The Abubakar Shekau seen in a May 2014 video

(April 2013)

The Abubakar Shekau who appeared in another video recording in 2013


It is interesting to note that in the hyperlink embedded above, two long-term residents of Maiduguri who knew the original Abubakar Shekau when he used to reside in the Gwange area of the metropolis, also do not believe that this is Abubakar Shekau they had encountered closely.

This is contrary to the view held by American intelligence officials that “they have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the recent video or that the individual who appears in it is Mr. Shekau.”

At this time when it is fashionable for the Western media not to give the Nigerian military and security forces credit for anything at all, it might be pertinent to re-examine this issue. The deputy leader of the sect was also killed at Bama sometime last year after emergency rule had been proclaimed in three states of the federation.


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  1. G8T Nigeria says:

    Abubarkar Shekau is dead. BH has ascribed its leadership with that name. The firer is known but for safety reasons he was kept low. Quite happy Borno indigenes know so much. What is left is for them is to support the NA.

  2. peccavi says:

    I struggle to see how Borno citizens do not support Boko Haram when unarmed and untrained and at pain of death they have voluntarily formed vigilantes to target Boko Haram. I wonder what more they need to do.

    The question of Shekau alive or dead is much larger than the person on the video.
    The question is if the Shekau we see on the videos is not Shekau then if he is alive why is he using a double?
    If he is dead then who is really in charge and why do they use the Shekau ruse? Its one thing to use a nom de guerre but to use an entire persona is strange
    sois thereone central leader or a series of leaders?
    Do they have operational control or do they just ‘ride the tiger’ as it were?
    Boko Harams behaviour fits that of a group under the control of a ruthless, charismatic psychopath. So who is that psychopath?
    Or is it a group of psychopaths?
    For logical reasons it fits everyones interests to fixate on Shekau but there are much deeper questions as to the leadership of Boko Haram or more to the point operational control.
    The key to deciphering this is their media output, and the current negotiations over the Chibok girls. It is their only link with the outside and the only way to discern who actually calls the shots.
    Again this is where a dedicated and intelligent psyops campaign comes in. Its the only non lethal way to draw out the leadership.

  3. Henry says:

    Abubakar shekau is dead. The Nigerian directorate of state security service released a video of Shekau dying on a hospital bed in cameroun to the public.

    However, like with many things nigerian, the media both at home especially (saharareporters and premiumtimesng) have continued to propagate falsehood in partnership with their partners in the western media.

    Facts are facts, shekau is dead. He was killed by members of the Nigerian army special forces.

    However, like we have seen with many other terrorists groups, PKK, osama, al qeada in yemen, AQIM, et al, the arrest, death or incapacitation of the leaders of these terrorist groups doesn’t mean the end of these groups as they all operate in “cells” with different leaders. It is usually not a “Top down group”, “no chain of command” present.

    Shekau original is dead. Shekau is now a franchise, any impostor can be shekau.

    • peccavi says:

      If Shekau is dead then why does the Army not release this video every time Shekau releases a video.
      I personally do not believe Shekau is dead but at the same time I do not believe his being alive or dead is an issue.
      The issue is why is the charade necessary?
      And is Shekau a leader or a frontman?
      His life or death has not reduced the insurgency or even slowed it down, so if truly dead then what does that mean?

      • Henry says:

        Shekau is dead, I believe so, and I have seen the video.

        However, as I stated earlier, as is the case with many terror groups, the incapacitation of the leaders doesn’t lead to the demise of these groups.

        DSS released the video, it’s on youtube. What’s the need of re-releasing the video when it’s obviously there for everyone to see on youtube?

  4. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Peccavi, spot on! We know that a lot of politicking is the norm and what we see is a very elaborate and sophisticated scheme, welcome to the Russian art of maskirovka in Hausa

  5. doziex says:

    Who cares if the bastard is dead or alive ?

