The Nigerian Navy's NNS Thunder F90

The Nigerian Navy’s NNS Thunder F90

4 June, 2014

The Nigerian Navy has concluded its fleet training tagged “Exercise MAJEPO”, which when translated means “Do not steal oil.”

The exercise was performed to test the readiness of officers and men as well as machinery in the fight against oil theft, sea piracy, smuggling and other related vices along the nation’s maritime boundary. It had over 10 ships including the NNS Thunder. The event featured a parade by ships, arrest and seizures of offenders, gunnery including search and rescue operations.

MAJEPO was part of activities to round up the 58th anniversary of the Nigerian Navy.


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  1. Henry says:

    Between 2001 and 2008, the Nigerian Armed Forces entered into contractual agreements and/or taken delivery of the following:

    NINE Mi-34 helicopters
    SIX Mi-35P gunships
    Mi-24 gunships
    FOUR Mi-17 utility choppers
    SEVEN Agusta A109 Power helicopters
    FOUR Agusta A139 helicopters
    77 units of T-72 tanks
    16 units of AMX-30 tanks
    50 additional units of T-55 tanks
    67 units of MT-LB APC/IFVs
    193 units of Otokar Cobra APCs
    47 units of BTR-3 APCs
    18 units of BTR-70 APCs
    6 units of BTR-60 APCs (probably complimentary hardware from Russia)
    18 units of Panhard M3 APCs
    70 additional units of 8X8 MOWAG APCs
    18 additional units of Oto Melara 105 mm howitzers
    23 additional units of Palmaria 155mm self-propelled howitzers
    48 units of BOFORS Archer 155 mm gun-howitzers

  2. beegeagle says:

    The foregoing was cloned 100% from stuff that I wrote and published on CE Forum and was reproduced on Skyscrapercity. TIMAWA, Nairaland thereafter sunk their tap lines into it.

    What is CLEAR is that the compilation was first logged anywhere online by Beegeagle on the CE Forum in 2009. It was thereafter reproduced on Skyscrapercity.

    Meanwhile, amend as follows

    * 48 Bofors FH77 155mm arty…not Bofors Archer

    * 204 Otokar Cobra..not 193 units.

    See UN REGISTER of Conventional Arms Transfers.


    See the bit about deliveries made between 2001 and 2008. I WROTE and posted it on FOTORAMA: THE NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES on Cybereagles Forum in 2009. Ditto on MILITARY PHOTOS. RDOKOYE posted it on SKYSCRAPERCITY with my permission. You guys just splashed it – no credits and here you are suddenly asking for links to confirm what I have posted here?


  3. peccavi says:

    In other words we should have 2 squadrons of T 72 and 1 Squadron of T 55, i.e a heavy armoured battalion
    3 Companies of BTR i.e. an Armoured Infantry Battalion
    1 x Armoured Recce Sqn of AMX 30
    4 x Batteries of SP Artillery
    In other words 2 x Armoured Regiment on Heavy one Light depending on how they want to mix it
    2 x Mechanised Infantry Battllions
    etc etc
    So the key question is was all the kit delivered and how exactly is it being employed, are they organised as classic mechanised or armoured infantry or is the kit being used, or stored?

  4. Henry says:

    I’m seriously beginning to doubt whether the T-72’s were ever delivered to the nigerian army. It hasn’t been pictured anywhere since the alleged deliveries were made.

    • Deway says:

      They were never delivered. Even the army website has pictures of T55 MBT, no T72 whatsoever. Vicker MBT were also used briefly in the north east, no T72. The AMX30 MBTs are also doubtful, they are not recent procurement, rather they are used as the chassis to deploy the Roland SAMs. As far as I know, we have about 5-6 functional, not minding they are already outdated. Others on the list seem correct but the question is how are are being used? The Mi gunships have gone silent.

      • peccavi says:

        Ok but were they paid for?

      • asorockweb says:

        The T-72 MBTs must have been a case of mistaken identity when the delivery was initially published.

        Nice one on the AMX30s

      • Martin Luther says:

        My main concern are the Hinds, they seem to have gone silent. What good would 50 or a 100 Men Do against 500 attackers if they do not have a force multiplier like the Hind. It is possible to post 20 men in every community if there is a guaranty that air cover in form of a gunship would arrive in 30 minutes of an attack.

        With good ground communication all they would be doing is spotting targets for hits while also picking out the most aggressive ground targets for elimination with the use of 50 caliber sniper rifles and medium range man portable rocket launchers

      • Deway says:

        Like Oga Asorockweb said, it was likely an error.

