Press Statement
12 June, 2014

A high powered military delegation
from Sri Lanka on Tuesday held an
exclusive brainstorming session on
counter terrorism campaign with the
military high command at the Defence Headquarters.

Led by Sri Lanka’s Chief of Defence
Staff (CDS), General Jagath Jayasuriya,
the delegation also had the country’s
Chief of Army, Chief of Naval Staff as
well as Chief of National Intelligence
and other high ranking officers, all of whom made presentations relating
their country’s experience in handling
terrorists’ insurgency in the Asian

Opening the session of presentations
that featured in the visit, the Sri Lankan CDS said the delegation considered it a good opportunity to share their experience noting that the situation in the country share a lot of similarity with what obtained in Sri Lanka when it faced the problem of terrorism.

Extensive security briefs were then
delivered by the Sri Lankan Chief of
Defence Staff and other Service Chiefs
from the Sri Lankan military to explain the concepts and strategies adopted by their military in the fight against terrorism.

The Sri Lankan officers gave the details on how their country practiced what they referred to as “total security”, which involved the translation of all the nation’s assets into military power to counter the scourge of terrorism. They suggested that the military needed to enjoy the support of the entire country in its efforts to counter terrorism.

The series of presentation was followed by an extensive interactive session between officers of both countries.

In his closing remarks at the session,
Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Air
Chief Marshal Alex Badeh commended
the visiting CDS and his delegation for
identifying with the Nigerian Armed
Forces in its efforts at ending insecurity in the country. He assured the delegation that the Nigerian military is seriously considering the counterinsurgency experience of the Sri Lankan military with a view to identifying those areas that could be operationally beneficial to Nigeria in its battle to defeat terrorism.

Air Chief Marshal Badeh reiterated the
commitment of the Nigerian military to protecting the territorial integrity of the nation.

It will be recalled that Sri Lanka is
acclaimed as having achieved the
reputation of effectively defeating
terrorism in its territory.


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. jimmy says:

    This is will be good news if they really take the lesson of the SRI LANKANS to heart.
    It is very interesting to note , that this was a long protracted struggle that lasted over twenty years . What this meant was there was a generational turnover of their senior officers ( assuming a generation is at least 10+ years.
    The SARI LANKANS had help but the main concept of this COIN MANTRA of Total security they OWN IT i.e. no one else had used such a military philosophy successfully till they did it .
    While the military establishment realizes we are at war the political elite are of on a jamboree to Brazil this is the damper however nonetheless the fact that they the armed forces got some of the most brilliant COIN ops in ABUJA is worthy of Congratulations.

  2. smartboy2000 says:

    Great move to the Nigerian Military Infrastructure!!! We need more military conferences like this in Abuja. Counter Terrorism is becoming an issue in our Country and we need God’s guidance to defeat this battle. God Bless Nigeria!!!

  3. Martin Luther says:

    In continuation of the war against terrorism in Nigeria, United States-based human rights leaders on Wednesday testified against Boko Haram and the activities of the Nigeria’s terrorists, before the United States House Sub-Committeeon Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organisations.

    Testifying before the Committee during the hearing titled: “The Ongoing Struggle Against Boko Haram”, Mr. Emmanuel Ogebe, Special Counsel, Justice for Jos Project Jubilee Campaign, said that

    corruption was not the reason Boko Haram is fighting Nigeria, but noted that corruption was partly the reason the country had been unable to fight off Boko Haram.

    The SARI LANKANS where not after self empowerment b/4 national emancipation; if they where, they would still be fighting.

    BH has never been a problem that could not be crushed by the NA if the GENERAL willed it

  4. Tope says:

    A Good move sometin we suggested nw we need Algeria too to pitch in, the USA,UK can chill, I recently heard UK wants to five tactical trainin to our army I smiled, dem want piece of the action yet formin snobs wit BBC it wouldnt help, its instructive dat the FULL Sri Lankan Military High Command came to Nigeria, shows someone very high up dey dis blog, we suggested this n it happened, next buy advanced weapons from the east.

