LAGOS, June 9 (Xinhua)

Over 50 suspected Boko Haram fighters were killed over the weekend in a military operation by troops in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, the stronghold of the outlawed sect, local authorities said on Monday.

The Nigerian military’s spokesperson
Chris Olukolade said in a statement that troops in the northeast region of Nigeria also foiled an attack by suspected members of Boko Haram, a sect which seeks to enshrine the Islamic sharia law in the constitution of the secular West African country.

“Troops conducting anti-terrorist
campaigns in North-Eastern Nigeria have successfully averted attempted massive raid on villages in Borno and Adamawa States during the weekend. The terrorists who were on their way to attack selected communities were ambushed by troops along Bilta,Borno state on receiving intelligence report of the terrorists’ intention,” said Olukolade.

“The attack was launched on the
terrorists as they filed out of the forest to embark on their mission at about 10 p.m. local time on Saturday. Over 50 terrorists died in the fierce encounter that ensued,while 30 rifles, 36 hand grenades, 7 machine guns and 11 rocket propelled grenade tubes were captured by the troops,” he said.

“Also recovered from the terrorists were over 3,500 rounds of ammunition, 6 smoke grenade canisters and locally fabricated guns as well as 4 vehicles used by the terrorists in the foiled attack, ” the
military spokesperson added.

According to him, four soldiers who were wounded in the operation are currently receiving medical treatment in the military medical facility.

The Boko Haram, which has proved to be a major security threat in Nigeria since 2009, has killed hundreds of people in the last three months in many village attacks across three states in the northeast region. More than 100 people were massacred by
the Boko Haram fighters in various
attacks carried out in May.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is currently grappling with security challenges, one of which is the insurgency of Boko Haram, a sect which seeks to enforce the Islamic sharia law in the constitution.


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  1. Deway says:

    Nice. Good one.

  2. Are James says:

    UAVs are finally working?.

  3. peccavi says:

    Taking the fight to the enemy in their own ground.

    Good one

  4. Augustine says:

    Only useful if we maintain the tempo. This war has become a ding dong affair for a long time…slap me I slap you. We don’t know who is really winning. I hear a major offensive is being planned by Nigeria, still a rumour and looking for proofs.

  5. doziex says:


    Way to go NA.
    I said yesterday, that BH is way too mobile, and road bound, not to be vulnerable to ambushes.

    So just like the BIR in Cameroon, NA needs to set ambushes on the routes dominated by BH.

    NA should interrupt BH’s planning and operation cycle.

    They are said to sleep during the day, and terrorize nigerians at night.

    So NA should find out where they sleep, and harass the hell outta dem.

    If they sleep in the sambisa forrest, then our 155mm palmaria sph, should shell the entire forest in quadrants.
    Or buzz the forest with noisy jets, or napalm dropping tucano turbo props.

    There shall be no rest for the wicked.

    • ugobassey says:

      Don’t know if that’s a good idea…those school girls could be in that forest too.

      • ozed says:

        My brother, your concern for the girls is admirable, and i hate to sound even remotely callous. However, i am not sure that the girls remain a strategic priority at this point. Since their abduction close to 800 villagers have been slaughtered, another 20 girls/women were taken yesterday from around the Chibok area.

        This is war my bro. Our priority now should be to keep those animals off balance so much that they have neither the time nor the composure to plan any missions of significant scale.

  6. ozed says:

    Great operation.
    The time of the attack and the proactive nature i.e ambush speaks volumes of the changes in the operations of our forces i.e.
    – improved intelligence gathering through UAVs or Special forces observers etc.
    – Likely use of night vision equipment leading to precision fire in pitch darkness
    – Large volume of seized arms and equipment from the enemy, which speaks of almost complete destruction of the enemy force probably through envelopment etc.

    All things considered all i can say is Keep it Up!!!! AHUUA!!

