25 May, 2014

A visiting Chinese fleet of the 16th naval escort squad sent by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy arrived Saturday for a four-day friendship visit to Nigeria.

The 16th PLA naval escort squad started a four-day visit. The fleet, including new-type guide missile frigate Yancheng,guided missile frigate Luoyang and supply ship Taihu, carried at least 660 crew members.

The Chinese fleet was welcomed by the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Gu Xiaojie and Rear Admiral E.G. Ofik,chief staff officer of Nigerian Western Naval Command. Gu said the visit was expected to improve the relationship between the navies of the two countries.

The fleet commander, Senior Captain Li Pengcheng said the visit would enhance relations between the two navies as well as the two countries.He added that the fleet was carrying out a journey of peace, friendship and cooperation, with China’s solemn promise of safeguarding world peace and promoting friendship with Nigeria.

During the visit, the Chinese fleet is expected to conduct a series of programs, including meeting with high-level Nigerian officers, and carrying out professional exchanges as well as a joint exercise.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. Yagazie says:

    NOW THAT is the type of warship that our Govt should be purchasing for our Navy (togehter with a fieet replenishment vessel) to give it a true blue sea fighting capability. The visit is most welcome, However in view of the fact that NNS Aradu (which is our only true warship/frigate) is innactive at the moment and our ASW helos are also inactive and coupled with the fact that we we do not have submarines, I wonder to what extent we can usefully have joint naval excercises with this chinese vessel. .

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Yagazie, your above comment should reach Senate Committee on defense, then they take it to the President in Aso Rock. You hit the nail on the head.

      How active is our senate and house of reps committees on defense, are they happy we have obsolete post world war II firepower level Nigerian military equipment today?

      • drag_on says:

        hmm,what do you think? You do not want our legislators to chop money? If they were to pay attention to maintaining the territorial integrity of our nation they will have to give up their loot.

  2. doziex says:

    Word is that NAF has received Chinese drones, and they are operational.

    Hmmm, MRAPs, ships, drones. I wonder what ‘s next.

    • russellinfinity says:

      The if 17 thunder from catic China !!

    • gbash10 says:

      Could it be the CH-3 Rainbow UCAV or the Wing Loong(Pterodactyl I),medium-altitude,long-endurance UAV;
      Range: 4000km
      Endurance: 20 hours
      weight: 200kg
      Armament: KD-10 Air-to-surface missiles(similar to the Predator’s Hellfire missiles) or two 50kg Luoyang LS-6 satellite guided bombs which are analogues to the US JDAM series.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Well, notice what the Turks came with and notice what this first significant showing by the PLA Navy consists of…fighting ships. These are people who have real aspirations for our navy.

    Let the FG advance plans to recapitalise the NN using full-options fighting ships acquired from any willing partner, whether that partner be China or Russia. We need fighting ships in the over 1,500+ ton category, new and used assets alike…most welcome. What we seek is a navy that is greenwater-capable and afloat..not a coastguard.

    * ARM both incoming P18N OPVs with light footprints of four C704 AShMs

    * ACQUIRE five torpedo-armed Harbin Z-9C helicopters, the first two of which should be stationed on board both ships.

    * ACQUIRE three more enlarged Type 056 (P18N) corvettes complete with hangars, C802 SSMs, FL-3000N SAMs and torpedo tubes. These would be constructed at the expanded NN Shipyard at PHC AND negotiate the transfer of an ex-PLA Navy Type 53H2 frigate thrown in for free. Deal should be financed by CHINA EXIM Bank on the basis of their preferential buyers’ credit.

    * ACQUIRE three 1500+ ton Damen 8313 0PVs upgunned with the addition of 57mm main guns and two 20mm cannons@US$70m

    * ACQUIRE an ex-German F122 frigate@US$50m

    * ACQUIRE a Makassar LPD @US$50m

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle the patriot, you have spoken the truth as usual, I pray your above Navy ships purchase list proposal will reach the table of President Goodluck Jonathan, the man is passionate about a great Nigeria and he values the military that has stopped Boko Haram from turning Nigeria shamefully into Mali 2013, and he values the Navy that is keeping our oil and gas wealth protected.

      Let us pray for him that God will make him see beyond those who are preventing him from equipping Nigerian military up to 2014 world standards.

      Beware Nigeria, other African countries are watching you to overtake you. We got Chinese OPV, Cameroon too followed us with buying Chinese OPV, we are building second stealth warship in Nigeria, Algeria too has copied us to build second Valour stealth Frigate in Algeria.

      Why don’t Nigeria copy good things when other African military forces jump ahead of us?

      They buy guided missile stealth Frigates, we watch them, they buy anti-submarine helicopters we just fold our hands, they buy Submarines we siddon dey look…..Until one day a small boy enemy will teach us military lesson from the sea the same way some bearded half illiterate is teaching us lesson from the desert….

