A Panhard VBL armoured vehicle armed with a Browning M2 12.7mm machine gun patrols the streets Maiduguri

Finetuning plans in readiness for combat operations.

A soldier conducts security checks at a military checkpoint in Maiduguri


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  1. chucks says:

    My oga’s, the beeg one,very sorry for derailing this thread. As predicted, dem don waka come oo .

  2. drag_on says:

    The use of HMG’s is welcomed.

  3. beegeagle says:

    I am all for it, Oga Drag_On. In the Northeast, the deployment of mere GPMGs on gun trucks or armoured vehicles, in the face of BH technicals which field the world-famous DShK, is nothing short of a war crime.

    It is not in doubt that I would love to see the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux trucks withdrawn from frontline service and relegated to rearguard and logistics duty. They might serve a purpose in the Middle Belt and South were the operating conditions are favourable and deployment for aid-to-civil-authority missions, permissible.

    In the deserts of Borno and Yobe however, only the TOYOTA LANDCRUISER is conscionable. They are rugged and versatile, built for the climes and terrain and can serve as troop carriers and weapon platforms – mortars, MGs, cannons and anti-tank guns. That is why I am favourably disposed to having them fielded in sync with Panhard VBLs, Spartan Mk.3 APCs and Otokar Cobra APCs for tactical maneuvers and as fire support options deployed in the shadow of the heartwarming BigFoot MRAPs. I love the proven Landcruiser which has proved its rugged worth across all harsh terrains from Algeria to Libya, Somalia to Sudan, Chad to Mali, Yemen to Iraq, Syria to Afghanistan etc. So I support their deployment alongside AFVs, APCs and MRAPs in the Northeast.

    What I hope to see however is the stepped-up procurement of a game changer which edges out the BH mainstay DShK in terms of range and stopping power. That weapon is the 14.5mm AAMG.

    Let me start by commending the FG and NA High Command for what appears to be ever-improving provisioning at the front while urging them to do MORE. I have seen photos posted by Sirius Black which affirm the fact that Type 80 GPMGs and a certain tripod-mounted RR also of Chinese origin have been offered to our gallant infantrymen who look to be in exceptionally high spirits regardless of the obtuse claims of a dispirited army which has gained currency in the ever-malevolent Western media. I also received with joy, news of the provision of two new protected vehicle types which are entirely new to our arsenal – the BigFoot MRAP and the Streit Spartan Mk.3 APC. Way to go.

    Returning to the Landcruiser, please let us EXPRESSLY forbid the practice of fixing GPMGs to any of them, a bad habit which exposes our troops to the wrath of DShK-armed BH technicals. For a minimum, we should have the CIS-50 12.7mm HMG or Browning M2 12.7mm HMG mounted on them. That way, BH cannot use any ammo from them on their DShK HMGs.

    Personally, I would love to see a special infusion of 500 units of 14.5mm AAMGs acquired specially through Poly Technologies which should be mounted on 300 Landcruiser trucks and on all BigFoot MRAPs. I leave you to imagine what that does for suppressive firepower in combat. Other Landcruiser trucks not deployed as troop carriers could field the CIS-50 and Browning M2 12.7mm HMGs as is the current practice. Ditto Otokar Cobra and Streit Spartan Mk.III APCs and Panhard VBLs.

    There is still a glaring paucity of Mi-17 helicopters and armed scout helicopters available and it is obstructing the progress of operations as troops mostly do not get close air support the way that it should be. Many have perished while fighting gallantly unto death and against all odds without having the benefit of air support after three hours of continuous fighting. These are people’s brothers, sons, nephews, fathers and cousins. Joining the military was not necessarily an inevitable suicide mission or a mandatory death sentence. So let us as a nation and people, do our utmost to make them live to fight another day.

    They, who are about to die, salute you.

  4. beegeagle says:

    17 June 2014
    (culled from a HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH article)

    40,000 Reasons Why Sri Lanka is No Model for Nigeria
    Andrew Stroehlien

    To crush Boko Haram insurgents, Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters
    last week declared it would employ the “Sri Lankan method”. It’s hard to imagine a worse idea. Boko Haram’s brutal campaign in northern Nigeria demands urgent action to protect the civilian population.

    The militant Islamist group’s atrocities have killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, sparking a humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s North-east and across national borders. Boko Haram’s April kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls has dramatically increased international attention on the problem and pressure on the government to resolve it.But, before opting for “the Sri-Lankan method” to deal with an insurgency, Nigeria would do well to examine what that actually means.

    Sri Lanka’s war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE),
    particularly in its final stages in 2009, caused tremendous and
    unnecessary human suffering. As the noose tightened around the
    insurgents – who were, like Boko Haram, responsible for numerous horrific abuses – nearly 300,000 civilians held as human shields by the LTTE became increasingly squeezed into atiny area with little food or medicine. The military repeatedly and indiscriminately shelled the area,including a government-declared “no-fire zone” and hospitals trying to care for the sick and wounded.

    In the last months of the conflict, as many as 40,000 civilians died,
    according to the United Nations Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts report. And since the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009,serious abuses against ethnic Tamils by the military, includingsystematic rape of suspected LTTE supporters, have continued to the present.

    Those responsible for the numerous wartime abuses on both sides
    have yet to be investigated, let alone brought to justice. For years,
    Sri Lanka tried to block an international inquiry into alleged war crimes, but in March 2014 the UN Human Rights Council endorsed an investigation into Sri Lanka’s wartime atrocities. Is this really the model Nigeria wants to follow?

    Nigeria’s security forces have already committed many serious
    abuses in their fight against Boko Haram including offences that
    might constitute crimes against humanity. The security forces’
    heavy-handed approach has included burning homes, physical
    abuse, indiscriminate mass arrests, detentions without trial and
    extrajudicial killings of thousands of men and boys from the North-

    Replicating Sri Lanka’s lawless approach to counter-insurgency
    would further endanger a civilian population already brutalised
    both by Boko Haram and the military. Nigeria’s government needs
    to work with the population at risk and not treat them – as Sri
    Lanka’s government did – as the enemy

    • gbash10 says:

      If I can get my hands on any Human Right Watch Personnel,I will show that person the video of Nyanya Bombing and its casualties,then I will give that person 6 lashes of KOBOKO for each dead body!
      Dem de craz all .

    • jimmy says:
      This just simply BRILLIANT. This what I call the best use of social media by the ARMED FORCES so far . The line between objective reporting of the NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES TO OUTRIGHT DENIGRATION HAS LONG AGO BEEN PASSED. I am pleased to see that the pr department is finally beginning to grasp what we have long known .
      The armed forces should take one thing to heart quite a few of us that live in the western world personally hate seeing the type of NON – OBJECTIVE COVERAGE that comes from the west and the thing that one to make us gnash our teeth and tear our hair ( what little we have left) is the absolute non response sometimes from the NIGERIAN military
      This was not the case they responded and appropriately. I am hoping they ( Nigerian armed forces) will see what we see in the western way of reporting .
      SRI LANKA fought a bitter , dirty, grimy, grisly war with one of the most deadliest insurgents known to mankind the tamil tigers and finally WON, it BEHOOVES Nigeria as absolutely necessary to contact them – especially when we have GOOD RELATIONS AND LEARN CERTAIN THINGS FROM THEM.

  5. rugged7 says:

    Human rights watch can go jump in the deepest sea…

  6. rka says:

    Like anyone listens to them anyway.

  7. beegeagle says:

    So our Ogas at the Top in the NA High Command, the 14.5mm AAMG would be the heaviest weapon which does not destroy the chassis or suspension of our Landcruiser trucks on account of recoil and heavy action.

    The ZU-23-2 23mm cannon has been mounted on Landcruisers around the world, most famously in Libya. But the intensity of operations in our NE might see them wearing out the carrier platform very quickly.

    If you allowed me to make an input, I would humbly suggest that the Pinzgauer ATVs of which the NA acquired about 500 units would be excellent carrier platforms for 23mm cannons such as the ZU-23-2. We could get NAEME to reconfigure 36 units at the Central Workshop in KD and thereafter, we can distribute 3 units each to every infantry battalion in the AOR for extreme fire support.

    Nobody has forgotten that, fielded in flat trajectory, the 23mm cannons (namely the ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAG) were used to lethal effect by ECOMOG troops.

    Back to the KPV/Type 58 14.5mm AAMGs,those will outgun BH’s DShK 12.7mm HMGs for destructive power and range and given the tenacity of our infantrymen, it is anyone’s guess who shall turn and flee. They only need to be empowered with suppressive firepower. This business of GPMGs on gun-trucks and APCs makes them sitting ducks for BH technicals. Let’s reboot, sirs.

    We need to see these on our BigFoot MRAPs and on about 300 Landcruiser gun trucks. A cheap and effective game changer methinks. Thank you.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga beeg, let’s forget the ZU-23-2 on trucks.

      If one is attacking a fixed base, yes it can provide fire support. That is how rebel groups in Chad and Libya use.

      ZU-23-2 can’t be depressed flat – it will always be pointing slightly upwards. That means you can’t use it against ground targets that are close by.

      Instead of expanding energy on ZU-23-2 conversions, let’s buy good optics for our heavy machine guns. A 12.7mm HMG is lethal at long ranges only if you have good optics for the operator.

  8. Tobey says:

    Mounted Zsu-23-2s will really have be a game changer if distributed evenly per Army Company…But….doing that when the NAF is not fully equipped is suicide…We’ve seen Army APCs fall into enemy hands before..if a mounted Zsu-23-2 gets captured, are we sure the NAF will effectively scramble its assets to take it out? Who remembers the Zsu-23-4 story of the Sierra Leonean War?

