Men of the Police Mobile Force(MOPOL) atop an Otokar Cobra APC in northern Nigeria

Men of the Police Mobile Force(MOPOL) atop an Otokar Cobra APC in northern Nigeria

30 April, 2014

The police say they have taken measures to beef up security at gateways to the country in preparation for the arrival of delegates to the forthcoming Economic Forum in Abuja.

The Force Public Relations Officer, CSP
Frank Mba, told the News Agency of
Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday
that security had also been beefed up at the proposed venue of the forum.Mba said that adequate security
arrangements had been made at the
designated hotels and guest houses
where the delegates would be

“We will ensure that the participants at the summit get the best in terms of security. “The first thing we have done is actually to strengthen the security at all the gateways to the nation. “This is predicated on the fact that the conference is an international summit and that a lot of dignitaries will be coming from outside Nigeria.

“These dignitaries will either come in through the international land borders or by air and they may come by the sea if they choose to,’’ he said. Mba said the police had already deployed adequate sniffer dogs and handlers to the airports with a directive to pay special attention to things that could pose insecurity. He listed those things to include;Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), drugs and other dangerous weapons.

“We are also strengthening security not only in Abuja but also in other capital cities where we know some of the visitors may want to visit. “Cities that can also act as transit points like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano, where
there are international airports.

“The police will be working with other security agencies like Department of State Services (DSS), the military and other law enforcement agencies, we are
comparing notes and sharing
intelligence,’’ he said.

Mba warned criminals, terrorists and all undesirable elements to stay clear of the FCT. “We just want to reassure Nigerians and members of the international community that we are equal to the task of providing security for the summit,’’ he said.

NAN reports that the World Economic
Summit is scheduled to hold in Abuja
between May 7 and May 9.

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  1. Are James says:

    Why did we offer to host this new costly jamboree?.
    The distraction and redeployment of security resources required for a hitch free WEF is only going to leave gaps in other areas of the structure that we have and expose soft targets. It is also needlessly advertising Nigeria as a key spoke in the hub that is the western world to the annoyance of Islamic globalists.
    Only police choppers, men from the guards battalion and ATF troops should be used for securing Abuja for this event. Every order available resource to the NE to find the missing girls.

  2. beegeagle says:

    MADAM Minister now sees how insecurity is able to blight her macroeconomic projections. That is what you get when national security gets subsumed in competing demands and is treated as an aside rather than a core plank of statecraft.

    EVERY COUNTRY except Nigeria understands that all the World Powers want to see are prostrate military forces around the world so that no ‘independent-minded’ governments, such as Iran, Vietnam etc, emerge anywhere else. That is why national security and military expenditure, in the rule book of Bretton-Woods institutions(whose ideology our Madam is fully immersed in) are always held forth as ill-affordable luxuries for ‘developing countries’.

    That is one idea which would quickly get internalised by our bigmen since they were not decipherably enthusiastic or even purposeful about knocking our forces into shape even at the best of times anyway.


    LAGOS, May 2 (Xinhua)

    Nigeria on Friday allayed fears of insecurity in Abuja as the World Economic Forum on Africa begins on May 7. The federal government would provide adequate security for participants, Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala told a news conference in Abuja, the nation’s capital city.

    Okonjo-Iweala said President Goodluck Jonathan would make a statement on the forum and security issues shortly.”With the World Economic Forum,of course, it’s not easy; the news we have so far is that people are asking questions but it’s seems encouraging,” she said.

    “I think that by the time we hear some of the security measures that the president is going to announce, we will see that we will calm the nerves of those who are proposing to come,” she added.

    “We have also sent a press advisory but we should focus now on the feelings. I told you that I was sad about the abducted girls and we should focus on what to do to bring the girls back,” she said.

    “And, we should also focus on families of those who lost their lives; that is very important,” the minister told reporters,noting that it is not that the forum is not important but more important is the issues of the girls and supporting the families which have lost people.

    “We will see what will happen with the forum; I am confident that things will be okay but our minds are not in it right now as on the issues of those who lost their lives and their families,” she added.

  3. sele says:

    Waste of men and resources for low priority issues

  4. xnur44 says:

    Amazing grace! Does She really mean what she says. As a policy maker does She feel the impacts of her sham policies on defence spending. It seems every self guilt policy maker is trying to come clean and abandon ship for the C-in-C.

    • asorockweb says:

      The core of the FG budget goes to:
      1) Civil servants
      2) Fuel Subsidy
      3) Senators and Reps

      Higher defense spending will need the following:
      A) Reduction of the number of ministries, departments and civil servants
      B) Removal of fuel subsidy
      C) Smaller budget for the Senators and Reps

      The minster of finance is not a lawmaker or the president of the federation.

      • Are James says:

        I beg to disagree sir.
        The defence needs of Nigeria are calling for just about $350million CAPEX a year for the next 3years.What is that compared with what is being stolen yearly?.

        Notice how the entire 2013 capital budget for infrastructure and power has been completely stolen, all the projects are on Chinese Eximbank loans, PPP, OEM finance and Aid agencies, so where did the capital expenditure go in these areas. Power stations have been built sold and nobody is asking about the money they made from the sale.
        The taxes that are supposed to be paid by the new private companies that the sold gov’t assets have become, nobody is asking why is it is not impacting the gov’t revenue stream
        The Nigeria’s profit from LNG is about $1bn a year….show me the money

        The budget for buying jets, choppers, air defence systems is also probably being chopped by the mandarins in the MOD and some generals. Its a subsistence thing for some of these people, life itself will end if they don’t have access to the funds. The sun won’t come out the next day if avenues for stealing for them are closed. Its a serious psycho-mental problem.

        This unnecessary WEF jamboree is a complete waste that we are not going to derive extra benefit from. Nigeria is already an investment destination. You might argue that we have to contend for FDI against countries like Angola (whose economy is growing at 17%GDP, ..yes believe that figure) but the counter argument is that we have the higher quality manpower base and better geographical location and in any case it is much better to work on corruption, reduce crime and banish insurgency than waste money on an event which is designed to promote only the MOF herself without any added benefit to Nigeria.

      • asorockweb says:

        I don’t understand what you disagree with.

        I didn’t mention project efficiency, or the WEF, I just listed where the bulk of the budget goes, is that what you disagree with?

  5. Are James says:

    Sorry, I thought you were making a case for the ‘no money for defence’ argument.
    My point is that there is money if corruption avenues are plugged and we don’t necessarily have to cut the budgets in those areas listed above.
    Also that the WEF is unnecessary

  6. WachanGuy says:

    As a trainee economist, I appreciate the potential positive impact of hosting WEFA. I however question if this is the right time to be hosting such events. Investors are coming not just to hold meetings but to sample local life, albeit from behind heavily tinted car windows.
    How weird will it be that the capital of Africa’s “giant” stands empty at a time it is supposed to display its boisterousness to the world

    • WachanGuy says:

      In continuation, the Nigerian military establishment needs an Act along the lines of the AFP Modernization Act(Oga Max Montero, over to you sir!). However, in shaping it for our unique environment, emphasis should be placed on not only equipment and training, but the evolution of a Nigerian military that is totally de tribalised, maintenance focused and as professional as can be found within Africa. It could even serve as a template for the gradual but eventual evolution of the structures of governance in Nigeria.
      Leadership in 2014 no be for mouth or on paper. It is by thinking, speaking,acting and doing things strategically. We have all the tools in form of resources, time to harness them for greatness, starting with kicking Boko Yeye out of our borders!

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