    The Fact is, there are a bunch of heavily armed bandits making the lives of fellow Nigerians a living hell.

    That group must be neutralized period.

    What platforms are needed, and how soon can NA get them ?
    What training and mentorship is needed, and how soon can that be delivered ?

    President GEJ needs to become a full time wartime president. With his own war room, and advisers at his disposal.
    Every other issue should be delegated to NOI and the vice president.

    Mr. president you have to micro manage this war from asorock.

    This is because, your subordinates are coming up with too many excuses, why they have not been able to deliver.

    Sir, Take the bull by the horns.

    • peccavi says:

      You definitely want us to lose then.
      How can a non military, former Zoology professor/ politician micromanage a counter insurgency.
      He simply needs to give his orders, a strategic objective, define it, nominate a commander and give him his conditions of failure and success

      • doziex says:

        You are right to an extent. But in today’s Nigeria, after he issues the orders, he has to micromanage it’s implementation.
        All the CIC requires, is honesty and sincerity. A genuine love for his country and his troops.
        I mean he already has the likes of retd . General Y.S. Bello to advise him on military matters.
        But I want the CIC up at night thinking about the details.

        (1) Yeah, I released money for PKMs or GPMGs, I supervised the awarding of the contract, 3000 units and X tons of ammo where to be delivered in 2 weeks, are they there yet ?
        As a matter of fact I need to go fire one myself to make sure it works, and for photo opportunities.
        (2) Then if visiting the front is too risky, visit rear guard troops in adamawa state.
        (3) Call up army units at random and inquire about their welfare, from the privates.

        This is the kind of thing that leaders like Museveni and Paul Kagame would do.
        And not because they were ex military men, but because the just have the inclination to do it.
        They care , that their army is great.
        In Nigeria, you couldn’t even get rtd or serving generals, to show this kind of commitment.

        And before anyone starts mouthing off and calling me a traitor, the Liberian, the sierra leonian and Mend conflicts gives you ampule material for your case studies.

        I have maintained the Abacha, IBB and ObJ did no better in troop welfare and provision, even as they all commited troops/ you know, people’s children to combat.

      • Are James says:

        @Peccavi and @Doziex
        You guys are both right on multiple levels and in different ways but I want to make the following comments:
        1. It does not matter if Shekau is dead or alive, the fact that we are seeing his ‘fake’ incarnations only goes to show that BH is not just a rag tag group of bandits but a cunningly stewarded group of urban terrorists who have hijacked a religious movement for more secular political power grabbing purposes.
        2. The comments on our highest political office holder’s performance in managing the war effort are interesting. I think the government has indeed shown weakness in the performance management of the security services. I also think it is due to civilian leadership’s primal fear of the uniform that most Nigerians acquired during the military era with all the coup scares of the 80s & 90s. Due to this fear, the FG has permitted un-them acceptable levels of freedom to mis manage grossly inadequate defence funds leading to budget ineffectiveness and some corruption. Also, BH sympathisers have smelt the fear, become stronger and perpetuated themselves within the rank and file of the security services (if anyone does not believe they have then some deep thought is required on how some recent happenings could have occurred and why things are sliding to anarchy daily).
        3.Due to all the above, micro management of the war by the President might indeed be the way to go.
        – constitute war cabinet immediately
        – appoint ministers of state for Nigerian Army and Nigerian Air force respectively (this is what obtains in the US, justified by the staggering amounts spent on the 3 main branches of the ministry)
        – war cabinet manages intervention fund for weapon procurement.
        – war cabinet sets targets for field commanders.
        – performance targets should move from the static (secure the area, cordon and search, maintain law and order) to the dynamic (hunt, capture, kill and report).
        – war cabinet manages short term training for pilots and special forces.
        – war cabinet composition to include MOD, NSA, MOF, newly appointed tri-service ministers, DSS, NIA
        – war cabinet to have a secretariat (office) reporting direct to aso rock with hand picked procurement officers (SCM experts) seconded from the ministries and the private sector
        – special section within the secretariat to manage liaison with external forces and security agencies. We have gone down the road of full blown defence/security cooperation with entities we are
        – need for immediate surveillance and support of newly emerging anti BH bodies; CTJF, Plateau State gov’t militia, et.c

