Colonel (rtd) Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser


May 29, 2014
Author: Jacob Zenn

On April 14, 2014, Boko Haram militants kidnapped more than 250 schoolgirls from Chibok in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State. Soon after the kidnapping,reports surfaced that Boko Haram may have transferred many of the girls from Nigeria to Cameroon, Chad and as far as Central African Republic’s Birao region near Sudan.[1]

In a video released on May 5, 2014, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau announced he would “sell” the schoolgirls as “slaves in the market,” and on May 12 proposed that “if you want us to release your girls that we kidnapped, you must release our brethren that are held in Borno, Yobe, Kano, Kaduna, Enugu and Lagos states, as well as Abuja.”[2]

Despite an outcry from the international community, social media and civil society, this operation was consistent with Boko Haram’s previous militant activities in the Nigeria-Cameroon-Chad-Niger border region and its founder Muhammad Yusuf’s non-recognition of colonial-era political boundaries that “cut off Niger and Chad and amalgamated [Borno] with infidels.”[3] As Shekau, who is Yusuf’s former deputy, said in his May 5 statement, “we don’t know Cameroon or Chad…I don’t have a country. Islamiyya is what I have.”[4] This article analyzes Boko Haram’s area of operations along the Borno-Cameroon border with a focus on kidnappings, as they have become Boko Haram’s primary method of self-sustainable funding and are a tactic first introduced in northern Nigeria by Nigerian al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) militants who formed the faction Ansaru[5] in 2012.[6]

The article reviews Boko Haram’s militant networks in Nigeria and abroad from 2003 to 2012, traces Boko Haram’s retreat to southern Borno and northern Cameroon after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in 2013, and discusses how several factions may have come together to carry out the kidnapping in Chibok in April 2014. Finally, the article suggests that “Shekau” may have become a nom de guerre representing all Boko Haram leaders, including the real Shekau, in a confederation. This confederation pools resources together from all factions for major attacks, such as the one in Chibok, but disagrees over two main issues: terms for a cease-fire with the Nigerian government and the killing of Muslim civilians.[7]

Boko Haram’s Area of Operations

The first confrontations between Boko Haram (then called the “Nigerian Taliban”) and Nigerian security forces took place in 2003 at Boko Haram’s “Afghanistan” compound located two miles from Niger and less than 100 miles from Yusuf’s and Shekau’s hometowns in Yobe, and in 2004 near Gwoza in the Mandara Mountains along Nigeria’s border with Cameroon.[8] After suffering losses, the Nigerian Taliban focused on preaching Salafist ideology based on the “pure teachings” of the Taliban and Usama bin Ladin and providing community services.[9]

Yusuf and other leaders, however, also dispatched members to the Sahel, Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan to receive funds to build madrasas and mosques and acquire militant training and advice from al-Qa`ida, especially after Bin Ladin declared Nigeria “ready for liberation” in 2003.[10] When security forces killed Boko Haram founder Yusuf and 800 followers in July 2009, more than 100 Boko Haram members fled to the border region, the Sahel, and Somalia, while Shekau, according to one member, “hid in the desert between Chad and Sudan.”[11]These members were aided by their pre-existing connections to al-Qa`ida and its affiliates, and Boko Haram’s regional network of sub-leaders.[12]

In July 2010, after AQIM’s leader promised “men, weapons, and ammunition” for the “mujahidin in Nigeria,” Shekau gave an interview to a blindfolded journalist in a hideout near Maiduguri, Borno State, saying that he “assumed leadership” of Boko Haram[13] and declared to America that “jihad has begun.”[14]

From 2010 to 2012, Shekau led Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, while militants who trained with and received funding from AQIM and al-Shabab returned to Nigeria and established cells in northwestern Nigerian states under the leadership of longtime Nigerian AQIM militant Khalid al-Barnawi.[15] These northwestern cells, in contrast to Shekau’s faction in Borno, specialized in sophisticated bombings that bore the “hallmark of al-Qa`ida.”[16]Boko Haram claimed all attacks until March 2012,when al-Barnawi led a cell that kidnapped and killed an Italian and a British engineer in Sokoto and claimed it under “al-Qa`ida in the Lands Beyond the Sahel.”

