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  1. drag_on says:


  2. Yagazie says:

    Nice- but what major naval platforms are the Nigerian Navy deploying to this excercise? It’s a pity that we can’t just simply reach an agreement with China to purchase all the three chinese vessels currently in our waters right away and send the crew back to China on a First Class/Business Class flight all expenses paid – LOL !!.

  3. lordfej says:

    mighty yagz the dreamer lol

  4. beegeagle says:

    It is clear that a new and highly phase in our naval history has just begun to unfold.

    As the P18N stealth OPVs and the gifted combat vessel come into service, I look forward to the NN inducting Harbin Z-9EC ASW helicopters within the next 12 months AND enlarged and modified Type 056 corvettes and at least one Type 054/F22 frigate before the end of 2016, God willing.

    There shall be many more of such exercises in the months and years to come.

    Let us be reminded that the Chinese also retain the services of well-drilled frontier defence regiments which are adept at jungle, desert and highland warfare. In view of the Boko Haram threat posed from across mountain and desert frontiers, we might want to gain a few tips from the PLA as well on training and equipping forces to fight in difficult terrain.

    Hopefully, the NA and NAF key into that with the same level of open-mindedness which the NN have attained this new vista.

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga, these pics are superb! Check out the silhouette of that vessel, the 054 I guess!

  6. Blueblood says:

    This is a good one,sir i have been bothered with this question,is the AK47 good for our armed forces given the fact that they face an adversary with more fire power.

  7. Tope says:

    These are boardin drills. Use of navigational helis too shows a likely piracy svenario was done, but the chinese should jst let us knw the ship gifted

  8. drag_on says:

    GULF OF GUINEA, May 29 (ChinaMil) — This is the first anti-piracy joint drill of the Chinese and Nigerian navies, and also the Chinese navy’s first maritime joint drill with a foreign navy at the Gulf of Guinea.

      The Chinese side assigned guided missile frigates “Yancheng” and “Luoyang”, comprehensive supply ship “Taihu”, one ship-borne helicopter and some special operation members to this joint drill, while the Nigerian side sent three patrol boats, two helicopters and 10 special operation members.

      The joint drill was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the Nigerian side observed the 16th Chinese naval escort taskforce conducting such subjects as ship defense, taskforce maneuvering and sailing replenishment. In the second phase, the Chinese and Nigerian navies conducted the joint anti-piracy drill covering taskforce navigation, joint ship-boarding and inspection, light weapon firing, and helicopter landing on the ship.

  9. Henry says:

    Nice photos as always from the navy.

  10. jimmy says:

    oga beegs these are some beautiful pics.
    oga drag on thank you for the in depth detail of the outmaneuvers, now this is what Nigeria should be doing with their NAVAL PARTNERS
    I need some answers from both of you A CYBER GEN oga doziex( i know don’t roll your eyes) alludded to the fact that the CHINESE have offered us DRONES since the Israelis are literally blackmailing us and the yanks are pissed at us for not using them in the first place( when are they not ever pissed at us?) can we start getting the process of getting drones from China to the NE?

  11. beegeagle says:

    Mighty Yagz, the Chinese can be quite magnanimous towards countries which are courageous enough to open up to them.

    Even if we want to explore some options for coastal and oceanic operations, I am sure that they can fast-track the decommissioning of an almost brand-new ship and have same transferred to the NN.

    For example, I recall that the BNS Osman of the Bangladesh Navy, which is a Type 53H2 frigate, was hurriedly transferred to that country in a fast-tracked sale after it had been in PLAN service for less than five years.

    At the equally turbulent level of coastal and midshore defence and counterpiracy, I am sure we can get perhaps three ex-PLAN 36-45m missile/torpedo boats with as much as fifteen years of service left in them for a combined sale price of about US$25 million. That would boost our offensive capabilities in the interim while the NN acquire new Type 056 corvettes

    For law enforcement missions in our coastal-midshore waters, we could get three similar-sized ex-PLAN large patrol craft armed with 25mm cannons and 14.5mm MGs for US$20m.

    With the NN Shipyard at PHC, we would have six small offensive and law enforcement ships for US$45m and with a sell-by date of 15 years. That translates to availing ourselves of the use of such midshore assets at an average annual cost of US$500,000 per ship…money well spent by any standards since a RBS Defender boat costs that much but can do so much less.

    After 15 years, they would have more than justified their acquisition as force multipliers and stop-gap inductions aimed at retaining the combat and enforcement edge of the NN in our maritime region. After all, there are small missile ships that size which cost US$45 million for just ONE platform and that would serve for 35 years.

    If we can get a multisided mix of six used platforms that size acquired for US$45m to serve for 15 years, well and good. We only need to acquire brand-new corvettes and OPVs in tandem and the capability gaps shall be kept minimal.

