Relative to the last known sightings during the Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL 2013), the Made-in-Nigeria IGIRIGI APC appears to have had several enhancements added to the vehicle. Outwardly, the silhouette looks much bigger while the tyres are different.



Made-in-Nigeria IGIRIGI APC on parade at NADCEL 2013


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  1. giles says:

    ok but dis new design,hop it is manufactured in country

  2. peccavi says:

    Theres a lot of difference at least superficially.
    It seems that first vehicle was prototype, this one is more practical with recessed headlights, rigid, wing mirrors, double bumpers, reinforced turret, I looks higher off the ground s well, better cross country clearance

    • jimmy says:

      oga peccavi
      What is scary and pleasant about this is , if you jog your memory when the first picture of the IGIRIGI appeared you were quite critical of the
      1) TIRES
      3) The level of protection in fact you said it looked like a souped up FORD SUV
      wow they certainly took your comments to hear. oga Camouflage it is good to know it is getting its “baptism ” under fire if you can provide some pictures without getting into harm’s way that will be good o!

  3. asorockweb says:

    Do we know where the photo was taken?

    The uniform of the man standing with the APCs doesn’t look Nigerian – maybe he is just a Proforce model?

    At the background of the pic, there’s a third APC. Looks like a six-wheeler.

  4. Tobey says:

    The guy is definately N.A…that particular camo pattern was worn during NADCEL 2013 by troops on parade and N.A top brass…nd the boots too…thats a give-away..only N.A troops wear desert boots on jungle camo…lol..i doubt he is just a proforce model…Look at the paint job too…Its most likely this photo was taken in the North east.

  5. beegeagle says:

    SURELY NA. Tis a new scheme of jungle camo which I saw for the first time about two years ago. Even Gen Ihejirika had some of those.

    Tobey is right. Almost all vehicles fielded in the NE theatre, all Landcruiser gun trucks+troop carriers and all Panhard Sagaie AFVs…not to mention a growing number of Otokar Cobra APCs and Hilux trucks are now painted in desert camo.

    This photo, including that rarely sighted BTR, are almost certainly deployed in a garrison in the Northeast.

  6. asorockweb says:

    The Igirigi has come a long way.

    This is essentially a new vehicle.

    Now that it is deployed for combat duty, one can’t wait to get the feedback of the troops.

  7. beegeagle says:

    Overall, the APC now looks like a combat machine. The enhanced ground clearance stems from the larger hubs and tyres. That is precisely what I expected to see when we raised the issue last year



    Gentlemen, this is only the PROTOTYPE OF IGIRIGI Mk.I. So it shall only get better.

    In FY 2013, the FG provided 350 million naira(US$2.2m) with which NAEME are expected to undertake more R & D and produce more stereotypes.

    That is why I believe that the amendments which you have suggested shall all be taken on board. Yes, these are civvie tyres and I am sure that they know about run-flat tyres which are ideal for armoured vehicles.

    Great start all the same. We are on the move.



  8. igbi says:

    Awsome, we have entered a new era.

  9. igbi says:

    This is what happens when you combine experienc in the field with technological know how.

  10. Henry says:

    This is no question the Igirigi APC. The only problem I see at the moment is sustainability. I don’t believe the army can sustain this vehicle, or else if the army sets up a limited liability company.

    If this, isn’t sustainable considering budgetary constraints. The way forward in my opinion is, the army designs it’s vehicles, and sell the blueprints to companies like Proforce and coscharis to build.

    It is a more sustainable route to take.

    • asorockweb says:

      Proforce or Coscharis will not buy the designs.

      The Army has to open a tender for companies to bind on the manufacturing.

      To make it competitive, this has to be opened to non-Nigerian companies as well. Once you do that, the following questions will then arise – is it the best design? Who bare responsibility for some failures – the designer or the manufacturer?

      The Army should define the classes of armoured vehicles that it requires and a competition should be held between the locally manufactured IFVs and APCs.

      I believe DICON is the currently manufacturer of the Igirigi, is that correct?

  11. Henry says:

    This is not a DICON vehicle. The army only rents DICON’s S.V plant in bauchi to build, refurbish and maintain it’s armoured vehicles.

