Starboard side of the F91, a P18N series warship

Starboard side of the F91, a P18N series warship

Mast of the F91, a P18N series warship

Mast of the F91, a P18N series warship

14 May, 2013

The Chinese government said it is still committed towards assisting Nigeria secure the release of Nigerian school girls taken as hostage by the Boko Haram sect.

The Chinese Defence Attaché to Nigeria Colonel Ku Hang Li who restated his country’s commitment toward assisting Nigeria solve the problems of terrorism but declined comment on the details of the security intervention by China. He lamented the abduction of the Chibok girls but added that his country will do everything within its power to assist Nigeria resolve the problems of Boko Haram and the abduction of the girls.

The statement came just as Colonel Ku Hang Li revealed that the People’s Liberation Army Naval Taskgroup would be deploying a key Chinese combat vessel to Nigeria next weekon a diplomatic visit to Nigeria.

The Chinese frigate, he revealed were being deployed from Syria where they just finished an exercise assisting the Syrian government in the destruction of chemical weapons allegedly found in their arsenal.

He said that apart from Nigeria, the frigate would be visiting Tunisia, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Angola,South Africa and Namibia.

The Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command Rear Admiral Ilesanmi Alade who received the Defence Attache said Nigeria and Chinese military cooperation has increased within the last two years, especially with the building of a warship from China.

He said that the vessel christened NNS CENTENARY is expected in Nigeria in July while another vessel which will be built at the Nigerian Navy Ship Yard in Port Harcourt by the Chinese Ship Builiding Company had been initiated.

The China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company had earlier in the year launched the Nigerian Navy’s first of two P-18N offshore Patrol Vessels. The vessel was assigned the pennant number F91 (the pennant number F90 is assigned to the NNS Thunder, an ex-US Coast Guard cutter).

The Offshore Patrol Vessel’s launch ceremony also marked the hull formation ceremony of the second vessel, F92. Only the first Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) will be built entirely in China as between 50 and 70% of the second ship will be constructed in Nigeria in an effort to enhance local shipbuilding capability and provide technology transfer.

Delivery of F91 is expected in the middle of this year and the second vessels is also expected to arrive sometime in 2014, and be completed either late this year or early 2015.

China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company (CSOC) has also signed a contract to upgrade the Nigerian Naval Shipyard in Port Harcourt so that it can build OPVs and maintain vessels up to 10 000 dwt. Upgrades to the dockyard include a new jetty, a new dry dock and other additions.




This being the centenary year of the amalgamation of the Protectorates of Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria in 1914, I suggest that one of these three incoming big ships – the pair of P18Ns or the second 3,250 tonner should be named a funky and meaningful NNS Centenary.

Mek una tink am well


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, NN, for honouring us at Beegeagle’s Blog. First, you showed me our SBS commandos exclusively for the world to see, partnered us for the NO COT campaign. Now, this.

    The NN have been the most supportive of our lofty vision for our country. We shall never forget that. Do more and we shall exceed your expectations.

    God bless you all. ONWARD TOGETHER !!

    • WachanGuy says:

      So happy about all the recent recognition,you are finally getting the credit you deserve. Congratulations my Field Marshal. 3 gbosas for Oga Beegs.

    • CHYDE says:

      Congrats bro, now that you have gone international, lets see what happens at home

  2. beegeagle says:

    ..a tired smile on my face, thoughts of long-suffering in the service of our fatherland and a teardrop rolls off the corner of my left eye…

    Joy unspeakable..

  3. lordfej says:

    General no vex but your eyes ehnn, i have been waiting for this news.God Bless Nigeria

  4. lordfej says:

    the beginning of bigger things congrats again. As usual you came through

  5. makanaky says:

    It is darkness over Nigeria at the moment but darkness does not last forever, definitely as nature dictates sunshine is coming very soon.
    God bless Nigeria, the land of my birth and inspiration.
    God bless BEEGEAGLE for your light provides us a ray of hope in time of despair.
    God bless the NN.

  6. Kay says:

    Double recognition of your efforts! More grease…General.

  7. jimmy says:

    See I told you during those dark days would youexchange this moment for anything in the world?
    Even though sometimes the military establishment frustrates us to no end and sometimes we struggle to see a glimmer of light at the end of a very dark tunnel.We do see that light.
    Sometimes we live through the parable that it always darkest before the dawn, but dawn is truly beckoning , we have seen a ship built from nothing,with transfer of technology where the naysayers sneered at us , we on this blog christened it and lo and behold that name was chosen NN CENTENARY
    long live the Nigerian Navy
    long live Nigeria
    GOD BLESS Nigeria!!!.

