Mr David Shikfu Parradang, Comptroller General of Immigration

30 April, 2014

Nigeria Immigration Service has
commenced the training of a special border patrol corps to help fight terrorism and other crimes at the nation’s borders.

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service,David Paradong at the opening of the training in Kano State, northwestern Nigeria said “the initiative is to secure the nation’s expansive borders and contain the rising tide in the challenges posed by trans-border criminals including terrorists.”

He said an un secured border had
socio-economic implication for the
nation as such the NIS thought it
wise to mobilize the over 1,000
officers for the special squad.

“The rationale behind this
initiative is to mobilize a group of
virile and gallant officers and give
them special training for border patrol functions, equip them with
modern gadgets as a deliberate step to make our borders more secure.

“Apart from the training,the initiative has so far seen the purchase of 60 additional patrol vehicles, communication gadgets, increased control posts from 84 to 114 and border patrol bases from 45 to 72 as an effort to increase the rate of response by patrollers to potential security threats, tackle the problem of the use of unauthorised router by irregular migrants.”

Boost morale

The NIS is also making effort for the special corps to be given incentives so that the officers can carry out their duty maximally.

“The NIS is working with the office
of the National Security Advicer, to
enhance the initiative through special salaries and insurance scheme for the special border patrol corps to boost their morale.”

The special training programme
received support from all over the
world as the African Union, Italy,
US, Netherlands, International
Organization for Migration (IOM)and the EU had trained 321 officers on the various needs of the special border patrol corps.

He enjoined the officers to see the
training as a rare opportunity for
them to contribute to national
security by discharging their duties
without fear.



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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. Silver bird is reporting that a UK negotiator is involved in negotiations to release the abducted Chibook girls, silver bird also confirmed that the girls are no longer in Sambisa forest according to BH.

  2. Augustine says:

    Fresh news from American Tv says sources inside Boko confirms that the girls have been officially married to Boko members as wives. Imagine Nigerian teenage daughters bearing children for Boko terrorists that may be dead next month and the pregnant girl becomes a widow, her son will have no father !

    Excuse me gentlemen, how many soldiers do we need to line up our borders from Taraba/Adamawa to Borno/Yobe with 4×4 Toyotas and have 24 hour light propeller aircraft patrol along that route? Why are we still waiting for Tucanos that won’t start saving us today? Where are the 60 Air beetles that can fly slow and low, plus long range and almost noiseless stealthiness, with very cheap cost of operation?

    NAF Air Beetles have range of 1,150km and we have 60 units revived for NAF basic pilots training in year 2010. These are the type of aircraft Americans use at home to fly 24 hours round the clock on anti-narcotics farming and traffic control on hot spots inside their country.

    Can’t we afford this simple air operation ?

    If Nigeria cannot execute a 24 hour security presence in the whole sections infested by the Boko pests, then the attacks will never end. We should be talking to Algeria too, the President was very close to Obasanjo, we need tips from President of Algeria who defeated Islamic terrorists that were 10 times more powerful than Boko Haram.

    I hope I am making sense sha, or I am just angry and talking rubbish?

  3. Martin Luther says:

    Report: Boko Haram Kidnapped The 230 School Girls As Wives For Its Insurgents
    A member of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Tahir Monguno, has reportedly said the over 230 abducted school girls taken from the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State were taken as wives for Boko Haram insurgents.

    The report read,

    Mohammed Tahir Monguno who represent Chibok in the House of Representatives said the abducted girls are being forcefully married in an area called Jiri, Mafa Local Government of Borno State.

    He said he learnt from members of his constituents from the Chibok Local Government area that no sooner the girls were abducted, they were forced into marriages with insurgents.

    He told VOA, ‘Villagers saw them and the whole world knew that the very day they were abducted, some of them were married out in one area called Jiri, Mafa Local government area.

    “It was there that some of them were married before they moved with the rest. It is about 30 kilometres from there to Maiduguri on a tarred road. Everybody knows this. The security people know too. It is not that people are not cooperating, they are giving information and nothing is done.”

    ‘These girls were abducted in Chibok, but yesterday, my constituents called and said that they saw them in one area called Shuwaram. From Chibok to my constituency is about 200 kilometres. How can they be carrying the girls for about 200 kilometres without security detection? That is why we are saying that if government wants to succeed, it must stand up and it is not about deploying military alone, but giving them motivation.”

    • igbi says:

      Mohammed Tahir Monguno is a big fool. SO all this time the parents were combing sambisa forest and that every body was claiming they saw the girls going into sambisa forest Mohammed Tahir Monguno and his constituants knew they were actualy in Jiri. But it is only now that they are no longer there that Mohammed Tahir Monguno is saying they were there. And if course he is eager to speak for the armed forces by saying they knew ! Did he tell them ? Did he tell the media ? No, all he does is to wait till it is over and then blame the people he didn’t inform. Mohammed Tahir Monguno should be arrested for failing to give information he had. He is a boko haram member.

  4. Martin Luther says:

    The impression I get sometimes is that BH men are runing free in d NE, as free as air. How do u beging to disabuse dis tought when we are told that these girls are been held as human shields and d nxt tin, we hear they are being married out

    What is really HAPPENING with our millitary.

