Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Samuel Alade and senior Chinese PLA Navy officers in Lagos


May 24, 2014

The Nigerian Navy and the Chinese Navy have signed an agreement to engage in a four-day joint military training exercise. Top naval officials of both countries and members of the Chinese diplomatic corps were at the Naval Base in Lagos to welcome the Chinese naval ship into Nigeria.

The agreement was signed at the naval base during a meeting between naval officials of both countries. The Chinese ship crew were treated to an exciting welcome, ahead of the training that would begin on Tuesday, May 27.

The FOC Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Samuel Alade, said Nigerian Naval officials had been sent to China for training. “Even as I speak, we have some of our officials in China. We have two ships being built for us in China. “Right from the beginning of the building of the ship, we have been sending our officials to understudy the technology,” he said.

The training is seen as necessary, as Nigerian military officials need all training and support to enable them tackle increasing insurgency in the northeast.

Currently, military operation is ongoing in search of girls abducted from a secondary school dormitory in Chibok, Borno State by members of the Boko Haram terrorist group on April 14. The group had requested for an exchange of the girls with members held in detention across Nigeria.

The international community is rendering all support to Nigeria, as the military tries to secure the release of the over 200 girls.


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  1. Colonel says:

    We need more of this collaborations. Nice work oga beeg!

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    china is sending a strong message to someone we all know. I do admire the Chinese approach which plays on a mutual respect basis not father and son. The chinese and the Isrealis will help you upgrade silently. we must comply with NN 10 years strategic build up plan and balance for defence materiel deficit lacking. I guess for now we should be going for LPDs. Chinese type 071 is a good example.

  3. Yagazie says:

    And I firmly believe that we will get a Yuzhao class Type 071 LPD – not as big as that currently operated by China (which has a 20,000 tonne displacement) – but something in the region of about 10-13,000 tonnes that can be maintained in country. The chinese are currently building one of a similar displacement for the Malaysian Navy.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Bring the Chinese LPD. It did not sink in China…neither will that happen here. Going empty-handed and leaving annoying capability gaps in our defences are not any of the options on the table. Our LSTs have reached the end of their service lives and we need to step up to the next level and that does not mean getting new LSTs. A LPD has to be it.

    • Number one says:

      A mix of 2 type 071 lpd’s and 4 yucheng class lst’s will do.the lpd’s for power projection and troop transport,the lst’s for transporting heavy equipment.

  5. Tope says:

    The Chinese are Masters wen it comes to business, by giving us a free missile frigate they hv become 1st choice to turn to

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