    • doziex says:

      Hehehe oga, a few weeks ago, I suggested oga CIC consult with his algerian and sri lankan counterparts.

      I wish oga beegeagle would use this blog’s archive retrieval capabilities to showcase the soundness and foresight of some opinions on this blog.

  5. Henry says:

    This is an amazing news. Good move from our military. Sri-lanka’s defeat of the tamil tigers 5 years ago tore to shreds U.S counter-terrorism doctrine by david petreaus.

    As seen in Sri-lanka, brute force can win you an insurgency. We require the experiences gotten the Sri-lankan army’ victory over the tamil tigers.

    Although geography was an important factor in the sri-lankan military’s victory, sri-lanka is an island, so it was “easier” to police the inflow of arms into the country. Geography in the case of nigeria doesn’t play in our favour.

    In all, there is a massive amount of knowledge we can get from the Sri-lankans.

  6. Augustine says:

    Well I have been shouting Sri Lankan army for help since, but I thank God say my prayer don get answer today. Next thing I have shouted tired and expecting miracle is 40mm automatic multiple grenade launchers with stand-off 2km range for Nigerian army against Boko fighters….we need a firepower multiplier.

    • ozed says:

      Bros make we even start with the single action load and shoot type, which is cheap enough for every 6-7 man infantry section to have one.

      This is so basic it works on a shot gun action, even DICON can be challenged to produce it modeled after the US M-79. The AGL can then be a platoon or at worst a company support weapon.

      Dont know if anyone is listening.

  7. rugged7 says:

    I remember some weeks back when this blog broached the topic of Algerian and Sri lankan military advisers for CT COIN.
    It appears the military high command is paying dedicated attention to this blog.
    Can they please, now procure the necessary equipments…

  8. Bharat says:

    A good move indeed.

    Sri Lanka and it’s fight against LTTE can provide a good template for counter-terrorist operation.
    Not, just how to go about it, but also how to not do something.

    Also, bloggers here can go into details about the Sri-Lankan strategy, to point out which part of the strategy is exactly replicate-able, which one should be adopted with little modification and which should be done away with completely.

    The individual sub-strategies can be discussed here.

    But, on the whole a big congratulation to Beegeagle and bloggers here, for the foresight.

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Bharat, well said. Some of what the Sri Lankan forces did CAN NEVER be repeated here. Its instructive to note that no 2 security situation exist!
    Try unrestricted bombing of civilian space will annihilate the support of the population and drive up sympathy for BH to the heavens! Add Sunni terror financiers from the Arabian peninsula and jihadist glory and virgin seekers and u have a mix we can never win! I not mentioned the muslims of the North and the origin of all this, the NORTHERN ELITE!

    Like Oga Henry pointed out, as an Island state, it was easier to check the inflow of arms to the tigers but perhaps more important for their victory was the support of the Indian state whose Tamil population was actively supporting the tigers but later the Indian government clamped down on them and the flow of arms seized! Had the Indian Navy not helped in the blockade, the would still be a war!

    Any strategy that doesn’t involve winning the hearts and minds of the people, if it ever succeeds, will ONLY BE A PAUSE and not the end! Like Oga Bharat said, compare notes, pick the useful, DISCARD THE JUNK!

  10. drag_on says:

    Can someone identify the stuff being carried by the Toyota 4WD in the link below(you have to scroll down a bit)

    • ozed says:

      Looks like the DICON manufactured mobile battlefield kitchens.

      Abi wetin you feel now? —- Man must wack!!!

      • ozed says:

        Meanwhile nice pix.
        Would be nice to know when they were taken, because its heart warming to see that the T55s are still rolling and the armored vehicles are in full effect, including even what looks like a very early edition panhard.

        Not very impressive for some of the more tech hungry guys on this blog i know, but very impressive from a maintenance and sustainability perspective for me.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga drag on thank you sooooo much for the pictures.The person taking the pictures sirus seems to have the confidence of the everyday soldier doing the every day fighting in this conflict. There is an actual picture just prior to actual combat no shaking it sent some chills down my spine. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  11. drag_on says:

    Yeah, i guessed so,just wanted to be sure. The guy siriusblack has a lot of operational imagery i must say.