  9. Tobey says:

    Its like we are seeing more infantry acquistions…Bottom of page…the Dragunov Sniper Rifle.

    • Are James says:

      Apart from the MRAPs and the Russian sniper rifle, nothing here is new in the NA inventory. There’s even a picture from the beginning of the roll of a strange looking weapon that cannot be less than sixty years old.
      I think the just concluded weapon audit revealed vast stores of weaponry at various NA locations bought in the 70s, 80s and 90s that would find relevance in this COIN war.
      Old weapons still in good shape, probably used only once to ..execute a coup…lol

    • beegeagle says:

      We have had Steyr SSG 69 sniper rifles for many years though. I have a photo of an ECOMIL sniper holding one somewhere on this blog.

      The Dragunov sniper rifle appears to be a new acquisition. Ditto the Type 80 GPMG which is not the DICON-produced GPMG and that RCL on a tripod which I think is a 75mm Chinese model. Never seen that in NA service before now.

      The DICON partnership with Poly Technologies is yielding dividends then. Seems we are getting war materiel from Russia and China. I FULLY endorse that, gentlemen. We cannot be tied down to any reluctant country’s whims and caprices for a minute longer. Let’s get on with it.

  10. peccavi says:

    Whats with the hand drawn maps? Does Nigeria not have mapping capability?

  11. jimmy says:

    The map the army officer is showing is most likely I.M.H.O the google map that we have discussed way back in November / December 2014 Illustrating the proximity of the A4 Highway (as shown by google earth) to the Cameroonian Border. Nigeria does have Mapping capability and since they are now singing kumbaya with their American brethren I am sure they can update them with the latest GIS capabilities but remember OGA Peccavi sometimes think third world and think deep some of these communities owning to war, banditry and cultural traditions are very Normadic in nature so what you actually see on a map may hold partially true…. to an extent of being off by 2-5 km give off take. As long as the CO who is leading them knows where he is going with his men and equipment the map is only as good as the persons using it.
    As recently as black hawk down SOMALIA . US troops were still getting lost.

    • Are James says:

      I think we should be proud of Nigeria Army’s retention of map making skills, it is a is a key feature of all training at most NA institutions . The stuff we see in the picture suffices for battalion level briefings and tactical planning.

      • peccavi says:

        Abeg, proper map making and even air photo stuff can be bought off the shelf.
        Na sketch map person gouse plan Brigade ops much less divisional ops?
        And why is he wearing body armour in the Ops room? abi wetin happen to GOC 7 Div dey worry am?

      • igbi says:

        That photo was taken at the beginning of the state of emergency. And you don’t know the conditions under which that map was produced. And that map is far from being a sketch. So @peccavi get your facts right. Talking down a man who seniors you in everything possible way (military skills, age, rank, knowledge, responsabilties) is what i call disrespect of the highest kind.

    • Are James says:

      Where do these things come from?. Ever since Gaddafi got a bloody nose from Chadian/Niger militias and then the events preceding the black hawk down incident, the ‘technical’ has suddenly became a global weapon. It is now almost as if some companies have gone into business making retrofits and utility truck borne weapon systems for insurgent armies all over the world and the governments who would have them.

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks, Tobey. Are those twin 14.5mm or 23mm? Looks like this is a dedicated AA system for attacking aerial threats. That which I would love to see for our Landcruisers would be the simple tripod-mounted ones such as seen in the pictures above. Straightforward infantry support weapon deployed PRECISELY the same way we use Browning M2s and CIS-50s.

      Weld the pintle or tripod to the chassis, put a gun shield, make it face forward and leave the gunner to stand and do his thing while his squad mates sit in the usual manner on those seats which were designed for easy egress. Our gun truck concept is good. I give that to NAEME chaps..user-friendly and combat-oriented.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Something like this but with the NA’s seating arrangement retained. Though this is a pintle-mounted 23mm cannon on a technical, it gives us a rough idea of what I am talking about. You can imagine that a 14.5mm AAMG will look more compact yet be able to outgun BH 12.7mm DShK HMGs.

    Please, let us stop seeing those Landcruiser gun trucks with GPMGs. It is a perilous gamble at this time.

  13. Tobey says:

    Ill still go with Zsu-23-2s…Its like the Syrian jihadists modified it for horizontal trajectory..Going through some of Sirius’s comments..He said that what kills 80percent of NA troops is BH technicals..he said something about thier HMGs “tearing bulletproof vests to shreads”….Now if we can get ano IFV, lets go for dedicated Zsu-23-2s mounted on our be crewed by 2 men…a spotter and a gunner…then we should replace all GPMGs with HMGs…similar to that of NN gunboats..As for the NAF..sirius said that the are on a “recent sabbatical”…Sir beeg, over to you..IFVs(BMP-2s) or Mounted AAAs?

  14. beegeagle says:

    I mean, I have even see Chadian Landcruiser gun trucks in the CAR with a DShK mounted fore and an aft-facing 81mm mortar welded onto the floor of the vehicle.

    Given the intensity of combat operations in the Northeast, it is befuddling that anyone would deploy gun trucks armed with GPMGs to face BH Dushka .50 cals. Nor be all those kind tins dey cause mutiny?

    Inside a troop transport vehicle, a member of the squad could carry a GPMG knowing that the gun-trucks and APCs/MRAPs carry higher calibre weapons. But to think of a gun-truck armed with a GPMG is a bit alarming given the prevailing reality at the frontline.

  15. drag_on says:

    Oga beeg, you have read my thoughts in the last 3 days!
    Stick big fat AAA on all our mobile units together with grenade launchers for the secondary gunner and smoke grenades( in case of ambush). Use the MRAPs as the pathfinder to protect the more vulnerable APCs/troop carriers.
    TOW missiles like the HJ8, per platoon would be an added bonus.

    I saw the tripple A used by the Ukrainian army? in the ongoing conflict in eatern ukraine and i shuddered. It was mounted on a truck and seemed longer than it. I won’t want to be in it’s sights.
    AFAIK, IFVs are the fancy names for technicals( of-course technicals have no armour)but these brutes (IFVs and technicals)are serious force multipliers against infantry.

    If we feel ashamed of using technicals in our army,then we need to get IFVs to match boko.
    Our troops should not go out against those guys without IFVS, or our own version of technicals(APCS with HMGs at the least) or else we get (TOW) missiles.

    • Are James says:

      Just a word of caution on the TOW. It is a little romantic a concept that in the heat of battle, an operator would stay somewhere rapata and keep steering the missile via its onboard TV (or whatever) to its target. It worked nicely for the Israelis against Arab armour in the 60s and 70s, whether it works against highly mobile technicals day and night in Nigeria’s Savannah is a mere possibility but not a 100% reliable proposition. It works after we have given it some proactive battlefield integration forethought.

      • asorockweb says:

        The AT-3 had it’s best day against Israeli tanks in the Sinai.
        The Kornet, against Israeli tanks in Lebanon.

        In those two situations, the battle doesn’t get any hotter.

      • Are James says:


  16. kevi says:

    what are those toyota landcruisers carrying, 6th picture …

  17. beegeagle says:


    Look what China have sold to Tanzania. Which of our traditional partners will sell anything as menacing as what you see in Pix 1 to us? If una like, mek sleep dey dull una eye for dia 🙂

    The A100 300 mm multiple rocket launcher is very similar to the Russian BM 9A52 Smerch, although Norinco claims it has a longer range of 120 km

    New lease of life: Modernised T59G tanks featuring 125mm main guns

    Type 07PA 120 mm self-propelled mortar

    WZ 551 APC

    Mobile Surveillance Radar that to support Tanzania’s 2K12 Kub (SA-6 ‘Gainful’) and S-125 Pechora (SA-3 ‘Goa’) air defence systems.

    • AreJames says:

      CHINEKE!!!!. Is it the same Chinese drinking our oyel?
      We did not ask?…or it was not even offered?

      • russellinfinity says:

        I think our military is shy to ask. However credit must be given to the current administration for the initiative taken so far in retooling the military. There is room for more improvement.

  18. beegeagle says:

    @Ogas Are and Russell.

    We are too considerate to ask…period. Inertia sets in when you over-contemplate and try to balance EVERY conflicting foreign interest.We have always gone berserk in our quest to overstate our innocuous intentions and to please everybody. It is a show of weakness in itself….sheepish diplomacy perhaps. Same reason why we have made a pastime of acceding to every international treaty, including those which are injurious to our interests. For a nation, we are too compliant and nobody takes such weak-willed nations which try to be too compliant, seriously. IF the Chinese sold these to Tanzania, it is left for us to imagine what they will offer Nigeria if only we ASK.

    By the same token, I leave you all to imagine whether or not our friends on the opposite polar realm who like to give lectures on everything will sell you anything half as monstrous as that. They just might ask “do you want to hurt yourself?”. Yet some compatriots persist in offering us unworkable wishlists and to suggest that we remain empty handed until the reluctant are willing to recant? It is not going to happen.

    One more thing. In the absence of 4G jets, the Tanzanians have emplaced about the best air defence missile system across Africa, south of the Sahara. A few years ago, so much heat was generated by western donors in the wake of the Tanzanian hunt for a £40m BAE radar system to cover their national airspace that I began to realise that their airspace was probably about to become impregnable and the ex-colonialists wanted to prevent that from happening.

    NIGERIA, shine your eyes.

    • russellinfinity says:

      Aptly put sir Beeg. What really got my heart racing was the capability of the AR3 given the fact that it’s made in China. Later some of my jingoistic American friends want to write them off at any given opportunity.