  8. Augustine says:

    Admiral Beegeagle, I don’t know what to say, than to thank God for you, and to thank you yourself for patriotism and sacrifices made for Nigeria. I pray that God promote you beyond your desires, Amen !

  9. Augustine says:

    NNS Centenary, the navy owes us a responsibility to explain how they spent out tax and oil money on that ship.

    They should clarify the final armaments on board and explain why the Chinese video was showing us sea trials with SAM missiles and ASW mini rockets being fired from the F91 warship or they were playing us Chinese Hollywood photo/film tricks ? I won’t repeat that video here, it has been posted by @rka before now.

    That is question one, and navy should answer question two…any ASW sonar, any chaff dispenser decoys, any ECM/Jammers, any armed ASW helicopter, any ASW torpedoes on the F91 ?

    Na our country’s warship, we have the right to know, Nigerian navy tell us o !

  10. Bharat says:

    Wishing Nigerian Navy and NNS Centenary full steam ahead.

  11. freeegulf says:

    my marshal, we mean what we say and say what we mean! brilliant job.
    we need to add more to your title o. Admiral of the Fleet.

    Großadmiral Beegeagle!! Congratulation!!!

  12. Number one says:

    The Bangladesh castle class Opv’s come with 4 C-704/705 ashm placed behind the main gun.The NN can go with that arrangement with 8 C-705 ashm.

  13. Tombo says:

    I don’t like the fact that it will be named in the English language, are we not Nigerian’s from the African continent of 1 million languages? I’m not against the actual word centenary which obviously makes sense but I would prefer if it were in one of our Nigerian languages, not England’s language. Congrats anyway to Beegeagle for seemingly having some positive influence on our military.

  14. beegeagle says:

    Before I slept off last night, I found out that I have to speak to a global electronic media house this weekend as President GEJ goes abroad to meet with our next-door neighbours over the transnational angle to the threat posed by BH terrorists.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

  15. Spirit says:

    My very Beeg one,

    What do I say now? Two salvos in rapid succession! Two important laurels within 48 hrs. In my mail to you sir, did I not say ‘Beeg, what you have started on this blog is much greater than you?’

    You ain’t see nothing yet. Decades of research, self-denial and reading all night long, dedication etc have started paying off.

    I’m particularly happy that;

    1) This is another pointer to the fact that hardwork, devotion, patriotism, doggedness pay. In a country like ours, you don’t know how much our disillusioned youth are craving for role models to emulate. What they hear/see everyday is conferment of titles to looters and killers. This is a big change.

    2) You may think nobody is watching, nobody cares about the little contributions you are making in that small corner somewhere. My people, someone is watching! And your effort will be commended when you least expect.

    3) Nigerian Navy is still the force to beat in everything. Somebody should please prove me wrong!

    Beegeagle, fasten your seat belt. Your afterburners are about to kick in.

    Congrats to Beegeagle,
    Congrats to Beegeagle’s blog
    Congrats to Beeeagles bloggers
    Congrats to the NN.

  16. Giles says:

    happy for d blog and our dear admiral beeg,and d nigeria navy. Sad mood

  17. beegeagle says:

    The ex-Royal Navy Castle-class OPVs transformed into OPV-corvettes by Bangladesh with a light footprint of AShMs and naval artillery. A real template to be followed by our Nigerian Navy for the P18Ns.

    @Agostinho. Methinks Oga Solorex already settled that with his privileged insights. The P18N stealth OPVs shall be transformed into corvettes…the largest derivative of the Type 056 design with hangars and helipads. I pray we also get Z-9C ASW helicopters with them so that the nuisance value of the ships is amplified. Nobody goes about in floating cans these days.

  18. Oje says:

    Congrats Oga Beeg, your selfless dedication and sacrifice is now being recognized. This is arguably the most active and visited defense blog in Africa. Our Great Nation is thankful.

  19. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz – KUDOS on the well deserved recognition. It’s been a long time coming- but as you may recall – ‘the darkest time of the night is the period just before dawn’ and ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’ – YOU ARE A WINNER.
    Whether those in positions of authority within our Govt like it or not- you are an authority on nigerian millitary matters and cannot be ignored. This is just the beginning of good things to come.
    GOD Bless and more grease to your elbows.

  20. rka says:

    Well done Oga Beeg. It was always only a matter of time. Full speed ahead.

