Colonel (rtd) Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser

11 May, 2014

In order to effectively tackle the menace of the deadly religious sect, Boko Haram, President Goodluck Jonathan, President Paul Biya of Cameroon, President Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger Republic and President Idriss Deby of Chad will meet in Paris soon in a move initiated by the United States, France and United Kingdom.

THISDAY gathered last night that the meeting is aimed at evolving a global military strategy to combat the violent sect, which has become a cross border terror group carrying out campaign of terror across the Sahel region.

Though, it could not be confirmed if US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron would attend in person, French President Francois Hollande is expected to chair the meeting. The upcoming Paris meeting will work out ways by which joint missions from Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon can effectively tackle the terrorist group that has claimed thousands of lives in the last five years.

The full cooperation of Chad,Niger and Cameroon – all of which share land borders with Nigeria – is seen as a prerequisite for an effective campaign against the sect. Boko Haram is 90 per cent Kanuri-based with its membership drawn from the Kanuri of Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

Boko Haram has been launching attacks from those territories on communities in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, with the latest being the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State. Some of the schoolgirls abducted were reported to have been ferried across Nigerian borders into the territories of the two neighbouring countries.

The three western nations had stepped up their support for Nigeria to combat the sect following the abduction of the schoolgirls.


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  1. startrek says:

    wats to talk about
    its either these guys give us actionable intel and equipment or they all fuck off and let us with our bows and arrows fight to the last man standing like our fathers did in memorial times…I say we raise our objective voice of nationalistic self preservation now b/4…
    Tis time for immediate action not some gaddamn Berlin type conference concocted to rope in Nigeria into perting with more of her territory. I say we must insist all who want to help must Marshal out their various intelligence forces in pursuit of this girls now and not be calling for sushi dinner in Paris…

    • Are James says:

      I am worried over the quality of representation by Nigeria at this meeting.?
      The president’s handlers need to prepare him well and we need some people with a lot of gravitas lending weight on the Nigerian side. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence, National Conference Vice Chairman (Prof. Akinyemi) and the NSA.

    • Are James says:

      These countries are terrible as far as our interests go.
      Expect crazy proposals like; UN administered ‘security zone’ carved out from Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad or some other un acceptable globalist conspiracy related idea.
      We must refuse any suggestion not in our national interests. Impeachment os awaiting any president who sells Nigerian territory out because of temporary terrorism problems.

  2. beegeagle says:

    What needs to be done, if it suits the neighbours (they have always been amenable to such anyway), is for the French forces stationed in Cameroon and Chad to join forces with their local hosts and move against the BH presence in those countries.

    Otherwise, they could provide training and logistics support for them, if the neighbouring countries’ forces feel that they are up to the task of squaring off against the terrorists.

    We must not allow the creation of an international buffer zone anywhere on our frontiers. The same transnational threat posed by terrorists applies to Somalia and her neighbours; between Egypt and Israel in the Sinai Peninsula and between Afghanistan and Pakistan etc. So nobody comes up with any dubious “buffer zone” or “trust territory” which would only serve the interests of certain powers who seek a base from which to monitor the Sahel.

    The emphasis must be on joint operations where the home govt is amenable to such an idea OR on strengthening the capacity of local forces. Anything else and the Nigerian delegation should head for home straightaway. The foreign partners must be mindful of the deep animosity and suspicion which any ‘permanent’ presence is bound to create in northern Nigeria and its strategic implications for our national stability.

    If so much was made about immunisation being a Western plot to stymie the growth of the muslim population in Nigeria, what would be said of the presence of foreign troops in Nigeria? would yield more recruits for BH, throw up more problems for Nigeria and create a new talking point with which to galvanise extremists in MUJAO, MNLA, AQIM, SELEKA and Boko Haram into concerted action against Nigeria and foreign forces stationed here. We shall be no battlefield no more.

    That might not happen in Chad or Cameroon where there is no homegrown terrorist group hostile to Western interests.

    Points to ponder..

  3. startrek says:

    My Brothers this great men have offered to help us find our missing sisters knowing the life threatened situation .. only time is of the essence Nigeria is being bashed for not reacting fast which is why the government promptly agreed to this humiliation if only to bring about the swift action that will save this innocents. let’s have the active help, the girls at home then we can do all meetings we/they want including wats in it for Cameroon and big brother France & UK…

    • Are James says:

      How do we know these countries did not engineer the kidnap???.
      France in my view for instance is governed by evil, decadent men, soft on radical Islam and intolerant of Israel. I will say this anywhere.
      Almost all their former African colonies have this terrorism problem now.
      A good number of the key leadership in both of the main political parties in France were born in Algeria or at least have the middle east/Mediterranean blood flowing too strongly in them. Recall BH militants captured by the Nigerian Army confessing they were trained by strange “white men who don’t speak English on the mountains near the Cameroon border”
      We need to open all eyes as we deal with this people.

      • peccavi says:

        Dude abeg, stop with the conspiracy theories

      • Why should he stop it Oga Peccavi…Hasn’t it happen before? Until proven otherwise it is an open option.

