An armoured vehicle (Otokar Cobra APC) is seen parked at the entrance of the LEA primary school refugee centre, following a raid by gunmen who killed over 100 people at Angwan Gata, Kaduna State



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  1. Are James says:

    HESCO ballistic protection sheets with earthen soil poured inside is more effective than concrete fencing which I don’t even see in this picture. Suggest a quick rationalization of schools in the entire region, one per local government around which defensive firepower can then be concentrated so that the vitally important educational sector is not destroyed by this meaningless war.
    The Otokar Cobra seems to be giving good performance in the NE sector but I am worried that the most offensive weapon deployed on most of them is this light machine gun, so the question is where are the hundreds of ST grenade launchers that were supposed to have come with the initial order of 193 vehicles.

  2. tim says:

    If you pass the front or going into bonny camp, you will see hesco. At the gate of the barracks, but the application isn’t the smartest!!!!

    • Are James says:

      I would send thousands of yards to the northeast fast.
      Barracks, Schools, LGA hqs, Hospitals, Churches and Mosques need them. Bucket configuration with sand poured inside, laid out in a twisting pattern so that suicide numbers are denied that last straight length of high speed dash into the buildings they want to bomb.

  3. Solorex says:

    We can’t close schools any how.This war is an ideological war- we are fighting for the right for people to procure education un-harassed. Rationalizing schools will boost the psyche of Boko Haram; they will in fact believe that they are winning.The best way to handle this is to close down vulnerable schools only and heavily defend other schools-In fact we need to start a PR mass communication project to encourage people to go to school under all circumstances. Other schools should be heavily protected with APCs and soldiers. The real problem we have is not Boko haram attacking soft targets, it is us not been able to defend soft targets.We need to build capacity- we have spoken about helix quick response team manned by SF severally. We have spoke of daily drone surveillance of Sambisa perimeter;We have spoken about making LAVs standard troop transport issue, we have talked about procuring precision strike technology;we spoke about having alarms in every schools-Every single thing that could help has been constantly neglected.

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