Nigeria’s Senate President, David Mark

26 May, 2014

Senate President, David Mark has ruled out any form of negotiation with Boko Haram insurgents for the release of the over 200 girls abducted from Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State.

Mark said the insurgents had declared war, saying the government would respond likewise. He was speaking at an empowerment programme organised by the Senate Leader,Victor Ndoma-Egba, for the people of the central senatorial district in Ikom, Cross River State.

Local and international pressure

“Despite local and international pressure on the Nigerian government over the abduction, government will not negotiate the release of innocent girls with criminals,’’ Mark said. The Senate President stated government was initially ready for peace but it appeared the perpetrators of terrorist activities and their supporters were not ready.

He said government would use all resources at its disposal to bring the issue of Boko Haram to a logical end. “I take pain to say something very important. This government will not yield to blackmail. This government will not negotiate with criminals and this government will not exchange people for criminals.

“A criminal will be treated like a criminal and this government in no distant time will bring the issue of Boko Haram and insecurity in this country to a logical conclusion. We would spare no efforts at all in bringing the insecurity situation in the North to an end.

“We would mobilise all our resources. People declared war on us, we would also declare war on them…It is not by negotiation. If the language they will understand is the language of force, the government has got all the resources to do that,’’ the Senate
President stressed.


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  1. Augustine says:

    Maybe because we now know where the girls are, so Nigeria has the edge. However, the negotiator-mediator Ahmad Salkida from Dubai, said there was negotiation before now, until Nigeria dumped it. Obasanjo too has been doing underground negotiation via his own contacts with the late ex-Boko leader Mohammed Yussuf’s family.

    Bad news is that according to the escapees of this week, the other girls are being raped, they may get pregnant for terrorists if we delay, so unfortunate, we cannot rush any action due to the risk involved in this situation.

    We should hold the school principal of Chibok responsible for all this tragedy, and let me ask, is her own daughter among the kidnapped ? She put 300 chicken in a ‘warehouse’ with no roof and allowed 300 eagles to come pick them all away to the evil mountain nest.

    Reports from Punch yesterday says…

    ““Those that registered for the SSCE are not all that sat for the examination. Over 500 registered and those who had relatives around decided to move to various places like Kaduna and Maiduguri to take the exams. Those that were left with no relations decided to stay back and among them, 221 were abducted,” he claimed.”

    So the wise people removed their daughters to other exam venues in safe zones like Kaduna, so why should we not ask government to let this principal explain why she is not wise at her age to insist that government or wise people should move the girls away to safety ? Everybody blames president Jonathan, shay na him be the school principal ? Truth hurts.

  2. makanaky says:

    I don’t think its fair on the principal he has no power to close or open any school, the power lies with the state governor.

    • Augustine says:

      @makanaky, the principal has no power to shout or raise alarm to parents teachers association PTA, news media NGOs, etc?
      That must be a very dull high school principal, even my own small coconut head seems to think better than his big professionally trained intellect that cannot think ‘out of the box’ to safeguard children’s lives. Please stop defending people that are failing Nigeria in their very own line of duty and professional career for which government pays them salary. Thanks bros.

  3. Akin Oges says:

    One of the kidnapped girls who escaped has just revealed that the girls are been serially raped! I would expect the establisment media handlers to thoroughly work with this information: a weighty point to force: tell the world what BH truly represents. Attention should be directed at the evil that is BH – that seems lost in the loud cry of Bring The Girls Back. The thugs ain’t waiting for the 72 virgins apparently.

  4. jimmy says:
    GEJ APPEARS TO BE GETTING TOUGHER ….. it looks like his words are being translated into action …… only time will tell.

  5. ifiok umoeka says:

    I’m surprised that a lot of heads are not rolling! Let’s agree that those children should have their SSCE. Why didn’t the governor who ‘reopened’ the schools arrange for security? Why didn’t the principals and teachers protest? Why are most of the kidnapped girls christians? Why has the national assembly not taken over the legislative power of state house of assembly and had the gov call to account? Oga Senate President, u too have some questions! Why have u not galvanized the Assembly into war footing? Why have u not lead proper oversight of the security budget? Why have u not led effort to have our forces properly equipped as an ex Gen? Why do we still have secret defense article purchase? When will u start the probe of security budget probe? Finally, IF UR DAUGHTER WAS AMONG THE NABBED KIDS, WOULD U STILL TOW THE ‘WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST’ LINE?