    • Augustine says:

      This long comment from Oga Beegeagle on Nigerian navy cheap multiple vessel acquisition options should be forwarded to…

      Senate and House committees on defense

      Senate President Brigadier General David Mark (Rtd)

      Finance minister

      Chief Of Naval Staff

      Group MD/CEO of all companies doing oil & gas business in Nigerian waters including shipping companies.

      Money should start rolling in to execute this proposal that is so cheap and yet effective. Please let Nigerian navy be helped massively, the ocean is Nigeria’s economic life line, cut it off and Nigeria will be paralyzed financially.

      • Are James says:

        Back up material should include information on the ongoing migration to deep water oil/gas production E&P companies in Nigeria.
        Close to 1 million barrels per day routine oil and gas offshore production is expected the next five years. These investments need to be protected somehow.
        Terrorists and pirates are now highly sophisticated, acquiring boats with radar equipment that can detect un-stealthly naval ships, they now know how to avoid them and can roam free to attack offshore platforms, supply ships and crews.
        Most erstwhile docile west African navies are also making the required investments in naval platforms and soon they will look closer than China to acquire some classes of ships. The naval dockyard PH should be positioned rightfully now to take this market and the maintenance and refitting work that is going to flow in over the next 20 to 30years.

    • beegeagle says:

      LITTLE SHIPS like these

      If Shaldag FPCs are doing so much anti-piracy work in the coastal waters, the kind of ship seen above and handed over in that condition will do well for us either as missile craft, torpedo boat or patrol craft in coastal and midshore reaches.


      39metre PATROL CRAFT…if we have three like these as missile boats, three other units armed like these East Timorese examples would be used as midshore patrol assets

  12. drag_on says:

    Indeed oga beeg. Keep our powders dry for big ticket items while filling our capability gap with off -loaded units that cost very little and will do quite a lot at the cost of 1 brand new. Naval law enforcement work requires lots of platforms.

  13. Yagazie says:

    Well I guess if you don’t ask you don’t get and if you aim for the stars you will at least hit the sky. So what stops us from asking the Chinese to transfer the two guided missile frigates and supply ship to our navy – within the next 1-2 years. At worst the response will be no. At best yes. Or a compromise at somewhere in the middle. The Chinese are currently getting mulit-billion dollar contracts in road, rail, power and millitary equipment contracts here in Nigeria. They are also intrested in establishing a strong foothold in Nigeria – Africa’s biggest economy , Africa’s biggest oil producer, Africa’s second largest natural gas exporter (after Algeria) and also most populous nation. Surely a country with a $8 triillion economy – (which built the new AU headquaters in Addis Ababa , Ethopia and handed it over free as a goodwill gift (hmm- no such thing as a free lunch) to Africa) – won’t mind selling the said ships to our Navy (albeit at a hefty discount) IF WE ASK.

    • asorockweb says:

      Or we could ask them to decommission one of their armoured divisions and ship the equipment over – much more inline with our most urgent needs. 🙂

  14. Nnamdi says:

    Decommission this…decommission that, una no fit buy? Which amongst una federal or state politician dey use decommissioned vehicle for him long entourage? When it comes to serious issue of national defence which doubles as national philosophy and pride thing, na DECOMMISSIONED be the language wey dey first come up. Na so our sense of self worth don roll for gutter reach? When Alhaji Shagari did his acquisitions which unfortunately are the mainstay of our current “kpangolo” military, if na DECOMMISSIONED him go for, I guess na catapult, keke marwa, fishing canoes, and matchet for remain for our soldiers and sailors by now….oh! forget dem the airmen.

    Dem the other countries wey dey buy am new be mumu ni? …abi we sef no deserve brand new shiny equipment ne? Abeg make una one down on this “bambialah” things, na the same mentality wey we country carry dey prostrate around for equipment to fight BH be dat when our home media are daily awashed with new stories of missing monies. So we think say the donors dem be mumu wey sabi throway properies ni?

    Abeg make we reset our thinking and stop disgracing ourselves around. Even in days prelude to civil war, Nigeria was relatively less rich (yes, LESS AS RICH) as today, yet in the ramp of of arms and equipment for the war, I never read say na “bambialah” we take get even one bullet. This irresponsibility has gone too far. We need to get our national psyche back to factory settings.

    @ Doziex, my great platoon mate, I dey feel ya vibes. Dare to be different even in face of drowning voices is a form of COURAGE; even despite the aspersions by people who think it is a sin to think differently. You have my support yet because you make a whole lot of sense and say it as it is!…no ego massaging or sugar coated talk. Kepp keeping on…

    • asorockweb says:

      Nnamdi, the fountain of “correct thinking”.

      You should start a brainwashing school, I will attend and even bring my entire family.