  21. doziex says:

    There goes the next presidential advisor for military procurement.

    It makes all the sense in the world.
    The US, has civilian think tanks, that opine on military procurement all the time.
    It is not an affair for the military and the MoD alone.

    Imagine the impact a well briefed CIC would have on the status quo ?

  22. shangy says:

    Kudos, my Oga beeg.. It still beats me as to why the army top brasses excludes you from NE frontlines, you are simply a genius in military matters.

  23. gbash10 says:

    Oga Beeg,this is just the begining of good things to come,well done my bros!

  24. Tope says:

    Big broda beeg, I get more gist for u, I was here talkin on defence matters via twitter n one security analyst close to defence ministry asked me if I was a beegeagle blogger I said yes. He was so happy sayn he has been dyin to meet u and dat they are listening so bro I join along n say this again, you are not alone keep it up, weneva u feel down we dey here to motivate n empower you. NNS Cetenary sail home, atink I told u guys july will see 3 ships launched NNS OKPABANA, CETENARY wich is likely F-93 and maybe the sister andoni ship as a naval brought up im elated. GOD BLESS U BEEGEAGLE

  25. Solorex says:

    Congrats Oga Beegs,
    but the greatest thing that ever happened to Nigerian navy is not yet sinking in! not the Chinese made OPVs ,SBS or Andoni! The greatest thing that ever happened to NN in the past three decades is the expansion and upgrade of Port Harcourt Facilities – it has much deeper intentions than to maintaining large ships and finishing off the building of the second ship in the PN18 class – I dare say that there is something on the table that ( that has to do with lease/private partnership agreement- which I personally don’t really like too much)has to do with standardizing a particular class and serially building them in a near non stop manner for an appreciable time to come-only an huge change in the political landscape can change this. Future SDB might also not come from naval dockyard workshop again-but from a least expected private local source. Choice of future armament is also bound to surprise a lot of us. My fears concerning this plan is sustenance and local availability of ship building grade steels

    I now know why the PIPAV deal might be really seriously dead and beyond redemption.

    • Are James says:

      This appears to be some positive news on local capacity for ship building tempered by your concerns over raw material supply and the effect of private partnership effect national security. Am I correct?

      • Solorex says:

        This is the greatest news really in several decades about the Navy-we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars investment year on year- its a done deal ( sort of). When finished, the Ship yard will have capacity to build and launch 10,000 DWT (in say 3 years-That capacity is enough for your to build ) – that is obviously too much investment and capacity for the Navy to solely manage ( except we want to turn the Navy to commercial ship building company)banks will play financier role in funding commercial ship acquisition also and most likely, an FG backed fund will be set up to encourage commercial patronage-clearly the Navy is a great intended beneficiary but not the absolute real intended beneficiary. I doubt if the Navy will still own bulk of it when its all done. The Shipyard will rival the Four big boys ship builders in SA and will play great role in West Africa-My fears are these: Like every capital intensive government project designed to improve the economy- there will be very strong political and personal interests-consider these interest and nothing is too sure!

    • beegeagle says:

      Let me key into that wavelength, Oga Solorex. What you are trying to say in your typically coded message 🙂 is that the strategic focus of the Chinese-modified/expanded NN Shipyard at PHC is to serially produce the stealth Type 056 corvettes/P18N OPVs. That is why the 2+2 prospective OPV deal with PIPAVAV has caved in.

      Remember that someone actually mentioned here a few months ago, that there is an option on a further TEN ships following this first cycle delivery of two P18N OPVs.

      • Solorex says:

        The great Oracle beegs has spoken- but there is also a strong commercial interest.

  26. beegeagle says:


    Gentlemen, it looks like the new Naval Air Station at Effurun in the Warri Metropolitan Area which is billed to serve the Central Naval Command is now operational.

    So added to that which has existed at Ojo (Lagos) since the mid-1980s and which serves the Western Naval Command, the NN will now be expected to advance plans for a third naval air station at Calabar to serve the Eastern Naval Command.

    Good one there o. Hopefully, we can get three Bell Jet Ranger and two A109s into each one of them. Use the Jet Ranger for inshore maritime security operations e.g in the Niger Delta where the operating conditions are right; use the A109s for SF insertions, counterpiracy and SAR out to sea and then let NNS Okpabana and NNS Thunder each carry one modernised Lynx Mk.89 armed with torpedoes while the P18N stealth ships carry Z-9C ASW helicopters. Na so e suppose be.