      • Triggah says:

        Honestly i think Mr Igbi have overdone himself. Now you all are constructing conspiracy theory where there is none. Remember USA just gave Nigerian navy her 3rd largest vessel some days ago free!

  4. Oje says:

    Are James, what makes you think these countries conived wit the BH boys to abduct these girls? do you see how ridiculous that sounds? this is not a Tom Clancy novel with geopolitics in play. America produces more oil than we do, in two years they will outstrip Saudi Arabia to become the worlds largest oil producers, they have an $18.7 trillion economy, thats about the size of the entire EU and more than the GDP of China and Japan combined. Their defense budget alone is &80 our GDP, what on earth will the U.S hope to achieve by engineering the kidnapping of 300 girls in far away Nigeria? oh wait.. TO STEAL OUR OIL… i do believe you are smarter than that.

    • igbi says:

      As much as I disagree with Are James, I doubt that the US produces as much oil as us at this very moment, but even if they did, we have sweet crude which they do not have. Sweet crude is the best kind of oil you can drill, it saves you a lot of money compared to the normal crude when it comes to its refining. I think it is possible that one of the countries backing boko haram is backing them with intelligence and satellite imagery. Although I do not think the US is that country, but I think the US knows that country.

  5. Are James says:

    These people (Western Globalists Capitalists) don’t see us as the competition but rather innocent and unwitting obstacles to their agenda. They are probably sorry they have to do things they are doing but no sentiments are permitted in their chess games of geopolitical and economic power.
    So it is not out of hatred or competition, it, is more like we are collateral damage.
    By the way there is oil in the region o, plenty oil, as well as Lithium and plenty of Uranium mined cheaply by the French companies in Niger Republic.
    Countries will be fighting wars over lithium in the next 15 years.

    THE US.
    They do practically do not import our oil anymore so that threat to them from us is eliminated. We are actually now importing refined petroleum products from them, so everything has reversed. They have also started competing with us in the LNG export market.
    They need the region to be under some of their influence and they need AFRICOM up and running to guarantee that. There has to be a value case for AFRICOM and that comes by having such a serious insurgency running in Nigeria that we would have to run to them for help.
    Plus, we are still UNFORGIVEN for Liberia and S. Leone – playing regional power and succeeding at doing it, all on a shoestring string budget. No…definitely UNFORGIVEN.

    As for France, consider the following points:
    1. AFP is first port of call for all Boko Haram videos.
    2. France runs all its Africa colonies from an office within their Prime Ministers office.
    This is not a secret, many French ministers and Francophone African leaders actually boast about it.
    3. Based on (2) and remembering that all countries from where BH launch attacks on Nigeria are Francophone countries that Nigeria has given bloody noses in the past, it is not much of a stretch to say that this active insurgency is being actively or passively supported by the French who have bases and troops in Chad, Mali, Niger and some presence in Cameroon. They also monitor all borders and entry points by humint assets, satellite and overflys..
    4. French speaking blacks (Nigerian villagers thought they were Malians or Chadians) have been caught instructing and fighting with BH. These could actually be black Frenchmen or African Islamic insurgents permitted to cross the borders with the permission of French intelligence assets..
    5. The story of helicopter supplies being dropped to insurgents/herdsmen in NE and N. Central is true. This feat requires a country with the technological capacity to fool the radar based air defence system that our dear CAS boasted so much about.
    Only one country can pull that of in this region and that would be a country with the modern aircraft and assets in the region. Let us use some imagination.
    6. Our interests are not contiguous. Nigeria has to be weak for Cameroon and Chad to feel safe. It is the way the worlds system is. We are not living in paradise yet.
    7. Our weaker neighbours are miraculously not feeling the heat of the insurgency as much as is. The Cameroonians in particular are not losing sleep over BH and do all they can to sabotage regional multi lateral efforts to curb insurgency.
    So where is all this ‘liver’ coming from?

    • Akin Oges says:

      Hug-the-terrain maverick night vision flight they teach Special Forces pilots will defeat most detection system; so it may not have to be some specialised bird doing the BH supply runs.

  6. Triggah says:

    Honestly i think Mr Igbi have overdone himself. Now you all are constructing conspiracy theory where there is none. Remember USA just gave Nigerian navy her 3rd largest vessel some days ago free!

    • igbi says:

      Wow, what next will I be blamed for ? I have come out to disprove many of Mr Are James’ theories, yet you want to put the blame of what he does on me ! well carry on ! All I try to do is to observe newspapers, but not like the common man would do: what interests me is the news papers themselves and the way they are reporting about our counter insurgency operations. Propaganda is quite easy to spot and that is what I am trying to do. So no I am not a conspiracy theorist.

  7. peccavi says:

    Oga AreJames: I was actually going to give you a detailed answer but to be honest I no get power. Abeg keep chasing shdows

  8. Are James says:

    Does anybody have more information on the NE border town and its people who killed over 300 Boko Haram insurgents days ago?

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