Nigerian troops on counterinsurgency operations in northeastern Nigeria


LONDON, June 12 (Xinhua)

Western powers and some African countries on Thursday agreed on a series of multinational missions to crack down on Boko Haram and bring home the abducted Nigerian school girls.

The agreements were reached at a ministerial meeting on Nigeria’s security situation,hosted in London by British Foreign Secretary William Hague and attended by foreign ministers of Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, as well as representatives of Benin, the European Union, France, Canada, the United States, the United Nations and the African Union.

“We reaffirmed our strong and united commitment to fighting terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria and the region. We condemn in the strongest terms the series of atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram and other groups,” the ministers said in a communique issued after the meeting held in the margins of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Nigeria, Chad, Benin, Niger and Cameroon have confirmed that they will operationalize a Regional Intelligence Fusion Unit to bring together all available information and tighten the net around Boko Haram, while Britain, the United States and France will provide the necessary technical expertise, according to the communique.

It added that Nigeria and its neighbors were committed to strengthening their cooperation among regional countries to bring home the abducted school girls and defeat Boko Haram.

Boko Haram, a violent sect seeking to enforce the Islamic Sharia law in the constitution of Nigeria, had been behind deadly attacks in the country since 2009. The sect recently claimed responsibility for the mid-April abduction of more than 200 school girls in northeastern state of Borno.

“The abduction of the schoolgirls was a terrible reminder of the toll taken by Boko Haram on women across the world,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague said following the meeting.

At the meeting, regional countries in Africa have agreed that they will carry out multinational joint task force patrols, with each of the countries contributing a battalion to the task force and support its headquarters through military advisers in agreed framework.

Britain also announced a new package of support to further help the Nigerian Government strengthen its capacity to deal with Boko Haram. The package will include helping to train units deployed on counter insurgency operations against Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria, and further assistance to regional security and intelligence cooperation.

“This will mean significantly expanding the training and tactical assistance that the UK provides to the Nigerian Armed Forces,” Hague said. “Defeating Boko Haram will be a long and difficult task. But the atrocities committed against innocent and vulnerable communities are too important to ignore,” the foreign secretary noted.


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  1. rka says:

    This can only be good and hopefully the troops in the multi-national battalions will be equipped with the right comms gear to facilitate interoperability as well as air assets to facilitate swift deployment of reinforcements when needed as well as for medevac duties. Once again, I reiterate the need for FACs to be trained and depolyed to call in air-support when needed (as well as the required platforms be made available asap i.e. Super Tucanos.)

    We musn’t let units become isolated in battle and they should be equipped with the required firepower to be able to take out columns of BH vehicles from a stand-off position and able to maintain suppressive fire.

    In other words, units should be able to stand alone and engage the enemy effectively when required.

  2. Tope says:

    So Britain n da West as usual want to play Big Brother simply cos we are turning East, pitiful…..let dem provide us the kitty n stay out.

  3. Tobey says:

    Multinational missions have been going on for a long time already…judging by the photos on the Nairaland Thread…but if the British and U.S “allies” are not ready to provide us with military equipment on a large scale, then i doubt thier political will to end this madness..

  4. jimmy says:

    I am going t to go out on a limb and say Britain does appear to be committed to genuinely help Nigeria and if they really are this is what the can do to help Nigeria
    Based on their record of training of the sbs . The British if they are willing should train two battalions 800+ men each from scratch based on their fabled sas regiment one battalion should be headquartered in Epe with backs towards the Atlantic and should be the first army battalion that was formed away from the civilian population with their backs towards the beach .
    The second battalion should be formed in the highlands of BORNO between BORNO AND CAMEROON and their training grounds should consist of the swampy areas bordering LAKE CHAD.
    It would go along way if they also could see some of their h&ks and also some of their grenade launchers this is what real friends do in time of need not constantly do nothing else but hold showy human rights lecture sessions that amount to nothing

    • Are James says:

      Let the Gurkhas come over for a one year skills exchange program. There is a lot to learn by both sides.

    • rugged7 says:

      We have nothing useful to gain from the west short of more patronizing insults.
      Show me a country’s military trained by britain or the U.S and i will show u a country who’s military has been consistently given an ass-whopping…Iraq, mali,Libya,south vietnam,Afghanistan etc etc
      Even in the wars america has fought after world war 2, they have consistently lost a significant percentage, so who are we kidding???
      There are very few countries who have excelled when faced with asymmetric warfare and the U.S and Britain are not one of them.
      I believe the military top brass should carefully study the Algerian and Sri Lankan models and then adapt them.
      Our weapons and equipments should come from the EAST. It’s time for the Nigerian military to appreciate that the West are not their friends, and will never be.
      They better wake up and smell the coffee…

  5. jimmy says:

    i think some kind of level of understanding has now been reached between the us and Nigeria .I also believe some of this help is” off the books ” .

  6. asorockweb says:

    Regarding protected mobility options for the NA:

    Question – Are T-64 MBTs any good?
    Can we buy T-64 MBTs that have been phased-out by the Russia military and convert same to heavily armoured APCs/IFVs – like the Israelis did with capture T-55s.