  12. igbi says:

    Out of topic: HRH Ado Bayero is late. He was a good man and an ally to human kind against boko haram. May he rest in peace. I hear that the new Emir of kano is former CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. The same guy who was the wistle blower in the case of the “stolen” 20 billion dollars, the same guy who was removed as CBN and the same guy whose pasport was seized. Needless to say, he probably doesn’t like GEJ very much. HRH Ado Bayero and GEJ on the other hand were friends. I wonder how this is going to work out. It was also alleged that Sanusi was a boko haram sympathizer. And it seems many people in Kano are not thrilled with the coronation of Sanusi. I hope Sanusi is going to follow the example of his uncle and be a good emir by supporting the fight against boko haram and by supporting the cause of Nigeria.

  13. drag_on says:

    Nigerian soldier with AK and under-barrel grenade launcher?

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Drag, those were nice pics indeed, if only the NA would make it a habit of up loading them like this, hmm! Oga Ozed, good to see those classic anyway as long as they are working and will not breakdown while we come up with a plan to replace them!
    By the way, I had myself a good laugh reading those jabs and counters… thank God for Beegeagle blog…

  15. Nnamdi says:

    Dudes, Aradu is out of Wilmot Point. It’s currently at Apapa, but the beast needs serious paint job as rusty patches of repair works dominate its sides.

    • jimmy says:

      oga Nnamdi can you confirm that actual repair work was done?

      • Nnamdi says:

        Sorry Oga Jimmy, I saw our unmistakable “F89” from afar , but close enough to see huge patches of corroding “black steel” on lower part of its port side. This was at NNS Beecroft. I can only hope someone with closer access can confirm level of repairs carried out on it.

  16. jimmy says:

    Now I can look you in the eye “omo they don cross inside Cameroon several times”. There are several valid points that you have made . about the current state of the NA but these current pictures from NAIRALAND are a breath of fresh air.The AK -47 with the modified GRENADE launcher and the modified AK -47 with the ribbed AMMO is what I saw recently on my trip to Nigeria which does confirm one thing MASSIVE PROCUREMENTS are taking place at this point
    as to what it consists i honestly do not know.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah oga jimmy, a lot can be gleaned off those nairaland pics.

      1) kitting provisioning is improving, but as many other bloggers have pointed out, it is still done in in a haphazard manner, that does not reflect military discipline.
      I know some will say it is irrelevant, but just observe any random formation of british or american troops, you will be hard pressed to find mismatched helmets, boots, uniforms etc.
      (2) I hhave also noticed, that a round magazined soviet make gpmg has arrived on the seen. To improve troop fire power.
      I would have preferred the Russian or czech PKM.

      (3) I am also glad to see that our MBTs are now being employed within the battle space, were they can make some difference.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga doziex Much respect for your comments well noted. I noticed some policemen in Lagos some of there were spotting what guess is the ak 74 with the ribbed magazines. However I will not keep quiet where our are godammned helios?. Today the russian ambassador gave his national day speech not really saying anything worthy at a time we need these airplanes nah wah as they say in yankee whom do I have to sleep with to get our boys these airframes mo gbe o ( I am in trouble) both hands on head. There is some good news those T55 have been belching ,there is a picture of a tank shell about to be loaded? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  17. makanaky says:

    From what I see and if I can recollect very well that is Banki Border post with Cameroun.
    Nice photos and we just need to be on the offence, no more defensive option.
    Thank God Cameroun is coming to the party and we need to encourage and assure them of our assistance if they need one at any time.

  18. makanaky says:

    I mean photos as posted by drag-on

  19. beegeagle says:

    Nice photos. Certain important things to note

    * a T55 tank with a secondary DShK 12.7mm HMG can be seen in the semi-desert. That is the first photo of a T55 deployed for combat in the Northeast.

    * a 60mm mortar-armed Panhard AML 60

    * a Landcruiser gun truck armed with a CIS-50 12.7mm HMG

    * five NAE/DICON designed/manufactured field kitchens mounted on Landcruisers. These were first displayed at NADCEL 2013.