In January 2012, al-Barnawi had formed a new militant group called
Ansaru, which attacked Nigerian soldiers and prisons in Abuja and Kogi and carried out three kidnappings in Nigeria.[17] Due to a dispute over funding from AQIM,ideology and Shekau’s “ruthless” leadership style, Shekau’s faction reportedly leaked information about some “traitorous” Ansaru cells to the Nigerian security forces, which contributed to Ansaru’s gradual demise and necessitated al-Barnawi to reconcile with Shekau in late 2012.[18]

Retreat to Gwoza

After the elimination of Ansaru as a competitor, Shekau appointed new leaders to replace Ansaru’s commanders, including ones close to al-Barnawi.[19]After the deaths or arrests of these commanders as well as Shekau’s own commanders in Yobe and Adamawa,however, Boko Haram became primarily a Borno-based movement, with 75% of its attacks in Borno during the first three months of 2013 (compared to 35% in 2012).[20] Only Kano remained under the influence of Mamman Nur (likely using the pseudonym “Muhammed Marwan”),[21] who accepted a second-in-command role to Shekau.

Nur’s faction attacked “un-Islamic” places such as beer halls,international targets like the UN Headquarters, organized a plot on the U.S. ambassador in Abuja, and bombed motorparks in Kano and Abuja to send “messages” to the Nigerian government and traditional Muslim leaders to release Boko Haram prisoners and to offer compensation for victims of the July 2009 clashes.[22]

The French-led military intervention in northern Mali in January 2013 may have indirectly revitalized Boko Haram.[23]From March to May 2013, former Ansaru, Boko Haram and other militants who fought with or learned from militants in Mali launched attacks along northeastern Borno’s border with Niger and Cameroon. They attacked a military barracks in Monguno, a prison in Bama and destroyed three towns: Baga, Marte, and Maiha.[24]For the first time in Nigeria, militants mounted weapons on 4×4 vehicles,kidnapped government officials and their relatives to exchange for ransoms of $10,000 to $300,000, and supported a more ethnically and religiously inclusive ideology like Ansaru’s and AQIM’s—but unlike Shekau’s—that called on “Muslim youths” to fight not “in the name of any sect, clan, or country,” but for Islam.[25]

In response to these attacks, President Jonathan ordered a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa on May 14, 2013, which coincided with the creation of the civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) to track down Boko Haram militants.[26] Boko Haram’s foot soldiers abandoned Maiduguri and retreated from the deserts and swamplands of northeastern Borno and Lake Chad to mountainous rural areas near Gwoza in southern Borno, which is 15 miles from Chibok, where the 250 schoolgirls would later be kidnapped.Gwoza is also where “university-educated Nigerian Taliban” members carried out abductions of Christian women in 2004 until they were expelled by Nigerian troops and “vigilantes,” the latter of which were a predecessor to the civilian JTF.[27]

Context of the Chibok Kidnapping

In 2013 and early 2014, Boko Haram’s newly formed “special kidnapping squad,” which may be part of al-Barnawi’s faction, kidnapped several foreigners in northern Cameroon and brought them to Borno, while Nur’s faction utilized Nur’s “guerrilla expertise” in the border region and contacts with Kanuri tribal elders in Cameroon to facilitate hostage negotiations.[28] The total ransom money received and prisoners exchanged as a result of these kidnappings in Cameroon as well as the kidnappings of 12 women in Bama in May 2013—who were exchanged for the release of 90 Boko Haram members, their wives and children, and possibly ransom money—likely incentivized Boko Haram to carry out more kidnappings, such as the one in Chibok, to pressure the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments to cede to Boko Haram’s demands for the exchange of more ransom money and prisoners.[29]

To protect its operational space in northern Cameroon, Boko Haram issued a series of warnings to Cameroon in fliers signed in Shekau’s name saying that vigilantes (keskes) would be targeted and “Cameroonians, we have not attacked you; do not attack us.”[30] The fliers coincided with religious leaders from Borno recruiting youths among Cameroon’s Kanuri population using persuasion and financial inducements,increased arms trafficking to Boko Haram along Cameroon’s border with Chad, militants in Borno retreating to northern Cameroon and Chad after attacks, and the assassination of informants in Cameroon.