    See the last paragraph of this link:

    • Russellinfinity says:

      Sir Igbi,
      Thanks a million. You made my morning with this post. Kudos to NTA. We need more coverage like this from ALL Nigerian media outfits

    • asorockweb says:

      This video must have been do right after the GOC was attacked in Maiduguri.
      The NTA reporter was trying too hard.

  7. Tobey says:

    @Russellinfinity, sorry..what NTA coverage?

  8. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Peccavi, I thought same about the video! Perhaps Tea party Obama hates illuminaty conspiracy theorist with lots of Faction (facts mixed with fiction) designed to sway the gullible! However, there is so much we don’t know yet about what is happening in Iraq. But for sure, geo politics, religious/ethnic politics, 5th columnist, terrorism and oil makes a very dangerous mix! By the way, the USS George HW Bush and escorts are in the gulf while Iraq plays host to Iranian Al quds SF! Hmm.

    Oga Asorockweb, it will take too long for it to mean anything say 12 – 18months! Moreover, its the Ukrainians who have actually done conversion work on the T64 and it is pretty impressive with new engines, chassis turned (back to front to enable rear mounting as the engine of the T64 is in the rear) ERA and active/passive defense systems and all! I will say neat but it will take to long and will cost a lot! So why not get our saurer 4K 7FA or get our T55 or Vickers for converting while we get new MBT!

    By the way, Congo DR got refurbished T64 from Ukraine. As an aside, now that Ukraine needs money, can’t we get some stuffs from them in quantity @ a cost effective rate? What do u guys think?

    • beegeagle says:

      The DRC have inexpensively put together a very solid tank fleet within the course of these past five years for less than US$100m

      First they swooped on dozens of expendable but highly effective T55s and then grabbed over 100 T72 tanks. Now, these T64 BV-1 tanks.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga ifiok much respect happy father’s day We do not need to give the ukraine a dammn thing.We do not need to anger the hungry bear. We need tanks,apcs and helios from the following countries Russia,China and maybe Italy/England for the armed lynx. However nothing absolute nothing concerns us with getting/giving our hard cash to the Ukraine wetin concern I beg we done throaway $3m wey them show us them yansh.this yamayama people wey we kill for sierra leone and liberia tire na them we go turn to.I beg lion dey wipe I’m arse with hyena wetin concern Cheetah…..? Make them. (Naija) go buy the T72 like them supposed to from the original pesin make he no vex. Make we no even shine light for him Enemy doorstep wetin concern us with agbero? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  9. beegeagle says:



    Ukroboronprom State Concern has developed a number of projects for modernization of T -64 Tank . It was stated by Yuriy Tereshenko , Concern Temporary Acting Director General.

    Following the executive , first of all it means the modernization of T – 64 B tank to the version of BulatBM . By its main technical specifications Bulat BM can be compared with Russian T -90 Tank, and it approximates to Oplot BM . Tank has prospects of further modernization owing to the installation of stronger power- plant with the 6- TD1 and 6 TD -2 Engines , upgraded fire control systems , reactive protection , communications and navigation system . The cost of T -64 modernization to the version of Bulat BM is four times cheaper than the cost of production of Oplot BM .

    Kharkiv Plant of Armored Tanks has also developed the Project for modernization of T – 64 to the version of T -64 E . Tank contains a new fire control system and guided armament package . A distinguishing feature of T -64 E is the possibility to install two combat modules, including anti -aircraft gun , on the turret. Tank has an enhanced armored protection , reactive armor system ‘ Duplet’ or active protection system ‘Zaslon ’.

    T – 64 is powered with an upgraded 5TDF Engine with the capacity of 850 hp. In terms of ‘ price -to- effectiveness ’ ratio , T -64 E is one of the best samples of modern tanks. Herewith , the price of such vehicle is significantly less than Bulat BM ’s price .

    Besides , Ukroboronprom is able to offer T -64 BV- 1 Tankswhich have passed the major overhaul. This is a budget option that is optimal under the conditions of insufficient financing . In terms of ‘price -to quality’ ratio , this tank suppresses T -72 Tank after the major overhaul.

    “ The field of armored vehicles of Ukroboronprom is a key one within the national deference industrial complex of Ukraine and it has a closed- type development and production cycle of heavy and light armor vehicles . The key elements within this chain – Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau and Malyshevplant – have saved the potential for development and production as the modernized as well as new samples of armored vehicles ,” Mr . Tereshenko summarized .