  19. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, the BM30 Smerch has been overtaken by the Chinese AR3 – the most powerful MLRS on earth. It is a multi-calibre system which fires 300mm rockets and 370mm rockets alike. It delivers 370mm rockets to an imperious range of 220 kilometres i.e further than the distance between Lagos and Ore or exactly the distance between Kaduna and Kano . In deed and in truth, a beast has been unleashed

    The AR3 is able to launch conventional rockets and guided missiles alike (that presumably includes the highly accurate C802 and C803 missiles)


  20. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, remember when we mentioned the Chadian hunt for MiG 29s which has since yielded dividends? MiG 29 we nor buy, air defence system we nor buy. Which one we dey sef 🙂 ?

    Anyway, when Chad first began to seek MiG 29s a decade ago, Tanzania were also known to have put together a bid for six used MiG 29s at a cost of US$50 million. So do not be surprised if they build on their recent acquisition of 14 F-7G jets by adding MiG 29s to that.

    The world outside Nigeria is on the march and we must move with the times lest we be left behind.

  21. drag_on says:

    “The suspects were nabbed along Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway while traveling in over 33 Hiace Hummer buses at night on June 15,” it said, AFP reported.

    “This is contained in a statement issued on Tuesday in Abuja and signed by Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, Director of Defense Information,” the report noted.

    The statement said that the identified terror kingpin had been taken into custody and that further development would be communicated in due course.

    It further noted that so far, other security agencies including the para-military had joined in the screening exercise to ascertain the status of the remaining suspects.

    “Those identified as possible security risk or illegal immigrants were expected to be identified for further action,” it stressed.

    Lt. Col. Rasheed Omolori, the Commander of the 144 Battalion, had told a news conference in Umuahia, the Abia state capital, on Monday that his men intercepted a convoy of 33 buses conveying 486 Boko Haram fighters aged between 16 and 24 around 3 am local time on Sunday.

    “The suspects claimed to have come from northern parts of the country in search of jobs,” Omolori said.

    Nigeria has witnessed a string of attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram since 2009, when the sect launched its insurgency targeting churches, security facilities, schools and villages.

    Hundreds of people have been killed in the last three months in many village attacks across three states in the northeast region of Nigeria by Boko Haram.

    Only last month, more than 100 people were massacred by Boko Haram fighters in various attacks.

    Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is currently grappling with security challenges, one of which is the insurgency of Boko Haram.

    LAGOS, June 18 (Bernama) — Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters said Tuesday a terror kingpin named in a wanted terrorist list was detected during an ongoing screening of 486 Boko Haram suspects.

    The suspects were nabbed along the Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway while travelling in buses at night on June 15, Xinhua news agency reported.
    Unfortunately,no names given.

  22. drag_on says:

    Sorry about the thread derailment.

  23. beegeagle says:

    BREAKING NEWS (precise snippets you can use as always)



    There has been unusual chatter flying around lately at the TAC that the NAF has taken delivery of a 4th generation fighter jet of eastern origin. Remember the sighting lately by one of our cyber Air Marshals (Sir Gbash 10 methinks) of a fighter pilot with a different insignia on his breast pocket?

    My source says it’s a single engine aircraft and he will not go beyond that. I will try and coax him a little more to get a clearer picture in the coming weeks.

    Please relay this to your sources as we try and piece this jigsaw puzzle together. Whatever it is, something big has happened to the Nigerian Air force. Over and out.


    So gentlemen, given the long association of the NAF with the JF17 Thunder and the flurry by air chiefs shuttlings between Abuja and Islamabad since October 2012, is that single-engined aircraft the JF17 Thunder or are we looking at MiG 29s here?

    • peccavi says:

      My money is on JF17

      • Bharat says:

        What’s the secrecy about? Pakistani President was on a visit to Abuja couple of days back, NAF could have inducted JF-17 after a formal ceremony in his presence. That would have been a grand gesture for relationship between the two countries.Why the secrecy?

        Anyways, congratulations on your new platform acquisition.

      • asorockweb says:


        The secrecy is a nightmare – it does a lot of harm (aids corruption and incompetence) and very little good.

      • Are James says:

        I was actual half expecting the Chinese FH 7A Flying Leopard but this talk of a single engine has me going back to the opele cowrie shells.

    • giles says:

      dat’s good,hop we did not go for anyting below 20 aircraft

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria will buy six jets and then send a delegation to the Camerounian govt to explain that they are not for offensive purposes. Next year the funds to build them up to a squadron size will mysteriously dry up because of BH amnesty. Eventually the jets end up in storage because the pilots have all been promoted and in any case there is no threat. When you have rent seekers in govt everything unbelievably unpatriotic becomes common practice.

      • Solorex says:

        @Are James- It won’t happen- we have gone passed the era of impulsive buying and haphazard procurement and not having future plans. One of the reasons why things are slow to happen is because they need to be well planned. There are no more blind inductions of platforms- if we have dozens of technicians and naval engineers in China studying our simple OPV being built and a contract signed for refurbishing and expanding/JV for our dockyard- it means we are seeing the future.

        In all honesty, the rate at which airframes are grounded due to missed PDMs or maintenance issues has dropped to a very small fraction. None as been grounded in a while.

        By the way, we are not buying 4G aircraft for Boko Haram, we have bought their own already. It is important that we see that things are getting better.

      • Are James says:

        Thanks for your inside ‘expo’ on the heady new developments incoming. You may be quite right that the worst is over in terms of mistakes of the past. We keep fingers crossed.

    • Solorex says:

      Hope we did not end up with those Zombies-men they will shed blood! The Israelis are virtually trying to stuff latest Block 60 Kfir ( allegedly airframe and engine retuned to Age Zero ,completely rebuilt American jet engine and every single capacity of F16 – sensor fusion et al..) taken from Negev Desert graveyard to be reborn into a 4G+ airframe at one third of regular price down our throat.

      The lobby is intense and there is a scramble.They claim is not an upgrade but a “rebirth”. NAF however does not appear to be too enthused. They seem to like the Shinco experience. The political class seems to like the lion cub. They say its close to F16 block 50 in specs. 60 of these Zombie are available and all orders are deliverable in 12 months, there are plans to build new frames from scratch when the graveyard is depleted on useful bones.

      Several South American countries seems to have been bitten (Argentina-18 frames confirmed, Ecuador and Colombia on queue, Sri Lanka in negotiation). In all fairness-if they are as advertised, they will be a good buy.

      At a point in time, it seemed to be the FC20/JF17 with lots of Western avionics in focus, Until we started considering tokunbos then Su27 variant, then the Kfir push came.

      All that is dark should be very clear by weekend-definitely.

      • beegeagle says:

        The Great Solorex :-). Gimme perspectives abeg. Oga XNur44 where art thou?

        Meet Solorex, gentlemen, who alongside Egbon Jimmy, XNur44 and Spirit are the four oldest surviving members of this blog. Been right here from the off in Q2 2010.

        Only Freeegulf, RussellInfinity, TBite and Ocelot2006 who were with me at the CE Forum since 2009 but who strangely arrived at Beegeagle’s Blog later than the four grand musketeers listed above, can claim to have be associated with my work online for so long.

        Other very early birds who were already here by 2011 include Peccavi, Henry, Deway, Doziex, Mighty Yagz, OptimusPrime, Gbash10, Donspony, BigBrovar, Deltaman, Hussein, SBM etc.

        A slice of Beegeagle’s Blog history. Rest assured that I appreciate the savvy and fervour of ALL commenting members of Beegeagle’s Blog….old and new members alike.

      • Are James says:

        Can’t we do both?

  24. russellinfinity says:

    All known and intercepted frequency point to the JF 17. However the Israeli Kafir is also a candidate. As for Russian MIGs, recent defensec cooperation with Belarus comes to mind.

    If it’s the JF 17 or the Kafir with upgraded 4th generation avionics, sensor and weapons suite, some form of tech transfer to AFIT then the NAF have my blessing. The next step to plug the gap should be buying long range effective anti air missile systems from Russia or China. This should be integrated with the Tracon project.

    • jimmy says:

      1) If this is true that the A-jets are undergoing pdms and upgrades. (Night flying ,human signature sensors and also precision guided rockets,missiles.Then this is very,very good news.
      2) The procurement of a 4th gen fighter is long over due.This is something that we have talked about for a long time.) Let us remember two crucial incidents that happened into the current CAS tenure.The first was his maiden speech where he called specifically for more air frames. The second was the bombing run episode.Where the CAS became the first in a Naf history.I believe we are about to see something big happen.

    • beegeagle says:

      Russ, they need to leave out the Kfir jets. Let’s move on to higher ground once and for all. 30 JF17 and 6 Su-30 and that is all for me.

      From Israel, we should be looking at Shaldag and Super Dvora gunboats and Barak missiles.

      • gbash10 says:

        For almost one week now,I have been trying to identify a lone fighter jet that has been buzzing the skies of Makurdi. It is as if our flyboys know I have been watching them. I was at Benue State University Teaching Hospital, BSUTH Makurdi yesterday and I saw that unidentified jet climbing very fast with shining grey colour as it turned and headed towards Apir town. That prompted me to go to Airport Market out TAC but the jet did not return until I left the market around 3:25pm. No luck!

        Today again, while I was in BSUTH, I heard the take-off noise of a jet and that made me to run outside so that I can get a bullseye on the jet as it flew the same flight path to Apir. However,it turned round heading towards the hospital. At that instant, I was called back inside again. That NAF jet flew too close to the hospital roof top that a lot of patients sitting at the reception where we sat took cover!

        One thing I observed about that jet is its engine sound,it is different from that of the F-7 and A-jet, the delta wings of the F-7 produces a characteristic open pipe and iron sound. The pilot did not fly at Mach 2 to produce sonic boom.

        It is just a matter of days,I go identify that jet at close range the same way I did to the Tucano gaskiya,hehe,na Tom and Jerry the NAF de play with me o!