      • Are James says:


  6. freeegulf says:

    the president does not have a military background and can therefore not micro manage the war. that will be a disaster. he has security advisers, they should be putting their foot down. he has no martial skills to display. let his advisers do that.

    all is not at it seems in COIN warfare. there are smoke and mirrors in irregular warfare and the DSS has a lot of responsibilities. if they dont dominate the establishment now, then they never will.
    this present insurgency is just one of many challenges that will be keeping the CIC up every night.

    our intel peeps need to be working round the clock in this tumultuous times

  7. Augustine says:

    The real Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is dead, or at best a living dead in coma, like a Zombie that cannot be shown in photos or videos.

    This thing is simple, the real original Shekau is younger than these impostors by facial look, I don’t know his age, but he has a fresher, smoother, younger face, and he has a long nose with a fairly high bridge. He also has more refinement of personality than these brute beasts that succeed him. He likes to wear white ‘shirt’.

    He seems to be less wicked on civilians in general, but more anti-christian in doctrine.

    He has an average body build, the current one shouting “Zan sayad da mata” in the Chibok girls video is taller and bigger in stature and a wider face, bigger head.

    The real Shekau was fatally shot and wounded by Nigerian army special forces inside his forest camp, he died later due to lack of good medicare, his wounded dying body was evacuated, probably via a secret escape channel during combat engagement.

    His death happened around a time when Boko Haram split into two major factions, one faction agreed ceasefire with Nigerian government, I guess this success was the reason why our dear president said the insurgence will end so and so date, he had a good reason I believe.

    Shekau rejected the proposal by the other group to end the insurgency, and Boko split into two major known factions as at that time. I guess the faction that ‘surrendered’ to the government leaked information of Shekau’s location, and Nigerian army commandos swung in to action and nailed him there with hot lead.

    The above sequence of events where published in several Nigerian newspapers including The Punch, over a period of about 12 months or so, I read a lot and memorized the basic details that will be useful to remember.

    My little contribution above, and photos below.

  8. Augustine says:

    Oga Peccavi, remember the ‘semi permanent’ British military base ‘argument’ we had, I said Britain wants it, but won’t say it in clear language, you said no. Well, British oil and gas revenues from Nigeria is big enough to make them stake a little of their military resources in Nigeria semi-long term until Boko Haram is defeated, just to protect any government that allows Shell Petroleum to continue making hundreds of billions of dollars from Nigeria as done for the past 50 years non-stop.

    Now read this breaking news from Britain….

    “Hundreds of British troops are set to be sent to Nigeria to help local forces in their war with Al Qaeda-linked terrorists holding nearly 300 schoolgirls hostage.

    Details of the planned deployment emerged as Nigerian officials claimed they now know where the girls are being held but warned any rescue attempt could lead to them being killed by the fanatical Islamist Boko Haram.”

    • jimmy says:

      Let me address your issues in two parts I beg OGA PECCAVI make I talk first make una no vex / jo/ biko.
      Having said that in bold letters for emphasis wait until a more respected paper more conservative paper like the London Times, Financial times prints something please do not jump to any rash conclusions.
      The likelihood of hundreds of British troops on Northern Nigerian soil is not a political or reasonable approach , right now boko haram is at its lowest ebb in terms of civilian support it will be extremely foolish and head scratching to see this happen let us be careful what we sensationalize/believe on the internet.
      A more realistic approach is for a detachment of sas or sbs officers who are probably in the country right now anyway.
      BRITAIN does not have those type of oil assets you are thinking of. SHELL is Dutch , The largest oil company in the World is Mobil – Exxon which is American (They are big in Nigeria so also is CHEVRON which took over a chunk of Texaco’s assets.
      In recent years it has been the FRENCH Total who have struck it big time by taking big time risk (exploration is $1m+ a day looking for commercial oil fields i.e. 250,000 bpd +)
      And now you have the aggressive Nigerians, OANDO ( CONOIL), AFREN AND Folawiyo (confirmed that They hit the jackpot of the coast of LAGOS). Those are the big boys who go after the big commercial fields off course out in the Atlantic, the marginal fields 10,000 bpd or less are left for the Players.

