That incontrovertible FACT is clearly visible from this video. Before now, the NA were only associated with the ownership of a decent 204 units of STANAG Level 1 mine and blast protected Otokar Cobra APC (which is widely deployed for counterinsurgency operations alongside the Panhard VBL M11) and a rather paltry 12 units of the top-notch GILA MRAP, none of which has yet been pictured in combat operations in that theatre till date.

Whatever this new-found MRAP vehicle is, it has NEVER before been seen in NA service anywhere in the country and is pictured in the video parked in front of a Landcruiser gun-truck both of which are butter-coloured and optimised for desert operations seen at “1:54 mins” of the video footage blow.

Thanks to Oga Henry, LIFE MEMBER of the High Council of Beegeagle’s Blog, for this very, very important and revelatory find.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    First of all, the small plane with a Nigerian flag painted on it is almost certainly the Beechcraft King Air 350 special mission aircraft used for surveillance patrols

    That is one of three surveillace aircraft types inherited from PICOMSS by the Nigerian Air Force, in the wake of the dissolution of the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security (PICOMSS)a few years ago. PICOMSS also transferred a 2001 edition Cessna 206H Turbo (5N-BKT) and DA42 MPP to the NAF.

    The NAF also own Alenia ATR 42-500 ELINT-MPA Surveyor planes to cap up its surveillance capabilities.

  2. Henry says:

    Augustine on May 18, 2014 at 2:03 am
    @Henry my boss, the strange Nigerian Army MRAP in that video is in my opinion, the new year 2012 state-of-the-art Chinese CS/VP3 MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armoured personnel carrier Vehicle​. Secretly acquired I would say.

  3. Henry says:

    Thanks to Oga Augustine we know the I.D of the MRAP. It is a chinese made CS/VP3 4×4 MRAP.

    We should also not forget that the IGIRIGI has been operationally launched. We saw the IGIRIGI APC at the WEFA summit in Abuja.

  4. beegeagle says:

    As for the MRAP, without a full-face frontview it would be impossible to state categorically what it is. But like Agostinho pointed out elsewhere, it could be a Chinese-built one. I would add that it could also be a South African-made brand. Nothing to identify it incontrovertibly at this stage. The sideview and front-view would greatly aid that quest.

    Surely it was acquired secretly by the NA, alongside another armoured patrol vehicle type late in 2013. It has not reflected in any hardware transfer logs but the video proves categorically that the NA are fielding a new MRAP which was not known to be in service before now.

    DHQ still need to usher us into Borno. NO WAY that I would have stood beside that beautiful pairing of combat vehicles without coming away with FIVE descriptive shots which would make certain things abundantly clear sans speculation

    We shall return to this story in a bit..

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I saw same video early this morning and was shocked to see the MRAP. At first I thought it was an SA made Casspire from the rear, till it drove by. Based on the link shown here, I think Henry may be right. It could be Chinese. That said, thank God the Army’s finally rolling out these much needed vehicles. I hope they arm them with 50 cal HMGs.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Can anyone please post a screenshot of the MRAP and Landcruiser gun-truck pairing for detailed scrutiny? Thanks.

    Last I knew, the CS/VP3 was being spotlighted on Jane’s Defence but a sale to a military customer outside China had not been made. The Uganda Police were once reported to be in the hunt for the vehicle though. But the Sino-Nigerian inclination towards secretive military contracts means that a deal is not implausible. Another vehicle at that stage of development is the new PUMA M36 which has just gone into production at the OTT facility in Mozambique and is intended for UN troops serving in Mozambique. But that seems rather pricey going by this report.

    IF this is a CS/VP3 and given the fact that Poly Technologies if China are partners to Nigeria’s DICON and joint production of an APC/MRAP with China was a core plank of the DEFSEC discussions when the Chinese Premier visited Nigeria this month, then it is almost certain that the CS/VP3 is set to be mass produced in Nigeria.

  6. Kay says:

    Effective video showing the use of our assets. First time seeing an operational imagery of our surveillance aircraft.
    We should be upgrading from all our soft skins in the theatres now to up armored vehicles such as in the video as per the dynamics of this war. Every soldier’s life is worth it!
    Also I do think we need to stop secret purchases, the public has a right to know if we are getting good bangs for bucks for any items bought. Secret deals makes it look like someone needing to scrape off icing from the top of the cake before delivery.