  5. jimmy says:

    Of all the things mentioned the greatest concern to me are:
    1 the t-72 tanks
    2. The gunships too me it appears people are deliberately weakening the armed forces for their own monetary gains oh well we will see what is the excuse for no delivery, by the way what happened at the news conference.

  6. Martin Luther says:

  7. beegeagle says:

    * the AMX-30 are indeed the chassis of the Roland ADM systems…which are sixteen in number. In 30yrs, no upgrades on them. We have a very poor maintenance culture overall…neither Mk.9 corvettes nor Lurssen/Combattante III FACs, Steyr APCs or whatever havr been upgraded. As far as I know, the only equipment which has been upgraded since 1989 is the 18 units of T55 and 36 units of Scorpion light tanks which happened a decade ago.

    We have an attitude towards defence procurement and modernisation which smacks of evil. There is no other way to describe it. This country budgeted US$6 bn for DEFSEC in 2012 and there is not one new corvette, not a squadron of fighter jets or even 200 A-class MRAPs to show for it. 90% of all hardware systems acquired in the 1980s and 1990s have not been upgraded, leaving them outmoded. That is what we are paying for today.

    On a fleet of 180 Panhard AML 60 and AML 90 which we should have thrown into combat ahead of the more modern Sagaie AFVs, not ONE had been upgraded yet there is an upgrade package available in Belgium which might not have cost US$30 million to bring those plucky systems up to date. Chad exercised that option on 82 Eland/AML 90 while we were asleep on the job as always. NOBODY cared and now we are paying for it. The same West who Madam has been trying to please have now turned round to orchestrate blistering campaigns of defamation against the Nigerian military. For crying out loud, how can a nation run up a US$6 billion DEFSEC budget and if they refuse to huy, not have every piece of hardware serviceable and upgraded? Lacking communication radios, flak jackets, night vision goggles? Is it a curse abi na wetin? When someone brings a budget of US$6bn and 90% of that goes towards personnel and overhead costs, why not throw the self-serving forecast back to them?

    # I have not seen any T72s myself but I almost swore whilst passing through the Sobi area of Ilorin in 2009 that I saw new and rather larger Russian tanks there. It has to be said however that the 22 Armoured Bde is a post-1999 creation and you do not create a whole new armoured brigade without a corresponding asset base.

    Points to ponder

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      Regarding the possibility of the 22 Armoured Bde having the T72 tanks, one can’t say.

      Military secrecy is being misused.

      Think of the 202 Tank Battalion in the NE – how many tanks do they actually have? I would say pretty close to zero.

    • drag_on says:

      To think Uganda has T90s. They (Uganda) also have,together with Ethiopia,Sudan Tanzania(U.S. and Chinese variant),Tunisia Morocco,Libya,Chad and Egypt, Humvees. We look a mess,cut adrift and lost at sea.

      • doziex says:

        Oga drag on,
        Off the top of my head,

        Sudan has chinese T-96.
        South sudan has about 100 T-72Ms.
        Egypt about 500 m1a1 abrams and 500 m-60A3.
        Morocco, 200 m1a2 abrams, and another 300 to 500 t-72/80 variants.
        Algeria are in the process of acquiring some 300 to 500 T90s, in addition to refurbishing and upgrading another 500 T72 tanks.
        Ethiopia snagged 200 upgraded T72s for 100 million usd. They already had about 50 functional T72s, and are looking into another 100 T90s.
        Uganda by my count has or would soon have 130 T90 tanks. And 250 T55 upgrades.

        Tanzania just upgraded their T55s to almost T72 standard. Main gun and all.

        So our very aged mark IV Vickers tanks with our 105 mm guns all 170 off them, is no longer impressing any body on the continent.
        Angola is also planning a major post conflict haul from Russia.

    • beegeagle says:

      55 Fox scout cars armed with 30mm guns…not one visible at the front.

      75 EE-9 Cascavel armed with 90mm guns…not one seen anywhere.

      That is 130 potential game changers right there…doubtful serviceability, zero upgrades.

  8. drag_on says:

    He probably shot at a tyre and some people thought it was a bomb going off. My guess.

  9. drag_on says:

    Hmm,oga peccavi, it could actually be an RPG.

  10. rka says:

    “Nautic Africa has handed over two 17 metre Sentinel fast patrol vessels to the Nigerian Navy where they will be used for offshore patrol and escort duties.”