  9. jimmy says:

    oga DOZIEX you no gree me rest o !
    The president cannot and should not micro manage any weapons procurement.He is not trained in that field and it will be suicidal for him to do on the job training.He has to appoint trusted people in the Nigerian army retired or still active to do such duties.
    Let us go back down memory lane GOWON tried to micro mange and it did not work …….. He was lucky he had somebody called ALHAJI Ribadu who was honest and made things happen for his three division commanders who despite that were constantly siphoning each others shipments as soon as they arrived.
    OJUKWU was unlucky ( PLEASE SAVE THE EMAILS) constantly duped out of heavy weapons and in his vain attempt to micromanage he trusted the wrong people who either outright stole the money or Bought only light weapons before the blockade was fully entrenched.
    GEJ ( obj rules) as president has the files given to him of all officers prior their promotion/ retirement from Colonel to Brigadier for all three services yes they go through the army / navy / air force SEC but he as president has last call that is why it is mockery to say the brig gen is the same as what it is in the west. From there he can pick people whom he can rely on hint : colonel umar rtd, who is a classmate and friend of the current NSA.MAJ GEN BELLO ( RTD), and the former CDS IBRAHIM are people who come to my mind.

  10. jimmy says:

    * SORRY He has to trust people in the Nigerian Army/ Navy/ Air force * I meant to say.

  11. Solorex says:

    Oga beegs,

    Kindly permit me to digress-Word in town is that six countries are in the negotiation stage for Chinese Wing-Loon MALE UAV ( 3 believed to be African Countries-My guess Algeria, Nigeria? and Egypt),Following the fact that Israeli manufacturers are billing us silly to re-activate Aerostars and the Navy as no plans to even give in( recent near blackmail attempt by the company in the press did not even elicit a navy response). Wing loon is about is cheaper( courtesy of stated backed mass production drive), has more endurance and can be armed. It is also workshop assembled (there are no specialized assembly process or computerized/laser aligning/calibration equipment required) and workshop maintained- Control Software ( Navigation and capacity management) is Open sources and you can turn it into whatever you wish-from a recon guy to an assassination machine. The doctrine behind it is low cost, simplicity of maintenance and multiple capability- a death blow for costly western system. It was designed to capture untapped market from Isreali and Us company. Some people believed delivery as commenced for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and one other country( with emergency needs-is this Pakistan or Nigeria?) Some country were believed to have scaled the negotiation stage and are just waiting for delivery.
    Any words on this?

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Doziex mentioned that Chinese drones have been delivered.

      If true, then this government is actually making decisions and executing for results.

    • asorockweb says:

      Wing-Loong or Pterodactyl – I believe the Saudis bought them this year.

      • Are James says:

        Please take note of the modest payload on this UCAV in particular and most existing UCAVs in general, 200pounds of precision delivered ordinance is just enough to take out a big vehicle ..albeit with unmatched accuracy. We therefore need to acquire these UAVs in large numbers with 1/3rd dedicated to surveillance and the other 2/3rds to surveillance and attack. Enough of our typical penny penny piching approach to defence acquisition.

      • asorockweb says:

        The payload is modest, but if it can carry lightweight air launched ATGMs like the AT-6 or the AT-16, it maybe able to protect towns in danger or provide precision fire to defeat an ambush.