      • Are James says:

        Shinning grey colour?
        My wild guess is this is not even one of the main fighter jets we’ve been talking about. Your mystery jet is probably a lone Hongdu L15 trainer on some evaluation flight.

  25. drag_on says:

    Good News.

  26. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Are James.

    Sad but true reflection of the way we have been going about things. We live for the moment and defence spending is till taken by leaders and plebians alike to be an unwelcome distraction.

    After the gruelling 1990s with its steep curve lined with asymmetric and conventional engagements – Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon, we apparently came away with no lessons learnt. Where is evidence to the contrary – be it in the orbat or in procurement?

  27. jimmy says:

    I think this is for real this time. i am going to go out on a very thin limb and say this it. I want to remember two months ago . Either OGA HENRY OR OGA GBASH confirmed some pilots are training in Russian now i do not know whether they were for Helios or for 4TH Gen planes.
    However this lull of activity is not coincidence, something is going on whether it is the Tuscanos or PDM something is going on. I know my people they don’t keep quiet without reason.
    This morning I mentioned that the CAS was the first to go on a bombing run might not be correct that title MAY BELONG TO COL. Shittu Alao ( r.i.p) during the civil war. However i do not picture the current CAS even being restrained by political necessity by not seeking new air frames.
    In his maiden speech not only did he called for me he said paraphrasing what we have is not enough to cope with the requirements of this insurgency.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Jimmy, yes, I can confirm to you and every other Oga on this blog that NAF MI-35 pilots are currently in Russia.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you it has just been too quiet lately ……I can hear the crickets. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  28. Eugene4eveR says:

    Good Evening. While getting a 4th Gen aircraft in our inventory is long over due, my fear is WHAT WEAPONS and AVIONICS packages are included? Lets pray that our poliTHIEFcians don’t omit the BVRAAM and guided munitions or give us a JF 17 with mig 23 radar.

  29. AOk says:

    Jets from Fightertown (Makurdi) are unlikely to go supersonic (even at full combat power) on take off because if it did, every car and house window / glass under its path will break. There are established corridors and altitudes where they go supersonic or dash speeds. Forget Mach 2 as even the F7s will struggle to reach that except when clean (no drop tanks) and at maybe medium altitudes. Sonic booms start at Mach 1 which takes altitude into account.
    No one has had sight of the Tucanos so it might just have been a lone one also for evaluation with deliveries yet to happen.
    If you see any airframes flying around, take a picture and post it on here and I’m sure many savvy folks on here will be able to identify it.
    The cynic in me is waiting to actually see any 4G NAF plane before I believe it.

  30. beegeagle says:

    @Oga Gbash10

    Shiny grey tells me that it might be the JF17 Thunder. This is the colour which she is most readily associated with. Thank you for your painstaking efforts. You are most rugged.

    Now I see why the Air Expo on this Golden Jubilee year of the NAF has been delayed. Like I suspected and mentioned same elsewhere, they are waiting for airframes to arrive. Imagine an Air Expo featuring in one hop, a leap forward to Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters, Mi-35M attack helics, ALX Super Tucano ground attack aircraft and the JF17 Thunder?

    At last, we are getting somewhere…

    @Oga AoK

    I think Solorex has settled the ALX Super Tucano thingie in stating that this acquisition stands apart from that made for BH i.e counterinsurgency aircraft. And we know that the Super Tucano fits that description.

  31. beegeagle says:

    Lemme break down what the pioneer, Oga Solorex, actually said. He likes to speak in coded language – like Gbash10 does.

    He is precisely hinting at the following….the Israelis are offering the NAF the latest incarnation of their retired Kfir-series fighter jet. This variant is known as the KFIR BLOCK 60 and the Israelis say that it will have a rebuilt airframe and a new engine, even as they are getting them off their boneyard. They go ahead to reveal that it is a 4G+ aircraft in reality and it incorporates every known capability of the F16 BLOCK 50. According to them, when the airframes at the boneyard get exhausted, they shall continue production by building new KFIR Block 60 aircraft.

    Personally, I agree that it is an OK offer PROVIDED that all the components are Israeli-made. If it has any foreign input by way of components, it becomes a complicated and unattractive offer. Think sanctions and stuff.

    Oga Solorex is also saying that while the political leadership of the defence sector are inclined to giving a nod to the KFIR BLOCK 60, which is a baggage-free clone of the F16 BLOCK 50, the military brasshats are inclined towards the JF17 THUNDER.

    Our old reliable and blog pioneer goes on to suggest that other options considered include factory refurbished Su-27, a true air monster.

    The picture is getting clearer. Expect my comeback

  32. beegeagle says:

    That brings an added twist to a developing story.

    A few months ago, a Beegeagle’s Blogger (remind me who) gave us the headsup on the NAF’s quiet search for jets in a ‘small country outside Africa’ and that 4G aircraft were being refurbished for onward delivery to the NAF.

    At the time,all pointers indicated that this could mean BELARUS where some NAF pilots have traditionally been trained and the sudden resuscitation and upgrade exercise on her hitherto grounded fleet of Su-27s, made this all the more plausible. Of course, Belarus is a small country outside Africa.

    Now, a new twist has developed. Israel is also a small country outside Africa and they are reviving rested Kfir jets and having them upgraded to the BLOCK 60 variant, by implication a reverse engineered F16 Block 50.

    Do not forget that a few years ago, I did post a report here which showed that the NAF are in the hunt for a ‘Western-made 4G jet’.

    So with the source who alerted us to the delivery of new jets saying that ‘a single-engined jet of Eastern origin’ has been delivered to the NAF, here is what I suspect:

    * the Sino-Pakistani JF 17 Thunder has entered NAF service.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Beegs,

      Like some many have same before me, I think it is either the lion cub or the thunder.

      Key disadvantages for both:
      The Kfir’s range is too short – we don’t have air-refuelling capabilities.
      The Thunder’s rate of manufacture is too low – the only way to get more than a handful is only if PAK let’s us jump the cue.

      Key advantages for both:
      If Israel say it can deliver within the year, they will
      The Thunder is also called the Fierce Dragon – that means we can get it from the greatest manufacturing country in the world!

  33. Naijaseal says:

    Why una dey do person totorito like this na?

    Suspense wan kill man pikin…

  34. russellinfinity says:

    The JF 17 has a larger combat radius than the Kafir Bk 60.( 1352 km vs 768km) Both have open architecture which means easy upgrades and supply of components from various manufacturers and impressive BVR capabilities.

    If the NAF is adventurous, the JF17 can be souped up with the AESA radar found in the SU 27. However given the ability of the NAF to spring some nasty/pleasant surprises I wouldn’t want to brush the Kfir away.

    For our spotters and Air Marshals close to scene of the action please look out for a delta wing aircraft with canards. If you happen to see anything that fits this description, then the Jewish lobby has won.

    You might want to keep your eyes peeled for air refueling probes. This is getting interesting by the day.

  35. beegeagle says:

    Methinks Gbash10 has made it clear that it is not a delta winged aircraft when he alluded to the shape of and noise made by the F7, insofar as he did not say he mistook it for a delta-winged F7? Or did he?

    Sir Gbash10, Air Cybermarshal. Over to you for further clarification. Wetin you see, guy?

  36. Are James says:

    Kfir Block 60 is better than JF17. The range is irrelevant to an aircraft with refuelling probe.
    There is a lot that is proven in Block 60 in terms of 4thGen. technology and the American engine is a good selling point. It can even use a GE manufactured engine and GE is our partner on many power projects. The price and most especially the warranty regime we get on this aircraft is almost ridiculous when you remember F7NI jets falling off the skies without replacement by Shen Sii people. On top or that I think Solorex was hinting that Ogamost at the top likes the Israeli origin of the aircraft while Armed forces Oga likes the Paki one.
    The person who says we probably get both is very perceptive.

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah, Are James, it would not matter if we had in-flight refuelling tankers. After the botched 1986 bid for KC 135s, we have never reached for any other because some people are seemingly playing a zero sum game with our military fortunes. The IL tankers in Algerian service cost a mere 50 million dollars, how come the NAF do not have even one on standby?

      The NAF need to remember that they are not an Air National Guard. There are missions which are not going to be home-bound and territorial defence is not the only facet of the mission. We need to plan and prepare for many more scenarios at all times.

      By the time that we get saddled with the short-legged Kfir, the incentive to lapse into our usual lethargic ways in reaching for an in-flight refuelling tank would be “are we at war?”. Then, we shall be saddled with yet another homeguard asset.

      I wish to see a NAF able to take off and hit at Gao or Kidal in Mali or Birao in the CAR,if BH are threatening us from there. All the short-legged jets do us no good in the absence of air tankers.

    • giles says:

      i disagree wit u on f-7ni,even if it was a western airframe as long as u over work will definately fail one day.

  37. beegeagle says:

    One more thing. We need to stop buying jets whose combat radius does not exceed that of the JF17. That is with the knowledge that when drop tanks are added, it goes up to 2,000km. That way, we can always fly sorties into the region from the far corners of the country such as Sokoto, MDGR, Calabar, Yola and Kainji.

    The range of the Kfir means that it cannot even reach Baga from Jos on internal fuel. Combat radius and modernity should be the TOPMOST considerations when we seek to acquire jets or are we planning to remain home-bound while neighbours are armed to project power regionally.

    We need to plan for local and regional exigencies simultaneously. That is why the Su-27/30 would always remain my top picks. The JF17 Thunder edges out the Kfir Block 60 on the combat radius factor and that is key for me. It is not a one-bedroom airspace we have here. How come it never seems to matter to our planners?

    • giles says:

      jf-17 to me is d best,and d PAf can b call upon anytime if we encounter any for d kfir i don’t trust d israeli afta d fake aerostar usv sold to d navy,i fear dem o.