      Your highness, high and might approach will fix all ills.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Nnamdi, there is nothing wrong in asking for decommissioned platforms. Nigeria wont be the first and surely not the last. Brazil’s aircraft carrier was formerly for the French navy, even the new Chinese aircraft carrier was the completely decommissioned and deactivated hull of the Varyag now named Liaoning; not to mention they had previously acquired 4 used aircraft carriers from a couple of countries, Australia inclusive, for study. Polish and Egyptian navies operate former US Navy Perry class frigates (transferred as EDA). There’s no shame in it. For me, the important thing is the identification of our military equipment needs, immediate, short, mid and long term, amongst many other things. The navy has done this already and is equipping itself at a steady pace. If a decommissioned Type 53H2 or H3 frigate serves our needs, why not pick it up? so far we are willing to spend the extra buck to upgrade the weapon systems, then its good to go. Decommissioned does not mean worthless.

      • Nnamdi says:

        @ Deway, yes it may not be a totally bad idea. The first cases you mentioned are huge platforms that are not only expensive but requires “extreme” technology to acquire. Not many countries has capacity to build carriers because some of its component metals and engineering are controlled.

        Egyptian military get plenty of used articles alongside brand new ones.

        Polish military has some great equipment and industry that are world class and into joint development programmes too. Handful of EDAs in their arsenal doesn’t make it a tradition for them.

        My whole point is that decommissioned items shouldn’t be what our military waits on except in cases when the outlay is beyond our immediate affordability as in cases of decommissioned carriers or need to acquire in large numbers in a short time, we are big enough to buy our frigates and destroyers. If we wan beg, make we beg for respectable items, no be used OPVs, NVGs, MRAPs. If you really think Nigeria can’t afford it, then you probably don’t know what a scam economy we run here.

  15. Nnamdi says:


    Oga, na for where in my comment I write put say I get any fix-all approach? If you no know wetin to talk and just dey find quarrel just face another side.

    • asorockweb says:

      Well, read what you write before you press submit.

      Your words:
      “Abeg make we reset our thinking and stop disgracing ourselves around.”

      We are disgracing ourselves by buying second-hand, abi?

      Tell that to millions of Nigerians that have bought used cars.

      Oh yes. We are rich – so we should pay US$2billion for a brand new Aegis Destroyer.

      Advise for you; quit trying to fix people. It’s better to give them information and let them fix themselves.

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Nnamdi, ehh, I dey u side o! I know say na stop gap, but till them show me blue print on how them wan take revamp our military, abeg limit the ‘decommissioned’! China got those CV just to study them so they can start building their’s! By the way, Greece also got loads of decommissioned OHP and threw them away in no time!

    • Nnamdi says:


      My broda, sorry I will drag you back to 60s in time of civil war (dem neva born me then o!), the war was started wih used planes , but new IFVs and AFVs were ordered for using every diplomatic leverages. Our current international political value may appear to be in tatters, but I assure you that if we line our ducks rightly over half of the military arsenal could be overhauled within 12 months. By he way, stop-gap…stop-gap, since past 7 years, na when the gap go finally stop? I’m sure the firs “decommissioned ” arrived over 7 years ago, and till today, we never stop gap finish. When we use 7 yeas practise madness, na which day we go do the real madness himself? OBJ “stopped-gap” with J-7s a.k.a widow makers, since then the gap don close? Na the kain “stop-gap” wey we run at start of civil war leading through 70s and early 80s be dis? The message be say we no serious.

      Apart, I noticed there’s been a lull in offensive in NE by NA in past 1 month. Any good strategist will tell that it is a sign that a big storm is coming. Could NA be waiting arrival of some tactical equipment or heavy rains? …I wonder wonder wonder…!

    • Deway says:

      The Greeks know why they did so, may be austerity measures? The Aussies, Pols, Egyptians, Paks, Turks are still using theirs. About stop gap measures, I agree with Nnamdi that what we term stop gap have always translated nonetheless into permanent solutions (the Naija way). We shouldn’t look at decommissioned platforms as stop gap measures. What is important is if the said vessel fits into our strategic plan, and if not, no point going for it.

  17. Augustine says:

    A big lesson from another African country…

    How a Navy should be a military force and NOT a paramilitary Coast Guard, even if all the navy does is peace time maritime law enforcement, this is what an OPV should look like and be armed like…anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, CIWS defense guns, 76mm offensive gun…

    Oya now, Naija Navy, wake up, e soji, please help us arm all our P18N OPVs at least up to, if not better than the smaller ships in the news weblink above.

    Thank you Oga Admiral, Onward Together !

    • asorockweb says:

      Yes, those are well armed ships.

      US$200milllion each.

      “A construction contract for the four vessels was issued to VT Halther Marine in September 2008 and is worth an estimated $800 million.”

      I believe Egypt receives more than US$1billion is military aid each year – the money must be spent on US equipment or services only.

      • beegeagle says:

        That is outrageously priced. I am sure it came as part of US freebies to Egypt. That is the price of a new F22 frigate, three Shaldag FPCs and a Harbin Z-9 helic combined.