  12. peccavi says:

    Oga Augustine, Oga Jimmy has said everything abeg the Daily Mail is a sensationalist tabloid.
    Please note, not a single quotable individual in that article, it is speculation dressed up as news.
    I have heard nothing at my level and I’m putting feelers out but I’ve heard nothing so far
    The UK’s interests are in the south not north. Any base would be in Lagos, Calabar, Bonny or Port Harcourt.
    unless the Nigerian government is paying the UK (which it is for all the training) there is no interest in Nigeria.
    Oga Doziex: yes a bit of empathy and showmanship would go a long way or else just clear strategic direction and leadership, checks and balances set up, clear public consequences for failure.

  13. Augustine says:

    Oga Jimmy, and Oga Peccavi, it is in my opinion, a ‘No smoke without a fire’ situation, I have quoted a newspaper, that is my own part to do, sensation or not, only God can see behind closed doors, none of us can prove them wrong. Yes we will be careful what we believe, but do we have any evidence to the contrary?

    The other first source, an American newspaper I quoted from, is that a sensational tabloid too?

    I have two sources posted, would not mind if you two can also post two sources that say the British government never said what they were alleged to have said.

    Oga Jimmy, Shell Petroleum is Anglo-Dutch, British and Dutch. Funny you say Britain has no oil assets that I say they have in Nigeria, very funny my Oga. Please correct your errors sir. Thanks.

    • peccavi says:

      The first article you posted had absolutely nothing to do with the assertion you made, the second one I can tell you is (currently) false.
      I don’t know why we keep obsessing on conspiracy theories rather than the issue at hand

      • Augustine says:

        Britain has interest and will always have interest to deploy a little military presence in an unpredictable and unstable Nigeria because of Shell Petroleum’s oil money flowing into Britain for over 50 years now.

        They made us sign a defense pact …

        “Annulment of the Anglo-Nigerian Defence Agreement was one of the major acts of the government in foreign policy. The decision to abrogate the agreement had been preceded by a protracted and keen struggle. As far back as the Constitutional Conference of 1957-1958, the British Government sought to preserve control over Nigeria’s armed forces. During the May talks in 1960, the British representatives brought strong pressure to bear on the Nigerian delegates to make them approve “in principle” the basic provisions of a future bilateral defence agreement.”

        The first article I posted many days ago has a link with the assertion I made based on my own understanding, but it does not have any link based on your own personal understanding, we all have rights to express our opinions and make our analysis, you do not have to agree with me sir. Well, my own mind does not have the same information interpretation and processing algorithm as yours, we are two different people.

        Well, Nigerian newspapers too have published the same story I published, or This Day newspapers a sensational tabloid too?

        If a credible source like This Day can publish it, then I am justified to have posted same story here. Your refusal to believe, does not change my own personal analysis, while not forgetting that I said, only God knows what the British said behind closed doors on that issue.

        If we were facing a panel of independent professors, I would easily defeat your argument because I have now posted 3 written media Sources from UK, USA, and Nigeria. You have not given us any single source to prove or at least give us a reason to suspect it is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’….you cannot prove points by just expressing personal opinion when you are being faced with clearly written evidence, sir I don’t know if you have been to any court of law where a judge passes judgement based only on available evidence and exhibits tendered, not on mere personal expression of opinion.

        Until the British government denies it, it remains a smoke with a suspected fire behind it, and even if the sly Anglos deny it, it’s probably because it leaked out, or Nigeria refused to grant their wish and the Brits want to save face in public by saying…”We never asked for a semi-permanent military base in Nigeria”

        I raised that ‘Orange Flag’ in national interest as a concerned Nigerian, who among us knows the ears that will hear it in Government and do what I expect…watch Britain with a third eye in addition to both eyes wide open. I called for national caution, but you are calling the nation to slumber and sleep over a caution, why ? I know what the Anglos can do to get what they want, and Nigeria must beware and be ready to checkmate just in case.