It was in the context of these kidnap-for-ransom operations and a rear base in northern Cameroon that the Chibok kidnapping occurred on April 14, 2014. Local Boko Haram unit leaders in Gwoza,such as Ibrahim Tada Ngalyike,[32] may have carried out the kidnapping in Chibok in coordination with Boko Haram’s factional leaders, including Aminu “Tashen-Ilmi,”[33] Nur, al-Barnawi and Shekau.[34] Tashen-Ilmi was a member of the “Nigerian Taliban” when that group carried out similar small-scale kidnappings and could have leveraged contacts for the Chibok operation with his former co-disciples, Shekau and Nur,the latter of whom was then operating in northern Cameroon.[35]

Similarly, Nur’s faction has possibly coordinated kidnappings with al-Barnawi in Cameroon and Borno since February 2013, and the latter’s faction may have carried out the kidnapping and cross-border transfer of some girls, “marketed” the attack with Shekau’s “fear-mongering” video on May 5 and proof-of-life video on May 12, and then transferred some girls deeper into the Sahel or Central Africa.

Factions and Faux Shekaus

Al-Barnawi may be outside of Nigeria,possibly in Niger, where some Ansaru militants retreated after the French intervention in northern Mali, but his faction operates regionally, including in Nigeria and Cameroon[36] “Muhammed Marwan”—who is likely Mamman Nur—claimed responsibility for releasing a seven-member French family kidnapped in northern Cameroon in April 2013 for $3.14 million and says he is in control of Boko Haram’s “arms and finances.”[37] These arms and finances are likely derived from kidnappings with al-Barnawi’s faction, weapons deals along the Chadian-Cameroonian border, and contacts between Nur’s faction and AQIM,al-Shabab and sponsors in Sudan and possibly the Persian Gulf region.[38]

Locally rooted factional leaders, such as Ngalyike and Tashen-Ilmi, who may have been involved in the Chibok kidnapping and are likely in Borno or along the border with Cameroon, can self-finance their factions through looting villages as “spoils of war.”[39]

As for Shekau, he was reportedly injured in northern Mali in 2012, returned to Borno after the French-led military intervention, and recovered from wounds in Amchide, Cameroon, in August 2013, where, according to some reports, he died —but Shekau emerged in a credible September 2013 video.[40]

In August 2013, Shekau may nonetheless have been deposed in a “coup” by members of his shura, after which Shekau’s appointed
spokesman, Abu Zamira,announced that “commanders as far afield as Niger, Chad, Sudan and Cameroon” agreed to a cease-fire with the Nigerian government and a hiatus in suicide bombings.[41]

In late 2013, “Muhammed Marwan”—likely Nur—also announced that he supported the new shura’s cease-fire and that “Shekau lost leadership” of Boko Haram, despite some followers remaining loyal to Shekau.[42] Even despite this alleged coup in August 2013, it is likely that Nur’s faction and other militants operating in the Borno-
Cameroon border region still used Shekau’s name as a nom de guerre to claim attacks or featured imposters of Shekau in Boko Haram video statements. [43]

Thus far, only one self-proclaimed pro-negotiation factional leader, Abu Mohammed Abdulaziz, publicly stated in March 2013 that an “imposter” appeared in a Boko Haram video of Shekau, while in March 2014 Nigerian media also began speculating about the “changing faces of Shekau.”[44]

Shekau’s faction, however, dismissed Abdulaziz as a “fake” in 2012 and again in March 2013 and reiterated that peace would only come when Shari`a is adopted in Nigeria.[45] The possibility of multiple factions using Shekau as their “spokesman” or at least Shekau’s name with look-alikes in videos suggests that Shekau’s “stamp-of-approval” is relevant for showing unity or enhancing credibility.

Moreover, the stage-managed settings of Boko Haram’s videos of Shekau, including scripts and props such as a mishwak (a teeth-cleaning twig) and the same carpet and armored personnel carrier in several videos, suggest that all factions now operate under one “Boko Haram” umbrella and coordinate a sophisticated external propaganda campaign, with Ansaru either dormant or using the name “Boko Haram” to claim its operations.

