A Landcruiser gun truck (middle) is flanked on either side side by Hilux troop transport trucks

A Browning M2 12.7mm HMG-armed Panhard VBL M11 light armoured vehicle


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  1. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle, I don’t know your mind about our field mobility for the army being improved with addition of a special forces battalion of Calvary horses for stealth invasion of Sambisa forest. Army specially trained Calvary horses are known to travel long range to save troops energy for combat, they cross mud and sand where Cobra and VBL get stuck, they walk through bush, climb low gradient hills and rocky lands, they move through moderate forests, they carry extra heavy supplies of ammunition, weapons plus weighty hardware and food/water to keep the SF deep inside enemy territory surviving for months.

    South African legendary Recces had horses. Our men could then disembark 3km away from target and let platoons stay behind to keep the horses while companies advance stealthily on Boko Haram camps. Just thinking and sharing my mind with the house.

    • ozed says:

      Not a bad idea in my view. However, this is a major tactical addition, and would probably not take the field for another 6 months because you would need to train the men (on horse care in the field, anti-ambush drills etc.), acquire and train the horses (e.g. battlefield inoculation) etc.

      Nonetheless a brilliant idea for adoption by the Special forces, the border patrol, customs and excise etc. as we will almost never be able to invest in and maintain sufficient all terrain vehicles to secure our borders.

    • Are James says:

      Very good idea. Ambush avoidance by convoys is actually easier with horseborne recce elements that provide situational awareness to the convoy. The NAF chief made an inspired comment about the BH war being an opportunity to evolve indigenous ways of doing things by the army. This is one of them. Hay and veterinary support for horses is established in the NA so that part is covered.

    • Are James says:

      why are you posting historical material now? You got me excited and then I opened the link and found that the deliveries were the ones made during the carboniferous

  2. igbi says:

    Kudos to the Nigerian army. Double your efforts. As for the public support the armed forces to make our country secured.

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