    * five 90mm gun-armed Panhard Sagaie in desert camouflage and a Panhard AML 60 painted in jungle camo and backed up against yhe camera.

    It is interesting to see that the NA are very commendably upping the numbers of the better optimised Landcruiser trucks relative to the numbers of Hilux trucks.

  20. Tobey says:

    Pls check page 20, what APC is that?

  21. russellinfinity says:

    Sir Tobey, that’s a ford pit bull APC sporting a .50 cal HMG.

    • jimmy says:

      can you give more details or a link this looks like made in usa too me or am I wrong ? i.e the 50 cal was mounted in Nigeria

      • russellinfinity says:

        Will do sir. A good look at the profile view gives much needed details. The firing ports, the ballistic windows, tires and exhaust did the trick for me. I’ll come up with a link later but I have been driven in one of these during ballistic evaluation back in the states. The weapon must have been mounted in Nigeria. What I’m curious about though is the level of ballistic protection.

      • Russellinfinity says:

        Another clue: The AC vents and dashboard visible in the picture is that of a Ford Truck (I can’t remember which variant now)

    • Anas says:

      I think that vehicle is the Gaz tigr produced in russia

  22. Tobey says:

    Ok thanks..Thought it was a proforce APC…Did anyone also notice the optical sights on one of the N.A Rpgs? Can’t remember the page..looks like new consignments..

  23. beegeagle says:

    I am sorry but this is an uncharacteristically stupid report coming from REUTERS. WHAT do they mean by stating that “dwindling cooperation with Western forces” is one of the reasons why the COIN is going slowly?

    Of all the countries trained by Western forces, which has a grip on the situation? Sri Lanka mostly trained with Israeli forces and they got their weaponry from Russia, Israel and China (I hope they told our brasshats that!). Who has soared in CTCOIN because they cooperated with Western forces? Checklist: Mali, Egypt, Thailand. Pakistan. Iraq, Afghanistan?

    REUTERS need to swallow the self-adulatory drivel already. Such useless and high-minded talk? Pseudo-messianic posturing…the fact that they are sounding peeved at the NGR-SLK synergy affirms my belief that most of these offers of help are all about cultural imperialism and neocolonial pursuits.Dwindling cooperation because we won’t open our barracks for spooks to take a guided tour as a prerequisite for training suppport?


    Fri, Jun 13 07:09 AM EDT
    By David Dolan
    ABUJA (Reuters)

    Nigeria is studying the military tactics used by Sri Lanka to crush the rebel Tamil Tigers for its own battle against Islamist group Boko Haram, the defense ministry said, after holding talks with officials from the island nation.

    Abuja has been criticized for its failure to contain the militant group, which has
    killed thousands since 2009 and has
    stepped up its devastating attacks after
    abducting more than 200 girls from a
    school in northeast Nigeria.

    Boko Haram, which wants to carve out an Islamist state in northern Nigeria, has exposed severe weaknesses in Abuja’s security forces and heaped political pressure on President Goodluck Jonathan, who has declared a “full-scale operation” against the group.

    High-ranking members of Nigeria’s
    military met with a Sri Lankan delegation to discuss counter-insurgency tactics, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement late on Thursday.

    The chief of Nigeria’s defense staff, Air
    Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, said it was
    “seriously considering” methods
    employed by Sri Lanka including “total
    security”, or focusing all of the country’s
    resources on the military.

    Sri Lanka’s tactics however were much
    criticized internationally for the loss of
    civilian lives. The United Nations in March launched an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by both sides. Colombo fought for nearly 30 years against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, who wanted to create a separate state for Sri Lanka’s
    Tamil minority. It crushed the LTTE and killed its entire leadership on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon in 2009, amid
    Western calls for a ceasefire to protect
    civilians held as shields by the Tigers.Tens of thousands of civilians were killed
    in the final months of the civil war.

    Nigeria’s armed services have been
    hamstrung by a lack of investment in
    military training, failure to maintain
    equipment and dwindling cooperation
    with Western forces.