Nonetheless, in addition to his “spokesman” role, Shekau likely also retains an operational role in ordering—and often claiming—his followers’ massacres of university students, such as in Yobe in September 2013, or of villages in Borno and large-scale attacks on military bases in Maiduguri.


There are likely several Boko Haram factions, but they come together in a confederation for major attacks, such as the kidnapping in Chibok, and also coordinate their public relations strategy. If their demands are met in the Chibok kidnapping, all factions could see the release of dozens of prisoners and ransom payments for all leaders in exchange for the return of some or all of the schoolgirls.

Since it is now clear that multiple leaders command Boko Haram fighters,it is likely that Boko Haram could evolve in several new ways.[46] First, if Boko Haram maintains its safe havens in Borno and northern Cameroon,it may become a resource for violent members of other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in Nigeria—such as Fulanis in Zamfara or Kogi—and nearby countries —such as Central African Republic—to train for attacks on rival Christian ethnic groups with whom they have land or other disputes.[47]

Second, Boko Haram will likely expand its focus outside of northern Nigeria,especially if leaders like al-Barnawi and Nur are operating in Niger and Cameroon, potentially training Séléka[48] militants,[49] and acquiring new funding and weapons to revive Ansaru, but these operations may be carried out under a new group name if schisms with Shekau’s faction widen or if the Chibok negotiations expose factional fault-lines.[50]

Third, Boko Haram’s ideology will become less Nigeria-centric and more trans-regional to attract a new Sahelo-Saharan recruiting pool, but its ideology may still resonate most deeply with Kanuris of the Nigeria-Cameroon-Chad-Niger border region.[51]

Fourth, Boko Haram may prepare for retaliatory attacks on Western targets in southern Nigeria or abroad and take advantage of its networks in Sudan and possibly the United Kingdom if a regional or international coalition collaborates with Nigeria to launch a “total war” on Boko Haram or rescue the schoolgirls from Chibok.[52]

Moreover, launching a series of attacks throughout Nigeria would force Nigeria’s military to “divert its attention” from Borno and weaken a renewed offensive against Boko Haram along the Nigeria-Cameroon border.[53] Finally, even if a cease-fire is reached with some factions, and Boko Haram is limited to Borno or sporadic attacks in Kano, Abuja, and Jos, it will still have the potential to cause instability in Nigeria,including army mutinies and defections, violence during the upcoming February 2015 election season, or a “war” between Christians and Muslims if it launches a renewed series of attacks on churches in the Middle Belt or extends its operations to majority Christian areas of southern Nigeria.[54]

As such, Boko Haram can still punch above its weight in Nigeria with
attacks that have far-reaching ripple effects on political stability, as seen by the ongoing fallout from the Chibok attack.

Jacob Zenn is an analyst of African and Eurasian Affairs for The Jamestown Foundation and a consultant on countering violent extremism,international law of freedom of association, and socio-cultural analysis for geospatial visualization. Mr. Zenn speaks
French and Arabic and carried out field research in the northern Nigeria-Cameroon-Chad-Niger border region three times between 2012 and 2014. He is currently researching Boko Haram’s connections to Central Asian militants in a Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) monograph. Mr. Zenn holds a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a certificate in international studies from the Johns Hopkins-SAIS campus in Nanjing, China.


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  1. peccavi says:

    Another excellent piece

  2. Colonel says:

    Hmmmm. It was nice reading this!

  3. Colonel says:

    Oga beeg, the COAS will present his agends to the public on thursday in abuja. It will an opportunity for us to assess his plans for the Nigerian Army. Also, prepartions have started for the army day celebrations that will take place this month. There is also news that the current recruitment for SSC/DSSC candidates may be conducted quickly with the selected candidates resuming training in september. Pls acknowledge and help confirm same. Thanks.

  4. rka says:

    Probably time we discuss this in more detail;

    It has always been suspected that BH were getting info and it would explain why Nigerian troops were getting regularly ambushed and not just because we don’t have the right equipment and need PMCs etc.

