Nigerian troops fighting in the Northeast have now been photographed in recently delivered Streit Spartan Mk.III APCs. These APCs are new to the inventory as the Nigerian Army had never operated any Streit APC types before now, something which used to be the exclusive preserve of the Nigeria Police Force which field the Spartan Mk.II and Cougar Mk.II APCs.



Streit Spartan Mk.III APC

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  1. beegeagle says:

    ELSEWHERE IN 2012 and quoting an ‘insider’ at the manufacturer’s end, BEEGEAGLE CHRONICLED the delivery of the following STREIT APCs to Nigeria and enquiries relating to a few Streit MRAPs


    (source: insider information)

    APCs thus far supplied to Nigeria by the Streit Group

    Toyota-based APCs

    Cougar MK1

    Cougar MK2

    Cougar MK3

    Ford-based APCs

    Spartan MK2

    Spartan MK3


    The subject of many enquiries from Nigeria





    All of those almost certainly went to the Nigeria Police Force. This is the FIRST TIME that Nigerian soldiers have been spotted in any Streit APCs.

  2. Tbite says:

    JAguar and Typhoon look like absolute beasts, damn!

    • Are James says:

      My brother, you see am too?. Typhoon looks like ‘Terrorists Haram’. Collapsible turret, good ground clearance, maintainability is easy just look at the access to the engine.
      Survivability: think of an RPG round incoming, so many features protecting the troops inside.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Yeah…I particularly love the combative look of the Typhoon. Right-sized and good for tactical deployment ala the Otokar Cobra and Panhard VBL. I see the v-hull from here through the engine area and the high wheel arches to allow the tyres get blown off on impact.

    Looks like a potentially great addition which would play a great role for us in combat operations, offering stepped-up protection relative to the Otokar Cobra and a great complement to the A-Class BigFoot MRAP.

    If we really acquired 120 units of the BigFoot MRAP, let us round up that number to 250 by acquiring 130 additional units which should be built at DICON facilities in Kaduna. The manufacturer, Poly Technologies of China, are already in technical partnership with DICON.

    IF these Typhoon MRAPs can be netted for US$250,000 apiece, we could reach for 150 units. Get them to produce 100 units in-country in conjunction with DICON at the Special Vehicle Plant while PROFORCE and DICON do a production run of 100 for the current variant of the IGIRIGI APC. Battlefield experiences would surely throw up needed modifications as we work towards an IGIRIGI Mk.II APC.

    If we can have an array of

    250 BigFoot MRAPs,
    150 Streit Typhoon MRAPs
    200 0tokar Cobra APCs
    150 Streit Spartan Mk.III APCs
    100 Igirigi APCs

    we would have enough protected mobility for NE operations, expeditionary units deployed with multinational regional forces and foreign PK contingents.

    Since the MOWAG APCs hold up well in coastal areas but not in the harsher sahelian and desert climes, we should field them in UNMIL operations only.

    As for the tracked APCs, let us modernise 30% of the 200 odd Steyr 4K 7FA APCs and roughly 50 Spartan APCs. The 67 MT-LB APCs which we acquired a decade ago came in already upgraded. From this total number, we should be able to deploy 150 tracked APCs in support of local and regional operations. Let us try for an upgraded mix of 50 mission-ready MT-LBs, 65 Steyr and 35 Alvis Spartan. The rest 150+ tracked APCs not upgraded should be kept in reserve. Messrs Marshpearl of Ireland and EXPOMA of Austria could help with the modernisation effort.

    The acquisitions and upgrades envisioned above would cost about 275-300 million USD to carry through. But we can be sure that our requirements for wheeled and tracked APCs, MRAPs and IFVs would have been covered. Bear in mind that all of these acquisitions would be brand-new assets.

    Should the need for MBTs be factored in, we can get upgraded surplus units….40 Leopard 2A4 and 100 T72 MBTs would only set us back by US$100 million.

    That frees up funds for the procurement of IFVs. We could get an additional 60 units of BTR-3 IFVs while Poly Technologies join up with DICON to build us 100 units of Type 07 IFVs which is built on the chassis of the WZ 551 APC.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      Aren’t you worried about a polka-dot military?

      I agree that we should immediately plug the equipment gaps for the troops that are fighting Boko Haram in the north east.

      But shouldn’t we pay more attention to reconstituting the NA unit types?

      Recce Battalions
      Uniform set of IFVs in the right quantities.

      Mechanised Infantry Battalions
      Uniform set of APCs and IFVs in the right quantities.

      Motorized Infantry Battalions
      Uniform set of APCs in the right quantities.

      Armoured Battalions
      Uniform set of MBTs and IFVs in the right quantities. I believe a tank battalion should have 40 tanks.