        Three Molnya corvettes of that size and power cost US$200m. wetin? You can even get a Bulgarian or Romanian shipyard to build you a 75m hull for US$20m and have it moved over to Israel where you can get a 76mm main gun, CIWS plus Israeli-made torpedoes, SAMs and AShMs installed on it for US$20-30m.

      • asorockweb says:

        Beegs, you should go into the Naval integration business. Haha

  18. beegeagle says:

    Nnamdi, you need to get a grip on your established inclination towards rabble rousing. As far as I know, you have only tried to ram your dare-to-be-different ideas down every throat. I have told you before now that posting here is a privilege and not a right. If you find anything unconscionable here, set up elsewhere and rant to your heart’s content. Enough of your make-believe haughtiness and sneak attacks on everyone else. NOBODY gives a hoot who your enemies or platoon mates are….if that is emotional blackmail aimed at whipping everyone else into line. The editorial direction here was set long before you arrived. If it does not suit your peculiar agenda, LEAVE. You must not be here if you do not like what you see and are certainly surplus to my personal requirements. It is not your place to decide what gives or transpires here.

    Each time you come on here, it is with an attitude that stinks from a mile out. You first of all hark bark to ancient vendetta and then move to the present day by trying to talk down on any who do not key into your combative rhetoric? I mean, who the &%$# are you? Are you doing me a favour by coming around here to get heard?

    Why not buy Arleigh Burke destroyers since it is anathema to use a seaworthy decommissioned vessel? Nigeria is richer than Indonesia, Mexico, Australia and Turkey which use decommissioned ships as well? Your superlative understanding tells you that the exigencies of time and the imperatives of multi-tasking permit you to leave the EEZ open to be pillaged while the long gestation period needed for the construction of new ships plays out? Some strategic thinking that.

    Since April 2012 when the contract for two new P18N OPVs was signed, a decommissioned USCGC CHASE has been commissioned as NNS THUNDER, intercepted pirates’ and illegal bunkerers’ ships and flown the flag halfway around the world while the P18Ns are still under construction. Go figure…so much for self-worth and a misplaced sense of national pride. How about some pragmatism juxtaposed beside your high ideals?

    OGA NNAMDI, that is the FINAL time that we shall be discussing this, brother. Your IP address has just about earned its place on the permanent spam queue. Since you are apparently intent on making trouble and little else, I am also ready to ship you out of here. I asked you before, would you be ready to still play VOLTRON if I choose to publish your IP address alongside every high-decibel post you make since you are so brave and eager to confront?

    The business here is DEFSEC advocacy and analysis…not shaming the government of the day in case you seek a visible platform from which to ventilate your political preferences. Activists and purveyors of regime change are free to do so using blogs registered in their own names. That is the real bravery…not ranting a boatload from my shade. Don’t hide behind me to fight your wars which I have no interest in. Such courage…get a platform registered in your name and rant all you want. By the time that you pay a price like Jonathan Elendu did,we shall see how courageous you really are…

    • Nnamdi says:


      Oga, cool down and go drink some beer. All things you wrote above can as well be written differently without being equally guilty of whatever you are trying to accuse me of. Do you have a problem with me having a different opinion? …sorry I can’t help you. If only you can take time and re-read what you have written, then you should be humble enough to see that your name should actually replace every place you have put mine. By the way, I still don’t see what the whole hyperventilation is all about. By the way, some others have responded before you did in saner manner, and you could see my responses to them. Take some chill pill, and if my name gives you some “hibis-jibis”, well you will get used to it soon. Remember you are supposed to be the moderator here, so avoid the use of swear words at people if you still want to be taken serious at all. Now reset… 🙂

  19. startrek says:

    field Marshall a beg no too mind kids dey love to strain cool nerves

  20. Russellinfinity says:

    Great pictures Beeg. Thanks. The Chinese came with some serious naval platforms. I just love the sbs kits, I wish the army can borrow a leaf.

  21. G8T Nigeria says:

    Pakistan with nuclear power acquire EDA ships from US and also from china. India with expanded military power acquired Russia A/C carrier. Turkey has some frigates donated by US, more powerful nations buy second hand jets and refurbish them. I really don’t know why you question this Government that much. Here is a big list for you to compare.
    3 x OCEA 25 meters boats brand new.
    1 x OCEA 35 meters boat brand new.
    2 x P18N OPV brand new
    4 x Shaldag FPB brand new
    5 x 35metre boats for fishery protection brand new
    5 x 47 meters boat (TP Marine) brand new.
    2 X OPV US EDA.
    Those ships still remain useful and never you think americans dump vessels after decommissioning rather they put many vessels or aircraft on storage ( in view of threats from china and russia) or outright scrapping. Secondly, US will never hand over their product if you don’t have the Military might to sustain such and that’s why they would never give smaller nations such a vessel. For them to have giving us 2 tells of the capability of the NN. There is explosive transformation in the NA, NN and NAF so bros, take it easy eh. Let us learn to appreciate at least. We are building up steadily.