    If the enemy knows in advance what your plans are, it leaves little room for manoeuvre.

    • asorockweb says:

      The only factual information in the story is the reference to the court marshal last year.
      Everything else is from “sources”.

  5. Colonel says:

    Oga rka, i read the story but choose to ignore it for now. There are lots of inconsistencies. The headline says 10 Generals have been courtmatialed. Somewhere in the post, another source said 4 Generals. We know there are people supporting boko haram but i will rather wait for an official confirmation from the NA before i say my mind.

    • rka says:

      Oga Colonel, Tope below has answered your concerns about the story. For me it makes sense as it explains a lot regarding why some operations were not as successful as they should have been and confirms lot of my previous suspicions regarding the political angle and the determination to portray Nigeria as unstable and ungovernable.

  6. Augustine says:

    One fact remains clear gentlemen and brothers, there is a powerful and effective fifth column operating successfully from inside the Nigerian military. It is our big problem, please let us deal with it and suggest solutions. Cancer kills because mostly attacks from inside the body itself, your own body cells fighting against you….The fifth column is like a cancer, gentlemen what is the solution? Thanks.

    • igbi says:

      If this report is true then you were right and i was wrong, and for that I apologize.

    • igbi says:

      Apparently the report is a fake. So I don’t think I was wrong anymore.

      The Defence Headquarters has denied media reports that 15 military officers including 10 generals for giving surreptitious assistance to the Boko Haram insurgents.
      The Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade, said in an electronic mail on Tuesday that the story written by a national daily (not the PUNCH), was meant to inflict a full damage on the image of the military.
      Olukolade said that the story which he described as a falsehood was refuted previously by the military but was again brought up by those bent of giving wrong information to Nigerians and the international community in support of their negative propaganda against the military.
      “The Defence Headquarters wishes to state once again categorically that there is no truth whatsoever in the report making rounds in a section of the media claiming that a Nigerian Army court martial has tried and found 15 senior officers including 10 Generals guilty for aiding terrorists.
      “The story as published in some dailies and zealously propagated by many online media is very unfortunate and meant to do maximum damage to the image of Nigerian Army and its personnel.
      “This falsehood had previously been refuted when it first reared its head but those concocting it appear hell bent on misleading Nigerians and the international community to give credence to the negative impression they are so keen to propagate about the Nigerian military.” The statement read in part.
      Olukolade said that the military would ensure that any ongoing disciplinary process in the operation was brought to the attention of the public when it became necessary.
      The Defence Spokesman stressed it was on record that the outcome of military court martial undertaken by the Nigerian Army had always been made public.
      He advised those fabricating sensitive security stories to desist from doing so especially during this period of insecurity.
      He said that it was rather grave for the Army to convict a single general for the offence of giving arms to the insurgents as report let alone 10 generals.
      Olukolade maintained that the “Nigerian Army remains a serious professional and responsible institution that cannot be associated with such incredulous report.”

    • asorockweb says:

      In any internal conflict, there will be elements within security organizations, that will be sympathetic to the “other side”.

      But we should ask questions before we believe stuff.

      Boko Haram psych-Ops is very good.

      The biggest fifth column is the mind that does not require evidence to come to a conclusion.

      Let’s not do the work of BH by empowering these rumours.

      • igbi says:

        Their aim in this report seems quite obvious: they want to destroy the chain of command. they want ordinary soldiers to distrust those giving them orders. They want chaos in the army. That was my initial feeling by the way.

  7. Tope says:

    Great piece by Jacob zenn, NIA SSS DMI please take note.

    As for the generals, it was reported 9 of them were selling info to the terrorists, now report says 10 generals and 5 others, it went onto say 4 HAVE been convicted while the rest are awaiting trial, it also named normalsoldiers facing different court martial in different divisions, this shows the army is cleaning its house and needs to shore up numbers, it is a massive exercise and I guess that is why the army has been in a lull recently, but the army has had cases of 5th columnist beforr, remember letniger delta time, an armoury was broken into the guard commander was sentenced to death I think. Let the army weed out these traitors once and for all, I suggest the DMI and SSS open an elite internal investigations team wit collabo of police to go through and conduct Pysops test on ALL security agents using different tools n even basic lie detectors, using HUMINT and even embedding spies in the ranks, these will help remove radical soldiers, again I think its high time Reserve battalions be formed, u can inculcate the civilian vigilantes into that and have them as a standby force.