      Amphibious Battalions
      Uniform set of Landing crafts, assault boats and amphibious IFVs

      Then we can talk about
      Firepower for the dismounted soldier.
      Firepower for the SF soldier.

      Air mobility for the NA
      CAS for the NA

      Not to derail, but I believe the NA has two immediate tasks
      1) Destroy Boko Haram
      2) Recapitalize itself so that it can comfortably handle a local insurgency like BH while fighting a conventional war along a Nigerian border, with the option of sending and sustaining a brigade sized force in an expeditionary mission.

  4. camouflage1984 says:

    Why are we not looking towards SA, particularly the NA. Its the man who is humble that will learn

    • asorockweb says:

      I don’t believe it’s about humility – the SA has built the world’s best fighting vehicles for decades.

      I believe it’s about pricing, local manufacture and maintainability.

      Let’s not forget a company like Streit has been doing business in Nigeria for awhile, and Nigeria is all about connections.

  5. Martin Luther says:

    Somebody is tooling up for a good fight

  6. beegeagle says:

    That list, Oga Asorockweb, takes into cognisance hardware systems and/or manufacturers which already have a footprint in the NA and/or the armed forces. If you deepen ties, you get more leverage on existing relationships

    So we already own Otokar Cobra APCs and that cannot be wished away. If Streit Group already have the Spartan Mk.II and Cougar APCs serving the NPF and Spartan Mk.III, it makes sense in my book to deepen such baggage-free ties by allowing them to supply our midsized MRAP for tactical manoeuvres in sync with Landcruiser gun trucks, Panhard VBLs and Otokar Cobra APCs while the heavy work and convoy movements gets done by the BigFoot MRAPs and Sinotruk+Mercedes trucks supported by well-armed Landcruiser gun trucks and AFVs

    With the Streit Group supplying all four types, it would then be plausible to contemplate a maintenance centre in Nigeria and from there, we can move on to local assembly and tech transfer. Does not matter now since the Typhoon MRAP and Spartan APC are built on the same Ford driveline…only the toughness of the hulls differs.

    We already have the BTR-3 IFVs, so we would only be getting more of the same and with that be able to exert more influence on the manufacturer who would be hoping for repeat business.

    Same goes for Poly Technologies who have already supplied BigFoot MRAPs so getting them to build us Type 07 IFVs (which is almost certainly already on the cards) would only deepen ties and our ability to squeeze out concessions such as an assembly line, tech transfer and in-country maintenance.

    The only new items on the list per se are the T72 (never mind that we already field T55s) and the TRULY NEW item on the bill…Leopard tanks.

    Well, 16-18 AFVs/tanks would form a battalion so I expect that with 36 Leopard tanks, we would form an armoured brigade of two tank battalions and an artillery regiment. The rest four Leopard tanks would go to the Armoured Corps Centre as training assets.

    With the rest 100 T72 tanks, we could pull out all T55s and move them in squadrons of six tanks to provide heavy fire support for mechanised battalions while putting the rest into storage and using some for fire support in the NE. In their place, T72 tanks would be deployed while an additional tank brigade of T72s is created.

    As for the Eagle MBTs, we should upgrade enough to support two of the three existing tank brigades and have the rest of them put into storage. All said and done, we would end up with two brigades with upgraded Mk.3 Eagle tanks, two brigades with upgraded T72s and one with Leopard tanks. Five tank brigades in all. As the Eagle tanks reach their run-out dates, we could then begin to phase-in T90 and Leopard 2A6 tanks.

    So you can see from the bit on APCs/MRAPs/IFVs that no polka dot arrangement is going to crop up since the only new asset would be the Leopard tanks and even those are long-term replacements for the Eagle tanks

  7. beegeagle says:

    I agree that we need to pay attention to air mobility and COIN interdiction capabilities for the NA.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, the APC is well optimised for combat. Our troops like to hang onto the exterior of armoured vehicles and I imagine that there are footholds above and behind the tyres where four soldiers can stand – two a side – while three chaps can stand behind the vehicle and dismount as the action demands.

    Again, I like the weapon station with its Browning M2 12.7mm HMG and the rear hatch from where a soldier wielding a GPMG is able to provide secondary fire support. From the angle of being optimised to provide fire support, it goes one up over the Cobra and VBL. Dont know if it is v-hulled though which is one very useful quality of the Cobra APC.

  9. Tobey says:

    Sir beeg, do you think upgrades on the MK-3 Eagle MBT is still possible? Vickers no longer exists as an independent Corporation…It was fragmented and merged with the BAE…We recently upgraded some of our T-55s…probably with NV capability…Why not contact our close friends in Pakistan to upgrade 100 of out T-55s to Al-Zarrars like was done with Bangaldesh…The Bangladeshis are about to upgrade 300 units…when that is done, we can then start shopping for real MBT…Lets forget Western Equipment…its not going to happen..Instead lets go for T-90s..200 units at least..and pair it up with 400 BMP-2s…The Russians will be happy to sell..

