After news broke today about the scheduled 2014 delivery of five Dutch-built naval ships to the Nigerian Navy, I spent quite a while searching for K49 patrol boats.

Given the strategic partnership between TP Marine and the NN and the similarity between a hitherto unknown K47 patrol craft and the K38 Combat Catamaran made by TP Marine, my search inevitably centred on TP Marine contracts. That was dead ended.

Then one realised that the K47 is a codename for this particular Nigerian project ala the NN entering into a contract for the P18N variant of the Chinese Type 056 design. What finally woke me up to the reality is the fact that the naval brasshats mentioned EIGHT SHIPS…so it became clear that the obscure K47 patrol boats are not just those ordinary skiffs but useful 47 metre Midshore Patrol Vessels.

Damen, like Intermarine of Italy, Lurssen of Germany and Vosper Thornycroft of the UK are one of those old partners in shipbuilding. Sure as can be, a few whispers have surely reached me confirming that the NN are expecting an impressive haul of five 47 metre MPVs, believed to be the Damen 4708 Midshore Patrol Vessel.

The belief is that these vessels shall be armed with 20mm cannons which is traditional for NN vessels tasked with maritime law enforcement missions such as counterpiracy and anti-bunkering operations.

Some NN vessels known to field the 20mm cannon as main weapon include the 31 metre Made-in-Nigeria NNS Andoni, the new 32 metre OCEA FPB 98 Mk.II patrol craft NNS Dorina P101 which was commissioned in March 2014 and the pair of 38 metre Sea Eagle Mk.II Offshore Patrol Craft. The aforementioned vessels also carry secondary armament such as 12.7mm HMGs and GPMGs.


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  1. WachanGuy says:

    NN keep making me proud to be Nigerian. There is hope at the end of this dark tunnel in our history. Keep up the tempo on all fronts and all our enemies and problems will be vanquished. That’s al #OpFlushBokoOut

  2. beegeagle says:

    The NN are showing that they do have a systematic plan for fleet replenishment. We are waiting for the next phase of that plan to unfold so that we can see offensive assets coming into service….such as missile-carrying oceangoing ships and anti-submarine warfare helicopters.

    Since 2009, the NN have inducted the following assets

    – three 24 metre OCEA FPB 72 Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft

    – five 25 metre Shaldag Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft

    – a 31 metre Made-in-Nigeria patrol craft

    – a 32 metre OCEA FPB 98 Mk.II Fast Patrol Craft

    – two 38 metre Sea Eagle Mk.II stealth Offshore Patrol Craft

    – two 3,250 ton ex-USCG ships


    – five 47 metre Midshore Patrol Vessels

    – two 1,800 ton stealth Offshore Patrol Vessels complete with helipads


    – five 35 metre Multirole Fast Patrol Vessels believed to have been financed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for a new Fisheries Protection Squadron

  3. Augustine says:

    I guess they are not stealth vessels, but all the same, good for us. God bless you Nigerian navy, just don’t forget NNS Aradu, she is our only hope now in case of any conventional ocean threat.

  4. Augustine says:

    Thanks for your list of NN Assets acquired from 2009, I also hope this heavy American Naval helicopters will join that your list soon, I just pray…

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    Would be nice especially if we get tonnes of spares and capacity to maintain them in house

  6. Yagazie says:

    Gentlemen – apologies for going off -tangent.

    I have just read an article in the Financial Times (FT), in which our beloved Finance Minister Madame NOI, at a recent meeting of the African Development Bank in Kigali Rwanda, re-assured international investors that Nigeria was a safe place for them to continue to invest in desspite the current security challenges in the North Eastern part of the country and that the govt had no reason to revise downwards the projected economic growth figure of 6.4% for 2014. Non -economic geeks (myself included) please forgive this introduction.

    Now here is where it gets interesting….The finance minister stated that AN ADDITIONAL $381 million to be spent purchasing new equipment for the millitary would increase the fisical deficit to 2.0% of GDP in 2014 up from an initial 1.9%. “The millitaary will want more equipment, but let me be very clear; we have no intention to increase domestic borrowing for that”, she said suggesting Nigeria would likely pay for any new millitary kit through export finance arranged by the weapons sellers.

    Three points come to mind:
    (i) If we don’t give the millitary the tools needed to deal with the terrorist threat in the north -east- (and this costs money) there will soon be no economy in which to ask foreign investors to come and invest in. Surely Madame NOI must realise this??

    (ii) The $381 million figure referred to – is this outside the $1biillion extra-budgetary expenditure approved for immeadiate release to the millitary as announced by President GEJ and the recently concluded WEF summit in Abuja?