    Full speed ahead, NN

  27. Yagazie says:

    Oga Beegz!!!!!- and what ASW helo will be left for NNS Aradu when it is re-activated?

  28. Beegs, I am so happy for you and the entire Bloggers here. Your painstaking efforts are finally bearing fruits. We await you service chiefs et al, MOD, Presidency even Madam Okonjo….Do Nigeria a great favor and unleash Beeg…..all this western gossips go behave immidiately. NONE..i repeat NONE of them can match beeg when it comes to Defsec issues in Nigeria….Please kindly do the needful and recognise this messiah. Whenever a man wakes up that is his morning…please wake up

  29. makanaky says:

    @Jimmy my brother your comment was noted and well absorbed, I have been very angry and frustrated at the NA and Political class they are also human but there is always room for improvement.
    Oya my bros make we drink ogogoro for the ship first then we go yarn later, ! abi no be so ?

  30. beegeagle says:

    I just got off from granting the said interview. 29 minutes of fruitful deliberations. In the days ahead, you shall get to know what got up to. Nigeria has a voice. We spoke on how the US$1 billion largesse should be spent, corruption and its impact on the COIN operations, maritime security, transborder security issues, funding for joint ops etc.

    There are a lot of Western journalists working for MAJOR broadcast organs who are in the country at this time. I felt proud to learn that they are AVIDLY following proceedings as they unfold here. MORE want to speak to yours truly.

  31. beegeagle says:

    The blog shall shortly purge itself of its overload…ten commenters will be outed in the first chop because we have to keep this place productive.

    This is not about to become a watering hole for SR buffs, who haven alienated the powers that be through their intractable belligerence and now realising the respect which this blog has earned for itself by maintaining a sense of balance, now seek to ventilate their unheard views here.

    There are 4,019 threads in the archives. The mission of the blog should be discernible to any adult. If it is not in sync with what you hold dear, walk away like a self-respecting fella. Do not waste your time trying to rebrand what is not yours.

    If you know the problems, you MUST know solutions in tandem. This is no watering hole for anybody who only knows how to run down. So don’t get started if you have no solutions handy. We seek QUALITY and not numbers. Load shedding will in no way affect the meaningful progress of this blog. For every three of us in here, ten are trying to come in.

    IF you are an activist, try nextdoor. It is a DEFSEC blog alright but do not hide behind BH to pursue a surreptitious agenda. We are only interested in the military and security aspect of the story and not with regime change.

    Make productive use of the privilege of being a member of this platform which is said to be the daily brief for all relevant sections of Nigeria’s DEFSEC establishment. That started before your arrival so we already got it right before you got here, in case you want to play Hercules.

    If we splashed your IP address on these pages, something which would positively identify you, would you still have the zeal to play the hero and yap a lot? Good..this blog is registered in somebody’s name and I am not untraceable. So do not come trying to dump emotional baggage here in the name of free speech. If trouble comes, I would sooner sell you off like Judas than allow you get me into a spot of bother. So comport yourself or open a blog using your own name and IP address and proceed to rant a boatload from there.

    If the Ogas at the top need to hear the interminably grumpy, they would go to NL or SR and hundreds of other Nigerian fora where personal attacks and tribalism hold sway. GIVE THEM IDEAS AND PROFFER SOLUTIONS…not just complain ad infinitum. We have come too far for anyone to attempt to smuggle any agenda in through the backdoor.

    Last word on that…

  32. kwame says:

    I salute your courage Gen Beeg and also congratulate you on your elavation, our people you say ” cow wey no get tail, na God dey drive fly from him body”. I just want to add very little thing to what so many patriotic sons of the soil have said. I want the contributors on this bloog to talk more about how to solve this life threatening diseases called “CORRUPTION” before we go into extintion as a nation. I believe that is the root cause of our present situation. From the top down to the common man on the street, we are all guilty of it. See how long it took the government to react to the two hundred plus girls abducted? No, we can’t wait any longer, Nigeria is being made a laughing stock due to a few people at the top, military or civilian. I still believe the Nigerian Military is among the best in the world! Let us support them in any way we can.

  33. G8T Nigeria says:

    congrats beeg, the signs for greatness are on the ground.

  34. max montero says:

    Congratulations General Beeg! Not only is your blog becoming a beacon of information of the Nigerian Armed Forces’ accomplishments, but has also become a mouthpiece of the people for the Armed Forces to hear! Extending my regards as well for the new Nigerian Navy asset that will make them more capable in upholding their duties to the Nigerian people!

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