    T – 64 is superior to T -72 by the list of main technical specifications such as firepower, tank’s protection and passability , also the upgraded T -64 tank into the version of T – 64 BM Bulat is superior to T -90 accordingly . Moreover , under the criteria “ price -quality” the upgraded T – 64 is superior to the list of foreign analogues ” , – Vadym Fedosov , the Director of Division of Armored Vehicles, Artillery Armament , Automotive Vehicles, Engineering and Special Equipment of the Ukroboronprom said.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga beegs Very rare that I disagree with you ,however we do not need to do biz with the Ukrainians…..You may recall their efforts to help naija’s enemies in sierra leone and liberia. And they did not stop…..until we started killing them furthermore their unchecked zealousness in selling weapons still rankles me. I was a little bit peeved by oga ifiok. Bad day I apologise oga ifiok but we need to not annoy Russia without. Reason we need to get those T-72,BTRS,and those helios but countries need hard cash,the next “$3m” T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • peccavi says:

        You are taking things to personally Oga jimmy.
        first it was Ukrainian mercs (and Serbs, Brits, South Africans, Americans, Bosnians, Lebanese and more) not the Ukrainian government.
        And more importantly Ukraine is a country in flux.

        Not sure they will be selling much stuff, but to be honest there is no such thing as permanent friends, I would suggest a JV with them is more economic than buying off the shelf stufff

      • jimmy says:

        Oga peccavi you are right and I know the maxim no permeanent enemies or friends maybe I am just having a bad day today I tend to be the cool one just not today and naija never play sef.I don’t know much about the modified T64, however I am not willing to risk the hungry bear right now. I will risk playing one against the other by proposing upgraded T-72s and /Btrs though since both countries do need hard cold cash,right now. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  10. jimmy says:

    Ukraine needs hard cash right now the chicken have come home to roost with no money coming in from the west except hollow promises of AID FROM THE E.U They will turn to Countries like Nigeria.
    Right now Ukraine is cash strapped and oil strapped and owe the ruskies $1.5 b in cold hard cash . We do not need to get involved in their SELF CREATED mess. The next “$3m” that we are going to spend should not be on them but on a country that is going to deliver us the hard goods
    It is in our own interests to tell the ruskies WE WANT THE T-72 NOW We do not need anything from the Ukrainians nothing concerns us with the problem you have O! we just want upgraded T-72S here is a down payment of “$3m. ”
    This is exactly the template the military/ err now democratic president of EGYPT used with the Russians and the American nothing concern Chimpanzee when monkey dey fight.

    • Are James says:

      Agreed. Ukraine is probably not even in a position to meet military orders now. I expect a lot of Russian engineers and skilled workers from the Russian aligned regions would have taken off from factories and equipment packaging factories by now. Going direct to the Russians for the T72 is a good idea. Because the BH actually has fixed bases and have been foolishly trying to take territory, the use of tanks for patrols and area domination has become a promising idea. Let us remember that if the firepower of a patrolling convoy is formidable enough, most ambushes will be aborted by the enemy.

  11. ifiok umoeka says:

    Good morning gentlemen! Sorry was off since yesterday! Anyway, taking the geo-politics into consideration, may I remind us that Russia has somewhat been on the negative with us for the past 3 yrs with regards to the Russian gun runners in our custody and our refusal to capitulate! Could that be ONE OF THE reasons the delivery of our made in Russia merchandise seems to be taking a while? Buying from Ukraine will not bring down the heavens and while the need every dollars they can get, buying from them will not suddenly solve their financial woes!

    The issue is somewhat delicate and we should ask if buying Ukraine will be in the furtherance of our strategic interest! Ukraine is awash with weapons in the thousands, weapons we need desperately… Lying idle in storage! While u see a scary grizzly, I see OPPORTUNITY! We missed an opportunity with the Europeans in the wake of the EU financial crisis with Italy and Spain! At the time, we could have driven some hard bargain and would have come out smiling! We let it pass! Now, we have another! We should at least ponder on it and not just discard it cos of some scary bear, thousands of miles away!

  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    By the way, Ethiopia, Congo DR, Angola all operate T tanks bought from Ukraine, our Chadian neibors run around in BMP 1s from Ukraine and are about to induct Mig 29s of which we have vigorously debated! If they can sell them Migs albeit in pinches, they have more T64 than they can crew 10 time over! Again, I see opportunity! We need those mil mi 17s and 24s yesterday and with little twigs, we can have them in Nigeria in a month! While I don’t like tokumbo in principle, there is no saying the direct and immediate effect this would have in our venture in the NE! May I remind us that we are facing and EXISTENTIAL THREAT as never seen since the 60s! Next year is an election year and this is unlike Afghanistan with a minority taliban! This is more like Iraq with it sectarian character! Again, which one scare u more, an uncontrollable civil war or annoying Russian!

    Oga Beegs himself! I hail you! The T64BM is indeed light years away from Most T72 and closer to the T90 as the later share the same turret with it while utilizing the T72 chassis! The T64BM utilizes components from the T84Oplot-M. The later would ARGUABLY defeat anything the Russians have now (though it poor nos, tactics and limited training of crew etc will ensure it insignificance in a Russian/Ukrainian mix). I terms of design, its a better tank overall and bests the T90SM! It would be cool to have the BM Oplot-m but like it has been pointed out, I doubt the Ukrainians can fulfill any order of significance in time if @ all! By the way, the Chinese MBT 2000/3000 series all utilize Ukrainian engines, guns, missiles etc and the Pakistani Army field both the T84 and the MBT 2000s!

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