Cameroonian military forces


5 May, 2014

At least two people were killed in an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants on a military police outpost in northern Cameroon early on Monday, state radio and a government spokesman said.

The Nigerian Boko Haram group has been using Cameroon’s Far North region as a base for attacks in neighboring Nigeria and is suspected to be behind a number of kidnappings in the region in recent months. It was reported on Monday to have claimed responsibility for the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria.

Cameroon state radio said some 30 suspected members of the armed Islamist group attacked a gendarme post at around 2 a.m. (0100 GMT). “In the heavy exchange of gunfire, a gendarmerie chief warrant officer was shot dead,” the radio said.”A man in a cell was also shot dead,while two other men in the cell were seriously wounded.”

The attackers freed a suspected Boko Haram militant detained there and escaped with weapons, it said. “I can confirm that an attack took place but we are still waiting for more details,” Communication Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary told Reuters.

Cameroon said in March it would send 700 soldiers to its northeastern border as part of regional efforts to tackle the armed group.

Cameroon also faces growing insecurity along its eastern border with the conflict-torn Central African Republic.The army has freed 18 civilians seized there last week by rebels from the Central African
Republic, state television reported on Monday.

Officials in Niger have also voiced concern about infiltration by Boko Haram across the country’s southern border.


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  1. Oje says:

    By attacking Cameroon Boko are Rams have made a strategic blunder akin to the Japanese attack on Pearl Habour. As for Cameroon its French backed ill advised posture of non interferance so as to cripple and exhaust her fearsome Giant regional Superpower neighbor has back fired now they will have to live with the consequence. Good for them its military capable neighbor is quite capable, all they have to do is position their forces along every entry points and mow down rescaping militants. Nigeria will launch air and artilleryy strikez to blanket the forest.

  2. Colonel says:

    It will take more than a single boko haram attack for cameroun to co-operate. President biya is probably discussing with french intelligence viz a viz the french president on the next line of action. The earlier Niger, Chad,Cameroun join forces with Nigeria to mount sustained operations the better. Cooperation from all this country will reduce the inflow of weapons from other regions into the area. Box boko haram at all fronts and try to stop them recruiting vulberable youths. Intelligence gathering is key to all these and the countries involved must be ready to go all the way to achieve their targets.

  3. ugobassey says:

    concerning the kidnapped school girls, I wonder whose version of the story we should believe….

  4. drag_on says:

    Boko haram strikes in Niger,repelled.

    NIAMEY (Reuters) – At least three members of the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram were arrested in neighboring Niger on Tuesday after they attacked an army patrol in the eastern region of Diffa, government and military sources said…….
    ……”An army patrol fell into a trap set by Boko Haram militants at Rouda, in the Chetimari commune of Diffa,” a government source told Reuters. “The fighting lasted about an hour and the arrival of army reinforcements allowed us to take three prisoners, one of whom was wounded.”…..

    • Are James says:

      So reinforcements actually work in west Africa armies?. I have a another west african country in mind where basic tactical field craft has been forgotten on the altar of poor man management and erosion of basic skills.

  5. drag_on says:

    Albion Sending spies to Nigeria to help.

    UK spies are heading to Nigeria to join the desperate hunt for almost 300 girls snatched from a school by an extreme Islamic terror network.

    The spooks will track down members of the deadly Boko Haram group, which has threatened to sell the youngsters as sex slaves, sparking global outrage.

    British intelligence officers have been relocated from a station in Kenya, where they were gathering intelligence on al-Qaeda gangs.

    Experts from MI6, MI5 and UK spy station GCHQ will also help.

    The urgency of the joint operation with Nigerian forces escalated as suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped eight more girls aged 12 to 15 in Warabe village in the north east.

    • Are James says:

      Na wa o.
      Why do I have a bad feeling about all this?, why am I not so happy about cracking the door so open to western security agencies?. has it become this bad or is it that we don’t really trust ourselves fully anymore and we need outsiders as an arbitrating force until we shake ourselves up?

      • drag_on says:

        You are not the only one, i don’t want my country to become a proxy. We can only hope it is for a short time.

  6. Are James says:

    Meanwhile, this is how to do the leadership thing. Please let’s have more of these.

  7. ugobassey says:

    I sincerely hope there is some light in this very dark tunnel.

  8. drag_on says:

    I hope we learn a big lesson from this,the primary function of government is to secure its people from external and internal threats and provide a just and society for competition and growth. If some limited form of state police, with well funded federal marshals or bureau, and internal affairs(Police of the police) in each geo-political region is the way to go then so be it.

    • asorockweb says:

      I don’t see how state police could have helped in this case.

      I am not against state police, and it will be a reality, eventually, but it would not have help in the BH case.

      Take a closer look at how local, state, and federal forces are functioning in terms of Mexico’s war on the cartels.

      • Are James says:

        State police forces are corruptible and sometimes go rogue but good training can be provided and all institutions are established with inner regulation that allow for self correction. I still wonder if BH would have been able to perpetuate so much damage if there had been state police. In the first place, their recruitment pool becomes immediately restricted, then policemen sometimes become victims of terrorism, get motivated against terrorism and become first responders against attacks. In any case you always need that vital first line intervention to terrorism or organised crime.
        Finally, recall how Shekau continually singles out the CJTF for condemnation in most of his ranting’s, this is because their local knowledge has been a threat to his operations.
        The state police tier would be even more effective at that.

  9. drag_on says:

    France belatedly decides to helps us, shocked and horrified about the kidnapping.

    Paris -President Francois Hollande pledged on Wednesday that France would help Nigeria look for more than 200 girls kidnapped by Islamist militant group Boko Haram in an incident that has triggered global shock and condemnation.

    The extremists seized a first batch of schoolgirls in Nigeria’s restive northeast three weeks ago, saying they were holding them as “slaves” and threatening to sell them, and have since kidnapped other girls in the area.

    “The president said that France will do everything to help Nigeria chase down this group and find the kidnapped hostages,” government spokesperson Stephane Le Foll said after a cabinet meeting chaired by Hollande.

    “We are dealing with one of the most atrocious forms of terrorism because it involves kidnapping and trafficking children,” he added………..

  10. makanaky says:

    Enough of patriotism we need any help to get the girls back.

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