was the one that used to hound me with abuses, when I just joined the blog.

    • doziex says:

      Besides, Oga Peccavi our beef has been over MRAPs, not MBTs.

      I still remember that you said that NAF as is, would have not problem dealing with hordes of technicals, if and when BH acquired them.

      On that account, with bases being overrun, and school girls getting kidnapped, any reassessment in your stance ?

      The record would show that I began the drum beat of the impending doom that would follow, if and when BH adopted technicals.

      • peccavi says:

        I know, I just wan find trouble small!

        My assesment was incorrect. Again like everything it was based on educated staffwork and I tend to add the caveat in my longer pieces that I am operating without local knowledge, accurate maps or up to date intel or knowledge of capabilities.

        However I still stand by my original view, properly handled and postured there is no way BH should be able to get these convoys anywhere near Maiduguri, Damaturu or any such installation. It is simply a failure of application

  12. peccavi says:

    Oga asorockweb: an attack in the south would be game changing. You realise that the same number of people that were killed this morning have been killed almost daily in Borno, Nasarawa, Benue etc? But these are rural areas, out of sight, no pictures and more importantly sad to say uneconomic.
    The South contains our main industries and our main foreign exchange earner. have the markets flickered with the attacks in Borno? Or the attacks in Abuja? An attack in the south threatens the oil and financial sectors, it will lead to panic selling and evacuations.

    An attack in the south is a game changer, it means that this is no longer some obscure nihilistic group killing unfortunate peasants but instead a major terrror group capable of killing Westerners and threatening their investments.

    • asorockweb says:

      I agree on the potential economic impact, and the perception risks involved, but my point is that nations like Turkey and India suffer bomb attacks in major cities.

      Turkey’s GDP grew from about US$150 Billion to it current US$850 Billion while enduring attacks from the PKK.

      The Oil Industry players are awesome risk managers and can operate even in war conditions.

      I can tell you now, sooner or later, there will be a bomb blast in the south. The culprits may not be BH, but the impact will be minimal – people will just get on with their lives, like they always do.

      • peccavi says:

        Thats the point, its change and uncertainty that the markets don’t like and it is the markets and the proceeds from it that keep our elites flying their private jets and quaffing champagne.
        An attack by MEND is by now de rigeur, an attack but BH is a game changer because MEND is a logical group with achievable aims and even if they rise up and cut oil supplies they can eventually be reasoned with. BH has no logic and investors in Geneva or New York are not interested in the nuances.

      • asorockweb says:

        We have to go with history here.

        Russian’s GDP went from US$200Billion to two US$ 2Trillion, between 1998 and 2013, while enduring massive bomb attacks in Moscow.

        As of MEND, MEND can be divided into 3:
        1) Multi-million dollar contractors
        2) Sea pirates/armed gangs
        3)Henry Okah

        Henry Okah is the only one of real concern, and he is not a reasonable man.

        As long as Henry Okah is locked up, MEND is not a problem.
        And an attack by MEND in Lagos is NOT de rigeur.

  13. Please lets stop all the name callings. This is not nairaland. Well, as for the MBT’s i think i would go with Are James et al. but would quickly add that it shouldnt become a norm…in the sense that the NA shouldnt just roll out tanks en masse everyday. For example, the attack on Giwa barracks would have been stopped earlier if they had MBT’s to confront BH with infantrymen in support with BIG guns and RPG’s. The MBT’s i believe would have also aided in a counter attack as we have open ground from Giwa barracks to wherever they were coming from.

    As per bombing the South being a game changer, i dont think it would be much of one. Sure their would be shock, but it would wear out and it would be a one off thingy. The Masses in the South are more educated than those in the North, therefore BH would find it difficult to thrive in the South like they do in the North. The perception here in the South is that this is an Islamic insurgency and therefore they would automatically be hostile to it

    • peccavi says:

      @Oga Optimusprime007: Do you think BH still has popular support?
      The majority of their victims have been Kanuri Muslims. even when they attack in the cities they do not bother to discriminate or give warnings or anything that would try and build up a support base. The only popular support they have is amongst those who think they can ride the riger to victory or those who are bound to them by blood and fear.

      You cannot guarantee an attack in the south would be a one off, theres, even if it is unless Bh announces this is a one off attack how will you know?
      there are so many people coming in and out of the major cities attackers would get lost in the crowd. The question is whether they can build the requisite networks to make it happen.
      But once that happens the golden goose is threatened and I believe thats why it is a game changer, it means that whoever or whatever is behind it, is going for broke and has reached what they believe to be the end game. Again just an educated guess

    • igbi says:

      With a little bit of knowledge about Nigeria and terrorism and ethnic relationships in Nigeria, it is easy to see why boko haram has not been able to carry out mass killings in the south. And I can hardly see how such a thing would be considered a success, the only possible aim would be a civil war, but that is certainly not going to happen. And I recall that in a recent report the chief of air staff was quoted as saying that the north-eastern public is still too shy to volunteer information.

      I just wanted to ask one little question: is it possible that some people on this forum are pretending to be Nigerians while they are not ? Is it possible that we have some boko haram fans on this forum. I accuse nobody, but it seems only logical that the enemy would try to infiltrate such a forum.

