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  1. Nnamdi says:

    This is supposed to be the Ver 1.0 as Ver 2.0 is already in action. Good rendition though

  2. beegeagle says:

    Yes, this is the rendition of the PROTOTYPE seen at NADCEL 2012 and 2013. The Igirigi Mk.I is already in the field and it looks bigger and more menacing, incorporating enhanced features including a different driveline (details of which I cannot reveal). That is why it now has much bigger tyres.

  3. Tope says:

    Beegs what weapon system do u see the Mk 1 carrying, 14.5mm HMG maybe or 2 DshK HMGs and how is the Armouring? We may not need a good answer as long as its battle tested n keep our soldiers safe.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Any of the M2 or CIS-50 12.7mm HMGs will be good enough. The GPMG must return to being a squad-level weapon and not something to be affixed onto gun trucks/APCs/MRAPs.

    Let us make the 14.5mm MG the standard on Landcruiser gun-trucks. Our troops must be able to have BH outgunned in every encounter. 300 of such gun-trucks in the first instance. If we have aft-facing pintle-mounted 40mm automatic grenade launchers on a few dozen of those as well, it won’t kill our troops.

    Personally, I suspect that each time we hear about troops being outgunned, it might be a reference to troops using GPMG-armed Landcruisers to square off against BH DShK 12.7mm HMGs and THAT, my friends, amounts to carrying knives into what is clearly a gunfight. It does not resemble a contest insofar as the terrorist is a skilled DShK operator.

    The BigFoot MRAPs, 15-ton behemoths, should carry 14.5mm AAMGs fore and aft. After all, the lighter Casspir seen elsewhere in UPDF service carry two DShK 12.7mm HMGs and are coping well. Note that IFVs of comparable displacement to the BigFoot, some of them even smaller, carry 30mm cannons and a secondary GPMG simultaneously.

  5. freeegulf says:

    marshal beeg, fully seconded!!
    i support your idea of 14.5mm cannons because even the army’s M2 is finding a hard time coping against the terrorist’s DShK 12.7mm HMGs.

    the problem here is one of tactics and doctrine. the army’s toyota, ford trucks are employed differently. while boko haram employ their hilux as gun trucks to assault army positions and raid towns. the army in contrast, use their hilux and trucks as troop carriers and not as fighting vehicles. so they need to improvise more as far as orbat goes.

    as for the hilux and ford pick ups, they have really aided mobility especially when our APCs re in poor field state.
    so its a situation where even the sojas cant complain too much, because the alternative is walking. they rather have a 4 wheel drive for transport than non existent troop carrier such as in the ECOMOG days.

    yes, we should replace these light skin vehicles with LAV, however, we should also convert some of them to gun trucks, at least the toyota landcruisers can be armed with your aforementioned 14.5mm and AGLs

    we also have to do something about webbing. the fact that troops are equipped with ballistic vest does not in anyway hinder the re-introduction and use of webbing for ammunition pouches, water canteen and other essentials. they need to carry more ammo.

    i wonder what happened to the 1980s era ATGM of the NA. if they are still in good working order, they need to be deployed in platoon strengths. those technicals are giving the fronline troops real headache.
    in the absence of proper CAS, the army should at least deploy ATGMs and AGLs to combat these insurgents in badlands.

  6. jimmy says:

    Recently watched a documentary on the AHC ( American hero channel) where they talked to american soldiers who were in special ops ( green beret) they talked about one gun that sent chills down their spine this was a hard bitten LT. COL the gun? the “dishk” it took two seconds to realise the same gun that is so effective in the mountainous cave of AFGHANISTAN is just as effective in the mountains of Nigeria. Coincidence ? NAH.

    • Are James says:

      It was on this blog that I first heard about this weapon. There is an obvious need to be more proactive about understanding the weaponry and tactic blends that the enemy is using.

  7. beegeagle says:

    @Are James.

    Really? That is a monster of a weapon – by far the most widely deployed HMG on technicals right across the world. It is as reliable as the AK47 and it was FIRST CHOICE for ND militants.

