A Ghana Navy 46.8 metre ship made by Poly Technologies of China (left) anchored beside an unclear 76mm gun-armed 58 metre Nigerian Navy ship.

US Navy Capitan Nancy Lacore has
organized the military excercise

Nigerian Rear Admiral Samuel Alade, (Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command) is proud of the good relations with Germany

Soldiers practice boarding excercises




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  1. giles says:

    could d ship b one of our 58 meter german made FAC?

  2. asorockweb says:

    The unidentified ship looks like a Combattante III Fast Attack Craft, that means it’s one of NNS Siri, NNS Ayam or NNS Ekun.

  3. giles says:

    well i tink it’s d nns erinomi or enymiri F83 or F84

  4. Obix says:

    Definitely a 58m Combattante III Fast Attack Craft like oga Asorockweb wrote https://beegeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/world-exclusive-nns-siri-p181-a-58-metre-combattante-iii-fast-attack-craft-of-the-nigerian-navyprops-chairman-maz/ . The Vosper Thornycroft MK9 to which NNS erinomi and enymiri belong have a lenght of 69mand look a bit different (by the way i don’t know if they are operational).

    • xnur44 says:

      Obix, NNS Enyimiri is by the pier at NNS Victory. She has not sailed for many years and need to be dry-docked for extensive repairs; she is in bad shape as a fighting ship (I sailed less than 100meters by her in Feb & April17th 2014).

  5. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, we do own three units each of the 58 metre Combattante III (built in France) and the Lurssen FPB 57 (built in Germany)

    However, I am led to believe that this obscure unit is a COMBATTANTE III. You can draw your own conclusions.

    Certainly, Giles, it is not nearly a Vosper Thornycroft Mk.9 corvette..not at all.




    Meanwhile, PICTURED below is one of the four 46.8 metre patrol ships built for Ghana by Poly Technologies of China in 2011. One of that quartet is pictured above, quayside in Lagos, Nigeria. Note the twin turreted 14.5mm cannons mounted fore – standard feature on the class of Ghanaian ships which are principally tasked with fisheries and oil facilities protection and other law enforcement tasks.

    Note that two of the said four Ghanaian 46.8 metre ships were paid for by that country’s Ministry of Agriculture at a unit cost of US$19.5m

    These Ghanaian ships are enlarged and modernised derivatives of the world-famous Type 062 Shanghai II patrol ship.

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