        If you are on a battle field and a soldier in your team raises an alarm over what he saw move in the jungle, enemy or bush meat, not clear, but something moved swiftly in the bushed ahead, would you tell your squad to relax or be alert?

        Thanks, @Peccavi, you still remain my good friend…I salute !

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Augustine, my point is that the articles do not state anything concrete nor do the quote any government or military source, it is either a deliberate ‘kite flying’ article in which the UK military/ government has fed out a bullshit story to the media to test reactions or else a story that the Daily Mail has simply made up to keep the story going.
        I have heard nothing about a trawl to go to Nigeria much less deploying an entire battalion, it takes a lot of resources to do so.
        The UK might send a training team or something but UK troops in that number- no, a base-no.
        A UK base would achieve nothing for them, it will not guarantee Shells investment nor will it give them control over the oil.

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Peccavi, ur last post is in line, u don’t have to be a military man to ask those questions of ur def-min, nor tob fire off a shot! Putin does it (yes I know he was KGB), US presidents get into fighter cockpit! By the way, it would be cool if all Nigerian presidents know how to handle rifles and side arms! Add to that an occasional visit to a fallen soldier’s family! Talking with them and taking care of their fees (at least)! I saw a clip of Obama receiving a fallen soldier’s corpse at the airport with a salute! Will we ever get to see that? The underline should be A PRESIDENT THAT CARES AND IS SEEN TO CARE!

  15. ifiok umoeka says:

    May be micromanage is not the best word, perhaps oversight or supervision would be better

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Col Umar, hmm! That’s one man I which we had around the president! By the way, what ever happened to Col (or was he Brig Gen) GT Zidon, he was in Bakassi in the mid 90s, his son and I were in the same sch

  17. jimmy says:

    oga ifiok not to take GEJ side ( moment of disclosure here , VOCAL CRITIC OF GEJ but i have to factual). GEJ has shown empathy for fallen soldiers , in the past and in the present it is just not wildly reported or publicized unlike baba sege (” awon CAMERA DA”) TRANSLATION ” where are the cameras? When a senior NCO or was it the second in command of the Battalion sent to MALI passed away due to illness , The Presidential jet was sent to MALI and the solider’s body was brought home , this is fact. I blame GEJ for quite a few things EMPATHY is not one of them.
    He is ten times better than his mentor obj ( “I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE” these were words uttered by obj at the sight of the Lagos CANTONMENT EXPLOSION WHEN SEVERAL ARTILLERY AND TANK SHELLS EXPLODED.

  18. ifiok umoeka says:

    I do remember my disbelieve when he said that! But my friend, 35% is better than 7% but its still an abysmal failure! U will agree with me that there is room for improvement! I’ll keep saying that his PR/image management team are the worst I know and in my opinion, Abacha’s were better!

  19. jimmy says:

    yeah you are right but bad pr or not GEJ has shown remarkable empathy compared with what happened/ or took place in the past and yes there is room to improve his image regardless.
    History will eventually judge him to be a better / cautious military leader but for now because he does not simply turn some places into parking lots he is sometimes incorrectly perceived as being weak. His slowness/ cautiousness? to react is also sometimes an albatross around his neck.The reality is a lot , lot more complicated. For example I had a uncle in the navy who was not promoted for close to 10years because he refused to have “oga use his account” it is not easy to see your peers become admirals while you are still stuck or saluting them. Eventually with the return to civil rule he got promoted ( contrary to western beliefs not every Admiral is corrupt)
    To date you will have to go all the way back to Sheu Shagari to compare to what has been procured.
    obj @ best was negligent at worst——- let me not say the words this defence blog but you get my drift was there as president for 8 years.