    The Igirigi was built by engineers of the nigerian army’s school of electrical and mechanical engineering.

    The reason I want a local manufacturer is economic. We not only save lives, we create jobs, and buy in naira, saving our foreign exchange.

    • asorockweb says:

      I also want a local manufacturer, but a local manufacturer can be a non-Nigerian company.

      The slogan is “Made in Nigeria” not necessarily “made by Nigeria”.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me piggy back of both of you
      1) Local Manufacturer is a must because you do not want someone to come in a years time and say Nigeria stole the design for his prototype. Once it is taken out of country the rights belong to anybody.
      2) The ARMY must have a competitive bidding process between proforce, innoson, dicon getting the first BID priorities only then if they cannot conform to the high standards ( highly unlikely) of blast protection requirements should it then be open to Non Nigerian / Firms who have no prior experience building Armored personnel Carriers.
      3) GEJ should provide More funds to fast track this venture so as to get it’s own assembly line working and to provide jobs for Nigerians.

    • Are James says:

      Many important facets to the design.
      Armour plate can come from anywhere, China, India, Russia. I would actually prefer Israel.
      The key things are ballistic protection and its imperatives for the welding you have to do, then the engine, drive train and ..funny enough, the air conditioning system.
      Turrets could be plug and play from Otokar or ST Kinetics until we develop ours. Proforce is strong on the ground in terms of armour plate welding, packaging and some rudimentary systems engineering.
      All in all, get the inefficient gov’t agencies out of this thing and use competitive technical bidding with private companies to get the technology, reliability and commerciality right.

  12. jimmy says:

    I apologize for this thread , There is something that i have been seeing more and more pictures of this newer looking RPG any comments guys. oga henry do you have any info, it appears this $1 b is being spent on some really serious stuff.
    i sincerely apologize for the derailment but this rpg with the optical lens needs to be talked about.

  13. doziex says:

    Thank God for these nairaland pictures.

    (1) streit apcs, and the Chinese mraps, now on the scene.
    (2) As for more man portable fire power, RPG-7s and a type 80 gpmg ( a PKM knock off ) now on the scene.
    Great stuff.
    I am also praying for more AA guns of higher caliber, mounted on mobile platforms.

    And air force, jets, tucanos, helicopters both transport and attack where una dey know ??

    • asorockweb says:

      The latest picks show a Recoilless rifle
      The tank shells for the Vickers are just massive.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah men, between our tanks, rpgs and recoiless rifles, BH technicals and apcs can be neutralized at stand off ranges.

        Wire guided tow missiles and 50 kcal sniper rifles would be other good stand off direct fire weapons.
        TOWs can be mounted on helicopters or jeeps.

      • jimmy says:

        Doziex outside of America who else produces those wire/less Tow missiles that will send these virgin seekers to hell?.I know they will not sell it to us but other countries will. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • doziex says:

        Oga jimmy,
        sorry for the delay, I somehow missed your questions.

        The Chinese produce the red arrow of course a knock off of the Russian AT-3 sagger.

        the Rwandans used the Chinese red arrow to destroy UPDF T-55 tanks as the 2 allies battled each other for the airport in the city of Kisangani, DRC.

        The soviet AT-3 the sagger, was famous in the yom kippur war as the Egyptians used them to destroy several isreal tanks.

        The French have the Milan HOT, which they used effectively to destroy African technical at distance, in many of their African missions.

        However, the French bought a thousand plus US made M47 Dragon AT missile.

        The US also have the TOW missile that has to be mounted on either a vehicle or a helicopter.

        The Hezbollah, were said to destroy the isreali merkava mbt, with their latest wire guided missile, the METIS aka 9M131 and the Kornet aka 9M133 AT-14.

      • jimmy says:

        Yeah I know you have been busy i called on you this morning see the thread on AMERICA donates equipment to Nigeria T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  14. peccavi says:

    Everybody from China, UK, France, Russia, Iran etc makes wire guided missiles, the Kornet is in fact one of the most battle proven systems currently
    The key question is if we are deploying all these assets why is BH still rampant.
    If at least we could secure our cities or bases and they ran rampant all around them that would be one thing but even with all these they are still not defeated?
    The thing that cheers me up though is how cheerful the boys seem in all the pictures, morale is still reasonably high it seems

  15. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Peccavi, the kornet would be an over kill if technical are the target! 2 costly and too much collateral damage if used in urban areas. The roketsan cirit would be better!