    • Nnamdi says:

      @ GR8 Nigeria,

      Gr8 response. But my difference is if you look at the list you wrote, the OPVs are the biggest new item we paid for. Is it that we don’t need the corvettes and frigates? If we do and haven’t paid for any (as far as we know in the open) but awaits “brother dash me”, that’s where I see unseriousness in our acquisition plan. If we were buying new and getting decomissioned articles to swell number or complement, then it would have been different from the “bambialah” posture we have set ourselves down to. Frigates and corvettes builders dem don close shop ni ? Abi person wey buy OPVs no dey buy them?

      Think about us begging for NVGs…we no fit buy that one ni? Afterall US government listed it among items wey we come prostate to beg for. We were not like this; yes we have received used equipment from time immemorial, but we never avoided buying what we need.

  22. beegeagle says:

    You dey beg am? Let him go abeg. All the noise that they have made on SR because they love to confront, is that not why they cut no ice because they are so adept at alienating those who have the power to make the difference?

    We are massaging egos but it has earned us MRAPs, an unlikely Chinese combat ship and even a naval ship has been named based on our recommendation? You confront all the time and fail to make a dent and feel cool about your unproductive style?

  23. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry, the Hellenic navy’ were Charles. F Adams and not OHP!
    That said the point is that they weight it vis the Dutch Standard class (analogous to German F122) and their Meko and judge it more effective, economical, modern, sophisticated and less maintenance intensive! They thought it wise to strike them off and save money to invest in the future ( and this was in 2000- 2002 well b4 austerity). The same reason the Philippine’s navy refused to pursue the OHP and ex Italian Maestrale and Soldati class FFGs and rather went for new (likely Korean Incheon) FFG, Oga Max should know. Perhaps that has also weigh in on the Pakistani navy’s reluctance (apart from geopolitic of course) to get more OHP even though they were cleared for it!
    The Turkish navy has about 16 active duty FFGs, half OHP and half Meko (of which 4 were built in Turkey). Interestingly, their version of the OHP best the USN’s! They have extensively upgraded the vessels with ESSM quad pack, SMART S mk2 radar, new sonar and most impressive of all a HOME MADE combat management system called GENESIS! This has given them INDEPENDENCE in that area and has aided in the MILGEM project (very impressive with their Ada corvettes, TF 100 GP FFG and TF2000 AD FFG)! The point is, they chose to get those perrys and negotiated upgrade right which has enhanced the local military ship building industry (u can’t quantify the benefit in terms of national security and economy)!

  24. ifiok umoeka says:

    Australia has 6 OHP and they were all new builds not transfers!
    Thus, while Egypt, Poland, Bahrain and Turkey received used Perrys, Spain, Australia and Taiwan got brand new! While Pakistan receive one, it is yet to exercise their option for SIX more while Thailand is yet to accept 2 allocated to them!
    Bottom line is this, while used vessels are good especially if it is fit for purpose (eg our Thunder like Oga Beegz has said), we must weigh it properly vis it effectiveness in cost and need as well as it strategic and political ramifications! We must decide it purpose and duration of use! We must be able to maintain it and equip it to meet our need without interference! And we must have a plan to replace it!
    While I’ve seen the NN strategic plan (that they have one is HIGHLY COMMENDABLE), we will all agree that we need a major jolt to get back on track!
    As for the $2bn question, why not get 2 type 054 for $400-600mn? Who said it had to be AB class?
    NB even the Pakistanis retrofit their Chinese made ships, planes and tanks with non Chinese articles they consider better and don’t just buy Chinese because it is cheap or from a major ally but they have their NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST A HEART

  25. beegeagle says:

    With the ARADU in line to be upgraded and the possible gift of a Type 53 frigate, those two would be good to go until sometime after 2025. So we can access CHINA EXIM Bank Preferential Buyers Credit and pay US125m in lieu of advance payment while they give us a US$300m credit line.

    On that US$425 million, I would get a Type 054 frigate built in China and three Type 056 corvettes built in Nigeria to the enlarged and modified dimensions of the P18N stealth OPVs. Not forgetting four Harbin Z-9 ASW helos negotiated into the deal

    That gives us three frigates and three corvettes to be deployed to each of the three fleet commands

  26. jimmy says:

    oga IFIOK
    We have discussed this issue before but for knowledge purpose sake I will answer Greek has been able to Maintain its large and sophisticated military for three big reasons.
    1. It belongs to NATO as such it ‘s air bases army and naval bases are used by NATO countries.
    2 It has a strategic relationship which is both MILITARY AND BLOOD RELATED to the UK. The queen’s husband Prince Philip was born in Greece ,@ The end of ww2 the communists were on the verge of winning power UNTIL with active British Forces this was ruthlessly put down and the govt favorable to British and American interests was installed.. Till today the Greeks point to that as being one of the turning points in their HISTORY.
    3 They belong to the EU THE p.i.g.s. which means despite everything they will be rescued in times of financial crisis.
    4. In terms of strategic importance the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean sea are very important this must be patrolled by the Greek navy so as to keep an eye on the Turks.