  38. AOk says:

    Wonder how politics plays a part here. It’s one thing when Mossad and its agencies provide training to Nigeria’s secret services (all covert and behind the scenes) but to have a very visible fleet of Israeli built Kfirs in a country with strong Muslim sentiments might not sit that well in some quarters.

    Just saying.

    • asorockweb says:

      Interesting observation.

      We already has a fleet of Israeli patrol boats though.

    • Are James says:

      Yea. Range is going to be an issue looking at it again now.
      Air to air refuelling is also a big jump for most airfares, requiring extensive certification of pilots and constant practicing. As for the political and religious considerations around the acquisitions, there is really no end to how far the argument can be extended. Kfirs in a country with a lot of Muslims, Pakistani JF17 being user in operations against the Sunni BH, I even know some Catholics who would have issues with Jewish aircraft in Nigerian soil if we are on that level of thinking.

      • Are James says:

        *airforces*, *used*

      • AOk says:

        @asorockweb & Are James- You both have a point about the politics

        I think we should stop describing the Kfir as a fourth gen jet as it’s only in the marketing blob (then cut and pasted onto search engines) by the manufacturers which state that. Existing users do not state that. It is NOT. The electronics are almost up to date but the airframe is from a 50 year old Mirage 5 design albeit without the canards.
        If NAF were to engage in acm against a Sukhoi 27/30 or MiG 29 at close range..hmmm. Hopefully the electronics/ missiles will allow bvr shooting.

        It’s not low observable, no stealth tech, not agile, the engine is not modern by a long shot (compare a Typhoon which can super cruise at 1.2 mach without afterburners). Wonder what drag those fixed refuelling probes pose as I don’t think it’s removable.

        The marketing blob also states it costs a third of what present gen jets cost. That might be but when we add the ‘Nija’ factor, it’ll cost the same as an Su 30.

        Its an adequate aircraft but lets not get carried away.

      • Are James says:

        Well, talking about age of airframe and RCS, my response is to question what 4th gen. really is. I think many things constitute 4+gen but we don’t really need low observability that much. Please remember this is Israel we are talking about and… dem be winch. They thought the world how to jam radar. How this works in the context of going against a MIG29 or SU/3Xs is the Russian plane gets a first look at maybe 100km and starts tracking, manoeuvring, …generally making guy, The Kfir’s RWR detects this at say 80km out and starts jamming. At this point he becomes invisible to the opponent without any fancy stealth and the Russian plane pilot starts sweating, all guy-making forgotten at this point. Depending on frequencies and so on a lot of BVR attack capabilities are available to the Kfir before the Russian aircraft counteracts the jamming. So a BVR missile is let loose which would most certainly take out the MIG but the SU 3Xs can still outmanoeuvre to an extent.
        This proves that if 4th gen+ is as much about first looks, response speed, datalinks and evasive technologies as it is about passive RCS reduction and supercruise which the JF17 Block2 does not also pretend to have, the Kfir Block 60 is not a long way off.
        The only big disadvantage of the Kfir is the range which makes either the complementary acquisition of the JF17 or costly acquisition of airborne refuelling tankers very necessary.

    • jimmy says:

      It has no bearing whatsoever three Muslim Northern head of states are responsible for deepening ties between Israel and Nigeria .Ibb,started,this was followed by IBB and then extensively by Yaradua. Outside of the drone debacle that was not govt to govt. Israel has proved itself to a large extent to be a dependable ally.The same of what cannot be said of some our other allies in times of crisis. GEJ is only following in the steps of Yaradua. Ironically this relationship was non existent under OBJ. So no it will not. Israel has produced for Nigeria ,no lectures and minus the drones.No strip searches either.

      T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • AOk says:

        @Are James

        If the Kfir is that world beating, 4G and cost effective, why did the IAF not upgrade it and keep it going? Instead opting for now over 400 F16s and counting?

        You state and I quote ‘Please remember this is Israel we are talking about and… dem be winch. They thought the world how to jam radar.’

        The British did that with ‘Windows’ during WW2, slivers of aluminium foil dropped over German cities.

        I give the Israelis kudos in technology but the Kfir is aimed at budget air forces with very much less threatening opponents. Youtube clips and search engines are manipulated with analytics and slick marketing which we often buy into.

        Get end user reviews on any product and that should be your guide.

        If you look at my contributions in two years on this site, I have zero comments on the army or navy because I know nothing about these areas. I know a bit about aircraft.

  39. Naijaseal says:

    My Ogas,

    I read on wiki (yes, i know) that the sale of the KFIR requires U.S state department approval since the engines are U.S engines even though manufactured in Israel. Please is this factual?

    Also, the US had blocked sale of the KFIR to Ecuador during the ’95/’96 war between Ecuador and Peru.

    Wiki article below.

    • Are James says:

      This is the same point that has been discussed here recently. There seems to be no US current restrictions to exports of defence related items to Nigeria for now,

      • asorockweb says:

        The key here is “no current”.

        Maybe 3months after we receive the 1st batch, the Kfirs go on a bombing run and cause civilian casualties. HRW cries foul and then has quite conversations with their friends in the US capitol. An unspoken embargo is imposed and our Kfir deliveries gets stalled, and spares for the engines becomes impossible to find.

        Like I have said many times before, Nigerian politicians don’t have the skills to play both US politics and Nigerian politics, at the same time.

    • jimmy says:

      Not exactly these Engines cannot truthfully said to be manufactured in the us.These engines have been completely reconditioned and upgraded from what was its original design.America’s number one ally is Britain and considering the falkands war is still a hot button issue, Britain most certaingly would of blocked this sale. These engines do not not in any shape fall into that category and are not part of the big three F16,F18, and the F22 forget the F35 no one outside israel and britain are getting that.

      • Are James says:

        My brother, you may be wrong o. What Iran discovered to their chagrin is that everything comes under us sanctions no matter the %age of American components in a package.
        So everything, an microprocessor, a control card, a gear box, …even the intellectual property rights of being an american engine design can be invoked to apply their sanctions. Globalization has altered many things, not many products are made 100% in one country by that same country. That is why our efforts to achieve local self sufficiency must be supported.

      • Are James says:

        However there are no sanctions now, planning for that contingency is a supply chain problem. When you buy aircraft remember to buy critical operational spares for 10years and start reverse engineering immediately like the Iranians.

      • Are James says:

        *a micro processor*

  40. rka says:

    Generals, sorry for the derailment, but have you guys seen Equatorial Guineas new Frigate?

    We have truly been caught napping.

    • drag_on says:

      I will wait for its full armament,@ 2500 its a bit light for a frigate,more in corvette range.Nonetheless,its a warning,we must not let up on the SG-02.

  41. Tobey says:

    Sorry to derial from the ongoing discussion but…pls check this out…A clear photo of the N.A’s CS VP3 MRAP..check bottom of page.

  42. beegeagle says:

    I would be grateful to have any processed hyperlink eg from tinypic to that MRAP posted here. It is indeed a behemoth. The world needs to know about the changing dynamics.

  43. Augustine says:

    Nigeria, beware of a jet fighter with American engine.

    Remember your dead 18 Jaguar jets.

    I will rather buy a JF-17 Thunder with full technology transfer and tolerate the little puff of smoke that comes from it’s engine which has been worked on and reduced.

    Oga Beegeagle please examine my post below if the following web-link is allowable, or else you can take it off and extract the information.

    We took on a guy suspected to be a Pakistani air force officer last month in a hot debate of JF-17 jet Vs Gripen jet, here are his expert comments on JF-17 Thunder jets.

    Web-link can be removed after information is extracted. Thanks.

    • Are James says:

      There is apparently some good maintenance support for the JF17 engine (RD 93) worldwide, however when it comes to sanctions, Putin’s Russia is no better than the US. Ask their fellow eastern Europeans who have to freeze through some harsh winters whenever they run afoul of the bear. This country is actually capable of waiting until there are enough examples of the JF17 flying all over the third world before they start exercising monopoly power on maintenance support and begin to influence outcomes of regional wars and conflicts in ways that are in congruence with their interests..
      Best idea is to go for both the Block 60 and JF17. The JF17 procurement should be a more sustainable one involving participation in the program through investment dollars, manpower and making Nigeria part of the world wide manufacturing/ service support in much the same way as SA is in the Augusta A109 chain.

    • Solorex says:

      Kfir Block 60 will be delivered with a rebuilt General Electric J79 turbojet engine. The Isreali are screaming to anybody that cares to listen that, this is not an upgrade but a complete rebirth ( consider it similar to T72-T90 case-outright conversion is not possible without serious re-engineering). The original J97 engine is very simple to maintain and rugged(45 year old technology), licensed produced in over 7 ( Isreal,Japan,Taiwan,Germany,Italy….) countries ( with 17,000 pieces built) and even pirated in others like Iran. However, the Israeli rebuilt ones will be very different to the original, better FADEC will most likely be game changer ( to meet 4G type efficiency requirements)and the only thing that will be same will be the basic architecture. I suspect the Israeli one will be adequately pimped to ensure only Israeli company ( or trained guys) can provide maintenance. The Airframe itself is from a bone yard,however it will be re-tuned to age Zero ( probably by extensive metal treatment, and changes to vital members.). ironically this rebuilt engine (in reality a new updated version of General Electric J79 turbojet using little inconsequential parts of existing engines-selling gimmick to prevent US from outright frowning-how else can an over 20 year old engine be re-tuned to zero age to last for 1600hrs?) is the great selling point in South America- Several South American countries are used to these engines and have good history of maintaining them, some up to 15 years. As per other 4G capacity- the basic plan seem to be improved RSS managment (questionable) to improve maneuverability and modern flight control systems. Other stuffs are just electronics you would expect to find on a 4G+ baby(Aesa radar,IRST,Sensor Fusion ,Network centric combat system bla bla)

      This Aircraft is actually a trade off or the result of a balance between offending US (by producing a cheaper new aircraft that would be at par with F16 and projecting Israeli Military aviation industry to be mature and at par with less technologically advanced countries ( such as Brazil,Pakistan and Co-remember the Lavi and Nammer) who are now making a potentially big headway in Military aviation. This dream was postponed for several years at a point not to offend the US. KFir block 60 will also be very different from Kfir C10- which is a cummulation of upgrades upon upgrades, This is a carefully redesigned aircraft sharing shape and other stuffs with the former Kfir.