  7. peccavi says:

    Is it the same vehicle at 1.54 and 2.03?
    If its the one Oga Augustine states then it seems like a good, cost effective ( I guess) choice, carrying 10 soldiers it would be good for long range road moves etc.
    On another point, that was a well made news piece, it is the kind of thing that the MoD should be doing regularly,it was informative, got the message across, showed us operational images rather than Generals and big men droning on and had a positive message.
    Kudos to the team behind it

  8. Bharat says:

    most probably the ”Big Foot” MRAP ( don’t know the export nomenclature)

    Links Courtesy user ‘cnleio’

    Compare the MRAP in the video, with the placement of the 3 windows in the rear, height of the spare wheels, door hinge and the ladder

  9. beegeagle says:

    That is the same CS/VP3, Bharat.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Welcome, bro. As you can see, the BIG FOOT is Chinese-made.

    Is it possible for you to grab screenshots and give us links to the MRAP(s) pictured in the video at 1:54 and 2:03? It would help in no small way to nail this.

  11. Kf says:

    One thing is clear. Yobe and to some extent Adamawa are relatively pacified. The armed forces control the urban centers of Borno state. A troop surge with the intent of dominating the rural swathes of Borno is the next logical step for military planners in my opinion. 20,000 troops for a state as large as Borno is not adequate.Emphasis especially on nighttime offensive mobile patrols to deny this subhuman species mobility is the way to go. Our armed forces too often adopts a defensive posture giving the initiative to this creatures. Vigilantes have successfully ambushed this species at nighttime in KalaBalge and Madagali.

  12. beegeagle says:

    THIS MRAP most probably formed part of deliveries made in a secret deal which led to the delivery of APC/MRAPs on December 10th 2013

    ELSEWHERE on December 10, 2013 at 5:16 pm Beegeagle ALERTED us to the delivery of a shipment of APCs


    BREAKING NEWS: The COAS did say during the RSM Convention last month that new stocks of military hardware have been acquired.

    I just received an alert at 5:44pm stating that fresh stocks of military APCs for the Army are right now being offloaded at an airport somewhere outside southern Nigeria. Details withheld for security reasons.

    So we have new APCs to look forward to in no time at all.



  13. beegeagle says:

    Yeah Bharat, when we lay hands on stills derived from screenshots of this video, we shall get to the bottom of this

  14. Bharat says:

    Here You are my Esteemed General





  15. tim says:

    This just put a smile on my face

  16. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, I’ve sent you multiple screen shots. Check them out.

  17. jimmy says:

    Good morning to all my Sunday just got a little better.To parrot oga pecavvi.The news reports with both the air andland video shots is both reassuring and what All nigerians need to see.I am not trying to sound xenophobic but by now I think we have allhad our fill of well deserved bashing we now need to see our nigerian objective view.
    Tis a good day goodmorning to all.

  18. Solorex says:

    The Political need for secrecy in our procurement ( albeit the fact that it breeds monstrous corruption) seems to be a serious burden on procurement PR. It is a complicated situation, A lot has been done already but people cannot know . However I don’t think this is one of the ones we intend to mass manufacture ( we must have gone on a lot of jamboree to several countries to make our choice). We probably mass manufacture up to 2 variants by Partnership and will get a Local Private company to mass manufacture a third type ( unrelated to China-look as if this particular deal ran into troubled political waters though). We also probably have a stop gap procurement of dozens also. A lot has also been done in the area of protecting the average soldier Viz a viz better bullet proofs vest, night vision goggles, field clinic, specific terms of enemy engagement (no longer at the sole discretion of GOC) and assurance of pay. How do you tell people that you have partially solved a problem you denied they existed in the first place? It will also take a bit of time for people to see all these-induction of ordinary APC can be a very big headache and embarrassment if not properly planned!

  19. doziex says:

    Wohoo!!! MRAPs at last.

  20. bigbenjy says:

    Please is anyone monitoring world situations we are heading into world war 3 any moment from now.China & Russian navies are getting ready for a deal and war US rethoric is getting strong.everyone should fasten there seat belt

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