    (iii) Reference is made to the most likely mode of payment for the purchased miilitary kit- i.e. through export finance arranged by the weapons sellers. Is this not what Oga Beegz and others on occassions too numerous to mention have tirelessly been advocating that we should be doing – (e.g. buying Chinese weaponry with a loan/credit facitilites advanced by Chinese EXIM bank or Russian equipment – from Rosoboronexport using our oil in exchange )- when the Govt comes up with its recurring mantra of ‘competing demands?’ – Well it seems that the Govt is finally slowly comming round to this way of thinking.

    On another point ex-millitary head of state General Buhari has also been quoted in the Financial Times as stating that it is unacceptable for Nigeria given its economic strength and size, not to have a competent and well equipped millitary.

    Anyone out there who still believes that the well thought -out views/suggestions expressed on this blog are not being listened to/acted upon?

  7. ifiok umoeka says:

    Maybe the $619mn is for training, welfare, ammunition and paying for Oga Doziex’s PMC etc but that would make little sense! We need more equipment 1st

    • doziex says:

      Hehe he Ete Mbok, PMCs no dey charge that much.

      Chai !! Madam Okonjo is doubling down.

      That probably means that Oga CIC has already made a deal with the Chinese, as Oga Yagazie is saying.
      Anyway it comes, we go take. Let’s just get on with it.

      The fact that I have made a lot of scary predictions on this blog, doesn’t mean I want to see them come true.
      I ‘ll rather be proven wrong. But if we do not vastly increase our military procurement, it becomes a fait accompli.
      NA has already told us that on the record.

  8. beegeagle says:

    I would rather work with what we know and not speculate. Released an additional US$381 million could mean a first instalment from the US$1 billion boon. Let us not begin to go into what is intended for training and welfare because the announcement only said PROCUREMENT. Take it to mean that the incremental release of the US$1 billion has probably started.

    Again, the sooner we disabuse our minds of the fact that we know what the FG is ACTUALLY spending on defence, the better for us all. To be sure, the impression that the FG “embed” secret defence expenditure in an assortment of other line budgets ranging from agriculture to police affairs and others. This practise is believed to date back over 30 years.

    And the evidence suggests that this is very correct. The Budget Office of the Federation publish details of defence appropriation online. Nowhere was the acquisition of BATT light protected troop carriers and BigFoot MRAPs detailed for 2013 but we own those. We did not see any detailing in 2013 which suggested the approval for the ALX Super Tucano. So where did the money come from?

    Only yesterday, we found out that the NN have a haul of five 47 metre Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels coming to them this year? Such a significant injection of vessels that size yet the money for that was not written into the capital budget for 2013 or 2014, so where did the money come from?

    When most of the global defence media over-elaborate on the stated Nigerian defence expenditure, you might have noticed that I NEVER engage in those hollow projections. That is because they are fated to come up short in the end. I would rather watch very closely, drawing from my experience of haven observed these things for a lifetime.

  9. startrek says:

    madams comments is just an icing The main cake is probably four times beyond that scope already.
    if Elephant de sleep red ant go enter him ear nobey all dey animal kngdom go hear am?

  10. yagazie says:

    Oga ifiok umoeka,- regarding @Doziex’s stance on PMCs- they have their place in today’s modern millitary set-up. Some countries outscource most non-core millitary/some core millitary functions to PMCs.

    Even though some of us may not be comfortable with the concept of PMCs having a role in the training of our millitary, please i beg una – give the guy a break. He is entitled to his views and to be fair he has been consisent and given well articulated reasons to support his views on the issue- which let’s face it has some merit.

    • doziex says:

      Well, Thank you sir.

      Discus in this spirit, would make this blog world class.

    • asorockweb says:

      But we already use PMCs for training.

      It started during the OBJ regime (let’s forget about the Civil war for a moment.)

      There are videos on YouTube that show Nigerian personnel being trained by PMCs.

      PMCs can be A solution to A problem.

      Doziex gives the impression that he is more interested in the PMCs than solving problems.

      • doziex says:

        Oga asorockweb,
        So why is using PMCs to improve the quality and performance of our troops, not a solution to the current problems NA is experiencing ?
        I just gave an example of training and mentoring of freshly trained Mi-24 pilots by a very experienced veteran who also runs a PMC.
        I have explained what I mean in plain English, but you are commenting on the impression I am giving ??

        Bottom line, after years of neglecting training, NA needs a way to bring skills and capabilities up to par in a hurry.
        We all know that these skills take time and experience to perfect.
        Some armed forces have the benefit of experienced superior officers, in Nigeria, we don’t if we want to be truthful.
        I have told you several times that the PMC solution is an adjunct.
        At the end of the day, we want NA units to be world class, and second to none.

        So, take me out of the equation, and tell us why you think it is a bad idea to use PMCs to advise and train our forces ?