  16. peccavi says:

    Oga Asorockweb: the Sagger is quite slow to be honest. However I guess they will be cheap att least.
    Personally I would have 14.5mm or 20mm mounted on 10-20m watch towers, mortars and may MBRL’s. Tans. recoilless rifles etc, its like they are just emptying the armouries of everything

    • asorockweb says:

      The Sagger is slow but recall the video of the attack on Giwa. BH parked technicals with HMGs near the based and than proceed to pour fire into the base. Any remotely controlled missile system could have taken out those technicals.

      I mentioned the Sagger because it is cheap.

      Fortified watch towers with 14.5mm HMG is a great idea for permanent bases like Giwa barracks or any FOB that the army intends to keep.

      Fortified towers can be built to withstand tanks shells and even fairly-sized bombs. This technology has been around since WWI.

  17. peccavi says:

    Oga Asorockweb: on a serious note, the question is less that BH controls the countryside but more that bases should not bee under this level off sustained attack. With Tanks you don’t just have the main armament but at least 2 MG’s in an armoured even with RPG’s we should be picking of BH technical and footsoldiers attacking fixed positions

    • asorockweb says:

      I believe a lot of the arms we are seeing from the SiriusBlack photos are new arrivals to the front.

      Based on the photos, the tanks appear to be along the border.
      One pic of the 90mm gunned IFV was in a nice lush compound – that seems to be deep inside Maiduguri city (VIP protection?).

      I am not sure a FOB or barracks has been overrun recently.

      What we really need are thick skinned IFVs to deny BH open spaces. By thick skinned, I mean something that can withstand a 12.7mm round.

      Based on the SiriusBlack commentary, the NAF is still MIA.

      • ozed says:

        I suspect we have run our Alpha jet and Mi-35 engines close to or beyond their maximum operational hours, thus they will probably need to be over hauled before they can take to the skies again.
        Why we wont arm the L39s and Aeermachis and use them for close ground support i cant figure out, but that might have to do with their limited range, who knows.

        Either way looks like the army is on its own.

      • Are James says:

        Thanks for this technically insightful post. I drew the same conclusions months ago. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep positive in the face of unbelievable mediocrity by those who should know better. The L39s have been on PDM for about 3 years, MB339s same thing, the PDMed Alpha jets maybe already overused, now we are down to the level of measuring whether our technicals are better armed than BH technicals.
        All of us wish we had this kind of job where no one questions our inefficiency or lack of effectiveness and instead are forced by patriotism to applaud us even in our continuous let down of customers and country. But then we are not lucky in that sense.

  18. beegeagle says:

    The Aermacchi probably boasts much greater endurance than the A-Jet.

  19. Are James says:

    There are those who even would say that apart from bomb load, range and armouring, the upgraded Alpha and Aermacchi are actually more high tech than SU25. Possibly more accurate in weapon delivery and networking between themselves in a modern battle field.

    • peccavi says:

      The Alphas and Aermacchis if used properly are fairly devastating platforms against mechanized forces without air cover or a develop AA capability. Apartheid SA used Impalas to fairly devastating effect, Zimbabwe completely fucked the Rwandans with their Hawks and even transport planes in Congo, Nigeria’s Alphajets smashed the RUF in SL.
      SU 25 are good platforms which cn only be a war winner but much like the A10 they are more for use against armoured units rather than light mechanised units. I am still a big fan of turboprops, Tucanos, Pucaras, AT 6, Yaks etc.
      But if you must use fast jet in this case then its got to be small, light jet trainers

    • asorockweb says:

      NAF pilots have been pretty good at manual precision bombing.

      We just want them to flying regular air patrols. Even dry runs will keep BH guessing.