      Version made for eastern european customers would obviously features more stuffs like RAM cover e.t.c-having the number one adversary-Russia in mind.

      The Israeli intends to restart the assembly lines and rebuilt new frames from scratch when bone yard is exhausted- I guess those ones will be something else.

      The Cub or the Dragon- Cost?Specification? History? Maintenance? Political interference in future?technology transfer? Availability of support from other sources? Availability of Upgrades form third parties later? Political implication for subsisting government? adaptability for present pressing purpose?

  44. jimmy says:

    Wow Iloved the debates on the kfir and THE JF-17 THUNDER very interesting and enlightening. i hope and pray to GOD our ogas on top are listening
    I am not going to take the easy way and i am going to try to not get to personal as usual i will leave the tech specs to the techie guys i will deal with the other usual issues
    Why Nigeria should buy the JF-17
    1) For strategic reasons it is in Nigeria’s strategic interest sense. Nigeria- Pakistan -China have extensive relationships that can only be deepened and mutually beneficial to all three countries. If Nigeria actually becomes very serious this will become the first plane we will get with tech transfer and hassle free back up spare parts AND MORE IMPORTANTLY CONSTANT UPGRADES AS THEY HAPPEN. I had previously mentioned the need for the jf-17 thunder to reduce its heat / exhaust signature it appears judging on the comments to of been reduced.
    2)Nigeria needs to start somewhere to develop its own first jet fighter please don’t laugh guys Pakistan had to start somewhere bugs and all this plane fits the bill going forward also this plane can last well over 20 years with constant tech upgrades as they happen.
    Why Nigeria should buy the KFIR
    1) it will be a hassle free GOVT TO GOVT transaction and the personal relationships between the ISRAELI ambassador the prime minister and the President are already in place.
    2)The refueling is not such a big deal we can get refueling planes from either Russia or Algeria.where there is a will there is away.
    3) Personally I like the recent upgrades better especially with the Pilot helmet interface with the plane’s main frame computers.
    Buy the jf-17 first, to squadron level 16 however this will take time and since the Israelis are guaranteeing delivery within 12 months we should 6+6 i.e deliver on your guarantee with spare parts and tech transfer and upgrades and then procure 6 more.
    Remember this has been done before after we bought the jaguars we bought the A – JETS so we can do it again.

  45. beegeagle says:


    (Nigeria’s anti-gay law was passed before Uganda’s? Does it give an inkling about the shape of things to come?)

    • Are James says:

      Life is funny. The US is almost always cap in hand (begging to sell) to the intensely anti gay Saudi Arabia and GCC countries when it comes to defence material but for us Africans we are to be forced to toe the line on something we are not socially ready for and are merely protecting our fragile societies against. Na wa o, this is different strokes for different folks.

    • russellinfinity says:

      With each turn of events, It’s seems that the Obama administration is high on crack. On a continent where the USA is increasingly becoming unpopular then this. I thought Uganda was an ally, the goodie two shoes compared to Nigeria. I can’t wait to see Museveni’s reaction.

      If this happens to Nigeria, then the ruling class must push our cooperation and trade with the east in over drive mode and gradually wean our economy of America. The Chinese, Pakistani, Israel etc are becoming ever more attractive.

    • CHYDE says:

      Hehehe, I saw this coming, where are does dreaming about M1 Abrams et al.

    • igbi says:

      Tell me what the expression “tricky allies” means. How stupid must Obama be to act like this for what ? gay rights in a foreign country ! While saudi arabia beheads gay people and the US keeps giving them their best military equipment. So in essence you sanction a country which imprisons gay people while you praise and help a nation which beheads people for being gay or for performing magic or for practicing non islamic religions or for insulting the arabian royal family. This makes a lot of sense !

      • rugged7 says:

        The same U.S ignores be-headings of Coptics in Egypt and gifts in excess of 1 billion dollars annually to them.
        What a load of hypocritical bull from the united states.
        Yet they expect Uganda to remain engaged in somalia?
        lol. it befuddles the mind…

    • asorockweb says:

      They should probably deal with the anti-gay laws of the states of the US first.

      But, Africans are supposed to be students, and the master wants to make sure that we act and behave properly at all times.

  46. russellinfinity says:

    Another reason why the JF17 is a compelling package with lots of potential. Grab your pop corn Generals, it’s quite a lengthy read.

  47. Henry says:

    The JF-17 thunder is a better plane than the Gripen the south-africans use. The JF-17 Block II is a much much better plane than the Gripen C/D model.

    If the NAF have indeed gone for the JF-17 thunder, it would be an amazing jump for us. Our Airforce has been long due for a 4 Generation fighter Jet.

    The JF-17 is agile, very very manoeuvrable, carries an amazing array of weapons, has a beautiful combat range, and is a complete badass of a fighter.

    If we can get 24 JF-17 thunders for our airforce and a possibility of an up-grade to block II when that category becomes available, it would be very fantastic.

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Henry,you are right on point about your comments on the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet.
      The FG will be committing a big political and strategic blunder to acquire the Kfir and in turn abandon the deal for JF-17, however,it would be wise to acquire a single squadron of brand-new Kfir and 4 squadrons of the JF-17 jets for our light-weght fighter,before getting 5 squadrons of SU-30/35 jet variants from now to 2025 timeframe.
      Cyber generals,I have not seen that mystery jet at close range yet,if I do,will let you know but can not take a picture of a NAF jet, unless it has been made known officially to the Nigerian people by the NAF,I can identify all NAF fighter jets,even the JF-17,SU-27/30/35 and the Kfir jet at close range just as I did identify the Tucanoe fighters!
      I am still watching.

  48. Number one says:

    This is mostly a road mobile force,the state govt. can use their security vote to fiy most of the roads.

  49. gbash10 says:

    The JF-17 is a good example of a 4th General fighter jet in all its design concept,though if we compare it with the Kfir jet,it beats the later in all performance except in avionics and maybe power plant!The Kfir can not beat the JF-17 in a dogfight.

    • Augustine says:

      beegeagle says:
      June 20, 2014 at 5:45 am

      (Nigeria’s anti-gay law was passed before Uganda’s? Does it give an inkling about the shape of things to come?)


      Air Marshal Beegeagle, I see that story as a signal for those asking Nigeria to buy any offensive weapon that has major American components.

      I have my fears even about the Super Tucano, the day NAF uses it to bomb a civilian target by mistake, America may just tell Brazil to stop supplying spare parts for our Tucano….then we have another Jaguar jet experience.

      Remember the hell America and Europe gave us over Boko Haram conflict when NA and NAF struck at Bama and Baga.

      @Everybody, we Nigerians need long memory and not short memory o !

      I eat and drink with the anglos and yankees and I know them, beware of their smile…..there is a hidden undertone when the issue of a black power emerging is involved. They will NEVER let you rise to a level where they cannot rule you or tame you at will. If I lie about this, make I sleep tonight and no wake up tomorrow.


      American congress (Senate and Reps) is powerfully influenced by groups called ‘The Jewish Lobby’.

      Origin is seen from various directions, however, there is an old link to a favour America got from a German-Jew Albert Einstein the genius scientist who was kicked out of Germany by Hitler in a foolish move, then America accepted him and he gave them the Atomic Bomb formula K = half MV squared.

      Payback, undying love for Jews. They rose in American politics and economy, they made the USA a super power through Einstein’s Atomic bomb, or else Japan would never be defeated by USA in world war II.

      If America tells Israel to stop selling spare parts of Kfir Jet to Nigeria, the Jews will obey. The Kfir will become like Jaguar jets.

      In Abuja, there is a powerful Jewish lobby. Dates back to the half-secret deployment of Israeli guards into Aso Rock for Obasanjo’s ‘personal protection’ when he assumed office in 1999 and was afraid of the NA brigade of guards. Thus Israel warmed it’s way into the seat of Nigerian power. The NA power hungry coup plotters were afraid of the ‘MOSSAD’ guards inside Aso Rock.

      Then in about 2005-2006 time came to get an interceptor for NAF. A group wanted the F-7 jets from China, but the Jewish lobby in Abuja moved for MiG 21 upgrade in Israel to the Romanian Lancer or Indian Bison standards of MiG 21. Cost of both options were not too much different.

      The F-7 Chinese camp won, and the Israeli lobby had an ex-Nigerian army chief of staff in the Israeli lobby camp according to sources, and he was angry they lost. The F-7 camp is believed to have had an edge because the MIGs have old abandoned and unreliable air frames parked in the sun to roast and rot in the usual Nigerian way of “Na government property, no be my father’s money, if the thing wan spoil, make him spoil’.

      The Israeli lobby has been known to be driven by personal gain of their Nigerian fronts. Bad deals include the Aerostar UAV and the used Shaldag boats we got mixed with brand new ones. NN was angry, but what would they do? NN has been the most prudent and efficient force in Nigeria’s armed forces today.