  7. beegeagle says:

    Let us make a brief post-news detour this morning…news briefs which I listened to before I left home this morning.

    Let me ask again, what is it that ACTUALLY propels BBC reportage for goodness sake? The Nigerian military have just destroyed a BH column and they have again turned a blind eye to that in their news bulletins in predictable preference for that which keeps this country blackspotted? Check this out.


    – Pakistani forces have killed 15 Taliban militants in air strikes

    – 20 Fulani women kidnapped near Chibok where school girls were recently taken

    Personally, I have no issues with reporting that kidnap since the gains and setbacks of our War on Terror are also fully covered in headlines and/or embedded weblinks in comments on this blog. It is however desperately curious that the BBC glossed over the killing of over 50 insurgents in Nigeria in their news bulletin while not forgetting to report the kidnapping of 20 Fulani women and then moved over to Pakistan to report the killing of a more insignificant 15 insurgents? Why is that?

    OK…right after that,


    – Nigeria, by their own statistics, emerged the biggest economy in Africa within the course of these past 12 months

    – despite headline growth in Nigeria, poverty is increasing. (in effect, a dampener)

    What was the meaning of “by their own statistics”? Is that more of BBC Hausa’s transcribed pro-opposition narrative or is it in doubt that highly reputable global brands in GDP computation were involved in the exercise which threw up the new figures? So what was the defamatory “by their own statistics” all about…more of dampeners?

    Thereafter, a cascade of dampeners laden with ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ followed, in tandem with which they tried to see if President Kuffour, an interviewee, would lend himself to some Nigeria bashing (he did not..bless him)

    SO is it any wonder that British designs and stated goodwill toward Nigeria always ring HOLLOW with some of us? BBC World Service remain an organ of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. So long as the ‘undiplomatic’ antics of that broadcast medium continues, NOTHING will restore the diplomatic relevance and return to the pole position as far as influence in Nigeria is concerned, which the British Govt so desperately seek. That quest shall never see the light of day for as long as this odious and evil communicative style persists.

    • rka says:

      Oga Beeg, it is the BBC’s style, which will never change. There wasn’t a negative report of the Taliban attack on Karachi Airport and you could have bet the negativity that would have come out of them had that been Abuja Airport.

      They are pro Ghana when it comes to West Africa, but anti anything Nigerian. They always end reports about Nigeria with a negative, a spoiler, as you rightly pointed out i.e. weak central government, the military facing mounting criticism and so on.

      Mind you, it is a reflection of what a lot of Brits think about Nigerians, which is unfortunately being promoted by the likes of the BBC.

    • WachanGuy says:

      Much as I’m not for rough diplomacy, methinks its time BBC are thrown out a la AlJazeera in Egypt.At least in the Northern part of Nigeria seeing as they seem to be doing more harm than good in this War on Terror.

  8. doziex says:

    BBC – Biased Broadcasting corporation.

    While I still push for more transparency in government affairs in Nigeria, the bbc continues to lend itself as an instrument in a British negative propaganda campaign against nigeria.

    This much, nigerians and their leaders should be aware of.

    They don’t report false information, they are way too Sophisticated for that.

    They use the tactic of commission and omissions.

    Emphasis on the negative, and de emphasis on the positive.

    It’s an editorial decision, a matter of policy.

    Some of us have studied them for way too long not to notice this.

    If you go looking for patently false story, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    But based on the preponderance of news stories, where do they place their emphasis ?

    • beegeagle says:

      WILL ROSS was the BBC’s reporter in Uganda during the reign of terror foisted on that country’s north. Let us see his reportorial style when he covered that war and compare same to what he does in Nigeria today. Since the BBC are reading this as well, they are free to compare the narratives from these two countries. Do the BBC go overboard when covering Nigerian affairs?


      Take note of the multiplicity of Uganda stories filed by Will Ross posted at the top right corner of the page. Then build a holistic picture and then come back and compare same to the ongoing BBC media blitzkrieg in Nigeria.