  20. russellinfinity says:

    Gentle men, the recent lull in NAF activity is more complicated than you think. The good news is most of the airframes used in this conflict is undergoing extensive upgrades in weapons delivery, man machine interface and sensor suites. AFAIK, only the F7s are currently flying sorties. The bitter part of the pill is only God and The NAF knows when the upgrades will be completed.

    This debacle would have been avoided if the Army air wing was up and running with light armed scout helos and heavy hitters like the terminator and MI 35.

  21. beegeagle says:

    About time. In matters pertaining to DEFSEC, it is shameful that we rested on oars for too long while some people cooked up every escapist scheme to avoid the serious business of equipping the military . That is why we are seemingly now unprepared in every way and have gone into a stampede over every inane acquisition.

    A mandatory US$250m annual outlay on procurement forked out religiously since 2000, small as it seems, would have plugged every gap in our defences by now since every military service would have received a total of US$ 1.25bn by now, each taking the largesse wholesale and in 3-yearly cycles with each haven taken five turns by now.

    Alas, we found nothing wrong with churning out multibillion dollar defence budgets every year which did not have any monies set aside for the military to be retooled. No upgrades either. We are now paying for our national recklessness and strategic myopia, going into a frenzy over matters which could have been sorted out long before now if only we had a methodical approach to these things.

  22. ifiok umoeka says:

    I have said it b4, all these machines have need for maintenance over time and that’s why we need to factor this in when we buy anything! We must learn to buy a few more just to maintain operational tempo while making allowance for maintenance and replacement! We must also remember that everything has a shelf life! While we talk platforms, we must pay attention to logistic because its proper logistics that keeps whatever platform available for use! On the other hand as it is, even if u have WW1 bi plane in the air, its better than nothing provided it flies above the range of BH ack acks and will persist over the skies of the NE ready to respond! That’s why we need @ least 35 tucanos 2 maintain 2 squadrons and reserve armed with guided cost effective rockets like the cirit capable of all weather operations. This will cut down the size of BH attacking forces and restrict their movement!
    An army squad with 1 balloon or 2 hand launched UAV borne ISR micro-asset, NVG, tactcom, 1 sniper rifle, 1 RPG and 1 GPMG and 2 under barrel grenades and say 6 mags each etc (taking for granted that they have the right training) should be able to hold off any attack till the tucanos show up!
    As for the saggers, they can be really cheap but we must ,if we want it go for those with the latest upgrades! And yes, its very slow but my issue with it is that it demands a highly skilled operator to be able to score a hit. That requirement would mean that we can’t fielded it without an intensive training programs for missileers. Its like introducing high power sniper rifles into a theatre, u must plan for intensive training as hi power sniper rifles are dependent of the skills of the sniper!
    @ Oga Asorockweb, the cirit can be ground launched! U may have seen videos of rockets launched from rocket pods mounted on the back of toyota pickups! The Soviets even had man portable versions with reduce rockets. The cirit adds precision to it as its laser guided (I think millimeter radar versions are in dev). The only downside is that as its ground launched, it range will significantly reduce by say 30 to maybe 50 % depending on the conditions on the ground (gravity, target acquisition, thick smoke etc).

    • Martin Luther says:

      “An army squad with 1 balloon or 2 hand launched UAV borne ISR micro-asset, NVG, tactcom, 1 sniper rifle, 1 RPG and 1 GPMG and 2 under barrel grenades and say 6 mags each etc (taking for granted that they have the right training) should be able to hold off any attack till the tucanos show up!”

      What if the Tucanos do no show up? All this is beyond buy weapons and fight; there is a doctrine side of warfare and a type of war call psychological warfare. It seems many brothers on this blog do not understand that an army can sit by and watch an enemy march into their territory without a shot fired

      • peccavi says:

        Good points and good questions.
        Iraq =Nigeria in terms of the way the country is run
        Unfortunately Nigeria doesn’t have super power patronage to bail us out
        Fortunately Nigeria does not have powerful neighbours waiting in the wings to manipulate events
        So what is the problem?
        1. Is it Money
        2. Is it troop numbers
        3. Is it platforms
        4. Is it arms and ammunitions
        5. Is it training
        6. Is it motivation

        Curious for opinions

  23. Martin Luther says:

    Libya under Gadhafi bought every weapon under the sun that money could buy and would be sold to them. What happened? Gadhafi was routed out of Libya by a ragtag army, even before NATO came in his air force were shooting blanks and defecting.