      All that being said, if the ‘new wine in old bottle’ Kfir jets are that good, let Israel induct them into it’s own air force as first line jet fighters. Argentina is only buying them out of frustration, her deal with Spain for F-16 jets failed. See, that is what America and Britain will do to you when you offend them, they will frustrate your life. Are they bad people? No, America and Britain are not bad guys, in fact they are good guys, so good that they believe their lives and interests are 1,000 times more important than yours. Is that bad? No, it is just being smart….even God will not blame them except for the gay issue, otherwise, it is not a crime to seek to be the head always and ‘allow’ others to be the tail.

      A military friend of mine made a joke, he said, Augustine, all these people buying American jet fighters, are they sure Americans don’t insert a micro-chip that can be satellite controlled to disable those jets when you want to use them against American security interests? Joke maybe, but who knows what CIA can do?

      Mix JF-17 with Kfri ? Why? How many jets will NAF mix in an inventory of a country with very poor maintenance culture and poor defense budgets?

      Alpha jet + L-39 jet + MBB 339 jet + F-7NI jet + JF-17 Thunder jet + Super Tucano prop + Kfir jet + Su-30 Flanker jet = What ? Russian or American air force ? Are we in competition of aircraft inventory multiplication with USAF ?

      Kfri jet is new wine in old bottle, and Israel can claim any super thing about their Kfir jet, let them induct it into Israeli air force if it is good.

      Balance of arsenal, well JF-17 jets plus good ground based air defence systems with GBADS integration, if jets fail,due to sanctions/arms embargo, we also deny the enemy the use of his air superiority by buying modern and sophisticated long range anti-aircraft missiles for Nigerian army.

      We want Kfir jets because we fear Russian sanction? What warships have we bought in addition to P18N OPV in fear of Chinese sanctions?

      Get deadly modern medium and long range SAMs and nobody will fly into your airspace unless they can first do a SEAD like super powers.

      Kfir jet can go to Argentina, Nigeria should buy JF-17 Thunder and get full technology transfer while we await the new Chinese engine being developed for it, maybe by 2020 hopefully.

      If Russian sanctions come, Israel may be able to re-engine the JF-17 with western engines at a big cost while adjusting the air frame, I guess.

      Well if you fear Russian sanctions, buy extra engines and plenty of engine spare parts for half your JF-17 fleet and put the engines in long term storage, with technology transfer, NAF can replace engines locally when we need to in future.

      When was the first arms embargo imposed on Nigeria by Russia? Anyone with a calender or google search engine?


      • Bharat says:


        “Argentina is only buying them out of frustration, her deal with Spain for F-16 jets failed.”

        A small correction gentleman.
        Argentina was also negotiating for JF-17 joint production from China till last year, before settling on Kfir block 60.
        “Speaking at the Paris Air Show in mid-June, officials from Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) told IHS Jane’s that the company has had multiple discussions with Chinese officials over co-producing the fighter in Argentina. ”

        Also, reports suggests that Kfir block60 will cost around $20 million a piece, more or less the same cost as that of JF-17 block 1.

        A nation as Argentina, who have tested the western apathy as the above mentioned by you, went for Kfir instead of JFT. Will be interesting to see what was their rationale behind it?

      • Deway says:

        Good thinking oga Augustine. Maintenance is already a very big deal for the not too complex alpha jets and albatross. Buying the kfirs to please the Israel shouldn’t be our move. National interest and strategic needs should come first as well as what we can realistically cope with. I’ll go for the jf17 for all the reasons above. Go for 2 squadrons and perfect NAF skills. My next move will not be another fighter, we already have tucanos rather a solid highly responsive and lethal air defense structure so any country thinking to attack from the air will rethink it again.

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Augustine,much respect,hehe …bros,am proud to be a Nigerian,because our present generation reason differently from the older folks in the political and military circles respectively.
        Fellow cyber generals,the Alpha jets and the L-39 have both reached the end of their service-life.So we need replacement for these platforms.
        We need the very best fighter jets for the NAF.

      • rka says:

        Good talk Oga Augustine. One little correction if you don’t mind. The Argentinians were hoping to get used Mirage F1s from the Spanish, not F-16s as they never operated them.

      • igbi says:

        I believe it is IBB who used israeli as security guards, not obasanjo, unless you can prove otherwise. Nice story though, but it remains a story with little facts, I hope you know that. I agree with you on the fact that we should rather buy the JF17 because of america’s veto powers over israel.

  50. freeegulf says:

    well i m not surprised really about the Alpha jets. its the one single platform that we truly utilized as compared to the sparsely use jaguar sepecat or even the BO-105s. even ACM Dike did advise that the A-jets use shouldn’t exceed 2015. now, until we induct new air frames, i don’t see NAF making any changes, other than trying to keep to regular PDMs.

    no one seems to know where our MB-339s are. if aermarcchi refuse upgrading them, cant we get another company to do it. that’s another sparsely used asset.

    looking back, only the Navy can be said to be anything close to efficient. others where just storing equipment when gallant men where fighting and dying in the 90s. equipment today that re now in advance state of decay and rust. truly sad.

  51. Augustine says:

    Thanks gentlemen.

    @Bharat, I knew Argentina wanted JF-17 as a joint venture with technology transfer, I just did not mention it, too many things to write my good friend, I did not even know where to start or stop, I just had to write…..I don’t want to see any American component in any major Nigerian offensive weapon except the Super Tucano. Thanks my friend from India (Hope I am right, you are Indian)
    @rka you be my boss anytime so feel free to correct me, na me small pass for this blog, only that I am a stubborn boy. Na only strong head I get. Yes I meant Mirage not F-16, you are right. My overheated head mixed up the names. Thanks bros.

    @Bharat I guess Argentina is going for the Kfirs for some reasons :

    1. They already operate Israeli Dagger jets that ‘saved’ them during Falklands war from RAF Harrier harassment. May just be natural flow to move to a more advanced Isareli jet.

    Same way Nigeria operated F-7 jet and had full assistance plus training with Pakistan on joint F-7 cooperation and it seems natural for Nigeria too to move to a more advanced Pakistani jet.

    2. Argentine air force is now in shambles and desperately needs a 4th Gen jet fighter today not tomorrow, Kfir deal offers them quick solution in only one year. Good for urgent needs.

    3. Money may be an issue for Argentina, they may be having problems with their Pakistani deal, for joint venture they will have to pay extra millions for technology transfer while they still pay for the real JF-17 jets itself. Double expenses. Time for negotiating this JV and tech transfer deal…double delay. Argentina’s air force is so bad now that Nigerian F-7 jets will rule over them.
    Time is crucial to Argentina.

    4. Well we don’t know, Argentina may use the Kfir as stop gap for some 10 years maybe, while they watch the JF-17 drama unfold. Yes there are issues about JF-17, the MiG-29 engine smoke, the lack of trainer version, block III waiting till year 2016, Chinese engine planned to replace Russian engine, so many issues around JF-17 and that is why about 20 countries all showed interest and nobody except Pakistan has bought one single unit since it first flew over 10 years ago.

    All potential buyers are waiting for events to unfold about the future of JF-17’s existence and survival. That is their problem, me I don’t care one bit, there are issues about every jet fighter in this world and none is perfect. These aircraft are made by men and not by God.

    My good friend, I think if Nigeria buys JF-17 it will break the market barrier for Pakistan to sell worldwide, all those waiting for an ice breaker will see Nigeria as the ice breaker. The Pakis have been desperate to pull Nigerian into the JF-17 program and that is still the best choice for Nigeria today if we consider price, politics, technology, and common sense.

    @Igbi, I am sure Obasanjo used Israeli body guards in his first year in Aso Rock, fear of coup plotters. Also, a temporary camp of German army infantry guards was reported to be sandwiched in between NA barracks route to Aso Rock to….checkmate what we all know. US Delta force was to be added according to reports, then the Arewa leaders shouted foul ! Israeli and German fighters on Nigerian soil, then you want to add American fighters? Government must have backed down on the Delta force because we did not see them.

    Nigerian army coup plotters would not want to fight German army outside and Israeli sharpshooters inside. If you want sources, you need old copies of newspapers back editions 1999 May to December, these things were published public information,and wow, I kept some of those papers in my library back home locked in a box ! Let the whole world deny it now 15 years after, not all Nigerians have a short memory.

    • igbi says:

      There were a lot of unfounded rumours, OBJ retired all the politically ambitious soldiers and put in charge men who were loyal to him and who were not politically motivated.
      During the first year of OBJ rule general Malu was the CDS or COAS and he never would have allowed what you describe. I am sure those are just rumours written to help “journalists” make sales.

    • Bharat says:

      Welcome! Yes, I am from India.
      The point I was trying to raise has been answered in your reply.

      If you don’t want American component in offensive equipment fielded by Nigeria then presently China and Russia are the answer. But are they any better in the sanction field?
      Russia, after breakup of USSR wasn’t in a position to sanction anyone as mothballed platforms in east block countries served as a source of spares and factories in those churned out soviet components. Also countries who laid their hands on Russian systems developed interchangeable components, most prominent being Israel. Who offers MLU for a plethora of Russian systems.

      But, is the same available for USA made system, NO.

      China is a relatively new entrant in Arms export field, so, I don’t expect her to put sanctions on anybody to dent her rising prospects. Additionally, she has no reason to play the role of global policeman in Africa in near future.

      Also, if you ask any Pakistani poster online, he would tell the attitude of USA w.r.t F-16 was a big factor in the development of JF-17 with China. Details are a long story, I would keep it for another day.

      But, personally I wouldn’t categorize any arms from any country as sanction free. So, a country with the resources should diversify and not place all it’s eggs in one basket.

      Coming to JF-17, it’s a decent platform, it does what it’s meant to do. The Pakistani posters and fan boys will present it as a super platform and Indians and few others will present it as a monkey model.

      The biggest impediment to the export of JFT is not technical issue but sentimental issues of the developing country not inducting the platform.( same is a factor for Mig-35. so finally Russia decided to induct the same from 2016 onwards.) and not being battle proven.