    • smartboy2000 says:

      Go on My Lord Cyber Service Chief BeegEagle, this is Nigerian Military Analysis at it’s best. We need to bring this kind of awareness to the Senate and House of Rep Defence Committees. Sir, your analysis is like hitting the nail on the head.

  4. jimmy says:

    Omg! Now that is what I am talking about.let aspire to things that are within are reach.Can we look forward to real,robust exercises with live firing drills and no fire fighting,and donating nappies to the motherless baby home.
    My god ,my god we are actually getting somewhere.

  5. beegeagle says:

    That is a Type 054A Jiangkai II frigate. Extremely formidable VLS area defence missile system on board.

    • Augustine says:

      Type 054A is a modern day Aradu. Why can’t Nigeria buy it? Morocco has a FREMM Frigate/Destroyer class after Spain took there island from them from the sea with better warships. Cameroon took away Nigeria’s Bakassi peninsula with all our people still living there….and we watched NNS Aradu decay with no modern replacement like the Chinese Type 054A Frigate that costs only about $250 million. Morroco’s navy FREMM Frigate costs about $700 million.

      Oga Beegeagle, can somebody communicate to motivate Senate president as a retired Brigadier General to use his God given and exalted position to push an emergency bill through senate and get $5 Billion from the $40 Billion foreign cash reserves and pump the money into modern equipment purchase for Nigerian military?

      Oga Senate boss David Mark is a former soldier who understands military equipment technicalities and our current bad situation, he can help the current service chiefs get the equipment they need to modernize. Why have the service chiefs not gone to him instead of arguing with civilians who think AK-47 makes an army in year 2014 ?

      • asorockweb says:

        Please you guys should stop talking about the Foreign Exchange Reserves as is it’s money that can be spent. The only reserve account you can spend at will is the Excess Crude Account – it has about US$3billion in it.

        Compared to the other services, the navy is recapitalising itself at a good pace.

        Something else we are forgetting is that we don’t allocate enough money for operational costs – the ship we have today stay back at port because there’s no money for fuel and maintenance.

        To keep NNS Thunder continually at sea would cost upward of US$12million EACH year.
        If/when NNS Aradu is operational again, it too will have similar operational costs. So will the other “large” ships in the navy’s inventory.

        To acquire and support a blue ocean navy, the mindset of the people and of the government has to change.

  6. Henry says:

    Oga doziex can you “confirm” that the NAF have actually received chinese drones?

    If your information is “open source”, please provide a link.

    • doziex says:

      Oga henry I would try and verify the info from a 2nd source.

      But the original source seems to know what he is talking about.

      I am trying not to spook these chaps, we are interested in journalistic information, and NOT in CIA spy craft.

  7. drag_on says:

    Seems like the scramble for Nigeria between the U.S. and China has started,we should be as wise as foxes and as slippery as snakes.Let us not fool ourselves, we will come under pressure to join one side and reject the other as our economic power rises.
    If we want to remain neutral,our military strength will have to keep pace with the economic, and the military industrial complex will have to become independent fast or we will become a proxy. We are now in the spotlight.
    India understood this early and started using their economic might to gain military power and self sufficiency so as to maintain diplomatic independence.
    Take a look at all the nations near the top economically,the all buy American gear and live under their sphere,or else they are under the sino-russian sphere.
    Nigeria, you don’t have much more time to play innocent neutral pacifist nation while your economy grows.Defend yourself,no enemies or friends are permanent.

    • Henry says:

      Like India, nigeria has, and would always be a non-allied nation. We know we have no allies/friends and our intelligence agencies are well aware of this.

      We would and can continue to grow as a non-allied nation.

  8. beegeagle says:

    One wonders why the Chinese have been artificially closed out from matters such as this before now. We need to get what we need from wherever. Let those of our compatriots who think that nothing qualitative can come out of China or Russia keep on living a lie.

    Truth is, based on what is in the inventories today, ownership of a unit of one US$300 million Type 052 destroyer would see us again claiming the bragging rights for ownership of the most powerful warship in Africa today…FREMM, MEKO etc regardless.

    So only the uninitiated believe that is has to come from certain countries, or else it is not qualitative. Allow them to remain simple-minded. Even with all their Western-built ships, the PLA Navy of today operating Chinese-built submarines, Type O52 destroyers, Type 054 frigates and Type 056 corvettes, pack enough punch to crush the combined navies of Africa and Latin America. So we need to stop living the outmoded illusion that you are donnerwitte unless you crawl and beg to get Western-made gear. There are POTENT competing demands elsewhere waiting to be grabbed at LOWER COST and baggage-free to boot.