  8. asorockweb says:

    Well researched piece.

    If only other “experts” put in a third of the effort that Jacob does, the outside world would have been better informed about Boko Haram.

    The identification of local Boko Haram sub-groups would explain some of the difficulties the NA is having with “locals”.

    Some of the local Boko Haram sub-groups are basically area gangs. DSS can help by creating local counter weights to these gangs.

    Locals can be recruited into CJTF type formations, but under the auspices of the Civil Defence Corp.
    These new CJTF formations should not be left to their own devices – half of them should be in training for new job skills at any one time.

    Back to the article.
    I am a bit concerned that the article is based primarily on media reports. But Jacob uses a wide variety of sources and weaves everything together nicely.

    I suspect that there will be nothing new in the article for our intelligence establishment though.

  9. igbi says:

    Jacob Zenn is the only western source that is this accurate about the boko haram problem.
    Most westerners probably think they can figure all this out in a matter of minutes, but they are wrong, they should ask their master Jacob Zenn who I am sure took months if not years to produce this. His work is actually going to help any body interested in fighting against the scourge called boko homo.

  10. jimmy says:

    Jacob Zenn while not saying anything the dss , the NA INTEL,, the NPF INTEL,the sss and nia, do not know, I for once having lived more than half my life in the WESTERN World have nothing but good things to say about him, his credibility is intact and he SHOULD BE INVITED TO THIS BLOG Through the necessary channels.

  11. jimmy says:

    It is pleasing to note that the Nigerian Army WHILE NOT PROACTIVE they are beginning to refute
    and back up with fact what I can only describe as truly DAMAGING REPORTS on erroneous and falsehoods of the Nigerian ARMY
    Thumbs up to the PR dept of the Nigerian ARMY AND THE DEFENSE as a whole for finally SLOWING BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND what we have been gritting out teeth about. They honestly should ask themselves in whose interests is it to see Nigeria weak?, disparaged ?brought down at every opportunity? , I WILL KEEP REPEATING THIS :
    THE DAY I SEE a positive item on THE NIGERIAN ARMY from an independent western journalist will be a day for the ages.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Surprised that you are unaware that Jacob has been here severally since 2012 at the latest, Egbon Jimmy.

    Check #44 in the footnotes.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Go thru the comments here.

    Jake gets to ground and that is the cutting edge which he enjoys. Not so for most of those vacuous and deskbound airheads pretending to be “experts” even while mixing apples and oranges.

    In our interactions, he always insists that he is just an analyst. Compare that, for all the precision and balance in his work, to the posturing by many cocky morons who strut their stuff around the Western world claiming to be Nigeria experts?

  14. toondey says:

    if the Nigerian Army denies this, why has Abba Moro confirmed it on BBC focus on Africa though silent on the number involved. This is rather confusing to me

    • igbi says:

      I could give you hundreds of reasons why people would be trying to give fake information against the Nigerian army. But I think it is best if you let your brain do the exercise. By the way, this isn’t actually the first time it is happening. I hope you find enough energy to answer your own question.

  15. Augustine says:

    Nigerian army has confirmed the existence of fifth column and confirmed the court martial of one officer, I think a Lieutenant months ago as a fifth columnist. I won’t repeat the web-link again, people have read it. The numbers of fifth columnists is not known by anyone because a fifth columnist is a secret ‘double agent’ so to say.

    Anyone who says they don’t exist because there is no General rank among them, is just deluding himself and self-delusion is something Nigerians love to do, reason why we are still where we are since 1960.


    Anyway guys, as I said many weeks ago, the Australian special forces are rated in world military circles as among the top 10 in the world, now they have offered to come to Nigeria to rescue our 200 girls from Bokos camps.

    I don’t really want foreign troops in our fight, but as I suggested when USA/UK offered to help, Nigeria should rather go for Israeli or Australian help if we need foreign assistance in reality.