      With China not inducting it, a situation can develop where Pakistan remains the only country, to provide technical service on it. It is a situation which China could have avoided by inducting a few of JFT in PLAAF. ( whether they needed such platform is a different debate). So any country having doubt on Pakistan’s technical ability to progressively modernize JFT will try to stay away from it but Nigeria having worked with Pakistanis on her F-7 fleet might have confidence on them on providing the same for JFT. But, can’t expect that from many others.

      The factors you mentioned about JFT are all valid but don’t possess any operational hurdle as the JF-17 fleet in Pakistani service has clocked over 10,000 hours.

      So, it boils down to what you expect form your acquisition. The adversary and other geopolitical factors.

      Both the platforms will bring with it some capabilities and apprehensions. Both distinct and unique to itself. It’s for you chose and compromise.

      Thank you.

  52. Augustine says:

    @Igbi, the Israeli and German riflemen, you are sure they are rumours, okay show us proof of your claim.

    Then the list of those retired, up to about 50 ambitious officers, I still kept the newspaper story from 15 years ago, why don’t you call that list a rumour too? I remember how Maj.Gen Sangotade took over as GOC of 3rd Armoured Jos.

    You don’t keep old records and do many hours of sweat dropping research as much as I do, and yet you want to debunk my claims. I told you I have mine in published newspapers….and I know military intelligence officers who were my older personal friends and family members who tell me things. Funny how some people assume that whatever they did not personally hear is a rumour. If you live your life like that as a security personnel, you wont last long in a hot field…keep waiting for everything to be proved to you personally….marks of a very poor intel operative or field commander.

    • igbi says:

      I should prove my claim ? rather you should prove yours. And tell me how just am I to prove that something is a rumour ? Rather if you believe in it then give proof ! By the way I do not have time for long debates with anybody, I am preparing for an exam-interview.

      • Augustine says:

        @Igbi, How many people post comments on this blog with web links, and photos? Someone has seen Tucano and likely JF-17 Thunder in Makrudi, did people say he is a rumour monger and call his claims false? Has he shown any proof? No. yet we all commend him for adding value to our knowledge base.

        Should I look for internet web links for every paragraph I write on this blog? How many people do that and how often do they do it. every paragraph?

        See, I observed that all your comments on this blog are 99% without proof of anything, other people do research and spend hours before they write comments, then you just pick your laptop and in 5 minutes you run them down as rumour mongers. You are the real peddler of lies, you have no proof that other people do not know what they say they know.

        Most of your comments are not even original, you spend most of time here snooping around other hardworking people’s comments to find fault and run them down, and stop the flow of knowledge that may not be found in any internet source or in library books. You defeat the purpose of knowledge sharing here and try to frustrate people.

        Mister man, leave my comments alone and go build yours with original content and stop using me as a means of manufacturing your own negative comments trying to stay relevant.

        You should post some technical military stuff here and let us see your depth and skills, I read your posts and hardly gain anything except seeing your myopic point of view.

        Throw in technical military comments on this blog and let us see how solid you are, show us your depth of knowledge in war, weapons and equipment, tactics, military strategy, war history from 1939 to 2014, international politics and diplomacy, Nigerian history, combination of air-sea-land battle operations, etc.

        Show us what you know and stop talking about what you personally believe other people do not know. Be a pillar and not a caterpillar, Get it ?

      • igbi says:

        Dude, your comment made me laugh. And for your info, I am not interested in running people down. What mostly interests me is that they say correct and logical things, so when I spot a mistake in most cases I underline it. I also hate conspiracy theories and rumors, I hate when people take those as facts and I underline it. What you did in the write-up which I faulted was a combination of conspiracy theory and rumor. I have seen you do very good work before, but most times when a work is good I don’t comment on it.

  53. WachanGuy says:

    Ogas Igbi and Augustine, una senior me for this blog but I’m sure I wouldn’t be standing alone in saying that this argument is not needed. You are both highly valued on this blog and I assume we are all here for a common purpose so please let’s not derail this thread 🙂

    • igbi says:

      OK, sir.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga WanchanGuy thanks for your observation, but if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

      Igbi should create his own original comments and stop playing sniper on other people. I could return the favour and play sniper on him too, he will not enjoy it, yes I can retaliate.

      Why should my comment be restricted to only what Igbi approves, if I have information that he does not have, I must not say it out because Igbi does not have same information. Who is he? Omnipresent all over the world with enough personal satellite coverage of the whole universe to judge what other people see or hear in their own part of the world and call it lie or truth? He says somebody’s comment is not true and demands a source to be posted, ask him to post a counter source that disputes it and he cannot do it.

      Does he think before typing on his laptop? I said I have military intelligence officers as family members in Obasanjo’s era and they told me what was happening and their stories confirms the newspaper publications I kept in by box for 15 solid years for posterity to read, and he is still telling me I am writing conspiracy theory.

      So I should get proof for Igbi by asking a military intelligence officer to come to this blog and give us his name, service number, and publish details of his job inside Aso Rock for the sake of proving points to Igbi?

      Igbi, see, I need proof that you are not a Boko Haram sympathizer yourself masquerading as a patriot, you have challenged me every time I post on fifth columnist in our army and called me names, while the army is admitting the harm done by fifth column and many soldiers are crying about it. I have friends in the military, and if you are a soldier keep your own limited knowledge to yourself and don’t try to cage other people on this blog and block the sharing of useful information.

      Igbi does almost zero research and wants to run down those who do thorough fact finding within limits of their human capacity and have old records of events stored for reference. Check all his posts, it’s all about cutting some people down or expressing his personal point of view no matter how unrealistic. He has accused me of being a South African on this blog….so why should I fold my arms and get slandered on a regular basis? If Oga rka and drag_on did not come to my rescue Igbi would destroy my name on this blog with his uncontrolled use of a laptop and insisting that I am claiming a fake nationality.

      He should spend his time creating and suggesting solutions to Nigeria’s problems and not try to frustrate those who do. He should get off my back and avoid pushing me to pay him back in his own coin.

      His long campaign of ‘NO FIFTH COLUMN IN NIGERIAN ARMY’ is a very anti-Nigerian crusade shrouded in falsehood and dis-service to the nation, misleading anyone who is gullible to be mislead, and if I am an SSS officer, I would be looking for Igbi to explain why he attacks anyone that talks about fifth columnists in NA.

  54. Are James says:

    The moral of the story is that rumours, conjecture, opinions and conspiracy theories are key raw materials of the defsec space. They should be allowed to flow the same way a petroleum engineer welcomes even the slightest hint of hydrocarbons in a geological formation play. Next comes the all important analysis stage which in intelligence agencies like the CIA is done by analysts. Analysts are very many because there are currently no limits to the information that should be allowed to flow. Beegeagle bloggers are however not the CIA so we need sceptics like @Igbi to question some imformation we throw around. He is therefore the in house analyst.
    Conspiracy theories in particular are the most maligned. Every radical political action however starts as a conspiracy, BH, ISIS, AQ, AQIM are all products of successful conspiracies. So why do we want to throw everything out of the window?. The exercise of threat assessment in formulating defsec strategy for instance is a managed escalation of conspiracy theories. i.e. who are my enemies, how will they try to do me harm, what can I do to mitigate that?, et.c
    However no modern institution or blog in this information age should limit information flow, opinions or rumours, it is not just very costly to do so in a business (they call it business intelligence), it costs many lives in the defsec sector. if only verifiable facts are permitted then sometimes key information and the truth itself fties out of the window..

    • Are James says:

      If this blog had existed many years back and somebody had said radical Islamic sects were planning to do half of what the BH has done in Nigeria today, we probably would be asking for facts as we are doing now, subjecting this irrational goal to ‘rational analyses’ and poo pooping another hocus pocus theory. However evil is real, let us assume that is the case until we get to paradise. The price of freedom is vigilance.

  55. ifiok umoeka says:

    Chei, see wetin I don miss! Hmm, let me start by saying to Oga Are James, thank u for messing with my head with ur jargonistic elocution LOL!

  56. beegeagle says:


    Nigeria transact airforce biz with Belarus I know. In 2009, the CAS at that time namely, Air Marshal Petinrin, accompanied by AVM Sunday Leks visited Belarus to see NAF Hind attack helo pilots in training.

    So what memorandum on security was being signed as of August 2013, years after we had already commenced the training of NAF pilots in Belarus and coming shortly after the high profile visit of the President of BVST, Belarus’s state arms exporter, to Nigeria?

    Shortly after that the MoU was signed, strange events begin to unfold in Belarus. First, decommissioned Su-27s and revived and are undergoing upgrades as we write this. Next, six Su-30K are also reported as undergoing modernisation, destined for an unnamed customer?

    We probably know that Belarus do not train our Police or SSS personnel and that ‘MoU on Security’ here relates to DEFENCE. And in that realm of defence, they exclusively do business with the NAF.

    Given the fact that such MoUs usually signpost the start of new business between nations and bearing in mind the fact that the said NAF had been doing business with Belarus for years prior to the signing of that MoU, what is this new dimension to the long-established relations between the NAF and the Belarussians which is written into the said August 2013 MoU, following which specualtion about the imminent delivery of Su-27 and/or Su-30 to the NAF gained currency?

    Note that prior to the surprising resuscitation of the Belarussian Su-27 fleet, someone on a Nigerian Forum pointedly stated that the NAF are in line to receive Su-27s.

    Somebody connect these dots for me. Oga XNur44, I sabi say u nor dey do omugwo, so nor go AWOL abeg. I need the headsup from air aficionados of proven ruggedity such as yourself, Oga Solorex and Sir Gbash10? 🙂

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