      Even I want to be sure that I am not mistaken in my belief that we get a raw deal from them.

    • Naijaseal says:

      BBC – Blasphemy Broadcasting Corporation.

      I stopped watching BBC news and even most of their programs a while back. They are as extreme left as an outfit can be, all from our TV Tax!

      Our (Nigerian) government has to develop some spine and revoke their license, if they keep misinforming people or at least the foreign ministry should call them to order, the way the last foreign minister called the US ambassador to order when the went gay rights preaching in our country.

      Let the BBC scream as much as they like, they are not as important to us as they fancy. The days of the empire are long gone and the sun did indeed set on it!

      Ghana has always been a “yes massa” country, the BBC can have them for free, but NEVER Nigeria.

  9. drag_on says:

    We are growing economically politically and diplomatically ( am not sure about the defence side), are we expecting not to come under attack from those who are miffed at the situation? It’s pure beef and we have to prepare for more of it.
    Time to become a nation not just a country.We should also expect covert attempts to undermine our economy and security from outside sources.For all we know this is an attempt to make us look undesirable for foreign direct Investment.
    Free capital is flowing in from economies around the world into Nigeria and we can be sure that some European Governments in need of much capital are not happy about it.
    They are looking after their interest,we better start protecting ours.
    The larger our economy grows the more intense the foreign interference in our society,we can’t escape that.

  10. Yagazie says:

    BBC have always been biaised in their reportage about Nigeria- so nothing new.

    My take on the matter:- (i) The Govt should ensure that NTA international is truly global and can be received on satellite channels just like CNN, BBC, France 24 , Al Jazeera, eNCA and CCTV- if you don’t tell your own storey- others will tell it for you from their own perspective. (ii) The Defence HQ has got to be more pro-active in its management of information/news cycle. With great results like this – they should send out regular press releases with photographic evidence to reputable news outlets like Reuters, Beagleblog and the cable news channels. (iii) this last suggestion might be controversial but I’ll say it anyway – the govt should revoke the accreditation of the bbc journalists in the country and stop the BBC from reporting in Nigeria.

    If they don’t want to be neutral and professional in their reportage- why should we allow them to send such patently biaised reports from our country. Zimbabwe banned them and the country has not collapsed. Eygpt kicked out Al-Jazeera and the country has not collapsed. We should do the same – heaven wlll not fall.

    On another matter- any idea as to what exactly the millitary wants to achieve by seizing the newsprints of some nigerian dailys? This has gone on for a couple of days now and last time I checked- Nigeria was supposed to be a Democracy operating under the rule of law. Furthermore this seems like an ‘own goal’ and a PR disaster for them.

    • drag_on says:

      …….On another matter- any idea as to what exactly the millitary wants to achieve by seizing the newsprints of some nigerian dailys?…….

      It is our old,flimsy, draconian method of PR. .

    • igbi says:

      In your last paragraph, I think you got it wrong.
      I have said it before, some media houses local and foreign have been using their “reports” to spread propaganda which in turn helps boko haram recruit and destroys public confidence and creates panic in the public. WE ARE AT WAR !
      Such misuse of the freedom of speech can not be tolerated. KUDOS to the NA. The propagandist had been given quite enough time to stop propaganda and start news reports, they chose otherwise.

  11. drag_on says:

    Why is China expanding her naval fleet and reach? Is it for power projection? Not necessarily,she is securing the trade route required for her to grow unimpeded from external influence.Her visit to Nigeria is a warning to western nations that she can reach all her interest with capable ships including logistics.

    The U.S. wants to counter that with a “Pivot to Asia” from the Mediterranean, they have all the oil they need at home now (fracking) don’t they? The middle east is no longer top priority.
    Recently Obama visited Asia, and together with Secretary Kerry have been blasting China over what china considers as protecting her interests.
    It is expected,the U.S. does not wants to become dependent on the Chinese economy as is the case now with Europe.