    • igbi says:

      The one way you can recognize an American is that he confuses nationality and place of birth. LoL. prince Philip is a Greek prince. It is not about him being born in Greece, it is about him descending from the royal family of Greece.

    • igbi says:

      Just kidding Oga, no vex.
      (actually I noticed this in most of the Americans i came across in my life).

  27. Tbite says: You can see the SBS commandos using their Tavors…and I am not sure the issue of the Chinese commands, is it some variant of the WMA Mk?

  28. Tbite says:

    disregard my earlier comment about the ficticious name WMA mk…I tried to identify the Chinese rifle and couldn’t..for the life of me

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, I know their NATO/EU identity. What I meant is that while other NATO member like Germany, UK etc were decommissioning a lot, these guys have maintain their strength in spite of austerity! They have not upgraded but have maintained their strength! Why? TURKEY! That’s the answer! They have not allowed austerity to weaken them because of their strategic security interest in the face or a resurging and economically buoyant Turkey! Yes, they have been able to play their NATO trump card in getting the US to help with some maintenance issues and France even offer to give them FREMMs for free until they can pay for it! Its a lesson we can learn from!

    Oga Beegz, if we have such good will with the Chinese,( which I know we do) why not get twice that amount and get 2 054 and the 056s while we get 2 053s as stop gaps till the 054s arrive? By the way, 2025 is about 11 yrs from now, wouldn’t that be a long wait?

    Finally, I’m beginning to have 2nd thoughts about fixing the Aradu! If the cost of fixing it is more than $100m, why not add money and get something better! The ship had a shelf life of 25yrs, fixing it and using it in the front line for another 11 yrs doesn’t cut it for me! However, we could restore back some of it capabilities and us it as an OPV while we leave our sea fighting capabilities in the hands of newer vessels!

  30. chucks says:

    My Generals of the cyber world,the Men whose analysis and inputs are revered and referenced, I greet u all. The beeg one, Lord and Master of his turf,I doff my grandfather’s papaa’s for you. Pardon my AWOL,have had to deal with two funerals at a go (mum and uncle),so this hasn’t been the best of times for me emotionally and financially. Well am back and hope I shall be fully reintegrated to the house again. Many thanks and keep the good work,NIGERIA SHALL BE GREAT AGAIN

  31. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    May 29, 2014 at 9:57 pm
    Yes, those are well armed ships.

    US$200milllion each.

    “A construction contract for the four vessels was issued to VT Halther Marine in September 2008 and is worth an estimated $800 million.”

    I believe Egypt receives more than US$1billion is military aid each year – the money must be spent on US equipment or services only.


    My brother, take a second look at my comment o ! I never said Nigeria should buy an American made $200 million Ambassador OPV, please have you ever read me asking Nigeria to buy any western made weapon/equipment/platform for our navy? All I meant was that Nigeria should add Chinese missiles on our already built/paid for P18N stealth OPVs.

    You need to sometimes add value to a comment, rather than devalue it. Expand the other guy’s comment to make it look better, instead of shrinking it’s perspective to make it look bad.

    I have done google search and I discovered that it costs only about $ 400,000 and that is a meager four hundred thousand dollars to arm a ship with HQ-7 anti-aircraft missiles.

    That tells us how cheap it is to add on anti-ship missiles to our F91 undergoing sea trials and her sister ship under construction, maybe some $5 million estimate for a single launcher carrying 4 anti-ship missiles like the Chinese C-704.

    @asorockweb do you now see the purpose of what I said? I hope you do. Thanks.

    This is a special appeal to our dynamic Navy Admirals who have shown us how they can build a new force up to world standards, please arm our new Chinese OPVs with small missiles like the C-704 and HQ-7 plus small Anti-Submarine Rockets/RPG which is now a trend in naval armament for close range ASW capabilities.

    If however we cannot get missiles on the P18N, I would say hope now lies with the enlarged Type 056 stealth light frigates as suggested by Oga Beegeagle.

    Nigerian navy, we are solidly behind you on this new move, with our prayers and our voices…

    Onward Together !

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Augustine, sorry about the misunderstanding. I had no intensions to devalue your comments.

      What stood out to me initial was the price. I was just saying that the ambassador class is well armed but at US$200million, it better be.

      Another way to put it is, if Nigeria ever spent US$200million on a fast attack craft, what can we expect for our money?

  32. beegeagle says:

    The C803 comes even cheaper and with an inescapable kill ratio in excess of 97%. Last I checked, one missile cost 800k USD. Do the math. A 4-cell launcher and a 6-cell HQ-7 launcher might be attainable for less than 1 billion naira.

    I TRUST that the NN shall get this right.