        If you don’t think it’s a bad idea, then what’s the beef ?

  11. jimmy says:

    Let us go back to what you said about the the $381m, this is knowing how Nigeria operates represents approximately a little bit over 38% of $1b to me it is a welcome relief but not soon enough. I will share an interesting story with you guys
    I recently spent a couple of weeks in Lagos primarily in LEKKI. There is a bridge spanning between LEKKI and IKOYI. This Bridge from conception to reality took about 4 1/2 to 5 years to build it costs $1b + paid for by the L.AS.G .and it is tolled. Based on what is collected on a 24 hr/ 7days a week/365 -in – a year.
    It is very unlikely that it will take 3 years for the L.A.S.G . not to make a profit, all the People whom Madam talk/ beg / reassure drive on this bridge every time they visit LAGOS and reside in IKOYI / VICTORIA ISLAND OR LEKKI .
    This is what these people see as an example of where Nigerians get it right this why we need to speed our procurement whether it trade – for – arms ( sorry helios i know i am obsessed) or dipping into the Forex account thereby allowing the Naira to drop to 175 against the dollar or taking a loan with the Chinese / German/ South African/ Fill in the name of the willing Country.
    They need to do this and they need to do it now they need to make sure our charlies ( c-130s) are ready to go, we really need have a sense of urgency and can do attitude.
    Right now on tv in the states the us def sec chuck hagel is doing an interview with one of the most respected journalists in America Charlie Rose half of the Interview is about specifically POINTED QUESTIONS about how America will deploy resources to help Nigeria find the missing Chibok we cannot for the sake of being STINGY not procure our own equipment for our own Benefit

  12. jimmy says:

    OGA YAGAZIE much respect for your comments and i mean that but:
    Nigerians will solve this problems because it was created by Nigerians it goes beyond NATIONAL PRIDE OR EMBARRASSMENT Regardless of the horrific mistakes that have been made take this statement to the bank. BOKO HARAM will be defeated when ALL Nigerians decide so.

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    My Bro, u should know that I have nothing against his position in fact in some instances I support him! The gent has been so consistent on that position that ITS CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO HIM! Like I said in the Jos bomb tread, If we get a major haul of say 40 mil mi 17 hips 2day, we will not have enough crew for them and if we want to max their utility immediately , then we either need friendly countries to send pilots and maintenance crew or we get contractors! Oga Yagz, MR DOZIEX KNOW I BEAR HIM NO GRUDGE

    • doziex says:

      Thank you, gentlemen.

      One cannot hide the spirit in which an opinion is given, or a statement is made.

      I have noted that Oga Ifiok is a knowledgeable well intentioned blogger from the start.

      However, I appreciate Oga yagazie’s stance.

      There is no need for one’s POV here to generate personalized attacks.

      Just simply disagree, and state why you disagree.

      As @ Yagazie said, PMC use, has become common practice world over.

      I just feel that the inability of a defsec blog to discus this issue dispassionately, is a knock on the bloggers as a whole.
      After all, we are in the game of ideas, facts and opinions, not a popularity contest.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah oga Ifiok,

      Speaking of a haul of mi-17 helicopters, crews and mi-17s and mi-26 transports from ex soviet bloc nations, worked for PMCs, that serviced ISAF troops in Afghanistan.

      So even NATO countries are not too proud for the PMC concept.

      Col. Ellis. AKA the gunship ace , one of Col. Eeben’s colleagues a veteran of Rhodesian and SADF wars, and a PMC vet of sierra leone, angola, congo, the Yugoslav wars, Iraq and now Afghanistan, is such a pilot.

      I think he is also involved in standing up the afghan Mi-35 unit sponsored by the US.
      in addition to flying supply and transport missions for mainly the EU members of ISAF.

      So assuming NAF had all this experience at a reasonable price, can someone tell me again why this contract is good for Afghanistan, but not good for NAF ?

      We have plenty freshly trained MI-24/35 pilots. They just finished training in Belarus, and Enugu.
      And are now flying against BH in desert and forested areas with plenty AA guns, RPGs and possibly Manpads (God forbid)
      And the quiet experience of such a veteran would not benefit them because of what again ??

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    If we have to wait for all Nigerians to agree, we may wait for eternity

  15. Bigbrovar says:

    It seems the services chiefs have finally had it and took the fight to the Mrs Wahala over non release of funds

    If there is one news outfit that has shown to understand issues it’s the punch. For the first time we are seeing a news outfit do comparative analysis of military budget Vis a vis what is applicable in other African countries. References was even made to the Algeria experience and how massive spending in military allowed them beat the terrorists. It’s a good read and I hope more and more people clarmore for increase in defense spending rather than tout the billions as if that’s enough to address the security needs of this country

  16. Yagazie says:

    Good and reletively well researched news article by the Punch. I would want to suggest a couple of things which might be controversial- but the critical situation we are facing demands serious/non-conventional methods.