    The DShk aka Dushka needs no introduction. I believe that as was the case in Mali, the reason why the NA do not use them in the Northeast is to avoid the reality of feeding ammo to the insurgents in the event that a gun truck gets captured.

    Here is the antidote to the DShK’s tyrannical run – the quietly ruthless KPV 14.5mm, which is what we need on the BigFoot MRAPs and Landcruiser gun trucks;

    During the Gunboat War in the Niger Delta, the NA received dozens of river gunboats made in China. They were armed, fore and aft, with the Chinese variant of the DShk.

    The one HMG, of a slightly higher calibre and longer range, which will tame the DShk is the KPV/Type 58 14.5mm AAMG. Now, that is equilibrium.

    • asorockweb says:

      Optics. Let’s not forget optics.

      Relying on the naked eye to shoot at moving targets 1.2km away is just a waste of ammo.

      Adding optics to our existing 12.7mm HMGs is an effective solution.

  8. doziex says:

    Years ago when I warned about the devastation technicals would cause in nigeria, this is what I was taking about.
    Observers of conflicts across the globe knew this also.

    I heard reports during our ecomog campaigns of how much NA particularly disliked these AA mounted guntrunks, they played a major role in the merc, Taylor and campaore backed afrc/ruf counter offensive, that culminated in the freetown invasion circa dec 98/jan 99.

    I argued that NA sans substantial retooling, couldn’t deal with the range, devastation and mobility, when bh picked up on the guntruck phenomenon.

    During the iraq invasion, the us forces where so well armored, and cordinated with round the clock air support, that iraqi militias in thousands of technicals were neutralized.

    The french in several african deployments, have dealt with technicals with precision jet and helicopter strikes, as well as stand off milan or tow missiles.

    Even the kdf hunted and bombed these trucks in a deliberate fashion, out of respect for it’s devastating and demoralizing effects on ground troops.

    But we, again, failing to learn from our recent past, thought we could just equip NA with AK-47s, and hiluxes, and then mix it up with technicals.

    Well, that is why the status quo was so predictable.

    Sirius black, the author of many of the frontline pictures we have seen, has also independently railed on these issues on nairaland.
    And with the credibility her access to NA troops affords her, she has stated that most NA troops have been killed by these mounted AA guns that out range anything in NA’s arsenal.

    Anyway, the past is prologue.
    Let’s make sure we learn and internalize all mistakes made in this war, so they are not repeated.

    Our forces must out gun, and out range that of any opponent.

    Apcs and mraps are 100% necessary, if we expect our gallant forces to put their lives on the line to protect us.
    If we break faith with them, then they owe us nothing, and we get what we get.

    Aerial platforms, for recon , transport and attack is a must have.

    Above all, all nigerians must see it as their responsibility to make the nation militarily strong

  9. jimmy says:

    Amen my brother preach my brother let them hear you O!

  10. freeegulf says:

    hehe did i hear oga dozie say INTERNALIZE. awesome!! i was half expecting the PMC gospel lol. really epic!!
    thanks oga for completely surprising me. ah!!!

    • doziex says:

      It’s only our failure to prepare ourselves, that has put us in a position in which employing PMCs seems necessary.

      If the isis decide to cross into Jordan, I wouldn’t prescribe pmcs or even foreign support, because the nation is militarily over prepared.
      They have made preparation for the rainy day a watch word, and have one of the best prepared armed forces and intelligence services in the middle east.

      So when nigeria becomes as prepared and as disciplined as jordan, I would desist from opining on the PMC concept.

      • Are James says:

        Correct on Jordan. That country is a silent fortress. I have been watching them for years.

  11. freeegulf says:

    fortress ke silent ni. wait till the palestinians destroy them from within. they are busy hosting CIA cadres to train terrorists that re destroying syria. it will be their turn next, then that little plucky king will be seeking refuge in Tel Aviv.

    i do not trust any arab army. all they know is parade and showing off new toys. fighting spirit and cohesiveness is still scarce

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