    If Nigeria seek potent frigates at bargain prices, the Sword Class F22P frigates of Pakistan came through China for an unbelievable US$175 million, a Harbin Z-9C ASW helicopter included in that price tag. Relatedly, we can also grab a Type 054 frigate which goes for US$230 million.

    Please, “do nothing” is no more an option for Nigeria. Reports are now emerging from everywhere about how Nigeria were denied the right to acquire several rather defensive Western-made systems. The other day, a retired British Colonel was saying that even if they had certain systems which some of our “follow follow” Ogas are looking to grab, they would not sell. And we carried on like gutless lemons..EMPTYHANDED?

    That is why we find ourselves in this position today because pursuant to the “I am still loyal” nuance, we always sat back when we got denied the chance to access such systems.That was straightforward pathetic. Only infants would have their money handy and still sulk when deprived of something they desire. If there is anybody who won’t sell, we reboot and activate Plan B immediately if we are really pursuing our national security interests and not something else.

    Never again should we stop the hunt for hardware systems if any nation has the spleen to turn down our requests. That is why the decision to go for the potent Category A Chinese-built BigFoot MRAP was an excellent call. Whether we want to build them in Nigeria and have our own modifications, the Chinese are guaranteed to provide the full-options variants. Other so called ‘traditional partners’ would even want to retain the spare keys in the Western world so they can teleguide its deployment.
    Such releguidance is beneath us, I imagine.

    We don’t need such aggravated insults any more. Nigeria, respect your sovereignty and stop acting sheepishly most times. Stamp your feet if and when you have to. We tread on sand and not on eggshells. Nothing’s going to get broken. Let’s just get on with it. In any case, too much caution leads to timidity. E don do abeg. Naija dey taya pesin. Sometimes, we dey do tins laik wan very local kontry.

    They can keep their Giffen goods. If anyone won’t sell but would rather pontificate, TURN TO China, Israel and Russia. That was what Sri Lanka did. That was why they won their war.Nigeria need to decide if they need weapons, are out to affirm their loyalty to unimpressed nations in a certain overbearing sphere or they seek to cripple the military while waiting for coveted goods which are not up for sale to us.

  9. jimmy says:

    Nigeria should have a pragmatic foreign and military it has to centered around what I would call the cash and carry short what is in Nigeria’s strategic interests and absolutely no begging is allowed.It is in Nigeria’s strategic interests to deal on a more intimate military level with country (fill in the name) that will supply it with its task specific lethal weapons.@ this point in time Nigeria warts and all has conducted three democratic elections and it is on its third civillian president while some african countries are back to a military dictatorship and are being rewarded for it
    Oga doziex said it best Algeria laid down the template it is left for Nigeria to pick it up or continue to shake in front of oyinbo.

    sermonising nor do they ministers who count amongsts their personal a cheivements cutting,de laying,denying the military funds,they need friends that willsuppl

  10. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg you have spoken my mind. Right from the 60s when ojukwu was the quarter master general, nigeria has always diversified its arms purchase. Ojukwu was the one who stopped the british from being our traditional suppliers of military equipment by looking elsewhere. With the precarious situation in the country, the chinese offer us an opportunity to re-arm at lesser costs. We can always transfer the technology and set up our own military industrial complex. The germans, french, russians will be willing to do business with us covertly if doing it openly will offend some of their friends. The nigerian navy needs all it can get to be able to bite in the gulf of guinea. Our maritime area is vast and needs to be protected considering our natural resource.

  11. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    May 25, 2014 at 6:44 pm
    Please you guys should stop talking about the Foreign Exchange Reserves as is it’s money that can be spent. The only reserve account you can spend at will is the Excess Crude Account – it has about US$ 3 billion in it.

    REPLY :

    There is NO Nigerian owned money that cannot be spent in national or public interest, splitting by statutory allocation formula for all 3 tiers of government can be over-ruled by the legislature in an emergency. Public sector accounting principles does not rule over the constitution, the constitutional powers of the executive and legislature allows them to over-rule any public sector or statutory rules existing, unless the government accounting textbooks we read are fake and Nigerian constitutional lawyers who lecture in the classroom are fake.

    Call it any names, consolidated revenue fund, federation account, Nigeria’s money is Nigerian money, even if it goes through allocation formula and gets to a state, the president and national assembly can vote and declare emergency in that state, remove the governor, and take over the state money through an administrator.

    I won’t let any government bureaucrat cover my eyes with black handkerchief, I can see the money, and I know by law it is spendable in emergency in national and public interest. The law is made to build a nation and not to watch it crumble in time of danger.

    Statutory power of executive and legislature is so powerful that your C of O can be revoked and your =N= 100 million mansion house demolished in public interest, and they can give you compensation of only one quarter of your house historical cost by a subjective property re-valuation process, and you can do nothing, even in Supreme court you can do nothing.

    The $40 Billion foreign reserve is usable and spendable if our executives and lawmakers want to use their full statutory powers.