    Back to the matter, the most cost effective way to fight a low-tech war is with the current NAF inventory.

    Then where is the NAF? They were all over Sierra Leone and Liberia doing damage enough to force the RUF and NPFL to the table for talks but in their own country, we are asking questions with even better funding

    This war has beat all my algorithm analysis and logical projections

    • asorockweb says:

      If not for NATO, Gaddafi would have still even in power.

      Libya may have looked like Syria, but Gaddafi would have been in power.

      NATO destroyed the armoured column that was going to retake Benghazi. Just saying.

      The NAF is retooling. So we hear.

      The only branch of the Armed Forces that can’t take time off is the Army.

      FG, recapitalize the Army.

      The NA unit types should have the proper equipment and by that I mean MBTs, IFVs, APCs, MRAPs, etc, etc.

      Training, equipment and uniformity will help improve professionalism in the armed forces.

      • jimmy says:

        By the time ghaddafi was killed like the dog he deserved, Libya was awash in weapons from Sudan in retaliation for allthe wahala he had caused there.Chad also allowed weapons to flow freely North.Due to flight 103 and helping the ira.The americans and brits never forgave him and a massive air blanket made sure of that.Well documented details state to the fact that the rag tag was decimated in the early stages but for timely help from western sf that helped reorganize them it would of being a completely different story. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Martin Luther says:

        You are right, in Benghazi. NATO destroyed the Libyan armored column but not after the rebels had pushed them out into the open as they were already in the city before the NATO strikes started. The Libyan forces could not hug the city close enough to prevent devastating airstrikes and this permitted NATO to have a filled day.

        What was their problem?

        1. Was it money
        2. Was it troop numbers
        3. Was it platforms
        4. Was it arms and ammunitions
        5. Was it training
        6. Motivation

        Let me say here very clearly, the Nigerian Military does not lack any capacity to beat BH and occupy territory on Cameroun, Chad and Niger creating a buffer zone.

        What can be the problem?

        1. Is it Money
        2. Is it troop numbers
        3. Is it platforms
        4. Is it arms and ammunitions
        5. Is it training
        6. Is it motivation

        Look at the embarrassing routing of the Iraq army by ISIS as at today, I think it is over for the Iraq Government

        What could be their problem?

        1. Is it Money
        2. Is it troop numbers
        3. Is it platforms
        4. Is it arms and ammunitions
        5. Is it training
        6. Is it motivation

        Why would men lay down their lives if

        1. They are not sure their families would be protected after they are gone
        2. If they distrust their leaders
        3. If all they have known is corruption and its consequences

        Most Governments actually defeat their armies before their enemies appear to manifest it in many more than one ways.
        Armies of corrupt Governments are never able to put up a good fight

      • asorockweb says:

        Guys, without NATO, Gaddafi would have remained in power. The rebels were rolled all the back to Benghazi before French warplanes intervened. Just saying.

        Iraqi Army was designed to fight like the US Army but had only 1/100th of the motivation, training, support, quality and equipment. The soldiers probably joined up for a good life, not for a good fight.

  24. Tope says:

    The West killed the man to gain access to oil n destabilized the region, Boko Haram armed up after gettin training n armoury from Mali insurgentswho got same from Libya insurgents. they now rush to cite human rights yeye talk when we try to fight back, Nigeria shouldnt listen Arm your armed forces to the teeth. Im seriously waiting for NAF where the 19 attack helicopters na? Where are the Super Tucanos? Where are the UAVs Iherijirika alluled to when Handing over.Secrecy wont help ooo….

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Martin, Gadaffi was not defeated by a group of rag tag rebels! Now that its out of the way, if u had taken time to read what I said, u would note that it was in contribution to the issue of the air force raised by Oga Ozed and the cirit raised by Oga Asorockweb! U would have noticed that the airforce activities over the battle space has lulled and we can’t afford for this lull!

    Take a look @ chibok and juxtapose my suggestion in that scenario and tell me if it would have ended differently! The entire point is about having support for those on the ground when needed!

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