  6. asorockweb says:

    Regarding the kidnapping of the young girls, I would say try not to fall into the trap that Boko Haram has set for you.

    A column of Boko Haram fighters attacked Chibok and kidnapped the girls. Trying to pointing fingers will not help.

    The act was designed to cause pain, fear and to make you feel impotent and helpless; do not play Boko Haram’s game.

    The right emotions to feel are Anger and Determination.

    • Augustine says:

      jimmy on May 29, 2014 at 5:27 am

      what is going on?
      who really knows the girls did the SF find them first before the AMERICANS EEWO !

      Comment. :

      Oga Jimmy, the answer is inside the Vanguard weblink you posted….America admits that airborne aircraft technology CANNOT and DID NOT locate the girls, so Nigeria wins.

      However, if we don’t do world class PR, we may have to share the glory with America/Britain.

      My opinion is that negotiator Nigerian journalist Ahmad Salkida gets full credit for finding the girls, he gave Nigerian government the 3 locations agreed by Boko for the prisoner exchange and Naija Intel knew where the girls are kept to by using definable GPS coordinates. Then Nigeria cancelled the negotiations, Boko come dey vex because him secret don leak. Well, blaming Air Marshal Badeh for saying he knows where the girls are, I am worried about his sensitive statements, he said that Boko insurgency will end in April, now this new statement again. He needs to avoid trying to prove to the world that he is doing his job by making sensitive statements, he needs to he careful with pressure from millions of screaming Nigerians.

      I think he is not worried about Boko relocating the girls again because those 3 locations GPS coordinates will now be under 24 hour surveillance, and it is easier to lose the girls by now moving them far away from current locations than to keep them on the fixed spots.

      Well, I won’t mind if Oga Air Marshal will give public information about NAF new aircraft purchase orders, those are not sensitive information and we need them.

      • jimmy says:

        Honestly military sensitivity or not and. I am not a fan of alex badeh. Lord knows. I have even gotten sometimes personal with him however he is nigeria’s most senior officer at a time when the west is telling the rest of the world our soldiers cannot even bend down to tie our shoelaces properly without their assistance,it is exteremely important that nigerian soldiers. Be the first to relay this information to the cds so he can the relay it to the world. The satellites measure time, distance and the proximity of where an object at a particular still need as what the cds is not saying publicly to triangl T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  7. jimmy says:

    sorry phone pressed send itself phone has got a mind of its own
    What the cds is not disclosing is the LOCATIONS / POTENTIAL LOCATIONS based on on the ground sf is now clear Triangulation which is used extensively in civil engineering and in the military gives us a definitive idea. Then after that it is up to the men on the ground to continuously track and locate these girls.
    There is something I want to touch on that may be inappropriate for the pious minded so if that includes you READ NO MORE
    From a military P.O.V. there appears to be increasing points of break down in the so called law and ruthlessness of the boko haram it appears some of them are more interested in sleeping with the girls than actually keeping them as hostages this might explain the rash of escapes this week.

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    I think he came out with that statement so as to prevent the West from taking the glory from this one! The president is annoyed as it might mean that we are withholding information (like they were @ some point and still are) but who’s to say that Presido himself did not give the go ahead? Hmm, still scratching my head on that one!

    • asorockweb says:

      Good informative reporting. Notice the lack of unnamed sources – just quotes from and about known officials.

  9. Bigbrovar says:

    Has anyone read this article making the rounds on social media.. It’s the usual mix of “activist” propaganda aimed at shaping the narrative by garnishing facts with fiction.. This article is making serious rounds on twitter and would soon be quoted as facts.. It needs a response the good thing is the comment section is open.. I hope to burst some of the over sensationalist statements there once I am settled.

  10. Colonel says:

    It is very obvious that the Nigerian government is trying to beat the americans to their own game. Which ever way this plays out, i pray that the girls are rescued safely. It is obvious that the Nigerians are wary of the americans due to the criticisms it has received from the americans. There will be lots of propaganda flying around. I just hope the army’ PR machinery is ready.

  11. Colonel says:

    Oga bigbrovar, i just read the article, as usual someone who lives outside the country is trying to whimp out the Nigerian army with a single article. The article is kind of baseless. If there was any iota of truth in it, it was erased by the venom of codmnation and half-truths spilled out by the writer.

  12. jimmy says:

    anyone else seen this?

  13. jimmy says:
    I bet this piece of information will be on the front page of BBC and CNN Pshaw ! :(. They always report the bombings with the gory details but they never report the arrests and subsequent trial good job guys

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