    Firstly- if the report on corrupt senior govt officials is correct, then Defence intelligence Agency /DSS /Millitary Intelligence should fish out the ‘senior govt officials;’ who are demanding a percentage/cut before releasing approved funds- get the millitary police to arrest such persons, put them in detention, ‘re-arrange their facial/body features’ and have them court martialled for TREASON.. How can any sane govt official knowing what the miilitary is facing – have the gall to demand for a bribe before the release of funds.

    Secondly – extra budgetary funding wil have to be found to enable the millitary get the equipment they need without having to keep having arguments with the Finance Minister. The Finance minister’s views on our military (i.e. that they are a non productive sector of the enconomy) are well known. The President has to step in and sort this matter out.

    Thirdly It is quite clear that relative to our millitary peers (Algeria, Morroco, Eygpt and South Africa) in Africa, we are not spending enough on defence. The figures as quoted in the Punch article speak for themselves. We have a GDP of $510billion. Even if we were to spend just 1% of our GDP on defence (recomended figure is actually 1.5-2%) then this should give us a figure of $5.1 biillion. That is the MINIMUM we must spend annaully on Defence (i.e. army, navy and airforce) . – and this does not include the Police or the intelligence services/NSA As one of the key countries in Africa, we CANNOT AFORD not to have a strong and well equipped military – end of story.

  17. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Yagz, hmm I no it talk! Our politicians go gree scale back? Hahaha, otherwise na from other social programs them go find the extra money’o! Make I sidon look whether BH and the Chibok girls go help change our political class

  18. Yagazie says:

    It has recently been reported that our Navy is exploring the possiblitiy to purchasing/acquring surplus/retired US Marne helictopters- CH-46E and H-2 Seasprite.

    As a point of interest, AirForces Monthly (June 2014 edition) reports that the Royal New Zealand Air Force has purchased TEN units of SH-2G(I) Super Seasprite helos PLUS a full mission flight simulator and related logistiics support for the sum of $120million. The airframes were purchased from the Royal Australian Navy (which has retired these airframes from it’s inventory) and will be operated on behalf of the navy, which does not have its own independent air-arm. 8 of these helos will become operational whilst the other 2 will be used for spares.

    The SH-2G is a mordern variant of the H-2 Seasrite which our navy is considering purchasing/acquiring. Here’s wishing our navy ‘happy hunting’ – ONWARD TOGETHER!!

  19. Mazatollah says:

    Oga Beeg, me think the five new patrol boats from de Netherlands na K13 aluminum hulled patrol craft from TP Marine. Recall that the outgoing CNS mentioned these in his naval vision document.
    The specs of the K 13 are:
    K13 Patrol Boat: LOA 11.80M LWL 10.50M Beam 3.85M Draft 085M Dead Rise 21 Displacement 8.500 TONS Fuel Capacity 1100 LTR Propulsion IN OR OUTBOARD Horsepower 2 X 400HP Max Speed 45 KNOTS Service Speed 40 KNOTS Range 320NM Engine power:2x 400hp Crusing Speed:40 Knots Maximum Speed:45 Knots Length over all:11.80m Beam:3.85m Maximum draft:0.85m

    pictures at


    and a video at

    That said, anything is possible.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    The CH-46e & SH-2g OK (especially if they come tons of spare and a couple of simulators) but pls don’t touch the H-2 with a long pole! Maintenance will kill us! The super seasprite is in the same class as our lynx and if the price is right I would rather have that than the lynx refurbished! Those lynx old o!

  21. doziex says:

    I am just glad that our navy is now fully engaged in the world of excess to requirement, or used equipment.

    For those that want brand new stuff, sometimes half a loaf is better than none.

    It’s time for NAF and NA to wake up and join the fray.

    I mean Poland is loading up on ex german leopard 2A5s, Uganda and Algeria, on Russian T-90s, Ethiopia on refurbished and upgraded ex Ukrainian T-72s, likewise Angola and south sudan.

    NA knows 30 year old Vickers are not going to cut it, neither will the other old APCs and IFVs we are refurbishing, or is it repainting. God knows.

    I have said this for years here. We can choose to spend this money now or we can choose to spend it later.
    The money is going to be spent.
    Let’s get on with it, we didn’t need this global humiliation to motivate us into doing right by our armed forces.

    I have said here, it’s the Algerian solution or bust. Our military high command has just confirmed it.

    There will be no defeating BH and other potential insurgencies on the cheap.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, please look at Photo #1 look like it has a small helipad in front on which a Bell Jet Ranger could fathomably land?

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