  10. russellinfinity says:

    Beeg, I am confused here. The Spartan MK3 is made by the Street group, then where does Alpine armouring come in?

    Is Alpine armouring inc. a subsidiary of Streit? I’m aware that Alpine armouring manufactures the Pit pull SWAT troop carrier/APC based on the chasis of the Ford F550 truck (which seems to be the same chassis used for the Igirigi APC. Please can you shed more light on this.

  11. russellinfinity says:

    Sir Tobey,
    The Vickers can be upgraded. But the project it will be capital intensive. It also depends on what is to be upgraded. If you are looking at peripheral systems like fire control, image intensifiers and range finders gyrostabilizer, periscope, gps, comms and a new gun; I believe that there are third party companies that can come up with this. If it involves going the whole nine yard with engine, transmission/drive train, amour etc. Then expect some real challenge. Such a venture is close to building a new tank.

    In my opinion, the best bet for the Army is to retire all T55s in service and replace them with T72 BM in phases. Their should be a phased retirement of the Vickers as well. In its place should be the T90 or German Leopard 2A6.

  12. beegeagle says:

    The Pitbull FX 550 comes from the North American production line while the Streit Group based in Dubai, produces this machine. If my memory serves me well, that was what their bigman told me off this board in 2012.

    As you can see, the Pitbull which came to the OGSG for onward delivery to the State Police Command were acquired from Canada. Take it to be a matter of branding. If I dig very deep into my email archives, I should be able to lay a hand on the said email.

    Regardless of the absolute similarity between the Pitbull and the Spartan Mk.III, you should know however that given export controls, not least as it pertains to Nigeria with the deafening cries of rights abuses emanating from HRW and AI, these systems are likelier to come from the UAE and not the USA. That is why I am sure that these are no Pitbulls.

    Looking physically at the machines, take a look at the rear window, the two firing ports and the red lights on the hull and compare to the non NA-owned Spartan Mk.III pictured above.

    ONE GIVE AWAY…the rear window of the ALPINE Pitbull FX550 is hexagonal while that of our STREIT Spartan Mk.III APC is a right-angled triangle.

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Beegz, the no for a tank battalion is least 30 while a proper battalion is 51 tank minus the other support components like IFV, scouts, SAMs etc! As for the vickers, I never thought of them as good tanks, we should have gone for the leopard 1s but that’s spilled milk! In the list of tanks, add Merkava mk 3 to that list as an alternative to the Leopard 2 and the T64BM as alternative for the T72! I’m OK with the T90 especially the Indian SM version as well as the MBT 2000/3000 series!

  14. ifiok umoeka says:

    I will also like to lend my voice for caution with regards to diversity! We must insist on the ability to maintain these machines in country without breaking the bank!

  15. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, Oga Ifiok, you are right about the number of tanks. So was Oga Asorock. While Oga Asorock wrote, he was talking battalions while I was thinking squadrons and platoons and writing same. Therein lies the source of the freeze. Fated to multi-task here…something which men are not too good at 🙂

    Concerning the polka dotting, I really think that I have explained this. We have Poly Technologies supplying BigFoot MRAPs while we need IFVs and they can domesticate production and offer tech transfer. So why not get them to build Type 07 IFVs here with strategic calculations for a deliverable military industrial complex in focus? By the same token, we already operate contemporary BTR-3 IFVs and that cannot be reversed in the here and now. So I would square off the numbers to 100 units.

    As you can see, I merely expanded the latitudes of existing suppliers. The real ground breaking sale there would be the Leopard 2A4s since they have no footprint in the NA whatsoever.

    It is for the same reason that I think we need to get more out of the relationship with the Streit Group. Not only have the Police High Command majorly provided Cougar Mk.II APCs, they have also acquired Streit Spartan Mk.IIs which are serving with FPUs in Mali, Guinea Bissau and Somalia. Now they have also began to sell Spartan Mk.III APCs to the NIGERIAN ARMY. To leverage on that and in our quest for tactical manoeuvre MRAPs which will be all over the place as are Panhard VBL, Otokar Cobra and Spartan Mk.III APCs, we might as well reach for their Typhoon MRAP. Given that level of custom, we can push for tech transfer and service centres in-country. Do not forget that states such as Rivers, Oyo, Lagos etc have also acquired Streit APCs and handed over same to the police commands in their states as tokens of operational support. And I am talking consequential numbers here with Lagos State alone haven acquired over 30 APCs and given same to the cops operating on their turf.

    So what stops us leveraging on all of that to gain concessions which we can use? Like the Spartan Mk.III, the Typhoon MRAP is built on the driveline of a Ford, so there is complementarity.