    The same E.U. wanted to revive their flagging economy and cut off dependence on the U.S. and China by offering ECOWAS a condescending EPA but our trade minister rejected it and warned other W. African nations to do so.
    That was a blatant attempt to undermine our growth by economic dumping.
    The E.U. economy is flagging because Africa is rising and turning to China.

    Nigeria shine your eye.Protect your growth.
    No rich man without adequate protection.No rich nation without adequate DEFSEC.

    • WachanGuy says:

      Small analogy to support Oga Drag_on. None of our Nigerian “big men” of means($10 million and above net worth) moves around with a convoy of less than 3 vehicles and a retinue of at least 4 heavily armed MOPOL bodyguards.
      I say we should apply this thinking on a national level and costs be damned, because IF there is eventually no Nigeria due to this BH issue, what’s the need for all the $$$ being saved for future generations?

  12. Yagazie says:

    Oga Drag_on, nice analysis. Unfortunately regarding the EPA matter, Ghana has gone ahead and signed it (thought they were spiting Nigeria) – and they will live to regret the outcome when the ramifications of their unilateral action begin to negatively impact on their economy. Look at France has consistently blocked any attempts to reform the EU’s common agricultural policy – which favours /subsidises french farmers. The UK is currently in a dispute with the EU regarding the latter’s decision to place a tax on some financial transactions- because it will adversely affect London’s reputation as a world financial centre. Every country looks after/cacts in its own strategic interest. So kudos to our country and the minister of trade and investments for refusing to sign the lope-sided document.

  13. Kay says:

    Photos from the operation showing seized weapons; bandoliers, grenades and dead BH can be found on DefenseHQ’s timeline.

  14. Are James says:

    My honest take is that if we continue to make these sympathetic, pseudo-nationalistic whinning noises, the FG is going to gobble it all up and settle comfortably into the comfort zone of persecution complex and inaction. Why are we so modern and high-tech in financial services (the financial products in play in Nigeria within the financial services sector is orders of magnitude more sophisticated than most other developing countries) yet so wimpish & cowardly in defence, security and geo political force projection?. Why have we not accepted the fact that aggressive global communications is one other leg for achieving the same thing, being respected and feared internationally?. Years ago when we had some weighty leadership we had NAN, VON and all that. They were established to take on the western media in the global communications space and tell the Nigerian story to the world. Everything changed when traders, contractors and rent seekers moved into the political sphere and started making policy.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Lol…in interviewing a certain financial services advisor, Ms Ismail, the questioning went like this “do you think the banking sector is so hopeless and incompetent…” Of course she answered “I dont think so”. So who says we have a modern, high tech financial services sector?

    To call a spade by its given name, these people deliberately have us blackspotted. If we owned BBC, our fair-minded disposition would not even permit us to engage in that kind of banal reportage. The intention is to expose false-heartedness. It does not absolve the FG of responsibility for fashioning out a home-grown voice to project our own interests and tell our own story.

    It behoves our intelligence community to do so since our public broadcast organs are still largely faced with indifferent results in their efforts to challenge the narrative. We can rent time on satellite platforms or use our NIGCOMSAT to package 1-hr long radio and TV news programmes in English, French and Arabic which will be beamed to the world, three times everyday. They only has to have to back that up by a website in the class of this blog or better, so that those who do not write with made-up minds can source news content from there…same way our newspaper quote the BBC.

    We have to start from somewhere and the unchallenged narrative has to be vigorously contradicted. NAN have great photographic depth. That can be leveraged upon.