    “On April 2 this year Nautic Africa hosted a keel laying ceremony for two 35 metre Sentinel for a Nigerian based company. The new vessels will assist in the protection of Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas resources.”

    • beegeagle says:

      What do Nautic Africa mean by “NN have eight other fast vessels”…do they mean vessels made by Nautic Africa? Because by every other parameter, that statement is categorically wrong.

      As of November 2013, we already had TWENTY TWO units of 17 metre Suncraft Manta ASD Littoral Interceptors.

      In March 2014, two more 17m KND interceptors came by way of NPA largesse to the NN. That makes 23 units of 17m interceptors. Now, add these two 17m Nautic Africa boats and it comes to a grand total of TWENTY SIX units of 17m interceptors inducted since 2008.

      One notch higher, we have inducted five 25 metre Shaldag FPCs and three 24m OCEA FPCs as well since 2009. Not to mention the 31m NNS Andoni, the 32m NNS Dorina and the 38m NNS Zaria and NNS Burutu. That makes twelve CPCs above the level of 17m platforms.

      What was obliquely referred to as fast vessels could therefore be anything between 34 units of 17,24 and 25m vessels or 38 units of 17m, 24m, 25m, 31m, 32m and 38m vessels.

      So where did the figure of eight fast patrol vessels come up from? If they do not know what they are enumerating why not lay off?

    • asorockweb says:

      Great video.


      On a side note, the presenter said that some of the highlights of the fleet evaluation week were the golf tournament and the fireworks display; it appears that we are lucky that they showed us any ships at all!

      They showed about half a second of the live-fire exercise – these guys have so much footage of our troops in action, they just don’t broadcast it.

      • While i was watching the video, i was silently insulting everyone that had anything to du with putting together the video….NTA and all our media houses have a long way to go…i wish i cud see more of the life weapons firing!

      • rka says:

        Until the Nigerian press realises what is important in a naval exercise (applies also to the reporting of other activities in other arms of the military), this nonsense will continue.

        The story should be strictly about the naval platforms, their capabilities etc. and not about how the Ogas have been frolicking about and certainly not to mention the Golf and fireworks as highlights of the week long exercise as already pointed out.

      • jimmy says:

        We need to write intelligent non insulting letters to the mds of the Nigeria television stations and cc a copies to the pr depts of all three armed forces. This is exactly what i mean by the role of social media in today’s ARMED forces VERY FEW NiGERIANS ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING SENIOR ARMY/ NAVY/ AIRFORCE OFFICERS PLAYING GOLF . That image just displays a lack of seriousness although unintended it is not good they should show more of the live firing exercises, more of the press confrence with ADMIRAL ALADE stressing how they will deepen ties between the Chinese navy and the Nigerian Navy.
        Lastly the Nigerian Navy needs to make it a priority upgrade the ARADU RECONFIGURE to be Smaller Nimbler ( take out her engines and replace them with more fuel efficient ones) deadlier ( remove her obsolete missiles and radar and substitute them for an upgraded radar and an upgraded ANTI SHIP MISSILE system preferably from China.

  11. Hope it is not a re-post

    • asorockweb says:

      Another good video.

      Notice the uniforms are similar – the only difference is that in the Nigerian uniform, it’s blue, sea-foam, and green; and in the Chinese uniform, it’s blue, sea-foam and grey.

  12. igbi says:

    Guys mr gumi is using his facebook page to recruit for boko haram. And you wouldn’t believe the types of comments people are writing on it. I hope the SSS is watching, many of the people commenting on gumi’s page are up to no good.

  13. G8T Nigeria says:

    • asorockweb says:


      Maybe NAF 918 is finally returning home for good.

      Thanks for the video.

    • asorockweb says:

      If you watch the video in HD, during the take off run, you will notice the short bursts of air-jets coming from below the cockpit; what are those?

  14. AOk says:

    Don’t think so yet. That was a very short take off run meaning it wasnt carrying enough fuel to make it back to Nigeria. Another test flight probably.

  15. rka says:

    2 weeks afterwards;

    • jimmy says:

      OGA RKA
      Thank you for the pics very interesting the comments by the two British gentlemen and their conspiracy comments. LOL . what i actually found even more amusing was just before the end of the video were the birds flying by in close proximity so after spending millions of pounds we now have the same birds get sucked into the engine God forbid o !

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Vid won’t play on my device! Perhaps it RATO or JATO. Charlies are known to have been fitted with them for exceptional STOL

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