    Australian SF have special skills in our type of semi-arid and forest terrains which are similar to certain regions in their homeland Australia.

    Wow ! Don’t mess around with Aussie Sherwood Green Berets SF, they slaughtered Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan wars, even the Americans know that there was more than one master on the battlefield.

  16. Augustine says:

    America told Nigeria not to negotiate with Boko Haram to free our 200 girls because Bokos are terrorists, well America negotiated with terrorists this week and exchanged one single American soldier for five hardest hardcore ‘ogbologbo’ Taliban terrorists who are high caliber extremely dangerous category of Talibans.

    Who is fooling who?

    • igbi says:

      You have started again. What is the meaning of this ? Since when does Nigeria take orders from america ? Let me tell you this : Nigeria will not negociate anything with boko haram because it is not in Nigeria’s interests. Can you understand that ? Or must I throw some big words and some comparisons with the US for you to get it ?

    • igbi says:

      I think you should try and “hug” reality, don’t let it go out of your sight.

    • jimmy says:

      oga augustine this is going to be A BIG STORY. I PERSONALLY GOT SOMETHING I am going to write.

  17. peccavi says:

    Oga Augustine, neither the US notr any other power has told Nigeria not to negotiate or in fact to do anything in relation the the Chibok girls. Nigeria by itself keeps announcing different stances and positions

    • Augustine says:

      @Peccavi, yes they did, and I watched the US and British parliament deliberations on TV and I watched their government officials making comments, and they said they told Nigeria not to negotiate with terrorists. Even those who don’t have the facts also believe it is happening by default.

      I heard them live, saying they have told Nigeria, and nobody here is going to take that away from me. Love me or hate me, I just don’t care.

      @Igbi, because you don’t have an information does not mean the whole world does not have it. Live your life and let me live mine, I don’t need you to do my thinking for me….and please if you don’t have facts to prove people wrong, try stay off their tracks.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Yes ooooo, Colonel. There are two gentlemen here who go by the moniker “Colonel”…both Nigerians from the same geopolitical zone. You, who raised the alert, appears to be Nigeria-based while the other is probably based in East Africa and uses connectivity sourced from the Middle East.

    He got here before you arrived but is somewhat quiet most times. That is why this situation has only cropped up now for the first time ever.

    Maybe you should go by “Colonel NGR” from now on. Post a comment using that screen name and I shall approve same immediately.

    Hope that solves it…as man nor fit “rearrange una senior pips” or dey wia two rednecks dey cross sword 🙂

    • rugged7 says:

      My apologies Oga Beeg.
      Reporting 4 duty and Guilty as charged…
      See as u dey burst me worldwide. My work takes me around. Nothing illegal o, mind u!! B4 bad belle people go begin paranoid…
      But u 4 kuku join secret service Oga Beegs..U closed on the I.P, but not that close. U try sha.
      Anyway, i think i have 1st dibs on the “colonel” moniker. But when i noted someone using it a while back, i abandoned it, out of respect for the blog and i was actually wondering if someone had hijacked my I.P address.. I’m actually surprised u didn’t pick it up since a long while back. And i’ve been out of circulation for a bit.
      My computer malfunctioned , thatz why the moniker came up again.
      Rest assured that i am above board. As for the “colonel-in-red” alias colonel NGR, be advised that i will cease and desist.
      I remain an avid and genuine admirer of your credible Blog.
      10 Gbosa for The Beeg one…..

  19. COLONEL NGR says:

    Lol Oga beeg, you can change mine to COLONEL NGR. Pls i still await you confirmation with regards to my first post on this thread. Heared the COAS will reveal his plans to the Nigerians tommorow. Also the DSSC/SSC is on and i have info it will fast so that successful peeps can start training in september. Just need a confirmation from your end.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Oga, baptism concluded o. You are now COLONEL NGR (note the capital letters and adhere to same), so that it does not bounce back your comments.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Not yet heard anything about the COAS’s briefing. What info do you have, Oga?

  22. Colonel says:

    The invitation card is on the NA’s official site. Its taking place tomorrow. He wants to brief us on his agenda for the NA as COAS.