    Nigeria need to identify those who have already gained a headstart and help to advance the narrative. I am glad that one has been able to use NAN and VON content to tell our DEFSEC story and gained the attention of the world. There is a lot more mileage to be gained if we act right. With respectability already gained, imagine if this blog were to become the hottest spot for imagery from the frontlines, from AIR EXPO, from naval exercises etc? That would take the initiative away from foreign ramblers and expose them for what they are…outsiders merely looking inside. Alas, Nigerians are loathe to build up their own perhaps

    Alas, the only solution which our own people think worthwhile is carrying along these destructive forces who would still produce their damning content pursuant to some malevolent plan, even as our officials keep willing and able Nigerian narrators in the dark about everything inane and serious alike.

  16. asorockweb says:

    Since we are working on acronyms,

    BBC – British Bias Corporation
    BBC – British Bias Conspiracy
    BBC – Bias for British Culture

    But I will go for

    BBC – Bash Black-freedom Conspiracy

  17. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, I am wondering who it is that makes a habit of hacking into my personal email account which I have operated since 1999? How do I wake up and get told that the login details which I used yesterday are no longer correct?

    That is the third time that this has happened since I came back in November 2013 and it appears to happen every time that I allude to having something in reserve. Since the orchestrators of these things are getting very excited about it all, I might soon stop so that they can do the publishing themselves now that they are no longer content with what I offer in the public domain.

    If you are the one doing this hideous stuff, be advised to restore that account to working order immediately. You have more to lose than I do.

    • Deway says:

      Might not necessarily be an individual initiative, might be an organization, agency sponsored – local or foreign. Take it seriously and do what you can to protect your account.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga beegs get your account ENCRYPTED. There are websites in the U.S – other countries that will do it for you. As for the persons hacking into your account it is just some nuisance org that you might of pissed off in the past.
      Anytime you actually hint that you have something in reserve now some of them wet themselves AND I mean this literally some might even s—t themselves because this is the blog that puts it on the line everyday 365 days a year.
      There are other things you can do I will holler at you back stage.

  18. makanaky says:

    What stops Nigeria from banning BBC, AL Jazeera and any in that category that report false news about Nigeria. This is our country we have a duty to impose whatever we deem fit will stir us to greatness.
    Egypt has incarcerated Al Jazeera journalist for almost a year : reason National interest.
    Its not about foreign press only also applicable to local press as well.

  19. jimmy says:

    BANNING BBC will be giving them way too much attention. Ignoring them is preferably going on the airwaves to refute what they have said is much better. CNN ‘S ERIN BURNETT who has spent time in Nigeria is a good choice. Again it boils down to the F.G. doing their own homework.

    • igbi says:

      You are wrong, the best way to defeat propaganda is to cut it off, not to go into a debate with it. Why do you think they keep trying to cut off alqaida propaganda network in the west ? Why don’t they debate with it ?

      • jimmy says:

        Oga igbi so please tell me how this task will be accomplished after deporting them, you will cut of their internet access,you will also have to ban radio ,tv,cable and satellite tv, you will also have to stop. Nigerians from visitng them onfacebook. What a lot of fruitless effort,I just wonder if we could use half to late bh sympathizers and turn them into informants. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  20. igbi says:

    It seems the new york based Sahara reporter is amplifying its boko haram friendly propaganda.

  21. beegeagle says:

    The mugu(s) have let go of the email account. Pushmail deliveries have resumed.

    • drag_on says:

      Oga beeg, abeg check well that they didn’t send unsolicited mails pretending to be you and offering services as a ‘Top Nigerian Military consultant on weapons procurement’.
      Opportunist are all over the place.

    • Are James says:

      I suspect our friends in government. It is a rare distinction for one’s email account to be hacked by ‘important people. I for omen am not so lucky. All I get is amateurish solicitations for help in transferring Mobutu and Abacha’s loot from the ‘world bank'(sic).

  22. beegeagle says:

    🙂 So ‘nineteen’ boys still dey worry your account with their percentage offers?

    • Are James says:

      I will take them up on it one day just for the fun of it. I have a few dormant accounts just right for the purpose.

  23. beegeagle says:

    Nice cache o. Good one by the forces. More grease

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