Nigerian Army personnel hone their shooting skills at a range classification exercise


26 April, 2014

The Nigerian Army School of Supply and Transport (NASST), Ugbowo is to hold its Annual Range Classification at the Ekehuan Barracks Range from April 28 to 30, 2014. This is contained in a statement signed by the Army Public Relations Officer, Captain Abubakar Abdullahi.

The statement indicated that the Annual Range Classification would involve live firing. It further indicated that the aim of the exercise is to test and enhance professional proficiency of officers and soldiers in handling of all personal weapons.

As part of safety precautions,residents
and farmers around Ekehuan and its
environs are hereby advised to keep off from the range area during the period.


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  1. asorockweb says:

    does the “ANNUAL RANGE CLASSIFICATION EXERCISE” mean that that’s the only time NASST personnel actually get to fire live ammunition?

    • peccavi says:

      Oga thats generally how it is with rear echelon troops

      • asorockweb says:

        Wow, that means that the armed robbers in their area will be more proficient with firearms than they.

        in western countries, many “rear echelon” troopers have personal firearms and shoot for fun – we don’t have that habit or freedom in Naija.

  2. Wocon45 says:

    The Death Of Col. Kabiru Salisu And Sundry Matters By A.S.M Jimoh : a very worrying article.

    • asorockweb says:

      I believe this has already been discussed.

    • doziex says:

      This is a very depressing story about ongoing events in the war zone.

      NA has to be more transparent as to events on the ground.

      Otherwise, these stories seeping thru would define this war.

      While one doesn’t know how true these stories are, they are aligned with my worst suspicions.

      I have worried out loud on this blog, why NA troops seem to be always lightly armed and kitted.
      Juxtapose that with these persistent stories of NA troops being outgunned by BH.

      However, NA can do some things that can even the odds a bit.

      If the APCs, helicopters and MRAPs are not forth coming, NA must OUT BOKO HARAM the BH.
      I mean steal their fcuking tactics if you have to.
      NA troops should keep and use the BH weapons they capture.

      Tear off that roof welded onto NA hiluxes for troop comfort.
      Mount any AA gun in sight, be it NA issue or captured from BH.

      Think about the rebels in the Libyan war, or think of the Chadian army .

      Forget defensive APCs, make sure your firepower in a street battle is paramount in this battle space.
      NA can definitely mount more AA’s on trucks than BH can, so lets stop whining about their technicals, if they build 10 guntrucks, NA can build a hundred easy, without permission or funding from no damn HQ.

      The troops at the front in maidugri, can gather a handful of their most resourceful officers and men, provide them with money for plane tickets, and have them Search NA bases for
      equipment you guys need at the war front.

      I am sure your fellow NA colleges would only be glad to help.

      If you find recoiless rifles, mount them.
      If you find 107 mm multi barrel rocket launchers, mount them.
      Look out for 60,80 and 120 mm mortars.

      Of course, AA guns would be sweet.

      You just need to out gun this bastards.

      Remember, you have done this before, 1999 freetown, death before dishonor”

      One day, our authorities would have to answer to the Nigerian people, why they are choosing not to arm NA to the teeth.

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