    • Augustine says:

      beegeagle says:

      May 30, 2014 at 12:52 pm

      The C803 comes even cheaper and with an inescapable kill ratio in excess of 97%. Last I checked, one missile cost 800k USD. Do the math. A 4-cell launcher and a 6-cell HQ-7 launcher might be attainable for less than 1 billion naira.

      I TRUST that the NN shall get this right


      Oga Beegeeagle, my mind tells me that our smart Navy Admirals will get it done maybe this year or next, they too have seen how painful it is for Nigeria to have such beautiful and modern stealth ships like the P18N and yet be cheaply defeated in combat all because we didn’t spend small $5 million to add on missiles to protect a $100 million ultra-modern stealth warship, our navy sailors must not be sunk in sea battle because of $5 million.

      When you lose a warship, it takes about 2 years yo build a new one, and it takes eternity to replace the same human lives that were lost, you can only train a new crew, the sailors that died are lost to their families forever.

  33. beegeagle says:

    Oga Chucks, commiserations on your sad losses. The Lord strengthen you and yours. r

  34. buchi says:

    correct @oga beegs but i do have a little problem with the stop gap measure.a life span of of 25 yrs is required for our cash limits now hence it is advisible to obtain or seek to obtain newer platforms as soon as possible for the fleet comands but still using decommisioned hardware isnt a bad idea so far it serves our article of action.mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sori but oga beegs pleasen confirm to me if it is true that the NA has cleared and obtained about 25 leopard tanks from the dutch no sure just heard bits and pieces from guy in AOR jos,

  35. drag_on says:

    I dont think its possible, the Netherlands have only 100 2A6 leopard tanks AFAIK .Finland,bought the tanks from holland. The fins ordered in january this year for the dutch main battle tanks and paid $200million for .the tanks.Delivery is 2015 to 2017 i think. They are getting rid of their Tank forces.because they cant afford it, their Debt to GDP ratio is sky high at 70%. The army was orders to cut $1 billion dollars from its $8.5billion military budget, The only way it is possible we got to the stocks is if the deal with the fins has gone bust or we came in an raised the offer price.

  36. jimmy says:

    I went a did a little research depending on what type of LEOPARD TANK according to the NOT SO RELIABLE wiki ” The Netherlands have sold all their remaining stocks of Leopard tanks. Not doubting your sources could be true however Country of origin especially based on who has surplus stocks to sell ( Germany does the dutch do not ), Just saying logically it does not add up .It will also be a first for Nigeria who tend to buy most of their armor from the former EASTERN BLOC , Austria , Britain and France.

  37. drag_on says:

    Correction, it is possible! I did a bit of research and i was wrong.I just found out that the dutch actually have 188. A26. it definitely possible then, we wait and see.

    Shouldering NATO’s European defense throughout the Cold War, the Royal Netherlands Army became the first export customer of the German Leopard 2 tank, receiving 445 of the vehicles between July 1981 and July 1986. Most of these tanks were later sold to Austria, Canada, Norway and Portugal, some also supported combat operations in Afghanistan. Through the 1990s 330 of these were upgraded to 2A5 standard. The tanks remaining in Dutch service were upgraded again to Leopard 2A6 standard in the 2000s, remaining in service until 2011. At that time, the Dutch parliament decided to disband the two remaining armored battalions, as part of cost saving measures. Since then, about 188 Leopard 2A6s are mothballed and auctioned for sale to international customers. Deals with Indonesia and Peru failed over political and economical grounds.

    • Are James says:

      Does anybody know how the Leopard compares with the T90?. Technical specs, armament and all that stuff?

      • Are James says:

        There’s this new high tech recce vehicle from Kraus Maffei. A few dozen will be good to for ground surveillance and leading the surprise assaults on BH camps.

  38. beegeagle says:

    Rights groups and the so called activists in The Netherlands shall do their best to ensure that their country do not sell to Nigeria. They are going to posit that the tanks could be used to commit outrages.

    That was precisely why the Indonesian bid fell through. Eventually, the Asians got the tanks from Germany. Germany appear not to be so mushy when it comes to arms deals. During the Suharto years which were characterised by persistent allegations of rights abuses, post-reunification Germany sold 39 warships of the former East German Navy to the Indonesians.

    • Russellinfinity says:

      My fears exactly General. What irritates me about the lofty moral standards set by the west and preached by these so called right groups is its nauseating hypocrisy. The hypocrisy of their democracy! What do I mean? Take a look at Egypt, the UAE, Israel, Bahrain and even the US of A! They all reek with all manner of human rights abuse and yet it’s business as usual, no condemnation, no case before the ICJ, no nothing.

      Amongst other things, the present situation affords Nigeria the golden opportunity to really scrutinize her foreign policy and challenge this democracy is a one size fits all mentality.

  39. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Chucks, my thoughts are with you! The Lord grant them peace and u solace!