      • peccavi says:

        The only way to be sure is for all non Boko Haram members to honourably kill themselves for the good of the fatherland, that way we know whoever is left living is nothing but a filthy Boko Haramite.

  14. Oga Peccavi, ehm….maybe i wont call it support in the sense, but there is some kind of “i won’t rat on you” coming from the populace. Truly, no one can gurantee that an attack cannot take place in the South, but it would require really good planning and intel for BH to execute. My opinion is that i do not think they would plan to continue bombings in the south if they succesfully pull one…that’s why i said it would be a one off thing.

    • igbi says:

      One of the reasons why boko haram is predicting/wishing for its members to set off bombs in the south is to spread terror and to slow down the economy of the country. But rest assured, everybody who knows Nigeria knows that attacks in the south can only be isolated and that there can not be any hiding place for terrorists in the south (which means no operational base). We all know it is not out of kidness of the heart that boko haram hasn’t committed any genocide in the south. I just want our soldiers and civilians in the south to redouble their efforts. The Obas and Obis and all should charge their people to be vigilant. And I know this has (or is being) done.

    • peccavi says:

      I agree in a way but we have continuously underestimated BH. A single bomb is a game changer, 2 or 3 a catastrophe.
      but to sustain a campaign they will need a support structure, not 100% impossible but much more difficult, money can buy you alot but short of sub contracting they have to do it themselves.
      My point though is that it is relatively easy to do, whatever the constraints.
      Thus I believe the restrictions are not purely operational but partly political.
      The revenge attacks from the Sunday Sunday campaign didn’t erupt but an attack on the South threatens the elites investments as well as lives of Southerners, thus I grant I believe if we see that then this insurgency which began as an elite civil war would have changed the corner to a whole new game, what that game is I can’t say but it will be something new

      • igbi says:

        I believe a rich knowledge in warfare which I do not have, should be used to provide analysis revealing the weak points of the enemy and to provide hints on where we need more power. We should also be careful. Soldiers are not always the best information managers, so I think the way we give info is very important. If you have the knowledge you claim to have (which I think you do, although I do not know you, so I can’t say it for sure) then use it wisely. Always be careful not to play into the hands of the enemy, remember that most people reading this blog are “bloody civilians”. There are many ways to pass an information, chose the good one. I am becoming tired of commenting, I am not a soldier, but some times the way the flow of information is going is counterproductive, that is why a civilian had to come and remember you guys what the message looks like to civilians. I also do not doubt your combat skills, but I would love if we had a former intelligence officer on our side in this blog. i know I suspect people a lot and please nobody should take offense, rather suspect me as well, if I said any counterproductive thing then please destroy it with effective logics and be vigilent.
        let us all put our egos aside and serve one nation: Nigeria.

  15. freeegulf says:

    100 school girls kidnapped. now they having jihardi brides too. these knuckleheads are mirroring LRA and their warped ideology mixed with depravity.
    wiping out these vermin should be number priority, our visionless politicians should leave politics aside for national unity and stability

  16. igbi says:

    I ask the question again and please answer with an open mind:
    Do you think it is possible that we have some boko haram members on this blog ?
    Is it possible that some people who have previously claimed to be Nigerians on this forum are not Nigerians ? I remember “the ballot or the bullet” and Malcolm X did make a good point. It is only logical that the enemy would be among us.

    • igbi says:

      I can remember some bloggers clapping for boko haram during that air base attack.

      • Are James says:

        I don’t seem to recall anybody clapping for BH here o.
        What I remember was a lot of anger that the full capabilities of the Nigerian state were not being brought to bear on this devilish movement to the effect that they started playing ‘James bond’ and ‘Rambo’ and took the shine off our the eyes of the world.
        I agree with you about secret enmity against Nigeria. However they are not on this blog, They are in halls of government advising our elected leadership not to spend on the military, they are also in the military, stealing from defence material acquisition funds, finally they are in the NPF.
        This Chibok for instance is a full LGA with at least one functioning police station, also being a girls school a clear red cape for the Bolo Haram bull, you would expect that very effective security arrangements would have been made to protect the school (just a few soldiers were there apparently) or even relocate it down south as I have suggested severally on this blog. This was not done by the same people who would have six combat helicopters protecting one person in Abuja.
        I think our anger and frustration should be properly directed
        The case has to be made to our elected officials many of whom have lived fortuitously opulent and easy lives for many years that the game has changed. Good leadership precludes you from business as usual attitude in wartime especially when civilians are being slaughtered like rams.
        Grim, sober, spartan, disciplined leadership is required as well as some very painful but necessary spending to provide static security for schools and religious places even if the money has to come from some of the pet projects of people in power..

      • igbi says:

        I remember a blogger who did, he said something like: ” just years ago they were unemployed youth and now look at what they have achieved”, I haven’t seen or recognized that blogger since then (perhaps the army caught him in some boko haram recruitment bureau).

  17. igbi says:

    I think we should focus our efforts on proposing solutions and sharing anlaysis on boko haram.

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