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, I see eye to eye with you on this one! That said, a little devils advocate… Remember, OBJ just came from the cold – the military era, prison etc – and was paranoid of the institution of his birth ( the whole Westward looking, PMC and alliances et al!) and it was only natural (NOT RIGHT) for him to put the military on a leash! While thinking it through is an invaluable virtue in leadership, indecisiveness is it just a thin line across and no one wants an indecisive leader! My prayer is that Mr President manages to it right on that count because I still can’t see anyone else (from the current crop) as an alternative! OPPORTUNITY FAVOR’S THE PREPARED MIND

  21. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Obix thanks o! I picked that up from the late Tom Clancy’s ‘RED STORM RISING’. LOL
    Oga Asorockweb, the Ataka-v and the Vikhr are not light o! They are designed to take out Abrams, Challengers and Leopard IIs not pickups and technical! That is over kill! @ 45 – 49kg, it will only carry 4 ATGMs! Less powerful kornet and mentis are $8ook and $500k so Ataka/Vikhr will cost in excess of $1m.
    Enter the Roketsan Cirit from Turkey. @ 15kg, that’s 12 @ least per UAVC and @ $45 – 50k.
    NB price from

    • asorockweb says:

      AT-16 is 45kg
      AT-6 is 32kg

      The prices you provided are for 1 launcher and 10 missiles.

      I chose the AT-16 and the AT-6 because they were designed and built to be air-launched.

      I know the missiles were designed to kill tanks but I choose them for accuracy – the small payload demands that we make every shot count.

      UAVs are very slow machines and must stay far away from any ground fire.

      I didn’t realize that the Cirit was a guided rocket, good choice!

  22. Martin Luther says:

    What is the difference btw an ABUBAKAR SHEKAU and a JOMO GBOMO

    a. One was faceless
    b. The other is a series of actors

    Story ends, they were all just fronts

    Bokoharam opps remains me of SWAPO and UNITA opps

    From terrorist operations in times of low men and material resources to battalion size activities in times of mounting resource.

    Gentlemen, if you can remember the organizers of SWAPO and UNITA you and draw parallels

  23. freeegulf says:

    haba oga martin luther. comparing boko haram to SWAPO and UNITA is an insult to PLAN and their war effort against Apartheid SA. boko haram and AQ are same. SWAPO and UNITA where liberation organisations, even though UNITA was on the wrong side.

    rebels and terrorists are not exactly the same thing. yes, sometimes their MO may merge and their lines of operation maybe blurred, but you should be able to distinguish them.
    ND militants did not force anyone to become Christians or serve Egbesu or shout Asawana!!! to foreigners in order to convert them they did not chase anyone out (apart from kidnapping Europeans for monetary value and not for murder) out of the region, neither did they kill indiscriminately. boko haram is a terrorist organisation, pure and simple! and they are vermin and will be exterminated!!

  24. ifiok umoeka says:

    Paramount rulers attack, senetor suspected killed in NE

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    I think 2 paramount rulers kidnapped! Info still this way and that way!

  26. Are James says:

    There is no true state of emergency in place in the NE.
    This is just the point a lot of honest people are making and being lampooned for everyday
    A high profile trip by traditional rulers using convoy of SUVs should normally pass through an approval process preceded by an application, call it a journey management approval process.,
    The route would be made transparent on the application, enough security would be planned in advance in terms of equipment and personnel. Based on the prevailing threat assessments and availability of resources, the administrator of the state (not governor) would approve or reject the trip. Pure and simple. We need a more Germanic approach to managing security in the AOR.
    It is a state of emergency in the most restive region in the most important African country for chrissakes. The news as usual was flashed on CNN again within hours. All debates are over as far as I am concerned about the way the whole thing is being managed.

  27. peccavi says:

    BOko Haram has no parallels with UNITA or SWAPO, a better comparison is the LRA

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    The AT 6 is a little slow @ 200kmh while the AT 9, it evolution flies @ 550kmh. Considering the targets (nimble 2ton pickups), the Spiral 1 is less adequate when compared with the Spiral 2

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Oga Asorockweb

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