  40. Augustine says:


    Chad Is Buying MiG 29 Fulcrum 4th Generation Air Superiority-Multi-Role Jet Fighter Bombers

    Balance of power will change and Chad will have great air superiority over Nigeria, to shoot down the whole Nigerian air force and bomb Nigerian army into submission on the ground !

    Beegeagle has been warning Nigeria for long now on this air power issue. NTA News Live reports last week was said to have aired information that NAF ordered brand new Jet Fighters in 2012, are these real 4th Generation Multi-Role Jet Fighter ?


    • Are James says:

      The Deby guy is young, ambitious and verbose. At least he know what he wants and will get it. We need that kind of single minded articulation of hoals from our leaders.
      As for the jets Nigeria ordered, I think they are 4th generation. The NAF chief used words similar to ‘hi tech’ to describe them. This partially explains why they are taking so long to arrive. When you buy a full capability, pilot re-training, ground crew training, spares and full armament suite must be there from day one.

  41. CHYDE says:

    Oga Chuks, it is well with you brother

  42. Augustine says:

    Oga Chucks, I do sympathize with you, let God be your source of strength.

  43. Augustine says:

    Tanks won’t be of urgent use against Boko Haram, I think Nigerian army should focus on modern heavy firepower infantry weapons and platoon level enemy approach detection equipment for now.

    New tanks, In think we should build one locally with Chinese help. What we should also build at home are Tank destroyers like French Sagaie ERC-90, they are transportable by C-130 Hercules.

    I suggest that our 136 units of Vickers Eagle Mk 3 Tanks should just go for full armour refurbishment, and then upgrade operation to digital/computerized everything, from turret/main gun, to targeting/fire control systems, to GPS navigation for drivers, etc, and we can talk to India for help on this, they have thousands of Vickers Mk 1 and did upgrades before on them. Just my own opinion.

  44. freeegulf says:

    oga chucks, sorry to hear about your mum and uncle. sincere condolence and heartfelt sympathy.

  45. Oje says:

    Watched a 15 mins FOX NEWS special on the need for a proactive U.S efforts in tacklibg BOKO HARAM. They insist America niggest strategic partner in Africa sjould ne Nigeria and not Egypt. Nigeria they say has the second most capable Nacy after South Africa in SSA, a highly educated populace and an independent foreihn policy,Nigeria they say is “should not be lost to China as a strategic partner”.

    CNN on the other hand has been telling the world how dirt poor snd inefficient Nigeria is,Christiane Amanpour goes futher describing Nigeria as a “fsiling syate”.

  46. Oje says:

    Forgive my typographical errors, touch screen complexity with Korean auto correct.

  47. Tbite says:

    Well they are already losing Nigeria as a strategic partner! The Chinese engagement with Nigeria is now on all fronts! Navy, Army, Air force, Property, Construction, Manufacturing, Training, Investment (Billions of Dollars), Planning, Engineering etc America needs to do more than Oil/Gas

    While the likes of Campbell, Kerry, McCain, Clinton etc keep parroting rubbish…Nigeria’s relationship with China keeps getting stronger.

  48. jimmy says:

    Oga chuks please forgive the delay accept my sympathy may their souls rest in peace

  49. Colonel says:

    Pls accept my condolences oga chucks.

  50. Number one says:

    Pls. do accept my condolences oga Chuks.

  51. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Are James, the video is cool! However the Fennek(the vehicle in video) is not new, the Fennek 2 is ( I think its still in development)! Pretty hi tech but @ close to $2m, hmm. Coupled with mini UAV, it would be an unbeatable team!

    • Are James says:

      Dead cheap @ $2mln.

    • asorockweb says:


      But can we get something that can resist a 12.7mm round?

      I am thinking the Puma IFV from Germany.

      The puma’s basic armour can resist 14.5mm rounds.

      • Are James says:

        Puma IFV is $10million apiece. Its 70mph speed is fast for a tracked vehicle. 30mm machine cannon can fire with the vehicle moving.The airburst ammo it can also fire will scatter any ambush. The main selling point like you have mentioned is the protection it offers to crews. We need them for BokoHaram, we need them for all peacekeeping operations.

  52. Obix says:

    Ares Shipyard, Turkey building two 35m patrol patrol boats for the Nigeria Customs Service.

  53. beegeagle says:

    Oga Obix, I am kind of suspicious of the unusually large size of some patrol assets lately acquired by the NCS. First, they placed an order for two 24m patrol craft with a South African supplier and now, two 30m craft with a Turkisk shipyard.

    Personally, I would not be surprised if these four 24m and 30m platforms end up in NN service while they in turn, handover about six 15-17m boats to the NCS.

    Never known the NCS to operate such big boats.

    • Are James says:

      Offshore fishing regulation.
      The Minister for Agriculture has apparently put the NCS on the run as far as getting platforms for aggressive patrolling and boarding operations of all fishing trawlers operating within the Nigerian EPZ. Un registered and illegal international trawlers including some belonging to our Chinese friends may have to find safer waters when these NCS boats start work.

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