    • igbi says:

      I think you should reconsider your “running free”, the problem for me is that a part of the north-eastern public seems to protect boko haram and Mohammed Tahir Monguno is one of them.

  5. Martin Luther says:

    What can go around, wud come around. U all keep watching d movie until it is ur turn to act in it. Keep mute until it is ur turn to scream for help. Keep standing until it is ur turn to run.
    I do not see y d people in these areas wud not spring up armed millitias to defend their lives and properties if they believe d millitary is incapable of defending them. They have a right to life, come to think of it can d millitary stop them from getting armed, after all the impression we get is that BH is runing free. If Chibok had only fifty AK47 armed young men and five RPG shooter with another 5 SKC shooters, those girls would still be in the hands of their fathers or are these 50 young men shooting for BH already? These guys are men let them organise and defend their wives and daughters from further rape. I do not think there is anything worse than a man who can not protect his young. I cannot imagine any SE village been over run or SS town been hit by a common foe. I have started getting the impression that we do not know d nature of this insurgency yet. It is strange to c people take this kind of backlash for so long without fighting back, very strange, I am beging to believe it is the people who are complicent and not the millitary. SOMEBODY pls tell those Senetors to stop crying on d floor of NASS and go back home to organise their people defence, when wud they have taken enough, is it wen all their villages and towns are empty and no one left to vote them back into d NASS because they cannot rule a desolate city or are dey clean?

    • igbi says:

      Are you calling for a the legal arming of a vigilante or illegal gun running and owning. If what you are calling for is the latter then you are committing a felony. I hope for your sake that you are calling for an amendment allowing a vigilante to be armed and not for illegal acquisition of weapons.. But your text is clear you are committing a felony, and I think it is a shame. You have disgraced this blog.

      • Martin Luther says:

        Pray not to get caught up in the middle of shit or pass through what the Chibok parents are going through right as we speak. You would certainly wishing you were ready

      • igbi says:

        fear mongering doesn’t work on everybody. I am one of those on which it doesn’t work. You are trying to overrule a rational debate by using the means of fear, therefor the interlocutor doesn’t use his brain anymore but acts instinctively. Dictators like Hitler are famous for being very good fear mongers, which they used to reduce their population into a bunch of fanatics. Your lack of intellectual work is what makes you to see crime as a solution. I think you need to retract your comments or to let everyone know that you are indeed a criminal.

  6. Nnamdi says:


    Oga Igbi,

    The way you are throwing up big grammar like “felony”, “illegal”, etc in response to the other gentleman’s post gives an impression that you are either Doyin Okupe or Reuben Abati. The matter at hand has become so shameful for the FG and military that the blatant failure of both in the insurgency war has become indefensible. Let’s get our heads out of clouds and say the truth; FG and military have failed in NE, …shikena!

    Admitting this ugly truth has come of time as it looks ever more foolish to tell yore stories of our military gallantry in Liberia and CIV. The current inexcusable shame and disgrace of NE demands that we eat the humble pie and own up to our incompetencies. Noise making and press release rhetorics can no longer cover up for this huge fat mess. Military blame politician, politician blame military, all are glaring evidences of incompetence and failure.

    At this juncture, any community that still FULLY depends on this failed military operation for its security is equally culpable in its mortal decimation. Every excuses have become lame and failed at this point, self defence is the last act of security left for NEners and Middle Beltans. This dark cloud doesn’t look to be clearing soon. It is going to be a long dark night going by the disgraceful way the politicians and military have prosecuted this operation.

    Let clear head and good judgment decide.

  7. Nnamdi says:


    Sir, Inter arma enim silent legis (In time of war, law is silent). Unless you dismiss that we are at war will your clinging remain valid. Unfortunately we have crossed that Rubicon long ago albeit freshly known to ostriches, even David Mark has finally publicly admitted. Desperate measures for desperate time buddy.

    • igbi says:

      David Mark never called for a crime spree, he called for a full military deployment. And I don’t buy your excuse. You talked exactly like a common criminal. There is such a thing that is called war crime. Even at war the law is still the law. I now have a greater idea of the “caliber” of people I have been discussing with here. And I am very disappointed.

  8. Nnamdi says:


    Oga sir , as much as have used a honorific title to address you, I’m quite convinced that you are either a teenager, slow adult or just an uncouth person. I have seen much of you are antecedents with other people when you have you usual rush of words to the brain, so I’m not so offended with your gutter talk. If you think war prosecution is a class debate and kumbaya dance, I wish you goodluck (no pun intended).

    If only your brain is half as fast as your fingers, you would have first check out that maxim and at what levels and instances it has been invoked. But like an online janjaweed militia you have always paraded yourself, any opinion that is different from yours must be aggressively attacked and its proponent blackmailed with unpleasant names along with subtle threats of war-crime and treason. How is this different from Boko Haram ideology? Only fellow dolts fall for such fall for such cheap blackmail; even babies do better. If these hadn’t been the case, I had expected you to discuss the subject matte itself and not the unsolicited vituperations.