    “As far as the government’s response is concerned, it really exposes the severe
    limitations of the military,” Martin
    Roberts, a senior Africa analyst at
    research firm IHS told Reuters in an
    interview on Thursday. “We’ve also seen reports of various mutinies taking place … illustrating the disconnect between the rank-and-file and the leadership.”

    African and Western officials this week
    pledged at a meeting in London to give
    Nigeria more military and tactical support to help combat Boko Haram and find the kidnapped schoolgirls.

    • rka says:

      Oga Beeg, make u no mind dem jare. It is the same old rhetoric from western commentators and is becoming jaded. Try another one.

      Give us the necessary equipment without the usual strings attached and they no go see wetin dem go criticize again.

    • rugged7 says:

      The usual myopic, reductive western narrative about Nigeria, it’s military and all things |Nigerian.
      The day the western media starts saying anything good about Nigeria and itz military, then i would become seriously worried…

  24. Augustine says:

    rugged7 says:
    June 13, 2014 at 3:22 am
    I remember some weeks back when this blog broached the topic of Algerian and Sri lankan military advisers for CT COIN.
    It appears the military high command is paying dedicated attention to this blog.
    Can they please, now procure the necessary equipment…


    Reason why I said we should all keep pouring in good advice for our military. My guess is that some navy smart men may be passing on our suggestions to the army, the army may not be ready to listen much to us, but the navy can help pass across our messages.

    Our navy Admirals, we see photos that you have 40mm automatic multiple grenade launchers on board our boats, please kindly encourage our army to buy some 500 units for anti-Boko operations. Thank you

    • jimmy says:

      I expect to see more soldiers with rifles that have grenade launchers and also some of those Singaporean manufactured guns to make their way North.This unfortunately will not end the war. What will is when the Naf begins to be a priorty for this administration. I honestly cannot stress this enough. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Augustine says:

        Grenade launchers will increase Bokos attrition rate, it means with one single shot on target one Nigerian soldier can wipe out 10 Bokos loaded in a Toyota 4×4, War is all about firepower on target. Dead enemies won’t come back to trouble us again.

        Nigerian army should have :

        1. Single shot AK-47 attachment 40mm grenade launchers for ALL our soldiers’ rifles

        2. six shot lightweight semi-automatic shoulder held 40mm grenade launcher for each squad of 12 soldiers.

        3. Multiple shot automatic 40mm grenade launchers for each squad of 12 soldiers

        Goodnight Boko Haram….R.I.P….Rest In Pieces !

      • doziex says:

        Yeah oga jimmy, I saw one of those singaporean gpmgs usually mounted on boats in the niger delta, mounted on one truck, in the nairaland pictures.

      • Are James says:

        These are effective anti ambush weapons. If you have these and you are fast moving, your problems are half solved. Only next thing to worry about is the concealed sniper 500m away and the enemy does not have a lot of them.
        I would also add simple smoke dispensers for day time concealment while responding to ambushes.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you oga are james for the things I left out.
        Nigeria i.e the army and the SF does have Sniper However I personally do not know if they have the dedicated SNIPER SCHOOL ALA US, UK, and Russia.
        It is becoming increasingly obvious despite the risks of falling into enemy hands that a dedicated SNIPER SCHOOL needs to formed i would say somewhere hilly in the east ANAMBRA comes to mine don’t know why.

  25. rka says:

    Add to that a bazooka style ATM, and it is hello oblivion.

  26. COLONEL NGR says:

    As usual the western powers are trying to criticise our miitary for collaborating or trying to learn from sri lanka. We need to talk to the algerians too. What we need is proper assessments of what this two countries did and how we can taylor it to suit our terrain and situations in the North east. We need all the help we can get, from all these resources, we can plan to suit our environment. It is commendable to see improvement in troop welfare, deployment and firepower. Oga beeg, once again i want to thank you for the work you are doing. To my fellow bloggers, keep up the good work!

    • Are James says:

      E be like say Sri Lanka don come begin to start to make guy say Nigeria wan copy dem o.
      See me see trouble.

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