    Not intending be harsh in my reply sir, just saying we should not create a ‘Mission Impossible’ when their is a way out. If there is a will, there is a way. Laws are changeable, especially when all our lives are at stake. Even politicians too don’t want to die now, abi ?

    Buy me modern weapon platforms, my Navy is world war II out-dated. FACT !

    • asorockweb says:

      I am glad you are a believer in democracy.
      And you wrote a lot.

      But the time spent writing would have been better spent reading up on FOREX reserves.
      This issue has been talked about before on this blog – I will look for the link.

      I agree with you about defence spending, it should go up. In fact, it should at least be doubled.

      But if we don’t examine how we can raise defense spending, in practical terms, it won’t go up as much as we would like.

      • Are James says:

        One-off 1.25% DefSec tax on all personal and corporate income above $100million will do the trick. I would target operators in strategic industries like Oil/Gas with this tax. Take it or leave, the existing MOUs have to be suspended for one year until we raise the money.
        If they can get $10bn oil block for $1.2bn and all the other unprintable things they have they gotten away with in the past, then they should be able to chip in during our period of need.

        Also, FOREX reserves essentially is stock of foreign currencies and gold that can be drawn down upon to finance exports with modest depreciation in our local current.
        This can be used to intervene in a massive short term defence re-armament program.
        All favourable commercial terms from China, US, Israel and Russia should be taken.

        Need for a full war cabinet in Aso Rock (MOD,MOF,CDS,NSA) with emergency defence procurement as the main focus. Should be an inter-ministerial program to be run with close oversight from the national assembly.

        Patriotism and Nationalism should be our watch ward now.
        Any untoward attempt to derive political and pecuniary benefits from the current situation is only going to increase our national disgrace further.

      • Are James says:


  12. beegeagle says:

    I meant that, Colonel. I was in ABUJA for four days last week and I said the same thing to all my buddies who are interested in these matters. We need to stop being so afraid to do the needful.

    We were at this stage of the Civil War when the young Gowon became a man overnight and railroaded everything which was hitherto forbidden in our military…MiG 15, MiG 17, IL-28 and L29 jets; Komar torpedo boats, 122mm arty, ZSU-23-4 SPAAGs, to the frontlines.

    Necessity is the deciding factor in generating new ideas and approaches.

  13. chucks says:

    The General,my previous post on this thread didn’t drop, kindly rectify. Gd day sir

  14. beegeagle says:

    Can’t find it on the moderation queue o. Send again and I shall see what gives from this end

  15. Colonel says:

    Yea. Gowon’s act during the civil war was a masterpiece. He was even able to get egyptians to fly the russian MIGs. He was tactful and gave his troops all thet need in a time of war. Lets see how this plays out. But i do see lots of countries like china, india turkey, russia, italy and even the germans willing to do business openly or covertly. It is left for our government to explore all openings to get what they want.

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Col, I agree with u on both count! The truth is that we need to drastically improve our defense spending but the same can be said of most if not all other sectors and the right questn should be, HOW DO WE INPROVE GOV REVENUE? Anor questn would be HOW DO WE PLUG LEAKAGES cos if not, u’ll be pouring water into a basket! While we can invest (spend just sounds too careless to me) in our security, A MESSED UP ECONOMY AND INFLATION ARE A GR8TER INSECURITY! @ Oga Beegz, I can’t find anything that buttresses ur prices except for the F22Ps, everything I’ve read concerning the 052 says $400m for the B variant, $800m for the C variant with the D unknown! The 054T that the Thais we offered was 3 for $1bn with 6 Z9s as sweeteners

  17. beegeagle says:

    Last I read in 2011, the quoted price for a standard export model of the Type 052 destroyer was put at US$300 million. The fact that the said destroyer was offered to Thailand at an average unit cost of US$333.3 million in 2013 suggests that the source which I read a few years ago was probably right.

  18. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry Sir, the type 054T a heavily customized version of the 054A was offered and not the 052 series! While the former is a gen purpose FFG (4000+ton class), the later is a DDG (7000+ ton class) optimized for AAW! Weapons are different, size, sensor and roles, definitely cost will differ! By the way, the Chinese have something special in the workings! Its called the type 055 and its a CG (some may be CGN) in the 10000-12000t class! Specs are wicked

  19. beegeagle says:

    I probably read what I expected to see…a mixup, not that one cannot tell the difference between the Type 052 destroyer and the Type 054 frigate.

    Yes, it was Sir Max Montero who alerted me to the potential sale of Type 054 frigates to Thailand and I remember telling him that they were unusually pricey, to which he responded that the particular package, including missiles and other replenishable stock, made it so.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Thought so sir! Got this interesting list from Type 041 $250m, 054A $275m, 071 LPD $165m

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