    Even when we start to get PROFORCE vehicles, those are also built on the driveline of the Landcruiser….same goes for the Streit Cougar Mk.III. Thinking complementarity.

    Perhaps while you guys are thinking polka dots, I am thinking of consolidating existing ties and wringing strategic gains from same.

  16. rugged7 says:

    Hmmm. All these government big men wey dey visit beegeagle’s blog but wey dey fall our hand…
    Oga Beeg, presidential spokesperson is using the pix on this particular blog for his twitter updates.

  17. ifiok umoeka says:

    Hahaha! In 2days world, plagiarism will always be caught! Make them continue to thief, we all know the truth!

    @ Oga Beegz, I love the strategic partnership angle but I would want to think that we can find better ways to do that! As for the hardware, I would think we start with my (and Oga Peccavi’s) question of what we need, why and when! With this question, can choose what we need and how to get it! Thus, will it make sense say to increase our hold in the BTR 3 (considering it history, effectiveness and the strategic relationship with it maker) or would a Chinese or even say SA etc product be better? Would we get off sets and more importantly TRANSFER of TECH? Over the long run, can we integrate local components and how do we improve the quantity and quality of locally made component? These among other factors should direct these dealing and NOT JUST strategic diversity! Thus this should include how science and tech is taught in our schools from primary to university so we don’t just end up with assembly know how dependent on imported components instead of home grow ones!

    Already, we have so many equipment from too many sources than we have the ability to maintain! Had we been able to maintain them like Iran does for example, we would manage this crisis a whole lot better. May we not wake up 30yrs from now faced with the crisis we are facing now!

  18. beegeagle says:

    NOT AT ALL bothered about the plethora of in-service systems because many of them are approaching the end of their service lives. In a matter of a few short years, we shall cease fielding some APC types…not least the MOWAG. When it goes, the WZ 551 which is adaptable to coastal and desert operations and is in deployed in harsh climes such as Darfur, Mali and Somalia, could be the natural replacement to the MOWAG. The Type 07 IFV is essentially a WZ 551 chassis carrying a 30mm cannon, thrrefore we shall be meeting a dual requirement in snapping up both IFV and APC in one loop. So there is nothing to cry about in that insofar as more system types are getting shelved faster than new ones coming into service. The BTR 60 and Urutu APCs should be on their way out as well. So bringing in the WZ 551 chassis which will serve as APC and Type 07 IFV does not alarm me.

    Concerning tech transfer, NOBODY would facilitate that more transparently than the Chinese. Reality check – Sudan’s MIC are in on precisely that with their home-built arsenal of Chinese systems such as the Type 63 107mm MRL, ZTZ 96 tanks and WZ 551 APCs. So let us set aside the inertia and get on with it already.

    More systems are attaining their run-out dates without corresponding replacements being inducted. It is fathomable that we shall soon lay the Panhard AML 60/90 AFVs, T55 tanks and Fox scout cars to rest. So the variety of systems in service is actually diminishing rather than increasing. I see no polka dots nowhere.

    With the local assemblage of the WZ 551, we have an APC to replace the MOWAG and Urutu PLUS carrier platforms for a 60mm mortar and 105mm guns to replace our Panhard AML 60/90. Not to mention a SHORAD system.

  19. Kay says:

    Great stuff! I only just made a suggestion here last month about use of the MK 3 Spartans. Turns out it was already seeing action! Great addition.

    Hoping the top brass wake up and do the needful. Not just buy, technology transfer also included. Algeria recently signed a €2.7 billion contract with Germany for production of over 980 Fuchsia 2 Apcs. Though it can be argued that they can spare the luxuries with a collosal $200 billion in foreign reserves. We may not have such but we can start from somewhere, ‘every little helps ‘

  20. ifiok umoeka says:

    Very good line of thoughts sir! Yes should have decommissioned those relic a long time ago! However, what are ur thought about multi purpose armour vehicles (MPAV) like the Serb the Lazar 2? Also, wouldn’t it be better to have fewer platform with modular design to accommodate different roles? What’s ur take on this?

  21. beegeagle says:

    The LAZAR looks to be very promising. I see it as an IFV and an MRAP rolled into one. A few years ago on this blog, we carried a story during the visit of the Serbian defence minister to Kaduna during which talk of in-country production of an unnamed APC type came up for mention. I SUSPECT that it was the LAZAR which they had in mind.

    Thankfully, Serbia do not mix arms trade with politicking so they might be able to mind their business. We shall see how it pans out.

  22. ifiok umoeka says:

    That would be a good option too! Pakistan are pursuing that option with local production integral to the deal! If we could nice to field those! The Serbs also have nice collection of artillery systems both guns and rocket. Their M84AS MBT is give and take a match for the T90S! Their rifle the Zastava M21is really cool. I would say they too have things we could also look at!

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