    If a subject matter is new to you, please be humble to find out about it or just say “I don’t know about that”. If you are looking for war criminals look between the military commanders who have failed at this war effort and politicians (your patrons of course) who are joint culpable. Also learn to stop throwing words around carelessly thinking you know better than everyone else.

    Please grow up!

    • igbi says:

      I think you may have confused beageagle’s blog with nairaland.
      Calling for crimes to be committed in a public medium is a crime.
      Calling me names doesn’t change a thing.

  9. Spirit says:

    My dear Oga Igbi,

    If I am the King/ruler of a community in NE Nigeria, and BH attacked my village the first time and spent 30 minutes looting, raping , burning and killing and the Military refused to come to our rescue. I will take it as an ‘act of God”, I will bury my dead, morn them and move on.

    If again, BH comes back a few weeks later to repeat same, but spending ! hour this time around, I will be very angry and disappointed in the military. I will write the Presidency, the senate etc. I will plead with them to send assistance. I will ask the military and other law enforcement agencies whatever form of assistance I can render to improve the situation.

    If it is further repeated, I will arm my people whatever way I could and defend my community.

    The very basic fundamental right that everybody has is the right to live/life. I will not sit by and fold my arms while my teenagers are being raped, pregnant women being lacerated, young men are being killed, houses being burnt because I am trying to obey some ‘laws’ and be seen as a proper/correct/law abiding citizen. No sir, I will not do that!

    I will arm my young men with knifes, cutlasses, spade, garden fork, AKs, Molotov cocktails, animal traps, catapults, acid, hot water/oil etc. I will arm them with anything available. I will assume that the government has abandoned my community, we will form a terrible vigilante group!

    I agree with you that this kind of arrangement often lead to extra judicial killings, jungle justice etc. But we have been left with no choice.

    If armed robbers are sawing down your gates, and you call 911 but got no response, or they haven’t shown up after 40 minutes. If you have a cutlass at home, wont you use it? Will you say “I have to be a good citizen and wait for the Police”?

    If the government of the largest economy in Africa, the eight largest exporter of petroleum in the world, a country with $38 Billion in external reserve, a country whose military officers have been inducted into US military hall of fame, the third largest contributor to PKO worldwide, whose major oil company that can afford to ‘loose’ $20Billion, where a minister can fuel one jet (out of 3) with N10 Billion, where a few people can pocket N27 Billion pension fund and the economy is still running. A country with 3 satellites in space, that has built its own warship, drone and APC, a country that has produced the likes of Phillips Emeagweli, Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka. If the military of such a country cannot muster a credible force to intercept BH force, but allows them to operate for 5 hours at a stretch (in a zone under state of emergency), then my dead brother, SOMETHING IS WRONG SIR! and I will not blame any community leader who decides not to leave the destiny of his people in the hand of such a military, but secure his subjects lives anyhow he could.

    May God bless Nigeria.

    • igbi says:

      What you should understand is that it is only a lack of intelligence that pushes people to see crime as the only solution. There are many legal solutions, but for that we need to use our brains. The fact that some bloggers think crime is the only way is proof of what I have been suspecting: some bloggers here lack wisdom and intellectual capacity, that is unfortunate. Practically we have some clueless people calling the government clueless, appreciate the irony ! I am a great critic of the FG, but I think the solutions to our problems do not reside in our abilities to go beyond the law. How come nobody called for an amendment allowing an armed vigilante to be formed in Borno ? i do not agree with this, but it seems like a legal way of doing what Mr Martin wants ! But ofcourse his lack of thinking abilities or lack of rest makes you jump directly to the worse possible way of doing things.

  10. Nnamdi says:


    3 gbosa for you sir! This is how men talk. 8)

  11. ozed says:

    The levels of outrage shown at the kidnap of these school girls show how ignorant most Nigerians are regarding the security of the country. Which part of this is news to us?
    1. That our borders are porous and have been since independence (both in the north and south)?
    2. That the numerical strength of the military plus their mobility (based on available equipment e.g. trucks and choppers) is grossly inadequate for a country of our land mass
    3. That the Nigerian military has never anticipated an active insurrection within Nigeria and has thus never trained or armed to deal with one.

    The very sad truth is that the sort of security breaches we are witnessing today have never happened before, not because they could not have happened, but simply because no one had attempted them.

    The military are doing their best given their own challenges of inadequate equipment and resourcing, inadequate training and frankly inexperience (relative to the character of security challenges we currently face), and we should understand that even as we criticize and make suggestions.
    Also we should understand that while the Nigerian Army is still dogged by the ‘stiff upper lip’ culture bequeathed to them from the days of military governments where they owed no one any explanations, it would be infantile at best to expect them to discuss their strategies (e.g. to rescue the kidnapped girls) on the pages of the newspapers or on internet blogs.

    With that in mind i believe all well meaning persons should inwardly pray for the girls, but outwardly steel ourselves for further and perhaps even more grievous losses as we prosecute a long drawn out war to crush BH (if you doubt how long this can take, go check the experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, the Kashmir province of India etc.)

    May the Good Lord grant us the resolve and unity of purpose we need in these trying times.

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