    • jimmy says:

      Please ogas explain for the rest ofus is the na inviting the beegeagle blog.I not trying to sound rude .but please explain. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  23. COLONEL NGR says:

    The invitation card is on the NA’s official site. Its taking place tomorrow. He wants to brief us on his agenda for the NA as COAS……

  24. beegeagle says:


    June 4 (Xinhua)

    At least 83 lifeless bodies have been found after gunmen invaded three Nigerian villages which share border with Cameroon, a top security source told Xinhua on Wednesday.

    The source, who declined to be named,
    said Attagara, Agapalawa and Aganjara
    villages in Gwoza local government area
    of the northeastern state of Borno were
    under intense attack on Tuesday but the
    information got to Maiduguri, some 135 km away from the scene of the attacks,
    on Wednesday, due to poor
    telecommunication signal.

    Wearing military camouflage, the
    attackers drove through the three villages in vehicles painted in military colors and opened fire on the villagers, said the security source in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State.

    “The residents actually thought the gunmen were military personnel. It did
    not occur to them that they were
    attackers or Boko Haram fighters,” said
    Ishaya Musa, a resident and petty trader. According to Musa, more than 83 corpses which littered the area were yet to be buried as of the time of filing this report.

    He said two of his relatives, who escaped death by the whiskers, had fled to a nearby village to seek refuge. More bodies might be found as villagers had started combing nearby bushes in search of their loved ones, either
    displaced due to the attack or killed and
    injured by the gunmen’s bullets, he

    Three days ago, armed men, also
    suspected to be members of Boko Haram, opened fire on residents in a church at Attagara, one of the targets of the fresh attack, killing nine people. Last Thursday, at least 32 residents were
    killed when armed men stormed a
    remote village near Nigeria-Cameroon
    border in the same northeastern state of Borno, according to security officials.

    Boko Haram says it seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law in the constitution of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. The sect recently claimed responsibility for the mid-April abduction of more than 200 school girls in the northeastern state of Borno, which has received tons of condemnation locally and internationally.

  25. Augustine says:

    Fellow Nigerians, If we don’t have a garrison in each village, this will continue unless we adopt a political solution. Me I don talk my own.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Ola, I was about to post same and saw that you beat me to it.

      Yes, confirmed Fifth Columnists in Nigerian army….

      “However, it was gathered that the affected officers and soldiers are facing trial for negligence of duty, cowardice, failure to perform military duty and leakage of information to the enemy.”

      @Igbi and @Asorockweb please take not, and other people on this blog who say things did not happen because they did not personally hear it in their own bedrooms.

      This also agrees with me, the Chibok principal is liable and should have been arrested for trial in court…

      “While reacting to the abduction in April, the military authorities claimed that the principal did not ask for military protection before gathering such a large number of students for the West African School Certificate Examination in an unprotected environment.”

      • jimmy says:

        My point is this oga augustine judge each individual by their actions out in the field not because they happen to be muslim or kanuri.however truth be told you have been vindicated to some extent but as we all know in any army including the us .it is possible to have traitors.if this is found out to be true they need to be removed from the aor as soon as possible. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Augustine, please read, comprehend, and analyze.

        Army personnel have already been tried and convicted last year for aiding the enemy – that is the fact.

        The fact coming out of this media report is that there will be court-marshal proceedings against officers and men of the NA. That is the only fact from the media report.

        This is an internal conflict – there will be sympathizers.

        What I quarrel with is your hyperbole; your lack of distinction between what is official, what is a rumour, what is an assumption, what may be malicious, and what is an outright lie.

        Boko Haram’s Psych-ops is good; let’s not be amplifiers.

        If the British, in their darkest hours of the battle of Britain, took your approach, Hitler would have gotten the chance to have tea in Whitehall.

  26. Saints says:

    Jeez that was so revealing. Even our peace and conflict professors have a poor knowledge of certain critical factors in this issue. Sometime when i watch em commenting on this issue i almost feel like hauling my remote control at the potbellied ‘expert’ talking. So they go ahead commenting on a topic they know nothing about misleading the public and provoking the learned.

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